What Would YOU Name Adam’s CD? – Part 2


Thanks to everyone who submitted suggestions for the title of Adam’s new CD! The response was more than I expected, and it has taken myself and Dana a few days to go through all the ideas, put our heads together, and distill the list down to our top 10. We had to leave lots of great ideas on the cutting room floor, so please don’t feel bad if your idea isn’t on our final poll.

Go to www.glambs.org to cast your vote for your favorite title. You are allowed to vote once per day. We will close the polling on Saturday, October 3rd and at that time we will submit the top 3 vote-getters to Adam via our Glambs twitter. We’ll also post the results to you at that time.

Thanks again to everyone. We know that Adam’s CD will be a huge success regardless of the title!

~Jeanette, Glamb #5 and Dana (Cateyes), Glamb #6


    WELL IM READY BIG TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    (im sorry if i send this already my computer was a little crazy today(like me)


    • Lisette here,bonmatin all glambs! An thenks Jeanette for anothre post!Ah what a beau photo here of Adam..adore way rhinestones enhanse his features an crystal bleu eyes sont illuminate a lit within..angelique toujours..an ange d’musique et de le couer!His Ofra hope yu’re fine belleamie acros seas.Im excited too regarde quest spectacular cd..so am going to vote now.Whatever Adam selectes, songes included will be exquisite,beautiful. An Adam’s voix will be very sensual,passionate,gentle,sweet,sultry,smooth,mesmerize,an take us into le moonlit,starlit an all way to l’etoile..soo I’ll av to say something with moonlit danse,danse with me..alonge thes lines..even before going to glambs now! Take care..luv to all here always Lisette..an angel bisous pour nous ange…Adam!!!mmmmmwoi too kissablexoxoxo,

      • Evette #419 says:

        Lissette, You always use such beautiful words and descriptions!

        • Lisette here..merci an hugs to yu Evette ..pardon just on here less often..health issues with fibromyalgia,but seeing lovli frends,fans an glambs who adore Adam Lambert reason thes site existes..helps an is ma best remedie..so dislike any meds seeing what parentes suffre thru from cancer.Aw an enjoie sharing some sentimentes with glambs here who adore thes artiste/vocaliste avec couer d’or an a voix d’angeli(angels).It’s a frendly place where we all share an av made frenships..Bless Adam for thes too..So seeing later thread here made me cry..As there was one person who upset Jeanette..an yu can see m’posts there..I’ll not repeat..Only message as Adam has conveyed to his harshest critiques,rightwing protesters ..in his tweet to best I can recall was this ..Luv knows no colour,denomination,luv overcomes hate..all is luv.Thet’s not exact words but giste of his positive,an kinde sentimentes even to those who had signes of hate al concerts,causing him to stand back from autographs an such.So here on glambs no mattre for one persons negative blog..Sureli Adam has visited thes beautiful tribute page.An for Jeanette an othre team leadres who av met him,he can see lof of amour an respect here from people who adore his artistry,an estraordinaire talente..Blessings an luv to all an yu to Evette! Take care an keep positive thouts,an know we’ll always celebrate Adam’s future accomplishmentes be in cds,concerts,films,interviews,charities..bless him an angels to garde him every day of life! J’etaime Lisettexoxox

    • When, and where?????

  2. Sorry. The choices are so white bread. There is no magic. I don’t pretend to have any great ideas but how about Man from Planet Fierce.

    Magic Dreams
    Because I Love You
    Freedom Day
    My Name is Love
    Beautiful Dreamer
    Soul on Fire

  3. I voted…

    …and now I’m stuck here on the photo you added. 🙂

    I think Adam has the “CatEyes” in this one!

    Glamb #6

  4. I have been lurking here for a while now and finally decided to join in the fun. I can’t wait until we get some sort of leak from the album. Hopefully we’ll hear about the single soon. I think this all a promotional ploy. They know we are eagerly waiting so they are drawing out the suspense a little longer. Just hope they don’t wait too long or there may be riots!

    And that picture um…..yeah. Don’t know what else to say.

  5. Too bad SEX ON FIRE has been taken!!

  6. Hi Jeanette, I voted but as CatEyes says, I am now staring at our beautiful glittering alien, I absolutely adore him.

  7. Gosh, darn! And I had three more new titles to add…. funny how one gleans then from searching for Adam stuff.

    But, I shall vote, with pleasure!

  8. Hey guys I am Toni GLAMB#391, I live in Londo UK, I am fanatic about Adam Lambert, ever since he came on the scene I have been in cloud nine. With the imminent release of his single and album I am inviting all GLAMBS who live in the UK to join the GLAMBS UK Group. Lets help make his popularity in the UK even bigger, lets show Adam that we love him and really want him to include UK in his tour. I would love to meet and plan how we can celebrate the release of his first album. To join the GLAMB UK Group go to http://www.galmbs.org, select the international links button, and choose GLAMBS UK.

  9. Glammit!

  10. Voted for “Quintessence”, but still like “QuinteSensual” better for Adam!!!

  11. Great post! I voted, too exciting. Then back to looking at Adams beautiful Eyes.

    Wonder what he was thinking that night placing those rhinestones around those baby blues??
    Such Expression!!

  12. I voted for Strut after reading that many of his songs will have a fun yet self-affirming message.

    • I also voted for “Strut”. It’s young. It’s fun, and it ain’t that deep. Some people have never heard of Adam. The CD needs to grab their attention.

  13. Hi everyone, I dont care the name of the album, but …how we could call this??. Enjoy, (hope the link is right), http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Fpd6jJ8xxA,

  14. leilani aloha says:

    ” Simply Sexual Exploxion” !!!

    Just loveeeeee Adma’s voice !!!

  15. earlzagurl4u says:

    I thought about, but didn’t submit: Legend of the Millennium or Prince of Hearts,, {nevertheless Adam is an angel in my ordinary life},,

  16. Sorry, with all due respect, I have to agree with the comments that said these choices are so white bread and SOO NOT ADAM.

    “Dance With Me”? Seriously? That could be generic title of any album in the history of albums. Not be mention being right out of the Disco ’70s.

    I also think “Strut” sounds like a Britney Spears album title. I have no problem if he released that single, but Adam is complex, mystical, other-worldly, indefinable and how bland are those choices?

    I flove “Rule of Venus,” but there are barely any votes. I also like Quintessence or QuintSensual.

    • I don’t think of Strut as whitebread at all. In fact I like a short and succinct title. I didnt realize (old me) that longer titles were ‘in’ now. Last album I bought commnercially was Alicia Keyes Song in …. Minor and before that “Supernatural” Santana. To me Strut reflects his self-assured walk all over that stage and the way he swings his arms.

      I just thought the mystical magical titles would come later when he has many vids and a tour to reflect it. But then, knowing Adam he already likely has some ‘stage production’ plans in his creative little brain and in that case he should choose a title reflecting at least some of the vids or song messages.

  17. I just came out with this brilliant extraordinary idea. The album should call “THE POWER OF MY BULGE” What U think? AdamStorm is good too but it’s short and simple! Now it’s a trend to make the title long.We need SUPERB NAME!!haha!I know it’s super good. No STORM can beat this POWER! Imma sho of it. 😛

    • Emili… lol that’s a good one.. I vote for that.. …. that title will bring the attention that he deserves.. lol

    • cheryl norman says:

      Adamaddict, Emili, now,,,,,that is one great thought!!!!

      I voted for Dance with ME. That was the sign I made for Adam’s concert that I went to, and the first name that came to mind when originally asked. However, I have another good one,, SEXY!

    • Beautiful Bulge…yum! 🙂

    • AA, good thought there. I can count on you to always be keeping track of Adams treasure!

    • AA, this post could only come from you! Cindy adopting you has her work cut out! Lotsaluv to you and mmmmmmmmmmmwah

  18. This is a little …. ok .. alot ….off subject but Kris Allens single has fallen from #29 to #43 in just the last few days.. ( on Itunes ) I like Kris but I’m not a fan of his music so much.. I’m sad to see this happen to him on his first single.. maybe they won’t put it on his cd after all.. In contrast , I know Adams will hit the top right away and only bust through the top and never look back.. Can’t wait till tomorrow to hear the first notes.. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Helen/Canada says:

      Hi Admfan!
      Thanks for the info about Kris’ cd. Too bad. I wanted him to do ok only because he seems like a nice guy and a good friend to Adam, so that’s ok in my book. I listened to the single several times to give it a chance, but I just didn’t like it. Yet, I enjoyed Kris’ set during the Idol concert. I wonder if they were just too much in a hurry to release a single, and didn’t do it or Kris justice. Hope his cd is better and does better. It will be an embarassment for him if his cd flops when Adam’s rises to the top. It would be awkward for Adam I think too.

      • Hi right back at you Helen.. I think your right. Adam would want Kris to do well.. They both support each other and I’m sure Adam would want nothing less than for Kris to be successful.. They are both different types of singers and artist and there is plenty of room for them both .. I hope kris gets a better break than this song..

  19. Sorry, if OT, but Adam’s CD (by ANY name) has just been released for pre-order in the U.S. on Amazon. YAYY!!


    • I don’t want it mailed to me.. I want it in my hot little hands that day .. I will probably get it first on itunes then go buy it.. I want to help his sales as much as possible.

      • Yeah, Admfan1, I knew I would get iTunes for my iPod, definitely, but wanted two hard copies (one for car, one for house). These will have better sound quality (and the cover art and extras) than a iTunes burn.

        Not to mention, after all the entertainment and pleasure Adam has given me these many months I owe him at least the purchase price of three CDs.

        Also, Amazon is VERY GOOD at getting pre-orders to your house the day of release and I’m traveling that day anyway (*sniff* won’t be part of the online frenzy as I’ll be flying at least 5 hours).

        And preorders can help up Adam’s buzz, which will bring him to more lists and more high-profile TV bookings at drop time, so I’m all for it.

        • ok, you talked me into it.. I will preorder and get the ones on itune and then go down to walmart and buy the cd… lol anything for Adam.. please don’t come up with anymore good points on this subject, I’m tired just thinking about all the work.. lol kidding…..

          • ok.. it’s now pre-ordered with amazon.. gosh, i’m easy.. I’m sure I will buy up a few more even though I can burn my own.. I want Adams sales to fly to the stars.. Not that he needs my help. but it makes me feel like I have contributed in some way.. just like voting on al made me feel like I had helped with his going further each week.. It’s all a small part of feeling connected to our guy.. the new king of rock!!

            • And LOL, I’ve always thought sales was my weak point. I guess I’m passionate about the product!!

              • Helen/Canada says:

                Hi Ladies
                Agree with both of you–good points made. I, too will be buying several copies. So, I’ll check Amazon (Canadian) site as well as i-tunes and record shops in the area. Anything for our Adam!

  20. So, if Amazon is good at pre-orders, and there is an amazond canada website, and I just went to it and through it and could not find any place to pre order… confusing!

  21. This photo would make a great album cover!

  22. leilani aloha says:

    Adam’s so sexy & hot with his voice, looks that changes all the time & yet looks fabulous no matter what fashion he’s in 🙂

    Let’s call his new Cd

    ” Sexy Wild Chameleon “

  23. I see ADAM as a very sophisticated and classy gentleman. I just loved it when he kissed the hand of Allisons’ at Manchester, as he did with Kara and Paula during his audition. Now that is a true gentleman! It is kind of difficult to come up with a title that is as classy and true for ADAM, only he can do this cause it should only come from his heart being this is his first album. But I came up with my own titles to try to be as true to ADAM. JOURNEY OF DREAMS -cause that is what he is calling this ride to stardom, a journey and this is his dream come true. Second one, REALM OF SEDUCTION. This music world is his kingdom now and he is literally seducing us with his voice. When these current artists or cookiecutters,sing, they just sing. But when ADAM sings, it is so natural and beautiful, no one can compare. ADAM doesn’t just sing to the audience, he talks to the audience. ADAM’s voice is pure MAGIC!!!!!!!

  24. i haven’t been in on this as i’ve been computer deprived for about 3 weeks, but i’ve been thinking “EPIC ” would be kind of perfect 🙂

    oh and isn’t the planet fierce thing “the glittery alien”, not “the man”?