“Whataya Want From Me” Video

In a phrase:  full of angst.  And I LOVE IT!  Once again, Adam delivers in this new video for “Whataya Want From Me.”  I would say that he is an excellent actor, except I think he really feels the emotions in this song from the depths of his soul.  Maybe no acting required.  What do you think?  Enjoy!  -Dana, Glamb #6


  1. I love the song and the video is amazing! Adam is awesome.

    • I am in total lust and love. I LOVE JUST LOVE THIS VIDEO!!!!!!!

    • La Donna Horejsi says:


  2. I loved this song before the video, but now I FLOVE it! He is such a versatile and talented performer. I’m especially excited for those outside of the AI bubble to see such a different side of Adam. Reminds me of how he used to change it up on AI – going from fierce and edgy on ROF to subtle and stripped-down on TOMT. And can I just say that he is a gorgeous hunk of burnin’ love? This man was made for film! He can act and the camera absolutely loves him! Once again, very proud for our guy!

  3. Another masterpiece made by this miraculous man! When you auditioned for AI you showed us what a real miracle is about, cuz Adam you are it! Love you and love your new video. I would love to see a video with Strut. Please! Thank you!!!!! Love you Adam so much!

    • andi, right on! Masterpiece!

      Thank you Dana, I know you have been so busy with Adams B-day project. We have been waiting for a new thread here. So thanks again 🙂

      I too, believe no acting here involved with the MV of WWFM. Adam is a diehard natural. His heartfelt feelings and passion over flowed in this video.

      This was beautifully done!

  4. I was able to get this information from another website. It looks as though Adam is almost GOLD. That’s good news!

    Some of you expressed an interest in seeing comparative sales data for all the American Idol albums released in 2009. It has taken me awhile to pull it together, but I’ve finally got a list. (One note: The numbers are release-to-date totals, meaning they include the first week of 2010. But I don’t think a strict 2009 sales list would change any of the places.)

    CAPTIONCourtesy Sony Music Nashville
    1. Carrie Underwood, Play On (1.205 million)
    2. Daughtry, Leave This Town (890,000)
    3. Kellie Clarkson, All I Ever Wanted (819,000)
    4. Adam Lambert, For Your Entertainment (445,000)
    5. Kris Allen, Kris Allen (233,000)
    6. David Archuleta, Christmas From the Heart (211,000)
    7. Jordin Sparks, Battlefield (158,000)
    8. Mandisa, Freedom (86,000)
    9. Allison Iraheta, Just Like You (77,000)
    10. Melinda Doolittle, Coming Back to You (53,000)
    11. Elliott Yamin, Fight for Love (48,000)
    12. Taylor Hicks, The Distance (45,000)
    13 (tie). Ruben Studdard, Love IS (42,000)
    13 (tie). Adam Lambert, Take One (42,000)
    15. Brooke White, High Hopes and Heartbreak (29,000)
    16. Michael Johns, Hold Back My Heart (20,000)
    17. Phil Stacey, Into the Light (15,000)
    18 (tie). Blake Lewis, Heartbreak on Vinyl (10,000)
    18 (tie). Clay Aiken, Playlist: The Very Best (10,000)
    20. LaKisha Jones, So Glad I’m Me (7,000)
    21. George Huff, George Huff (4,000)

    • Oooh, thanks for the info! I can’t wait for it to hit GOLD (maybe after Oprah next week :))!

    • IF YOU CAN ? BUY ANOTHER CD OF ADAM !!! FOR HIS BIRTHDAY GIFT !!!!!!LET’S MAKE IT GOLD !!!!!!never hurt’s to have back up !!!! AND LOVE THE VIDEO !!!! BUY IT TOO!!!! LOL

      • I bought one more yesterday! Do you know where to buy the videos if you don’t have an ipod or itunes? Maybe it’s not possible I don’t know. Would love to have them.

        LOTA OF LOVE

    • Elizabeth says:

      I also wanted to put in a little caution in terms of the numbers. Some of these release dates are different. So Carrie Underwood’s song had a release date of November 3, 2009, but Kelly Clarkson ‘s song had a release date in February 2009 and Daughtry had a release date in July 2009. The figures are kind of misleading if you think that each of these guys had the same starting point, because they didn’t.

      • AdamAddict says:

        Thanks Elizebeth,I always want to know about it. 🙂 Almost there,good for Adam,he soooo deserve it.

  5. Here is a better site to see Adam presenting the
    critic’s choice award tonight
    I put this in an old post so it might not get noticed and this
    one has both pictures and video.
    Adam gorgeous as usual! relaxed and funny

    That apartment in WWFM looks so empty and
    lonely – maybe I should go over to make dinner…

    • Elizabeth says:

      Hi Adamfan, thanks for putting this link in so we could see Adam on the awards ceremony. I was wondering if we’d get a chance to see that! Yeah. The apartment looks so empty. Do you think it is HIS apartment? If so, I think we all would like Drake back to do a little interior decorating. But the huge bookshelf seems to say a lot about the guy and his intelligence, which he has a lot of. I guess Adam is single right now so there isn’t anyone he is really talking to. It will be interesting to see who he dates next, but he is right that it wouldn’t necessarily be fair to pull someone into the lifestyle he has right now where he is so busy and doesn’t have as much time to commit to a relationship.

      • Adam mentioned he is now renting a 3 bedroom home in HW Hills.

        As far as the CCA’s show last night. Adam looked Smokin Hot! I’m so sick of the plucking labeling!

        Sandra B. is wonderful too!

      • With all the privacy issues he has to deal with I doubt it very much that this is his appartment. This appartment is just used to support The Angst of the video.
        I am sure Adam’s real place is colorfull! ( Remember the “color therapy” he mentions in RS)And that bed….no way he sleeps in something like that and I am 100% sure he wouldn’t be showing us his bed ……
        I do not mean to slam you personally Elizabeth, so please don’t take it that way. Quite a few people have been specualting about the apartment but I think this is exactly where things become blurry between what the artist shows us and how much we know about him or think we know about him.
        Especially with Adam it is easy to get wrapped up in this because he talks so honestly and openly about himself and shows so much emotions in his performances.
        I am just wishing with all my heart that he keeps it together. I have no idea how he pulls it all of. Amids all the controversy in his professional life it seems that ultimately it is Self Love and Love from family, friends and fans that sustains him.

        • GLAMB#474kimber says:

          Well for me, this video & the interpretations Jim & slazeck give of the video made me feel guilty, because I do get a little over obsessed at times over him. So for that , I will give his space but I am still going to call him my MASTER ADAM, I will protest, he is my master, & there’s nothing he can do about it, he shouldn’t have mentioned it in FYE. So there MASTER ADAM, you are my master that’s all there is to it.
          The video was beautiful, he was beautiful, so perfect. Ya’ll are gonna shoot me, but I thought of that Jonas kid, I swear they both did look similar, but they’re not okay! MASTER ADAM is one of a kind, nobody like him. He is such a beautiful man! Oh please MASTER ADAM, please marry me! Be my other half! I better stop talking like this cuz I don’t want my hubby to see this. LOL! Great vid! & great bod, wait a minute, I didn’t get my shower scene! AAAAGGGHHHHH!!!! That would’ve been so goood!!!!!!!!

        • Irena, did you have to mention his bed?? LOL, oh my how I am feeling right now. 🙂

          • I love having your passion back on here Kimber because it just makes me smile.

            • GLAMB#474kimber says:

              Your smile is absolutely magical! Just like MASTER ADAM!
              the Glamb site is home to all of us & nothing should change that. Just sometimes, maybe we need a little break.
              Love you & everyone here ! Ya’ll are my Glamb family, & why the hell do people still call us Glamberts? ! Huh? LOL!
              PLL TO MASTER ADAM & the GLAMBS!

          • Sweet dreams Baby!

      • Adam said it was rented just for the video shoot.

        They certainly did a great job picking an apartment that hasthat empty, lonely feel they were going for in the video.

        Just the idea of Adamfan going over and making dinner makes it feel warmer and better!

  6. i saw this video when it leaked. Adam is amazing and delivers a close to the heart performance. I love the song vid and album. Sleepwalker is breathtaking!!! Hope he performs that one for AI When he goes on the show 🙂 Just love this guy.

  7. ADAM is truly an AMAZING artist…i wish i can make this a bigger font ! ADAM is so talented, he can sing and act beautifully . The video is so connected to people. We have not seen this kind of talents for many decades. Yes! “A star is born”….I cried when seeing this video….and thinking….We all fans are responsible for whatever happen to ADAM, if anything happen to him (hope not). I want to make sure he knows that many fans and “I” love and support him all the way (unconditional). And he should not pay attention for those who just think for themselves and not thinking for ADAM (which in turn will retun and stab these people in the back. The more any fans are critizing their own idol , the more they are burying themselves – they are not forgiving themselves to let things go and be open minded and they will end up UNHAPPY for the rest of their lives. ) . What ever happen , i make sure ADAM knows that he has ME and many many many of fans like “ME” who totally are supporting him and are read to lift him up (in many ways i can) if anythings went bad . That’s why i am always happy since the time i have known ADAM. He is such precious stone that AMERICA should be PROUD of. I am an Asian woman. I was told by many of my Asian Friends who currently live in Asia and Europe that they know how to appreciate the talent in ADAM . They can’t wait for ADAM tour in Asia and Europe. They are surprised why American cannot distinguish between Entertainment and Real Life and don’t know how to appreciate someone talent from its own country. It’s a shame to hear that. I had defend ourselves and told them that America is so big, few articles and media who made big noise only represent few people…. However, these countries are ready to meet our talented ADAM (They are going wild about him. ) I ran out of words to describe . But you all know what i mean. I am so proud of being ADAM’s fan.
    (Also so proud to see ADAM at Critic’s Choice Award today. It’s such an honor! I did not record but want to see ADAM again …anyone has that clip ? many thx in advance)

  8. Second thought…never mind…i can find these link…afraid someone in this site cannot appreciate
    comedy and get offend etc …… you know what i mean….HAHAHA…

    Well i had big laugh about ADAM and the comedian Sarah Silverman tonight. It was a great
    night to see all the celebrities and seeing ADAM in a beautiful outfit !!

  9. Hey glamberts !! It’s been a while 🙂 !!
    I ADORED the video, it’s so pure, so touching .. Adam has done it again !! Still, I’m wondering : Are we ever gonna see his “loved one” ? I just think that it’ll be a little difficult for him to carry on all next videos that way : either in the center of the crowd or alone … I’d personally love to see whomever the video is for. Adam knows that, and he’s playing w/ us : the photo trick and all .. Come on Adam, stop my agony :p !!

    • Dianne Hill says:

      Marwa, the video is about the song, the camera facing Adam can either be his lover, the media or his fans. That is what it is supposed to be like, he is asking the question “What do you want from me?” Other songs on his CD are different and they will have different themes, you know Adam he always likes to portray the song he is singing.

      • AdamAddict says:

        Dianne is right and the last scene,the camera is ME 😛 Bed?Adam?Me?That’s why the song ended there!CENSORED! Yippppiiiiie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • AdamAddict, are you sure?? I was leaning towards me………….. 🙂
          aaaahhhhhhhhh Adam here I cum!!!

          • No Mary C, We both get him! I told jaberone to leave him alone. Now AdamAddict is trying to get him? I am going to go to ADAM’S BED WOOPS NO HE SAID NO????????? I might just cry!! To my bed and sweat someore! Luv Ya. PS, Tell me how to get the smiley face Mary C. Bye

            • Sherry K GLAMB # 445 says:

              SEE Mary C, I AM SO SHOOK UP I FOR GOT MY GLAMB # PS, I am thrilled to see KIMBER back! We Love you KIMBER!

              • GLAMB#474kimber says:

                Love ya’ll too Sherry K. ! It’s good to see some new important MASTER ADAM news! 🙂
                BTW ya’ll , MASTER ADAM says he doesn’t have anymore room for any of you , only him & me, didn’t you see me hiding DOWN there, my legs were hanging off the bed, cuz the bed is not very big, so sorry, no mo room girls!

            • Sherry K, to get smiley face click the shift key and the colon : and the click the shift key again and the )
              whoa lah a Happy Face 🙂

  10. As always Adam just blows me away with his amazing ability to not only sing but to look fantastic. Who else looks this good all the time? Only Adam. I love the song.. I love that he can act, and those eyes…that last shot… OMG… I just want to fall into those blue pools of iris’s and drown in them.

    Adam tweeted that the photo was just a prop….. bummer eh?

    Good to see a current and relevant topic happening here.

  11. wo is me…
    when i open the video for WDYWFM i get FYE ???
    is that because i am out of the USA now – or am i just jinxed 🙁

    • Micki (Glamb 535) says:

      @IDOLize — I’m in Canada, and have been unable to get any official release of WWFM video so far. But if you go to youtube & put into the search “Adam Lambert Whataya Want From Me”, there are at least 2 copies of it there that I’ve been able to see. One is HD if you can handle that, and that doesn’t have the ‘watermark’ for the leaked copy that some do.

      I think it is being out of the USA, because IIRC, the same thing happened before for me with FYE until somwtime after it was available on itunes.

      Good luck.

  12. Princessshakeitup says:

    What I want from Adam is for him to know that he is truly loved and that HE is doing it perfectly. Yesterday when irresponsible men like Rush Limbaugh and Pat Robertson were saying such stupid and hateful things about the devastation that is life for the people of Haiti, Adam was sending links to organizations like Unicef and asking his fans to help any way we can. And who are we supposed to protect the children from?
    We love you, Adam and we are so proud to be your fans and friends. This video is simply beautiful.

    • Princess, wonderfully said!

      • I checked out the Limbaugh and Robertson “disaster”. It is shocking to think that millions of Americans support these men who exude nothing but hatred. Take a look at Pat Robertson’ mouth and you know you are dealing with, a man filled with hatred and yet him and Limbaugh are supported by the Moral Majority.
        I rather be associated with the “Immoral Majority” and be guided by Love.
        Again, Love is the Higher Law.

        • Princessshakeitup says:

          Irena, there used to be bumper stickers and T-shirts that said: “The Moral Majority is Neither” It is still true.

      • Princess…how true! I agree with you 100%!

  13. I LOVE this video. It shows so many sides of Adam and all he is experiencing in his life right now. Although it is touching and almost heartwrenching at times, the beauty of what he is expressing is worth every moment. The words of the song and the way he portrays it are a true work of art. Can’t wait to purchase it. Adam did an amazing job and whoever directed this video is incredible. That last shot is BREATHTAKING. Stunning video!

    I also want to say that I LOVE FYE video as well. Fantastic vibes and so sexy. I especially love two scenes in the video……First, the one where he is in his trench coat and he and the posse come down the alley in slo mo, in dark lighting….BRILLIANT…..love it. Second, during the song whenhe raises and the drop his arms, and all the dancers drop to the floor…..just knocks me out. Very Michael Jackson…..Awesome.
    Adam is a great talent and entertainer. I ADORE him and can’t wait for what he does next.

    • Sheila…that’s my favorite part of the video…ADAM’s arms dropping and the people around him dropping exactly at the same time! Shows his control!!!! I love the video, and everytime I watch it, I see something new….so much to watch. He is gorgeous and dramatic in it!

  14. Moving Art with the artist within its walls.

  15. O.K., SPEECHLESS AND’NEED A SECOND TO BREATH’ !!!!! It’s ADAM-being-ADAM, tender and hitting straight at the heart and then right in yer face! LIBRAGLAM I enjoyed your comments, especially the part regarding distinguishing between entertainment and reality! ADAM is a ‘chameleon’, he is a superb entertainer who can take you in the palm of his hand in each and every performance…..and to the level that exceeds all expectation…oozing with stage presence that drives everyone wild! What professionalism and charisma! ADAM IS THE MASTER! Yup, the rest of
    the world have already adopted ADAM,and that’s with little promotion compared to the U.S. and so
    just think about the impact he will create on an international tour! Oh, the mind just boggles!!!!! This is just the beginning! “ROCK ON” ADAM!

    • GLAMB#474kimber says:

      Can you imagine the chinese at the airports? OMG they’ve been known to crowd the airports even for jdepp. Oh MASTER ADAM is going to be thrilled Hell, I’m thrilled for him!!!!!!!!!

  16. Forgot that ‘e’!…apologies Glambs!

  17. Love the video so much. Such a beautiful man, inside out. And that voice.

    • Again, he’s got us on the edge of our seats. And if he keeps on walking the path we will be in for many more stunning moments.

  18. Once again Adam has opened the key to our hearts with this beautiful rendition of “Whataya Want From Me”. I am charmed by the beauty of it’s excellence. Adam never ceases to look anything but divine….and, that he certainly does in this video. I have never known a singer that portrays such emotion to the depth of bringing me to tears. You are , indeed, a class act Adam.

    Love, Yvonne (Australia)

  19. WWFM MV is amazing! Love the fact that it lets ones imagination flow………………..
    the camera? what does it see?
    Rock on Adam, luv you!

    • Mary C; I wonder if any of ADAM’S fans die hard fan’s like Jeannette have listened to the words in this BEAUTIFUL song WWFM??
      He sings ” What do you want form me?
      IM WORKING IT OUT! IV’E LET YOU DOWN ! ~~~ ( He’s working it OUT!!!! )
      And Mary C it is like he is pleading. That he made a mistake AMA. ADAM has such a gentle soul. How can anyone give up on him after watching and listening to that video?? Hugs Sherry K

      • AdamAddict says:

        The words are just beautiful.Thanks to PINK for giving Adam this beautiful song.Just suit Adam very well.Everytime watching the vid,still feel something in my heart!Just ~sigh~ <3<3,3

      • Hey Sherry K, I dont know, people are hard to figure out at times. They have to sort out their own thoughts!

        • Sherry K GLAMB # 445 says:

          Mary C, Yes that is true what you said. I heard a GREAT saying on a song today Mary C.
          GOD IS GREAT
          BEER IS GOOD
          AND PEOPLE ARE CRAZY. LOL! Bye Sherry K

  20. I think he tweeted that the apartment was rented for the video. Since viewing it yesterday it’s been on my mind a lot– pondering how much he is acting and how much is really him. He also tweeted that too much is being construed but he also doesn’t admit that some of it is really his feelings. No matter–it is a strikingly beautiful video and only enhances the song. When I saw him perform it several times post AMA controversy I couldn’t help but wonder…

    • Yes, that’s right frodo. Never forget that he is an actor..and we are watching one hell of an act. That is not to say that Adam as an artist isn’t making a strong statement here, because he is. But that tear at the end may be a touch of glycerin from the make-up artist. We are watching art, not reality TV. In a million years, I would not peg that for Adam’s apartment. It’s just a location shoot, period.

  21. earlzagurl4u says:

    Hey Glambs,,I haven’t been posting forever, but thought I would today,,YES! WWFM is absolutely brain-melting,,Adam is fabulicifent is portraying his feelings,,and he *is* a chameleon, thus the title “Our Beautiful Dark-haired Superstar Chameleon from Planet Fierce.” Sometimes when I look @ pics of him, tears spring forth because he is so beautiful and yes he is truly a heart-breaker in more ways than one,,PLL to all,,E.

  22. hi,everyone .adam lambert wwfm is on top20 countdown on vh1.keeeeeeeeeeppppppp vooooootttttting.i wish fyi music video be no.1 because is something phenomena.

    • Thanks zenos!!! Already voted several times. I never fill in all 20 – I just drag Adam’s to the #1 spot and click submit. They still count that, don’t they?

  23. omg, i love this video, he is so cute with the boyish look, well i love all his looks, but specially the last frame at the end, so f….king adorable!!!

  24. Libraglamb, you’re a doll. Its being able to hear from all of you around the world which makes this site so special. I’m glad you understand the vastness of the US, and the many different opinions of its people. I hate the homophobia, and bigotry in any form, as do many, many good Americans. But one of our country’s basic rights is freedom of speech, and unfortunately, that includes the morons!

    As far as Adam touring the world, I want it so badly for all of you around the globe who love Adam. But I want to be in his suitcase when he goes!

    • GLAMB#474kimber says:

      I too am very happy for all the Glambs around the world! there’s alot of people in this world who’ll appreciate MASTER ADAM, & he likes to travel, so it’s all good!

  25. B. E. A. U. T. I. F. U. L. how can you not love everything about this man?

    • I agree with you 100% 2t2tag. I love everything about Adam and wish him all the best in everything he does!

  26. ugh, I absolutely love this song but I just can’t make myself like this video at all 🙁

    I mean, I thought the lyrics of the song had potential for so much more in a music video. I was hoping they told a story, like David Cook did on ‘Light On’ …

    • 🙂

      My husband had the same reaction. He rolled his eyes and said it was a “chick video” – as in a “chick movie” that only the women would like because it was all emotional and didn’t really say anything!


      • I’m really trying!! I just went back to it but found myself rolling my eyes too 🙂

        It could be because I’m a guy…

        Or, then again, watch the scene where he is in the limo and they are taking pictures, they should’ve recreated a story around that. Maybe portraying a controversy or even the news talking about him after the AMA yet showing how he is always been true to himself…

        Oh well, anyways, is done already… can’t wait for the next video…

    • Yes, I didn’t care for the editing – found it too choppy, myself.

  27. Dana, I thik ADAM Is one of those SPECIAL performers like Steve Perry of Journey who actually feels it!! If you watch a Steve Perry video. Even when he is older, you can tell the man’s emotions are REAL. ADAM is the same way! I truly believe ADAM feels the pain. It is his beautiful soul. ROCK ON ADAM. YOU ARE LOVED VERY MUCH!


    • GLAMB#474kimber says:

      Hey Sherry! I listend to Journey as I was growing up, had the hots for T Shaw , D L Roth, Whitsnake lead vocalist?,
      BUT NEVER in my life would I imagine sitting here w/ a bunch of perverts for MASTER ADAM, w/ the most beautiful God given gift, no one has ever made me cry, & experience addrenaline going straight to my heart! The only other human being I felt addrenaline going to my heart when I was pushing out my baby after 10 1/2 hrs of labor, with no doctor, no epideral & no c-sect. that’s right! no epideral ! But to me a broken bone hurts a hell of a lot worse! all that tissue just tearing from the bone & the nerves, aaaghhh!!!!
      MASTER ADAM is my MASTER (on this planet of course). Kimber

      • AllaboutAdam says:

        PURE PERFECTION…love love love this song… and love Adam even more… listening to ALL of his songs a zillion times over, and never tiring of them-EVER… he’s the master… bar none.


  29. ADAM owns my heart!

    Dreamsound, we are all entitled to our own opinions! IMHO the video shows ADAM as a vulnerable, caring, sensitive man that we all know and love. I think that it’s so appropriate that he chose to interpret the video this way, especially after so many naysayers expressed outrageously hateful comments about him on a personal level. There have been many videos made by artists in all genre that show frustration, fear, heartbreak without all the physical activity of themself or others in the video. This is an emotional video, which made ADAM’s point perfectly….open to our interpretation as fans who love him. Not all videos have to be wild and crazy.

    I’m sure that when we first hear a song, we picture in our own minds the story behind the video.
    It’s not aways as we imagined it to be and sometimes think … oh, it could have been been better if done this way or that way. For me, this video did not surprise me or disappoint me at all.


  30. Dana…..I was going to thank you for the new blog here, but got “carried away” with my words above!!! You are a sweetheart for all of your great ideas that you bring to us!

  31. Elizabeth says:

    Talking about misunderstanding and people who don’t get it, etc. I just got back from seeing the Metropolitan Opera’s Carmen and it is interesting to note that when the original Carmen was performed in 1875 is was a complete flop. The composer of the opera was so broken hearted by the failure of his opera that he died three months later. Now, of course, it is one of the most well known and liked operas of all time. What folks couldn’t handle when the opera was first produced was that it handled what was considered a “vulgar” topic–poor women working in a cigarette factory–and the opera music was structured in a suspiciously Germanic style, structured around themes– rather than in the style of traditional French opera. So, if an artist or his work doesn’t get immediate success, wait three years or so when it does as with Carmen when it finally achieved success in a British production sung by an American in the lead role. Right now, apparently, the Metropolitan Opera’s version of Carmen is under fire because they did things like have ballet cameos during the overture, etc. Traditional opera goers are finding it distracting and “vulgar” so the beat just keeps on going–the fresh, new, unusual, never seen before, or heard before, often doesn’t find acceptance or appreciation that quickly. So if Adam doesn’t or hasn’t caught on right away, maybe that’s good, altho I think he’s done a great job catching on, but I know some folks haven’t thought that success has been fast enough!

  32. hi,there,im actualy from kuwait and i love adam.im 23 .i dont know if my vote counts on vh1 top20 for wwfm or fuse for fye.you welcome cheeto.

  33. leilani aloha says:

    Yeah! Yes! finally get to hear Adam on Honolulu radio alternative music!!!:):):)
    so happy & excited when ” WWFM” was played :):):):

    Then saw the video & simply Love It!!! Adam sound & looks fabulous!!!
    Adam, u rock!!!
    Love u, love u love!!!
    looking forward to see u on Oprah:)

  34. leilani aloha says:

    At last, Adam’s on Honolulu radio alternative music!!!:):):)
    so happy & excited when ” WWFM” was played :):):):

    Then saw the video & simply Love It!!! Adam sound & looks fabulous!!!
    Adam, u rock!!!
    Love u, love u love!!!
    looking forward to see u on Oprah:)

  35. WWFM vid…perfection. He was able to interpret the song as it applies to his life now rather than some abstract idea. He looks so beautiful & it looks like he has some natural acting talent as well.
    I’m glad they were able to get this out as fast as they did. Make sure you go over to VH1.com & vote it into the top 20 for next week.

  36. Judysdancin Glamb #580 says:

    I am in love with you Adam!!! Such talent we have not seen!! I hope every one realizes that this talent comes around once in a life time… MAYBE!!! Do you guys realize how lucky we are to be seeing a man with his talent?

  37. Love the music video. His Gorgeous!

  38. I couldn’t agree with you more Dana, Glam #6 regarding Adam’s acting talent and I DO think he reached deep down inside his own soul to show us his passion, his frustrations and his daily struggle with emotions for the need of that “special someone” to understand his feelings of where he is coming from. All of us have been there at one time or another. The love/hate relationship of two people in everyday life is truly defined by this song and video. Thanks again Adam for keeping it real! Peace and love (-<)!

  39. Glambertcraze says:

    I was watching this video and immediately thought of Adam as Edward Cullen of the Twilingt saga.
    Now he is MY idea of gourgous, Wouldn’t he make an awesome vimpire?? Oh heart be still.
    I hope that someday he plays a vimpire role.

  40. hi,everyone.some hater saying hes 15min up what does it mean?is he famous now or hes career going down?which i hope not.

    • KO's smiling says:

      That hater is referring to the idea that everyone gets 15minutes of fame in their life. He thinks Adam’s career is over. Don’t pay any attention. We know the truth! 🙂

  41. hi,everybody.kris alen have more appearance than adam.kris jan/24 national anthem.football.feb5&6 philipen.feb/13.adam had only oprah at jan/19.

    adam have phenomena voice but no promotion and no apearance.why he not workhard?he disorve to be best.hes album cover not for everyone ,thats problem.
    he dont want hes album go platinium.
    i wish we could tweet adam and his manager to work harder.its not fair to him to not be noticed .he have diamond voice after all.

  42. w.casttv.com/video/vbywmc/adam-lambert-whataya-want-from-me-sims-2-new-wmv-video add 2 more w’s at the beginning.
    Some one has made this from the sims. Which is a computer game that you play online that allows you to created characters in another world. Thet’ve put quite alot of effort into it. Even the tears are good.

  43. Adam, you are something!!! You are beautifull and so sexy and such a good actor and your voice is amazing, and i don`t know; you are to much of everything.

    when do you come to Portugal?????? I have your Cd (for you etertainment) anda i love it, i leastining every day. Please, dont give up of sing and thank you for your fantastic, perfect voice.

    Sofia, from Portugal

  44. hi,leilani.can you request from radio fye single?i want to see how they react to it.i hope they like it so its become a hit.thank you leilani. im from kuwait.

  45. my god! he is hot. love him

  46. Adam is great ! He has it all he’s perfect . What a guy ,guy’s like him are hard to find ! If i was 20yrs younger i would wait for him or share him what ever he want’s.He should be in the twilight movies.
    He’s like a angel sweet,kind and a person that would stand by his friend’s. Happy Birthday Adam!!!