What do you want to know from Adam?

If you were able to ask Adam a question, what would it be? And, no, we’re not talking ridiculous fantasy questions, like “Would you come over and clean my house?” or things that are too personal and we have no business asking. But if you were able to get a journalistic appointment with him, what would be on your list to ask? And get creative – ask the things we’d all like to know that no one else has thought of yet! Like, “How do you write your music?” or questions about the tour like “How do you sleep in the bus?”

Let it flow, fans!



About Carol

I started writing on this site back in May 2009, not knowing what I was in for or where it would take me. I had no idea of the joy and personal satisfaction I'd find here. I never dreamed that I'd get to meet Adam, but that dream came true! The bonus of becoming such great friends with Lila and the other fans is what keeps me going. Music gets me though every day. In addition to Adam, I love Muse, Linkin Park, 80s and finding newer bands and supporting them by attending everything that's within 350 miles. With Adam, the boundaries are farther! Thanks for joining us on this ride! :)


  1. Di Springer says:

    I want to know what Adam would say to someone trying to make it in this crazy business we all call music.

  2. Di Springer says:

    I also want to know more about his brother, Neil. Please ask him about Neil!

    • Thamara Stephenson says:

      Have you read Neil’s Blog Negative Neil.com It kind of gives you an idea what his mindset is. He’s very protective of Adam and they are close. According to Leila, she said that both boys attended the same performing arts school. Adam sings/acts and Neil is the pianist in the family.

  3. At what age did you start singing? And when did you express to everyone you love to sing?
    Was it hard?

  4. Mariana says:

    Actually I always wondered How does he get inspiration for his originals.
    So that would be something I’d ask him. (:

  5. CatEyes says:

    I would ask…

    How do you see your life in 5 years…10 years?

    What simple things in life really make you happy?

    How do you think your fans will connect with the music on your new album?


    If you could change one thing in the world with your music, what would it be?

    I hope you are planning to ask some of these questions for real! *Crosses fingers*

  6. I heard in an interview you talking about being really excited for the new album and also about the visuals to go along with it. Are you talking about the music videos, or the clothes and stuff you get to wear for the album?

  7. Me first!!! yey 🙂

    1. What other tattoos would u have and where?
    2. If you had too which band would you pick as favorite: Queen or Rolling Stones
    3. What’s ur fav color?
    4. I read somewhere u where overweight as a child…when did u realized it was time to get into shape? (same case here 🙁 )

    more questions after the jump….

    • If u had the opportunity to be in a comedy show like SNL or participate in a dance competition, would you do it?

      • Aw my god! I was just talking about that like a couple days ago, he would be an AWSOMEguest host and could do the whole, acting part and be the musical guest, (like justin Timberlake) He seems funny and I would LOOOVE to see him on SNL. Even Allison would be good on there.

  8. wicked fan says:

    i would ask Adam:
    1. What other color nail polish do you like, or do you just like black?
    2. What is your dream vacation, and will you take it when you get a chance?
    3. If you were to learn a musical instrument, which one would you be most interested in learning?
    4. What is the coolest thing a fan has ever done, and what is the UNcoolest thing a fan (or hater) has ever done?

  9. runner4ever says:

    What is your favorite and least favorite part of the bus?

    Will you miss your fellow Idol contestants after the tour is over since you have become so close? Adding to that will you keep in touch with them?

  10. Jessica says:

    I think I would have to ask…
    “What inspires you when you’re writing songs” and “What is the one thing you can’t be without while you’re away from home?”

  11. do you enjoy being interviewed and if he could ask himself one question what would it be?

  12. I would like to know if Adam belives in multidimensionality and if he remembers any lucid dreams he might have had, and I can go into more detail about that if anybody is interested. Thanks.

  13. This is so funny cuz I have been wanting to know a few things!

    1. Who his fave gossip girl character is? (He would think I was a weirdo but I LOVE Chuck Bass. On the more normal side I like Dan!)

    2. Besides Ice Cream, what is fave food to eat? I love salad!

    3. What type of techniques do you use to help you write a song?

  14. All Star Me says:

    How are you coping with the attention you’ve been receiving…(being photographed on the street, hackers, etc.) How do you wind down at the end of the day?
    Do you think you will lose, gain, or stay the same with fans when the album is finally released?
    Everyone always says that fame or attention doesn’t change them, but I think it has to do SOMETHING. it’s not like you can ignore it. So, what little things do you notice about yourself now as opposed to before AI?
    Does your family enjoy getting attention because of you?
    What are your favorite lyrics from a song?
    Do you look up to anyone for guidance or help with decisions?
    What would you most like to be remembered for?
    Do you see yourself getting into the clothing industry…like collaborating a line with a designer or something along those lines?

    • wow guys these are creative questions. Can someone, maybe a reporter reading this ask these awesome questions to Adam? Great job All Star

  15. Danette orourke says:

    Do you know when you will begin your solo tour?

  16. I would ask:

    Do you feel Kris will be a life long friend?

    Would you consider doing a concert with Just Kris and Allison??

    I know you like your privacy, but are you still dating Blake?

    What are you looking for in a boy friend?

    Just so you know, I am not young and have seen many entertainers. I saw Elvis, Frank Sinatra, the Beetles, and now you. I truly agree with Simon that you will be a world star someday and soon!! I am just happy that I am still in the world to enjoy it.

    • His name is Drake not Blake

    • buffie21 says:

      I agree and let’s put Michael Jackson in there as well…I am 67 and see some of Elvis in Adam and he does real good with Michael’s songs…..I would love to him sing BEN…I am a huge fan of Adam’s even at my age.. I also saw him curl the upper left side of his lip when he was singing on AI….sure reminded me of Elvis….Nobody will probably be bigger than them but I think Adam can do it if anybody can..Maybe he can learn from wathing them…Incorporate some of each of them and twist it in with his own and become the newest…biggest..star…

  17. When your new album comes out in November, are you planning on going on tour again to promote your new album? Also, after Gene Simmons made his comments about your career being over because you came out in RollingStone, have you gotten some satisfaction with how you have been received on tour and the tremendous fan support?

  18. Adam, you say you have been in love once.
    You are so articulate–can you put into words how it felt?
    How long did it last?
    Adam, you say you have been the one chasing someone, trying to win their heart–how did that feel?
    Can you now write a song with these words in it?
    Or maybe it is two different songs.

  19. Dear Adam,

    What finally motivated you to take the huge step of changing your whole outward image? What was happening on the day you finally took the step to change yourself from a sunny, golden-haired California boy to being a black-haired Captain Midnight? Was it only for public performance, or did you want to become something only you envisioned? What was that vision?

    What is your favorite memory of your family, and your growing-up years? What holiday did you love the most? How has your mother encouraged you through this wild time while you are transitioning from a virtually unknown singer to being the next international superstar? How do they feel about your incredible success? Has anyone in your family or old circle of friends been unable to cope with your new-found fame?

    What kind of spiritual life do you have? What inspires you to those acts of kindness and caring for others that everyone around you can’t help but notice? What are your feelings as you sing ‘The Prayer’, the songs on the yearly telethon for your faith, and ‘Heaven On Their Minds’ from ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’, while you look out at the audience and the world with such brooding, beautiful solemnity? Have you ever thought of becoming a cantor?

    What are the things you love the most, the sights, sounds, smells, and images of life that most move you? Do you love the sea, the sun, the clouds, the rain, the trees, the desert, the woods, and which do you love the most? Where would you most like to be, with the most special people in your life?

    What has made you so at peace with yourself and the world?

    Thank you, Adam, you’ve answered all my questions…

    • wow, Lorrin, I must say, you have really good, deep questions!! I LOVE them! I especially like the last one–what makes him so comfortable being himself?

      • Hey Marlis, thank you….Adam reminds me of one of those days I spent by a clear, freshwater stream in the Sierras as a kid, and looking down in the water flowing around my legs, I saw something shining in the water there, and picking it up….a beautiful stone…the sun picks up the color which changes as I turn it in my hand, purple, blue, black, flecks of gold and silver…. and I must have it, I must take it home, and it becomes the most cherished find of that whole summer….and it sits on my dresser still, its facets winking in the light, first one color, then the another…that’s Adam.

        • …on the last sentence that should read, “first one color, then the other….that’s Adam”. (Or maybe it really should be ‘the Another’), I’m sure I’m getting a little tired from all this reading and writing I’m doing here!

          • Suse1701 says:

            Lorrin, LOVED your whole essay and your last analogy – so beautiful. It’s funny, “incandescent” and “iridescent” have been two of my favorite words for years. I’ve often thought if I started a production company I’d call it “Incandescent Films.” Those words are so ADAM!! The iridescence for exactly the reason you describe.

            BTW, I was playing a trivia game the other day and the question was, “By what unit is light measured?” The answer: a lambert. Figures.

            Oh, and Liz below: LOL!!!!

            • Oh, Susie1701, that’s beautiful about the lambert! I hadn’t thought of that one! He seems to be fitting into all these descriptions of the true definitions for light, energy, heat, and scintillating color! Like you, I have also always loved the words, “incandescent” and “iridescent”. Yes, Adam is ‘incandescent’, – ‘white, glowing, or luminous with intense heat; strikingly bright or clear’ with ‘iridescent’ wings with their ‘lustrous rainbow-play of color’ caused by differential refraction of light waves that ‘tend to change as the angle of view changes’ (just like my pretty stone from the river). Light seems to follow him wherever he goes. Interesting that his middle name is ‘Mitchel’ a derivative of the Hebrew ‘Michael’ the chief archangel of heaven, who fights darkness and banishes fear. Here’s one more fascinating fact: the family name ‘Lambert’ means “Bright land or light of the land, the Lambert surname derives from the Germanic elements “land” meaning land and “beraht” meaning bright”. How fantastically amazing!

        • Hello again Lorrin. I told you the other day you need to keep a record of all your posts. I would love to have a memorabilia book of fabulous photos of Adam with your comments interspersed. Are you a professional writer? If not, you should be.

          • Hi again, Songwriter4adam, – I did see your post, and I did answer you a few threads back. I know all of our hundreds of posts get buried in the storm of writing we all do. In answer to your question, no, I am not a professional writer, but I have written in an amateur capacity all my adult life. I think I said on another post somewhere on this site that because of life’s unpredictable nature, I have never been able to follow a media/arts career, although I was trained in the fine arts. As I shared with someone else, when Adam came on the scene, I took up the electronic pen and began to write. Yes, I have indeed saved (and printed) all of my posts on this site, with a view to making a small portfolio of articles for someone to see and review for publishing. I have the idea for a book about Adam similar to the one you described already well advanced, and I have the title in mind. I hope I truly can make it a reality, I think it would be something many fans of Adam’s, especially cougars and Glambs, would love. It would have to be presented somewhere in the next few months, while the tour is still on, because it would specifically address the time period when he is still taking the first steps on his journey to becoming a superstar. I would have to find out all the technicalities involved, and I have no idea how to use pictures without infringing copyright laws, but I think such a book would have some chance of attracting a small market of fan readers. At least, hopefully, all of us Glambs! I have much to do if I’m really going to do this, but I think I am going to start the process. I do thank you for your interest and for asking me about all this, and for being so encouraging. I will let you know if anything comes of my little dream.

            (If you want to find the posts where I first answered you and re-read them, go to the Home page here, and then click on the topic “TOUR VIBE – American Idol Summer Tour West Valley City, UT”. Scroll down, and our posts are numbers 25 and 26, respectively. Since it seems you haven’t read my answer to you on that post yet, I hope you will go read it. It has another fiery description of Adam doing that Bowie medley in San Jose you and I love so well which I think you will enjoy immensely!)

            Thanks so much again, Songwriter4adam! And say, are you really a song writer for Adam? Do share!

            • Lorrin – I would buy your book for sure!!! I definitely think you should follow your dream just as Adam has been following his! GO FOR IT!!!!

            • Hi Lorrin. You can’t use pictures without the rights to do so from the copyright holder (who could be the photographer or the holder of the rights, such as AP, or Getty Images, etc.), at least, not for commercial purposes. Your best bet is to hook up with a publisher or a photographer (like the one who did the Rolling Stone photo at Smashbox Studios) or see the notes I left you about contacting the manager on tour vibe – Los Angeles page. Good luck again!

              • Thank YOU, I was hoping to hear from you on this. You’ve been SO helpful. I’ll go read that other post!

    • What beautiful spiritual questions these are!

  20. how much is every inch of your love

    • Jessica says:


    • Adamstar says:

      That is soo funny!

    • ADAMaddict says:

      Best question yet!!! ha ha ha

    • LOL – LOL- LOL!!!!

    • Liz,
      Now, is your question a metaphor for the SPIRITUAL, EMOTIONAL, DEPTH, STRENGTH and INTENSITY of FEELING of Adam’s LOVE? That’s a GREAT question! I’m sure that it must be the case, because you ARE a LADY. And that is a VERY Ladylike question to ask a GENTLEMAN…which is what Adam IS, a Gentleman.
      You can tell by Adam’s INTENSELY PASSIONATE way of singing, that Adam is a REAL LOVER. And will make someone(s) VERY Happy someday. And that this person(s) will never have to doubt Adam’s LOVE.
      I can tell you right now, Adam wouldn’t like it if your question was meant it in a risque` way. A T.V. reporter asked Adam an overtly sexual question… and Adam just pretended he didn’t hear it. He wasn’t Happy. It hurt Adam’s feelings.
      Sincerely, Mary

    • Liz…..
      LMAO when I read your question… loved, loved it.. I saw Adam in Salt Lake.. He was beautiful, sexy and yes I wondered the same question that you posted.. Not that it matters, but a girl can wonder.. I’m having so much fun being addicted to Adam.

  21. who do you think you will stay the closest with after the tour?

  22. I think I can answer some of the questions above from others!

    In 5 years, Adam will have the life he always dreamed it could be, with a nice house, a great group of friends, making music and doing live entertainment for us. The simple things in life that make him happy are sleeping in, watching movies, and ice cream. “I think my fans will love my music, and I have said that I don’t plan to change the world, I just want to make music!”

    “I like the attention I am getting from fans but not from TMZ or the papparazzi. AT the end of the day I relax with a good movie.”
    “Now that I am ‘famous’ I am happier, as I am singing for my fans and making an album. Although I was pretty happy before! AND knowing that my dream is coming true has got me feelin’..good. Like the birds flyin’ high and the sun in the sky, the breeze driftin’ on by..it’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, it’s a new LIFE..and I’M FEELIN’ *spittle* GOOD!
    “My family enjoys the attention, but mainly they are proud of me. Especially my dad, and he is happy that I was able to give him a big check for Father’s Day, a gift for being such a great dad and financially bailing me out so many times when I needed him to. My mom is also very proud and is going to move to LA and be my assistant.”

    Kris will be a lifelong friend, he doesn’t need to do a concert with Kris and Allison as he can be a one-man-show. (Plus Kris wants to go home and make babies, and Allison needs to go to school.) He still dates blake, but is a bit busy right now, he is looking a cutie like Kris as a boyfirend, but gay, foc ourse (he said Kris is his type, but straight!).

  23. Jessica says:

    I think the only question I would have for Adam is if he plans on singing anything in the future like Track of my tears, Mad World minus electronic/funk etc where we hear just his beautiful vocals.

    Oh and if he could ever make a studio version of Beth b/c out of his softer stuff that was my favorite and the 1:19 video is too much of a tease.

    Don’t get me wrong I want to hear anything out of Adam. I think if he rapped I’d still listen to it LOL.

    I liked the responses.

    • I agree, Jessica, I love anything he does, but I melt when his beautiful vocals shine in the softer, slower songs. And even faster ones without electronics, like Play That Funky Music. In fact, I am a bit afraid that this first album might have too much electronics for my old boomer self!

      I’m sure he’ll make more, though, so maybe he can get this out of his system, then get down to the really good stuff. Michael Jackson’s best album was not his first. Off the Wall, his first solo one, I think sold less copies than Thriller, his second.

  24. 1) What are your top ten all time favorite songs?

    2) I know you’re basking in the lime light now, but is the fame what you expected? How do you feel about your lack of privacy, freedom to come and go, all those prying, scrutinizing, unsolicited advises, over zealous fans and those haters?

    3) You’re a gifted performer, therefore, a lot of your fans think you’re going to be next Elvis or MJ. How do you feel about that? Does that expectation a challenge or a burden?

    4) Why are you so surprised at all the fan support you got from your AI run? Did you think your appearance would over power your talent? Obviously, your fans love your looks, does it surprise you that so many of us love the goth look?

  25. Uhh…maybe something simple like…how are you holding up
    or what keeps you motivated when you feel drained.
    ask him how he feels.

  26. Do you know how to play an instrument but just chose not to on the show? If you don’t, would you like to learn to play an instrument? If so, which one?

    • Adam IS an instrument LOL! His vocal and performing capabilities trump any and all others ability to play guitar or piano or ukelele or whatever!

    • Jane416 says:

      Adam has answered this question before. No, he does not play an instrument but said, “My VOICE is my instrument,” I think it’s a great answer – and what an instrument!!

  27. Dear Adam here are my questions for you:

    Are you aware of how many fans you really have and how much they love, adore and respect you?

    Are you aware of the fans you have overseas (I’m in the U.S. but read from overseas fans all the time)?

    Your fashion is out of this world. You’ve said you often wear women’s jeans. I’m just curious what size you wear? (My guess is a 9/10)

    What are your 5 year goals as an artist? (multiple platinum albums, world tours, etc)

    Adam the way I see things you are already a superstar but with the release of your album things will escalate to even another level of stardom. I don’t really see you as the type to appear on shows such as SNL and the likes…it just doesn’t seem to me to be something you would do….but is there any television you would do (besides just regular interviews)?

    I know that you will have the opportunity to do things such as clothing, jewelry and makeup lines once you reach that point in your career where you are more in command of your time? Which would you do first and why?

    Does it bother you or intrigue you that women are so affected by you? Does the underwear flying on the stage surprise you? Does it make you uncomfortable or does it make you feel flattered?

    Finally, what WAS it that you wiped up off the stage during SR? (inquiring minds are dying to know)

    I guess that’s all! Adam I love you and can’t want for your album!

  28. irish1139 says:

    . You have beautiful teeth. Are they yours or have you had work on them. Did you ever have to wear braces when you were a kid?

    • adamtastic1877 says:

      lol xD

    • His mother was a dental hygenist before a interior decorator so that probably explains some of that.

      It’s funny b/c his white perfect teeth/smile was one of the 1st things I noticed about him.

    • Thamara Stephenson says:

      There is a photo of him out there with braces on his teeth.

  29. lovergirl says:

    I would like to ask about his first love. He said he’s been in love only once. I wanna know some details such as how they met, why he loved him, why they brake up, if he is still in love with him. When he sang ‘if i cant have you’, he said he personally connects with the song. I wonder if there is someone that he wants to have but can’t.

    • AdamAddict says:

      Oh yeah,I want to know that too.I’m very busybody,yes maybe, but that is good question.Usually it’s hard to forget 1st love! But again,love doesn’t comes once! 🙂

  30. irish1139 says:

    Have you ever had a vision that transformed your life?

    Do you believe when you are dead, you are dead and gone and there is nothing of you left?

    All the atoms that the planet has ever had have been here since the beginning. They have been reused for millions and millions of years. Does this affect your thinking about life at all?

    Do you feel like you have been here on earth before in another life. Do you have any memories of another life?

    Do you feel that you are an advanced soul?

    • irish1139 – Hi! Your questions are interesting. Would you answer each of your questions about your feelings on each question? I think it would be interesting. How do you know all the atoms on this planet have been reused millions and millions of times? Have you ever read or listened to Hawkings theories of the universe? Just wondering!

      • Dear Cheryl, you’re probably going to be aghast at me when I tell you this, but here’s the answer. It’s called The Law Of The Conservation Of Energy, and it says:

        The Law of Conservation of Energy states that energy cannot be created or destroyed, but can change its form.
        The total quantity of matter and energy available in the universe is a fixed amount and never any more or less.

        So all the molecules in any closed system never die, but continue on in another form. These terms usually apply to physics, math, and engineering, but many metaphysicians (people who combine the scientific and the spiritual to explain the universe), take it to mean that the energy of human beings also is never destroyed, but just changes form, and exists in another dimension when we die.

        The Law Of The Conservation Of Matter (that’s us again) is very similar. So, that’s what irish1139’s statement is based on. However, the things she is saying in her post are based on the spiritual perception of all things, and that is a much more beautiful thing than mere science.

        • Read ‘Many Lives, Many Masters’, by Brian L. Weiss, M.D., for a fascinating look at reincarnation.

        • LORRIN – Hey! This ‘spiritual’ perception is either new to me, or one I haven’t internalized! I get ‘caught-up’
          in the scientific theories of things, and frankly find it ‘hard to swallow’ more times than not!
          Therefore, is this where the theory of ‘reincarnation’ derived from? It’s all very interesting! Since you are
          a peace-loving sunshine-kinda-gal, I should have known you’d be ‘all over’ this! Hahaha! Being a Tarean, myself, an earth sign, I would be intellectually stuck w/knowing more about the scientific theories than
          the spiritual ones. I’ve always been a ‘closet’ believer of reincarnation, not wanting to get into any great discussions w/people, b/c for some reason unknowing to myself, or subconciously knowing, but not wanting to ‘deal’ w/a debate, I usually stay away from the subject! Thanks for your input, I don’t think
          Irish was going to ‘respond’ to my question!! ……How are you doing? Feeling good?? Hope so!

          • Ah, Cheryl, although I am from sunny California, and I am peace-loving, I am a rain and cloudy weather kind of person. I love the storms, the rain, and the cool, dark overcast of a rainy day. And I love our Northern beaches with rocky coasts and deep blue seas. But you’re right, I am ‘all over the spiritual side of things’. I have no idea if it truly relates to being a Sagittarian or not, (although my sign does say that is my true nature), but it is enjoyable to think so. I want the deepest heart of the matter, so I look until I find it. With Adam, it seems that he began his spiritual journey some time ago, and is open to seeing this part of life. He is also willing to look beyond the parameters of conventional beliefs, although he honors them. That resonates with me, and obviously, it has resonated with many others here. Like Adam, I prefer to approach the subject obliquely rather than head on, to draw the interest of people, instead of bashing them with it….so that you solidly planted scientific souls can share with us in this part of his beautiful personality. Love you, Cheryl….peace, love, and light to you!

            • Lorrin, You might be surprised to know that I love storm, or the ‘lurking’ of storm activity! I am not
              a sunshine person, love dark stormy evenings, always have been like that, since is can remember
              I love the snow storms in winter, or ‘the blizzards’ as we say, as long as I don’t have to get out in
              it in the mornings! I have always been kind of a person who has studied psychology and pschiatry
              for fun!! I find it hard not to be a deep thinker, I don’t think I have ever read a book of fiction!!
              Just doesn’t hold my attention. I long for knowledge and the reasons ‘why’ people are the way
              they are and think the way they do! Fascinating to me!! Oh, I’ve studied some in the ‘spirit filled
              life’, and am absolutely NOT a scientific-type thinker! I think I just challenge EVERYTHING in
              what I believe or don’t believe! I have to study every little thing that interests me!!So, anyway,
              that’s enough on that! haha! I just thought you had called yourself the Californis-style-sunshine
              girl in the 60’s, a kind of ‘flower’ child. I was a ‘flower child’ and at other times I’d call myself just
              opposing the ‘status-quo’ in the 60’s, so maybe not too dedicated to one belief!! I am what I am!
              Most of the time I can’t tell you ‘what’ that is!! hahah!
              peace back at ya, Lorrin!!!

              • Cheryl, yes, I did say that I was a ‘golden-haired California girl’ back in the 60’s, and I can see where that sun-drenched perception comes in. I was a hippie with an art portfolio under my arm, and anti-war armbands on both arms of my Dad’s old army jacket. I really enjoyed your post above here, and your remarks on your love of storms and of being a deep thinker, that you find it hard ‘not to be a deep-thinker’. And that you delve into the ways of people and cultures, and that you want to know why people do what they do. I too, read every kind of non-fiction subject for fun, and I love the cozy evenings by the fire while the storm is raging outside. We have a lot of things in common. I think it’s great. And you know, that typewriter of yours is wonderful, your writing has kind of a poetic or ‘haiku’ style to it, I can spot it a mile away.! Thanks for all the great sharing you do on this site!

                • lORRIN, HEY! Just read your reply, and thanks for the ‘love’!! About my computer’s
                  ‘rregular typing,,,,,I think it has taken on it’s own personality to challenge me to figure
                  out what the hey is going on!! I think when I’m not being attentive to it, it gets a little
                  angry and starts ‘showing off’!! hahaha! Just sayin’…………………….it can be spooky!
                  I was a war protester, while my husband was in Viet Nam!!! He didn’t quite understand
                  my point! haha!

    • Interesting questions, Irish, could they be because Adam almost always wears an ankh ring (symbol of eternal life) on his right hand?

  31. How do you get along with your brother? Any different from now and before AI?
    If your grandfather passed before you were born (I believe this is what I heard), why is he so important to you (aside of course he’s your grandfather). He obviously is because you wear his ring.
    What is your shoe size?
    How do you feel about the “fake” Adam Lamberts up on Facebook, etc. who have followers and is excepting gifts from fans?
    Would you ever consider singing an Elvis song?

  32. Where do you get your clothes?

    Please start a clothing line.

  33. If I could ask Adam about one thing in particular, it would most certainly be ‘why’ and ‘when’ did you first think you were ‘gaqy’, and did you ‘think’ about your ‘preference’ at that time, or did you just think and feel you were ‘awkward’ re girls. Do you have any inclination that you may have felt awkward toward girls b/c you felt ‘fat’ and ‘insecure’, and if you had not ‘decided’ you might be ‘gay’, do you think you would have grown out of the insecurity you had about your body, and perhaps not leaned toward a ‘gay’ relationship? Why do you think you did not become sexually active until you were 21 yrs old and drunk? Since you said your first experience was ‘awful’, why do you think it was, and do you regret that? Do you think you would be a lot different than you are today if you hadn’t lived in Germany and participated in that musical? Since you seem to insinuate you ‘could’ be in a relationship w/a woman, and you enjoy ‘making-out’ w/girls, can you envision yourself ever married to a woman and having a family w/children? Since you said you might have heterosexual relationships in your future, do you think you are giving yourself an ‘out’ of the gay community in the future to exercise your right to experience a heterosexual relationship? If you do, and you felt it was good and right ‘for you’, would you say that your ‘decision’ to embrace the ‘gay’ lifestyle was an incorrect one and based on insecurity and, and as you said, ‘fear of sex’ w/a girl? Why did you say that you might have hetero. sex w/a ‘roadie’, b/c it might be better for you to do that w/someone you didn’t ‘know’, then say it could be ok if I ‘knew’ the girl? Since you said that you always had a ‘fear’ of being ‘sexual’, that you didn’t really feel ‘sexy’ up till recently, do you think it was a fear of ‘just girls’ or of ‘just sex’ due to your poor feelings regarding your ‘body image’?? ….question #2 What singer or person most influenced you in the way you think and act toward others in the entertainment field? ie; being a humble man, being honest, wanting to be the ‘best’ person or ‘soul’ you can be toward your fellow man/woman? Where and how did you learn these awesome personality traits?……#3 Are you surprised at how much you’ve ‘grown’ JUST since the idol experience? LAST QUESTION….do you realize how much cheryl adores you?! haha!
    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^peace-love-light-joy- 4 U Adam!^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

    • Cheryl, You have spoke your mind on the exact same questions I would have asked Adam. Wow I so hope he could answer these and let the world know, his deep deep feelings now. Regardless, we still love and adore his cute sexy self. Seems like alot of people think thats exactly how his life situation went down too. He has said love is universal, so who knows what his future will hold for him. Just hope he finds the true soulmate someday that he so wants to have. He has already started living the rock star fantasy, he so longed for and worked so hard to achieve. Love will be in the future too!
      Love ya Adam!

      • Mary C – thanks for your response. I, too, want Adam to be happy and fulfilled in his emotional and romantic
        life. I DON’T CARE if he’s gqay, but there’s SOMETHING about that , that gives me the feeling that there’s
        more to lAdam than he’s sharring. I suppose, by my wuestions, I feel that he might NOT truly be gay. I can
        accept it when someone tells me they’re gay, or bi, or even asexual, but Adam doesn’t seem, at least for
        me, that he fits into that ‘box’. I’m happy to know lthat I’m not totally alone in my thinking! I’m not saying that
        I KNOW more than HE does, but there is so much more to this incredible man than meets the eye, I think!
        And I don’t mean to say that in a simple-minded way! He’s so sexy, and sexual, but also seems so convicted to his own self-esteem, which is MISSING IN MOST OTHER STARS!!! He’s got some more
        to learn about love, and I’m wondering, because he’s not sleeping all over w/lots of people, how he got to
        be so true to himself w/all the pressures in the world to do ‘what feel good whenever and w/whoever’ you
        want?! Actually, it’s re4ally hard to put it into words, but hopefully mly point comes across!?

        • Very, very perceptive of you, Cheryl…you, too, saw that Adam is not (and hopefully never will be) a promiscuous personality, and you also noticed his ambivalence in his attitudes toward male/female sexuality. He is willing to put the teaser out that he might be interested in women, but this statement might be a ‘cover’ for him to fend off too scrutinizing an interest in his homosexuality. Adam also projects himself (at least to his larger audience) as an extremely masculine man, and this is why he appeals to both sexes. It might be possible that he will one day explore a relationship with a woman, but it is also highly unlikely. There is a disconnect in gay men toward females which precludes a romantic relationship with them. But, there is the other possibility that he might be bi-sexual, which is so very common in artistic people. As you say, he does have more to learn about love, and this might include finding out that he is ‘more’ than just the one or the other. It will be interesting to see what happens with this beautiful young man.

          • Hi Lorrin! I wonder if the ‘teaser’, as you put it, might be his way of giving himself an ‘out’ early in his
            career re women, that he might not have said had he not been thrown into the public eye as big as
            he has. Like, not wanting to ‘box’ himself into being a ‘gay man’ for the rest of his life. You know,
            Lorrin, on that 20/20 interview, I felt just a little void when he said, ‘I’m gay”, it just was so eerily odd
            for some reason. Then to say he enjoyed ‘making-out’ w/girls, I don’t think I’ve ever heard an openly
            gay man say that, unless they are saying they’re ‘bi’….know what I mean? I’ve read some on the issues
            as I have allways tried not to be judgmental in any way toward any life-style, race issue, gender issue
            or any other issue that differentiates people. Part of my ‘boomer-ness’, I think! Also, Robt. Kennedy
            greatly influenced me w/his accepting of others, racially and re the mentally-impaired. ANYWAY, I
            think Adam has an interesting road ahead of him!!! So happy that he not only didn’t ‘close’ the door
            on a possible man-woman relationship, but seemed to ’embrace’ it like he ’embraces’ the pure love
            issue. I’m with you that there is a disconnect between gay men and women, that is almost
            precisely why I can’t see a gay man being so openly, open to the possibility of a hetero relationship.
            I don’t want to beat this dead horse, but I truly believe that he will likely try something else. I also agree
            w/you about his masculinity! He is definately not a limp-wrist kind of man. He seems to be the
            stronger one in any relationship. I kind of think he’d like to do some exploring w/Madonna! Or that
            he thinks she can open his eyes to more of his sexual self. He says he’d like to collaborate w/her
            or do a duet w/her, at every opportunity he gets(to say that, that is) And I did read a while back how
            he’d met Madonna, and all. When Jamie Foxx worked w/him, and said ‘you don’t really care WHO
            I am do you?’, I couldn’t believe Jamie was so egotistical!!! I mean, Adam said how he had to close
            his eyes while singing in front of Jamie Foxx, cuz it WAS JAMIE FOXX standing in front of him! Adam
            justs carefully ‘stroked’ Jamie’s ego w/that statement, and I remember saying to my son, what a fool
            Jamie Foxx made of himslef, that Adam had worked w/actors, knew or met lots of stars and that Adam
            had been over to Madonna’s apt. w/one of her band members who Adam had sung with w/his band
            at the time! So, just sayin’,,,,,,,,,Madonna would be perfect in guiding Adam a little w/re to sex!!!
            Don’t everyone get crazy on me for saying that, b/c I, personally, have never cared for Madonna!!

            • Love to hear your thoughts on this. I feel, someday he will bring on a big surprise.
              You know how we have all heard him say, he loves to keep people guessing. So mysterious
              Which is sexy. I’m glad he is single going thru this early journey of his life. So young and
              having the time of his life! Rock on Adam, plenty of time to worry about other things.

                definately remember him saying that!! And at that time I remember thinkilng, even then,
                hmmmm…., maybe a girlfriend?!!!! MY THOUGHTS EXACTLY!!! We are on ‘the same
                page’ here w/our thoughts!!! So nice to have someone who UNDERSTANDS!!!

  34. i would want to ask him:

    would you every consider doing like a really sexy bad boy song/music video?

    how do you like people to kiss you?

    would you ever consider being with a women?

    thanks,from your biggest fan

  35. renogirl says:

    I would like to know when you are planning your concert to promo your new album.
    Will you come to Reno?
    How do you feel about being a role model for young teens? Can you share something I can post in my class since your are our role model since You sarted your Idol journal aon working hard for what you what. Can I get a quote Us teachers can post?

    Thank you Adam

  36. renogirl says:

    note I teach science not english. oops

    If you were any animal which one would you be that represents you?

  37. Panseyy says:

    Jeez – a lot of really personal questions! I just want to know if Adam will come to sing for us in Chico. Or is this too much all about me?

    • Well, cmhagey said above that we could get REALLY creative, and ask all the questions no one else had thought of, and we certainly did!

      • Panseyy says:

        These are GREAT questions actually. And I love the spiritual discussion in the setting of scientific principles. What an intellectual lot we are! Personally, I have had my most spiritual experiences and insights practicing yoga. I wonder if Adam practices Yoga?

        I am just still grieving the fact that I waited for hours before and after the Sacramento show and Adam did not come to see us. I had wanted to ask if he would ever sing for us in Chico. Someday maybe?

        • Oh Panseyy, I so commiserate with you over not getting to see Adam in Sacramento (I live 35 minutes away from our dear capitol city). It hurts me to think he had to pass you by because of his terrible headache, and especially that you all must have had a bad moment or two wondering why he ignored you Sacramento fans. Yes, we do have some good questions here, and some very intelligent and insightful people on this site. You know, I would think also that Adam would be very interested in yoga and other meditative practices. I think that would suit him very well. Maybe he can make a lovely, serene setting for himself in his new house with dimmers (bless his heart), with flowing water and a pool so he can get away to another place, away from the mounting stress of his new life. Perhaps we can all visualize that for him.

  38. adamtastic1877 says:

    1) what is your middle name? (no has thought of that yet, but im DYING to know!)

    2) what hair dye do you use?

    i come up with when the time comes

    • adamtastic1877 says:

      sorry i meant “no ONE”

    • adamtastic1877 says:

      ooh i got another!

      3) are you right or left hand dominant?

      also….ultimate adam lovers!

      this is the best, ultimate, sexiest, heart-pumping video i could find of adam performing the david bowie medley (life on mars; fame; let’s dance) at the tour concert in tacoma!

      the best parts are a little bit b4 the end of life on mars and ALL of fame!


      also click on the link in the top right box with info about that vid

      read the column talking about the rolling stone cover. it will have you in the hospital for heart attack no lie (well i was exaggerating but its really THAT good)

      if you can’t find it, here is the html for that


    • adamtastic1877 says:

      4) what does your tatoo mean to you, and why did u get it ?

      (i guess i just said the same thing twice :D)

      and why on your right wrist?

      too personal? i just wanna know! was the least painful spot for him for tattoos? idk xD

      • adamtastic1877, Adam’s full name is Adam Mitchel Lambert, and he was born on January 29, 1982, in Indianopolis, Indiana. (Good old Wikipedia)

  39. Since Adam already told us most of his song choices were ones which had ‘meaning’ to him , I believe his jewellery also has meaning to him.

    I’d ask, tell us about your specific jewellery choices and the meanings of them to you.

    For instance, his ankh ring (eternal life), his blue scarab beetle pendant being worn on the tour (also eternal life), his Eye of Horus or Ra tattoo which means ‘protection” etc….

    “Do you feel you need protection, or do you have an opinion or belief in possible eternal life?”

    Tell us about your snake belt buckle worn on the tour.

    You mentioned an interest in astrology, have you had your complete birthchart calculated? What do you think of what you were told?

  40. How would you describe yourself (Adam’s view on who Adam is)?

    Do you intend helping your brother get his career off the ground now that you are enjoying success. He is also very talented.

    What keeps you so grounded?

    What message do you want to send out to the World using your incredible talent? (has been mentioned above). What legacy would you like to leave behind one day?

    If you could meet anyone in the World, who would it be and why?

    • Good questions, Ingrid! I do especially like the second one, about helping his brother, very nice idea.

      • Yo Lorrin, thanks! See the post below … if Adam has a child, we could make history and apply to be the first fifty-something year old au pairs. We could take it in turns – no charge … and gradually we can offer to take care of Adam as well. I wish, I so wish, I dream, I so dream! I would settle for house keeper, but would be unashamedly delighted to be his chamber maid any time. You know… bath him, dress him, … and the dream goes on and on and on! A girl can dream you know!

  41. AdamAddict says:

    MY QUESTIONS WILL BE: “U said it once U’ll love to have a baby 1 day after U see how adorable Baby Peisley is,by saying that U meant,U going to adopt a child or find a right woman to carry your child?Maybe some sort of agreement for that child custody?

    If U going to find a right woman,what type of woman do U prefer?Blonde,Brunette,cheerleader or masters and phD degree? Or U don’t care about all that because U believe how U raise your child that is important,genetic got nothing to do with it?

    That will be my question because I believe if one day he become a dad,he will be great one! 🙂

  42. …but have you tried latin girls??

  43. Kittybaroque says:

    You have a phenomenal spiritual presence & I have the sense U R here as a positive catalyst/Leader 4 the Earth’s shift in consciousness/dimension. Do you have an awareness of being connected to Indigo or Crystal Children and/or an affinity with any particular ancient worlds such as Atlantis? How do you define your life’s purpose either practically or esoterically? You have a passion for Astrology & wear many different crystals, how do U feel this impacts your life energetically? Also, when you visit Melbourne, Australia on your World yor, can I interview U? Blessings 4 HUUUGE successXX KittyB

    • Hi kittybaroque, I don’t know if you saw this a few threads back where a couple of us discussed this, but here is my answer to the same subject you discussed on your comment above:

      “I have often thought that Adam might be one of that generation of Indigo Children coming into the world. He has a most unusual sense of propriety and emotional maturity that does not mesh in any way with his peers and contemporaries. He has a very high sense of responsibility and an awareness of his own place in the universe. He has broken through the boundaries of self-consciousness, and is operating from the realm of self-giving. He is expansive in his sharing of himself with others, and knows the power of his charisma, and uses it for good. He has suffered deeply, and has been transformed by that suffering into an unreservedly empathetic man. He is thankful for all that he has been given and openly voices that thanks. He has pointed the way with exceptional clarity to a better way for all people to get along with each other, despite their differences. In fact, he ignores those differences, as if they were not there, and just loves without reservation. He is uncommonly reflective and sensitive, and has an interior life that he allows us to see, knowing that our seeing him as he is will encourage and inspire others. He allows himself to be used as a comforting presence, a brotherly companion, and a loving friend. He has wisdom that very young people seldom have, and he uses that experience and wisdom to counsel and instruct. He is supremely gifted and beautiful, and has vast resevoirs of physical and emotional strength. He has a charisma that envelops people with warmth, joy, laughter, healing, vitality, and life. He has a cosmic outlook, which acknowledges the presence of another dimension to life, for which he is openly thankful. Yes, perhaps Adam is a Crystal or Indigo Child, but I sense that he might be even more a kind of angelic being, borrowing the bright iridescent wings of other realms for his time on earth. I look to see him fulfill all his great promise in the days to come.”

      I don’t know how connected Adam is with his inner spiritual self, but I think he has already gone quite a distance on that path. He certainly always moves toward, and in the LIght.

  44. If you had to host a show, what kind of show would it be?

    If you were in a movie, what kind of movie? and what kind of character would you like to play?

  45. AdamAddict says:

    Out of topic but have to share this with U guys! There’s a lot of our darling Adam pic. Enjoy!

    • counselor-sky says:

      This is the best compilation of photos about Adam I’ve seen. I wish I could download off of my computer several of them but I’m not that tech savvy. Thanks again for the lead.

  46. How do you feel about your parents divorce, and how did it affect you.
    Did your parents dicipline you and your brother while you were growing up.
    We know how your mother reacted when you told her you were gay, how about your dad and other close family members such as aunts and uncles, what were their reactions..
    We still don’t know the true color of your eyes, sometimes blue, sometimes green, which is it

  47. hwiduri says:

    If I had a change to interview Adam, only one question that I could think of right now. Which country, outside US off course, that he wants desperately to visit first to do the concert, his first ever world concert. And I hope his answer will be Indonesia, haha….

  48. Jane416 says:

    You have mentioned that you like to have a good book with you to relax.
    ** What are your all-time favourite books?
    ** Which books have had the most impact and influence on you?
    ** Is there an author with whom you would like to meet and spend some time talking?

    • Oh, Jane416, where did you see this? Knowing that he reads is very important to me, it adds so much to the richness of a personality. Many young people are totally immersed in the audio/visual media world, but have no interest at all in reading. This accounts for much of his thoughtful, articulate, well-constructed responses to interviewers.

      • Lorrin, I can’t remember – it was early on I think when they were still doing AI. The interviewer never asked him the obvious follow-up question about what books specifically or even what type. Believe me, our questions here are ALOT more intelligent that the ones he usually gets asked!!! I am not surprised that he likes to read either – yet another example of Adam’s intelligence and spirituality!

  49. so I hear you’re going to be the new Queen frontman…
    Gah I’m so sick of hearing that in interviews! Do the people who do the interviews never watch even one other interview that has happened before?


    I would love to know why Adam said quite emphatically in multiple interviews that he would never describe himself as bisexual, but maybe bicurious. I wonder why he feel so strong that he couldn’t be bisexual. If he was prepared to maybe one day be with a woman and he liked it, would he then maybe see himself as bisexual?

    I would love to hear the story about the first person he fell in love with, but that’s such a personal question I would never actually ask that.

  50. Jane416 says:

    Adam, I loved your comments about wanting a house in the Hollywood Hills with dimmers and a gym.
    ** What else would your dream house have in it?
    ** Describe the type, layout, decor and furniture you would want.
    ** What colours would you use?
    ** What means “home” to you?

    ** Do you like to cook?
    ** If so, what are your favourite meals and dishes to make?

  51. Adam,
    I know you have said you have felt wierd or different and an outsider in school – you were always outside the box. Were you ever bullied and teased and what did you do – this is a big problems with children right now (especially ones that are a little overweight or don’t fit inside the so called “norn”)

    Also, is that you in that You Tube video by Skingraft designer Cassidy Haley – Whiskey in Churches?

  52. Wow, I think some of you might just scare Adam to death (LOL)!!! But I can certainly understand the deep curiosity:)

    OK, I would ask him what the most significant crossroads have been so far in his life, what were they about, what were the choices, which did he choose and why, and how does he think they have impacted him to this day personality wise or within his music (writing and performing)?

    Also, what single incident hurt him the most and has stayed with him ever since, as well as what single incident made him the most happy? What has happened to him, over his lifetime so far, to make it so easy for him to pull the full emotion out of a song and make us feel every bit of it to?

    • Like your first question – great!

      • Very nice, Niecy, especially the very last question, one of the deepest you could ask him.

        • Lorrin I read where you want to publish your Adam postings. I also read you live in California. The President of Joy Publishing lives in Ft. Valley, CA. He publishes in quantities you might be interested in. His name is Woody Young and his phone number is
          714-962-8611. Good Luck. Adam fans would be interested in buying your writings.

          • Good heavens, bless you Counselor-sky! I was just scrolling through all the posts as I do so often, and I tumbled over your post here. Thank you so much for this information, I will definitely use it! You are very kind to follow up on this.

            • Counselor-sky – I think it is terrific that you are passing this info onto Lorrin. Lorrin, please keep us posted re your progress. This is soooo exciting!

              • Will do, I will keep you posted! I am going to have to start printing and collating pretty soon, though, and get on the stick about the technical details. My son in Santa Cruz is pushing me along, too. Let you know what happens!

  53. Musicalgal says:

    Will you be doing all types of music like you did on AI? I loved your Ring of Fire and your Whole Lotta Love. I grew up with this music and you did outstanding performing those and everything you did. You are such a natural takent – like Susan Boyle says “God Smacked”. And yes will you do the Tracks of My Tears as well as Tears for Fears types of music? Will you also watch the people surrounding you? Keep the wolves away from your door? You are so talented – I don’t want to see anything bad happening to you that happened to MJ and Elvis. Keep you parents close and your brother. You love them so much and it is so cool that you treated your Dad to a nice check for father’s day. He said success was good too. He such a nice gentleman. Your grandparents were really cool too. I read all and listen to all your interviews. I have already bought 2 of your CDs. You are so down to earth – please stay that way. You are just like talking to our next door neighbor and we all love that about you. Now let’s get those CDs and Videos a comin’. Please keep us posted as things progress. We all love to here how you are doing on your musical talents for the future. Thanks for sharing you with all of us Glanbert Fans out here. God Bless you Adam.

  54. I saw you in a couple of pictures holding a baby and thought to myself what a fabulous father you would make – are you considering having children in the future and would you consider surrogacy,or would you consider marriage to a woman since you have said that you might not be adverse to having a hetererosexual relationship in the future? (Please consider me – I would love to give birth to your children)!!.

    You have said that you are very close friends with Kris – do you think that the both of you will maintain a lifelong friendship together?

    I truly hope that this is not too personal – I have seen pictures of you and Allison together and from the way you two look at each other, you both look like you have a very special relationship and bond together. Are the two of you just really good friends or is there something more than just friendship between the both of you – if there is – I think that’s fabulous – Allison is pretty, adorable and a great personality – Go for it, Adam!

    Whatever decisions you make in your life, you are the most amazing performer I have ever seen in my life, and I wish you success, love peace and happiness in your lifetime (P.S. – will you marry me?)

  55. I would just want to ask him what he does to loosen up, relax and chill. How does he recharge and could I sit down with him for that meal to get to know the human being that is Adam. We love the fantasies that we get to have but it would be so awesome to spend an hour or two just chatting about life. I would love to say that Adam Lambert is my friend, not just that he is my fantasy.

  56. Nicoe Howland says:

    1. If you could have a fabulous meal with three people, living or dead, who would they be?
    2. Have you had a pet, what kind, and are you an animal lover?
    3. What do you think is the most important historical event?
    4. Red or white wine?
    5. Mountains or Beach?
    6. Favorite season and why?
    7. Best song ever written.
    8. Best movie you don’t want to admit you like
    9. Last book you read
    10.Harry Potter or Twilight
    11.Favorite childhood memory
    12.Have you read Eckert Tolle or Louise Hay?
    13.Would you want to play Dr. Frank N. Furter if there was a Rocky Horror Remake?
    14. Who would you want to co-star in the movie with you?

    • adamtastic1877 says:

      ooh question 13 now has me curious if he like rocky horror! that’d be so cool!

  57. MaryK28 says:

    I love reading all of the comments and questions on this site. I usually don’t post on sites because I tend to talk to much anyway (plus my benign obsession would show 😉 lol!) but I felt that if Adam really did ever read these great questions from all of you, that I would like to be a part of that.

    Adam, after having downloaded both your live AI performances and your studio tracks and having listened to them a gazillion times, my question is this: how hard is it for you to translate the intensity of your live performance of a song to the studio version? Although I love pretty much EVERYTHING you do (and absolutely LOVE all the AI live concert footage I been watching every days since the tour started), I just noticed that the AI studio versions sound a bit more subdued…although still terrific! I do, however, really enjoy the intensity (including the pauses, the phrasing, and without a doubt – the visual performance) of your live versions. Your energy level seems so much higher on those and therefore, imo, makes the song that much better…like you’re giving more of yourself to it. I also remember an interview where you sort of answered part of my question when you said that there was a difference between the live and studio but you also said that the producers get to pick the studio version from several different takes that you might do on a song. (For instance, although it still sounds nice, I was a bit disappointed on the TOMT studio version as I thought it would be the same ‘unplugged’ version that you did live and for which Smokey Robinson (and others) gave you a standing ovation.) Don’t you get any input at all on the studio choices? I would hope that you do because what you did ‘live’ was OUTSTANDING! Therefore, even though the tracks are shorter, my favorite side of the tape I made (with both versions) is the live side. One other question: did you use a studio band or Ricky Minor’s band from the show for the AI recording sessions? I thought Rickey Minor’s band was great on the show but wasn’t sure if it was the same musicians on the studio versions.

    Thank you for all you do because you have brightened my world in ways that even I can’t fully comprehend. Paula was right when she said you are IT! You are crazy talented and amazing beyond what mere words can describe. Your kindness to others, your selflessness, caring and warmth, in the industry you are in, seems to be a rarity and just endears you to all of us even more. As all of your other fans have said many times over, please stay safe and healthy, surround yourself with people who REALLY have YOUR best interest at heart and keep your family and loved ones even closer…one can tell that they have been such awesome influences on you. You are such a beautiful soul. Thank you, so much, for sharing yourself with the rest of us and for allowing us to come along for the ride with you. XO XO XO

    • MaryK28 – what a beautiful, honest post. Welcome! I am glad you decided to post your comment and I certainly look forward to hearing from you in future.

  58. i would love to know when (not if) he will do the starring role in SPIDER MAN THE MUSICAL. . i will buy tickets 4 every single show. i no he’s gonna do it, its just a matter of time..so please, adam, please please please telll me when!!??

  59. The one thing I want to know is when is he going to come to the UK…..

  60. Adam Lambert Fan says:

    You’ve been in musical theater for years. Did you ever take dance lessons and, if so, what type of dance? Are you also an accomplished dancer?

  61. Your talent is so natural. Have you had a voice coach and who is or was it? What do you do to protect your vocal chords?

    • I agree with AdamsGirl on that question and my other questions would be

      1. Are you an animal lover
      2. What is your favorite animal and why?

  62. Rayzonn says:

    I would ask : Given your new fame and all that comes with it. Do you think you have the stamina to stay focused and not get into the drug scene etc??. You mentioned before you have dabbled in some drugs. As we all know many who go to the top unfortunatly have problems. I hope you never do,as it would be such a waste of your talent and you as a person to go down that road. I cant think of enough words to describe what a fantastic young man you are. Your parents must be so proud of you. They did a great job!! I wish you the best and hope you will breeze thru all this fame with no problems..(can you tell i am a mom/grandmother? (always worrying!) LOL!

  63. can you please come over for dinner and inspire me — just listening to you give me an inner peace that no person on TV has even transmitted. Its so hard to explain…..I could listen to you speak about life, the universe and anything else for days on end……….. and some singing to listen to your beautiful voice wouldnt hurt either………………………you are an incredibile human being and we love you as an artist as well!!!!!! Dany from NYC

  64. Galambert says:

    I would ask: “Adam…will you marry me?:D ” lol 🙂

    umm i would like to know more about things he likes and dislikes, and what is his biggest role model\ insperation in music… because he got something special of his own no one has it…

    love u Adam! i hope to meet u someday….

    • Galambert, you don’t muck around and just cut to the chase … will you marry me … love it!

  65. When there’s a knock at your door, what’s your first thought?

  66. I would ask:

    1. What is the tour bus like? What stuff does it have on it?

    2. If another competition was to come to LA, like So You Think You Can Dance, would you try out for it?

    3. If you were to have an acting opportunity, what type of movie would you like to have a role in?

    4. You and your fellow Idol contestants have obviously gotten close over the period of the season, but now that your on tour with them for a couple of months, does it get a little “boring” seeing each other 24/7? Do you have any time to yourself?

  67. Patricia says:

    Adam, when do you think you’ll be able to come to Houston? You have many, many friends here, and Dallas is a long way from Houston.

  68. “It seems like you life is so out of control; do you feel that you have kept control over all aspects of you life including your vision of the final outcome of your music?”

  69. adam, i work for the local newspaper here in town, and would like to ask this personal question, if i may… “after seeing the bucket list with jack nicholson, what would your bucket list consist of?”

  70. adamaddict941 says:


  71. I am a big fan and enjoy your music, the media shots, etc. It upsets me to read anything negative. Wondering how you are reacting to the Enquirer posts about your prima donna attitude. Tell us it’s not true, Adam. Enjoy your God given talents with grace, joy and humility. It will help you in all aspects of your life. Good luck to you.

  72. Glambertcraze says:

    Most questions I would have, have already been covered. But I would like to ask him
    What does it feel like to be on stage and have thousands of fans screeming his name?
    How hard is it to concentrate on the music when there is so much distraction in the audience?
    Now that he has a few concerts under his belt, touring, boring bus rides and working on his album –
    Is being a Rock Star what he thought it would be, or is it more/less???????? and will he be with us for the long run??
    God love you and keep you safe young man – you are a specical talented good person that very rarely happens.

  73. Even with all this attention surrounding you, do you ever feel lonely or bored?

    • If you do, ‘you just call out our names (Glambs) and you know wherever we are (Asia, Australia, South Africa, you names it) we’ll come running ….

  74. man! what an intellectual and intelligent group of folks so attracted to Adam! why is that??!

  75. LORRIN – I usually have more ‘questions’ than ‘answere’! Have you noticed?! Thank goodness there are quite a few of you w/some damn answers! haha! Questions go on and on, usually w/no reply other than more ‘questions’! WAIT a minute, now I’m getting too ‘philosophical’, as usual! That just makes me more crazy!

    • Cheryl, what happened with this post – didn’t recognize it (alas, no paragraphs)! See my post to you below

  76. I don’t really have any questions for Adam, cause i think that he will tell us everything HE wants us to know and maybe just maybe he would like to keep something private. Those who beleive that just because he is in the spotlight means they have the right to know everything about the person’s personal life seriously need to step back.

    If i could have one wish for Adam it would be that he could live and love without consequences in this world. It really brings out the protective mode in me to hear people say things about him. I don’t know what it is cuz i am not a violent person but i would like to smack all these people upside the head a few times. Those protestors should really go back and read their bibles. Being a christian does not entitle you to bash or be hateful. These groups and people seem to think that saying “I am a christian” gives them a liscense to be hateful.

  77. AdamAddict says:

    This vid shows Adam answering his Fan’s question from twitter.Probably answer some of your question.He knows Glamberts,Lamb Skanks and now he knows Globerts!Why he still doesn’t know Glambs?BTW,I think some people confuse with Glamberts with Glambs?They think Glambs short for Glamberts! It ain’t cool! Globerts sounds cool.Sorry but when Glambs has been decided,I’m not so sure about it because it does sound short for Glamberts but it’s too late to change it now,doesn’t it? But here the vid:

    • That was actually a wonderful interview – thank you for posting the link. I couldn’t but help feel more than a little envious of the interviewer, though. She obviously had such a warm relationship with Adam. There were lots of hugs. Lucky girl.

      An astrology buff asked when Adam was born, but he didn’t remember the exact time. He did say that he was an Aquarius (which we knew) but with Libra Rising and Aries moon. I have a moon in Aries and I believe it indicates someone who is very fiery and youthful within.

      • adamtastic1877 says:

        yay! im an aries in general. that was random but w/e.

        i think the best parts (that made me laugh) were:

        leonardo dicaprio

        language of loooove

        and gossip girl

  78. Linda Desplanque says:

    I have 2 questions actually…..Adam, what do you think about when you finally get some time when you’re all ALONE and can put the happenings of the day behind you?? Do you think of what songs you’re going to write, work on lyrics, etc.?? And second, have you ever thought of hooking up with a designer and coming out with your own line of clothing? I ask this because you have outstanding taste in clothes.

  79. Adam–as a Mother, I would relish the opportunity to speak with your mother. I am now freel to travel and work where and when I choose and I would honor the opportunity to interview with your staff. I have been in the music business when I was younger (got to tour with the Beatles when I was eight). Would this be a possibilty? I would be ecstatic if I got a response. I am wild and crazy just like you are—stil. after all these years.. I truly feel I could bring somethings to the table.. Thanking you in advance for your time. D.

  80. Adam–as a Mother, I would relish the opportunity to speak with your mother. have been in the music business when I was younger (got to tour with the Beatles when I was eight). Would this be a possibilty? I would be ecstatic if I got a response. .. Thanking you in advance for your time. D.

  81. Adam-it would be an honor to speak to you via email. Too many questions to ask. I would love to speak to your mother also. It that a possiblity. We have so much in common. You are doing great with your life and your mother deserves some praise too.

  82. fyi….
    a CGS unit of luminance. Luminance is the luminous intensity of a surface, measuring the intensity of the light emitted (or reflected) in all directions per unit of area of the surface. One lambert is the luminance of a surface that emits or reflects one lumen per square centimeter.

  83. buffy522 says:
    • Great interview! I love how at the end he hugs and kisses the interviewer and says “Mmmm you smell good (or, love your perfume?) and she says “I was just going to say the same about you”


  84. I’ve wondered if Adam could speak Spanish…..having grown up in San Diego on the Mexican border, I assumed he would have learned Spanish in school and maybe travelled into Mexico many times. I heard him say in an interview today that he spoke only English……….so I guess my question is “do the students in San Diego not study Spanish?” and….”has he spent time in Mexico?”

  85. I would ask Adam how he manages to keep so grounded and level-headed in such a crazy business. More importantly, how will he continue to stay sane and well-balanced as he continues to rise to super-stardom status, as I believe he will. Adam must have had some really good upbringing, or he is a very wise old soul. Or both!

  86. Connie from Chile says:

    Mmmmm interesting.., i wanna know if you wanna be a dad someday?

  87. magsmagenta says:

    What Band have you seen live that you have been most impressed with, and what band would you like to see that you havent yet seen.

  88. 1.) What is he listening to on his IPOD right now?
    2.) Would he ever date a fellow celebrity?
    3.) What does his routine right as he’s going to bed?
    4.) What 5 things can he NOT leave home without?
    5.) Favorite color?
    6.) Did he see my Mom’s video at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UFVacGm-VOo? Please watch it.
    7.) Boxers, Briefs, dance strap? Watch the video on #6 and you’ll understand…
    8.) Favorite city to tour in so far?
    9.) Craziest thing (besides streaker on homecoming week on American Idol) a fan has done to get to you?
    10.) What are some of the gifts fans have given you?
    11.) Most embarassing moment? Ever or on American Idol.
    12.) Would he be in other films?
    13.) Would he be in WICKED the movie?
    14.) Favorite and least favorite film? Why?
    ~ Hope to see some Glambert friends in Dallas on Wednesday!~

  89. Linda from Indy says:

    Do you have a routine to help you deal with stage jitters? (assuming that you have them at all!)

    Also, where do you get your inspiration for your onstage outfits?

  90. how do you hold long notes and sing loud??? can u teach me???

  91. adamtastic1877 says:

    ok this is a question for my fellow fans…i’ve seen many pictures, interviews, youtube vids, etc. and sometimes i wonder:

    do any of you think that Megan has been in 1 too many pics and vids with adam?
    have you noticed that she gets cozy by standing or sitting real close to him?

    im not a fan of megan- AT ALL. i don’t think she’s a very good singer, and it agitated me when i came up with this theory of meagan and adam.


    scroll down when you’re on this link until you see the group picture of the top 10


    do you notice adam and megan are holding hands? whats going on?

    plz reply if you agree- disagree, etc

    • Possibly it’s true because I just read an interview done with both Megan and Adam and both said they are a lot alike and understand each other, and like each other.

    • adamtastic1877 – I think that Adam and Megan are probably just good friends (from Adam’s point of view). You didn’t mention his hugging his ‘little sister’ (Allison). If you or I were Megan, would we not want to be close to Adam? In fact, who wouldn’t! Your post had me in stitches – loved it!

      • adamtastic1877 says:

        thank you Ingrid! Im glad i make people have to get stitches LOL!

        i guess it just makes me jealous because she has that advantage that we dont have. well actually, all the girls in the top 10 do.

        I just have this strong dislike for megan- before I came up with this- because she acted weird on the show and I felt wasn’t a qualified singer in my mind
        it wouldn’t matter to me if this was allison or lil rounds- i like them. i think they could become great singers someday.

        Idk…i have know idea why i get so worked up about this. i should let it go and just focus on adam, right? yeah…

        WELL, this was great, i don’t even know and yet we had a wonderful heart to heat talk and great closure! xD thanks! oh….gosh im so weird. 😀
        But thank you, you have made me a happy adam addict!

        • adamtastic1877 – not weird, just totally, wickedly, unashamedly … addicted and this is ONE HELLUVA GOOD ADDICTION. Don’t sweat, the concert tour will be over before you know it, which means you won’t have to tolerate the hand-holding, etc. for long.

          Save your energy for when we all converge at some rendezvous (Adam Concert) next year, take up the front row and imagine we have him all to ourselves, albeit for a limited time. We’ll lobby for each other to all have a chance to hold his hand, look into those beautiful eyes, drool and forget about all the Megan’s of this World. Speak to ya soon, off to take a cold shower!

          • adamtastic1877 says:

            yea! i cant wait until he has his own tour or concert! ill save my energy for that, but ill just focus on the fact that i get to be in the same arena w/ him in august!



  93. cles2009 says:

    Are you going to include ballads/beautiful soft music in your upcoming CD? If not, are you going to have a CD that’s all love songs or soft? We also love you in AI, esp. when you turned those fast songs to soft ones.

  94. adam, how old were you wen u discovered u had a beauuuutiful voice, who did u inherit it from, and how old were u wen u started singing? loveusomuch, terri

  95. IDOLize says:


  96. To borrow a phrase from Adam….”is it really that deep”? Some questions are light and funny and playful, others indicate some people have waaaay too much time on their hands. Ladies as much as we desire him, he has made it clear he is a gay man. Yes, he loves and appreciates women and clearly enjoys their company and friendship, but he is a gay man. If he gets drunk and kisses some girls–hooray for them!!! He is still a gay man. That is all he has to share with us about his private life. We should not expect him to keep addressing this topic when he has already been so clear about it. How does anyone know if he has been promiscuous or not? If he has, so what? If he hasn’t, so what? It is none of our business one way or the other. As Adam has said, he is an enternainer. Thats it. Not the second coming. (Well, almost) Won’t save the world. (Well, maybe) We can enjoy his music and videos and, hopefully, movies someday. We can support him by showing up at his concerts and buying his cds and t-shirts. We can call radio stations and request his songs. We can even feel that we “know” him and have some special connection due to our constant use of youtube and fan sites. (Guilty) But do we really have the right to pick his soul clean? Shouldn’t we stay focused on his favorite color and ice cream and the name of his first puppy and just bask in his glow? After all, he has managed to develop into this amazingly talented, beautiful, well-adjusted person without any of us. Let’s not suck him dry. (Hmmm…..)

  97. By the way, what was the name of his first puppy?

  98. I would like to ask Adam if he got any feedback from Robert Plant about his reaction to Adam singing “Whole Lotta Love”??

  99. Mae Krizz says:

    do you plan to get married with a girl someday?do you feel that you are famous now?

  100. which kind of girls u like ?

  101. adamtastic1877 says:

    ok i got a new Q for adam. i was looking at the tags on the right of this page and found a tag cloud and it (not me) immediately clicked on something. there were some pictures of adam so i scrolled down and i saw a weird one where adam is dressed up like a girl in a pink dress. so my question is…”Adam, WHAT THE HECK WERE U DOING??”

  102. Lambertxloverx says:

    I’ve always wondered… What’s Adam’s favorite color?

  103. Dear Adam,

    Peace and love from Indonesia. I don’t know if you have received these questions I’m about to ask since it’s very hard to keep tracks of all the comments posted and all the interviews out there but I’m just gonna ask them anyway 🙂

    1. In your Rolling Stone interview, you said that you began to be interested in astrology because you found that your sun sign which is Aquarius is pretty accurate to your personality. I’m an Aquarian myself and I’m just curious as to which quality of Aquarius do you think you most relate to?

    2. In a recent interview, you were asked if a theme song could come on when you walk into a room what would it be and you answered without any hesitation, Sex on Fire by Kings of Leon. It’s an awesome song and I’m just so surprised that you picked it. I just wanna know why, why that song? (FYI, when you sang the chorus of the song, I died inside – I even tweeted abt this)

    3. What is your proudest moment yet? I read somewhere that you mentioned being in love was your proudest moment but can you please elaborate? or you may even come up with a different answer.

    4. I just wanted you to know (as everybody has been telling you) that you ARE such a phenomenon. Even though you haven’t had any records out yet, you have touched so many people all over the world with your music and talent. I’m for one. I’m so deeply inspired by your passion towards music. and I truly respect you for that. And I just wanna know, with this amount of achievement in a very early stage of your career, what would be your bigger goal in the long run?

    I wish he could really read these questions 🙂 xoxo

  104. If I could ask Adam anything. I would ask Adam, “How are You feeling? Are You content & happy with Life and Your Career, so far?” I Sincerely, hope so.
    And “Is there anything else You would like to accomplish professionally or personally?”

  105. If i could ask Adam a question i would ask “What inspired you to become what you are today?”


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