What is Adam Lambert Thinking??

So what is Adam thinking?

“I’m so glad I don’t have to sing that song at every city…”

What do you think? Comment below!


  1. Jennifer says:

    “I’m just going to pretend I love the way Kris sings this song.” (starts rocking along to the song) Ha Ha I can’t help but laugh when he does that. Too ADORABLE!!!

    • Jennifer says:

      it was really nice of Adam telling that guy at 1:11 to wait till after Kris’ performance for an autograph. He didn’t want to steal his thunder.

      • Obsidian Eye says:

        It shows how decent and well-mannered he is, basically saying that when someone is performing, one shows respect by giving the performer one’s full attention.

  2. Adam was such a doll from day one. I have no problem who he is in love with, Anne Hash and Lindsy Lowhand, roc hudson,richard chamberland,Ellen D,Rosey,chas Bono, Marie Osmond daughter, Barbra Strisand’s son…. Are theres people not famous and wonderful. Icon status
    Adam is a star and we want him regaurdless of the rumors,.


    • Obsidian Eye says:

      Yes. A rumor should never be the basis for response/reaction in a thinking individual, nor given any weight whatsoever for as long as it remains a rumor. We want Adam. Period.

  3. Dawg he looks like he is giving birth everytime he hits a high note.
    I feel bad for him.
    Dude,the over the lip hair is way to thin. I hope this was not an atempt at a 5:00 shadow look.
    EUUUW,. Fill that thin little boy lip hair in. Geeeeeezzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Nasty.

    • Hi,

      Giving birth is a lot easier than singing no boundaries, it’s less painfil!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Norcal2009 says:

    I think Adam is nodding his head to try to get Kris to kick it up a notch. This song is soooo boring done by Kris. I can tolerate it when Adam sings it.

  5. Kimberly says:

    Adam is a class act all around.

  6. he is so sweet he actually stop signing autographs to watch Kris sing and he didn’t want to make noises with the fans so he stood up enjoying and clapping 🙂 God he is the sweetest guy ever .. and from now ppl r creating trashy rumors about him being Diva !!! will they just leave him alone !!

  7. Jane416 says:

    Adam is so thoughtful, supportive and smart! It’s due to his great upbringing and his theatre training that he is here showing respect towards a fellow performer and friend. Ya gotta LOVE him!

  8. Sun&Stars says:

    I think Adam is thinking give Kris his due. His has always been respectful of his fellow performers and trying to help them to succeed. Hopefully in return his thoughtfulness, generosity and kindness will be returned a 1,000 times over to him.

    • Evelize says:

      Well written!
      Agree with every word and I’m not only hopeful but all sure that everything he does will be returned a 1,000 times over to him.

  9. Come on Kris..you can do it little man…I’m routin’ for ya!

  10. qcatlady says:

    Love you Adam for the class you show… Kris’s singing was fien for the “stage and technical quality” available to him for this performance. I feel bad for both of them having to sing the same songs day after day….. can’t wait for their A.I. concert!!!!

  11. AdamAddict says:

    I say THANK YOU to the one who took this video. Instead of recording Kris who was singing the new song on the stage,this smart person recorded Adam who was not singing behind the stage! 🙂 Smart move because Adam is the only one I want to see! 🙂

  12. Jaylambert says:

    Adam is such a great guy. He respects everyone. I, for one, am very happy that he doesn’t have to sing that ‘No Boundaries’ song everywhere he goes although he really sings it better than Kris does.

  13. Suse1217 says:

    Adorable! He is so joyous for Kris. That smile at the end is just radiant.

  14. Adam is so naturally classy he amazes me more every time I see him, Plus he sings like God’s own angel.


  15. Malocari says:

    He seems all supportive of Kris, that shows the great attitude and maturity he has… I have to say though.. Adam’s version of No Boundaries is way better than Kris’s…

  16. He really looks like a “rude diva” doesn’t he?

    Seriously, he looks like he is genuinely enjoying the performance. I love how he starts bobbing his head at crescendos. Music is innate to him. He wants to go for it with that big voice.

    • AdamAddict says:

      Yeah,those stupid moron! Diva??!! Yeah sure,we believe you!! What an idiot! Don’t they know that Adam’s fans are smart!
      Adam is a sweetheart! Period!

  17. sandyjr says:

    The body language says it all. You go Kris!!!! Show them all how good you can do. He wants Kris to be successful, as do I. The competition is over so let’s stop comparing these guys and root for both of them. That is obviously what Adam wants. Adam and Kris are two very different personalities and singers. Surely there is enough room out there for both of them. Very few people can be the superstar that Adam is going to be ,but they can still be successful in their own right

  18. LOL maybe he had to go to the bathroom?

  19. No Boundaries is just plain awful. What a boring, poorly written song , and so monotonous; thank heaven Adam isn’t stuck singing it ad nauseam. (I’m sure he is very thankful, too!). Poor Kris.

  20. he is sooooo adorable!!!
    yeah that song is awful… too cliched!

  21. Ya, that song isnt for Adam. He deserves a better song than that. Cant wait to buy his album.

  22. JRZGRL1 says:

    Jadea, I’m pretty sure that Adam isn’t looking for a make-up artist – but if you want to go try out for the position, it’s a free country (sort of).

  23. I think Adam is rocking with Kris and is being fully supportive of him during his performance. His body language tells me that he’s giving Kris all of his attention and giving off such positive energy. He looks like he’s into it! I appreciate the friendship that Adam and Kris have and the support they’ve given to each other. It’s very inspiring.

  24. irish1139 says:

    I like Adam’s version of No Boundaries. I like the way he sings “No Boundaries, No Boundaries.
    Take a listen and see if you aren’t inspired.

  25. Bellelinda says:

    What is Adam thinking? In my humble opinion Adam is able to respect the talent and hard work of others and does not relate everything to himself. He knows that the world does not revolve around Adam Lambert. Adam knows, more than anyone, the hard work and dedication that he personally has gone through for 20+ years in order to become the incredibly talented, unique and polished performer that he has become. The respect he shows to other people indicates that he knows how hard they too have worked to try and fulfill their own dreams. There is room in the world for many different types of performers and people and I for one am glad for that…HOWEVER…. Adam is my all time favorite! In all my 60+ years..never have I enjoyed a performer more or been more in awe of a performer’s talent and creativity. My husband feels the same way (and he has been an intense music fan all his life) . We have tickets for the Idol Concert in our area because we want to see Adam perform in person. We will both enjoy seeing the other Idol finalists, as they too are very talented in their own styles. HOWEVER the “Adams of the world” are rare and in a class all their own…Adam is the only reason we will be driving for hours to attend “his concert”.

  26. Momwifedaughter says:

    This song is said to be a very difficult song to sing live. That is probably why Adam is relieved that he won’t have to sing it every night on tour. I give him a lot of credit for pulling for Chris as he struggles to perform the song live. Just one more instance of the kind-hearted class act that is Adam Lambert.

  27. JRZGRL1 says:

    To Jadea: maybe you were talking about Kris – sorry, hat was a quick post before I went to lunch, now I have nourishment in my body.

    To Sandy:Try going over to one of Kris’s fans’ pages & see what they have to say about Adam on a daily basis – it’s not pretty – not that 2 wrongs make a right but it’s pretty sad. What we were saying about “No Boundaries” here has more to do with the song than Kris. Everyone knows that Adam loves Kris, and everyone (except for some of the morons who post on the fan pages for Kris about how Adam shrieks, Adam screams, Adam sings “like a girl” – and this was from as recent as 2 weeks ago) knows that Kris loves Adam. The only problem I’m going to have in Charlotte on 8/1 when I go to hear Adam and the other finalists is putting up with Kris’s fans, not Kris himself. Unfortunately, I don’t drink or use drugs, otherwise I would take something before I go in case I have to put up with musical stupidity from people. I’d hate to have to call my partner to come & bail me out of jail, because she probably wouldn’t.

  28. What is Adam thinking?
    Hurry up Kris! I had too much coffee…gotta run!

  29. Cathie Bair says:

    I LUV LUV LUV Adam Lambert…..he touches the very soul of his fans…there has never been an Idol who connected so strongly with his or her audience. He is an all around good guy…I have several of his songs on my Ipod and listen to it every day… I cannot wait for his CD. I am a die hard fan..and I am age……………65! So Adam has a wide fan base.

  30. adamfancajungirl says:

    He is so sweet! He just stood there watching his friend,Kris perform. I thought that was so respectful of him. He was feeling the music and enjoying it. What a wonderful young man he is.

  31. I love Adam’s version of No Boundaries, but I’m not fond of Kris’s version. I think Adam takes that song and does wonders with it. I actually bought it and cant stop listening to it…very catchy, and to think at first I hated it. I think Adam just has a way of making everything sound amazing. Plus he’s such a class act <3

  32. 1:11 says it all…he’s so respectful to Kris…I love Adam more everyday…and it was a real treat to watch him “out of the spotlight” and behind the scene so to speak. I, too, like Adam’s version of No Boundaries…but then I’ve loved everything I’ve ever heard by Adam….and I’m even looking forward to the 15 hour drive to get to the concert…

  33. Linda Desplanque says:

    Adam is most definitely the most humble, considerate person I know of. He could have went right on doin what he was doin while Kris was singing but he didn’t. I have also seen some videos where Kris is quite the opposite and seems to be getting a little arrogant and snobby!!

  34. suebrody says:

    Adam is trying to rock it, tho you can’t rock such a craptastic song. But he is as classy as ever. Adam, you rock our world. Keep safe, and see you at the tour in Boston, woot woot!!!

  35. mpbnice says:

    Just watching is friend perform. He’s a class act all the way.

  36. Adam is thinking….”Oh God K, you look sooo hot…although you’re singing that shitty song!!!!” LOL

  37. or…Oh there is Kara! ..i’ll pretend I like her song….ok i’m dancing…but I look like dustin hoffman in Rain Man…how can a human being can dance with this song?????


  39. or…Oh there is Kara! ..i’ll pretend I like her song….ok i’m dancing…but I look like dustin hoffman in Rain Man…how can a human being dance with this song?????

  40. Adam is appreciating a fellow artists performance. Nothing else. Professionalism personified! Adam is class! Can’t love him enough!

  41. Shelley n says:

    he’s not “thinking” ANYTHING! it’s obvious that he’s singing the song in his head right along with kris, cuz that’s just the kind of supportive guy he is! with i had someone HALF as awesome as ALamb in my life! i luv him so damn much, the bastard! why does he have to be so damn amazing! dammit.

  42. adamfanatic says:

    Adam: *come on Kris, hit thata high note! Come on you can do it!! You call that high??!! Sheesh……… *

  43. adamfanatic says:

    Btw I mean *that

  44. Deiondra says:

    what a guy…. its sweet how supportive and focused he is for kris’s performance

  45. I like Adam Lambert, but I found his AMA performance vulgar and lacking in dignity. He should have saved it for a Vegas performance. Free speech is a wonderful thing, but a little decency would have put him more in line with a mainstream audience.
    I think Adam is an amazingly talented performer with a fantastic voice but his AMA was an huge error in judgment and good taste.
    Sorry Adam, but you should have set your AMA performance standards higher than those of a strip club.