Well Hello Uncle Soy Sauce and Dang Dang!!

It has come to my attention that we need a little explanation of some nicknames that our boys have earned. Uncle Soy Sauce is a pet name for Monty, where as Dang Dang is none other than our Adam. The following is what I found:


~~On the origin of “Uncle Soy Sauce”:
“Soy Sauce”here has a whole different meaning than a flavor. Several years back, when some TV station in mainland China was doing some sort of “voices from the street”, a man in shorts and flipflops walked by. The reporter stopped him to ask his opinion on a specific issue. Replied the man ” I’m only here to get some SOY SAUCE home. Like I care.” The netizens(Chinese web users) quickly picked that up because for the first time instead of giving a standardized answer on some matters we sort of can say I just don’t care. I just want to live my life. So leave me alone.

As it evolves with rising popularity, the phrase “just to get SOY SAUCE” has been used in all kinds of conversations from showing that you don’t care to that nothing happening around you can catch you off guard.
For Monte, we first used it when we noticed how calm he is no matter how much hot action Adam has got going on beside him. It’s almost like, OK, Adam is having major boy-on-boy or naughty or something else, but Monte would just keep his semi-poker face, all calm, stand there and rock that guitar.
In short,we love that Monte always stands so calmly to Adam and that’s why we nicknamed him “Uncle Soy Sauce” “

~~Dang Dang is a nickname the (Mainland) Chinese fans called Adam, whose name is Chinese character is: Ah Dang:
Here’s a further explanation of “Dang Dang”, from adamunofficial.com:
Posted on PF by jamafanta (THANK YOU, WAY TO GO!!)

“It is the character for “contemporary” or “modern” doubled. The trendiest kind of nickname for young Chinese people right now is one character doubled, which is what this is. It originates from the standard English to Chinese translation of “Adam”, which is Ya Dang. To make his nickname, his Chinese fans dropped the first character and doubled the second one.”

Noone online could really tell who started this whole thing but I thought you all might get a kick out of it. Thank you again to jamafanta… your comment was attached to the article I found.



  1. Funny but when I first saw him on AI I thought, “Dang–where did HE come from?” And I never use the word “dang” ever!

  2. like adam lambert nickanme and his name its unque and lovely.

  3. buffy522 says:

    Another example how our “obsession” with Adm is a positive thing. Cultural awareness, broadening our horizons….I would never have known this but for Adam (and of course the wonderful Sue for posting.

  4. The whole ‘soy sauce’ is boring and stupid, even knowing the ‘origin’ -actually, that makes it worse.But I’m glad for the info on the origing of the nickname, thanks. As’ for dang,dang-‘ maybe it is okay over there in China, but it’s not so appealing here at all, No way. “Dang’ is used when frustrated here in SoCA Stub your toe,’dang’ Drop something ‘dang’.Sorry, this isn’t china, ‘dang’ is awful.

  5. Very Funny that really suits Adam and Monte:) Great I Love it:0)

  6. I live in Arcadia,Calif. and we say Dang! in a good way e.g. Dang! that was good or Dang! he’s GORGEOUS ( Adam ,anyone ? so. I don’t think it’s always a bad thing. It cannot be a bad thing and be his name in any language!!!! Keep up your great work on this website…without it I would miss some of his appearances DANG!! ( now, that’s bad !!!) ET

  7. leilani aloha says:

    That’s so cute:)
    Everybody LOVES ADAM LAMBERT!!!
    Adam aka Dang Dang ROCKS!!!

  8. Soy sauce is a funny name, but oohh, so savory. Dang? Oohh, it’s okay as long as it’s not Dung. Yeah, it was mentioned months ago that Adam”s Chinese name is Dang-dang here in his fansite. Somebody even joked, ” Can I Dang-dang, your Dong-dong?” LOL

  9. Judy Lushman says:

    Ianaleah that is so funny. Love Adam, Monty and the whole band no matter what their nicknames are. As for Monty, just remember he played guitar for Madonna for years, so he has seen Madonna do everything sexual and outlandish, and nothing shocks him.


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