What do Adam, Linus, Charles Schulz, and Fans Have in Common?

The Regis and Kelly Show interview last week revealed Adam’s first gig as a child performer — Linus in “You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown.”  This took me back, years ago, to my own childhood because Peanuts, by Charles Shulz, was my favorite comic strip.  I can just envision how Adam was transformed into the cutest Linus as a little boy!

Linus was an unusually smart character for his age, and was considered to be a philosopher…always behaving in a rational and calm manner, especially under trying circumstances.  Linus invented the “Great Pumpkin” and was the only character in the comic strip who believed that presents would be delivered on Halloween.  Though he occasionally convinced other characters the “Great Pumpkin” was real, they always lost faith, while Linus kept his.

I can’t help but think how these same characteristics parallel Adam’s qualities.   Unusually smart, rational, calm, able to deal with trying circumstances, never losing faith…

Then, the very same day as Adam’s interview with Regis and Kelly, I ran across this quote from Charles Shulz:

“The people who make a difference in your life are not the ones with the most credentials, the most money, or the most awards.  They are simply the ones who care the most.”

As fans, I think this is who we are for Adam and his new, musical journey.  We aren’t powerful producers or music industry magnates…but we care the most.  And this fansite will make a difference.

Now you know what Adam, Linus, Charles Schulz, and WE have in common!


  1. Nicely said. Gets into the heart of Adam – and us!

    • AfricAdam says:

      Hey Adam! We need you in AFrica! Get him here guys! This boy is like wow! Off the planet. ?Bring him down south to the arse end of Africa: Cape Town will welcome him with open arms (we love gay boys here!)

  2. How in heaven’s name is it possible that I love this person so much and I’ve never even met him? I keep trying to figure this thing out and I can’t.. I love Peanuts and I can totally see Adam as Linus!!

    • Aw that was cute, thanks for sharing! Last Tuesday I was so sad and couldn’t understand why….then I realized-no more Adam! It was something I looked forward to every week. (what song was he going to do, clothes, hair style, that smile!) So, I suppose he did make a small (maybe big haha) difference in my weekly happiness. So stoked for american idol tour and his future musical greatness! I’m glad that there exists others who feel the same way that I do about a seemingly rad guy named Adam! I heart you guys =)

    • Stephie says:

      hahaha.. totally agree with you.

  3. Faith Krauss says:

    Yes it was exactly the truth . we may not be producers or big people in the eyes of the media but we care and respect adam .

  4. Star Catcher says:

    If those pictures are of Adam I’m going to scream in delight!

    Eeeee those freckles are so awesome!

    I am so getting Adam a Ginger Kid Shirt now…XD

    • yeah it’s his pic isn’t he cute dear god i feel like eating him right now :p super cute and now super hoooooooooooooot he also be cute .. this person i will never understand how he do it ..!! once he be cute and then hot and sexy then adorable and handsome how anyone can have it all like him this is something new god i love him with every vein n my body 🙂

  5. well said we will never say it better than this .. absolutely we care 4 adam the most god he is amazing and he touched many ppls hearts including me and changed my life it more colorful and full of joy my day will never ever be complete if i didn’t see adam or hear him ,,, i hope he become very successful and full of happiness cuz he deserve it the most 🙂


    RyanSeacrest Adam and kris going to host at40 chart show soon for me. Anything u want them to answer? Tweet and I will show them

    • AdamAddict says:

      I wish Adam can answer this question “WILL YOU CONSIDER TO BECOME A MOVIE STAR AS WELL?”

    • Is he getting tired of the paparazzi yet?

      And since he has made it a point to reach out to the kids that don’t always fit in, Is his new album going to be ok for my 8 year old to listen to?

  7. AllStarMe says:

    Aw, that was cute, thanks for sharing! Last Tuesday I was sad and couldn’t understand why….then I realized-no more Adam! It was something I looked forward to every week. So I suppose he did make a small (maybe big haha) difference in my weekly happiness. So stoked for american idol tour and his future musical greatness! I’m glad that out there exists others who feel the same way that I do about a seemingly rad guy named Adam! I heart you guys =)

  8. ejw89109 says:


  9. Adam is so adorable, I just love looking at new pictures of him because, I know all of the others by heart, this just gives me more to look at and I love it! Cute freckles, I love that he has them. Is he the cutest/hottest thing ever!!

  10. Suse1701 says:

    I never really saw the resemblance in his childhood pictures before, but these are great, especially the one on the left. You can totally see his eyes and his smile and the energy he radiates. Even though he looks so different, he still seems so comfortable in his own skin. Most photos of kids that age are self-conscious, awkward. He is exuding joy and a light that comes from within.

    The theater shot does hint at how handsome he will eventually become. And from his posture and body language, his stage presence is already evident.

    And Linus? He is the sage with absolute faith. He is loyal and protective of his friends (especially Charlie Brown), has empathy, vulnerability and above all, sincerity. Remember, the Great Pumpkin only visits the most sincere pumpkin patch.

    • Thenks agan for thes lovli article!
      Lisette here an agree Jory thet Adam even as a petit childe displaye confidence,an a rai of lit in his face an imagaine even then woulde be an estraordinaire handsome man.An it thet face one can see charme,sweetness,adorable smile an grande eyes,an Linus so befites his personalitie.As his character so paralels Adam’s today.An so it’s wondreful to reade articles an still be touche by Adam’s multitalentes as a vocaliste/danceur/artiste an actor from such a yonge age..truly a gifte from above.An I also felte bleu aftre American Idol finale,an no longre see Adam onstage an all heartfelte songes,see his beauface or here his angelique,velvet an distinctive voix.Only wished he can av had a weekly variety show as recall yers ago Cher
      had..But thet would non permitte him to tour,au make albums. Whetever Adam has in store know it will be as artistique an magnificente as only he can do! So happy for thes tributepage
      an thenks agan for sharing with us..Adam will be here for many yers to come an like Linus
      always have same vulnerable,charme an appeal to all ages.He’s always kinde,sweet,an yet
      sensual an keeps evrione wishinge for more belchansons(songes),performances,interviews,
      concertes,etc,etc,etc..an oui even more theatre ..one can see Adam is superbe in any musical
      genre! Bravo an many blessings for him always..Thinq he’ll be l’artiste of millenium aronde
      l’worlde! Hugs bisous Luv,Lisette!!

  11. marlis hanson says:

    WOW dreamsound!! And YOU are one of those people–people who care! Did anyone tell you today how awesome you are?? To care about Adam and see his talent early on, as you did, and create this site to give us all a forum. Isn’t it cool how you ran into that quote the same day–I love it when that happens!
    thanks so much.

    • Evelize says:

      I agree and have to thank you so much that you care about us and knowing how much we miss ADAM you bring us news from him every time you can. Thank you, thank you, thank you !

  12. AdamRocks! says:

    THANK YOU a million times over to Dreamsound for this incredible site. . . it’s become my very favorite place on the internet!

  13. Redsetter says:

    i wish we could hear his voice as a child performer. His mom talks about him hitting a great note in one of his first performances and remarking “Where did THAT come from!?” It’s a pleasure hearing a seasoned performer who has honed his skills and who wants to entertain us. I can’t wait to see what the future brings.

  14. I’m middle aged mother from New Zealand and AI has been my “guilty pleasure” for the last couple of seasons. It featured mostly people than can sing and along the way develop a bit of personality; but mostly it was (seen by many it seems) a way of becoming famous at any cost. (bikini girl! Hello!! I hope Kara shut op those “hopefuls” for good ). David Cook’s “Billie Jean” last year was the highlight of all AI at that point; and than comes Adam and does it with every song, every time. Awesome!!!
    I read a lot about people saying that AI is dead and buried after Adam; I think opposite is going to happen – talented people will see AI as platform (as Adam nicely put it) to get exposure and a chance in music industry. I think that talented people looked at AI as something “below” them to even try. Adam has changed all of that; he opened the door for people that deserve a chance and closed the door to those ones that can not sing and do not have anything to offer. AI is not big in NZ and I’m getting my daily fixes from this site (great job, well done!!) and according to “you know that you are addicted to Adam if you….” I am addicted 100%. Best thing that has happened in entertainment for a long long time – the whole package in one person. I hope he lives up to expectation and delivers to millions of adoring fans. I’m in love with him and I’m not ashamed to admit it!!! On a lighter note – imagine this headline “Kris turns gay for Adam!”, (I’m not saying that Adam is gay (nor I care either way), I’m saying that I’m amazed that someone in his vicinity would stay indifferent to his magnetism and (oh yes) sexiness.

  15. “And this fansite will make a difference”… One more beautiful articule!

  16. What are we going to do without our weekly ADAM FIX????? Yes, I will buy his records, but would rather buy his videos..I need to see him perform in his many different looks. Couldn’t wait to see what his was going to do next. He can do anything!!!!!!! I am not a young little thing. I remember feeling this way about Frank Sinatra when he was first starting out. Just couldn’t get enough. Never thought I would feel this giddy some 60 years+ later. But, talent will do that to you. And Talent he has. He has great acting ability. That is why his songs are so compelling…combined with those beautiful, pure tones abd his tremendous range…I could go on and on (and so I have been). Will never know why he did not win the title (maybe Arkansas was rigged)…we will never know for sure.But onw thing is sure. He is a WINNER to Simon and to me.

  17. CatEyes says:

    Thanks for reading, everyone!