What Did You Learn About Adam from FUSE TV?

I waited with great anticipation for last night’s On the Record with Fuse interview with Adam Lambert last night. I was looking forward to learning new glamorous details about him. My heart was starting to pound as the minutes were counting down closer to broadcast. Then, they played the For Your Entertainment video and I felt a sense of “rightness with the world.”

The video immediately led into the beginning of the interview. Ahh, he looked great, didn’t he? And he sounded very willing to reveal more about his sparkly self. But as the questions kept coming, I sadly realized nothing new was coming. But then, what was I expecting? After all, how much more about Adam can we hard core fans learn? I must admit, the piece about Adam being interested in looking at the boys in the 6th grade locker room caught me off guard. This was another example of Adam’s “open door” policy about himself. And also the fact that his mother had given him his own cardboard box of theatre makeup.

I was a bit surprised when they were talking about the pictures that came out during Top 13 and how Adam had been afraid they might put an end to his Idol bid. I wasn’t surprised by that news, but by the picture they used. Instead of the pictures we all saw of Adam kissing former boyfriend Brad Bell, they showed a picture of Adam and Drake kissing shortly before their relationship ended. I could hear you all screaming too!

I truly appreciate any opportunity to see Adam, whether he’s talking or singing. And On the Record with Fuse gave me just that! As I write this, it is 2 minutes away from the debut of the new season of American Idol. I don’t know if I can watch. I don’t want to spend an evening full of smarkiness, commenting on how the new contestants can’t hold a candle to Adam. But we knew that about 2 episodes into last season!

If you missed the Fuse interview, check here for more replays.

Readers, what did you think about the Fuse interview?


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I started writing on this site back in May 2009, not knowing what I was in for or where it would take me. I had no idea of the joy and personal satisfaction I'd find here. I never dreamed that I'd get to meet Adam, but that dream came true! The bonus of becoming such great friends with Lila and the other fans is what keeps me going. Music gets me though every day. In addition to Adam, I love Muse, Linkin Park, 80s and finding newer bands and supporting them by attending everything that's within 350 miles. With Adam, the boundaries are farther! Thanks for joining us on this ride! :)


  1. it’s old news but like to see and hear anything from Adam..

    can’t get enough of him..

    • You’ve got to go to the Fuse website and look at the out takes! I think they are BETTER than the interview. Really, You Gotta Go Watch Them!!

      • Leslie, I can’t find it on their site. Can you send a link?

        • glamb# 442 Paula says:

          great info i can’t wait to find the out takes.some how i found the comment of liking the boys in the 6th gr. locker room kinda hot! i would listen to him forever.i’m having a hard time watching idol no one could ever compare to adam.

        • Micki (Glamb 535) says:

          I couldn’t find it on the fuse site either, but I found several (finally!) on mj’s blog.

          DEF worth checking out!!!!! I loved them!!!

          • Thank you Micki!!

            I’m so happy and satisfied now, having just finished watching them. They really are better than the televised/official parts!


  2. Thanks Carol. I did see the interview on YouTube. I agree, nothing more than we already know, but it’s always nice to see and hear Adam talking about himself. I feel as though he had many sad and lonely times as a young teen. It’s not easy to be different; kids (and adults) can be so cruel. I just wish him so much love, happiness and success!
    On another note, I’ve been thinking about and praying for those people who have been affected by the terrible earthquake in Haiti. I wonder if any of our friends here have been affected. Please let’s pray for the people there. Love to you all!

    • Princessshakeitup says:

      Susan, thank you for your concerns and prayers for the people of Haiti. Living on this small island makes me have greater appreciation for life on a smaller scale in a less wealthy country. Now when we visit the States it is almost hard to take. Haiti continues to have more than it’s share of struggles and I know that when I see something like this it makes me want to slap myself for all the things I whine about in my own life. I think Adam would be proud to know he has caring fans.
      MORE FUN STUFF about Adam later but peace and grace to our family in Haiti now.

  3. I thought it was a great interview. I especially liked Toure…I thought they both felt comfortable with each other and there was a lot of laughter between them. I got a kick out of ADAM’s comment about “noticing” the guys in the locker room and his Mom buying him his own make-up kit. I did feel a little sorry for him when he mentioned he didn’t have many friends in middle school…he just kept to himself and dressed up and put on make-up and then he went on Saturdays to perform with the other kids. Must have been very lonely for him! He’s just so sweet, cute and HONEST! How refreshing!

  4. i did not really ‘learn’ anything new about adam but it was reaffirmed to me what an intelligent and soulful human being he is…his sense of calm and awareness about himself is truly refreshing each time and a constant source of amazement and admiration….he is truly a breath of fresh air in every way..

  5. It is all old news, but it is good to hear it again. I find Adam more sarcastic and as some say, full of himself!! The humble, thankful, sincere, honest Adam that was on IDOL seems to be gone. Maybe that’s how it should be

    • sherry s. says:

      Sincere, honest Adam gone?

      Bruce, are you living in an alternate universe?

    • Bruce, come on now, did we watch the same interview?

      • Dianne Hill says:

        No Mary, I definitely think Bruce watched a different interview, I never saw Adam being sarcastic at all, he has always been humble, thankful and sincere and totally honest in all his interviews. Honestly Bruce you are always blowing hot and cold where Adam is concerned. Are you a fan – or not?

        • Bruce,
          Are you serious? I don’t know anything about Adam being gone but I can definitely say that grumpy, negative, shrewish Bruce is back! Who are you? Hater?

    • I was watching some old idol episodes (yes, still) and Adam was showing a very humble side. He admitted to watching David Cook (the aw shucks hand to the face when complimented). I think some was staged, but so what. At this point, how he does not pull his hair out screaming when asked over and over about the same stuff, I just don’t know. It speaks to resolve and character. I like a little sarcasm. He’s smart. Full of himself? As he should be. Own your stardom!!

      • Princessshakeitup says:

        I am known for my sarcasm and I am a RIOT [if I do say so myself] I am also very humble. Buffy [really?] is right. Adam is very smart and confident…two more reasons he is so sexy! As for his struggles in Junior High…who WAS comfortable in Junior High besides the bullies!? I am hopeful that Adam will be one of the rare people who can remain confident without becoming arrogant. He really is one in a million.

      • I don’t see the “full of himself” part at all!! That’s because it isn’t there!!! Curious as to the specifics! Bruce? Specifics please!


    • Helen/Canada says:

      Bruce, sometimes I think you comment just to say something negative about Adam. Again, are you a fan or not. He was definitely not sarcastic and is always intelligent, articulate, humble and gracious. Did you really watch this interview? seems not.

      • Helen/Canada , ADAM IS never rude. I mean they have asked him just the same old questions over and over. A normal person would puke. ADAM is just his same calm self. I don’t even know what Bruce is talking about? I have not watched the interview. But I know ADAM IS never RUDE!!!


    • Bruce wait till you read the first hand accounts of the people who went to the taping of Oprah. You will eat your words then!

    • Bruce, watch the out takes…..we see more of the Adam we love so much on them. I think you’ll like them better. I did.

    • Come on Bruce! Either you are deliberately making these remarks to draw attention to yourself or we are on different planets. We are talking about Adam … you know Adam Lambert … huh … the most beautiful guy with the most beautiful voice and personality.

      Where I come from ‘honest’ is what we would call Adam. Sarcasm means the complete opposite – so once again, our planets have different languages! I’ll stick to MY PLANET!

    • Hi Bruce, maybe we have been watching a different Fuse interview but the one I watched in no way was Adam sarcastic. In all the interviews I watched and listened to very carefully he is still his humber and very sweet self.

    • Bruce,
      I think your a poser…. You need to keep your NEGATIVE comments to yourself. You know it just irritates everyone. Why do you want to cause trouble?? We want to exude Peace, Harmony, LOVE, NO JUDGEMENT, Positive energy out!! You always bring Negative energy… WHY??
      STOP or LEAVE OK…. NO More RUDE! Plus your comment is of base and ridiculous.

      I think Adam was captivating, open, honest and sweet and sometime shy! He broke open whan talking about relationships. He’s still trying to figure it out!! WOW … honest! He is a romantic!! AAAHHH!

      He was the cutest when asked about kissing girls.. He turned into a teenage school boy, blushing when he said after a drink , a pretty girl with a good set of LIPS,. He gushed and put his hand to his mouth so SHY LIKE! Adorable Adam!!! AAAHHHH! How vaulnerable and SWEET can he get!!
      Then when asked about it going further with a girl ,Adam came right out and said ” Well I have new NEEDS now, I don’t rule anything out, I’m very open mined!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEA!!!!!!! YEA!!!!!! YEA!!!

      Can you guys believe he made the statement that girls who KISS him feel a safety or not threatened because he is BI.

      Sorry Adam– You would NOT be safe Kissing ME!! It will get rough for YOU Bay Bay!!

      Don’t start something you won’t finish with a girl— PLEASE… that would be sooo UNKIND of you ADAM.

      These were some of the best talks with Adam yet to date. I love how he just puts his beautiful heart on a platter for all to examine…. no filters. just himself. I love him!!

  6. Hey Carol, thanks for a new thread 🙂 Watching Adam on Fuse was again enlightening for me.
    Again, he is so open and honest about his life. I know for some, the locker room info. was TMI.
    Damm, he is as straight forward as a person can get. I love him even more than I thought I ever could. I AM JUST SO GLAD HE HAD HIS EPIPHANY AND WE HAVE HIM TO ENTERTAIN US!

    Kudos to his awesome parents for loving him and supporting him unconditionally!

    love and peace

    • I so agree Mary, every time I think I have reached some kind of plateau on how much he fascinates me there is always more that moves me and makes me push myself a little further, straight through my boundaries into the next zone.
      Yesterday again I was struck again by his down to earth attitude and looks in the Fuse interview ( Not Humble? I am sorry Bruce but maybe you are the one who should be eating some Humblepie) and then that intense brooding sexy darkness in the 20 second video clip.

      Glad to see you back on the site Diane!

      • Dianne Hill says:

        Thanks Irena, it is good to be back and have a new thread, I got so bored going to the same old ones all the time. We need new, there is always something going on with Adam that there should be new threads nearly every day.

        I too loved Adam’s brooding sexy darkness in that 20 second clip Irena, can’t wait to see the whole thing.

  7. OMG!! I’m dying waiting for WWFM video. The clips are soooooo good!

  8. Dianne Hill says:

    I loved this interview. We may not have learned anything new but then Adam is always telling us that we know everything and considering we read every snippet of informaiton we can get on the guy I am not surprised.

    I love how open he is and funny, I could listen to him, well forever really.

    And I cannot wait for the full video of WWFM to come out.

    • Hi Di, great to see you here again. I still visit this site everyday but dont post that often, things have slowed down a lot since those early exciting days, and are settling in to a nice steady climb to sucess for Adam. I also cannot wait to see the WWFM video. If you see it on any of our NZ channels can you post on here so I can watch out for it. Thanks mate. I agree with everyones comments the fuse interview was great with a couple of snippets I didnt know before, as everyone said he was graceful,comfortable and open as usual. I think Bruce wants something more or different from Adam than he is getting, either accept him as he is Bruce or keep being disappointed, I know you like him, so go with it dude.

      • Dianne Hill says:

        Hi Jan, good to hear from you, I have been meaning to send you an email to see how you are going, but wasn’t sure how everything was with you. I can post on here if I see anything of WWFM on our TV, you can do the same for me. Oh and while I have “got you here Jan”, do you know what series we have of Oprah, is it the latest series, I really want to see Adam on it, but I am not sure how old the series is that they are showing. Do you have any idea?

        I still visit this site on a regular basis but don’t always post, depends on whether it is new or not or whether there is anything interesting to reply to or add to.

        Send me an email Jan and let me know how you have been getting on.

        • Di. dont want to upset the smooth waters here at the moment so will contact you thru this site. Will try and find out or work out where we are with Oprah, this weeks tv guide actually gave the content of each show each day. Idont know if this is always the case, but am working on finding out, let me know here if you find out. Otherwise I will record it and check it each day.

          luv Jan

          • Dianne Hill says:

            Jan, I have had a look at the latest TV Guide and the Oprah series that is on at the moment is all repeats. I might contact TV3 to see if they can tell me when the new series is going to be shown here. I can’t understand it Oprah is bigger than David Letterman, right? We have his latest series and Ellen too, so why is Oprah an old series. I will check back tomorrow Jan to see if you have discovered anything.

  9. Bruce you have to make up your mind!!!! Are you a true fan or not??????????

  10. Adam as always is humble, entertaining and has a great sense of humor. I’m sure he was lonely in middle school. That’s why he supports the arts of all kinds for kids in school. I’m so happy that he is now loved by soooooo many. He’s the greatest, honest as anyone I’ve ever known. LOVE HIM SO MUCH!!!!!!

  11. Canadian Fan says:

    When I click on the link above, it takes me to the conversation about Burning Man, and ONLY burning man. It doesn’t talk at all about a locker room. Am I missing something?

  12. love everything about adam lambert- hes the best. mr. perfectionist.

  13. I thought Adam was beautiful on Fuse as usual and I was glued! Whenever he talks, I always catch myself smiling!! Funny!!! I too noticed the picture of him and Drake and immediately cracked up at their mistake. I guess not everyone is an Adam maniac like we are! I know there were not alot of new questions thrown at him, but I am curious! Exactly, what questions are you all dying to know that haven’t been answered? I can’t really think of any but I think this would be a great new topic!!!! How about it? Things YOU would ask Adam if you could!! Let’s hear it guys!!!! I will be thinking!

    • Yes I still have questions for Adam…….but they are actually none of my business as I am not a friend.

    • sherry s. says:

      Yeah, that WOULD be a fun topic!

      Okay, I’ve got a question—I want to know how Adam feels about snakes!!! LOL
      Is he afraid of them? Does he push himself to handle them or does he actually like it? When was the first time he handled one? For the magazine/video, or before?
      Why has no one ever asked him about this???!!!

      • I like that Sherry…. the snake question. I would like to hear more about that. I remember seeing a little snippet of an interview about this subject right after RS was released but then I could never find it again.
        The snake is sooo loaded with meanings and symbolism.

        I also hope Oprah did not disappoint him today. He was wondering how deep she would go and if she would make him cry. That almost sounds like an invitation to me. This man wants to speak his truth it is almost like a purging.

        • Maybe if I didn’t feel like such a dork asking, I would like to know what he sleeps in! Adam jammies? In the buff? Hmmmm … interesting!

          • Helen/Canada says:

            Yes, interesting question, I’d like to know too! LOL ….now I’m visualizing Adam in bed….yummy!

          • glamitup, I dare you to tweet him that question. “Inquiring minds want to know what @adamlambert sleeps in,,,glammie jammies?”

            • sorry, couldn’t wait to find out so I just tweeted him the question. Tune in to see if he responds. lol

              • I do recall him being asked if he wore boxers or briefs once. He said sometimes he wears briefs and sometimes he doesn’t wear anything.It depended on the pants he was wearing. This in mind, I would assume that he would be quite comfortable sleeping without undies and probably does so frequently. I’m just guessing though.

                • Leslie, OMG, you have set me up with a very nice picture in my mind….

                  • Mary That ADAMBULGE is packed into his tight pants. I did wonder what he wore too. How does it all stay in place so well? Well until he gets EXCITED, then it gets VOLUMOUS and free as a bird!

              • jnellie, CRACK ME UP!!! I have heard it all now! GLAMMIE JAMMIES!! Good one!!!

              • I would die if he responded! Prob. thinks we are NUTS!

                • jnellie & glamitup, did you see the tweet he tweeted to Carmen Ling, about Whoa “Cold Shower” thanks for the offer…

                  She tweeted to him ” if he ever wanted a woman, to give her a call, she would have his seed, *licks face* whew!!!

                  • Ok so that is too over the top for me! I am just interested in his bedroom attire! I would only take it further if he wanted to!!! lol

        • I was lucky enough to be at Oprah taping yesterday and OMG – how amazing to see him again LIVE since I hadn’t seen him since the AI tour in Sept…I’d love to do a write-up for the site and it is my goal to do it yet today – SOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH TO TELL, but suffice it to say that Oprah did not disappoint, & ADAM – well OMG…we got to hear him sing not only WWFM, but also “If I Had You”! not once but twice on both songs – he did sound checks, then sang, & on one he wasn’t happy with the ending so wanted to do it again (perfectionist side of him came out 🙂 – Oprah just let him “entertain us”! it wasn’t live, so we got extra time to just hang out & enjoy the music – I’ve got to say that Oprah didn’t dig deep enough & no our Adam didn’t cry – she asked him alot of the same questions that he had answered a gazillion times, but as always with grace & character, but there are a few new things unsurfaced…like how lonely it gets sometimes – true vulnerability!! but it was utterly amazing to experience – and oh so grateful to have had the opp!! it was all very last minute to go, & the stars just aligned for me & my friend Olga & truly God’s divine intervention came in to play! more later…i promise – not to be a tease on this. for all you glambs out there – set your DVR’s for 1/19 Tues as that is when the Adam episode will air – and to boot, Susan Boyle was there too…but she sang one song & was off after brief interview – Oprah’s focus was on Adam! ah yes – one more thing…Olga & I got to talk to the band members & get autographs & shots with them, & we even spoke to Mrs Lambert – details to follow!! ENJOY the update 🙂

          • KO's smiling says:

            OMG. details better follow, Jill! 🙂

          • Jill, cant wait for your write up about your awesome day…………I know it had to be so special.
            Let us know how you were able to get last min. tickets too. Soo exciting!!
            Adam is the best 🙂

          • Libraglam says:

            Oh no….i cant’ sleep for another 2 nights…can’t wait til 1/19 ! Thank you Jill for briefing it.

      • Helen/Canada says:

        Sherry, I think I recall seeing an interview (or reading) that he likes/doesn’t mind snakes? He said the snake on RS cover was his idea.

  14. Elizabeth Richter, Glamb#545 says:

    I do think at this point it would be silly if Adam were still Ah Shucks on us. I do believe it is a real talent Adam has for responding to questions he has been asked multiple times before as if it were the first time and he is delighted to answer again and again and again as if it were new. What I thought was interesting was his remark about how he felt his personal sense of power resonate within him at The Burning Man Conference. That moment must have been particularly powerful. This is a person who is crafting his own life just as if it were a piece of art, taking initiative, making decisions, being true to his own vision. I’d say, re Bruce, what is your true vision? If you did as Adam does, how would you craft your life? Do you have that same sense of focus that Adam does? If you are hot and cold. Why? Shouldn’t you have that same strong sense of identity that Adam has so that you know what you think and believe and you don’t shift back and forth? What’s wrong here? Those are the questions that I’d ask myself, and I do ask myself as I continue on with my own life choices and face the challenges I have in front of me.

  15. KO's smiling says:

    I’ve watched the interview 3 times already. I think the interviewer Toure came off pretty full of himself, but I was glad he led a comfortable interview. He didn’t try to get all “provocative! exclusive! shocking!” and fake confrontational to make it sound like Adam did something ridiculous like the networks always do.

    I kinda feel bad for Adam for constantly having to explain to the public, not only his artistic style, but his lifestyle. I admit, I find it curious and fascinating how these urban artist-types live (performances, clubs, dingy bars but fantastic clothing), but then I see a video of Alisan, Ely, and Ferras singing to Adam and I just feel like, what’s so different about this? They’re creative and they express themselves through performances, but they love each other the same as my friends and I love each other. I’m not sure what my point is. I just want to hear Adam sing more of his own songs in the way that he’s comfortable doing it! His fans who understand what I’m trying to say will follow him even if he falls out of the mainstream awareness. I hope he just has fun, and does his thing and doesn’t worry so much about the outside world.

    • KO's smiling says:


      WWFM video preview…. looks pretty much how I expected it would. Excited to see the whole thing!

      • Elizabeth Richter, Glamb#545 says:

        That was a great clip of the WWFM preview. Do you think that it was filmed in his new home? He mentioned he was looking for a new place and got one. If it is, it seems nice, though it could perhaps do with more furniture. Love the bookshelves. Adam is a smart man who reads! The whole urban lifestyle thing I lived in Boston for 12 years; it was great going to The Nameless Coffeehouse where up and coming, or beaten up and old, totally untalented, whomever would perform, and I recall going to The Idler and running into Livingston Taylor who was there to support friends of his who were performing. It is a great lifestyle, artists performing on the streets or in the subways for a bit of change, and yes, going to clubs and dingy bars. This kind of life style is the norm in Europe as far as I know. When I was in Germany friends would take me to taverns where everyone hung out and each town had its own musical groups. Only blurban America and the great midwastelands apparently lack this element. Each one of us should change that for the better, bring art into our own lives, promote it in our communities and in our schools, not only in terms of music and drama, but also with the visual arts.

        • KO's smiling says:

          Thanks for responding… I guess I’m pretty naiive in a lot of ways, but this “only comes out at night” lifestyle is something I’ve never really payed attention to before.

          As for this new video, I don’t think it’s really his apartment. It’s gotta be a set. I know he’s open about his life, but would he want people scrutinizing his stuff, too? Plus, you know someone will use that clip to figure out where he lives and stalk him. I’m sure it’s supposed to be him reacting to life from home, though, and the vulnerability comes across. It’s so strange to see him annoyed (when he’s in the car and the paparazzi are outside) because no matter how awfully people treat him he never shows that part of him. I enjoyed seeing his face in a new expression a little too much.

  16. D iane, Mary and Sherry, I think I have watched every interview that Adam has done!! I am old enough to be his grandfather!! I just found this one different, my opionion, but think the world of him. In all my years, I have never heard a singer with the voice and range that Adam has. I also followed others for awhile and really the only one that has stayed true to herself has been Carrie. But, glad to hear that you do think different and are so supportive of Adam. I was so impressed with his mother’s (Leila) wish for Adam and that he be surrounded by people who love him. I think he could start with the 3 of you.

    • sherry s. says:

      I don’t quite get you, Bruce, but after your personal compliment, I have to say I like you. Thanks.

      • Bruce,
        I don’t think it is fair to protect yourself mentioning your age. I could be his mother, some of the people here could be his grandmothers… so what?
        I don’t understand you… Why do you throw this negativity bone from time to time? Does it make you feel better when everybody is upset with that?

        • Yes Gala– Bruce is a negative person who loves to irritate others for a reaction. Better he gets no response to feed his fire!!

    • Dianne Hill says:

      Me too, what Sherry s said, LOL. Adam can start with me any time he likes, I am ready and waiting and willing. LOL.

      I know it was your opinion up near the top of this thread Bruce but I could honestly not see anything that indicated that Adam was being sarcastic, or was not humble and I couldn’t see him being “full of himself” either. I know we all see different things and you are right about one thing and that is that Adam has a voice and range that has not been seen in a very, very long time in the Pop/Rock world, he is amazing and I will love him till the end of my days.

    • Bruce, I am glad you , like us, think the world of Adam. I have to say at times I questioned that.
      Adam wants to be loved and entertain, make people feel good thru his music, like a kind of therapy! I have never heard a singer with a voice as good as his either, one of the producers on his album made the comment , “he can sing every note on a guitar” which is rare. Wow!
      All I have to do his hear him talk, or see a picture of him and especially hear his contagious laugh and I smile so big my heart feels like it can explode at times 🙂
      Anytime Adam wants to start being surrounded by love from his fans, I am here with
      BIG OPEN ARMS…………………………..
      love & peace

    • I think Bruce that the concern that he become over confident or obnoxious like so many other stars is a worry to you.
      It’s hard to not get affected in the entertainment business. And we all as fans wish with all our might that Adam stays true to himself.
      It’s hard answering the same questions day in and day out. Hsving no private life because of being chased by Paparazzi and fans.
      I think we are watching Adam becoming self confident and relaxed. Nice people generally stay nice.
      I know you are on his side Bruce, just pray for him if you pray because he needs people who will stand behind him to watch his back.

  17. I haven’t been on the glambs site for quite awhile. I did watch Adam and still like him. However, I think he needs to focus on his music and quit answering questions regarding his sex life. It’s nobody’s business.
    Adam, get started preparing for a concert tour for your fans!

    • Helen/Canada says:

      It would be nice if people stopped asking him questions about his sex life. Honestly, does a straight person get asked questions about their sex life?

      • Helen,
        You are absolutely right!!!
        It’s so evident!!! Duuuuh…. You stop asking, he stops answering….

      • Yes they do, people speculated a lot about Madonna’s sex life in her really wild and crazy days.
        If you really think about it Adam hardly reveals anything about his actual sex life, talking about being gay is just talking about your gender preference. When he was still with Drake was he discussing their sex life? Com’on he is wild but not crazy.

    • SueAnn, if Adam were to quit answering certain questions during interviews, can you imagine the ramifications. I agree the questions being asked are so repetitive but not answering them would be far more damaging.

  18. I am really disturbed by the fact that Adam is seeming to allow himself to be defined by his gayness. I mean, is he Adam Lambert, Gay Singer or Adam Lambert, Fabulous Singer who happens to be gay. He’s just starting out and I think he shoud put a stop to this nonsense right now. Who gives a flip if he’s gay…except other gays and straights who don’t know any better. You know, you can fly in the face of convention when you’re a David Bowie…but, Adam, sweetie, you’re just not David Bowie…yet. I think his handlers should get him firmly in the mainstream and right away. Forget gayness…concentrate on what a dynamic, dizzingly talented singer and entertainer he is. He should be guest starring on current popular shows, doing late night TV (Letterman, Tonight Show, mainstream) and going on tour. Love the boy to pieces and I want to see him soar like I know he can and should. Just my 2 cents.

    • Sharie,
      While it does indeed seem, at times, that Adam is allowing himself to be defined by his gayness, I don’t think he ever intended that to be the case. I think he alluded to this in the FUSE interview on Monday. To paraphrase, I think he said that prior to Idol, for many years, he didn’t really give his homosexuality a second thought — he was “out” and that was who he was, period. But, during Idol, and especially post-Idol, the media has not let up about this, much to our consternation. They have made such a big deal of his “coming out” in Rolling Stone, as if he wasn’t already out.

      It’s almost as if he’s trying to find the silver lining in all the attention the media is giving his homosexuality, and accepting the fact that maybe he can be an inspiration and role model to young gay people who might not yet have found acceptance and the confidence to be themselves. Kudos to him for this, because Adam does always seem to make the best of a negative situation. I think he would like to take the focus away from his personal life and back to the music, his art. Maybe only all of us — his true fans — can make that happen, and stay on the ball as we always have been, sort of publicly calling out interviewers and writers who focus on the wrong things or who misinterpret Adam.

      By the way, I loved the FUSE interview, just to add to what’s been said above. True, it wasn’t too much new, but at least it was almost 30 minutes (less the commercials) and had a more leisurely pace to it. Toure was at least a more relaxed type of interviewer and seemed to genuinely enjoy Adam and his sense of humor. I LOVE his sense of humor and that crooked smile he makes when he’s said something funny and slightly sarcastic. (Yes Bruce, his humor can lean a bit towards sarcasm, but it’s never harsh, and rarely directed at others and always peppered with that wonderful self-deprecating wit.) Loved him in that interview and even watched it twice. Some of you have said this above, but I love that he answers every question as if it’s the first time he’s doing so…….even though he’s probably screaming with boredom inside.

      P.S. Thanks for so many of you noticing the photo of him kissing Drake from …when was that?…the night they went to the convenience store? I thought I was crazy!

      • Thats why I think a lot of fans really liked Lenos interview. No sexuality involved. Jay kept it light and funny ! Adam is quite a professional talker when being interviewed, dont think he is ever at a loss for words. He will have to be the one to put a stop to the personal questions if he wants to. He is so at peace with himself, its like so relaxing to sit back and listen to him. I really get a kick out of him, you never know what;s coming….

        • Thank you Cris,
          Really enjoyed reading your post and agree with every word you said.
          I have nothing to add.

        • Elizabeth Richter, Glamb#545 says:

          No sexuality involved???? Not even with the plucking???

          • Elizabeth, I didnt say sex, sexuality.

            • There are 4 or 5 more parts to the fuse interview that did not make it onto the tv show. These were even better. I loved the relationship clips. Adam talks about his needs changing now, and how open and ready he is to be with a girl beyound kissing.. He gets so SHY when talking about kissing a “pretty girl with a good set of lips”. I have never seen Adam so Shy before!!

              I believe he is telling us something in his ADAM way here.

              He is NOT dating, He says he is “going through so many changes, rediscovering himself, wants someone to take care of me now, I don’t know about relationships, I’m still a child when it comes to that, when it comes to love I’m still trying to figure it out, I have new NEEDS now , I don’t RULE ANYTHING OUT, I’m VERY open MINDED” when asked if he will be sexual with a female.

              Anytime anywhere Adam will have his PICK and LOVE IT

      • Helen/Canada says:

        Good post Cris. Adam has said that he never intended for his gayness to be the focal point of who he is, he just is. He has said that if those pictures hadn’t surfaced during Idol, he probably never would have addressed the gay issue at all. And he shouldn’t have to. It’s nobody’s business. But now, of course, if he refused to answer questions about it, people and the media would be all over him for it. They’d find something to criticize over that.

      • Sharie, I enjoyed your post but I do not think Adam defines himself by his gayness. On the contrary, some people tend to define him by his gayness and Adam has alluded to this on more than one occasion.

        Adam is refreshingly honest and I have never witnessed him being sarcastic by inferring the opposite to what he actually says. Maybe I missed something????

        We have our different opinions and that cool too!


    • Sharie, first of all Adam has done The Early Show, Regis, Letterman, Tonight Show, Ellen, Conan (?) and he taped Oprah today. Not sure how much more mainstream he can get, and he’s talking about touring as early as this Spring. As for the matter of him ALLOWING himself to be defined by his gayness to me is a naive statement to make. Only a gay person would know how much being gay defines someone, and I would think it’s different for every gay person depending on their circumstances and personality. I agree it no longer needs to be brought up in the form of a question b/c we all know the answer, however, I think he would end up bringing more attention to himself if he started getting pissy about it, and that wouldn’t serve any purpose. Adam IS gay and it’s probably that part of him that fosters his creativity, and glammy style. Being gay isn’t just about partner preferences. Being gay doesn’t define him, but it is a part of who he is and why we love him. If he weren’t gay he wouldn’t be Adam. My son is gay and I love that he is b/c it is a wonderful part of him that makes him the special person that he is.

    • Well he did say on O, he doesnt want to be called the gay singer or gay runner up. He shouldnt be
      labeled Do we hear, Kris A, the straight winner. Hell no. Or any other person labeled straight.
      Adam is Adam!

      • No he shouldn’t be referred to as the gay singer; nor should Obama be referred to as the black President, but we do like to put labels on people and place them in nice, tidy boxes. I would like to think that people’s fascination with Adam’s sexuality comes more from a place of curiosity than one of criticism. Homosexuality has become very visible in the media lately and I think the timing of Adam has, unfortunately for him, propelled him into the gay ‘poster boy’ role of the music industry. Adam is unlike anything that has hit the industry before and people are having a hard time deciding which box to put him in, so they put him in the one that is easiest at hand. Anyway, straight is booooring and mainstream so that’s why Kris isn’t being talked about. He has a gold single, but when do we ever see or hear of him? So, maybe the gay thing isn’t such a bad gig after all.

    • I agree totally. You hit the nail on the head!

  19. cookeejar says:

    I saw the interview and thought Adam was Beautiful as always. I have read just about everything about him but i have never read what size shoe he wears. It has been a question that i have had since AI. Does anyone know the answer to that. He has beautiful feet. I never thought I had a foot fettish before but for some reason the answer to that question is important. Of course Adam is my first fan obsession since Paul Anka in the early sixties.

    • Dianne Hill says:

      Cookeejar you have a fetish about Adam’s feet, see Marisa’s reply to you below, I have a “thing” for Adam’s tongue. I haven’t mentioned his tongue in a very long time, but I have friends on this site that send me pictures on a regular basis to “feed my obsession” with his tongue. I have to go back to work now and think of normal things and not what I would like Adam to be doing with his tongue… oops, sorry, didn’t mean to put that bit in, LOL.

      • Hey Cookie, you know what they say about the size of the feet!!!!! hmmmmm They are BIG

      • Dianne, lets see, what could Adam be doing with his tongue and his lucsious lips?
        Well I have a fetish with his Glambulge, I cant wait to see him sing, shake and thrust on tour.
        I wanna see the Heft , the CB up close and personal again………………Then watch the videos
        OMG look what you’ve done, I love it !!!
        Hell, I have a fetish with his whole body & soul!

      • cookeejar,
        I can answer your question…hahaha .. His shoe size is 10.5 But because he likes pointy shoes his feet look bigger… I cant believe I know that…. LOL …Isn’t it creepy?

    • Helen/Canada says:

      Cookeejar, can’t remember for sure, but I heard Adam say either a size 11 or 12, I think 12. You know what they say about the size of men’s feet………

      • LibraLamb7 says:

        11.5, that’s what I recall….info’s been out there for a long time. Wish I had the source…might have been a magazine…

        Candace in MS

        • I thought he said he was a size 12. It was around the time he was admiring those gold boots. I think he said it on his twitter account but I’m not sure. Anyway, he said it when he was talking about those boots. I think he even had a picture of those boots on his twitter site too.

    • Micki (Glamb 535) says:

      (God, I’m going into geek mode here – ugh…)

      Adam said in one interview 11.5, and in another 11. His dad said in one interview (after a good chuckle) Adam’s feet are size 11.

      Having said that, I used to sell shoes for a while, and I got to know far more about it than I ever wanted to know…(Drove me nuts, glad I’m not in it now!) Consider this — (1) Shoe size is more-or-less standardized, but not completely. Sizes will vary between mfg’s, between styles, and some will fit smaller or larger because the mfg is cutting corners. (2) A person’s feet will vary in size depending on the time of day as well as how much demands they’ve put on their feet throughout the day, plus health problems can affect that too, if relevant. So a person’s foot could easily vary by a 1/2 to full size on it’s own, plus different styles will size different, and that’s for a normal foot. If he has particularly narrow, wide, deep instep, or other factors giving a person a hard-to-fit foot, then it can vary even more. Assuming an average foot width etc, I could easily see his footwear varying between aprox a 10.5 – 12.

      (Leaving geek mode & going back to lurking now…)

  20. I think he looked great and sounded articulate, candid, and way more revealing about his private things than anyone should have to be. He is a gift. But it really is time for the media to move on to more meaningful discussions with this powerful artist. I would love to hear him discuss his plans, how he writes music, more meaningful stuff. Did anyone notice hi Tweeted encouraging us to give to the UNICEF fund to help Haiti? He is a good, kind-hearted spirit. That’s why I love him.

  21. Carol, Thanks for bringing forth this “Fuse” interview with Adam, it is always good to see & hear Adam speak.
    I think that Adam has grown with his comfort of all the Fan attention, feels the love that we have for him.

    I have a question that I would like to ask Adam..”Adam, with the start of the new AI season #9, are you concern that you might lose some of your fan base to a new star on AI?”

    Of course we know that is not going to happen, but I wonder if he does?

  22. Cookeejar, If this is important for you his size is a big 11…directly proportional at his glambul…..ooops!!!!

  23. Thank You for the link. It was an awesome interview. What I learned was his passion. I love listening to Adam, his down to earth, honest, sincere, and passionate. It’s always refreshing to listen to him no matter the subject matter was repeated. Love him, never will I get tired listening to him a million times over.

    His my man. Hope Adam will kiss me someday!!! 😉

  24. loved it

  25. When listening to the Fuse interview, I noticed the admiring glances of the interviewer as Adam was speaking. It’s hard not to notice that someone like Adam is a gift to the artistic world as well as all of us who love him so.
    And yes, Adam, our hearts reach out to the grief stricken people in Haiti. The suffering there is beyond measure and we will do whatever we can to help the people in that port city. Rhank you for having such a loving heart. Lorraine

  26. hello,there.adam lambert win best american idol award.hes no.1.

  27. LibraLamb7 says:

    Not much “news” for us in the Fuse interview, but what a joy & pleasure to just look & listen at this amazing, smart, gorgeous, articulate young man…I could turn off the sound & be mesmerized by Adam’s lips moving….~sigh~…& his long, half-gloved fingers, gesturing…beckoning…drawing us to him….

    Candace In MS

  28. he win at total vote:93533.

  29. I didn’t realize Adam was so lonely in middle school-he came home and played with stage makeup of characters etc. His father discovering him watching gay porn at age 13yr was not condemning, but neither was any help given to deal with the issure as far as I can tell. I wonder if Adam was finding being a ‘character’ in a play or even pretending when at home was a way to escape from his reality. It just makes me love him more and more-he has such grace, inner strength,good-nature, I love, respect, admire Adam and care very much about his finding happiness,peace, success and all the love in the world.

  30. cookeejar says:

    Thanks for the shoe size info.. Now I can stop obsessing and start wondering about the comparison and if what “they say” is reall true

  31. It is upsetting that the press defines Adam by his sexuality,rather than focusing on his music.

    I would like to say how much I admire Adam for being himself ,for visitng clubs that are gay , for making his appearances no big deal,just part of his social scene,when he gets a chance to have a’ life’. He is honest to a fault and he refuses to try to hide who he is.

    The more we see men kissing each other,which men do in Europe, all the time.. a greeting !!
    The more the public gets to see normal activitesi.e. work,love ,marriage of gays,,the more that life style will be accepted. I only wish more famous gay people would come out of the closet ,so that America can see just how many Americans are gay,famous, great ,etc. I feel that it’s a bit much for Adam to be the poster boy. But just maybe that’s what’s in the stars for Adam .. Just as a reluctant,Bob Dylan ,became a voice in the sixties for peace,Adam has been, reluctantly, thrust on the stage for gay rights.

    I think Adam Lambert is the best male singer in the last 20 years and I only hope that he can establish his own artisitc course.I’m sure that more acceptance will be seen for all that he is creatively ,in Europe and abroad. America is still in her infancy when it comes to acceptance of different lifestyles. I just hope Adam has the fortitude and perserverance to keep on with all the ups and downs of being famous.

  32. LuvAdam476 says:

    I loved the interview. Just seeing Adam and listening to him makes my day so much better! His smile and laugh,down to earth personality, well you all know what I mean. He really looked hottt!!
    I will admit I had a problem with the picture they showed of Adam and Drake instead of Adam and Brad (Cheeks). You would think if they interview someone they would at least have the facts correct.

    Yep I was one of the screamers yelling you MORONS, wrong picture. Well, we all know, we all love Adam and that is what counts!

    Adam fan for life! Glambert476

  33. k. morgan says:

    Hey all…There was a note on one of the news articles I read that Adam taped Oprah on the 12th…following day he was going to be in Chicago for Idol…Wondering since next show for Idol is in Chicago does that mean Adam may pop up as a guest judge!!! Would be amazing…

  34. I quite liked the fuse interviews…well, I like anything that gives me another opportunity to see and listen to Adam. Quite frankly, it does depend on what sort of questions the interviewer asks and Adam is always intellegent and eloquent with his answers to those most personal questions that he has to endure.

    As far as asking Adam a question…I would like to ask him how he feels about those repetative questions concerning his sexuality…….. and I would also like to ask him………..When are you coming to OZ….and to NZ for my Kiwi friends ?????

    Love, Yvonne (Australia)

  35. correct spelling: repetitive

  36. AdamAddict says:

    This interview is getting better and better.I love the latest one about relationship.Very interesting!Since he said PROBABLY,now I have at least 1%!LOL!!
    And another one I love about the fake pee.I remembered he twat about that.He was freaked out and splashed that dude with his drink coz he thought that that dude really peed on him.LOL!!He admitted what he did,he splashed his drink to that dude and freaked out and asked his to get away from him.See,he always admitted what he did.Very honest!That’s what I love about him.He no need to lie coz if he said he was cool when someone peed on him….then that will be big lie.If someone peed on me,I would use my Jackie Chan style on him….ok,maybe now,I probably cry and call my daddy 🙁
    Always love Adam’s interview.Why some people asked him to stop talking and just sing?Ridiculous,I love Adam more after listen to him!He so adorable! <3

    • Dianne Hill says:

      I saw these this morning Emili before I had to leave for work, it was all I could do to tear myself away from the computer.
      I loved the one about the fake pee, and the one about relationships and also the star sign, I love it that he loves astrology, when he was talking about his Aries moon I had to laugh because he was exactly describing my daughter, she is an Aries and she has all those characteristics and my son, he is a Libra, and true to that sign as well, going shopping with him has been a nightmare his whole life, trying to get him to decide about anything is a whole lot of hassle, sorry I am going off track.
      Emili I could listen to Adam talk forever, he is the most interesting, fascinating person I have come across in a very long time. You are right, he is adorable and loveable and as sexy as hell, and he still doesn’t get that we see that in him. When he was talking about kissing a girl and the interviewer said that he would probably have trouble getting to kiss a girl but with Adam they would be all over him and Adam says, maybe because they aren’t threatened by me being gay.
      I just love him to bits. He still doesn’t get that we see him as the sexiest man on the planet, and if we all had our way we would each take him to bed, gay or not, poor boy would be worn out after one day of that, LOL.

      • AdamAddict & Dianne, Oh yes those interviews do keep getting better and better. To bad the complete interview wasnt aired on TV. Love the relationship discussion too, Adam so sweet, maybe he wants to be taken care of now, instead of being the protector. FInding a girl with beautiful lips…………….oh yeh baby, so many are waiting……………….He has different needs these days, his life is changing,,,,,,,,,,,,,,I never give up on any thing shocking from Adam. Thats what we all love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        Wouldnt you love to be there chatting away with them????

  37. It has been wonderful to see all the relief from around the world coming to the aid of Haiti.
    Terrible terrible scene over there.
    love & peace

  38. I wish someone would ask Adam what his exact vocal range is. I know they list that type of info on the AI website, but I believe that only pertains to the songs they sang on Idol. Would also like to know if he does any vocal exercises for warm-up, and if so, what are some of his favorites to do?

    I really liked the FUSE interview, but it needs to have been an hour, with all the commercials and extra videos, pictures, etc., in it. (Loved the grad pix of him w/his parents.) Even though some of the info was not new, it’s still a treat to see him interviewed. I’ll take anything to get my crack-Adam fix. There’s always something different and funny, and he’s so articulate. I think Adam brought up a good point regarding the AMA’s that maybe people thought his antics were “too real” since he is actually gay, as opposed to 2 females feigning lesbianism a la Madonna & Brit. People always bring up the guy-in-crotch action, but not the girl-in-crotch action. I didn’t think Toure’ seemed into himself and I thought he asked questions in a very non-robotic style. And he was complimentary re the FYE video.

    That was pretty enticing when Adam went into his low, sexy voice when talking about the lyrics “going to give it to you”. Toure’ certainly enjoyed that, too, if his giggling was any indication (is he gay? I’m not familiar with him). It was funny and unexpected when Adam did that funny little sign-off noise at the end. I had to re-watch it to see if that was actually him making that noise – it sounded like some kind of noise-maker. What CAN’T the man do with his voice?????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Really looking forward to the Oprah interview. Don’t quote me on this, but I think I read somewhere that it might be on next Tuesday. As they say, check your local listings.

    • Sherry K Glamb # 445 says:

      Kumulus; I am not sure, But I think maybe wikpedia may tell ADAM’S vocal range. They tell what Steve Perry from Journeys vocal voice range is. You can google or go to wikpedia and put in ADAM LAMBERT. I am sure they have a bio on ADAM.

      Mayrann what you said about ADAM is GREAT! He is like a child who just’s says the truth. I think he is so polite due to how his parents raised him.

  39. You know why there’s nothing new revealed about himself? Because he has opened up so many personal things about himself to us already. And he has been crucified by some people for a lot of things he has revealed. But that is exactly why I love Adam so much. He is like a child who just says the truth about himself and opens up easily to people, and seeks to be loved. And I feel so much love inside of me for Adam! He is somebody who wants to be loved…..he is such a genuine, down-to-earth person with tremendous talent that I just want to smother him with kisses…Happiness for me is seeing him succeed in anything he sets his mind and heart to, reading good news about him, listening to his songs, and waiting for the time when he gets to be a big superstar!

  40. marsue1995 says:

    You know that in every interview they ask Adam about his sexuality and he is always gracious about answering. If he didn’t they would say that he is holding back and that he is evasive It is a no win situation. People are always saying that he shouldn’t dwell on it but the media is the one who dwells on it because it makes better print. I am really amazed that he can make all the repeated questions they ask fresh and interesting even though he has to answer the same questions each time. Earlier n the remarks her someone said that they were sad that they didn’t hear anything new from his interview with FUSE but he has opened his life to us already. What more can he add?? Lets get on with the music, which is what he really wants to do, Entertain us!! And I for one really really love the music!!

  41. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3io6FWkrIdk-Official music video online now……only use up to “k”

  42. blinking frustrating people I am trying to tell you where to go withe a link… Stop the moderating…. you dont check anything else that is said on here…..youtube.com/watch?v=3io6FWkrIdk

  43. the link above is to the Official music video leak that has made it onto the net.

  44. Judysdancin Glamb #580 says:

    OMG I can’t believe we get to see the whole video! At the very end of it when they do that super close up of him, Holy Crapola, he is so plucking hot!!!! Thanks Lisai!!

  45. Judysdancin Glamb #580 says:

    I forgot to say what my question to Adam would be.. Since I am a dance teacher, I would like to know if he ever took dance lessons! He looks like he has had some training, but I think a lot of it just comes natural to him!! OOOh la la!


  47. waveridergal says:

    Sorry, I don’t get Bruce’s comment about Adam being “full of himself”. Maybe it is just a guy thing. Adam is intelligent and articulate and very forthright with his answers. He knows who he is. People who do know who they are sometimes intimidate those who are not confident within themselves, which is sometimes a clue that the intimidated one needs to do some internal work with themselves.

  48. ADAM is very much liked, respected and admired around the world because of his astounding talents and charismatic physical attributes. But the reason ADAM is very much loved, it’s because of his inner beauty, his big heart and his enlightened soul. Inspite of his overflowing talents and beauty, ADAM’s inner core remains humble, gracious, authentic, genuine and a decent human being. And that will never change because that is who ADAM is. And it’s why I love ADAM and am very fond of this boy. I just want to give him a big hug. He deserves all the love his fans pour out for him. Bless you, ADAM baby.