Well Hello New York!! Glam Nation Has Arrived!!

I am throwing a few videos on at a time, as my modem allows, and will just keep adding to this post!!
Most important video of the day is….
Who needs those other videos now anyways, LOL! I cannot stop watching F.E.V.E.R.


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Voodoo/DTRH/Ring of Fire
video via:adamholicholic



  1. Man are these guys just getting warmed up or not, they are having a ball, teasing, teasing, and playful. I love it.

    • AdamAddict says:

      I was there at the concert!!! It was a blast!!!! Loved everything. Adam was just overwhelmingly awesome.

      • Judy Lushman says:

        I am so glad that you got to go to his concert. Is this his first concert for you?

        • AdamAddict says:

          FYI,that AdamAddict is not me the one who live in Malaysia….sadly!I wish I was there tho.That’s diff. AdamAddict!! I wanna go too!!!First thing first,marry a millionaire! πŸ˜€

          • libraglam says:

            So probably you both of you should find a way how we can tell who are you and you …. so which AdamAddict is single and which one is married ?

            • AdamAddict says:

              IDK,ask her to change her username.I was here first!LOL!If i can remember I put my name below.Is it ok? πŸ™‚

              • Jane Parker says:

                Ok girl, why don’t you be AdamAddict1 AND put Emili??

                I was getting excited thinking you were in NYC!!

                • AdamAddict says:

                  U excited,Jane?Hahaha,ME TOO!!I thought I was there for a second!LOL!

    • Ellie #492 says:

      Was at Nokia 2nd show… dynamite. He licked Tommy’s face so much… I’ve done less in the shower. An ADAM GEM occurred when he introduced his dancers. He saves the choreographer for last, and then Adam dances with her a bit, mimicking her body movements. Well, he must have done a few new gyrations his body wasn’t used to, because after, he said loud and clear, “I THINK MY BALLS JUST DROPPED.” I’ll stop here.

  2. I just had to add. The performances are getting better and better if that is possible. Adams dancing is excellent and Monte is moving more, looks great. Tommy is a great compliment to Adams moves. Also the dancers. I love them all.

  3. Second time I watched this and am still laughing my A** off. What a HOOT!!! Give the people what they want and they’ll keep coming back. BT Barnum said that I think. Tommy’s a riot and he may have surprised Adam with that tongue. It happens so fast hard to tell. Anyway, got a big chuckle out of the entire kisst/lick thing. Waiting for that since the AMA’s, as was everyone. I believe most people are getting it now, especially those that didn’t get it at first. It’s all just ROCK & ROLL!!!, or it used to be. Let the good times roll ag,ain

    • Lila - glamb #3 says:

      If that particular part of the show gets better… they might have to rate it XXX by the time they make it to Vegas!! (we can only hope)

      • Kat Spahr says:

        Being here in Vegas and looking forward to my first Adam experience, I can just keep hoping it’s XXX by the time it gets here. . . As you all know, What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas!!! Maybe we’ll just kidnap Adam, he’s so tatally made for this town!!


        • Kat Spahr says:

          Ok, I can’t spell (that’s what happens after watching Adam videos too much) I meant that he’s so TOTALLY made for this town!!!

  4. adamfan says:

    SECOND time watching it?! According to U tube, people seem to be watching
    it 100’s of times! haha, love it!

  5. well I am thinking Tommy has gone to the other side. I can imagine for NY and Vegas, Cal. you could get away with most anything. What great videos these are.

    • You don’t really think Keith Richards became world wide famous just because he was a great guitar player? Way to go Tommy,front and center and soon the world!

  6. WOW Monte is moving !!

  7. I”m crazy about the bare-chested black shirts Adam has been wearing! What a stud!

  8. He’s barefoot. That’s different… I totally enjoyed watching the videos. I wish I could of been there! I am going to see him in Atlanta in September! YAY! <3 youuu

    • yeah i noticed he was barefooted as well

    • libraglam says:

      Oh yeah….thanks for pointing out….he ‘s barefoot and it looks more….sexy !!!
      So he is barechess and barefoot hah !

  9. kat4adam says:

    I loved the video! But, I am very concerned because Adam said it would be family friendly
    and if people see this video or go and see it and take there kids or like me my Grandson what will happen?
    I have watched every video I could get my hands on during this tour because I love Adam and I’m in the Glam Family.
    With each show it’s getting more frisky (Adams words regarding AMA’s) Many of my friends were so disappointed at what happened at the AMA’s and won’t allow their kids or Grandchildren to watch him. He does have a huge young following.
    I think this has become an adult show (nothing wrong with that) but there are alot of youth and teens coming and frankly I have a problem with it escalating and getting more Frisky. Adam is starting to get in close contact with his dancers. What if he starts kissing, licking and suck facing with all of them?
    I’m torn about my dilemma because I LOVE ADAM and have since he first took the stage on Idol.
    I do have tickets back to back in OC Pacific Amphitheater. Not sure if I should take my 81/2 yr old Grandson. He loves Adam.
    Your thoughts please, but understand it isn’t a dilemma for me to go, I can’t wait….

    • Here’s my thoughts. The words to his songs, (and especially fever) are of a sexual nature, (written by GaGa, right?). I have a 10 year old. I have allowed her to view all of the arts from a very early age. Exposure is a good thing. It becomes, matter of factly, and not something to be shocked about. Dance is sexual. If you are not comfortable then don’t take him. But if you are comfortable with him there, then he will be too. But if the nature of these concerts are too explicit, then so is television, movies and rap, pop and rock music. People had the same problem with Elvis I believe. It’s all entertainment. It’s a show. They are dance moves. Human compassion. It’s all good. I want my 10 year old to go to the concert with me. She went to American Idol but isn’t interested in going again. Do what your heart tells you though. (p.s. I don’t think children see things the way adults do. To them, it’s just a dance move or a kiss. To adults, it’s a sexual dance move or (forgive me) gay kiss.)
      To me, it’s just Adam doing his thing. Have you ever watched his video of Crazy, before AI? or the Zodiac Show? That’s Adam.

      • I don’t think a two man kissing each other is family unfriendly.
        Whether it is Adam and Tommy having fun together or other men kissing it is all about LOVE!!! Whatever is going on in real life between Adam and Tommy also doesn’t matter, I think these guys really love each other.

        Personally I am not bringing my 11 and 14 year old to the concerts because when it get frisky and crazy I want to be able to still enjoy the show without wondering how they feel about it. And actually this wonderful Kiss/Lick wouldn’t face them at all, I am sure. They would just giggle.
        To be completely honest I would love for the shows to be raunchier than they are right now. I would love a Zodiac experience…….

        • libraglam says:

          I also have my thoughts , see below

        • itsme and Irena i agree totally ! If more kids were exposed to a variety of things and were taught that its all normal the world would be a much better and more tolerant place. I have a 20 year old and just recently she sent me a tx that said “Can i just say i love you?Because i realized that you showed me the movie The Birdcage when i was 6 yrs old and it makes me happy’ When i asked her why? she said because there alot of people who wouldnt show a 6 yr old a movie about drag queens and lifes more fun when that stuff has always been normal to you!!! I still have that tx saved and it makes me cry to think i did something right!!!

    • libraglam says:

      This is my thought and my personal experience. I think every household raise their children differently and is responsible to whatever the result esp. for the family who are not very open to their children since their very young age then the exposure could be shocked. I raised my child very openly and i explained every little thing to my son since he was 4 and keep repeating about what i think or talk to him when i see thing unusual. In my house, we have naked statue way before my son was born . When he was young he kept asking me why people drew naked arts or create naked statue while we cannot running outside naked. I explain to him what the artists think about arts . Nothing wrong with human body or arts to be expressed in many way, it’s the beauty and sensuality of god’s creation and when human is using it to harm others or use it to force others in different way then it is considered harmful. I told him that even if we don’t agree with the artists or anyone who express their sensuality remember that everyone is different and they could be weird to us or we are weird to them. That is okay to not agree because of the difference in the way you look at and it is nothing wrong to give each other respect in whatever people think. If we think the same then we can get along and live our life together , if we cannot get along because of the difference in thinking then we dont’ have to force ourselves to agree nor to force others to agree with us. Everyone is entitled to live their life the way they think. Anyone who is too different then they might not have lots of people agree with them but they should not force themselves to change and pretend not to be themselves (as long as what these people think will not have intentional to harm others). I also told him that every culture think differently too, so prepare to accept others as he grows older and keep in mind that everyone is different . It is our “choice” to be near or not and that depend on our comfort level due to the difference. When my son was 6 yrs old , i took him on vacation in Europe. I had prepare him again before the trip to make sure he understood what i meant all those years. I told him the same as above and told him that many culture in Europe, people can be naked anywhere and any place because they don’t think any thing wrong with exposure of the body. TV. adverstisments, magazines on the street , posters everywhere might show naked bodies and that are their way of thinking. We may think that they are weird unacceptable but they think we are weird too because they might question us what is the bad intention we have in mind and it is what is called “weird” and “not acceptable” for them. Teenage Girls and boys lying down on the grass in front of Tour Eiffel (France) naked and no one really paid attention or said anything and if we take picture of them or ridicule about it, they will look at it as insulting and even the passengers will look at us with a dirty way (believe me, the couples coming with us did that and they gave him hard times) . We went to Nice and St. Tropez where people walking around the beach topless. Since i arealdy had conversation about it with my boy so he only laughed and toldl me that people here is really weird but i can see that he took it easly and felt comfortable with it. At the same time, the other families going with us have kids his age; they did not feel comfortable and they were angry at theif parents of ” why everybody on the beach doing it to them (the kids)” . They gave their parents hard times and expressed their angers. I was so mad at thier parents too (who are our closed friends). Before the trip, I told them many times to explain to the kids before the day we leave on vacation but they did not . I took their kids to a corner and make them sit down listening to me. I explained to them just like the way i explained to my son ….After 1 hour of lectures with lots of questions/answers sessions , they finally understood with different way of looking at other people (different perspective). They forgot their angers, they were happy going with the flow and gigled to my son and laughed together saying people are very weird and different (in a relax easy way). As they take it easy after that, we can see the glow on their faces. They understand what does it mean ” acceptance, tolerant of others and not to condemn others” . The next day, my friends and their husbands came to us and said that they wanted to show their gratitudes of explaining to their kids and now the kids can play normally as before and happy til the rest of the vacation trip. I told them it is not difficult to explain, just be open and think positive and teach them to think that way. Today my son is 15 already, he is very conservative by “nature” but very “open minded” . He never get embarrassed or angry when seeing people who are different ( i mean real different like Adam or Elton John or any gay lesbian or any one dancing provocative on stage). He is very tolerant . I explain to him that God create different “imperfect” people, some people too impertect that they are physically handicapped or mentally ill or mentally retarded from birth. Some people are slightly imperfect that they are born as one sex (physically) but think as the opposite sex (mentally). These people whole their life felt trapped in other body (sex) and they are Lesbian and Gay. Only God can explain why God creates that imperfection. Just like lots of people are born have different talents and they are not good in math does not mean that they are Stupid. They are gifted in different way. Again only God can answer. Nowaday, my son has lots of different friends and they don’t know why he knows all kind of people while himself he is so so conservative (his character, the way he dress, the way he act and the way he believes – different than us – his parents). Their friends respected him alot because despite of “anything” he still respects other people eventhough he sticks very strongly in what he believes and no one can influence him on anything that he does not like or believe. He loves boyscout activities, hang around good students who are considering smart / successful in his academics but beside that he has all type of freinds who are different (but good kids of course, not gangsters) and he spent lots of his time to help out other kids in school who have problem with academics or were considering weird /different and therefore he earns lots of credit from the young people as much as from the teachers. Just like i told him he hang aroudn people who don’t do thing to harm other people and the society. He can laugh at anything and take it easy and he thinks no one has to be like him and vice versa. Everyone can be freind and live happily with respect.

      Therefore, regarding on stage kissing on TV, i.e Sandra Bullock received award several times and grabbed another woman on stage and gave long kisses, or recently Miley Cyrus kissed a dancer during her performance, or reading Britney Spears or Madonna kisses another girl on stage or Adam AMA incident or Adommy moments…..my son just laughed at it and said “eww” everytime and laughed again . He said ” mom you are so correct there are lots of weird people in life and so are my friends at school, but that is life” He sounds like an old man. And he took it easily everytime. He handled himself very maturely and people like to be around him because he always feel comfortable and make people feel comfortable. That is what i want him to be and he did it.

      I would like to conclude that everyone is different and raise their child differently. The outcome of the way we raise our child will have good and bad consequences depend on how we teach our child. Nothing is right or wrong. And the most important is: we are responsible to everything. So if we let our child to do something don’t blame on others. But also, if we don’t feel comfortable of something because of the way we think (who know may be we are weird in different way) then don’t force ourselves to do something like others. Go with what you believe, willing to take consequences, prepare for it and sing “no regrets”. All parents are doing their best and that is the only thing that counts “Do our best”. We are not God. We are humans and everybody are humans too. Don’t judge others as long as they don’t have intentional to hurt others. That is my attitude and i am very happy of seeing the result of how i raise my child. I believe more and more in myself.

      Sorry to write too long….with lots of typos…(?) cuz i am lazy to read it again…hope it helps. Btw,
      @Kat4Adam, if you are grandma, you better check with your son or daughter about it. They might raise their child differently than you raise them ….. I remember when my son was young,
      i left him with grandma for awhile and my mom raise him differently…i was so mad about it…. LOL…..

      Hope it helps with my .02 cents

      • libraglam says:

        Btw, when i use the words “weird” and “different” , i told my son that it is okay and for me it is not a “negative” things and make sure he does not think it as “negative”. So if you read it , make sure you know what i meant. I think just like ADAM ‘It’s okay to be weird, nothing wrong with it”. That’s why i love ADAM because i understand him just perfectly and so is my family.

      • Farzana says:

        You know, I think this may be just the way Adam’s mother and father raised him…..love, tolerance, and respect!

  10. Cecelia says:

    I was at the Columbus show and it was very family friendly, I understand this is New York City and he is changing things up each show, my 9 year old granddaughter loves Adam too and she was very disappointed that I wouldn’t take her but I think teenagers are age appropriate but not the younger ones. I see nothing wrong with what he and Tommy did, it is a live concert and if people are offended then maybe they shouldn’t go. We as fans are very aware of Adam and his passion and that is all he is trying to display in his performances! πŸ™‚

  11. Stephanie says:

    I agree Mers. Thinking Tommy is getting curious about the other side. He’ll figure it out, He is young!

    • kat4adam says:

      I’m pretty sure he already has…..It’s Adam, who could turn him down! He also looks like the type of man that is what Adams is attracted to. (he has made it clear he likes the thin and pretty boys) I don’t remember Tommy wearing makeup before the tour either.

  12. BarbaraSJ says:

    Hey kat4adam, this is just a personal thought, but I don’t think parents should bring their young children to Adam’s concerts because of the nature of some of the “frisky” performances. (Especially lately, they are really getting frisky!!) They are purely sexual in nature, and knowing Adam and what he might do, parents shouldn’t bring them to the concerts. I read one comment recently from someone who was at one of the concerts who said that some people in front of them had their child with them, and when Adam got “frisky” they left. Parents who bring their kids to Adam’s concerts and then get upset with his sexy performance, have themselves to blame because they know Adam and how he performs. Parents ARE taking a chance when they bring their kids. Don’t get me wrong, even though I don’t like everything Adam does, I do love Adam as a person, and I LOVE to hear him sing and watch him perform; but it is not for children. You said “Your thoughts please,” so this is what I think. LOLuv

    • kat4adam says:

      Thanks so much for all of your replies to my dilemma. In the beginning of the tour he was
      much more family friendly. I agree about kids not going to his concerts. His music is great for them and even his latest video If I had You. I got it right away the day it came out.
      I have 2 extra sets of tickets for the show on 7/27. I bought extras to see which had the better view but not sure how to go about checking it out unless I go there. Any suggestions?
      Thanks again

    • I have tickets to 3 venues. All of them are “18 years and older” only. In fact it says right o our tickets that you have to show I.D. You might want to check if kids are allowed at your venues. Just a thought.

      • i know vegas is 18 and up:D

        • libraglam says:

          I have heard that if it is in Casino , then it has to be 18 or over (some must be over 21 yrs old) , because they don’t want kids hanging aroud gambling area .Everywhere in casino are serving alcohol . Next year if ADAM concert will be at the Arena, then there wwould not be any restrictions, but …it will be harder to get close up seats with very cheap pre-sale tickets like now. I went to Lione Ritchie, Elton John, Billy Joe concerts, our tickets of $120 are almost at the last row in the arena…. πŸ˜€ and only one time our $300 presale ticket of Elton John concert got us as close as the 10th row – but that is the pre-sale only. Our travel time, money, efforts to get to ADAM concert worth every bit of it.

  13. johnnie Dee says:

    I just hope that Adam doesn’t carry it to far, as he is a wonderful entertainer….and I don’t want to see him go down the drain because he gets the big head and gets to man friendly…Most of his fans are women who buys his records…..I don’t care to see them suck face with men or women….I want the wonderful shows I’ve seen….Love his music……

  14. I totally agree that Adam often is very “frisky” at his concerts and it may not be right for younger children. He is very open about what he likes and that’s one thing we all respect and love him for!! We all love Adam and want to see him perform the way he chooses, so we should respect him and his music. I know it will all be okay! Just follow your own heart!! GLAMBS# 640 Adam’sLady

  15. Judy Daniels says:

    Don’t want Adam to fail on tours getting a bad name because of frisky stuff like AMAs. Just use that beautiful face and voice to wow us. We don’t need to see kiss/lick, etc. He just pours sex just with a move. He can go all the way to the top if he just tames it a bit. I’m such a fan, just love him.

    • I am not sure whether Adam wants to be at the top if he would have to tame himself. Adam’s spirit is adventurous and rebellious. Many stars get burnt out because they had to become somebody the really aren’t in order to maintain their fame. As he life will change he will make adjustments.
      We are the ones who can support him all the way no matter what the critics say. This is what happened after the AMA’s, many people thought he had waisted his chances. Some people drop out but most people became so fiercely supportive of him, it created a very unique bond between the Adam and his fans.
      I don’t think Adam will fail, the force is really with him.

    • I completely agree with you.

    • I agree with what you said, Judy. And it seems like an interesting balance for him – being who he wants to be on stage as well as pleasing the audience and fans.

      • First let me preface this by saying I’m not being mean or hurtful, just trying to be realistic.

        I agree 100% with Irena and Laurie. Here is my view: If all you want is to hear Adam’s beautiful voice and let it “wow” you, then light some candles, get a glass of wine and sit back in your living room and play his CD. (Hopefully one day soon they might make a “family friendly” DVD to watch). However if you’re wanting to experience Adam live, you have to be willing to accept and allow Adam to be himself; hence the reason most of his tour venues are listed as minimum “18 years old” to attend. I agree that his concerts are not necessarily appropriate for say 16 and under; it would depend on the child and their previous level of mature-themed exposure. Children should go to children’s concerts (the Jonas Bros., Demi Lovato, all those Disney kid groups) not Madonna, Rihanna, Gaga, etc.

        The flip side is that the general population of Adam’s fans are older and judging by the howling on the videos, they enjoy his sexy hi-jinx. We should not be limited so that a small percentage can bring their children.

        This tour will be epic for Adam, and can only bring good things to come. I for one can’t wait to see every single little move, up close and personal from the 5th row.

        • OMG, you got it so right, Reese!!! You really stated it perfectly! Adam’s fans need to understand this. Let Adam be Adam!!!

  16. I think if you want to bring a young child to a concert you should make sure its age appropiate like miley cyrus or something like that. I did’nt let my boys go to concerts till they were sixteen. It didn’t hurt them a bit, you have to use your own judgement, and like Adam said, “I’m not a babysitter!”

  17. libraglam says:

    Oh, this Fever is really a 104 F degree real Fever ! I am getting hot, don’t know if hot flash is started early, or the weather or this video !! i LUVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVV it ! It’s REAL ROCK AND ROLL !! Hope he is going to do it again in CA ! It’s lots of fun ! Love to see people screaming and Adommy both was smiling because they have intentional to tease and tickle all of us and saw people responses. Whenever he will come into my town, i will scream way before they start licking !! ADAM you are so playful !!

  18. wow i really love it and i really love you adam friend of minds

    • Isnt this fun Jermaine!!!! We love you to!!!

    • I want to know where Jermaine lives!! He showed up here out of nowhere not too long ago and posts all the time and no one really responds to him. So here’s a big shout out to Jermaine!!!!


  19. Adam just said in an interview that he has a good balance now. He doesn’t want to offend or alienate his audience (but it is rock and roll). And yes, his concert in NY went a bit further than what we have seen. Frankly, I think Tommy is a troublemaker. πŸ˜‰ Adam was just “interpreting the lyrics of the song” again in “Fever.” We all appreciate his passion and style. I only hope that this doesn’t overpower the music, vocals and talent since the press will possibly make it a big deal and focal point like they did before. It is his concert tour with fans that know and love him no matter what. So, all the power to him. Honestly, I have mixed feelings about the semi-smooch because I just want him to have that mass appeal he deserves. This is not a negative statement; I promise. I just know how narrow minded people can be and I want him to have mass appeal and not a repeat of the AMA debacle. I love Adam; always will.

  20. Ninalatinalambert lover says:

    I too lovvvvve the FEVER video! The concerts are fired up high voltage!!! Adam is so amazing! I love the lick and can’t stop watching his performances! Go Adommy!

  21. beaglewoman #611 says:

    Been reading the comments on the “friskiness” and age appropriateness etc. If you don’t know Adam and his music and his performances by now then don’t buy a ticket. This is rock n roll and it is a show! Adam’s an adult and has never positioned himself as a children’s entertainer. How many parents took their children to see The Stones?

    This is all just great fun! Yeah baby – it’s shagilicious πŸ™‚

  22. kat23morg says:

    Adam has been barefooted for the first part of the concert from the beginning show…it is part of the whole vibe of the beginning…the mystic, 70’s kind of revibe…notice he has all those necklaces on and half way through the show when it gets to to dance side he will change up and put on his boots…have less necklaces. My turn to see him live is July 2nd in Charlotte ….can not wait.

  23. I love the friskiness!! I hope he didn’t just do it for N!! I would like to see the FEVER kiss in Norfolk,Va too. I think it is HOT!!!!!!!!

    • YEAH Norfolk! You know he says that what he does on stage also really depends on what vibes he receives from the audience….
      Norfolk can use some juiciness, as most of you know this is a Navy town. Watch out for oversized pick up trucks on your way to the Norva!!!

  24. I am trying to see if I can offer anything helpful but I am not really qualified since I do not have children. I am also very selfish in that I want to see Adam be Adam when I get to go to the show in Tampa. This is after a baseball game so I have considered that there could be lots of kids there. I have also hoped that there will not be. Parents, please for the sake of us crazy old ladies that want to be entertained by Adam, take the kids home. I discussed Adam’s music and his sexuality with a friend’s 10 year old daughter. Not having children, maybe I am too open and honest with kids. The jest of the conversation was how much she and her friends loved the song Whataya Want from Me but the fact that it was Adam or anything else about him never entered her mind. So, we probably think too much about what kids pay attention to. But I still want to be able to act like a complete fool and I am paying lots of money to have that freedom so I would prefer not to have to worry about being next to an 8 year old while losing my mind. Now, is everyone confused? I guess it is more about the audience and how we react to Adam than it is about what Adam actually does.

    • You said it perfectly!!!!!!!!!!! Rock On Darlin GLAMB# 640 AdamsLady

    • I suppose the venue dictates the “friskiness” of the show. I’m going to a Casino Show and will miss Taylor and Allison–must be 21. I totally agree, when my kids were younger, I didn’t take them to movies that there presence would embarass me (not them) kids are pretty knowing. If you have seen Gaga’s new video, and I’m sure most kids have also, is there much left to shield them from. I love the Adam Tommy antics but realize they are performing for us. Gone to the movies lately? Not much sacred there.

  25. earlzagurl4u says:

    Ten yrs. ago I took my 16 yr. old twin boys and 8 yr. old son to a Vince Neil of Motley Crue fame (solo) concert. We stayed all day at an outdoor venue. We got right at the fence about 3 ft from the stage. When Vince noticed my younger son knew all the lyrics to his songs, Vince came over with his mike and allowed my son to sing with him. Vince was impressed my son knew his lyrics at an early age. Yeah, some of the lyrics were/are racy. But it was a highlight for all of us anyway. My son graduated high school recently and has turned out to be a fine young man. The twins of course are absolutely the best sons I could have asked for. One is continuing his education and one is serving his country in the Navy. My (other) older son is quite the character. He has such a good heart. Back in the day I would drop off the twins at all day venues and stay in the hospitality room provided w/ my younger son or go to the movies and the mall until it was over. We have never felt we could not travel great distances to see their favorite bands. I’m not sure why I’m telling this story, but I think Adam performs differently in every city and state. New York probably has seen worse than the Adommy thing. I’m concerned the media will focus only on that, like they like to focus only on that, and not what a great performer, singer, person Adam really is. Yeah. it’s a concert but the media won’t look at it like that. As Adam has said it’s just art and rock’n roll, yet I’m a bit concerned people will think he’s taking it a bit far. I also think for everyone who doesn’t care for Adam there’s dozens who do. I have loved Adam ever since Ryan said, “and then there’s Adam Lambert.” sitting in that chair waiting to audition. I had never even heard him sing. He has changed my life for the better, and taught me things this almost 55 yr. old woman should have already learned. I am in awe of who Adam is, his talent, his inward and outward beauty. I find it difficult that he ever had low self-esteem. My hairdresser once asked me what I like about him and after mentioning about 30 things in less than a minute, she said, ok, ok, I get it! LOL Oh well, there I go, getting all long winded. One thing I will say, if we didn’t love Adam so much we wouldn’t be concerned when things like the kiss/lick happens. Yeah, they’re giving most of us what we want and laughing all the way to the bank. Good for them. My concern is that some people will only see “that” part. Adam is much more than that. Ok, I’m shutting up now. PLL to all and Adam

    • libraglam says:

      I used to have some concern about it too because of the bad media, and lots of people just read about it but does not have the chance to see or listen to his music. But i think it just take time for people to find out….Don’t worry, that is what i keep telling myself. If we are good people and people wonder why we are so addicted to Adam Lambert, then they will go and find out on YouTube. Adam is Adam, that is his style. He cannot be different than what he is. He already showed to everyone from the day 1 and not even change a bit after AMA. He is honest and he knows that he rather be himself because he had lived not revealing himself during his teen age and he had past that stage. He knew and expereience that he had to be true to himself to gain happiness. He is intelligent and he knows that he rather not have everyone for him than lie to himself and to others. He knows that living without guilt is happiness. He had gone through hard times before Idol times and i can tell that he has learned not to expect too much of everyone. At tthe same times, life was hard to him all the times that he has learned to give himself much more than a perfect 100% everytime and he would have no regrets. He has learned in the past to move on when things were not as expected. He always look forward and like he said ” if anyone does not like it, then don’t buy his CD, don’t listen to his music”. Saying that does not mean he is arrogant but it means that no one will force anyone to like someone style that does not fit their style. He is not greedy. He only give out all of himself to anyone who likes his style and music. He is not manipulative or pretend to be somebody’s style so he can make money out of them. Adam was the first artist to show man-on-man kiss on public TV and it’s time for the world to accept that. If they don’t, that will be public from now on anyway. The media will still remind everybody about AMA even in the next 20 or 30 yrs, these things will become nothing worth to mention because it will be all over the internet and public TV. Adam is the Ice Breaker. Now even people talk about AMA, i don’t feel uncomfortable anymore and i bet many many of the fans are feeling the same. Even our friends and family don’t see it a big deal anymore. Adam will be Adam. We fans will be just Adam’s fans. Nothing can change ADAM and us (unless some of us are not really true fans who like Adam’s style). Adam’s style and talents and his music are combined to be “an Adam’s package deal”. No one can please us 100%, remember that even ourselves we cannot agree with our spouses 100% but we still love them .
      That’s okay for some people to leave ADAM. There are more than millions people in the world who love him. Adam always said ” Be true to yourself… people don’t have to like my music and my style and that is okay for me.” Adam is the Best , he is NOT GREEDY. (He taught me to learn to move on with positive thinking when things do not happen the way we want) . In the contrary, he is very happy to see that he made us ( those who like his style) happy!! Is that Wonderful ???? That is why I LOVE HIM SO MUCH AND MUCH MORE EVERYDAY !!!

      Please everyone….tell me to shut up and go to bed….i forgot that i talk too much already! It’s time for other people to talk too. I am sorry ! πŸ˜€

  26. earlzagurl4u says:

    I”M BAAAACCCCKKKK! just watched the entire vid of FEVER, {I’d seen clips,} four words! I.Cant.Take.It!!!! *wipes sweat from forehead* πŸ˜€

    • Eartzgurl4u, I love everything you wrote!!!!! You did a great job of saying how we love Adam for so many reasons!! I’m older than you and “YES” Adam has changed my life in such a beautiful wonderful way that I can’t explain it to most people (except my daughter who is my best friend). The video is wild and I love it. Three weeks from tomorrow and I will also get to see him with my daughter!!! Can’t hardly wait. love to you Eartzgurl4, #640 AdamsLady

      • earlzagurl4u says:

        awwww, Elly, thank you for your positive comment. I will be attending the Knoxville concert w/ my older son and the twin who went with me to the AI concert. We had a blast and expect to have an even more fun time. I told my boys the older one is going so I can lean on him for support and the other is to take pics and vids! I’ll be otherwise busy as in being weak in the knees, having glamgoose bumps, crying. I already loaded up on waterproof makeup, eyeliner and mascara. Heck, I get all the above just talking about it!! I read the other post where it’s the parents responsibility to raise their children how they see fit. That is so true. People in my family thought my boys would grow up being mass murderers if they listened to Motley, Alice Cooper, Metallica,,well, some may, but mine haven’t. Anyhoo, if we don’t talk again b4 you experience Adam and Glam Nation,,Have an Adamazing time,,ya hear!! xo PLL

  27. Scootersmom says:

    First of all…Parents, do your job, DO NOT expect Adam to do it for you! If you have even the slightest question about taking your children with you to see Adam perform, for goodness sakes, DON’T DO IT! Only you know what is right for your own children. AGAIN, ADAM IS NOT YOUR BABYSITTER! If your child is old enough to be told the facts of real life, “Fever” is a good example for you to explain another of the facts of real life as we humans live it…including Adam, who will someday overshadow every entertainer who ever lived with his fabulous voice, honesty, beauty and love.

  28. Glambertgirl1 says:

    You know what I think is funny. The reviewers like the New York times reviewer are saying that Adam is too tame at the concert and the reviews haven’t been that positive. The reviewer said he thought Adam was worrying too much about pleasing people rather than going with what he would really do. It’s a little confusing and I am sure must be hard for Adam to know what the best options are for his concert. Seems like he is dammed if he does and dammed if he doesnt. Ugh

    • libraglam says:

      Like ADam said, it depends on who are the audiences and how is the reaction of the audiences. what ever he does is the mirror of how the audience take it and he will go with the flow. If the audiences are wilder then he will provide the audiences’ needs. That makes sense…of course, that is how it is . It shows to me that Adam is very honest . He once said that the only mistake he made at AMA because he forgot that it is on public TV, it’s NOT ONLY the audience who were at the show. The people at the show welcomed all the stuff that Janet Jackson and Lady Gaga did and that was why he expressed his level of adreneline. For me, i think it is not ADAM’s fault at all, i think that is ABC made A BIG mistake, a HUGE mistake of taking people complaints. No one has the right to complaint whatever on public TV which show any R rated or X rated after 10 PM. It’s ridiculous. I wish ADAM could sue ABC back for indirectly causing hardship for him. Without ABC canceling his show things would be smoother for ADAM. And now looking back everyone has seen how stupid ABC has done, even people working for ABC also think that what ABC has done is very coward. Just because ADAM just started his career and aDAM did not have much power. Look at Elton John in the old days, he once sued the media for wrongly brought up some news that could affect his career and he successfully won that millions dollars suit . After that, no media dared to spread anything real bad about Elton John. Even sir Elton is a person with bad temper but he gained so much fans all ages, no media dare to say anything anymore. For now, we just tell the haters “DONT TOUCH MY ADAM !!!” πŸ˜€

  29. brigitte says:

    Let Adam be as crazy as he wants!

    History tells us to let artists express themselves in any way they see fit. Look at Elvis, Freddie Mercury, Prince, Boy George, David Bowie and many before and after them. They were and are sexual and passionate.

    Think about Zappa, Kiss, Rolling Stones or Alice Cooper, did you back then mind (as a young person) that performances were not so child friendly and pure?

    Don’t forget the Lady’s – Madonna, Tina Turner, Lady GaGa, Katie Perry, Beyonce, Christina Aquilera, Mariah Carey, Britney Spears, Janet Jackson and many countless other female entertainers. They exude sexuality …

    Shows dripped of controversy, crazy weirdness and sexuality …

    These artists are all superstars because they express themselves. Artists should not hold back just to please or appease a few, they are here to entertain and leave their mark .

    Music is sexual, dance is sexual, art is sexual …. go to the museum and look at old masters, listen to the passion in arias or watch classical ballet …

    Would you prevent your children to experience a trip to the museum or the ballet?

    Now transfer this passion and sexuality into today’s music – Voila! – and you have a star named Adam Lambert

    (I went to the concert yesterday in NYC and found absolutely nothing wrong with his performance. In fact more frisky would be great…)

  30. To put it into perspective:

    1. Adam’s set is 60-65 minutes long.

    2. If you add up all of the “serious” licks, crotch-grabs, tongue wagging, etc. (rarely does one last more than 1 second) there’s probably a total of appx. 2 – 3 minutes of “seriously edgy” movements. What is that, maybe 2-3% of his whole concert?

    3. Why is it that the Media, and the haters, and the skeptics focus on that 2-3% ???
    Seriously, what the hell? The ultra-magnified microscope that is placed on his behavior is ridiculous. I recall Madonna simulating sex with a man on her concert stage, complete with a bed. Take a look back at Elvis videos. For his era, his gyrations, and most importantly facial expressions were extremely sexually charged.

    The unrelenting targeting of his kiss, or lick, or whatever is indicative of poor media behavior, and a misguided populace. The man is one in a million; his vocal talent is astonishing, and yet the fact that he licked Tommy takes precedence. No wonder Adam enjoys traveling abroad.

    I for one, will continue to support and applaud his talent, his abilities, and his message of love, harmony and happiness for EVERYONE.

    • libraglam says:

      I know….i also look back at Elvis video ….i still could not help of starring at his crotch….everything “wiggle”…that is very provocative but nothing wrong with it.
      And the media at that time was not that bad as the media in this generation. I think
      people back then was either more tolerant or they were not “desperate” of making
      money like ..bringing up false info or lead people to a wrong perspective or try to be
      on the side of few haters to make headlines ! The journalist these days are “bad” and
      “hungry”. And also there are lots of naive people tend to believe it without verifying !

      People back then probably have more respect to each other then. May be we can ask
      our parents or grandparents about it.

      • libraglam says:

        And lots of parents these days are strange…they allow their kids to sing/listen to Rap song where it says all the bad words/promote rape/gangsters/hatred….but they are concerned about these kissing stuff… or ADAM music. Rap songs already existed 25 yrs ago when i was 25 and now i already in the 50 and lots of young people are still into it. I never allow my son to listen to Rap music since he was 4 or 5. Rap songs never exist in my household. And i explain to him since young “why” i don’t like it (over and over again). I don’t wait until he is teen and explain cuz i don’t want him to listen to his friends first and will not listen to me. I am very open to my son since he is young about anything i consider as “destructive” to the society and to the world. Believe me, kids understand all and it’s good to tell them good things since they are very young and keep repeating it until they are teen….it will absorb real well. Now he is 15 and love only songs about Love and Tolerate others… eventhough all of his freinds listen to Rap…did not influence him at all.

  31. Luckily, my daughter is a married woman and we, along with her husband, enjoyed Adam’s
    show. As far as how sexually explicit he is, it’s never bothered me, as I understand that Adam is being Adam, which he couldn’t be on AI. As far as taking your underage children, to one of Adam’s shows remember it’s Adam’s show and he gets to express himself. If you know that would offend you, or your child, than stay away.
    I don’t particularly like to see him made up like Boy George,.as it creeps me out. However, I defend his right to express himself in any way he sees fit. I can tolerate excessive makeup, as long as his voice stays magic. After all, that was the attraction in the first place.

    The young gay man from AI is gone and Adam Lambert Superstar is on!

    • Don’t the men in these families kiss other males: children, fathers, brothers, etc. A very simple thing to explain to children that the two men kissing are friends, like each other, love each other, on and on. But I can think of no way to explain some of the females behavior: they hate the church, God, the men marching are scary, well you get the picture. There is so much crap going on in our lives these days, I guess it’s easier to focus on stupid things than harsh realities that are happening in our Country, homeless, no jobs, no food, our men getting killed and mained in a WAR we should not be in or can possibly win. Oh that’s right, a whole lot of the population too young to know about Vietnam. A staged kiss that’s part of the whole performance, show biz thing is not something to even make a blip! Just enjoy and bring a few smiles into our lives. Thank you Adam and company.

  32. cheryl 334 says:


    You all have said it all, so all I want to say here, is Adam, I love all the little ‘peeks’ of your tummy! πŸ™‚
    You are always gorgeous, but seeing you in a little ‘less’, a type of ‘Glam Shirt’ and pants and barefoot makes my imagination just a bit more active, and I didn’t think that was possible!

    COOL AS COOL CAN BE! You can’t ‘learn’ how to be ‘cool’. It’s a natural attitude, and baby boy, you got it, naturally!

    I’ve been posting for over a month about the possibility of Adam and Tommy Joe getting closer and ‘closer’, and wondered why nobody else has seemed to feel the same, thought my imagination had gone stupid, but I am ‘convinced’ that the two are an ‘ITEM’, now. I felt it coming when Adam hired that cute little Tommy, and felt that he was Adam’s ‘type’ for sure. As far as being ‘straight’, Tomy is as good as a ‘virgin’ with Adam, and Adam has such high standards for whom he would spend any quality time with, I just don’t have any doubt anymore! I am ‘running-on’ here, but, I am satisfied with Tommy as a real good person for Adam to spend quality time with. Of course, nobody asked me my opinion, just sayin………

    Adam just gets cuter and cuter and better and better to my amazement, I just want him to be happy and have the time of his life, which I am convinced he is able to do just that and is currently finding himself with more and more confidence! He is the greatest performer just beginning to ‘bloom’ and having so much fun, knowing his fans idolize him and love him so much. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ ENJOY, ADAM………………..:) !!

    Love-Peace-Light-Truth-Fun-Happiness 4 Adam……………………………………….:):) PERFECTION.

    • First and foremost, Adam is very intelligent. I highly doubt that he would risk getting involved with a band-member. (Lord knows nothing screws things up more than a lovers tiff.) I firmly believe that he and Tommy are in fact playing to the fans desires. I agree they would make a great couple; I just think Adam wants this success too much to derail it over a piece of tail.

      As for their displays of homoeroticism……GO FOR IT, I say!!!!

    • Mmagiemay says:

      People are born with their identities and their sexuality. A person canot be “changed”. Someone may decide to experience differences, but they won’t change. I’m sure Tommy’s wife would would have a lot to say if it seemed like he was changing! ; ) It’s just the nature of rock concerts to behave wildly and have “fun in the moment” .

  33. hooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooot as hell adam loooooooooooooove you babe.

  34. I agree with you Reese, and I like your comments. Yes, Adam is very intelligent, and would be looking for a spiritual and intellectual relationship first and foremost, someday, that will last him a lifetime if possible. He had enough experience and maturity to know that a predominantly physical relationship alone would be superficial and short-lived, maybe also whimsical and immature.

    Adam’s and Tommy’s actuations are in-the-moment, and could be part of their Rock-n-Roll show, meant at times to shock or provoke.

    I have a struggle of acceptance also with gay relationships, because my 20 year-old son admitted he is gay. Deep inside I’m still crying. Our culture is not that open and accepting. Maybe when he already lives outside our country, he could have a gay relationship, or my husband might suffer a heart attack.

    Well, there’s this gay lineage in my father’s family. And my father admitted to my mother that he is gay. In his hometown, he was teased and known as “Juaning, the gay-dancer”. He was a graceful Folk Dancer in grade school. He might have hid in a marriage, but he was a loving, gentle father and full of fun. Yes, I adore Adam for all his talents and many things, but I can not deny that I feel and empathize with his struggle for Gay rights and acceptance. Gays are like family to me.

  35. KO's smiling says:

    What an interesting thread we’ve got going here!

    Although I’m not a parent, I work closely with them. Based on my experience, I can confidently advise you to follow your instincts with regards to your children. You know them best and you know what you want to instill in them. When I was a child/teen, my family vacationed in Cape Cod, MA. The highlight was always going to Provincetown for whale watching and people watching. I loved watching people in love – and my parents explained to my brother and I that some men love women and some love other men. For us, it’s always been as simple as that.

    On another note, Adam gets more criticism than he deserves. He is not the babysitter of our children. Marilyn Manson has taken a lot of crap for his music and stage persona. I remember reading an interview where he is asked if he believes his music makes kids violent/angry/depressed/cynical/etc. He says that listening to his music is a way for teens to safely express what they may already be feeling. Parents should see their anger as a symptom that something is wrong, not as an effect of musical preferences.

    I think my point is that when caring for children, we have to see them as individuals and delve a bit deeper to understand them and support their development. Every child is different and that’s a good thing. Parents have the difficult job of encouraging that while keeping their kids comfortable and safe. Communication is key.

  36. Tina Glamb#654 says:

    OH DEAR GOD!! I’m at the library, and when I watched the video’s, especially the first one, I’m surprised I didn’t fall off my chair and get kicked out of here. I was saying: “oh dear god” and the guy next to me was laughing! I can’t wait till August 31st!! Here I come Indy!! And I don’t see how the person who shot this video actually was able to be still or didn’t pass out doing it!

    Later All!! Tina..aka..MISTRESS LAMBERT