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  1. cheryl 334 says:

    IT’S ALL GOOD!!!

    • linlivalex says:

      Sorry to interupt but I just heard our Adam’s version of Mad World on General Hospital. Totally perfect for the situation on the soap. Nice surprise to hear Adam’s awesome voice without expecting it !!! You can view it again because GH is on again tonight on Soapnet cable channel.

      By the way, the Details pictures are awesome!!!!! In my little mind, it is one step closer to give us women a chance!!!!!!

      Linda #361

      • AdamAddict says:

        Mad World in General Hospital??!! I’m watching Flash Forward for nothing??!! They only used it for promo??!! For god sake,use for the series also, come on ~pouts~ 🙁

    • Ive never seen this photo before, how did THAT happen

  2. I still dont know my own feelings on this photo shoot so am looking forward to other opinions, while one has to say it is very hot, sexy, beautiful etc, I still cant figure out the why? Pulicity, risk. appealing to both male and female? I guess why is my biggest thought, did he really need to go there. I bet his mum is not to thrilled about it but Adam is a risk taker and loves to surprise , shock etc. Maybe he sdid do it for his female fans (we Live In hope) So my main thoughts are it is beautiful and why.

    • It’s his Aries moon acting up! ha ha

      • His interview on Access Hollywood after the AMA nominations is hilarious. Watching him look at the pictures is priceless. He DOES like to cause “trouble.” He is so much fun. What will he do next? Stay tuned…………….. for the next 20 years.

    • It is pure Adam, he is a risk taker, he is unpredictable, he will have us in suspence all the time and that is why he is so wonderful, that is what I find totally fascinating about Adam, I would’nt expect anything less.

    • The article is about female fantasies about a handsome hot male who happens to be gay. Works for me. In my fantasies he swings both ways and prefers older woman. haha

      • I think you’ve got it right, Heidi … He’s indulging the fantasies of a HUGE portion of his fan base.
        This makes me wonder ~ Has there ever been an openly gay ‘celebrity’ who has appealed this strongly to woman?!? (It might be too early to address that, since Adam has pretty much broken new ground with this phenomenon, hunh?)

        • At this point none of us know Adam’s real motivations for the shoot, and we may never know. However, if you happen to be interested in these things, the issues of gay, straight, bi or whatever, just google ‘sexuality continuum’ and things might be even LESS clear ha ha.. I only learned about this 10 years ago, always thought humans were one way or the other. In fact the whole concept of ‘bi’ wasnt even around when we were growing up and marrying in the fifties and sixties, yet it was out there but not ‘out’.

    • I agree with you Jan. I am an avid fan of him but I have mixed emotions about his latest photos. I know that his a risk taker but he don’t need it right now, people love him the way he is. People adored his voice,performances and just being Adam Lambert. He’s a music performer a not a movie actor. Maybe I was just surprised to see Adam with this kind of photo shoots.

      • I agree that Adam shouldn’t be so OTT. He can achieve the fame he wants without givng out TMI. As his mother mentioned, Adam needs to “filter” what he shares with the public. Kissing Drake in front of theTMZ cameras was not a good move and this photo shoot was too risque. I love the sweet, smiling, talented, charismatic Adam.

        • Dianne Hill says:

          Sorry, but I don’t agree, why shouldn’t Adam kiss Drake anywhere he wants to. If it was a male/female couple you wouldn’t be saying that. As far as I am concerned Adam can be OTT as much as he likes, bring it on I say, that is what makes him so special, he just isn’t “run of the mill” like so many out there.

          • Absolutely, Dianne. Adam is all about being REAL, and covering up his affection in public (as Rock Hudson and other closeted gays HAD to years ago) doesn’t fit his m.o.
            In that pic, I think they were ‘tossing a morsel’ to the obnoxious paparazzi — maybe so they wouldn’t be followed(?). And I agree that, if it were a straight couple, there wouldn’t be any discussion at all! Go, Adam.

            • I also agree that Adam should just be himself. That kiss in the car in front of TMZ, I think was deliberate, as they have baited him in the past and were yelling ‘kiss, kiss’ at them in the car.

              I recently read the biography of Rock Hudson’s only wife, Phyllis Gates, who really loved Rock but was constantly hurt by his hot and cold behaviour toward her, and his frequent ‘disappearances’

              I would far rather see people live their orientation(s) in an authentic way, but it is their own business if they wish to share it with us.

              It’s up to Adam how much he lets us ‘see’ of him privately.

              • I totally agree, every person no matter their sexual orientation have a right to live their lives as they wish, they have nothing to be ashamed of. We have gone past the times when it was not acceptable for people of the same gender to kiss, we are now living in the 21st century, people are allowed to have some happiness in their lives. I love Adam for who he is, I love him for his uniqueness, that is why we all love him, he needs to express himself in any way he likes. He is giving us so much of himself, so much pleasure and happiness, he also needs to have happiness in his own life. I love the Detail photos, Adam knows what he is doing, I would not expect anything less from our Adam.

                • Diane, Lee, Terry and Toni – I agree with ALL of your comments above. I LOVE that Adam is pushing so many boundaries and making people think differently about gender identity, sexual orientation and preferences, openness, hotness, sexuality, pleasure and happiness. As he has said, “It’s all good!”

                  What a wonderful, freeing and loving way to be! I love seeing Adam living his life as he wants – he is the wave of the future of humankind – people being with whomever they want – regardless of skin colour, gender, age, orientation, or anything else. I am excited by everything Adam does! He never fails to surprise us! Thank you, Adam!!

                  Glamb #20

                  • Helen/Canada says:

                    Right on to all of you–well said, Theresa, Toni, Jane, Dianne, Lee, Heidi. I am so glad Adam is living his life as he wants to live it. Everything is going his way right now, he seem’s so happy and in such a good place in his life. No one deserves it more than Adam.

                  • Jane I agree w/ everything you said about Adam being the wave of the future. I am also excited by everything that he does!!

                    The only thing I see wrong w/ the Detail photo’s is that I am not the girl in the pic!!! LOL Hey a girl can dream right!?

    • Cant wait to hear Adams response to all of this! He defin. has all the female fans attention.

      He loves to thrill his fans, keep us guessing, strike up conversations, if he was approached to do
      this shoot, I imagine he thought what the hell? Why not? He keeps the spices fired up fo so…..

      I loved seeing the photos and will buy the magazine. I think its exciting, fun and all good!
      peace out.

    • adam’s the new gay. he’s sexy with men and women.

  3. I agree with Jan WHY? He has tapped our heart and souls with his voice and music. I just hope this does not turn too many people off.

    • Dianne Hill says:

      Bruce, maybe it is to turn us all on. It sure worked with me, but I think we ALL were already turned on this gorgeous man. As much as I love the pictures, I do wonder what the reasoning behind it all is, is it to let us know that his will be an “adults only” show, just how outrageous is he going to get.

      • Dianne Hill says:

        PS: And I asked this yesterday but we were wondering if Adam – being a gay man, (of course I don’t know your orientation and you may not know the answer to this – I am not trying to put you on the spot – really) but do you think this would turn a gay man on, would he become aroused at posing with a lovely naked model in the way he is?

        • Dianne, I think his stage show will be a blast in more ways than one. He loves Pink, Gaga, Brittney, MJ et al and think of how they have pushed the envelope over the years!

          Mj’s antics were to me very crude and he kept it up even with the court case etc.. why did HE do what he did?

          Eroticism is what appeals to women much more than porn. He is showing his erotic side. We have all seen that side with his male friends already. And as I said above a little ‘Aries’ risk taking and ‘in your face’ behaviour is in play as well.

          • Your last sentence Theresa is so correct, EROTICISM is what appeals to women, his shows will certainly push the boundaries, he is going to go further then Lady Gaga or MJ, I hope he does, he is a risk taker and in your face, I love that, KEEP COMING ADAM.

          • Terry, eroticism, oh yes Adam is bringing It on. First with the singing and dancing, interviews, public displays, now these racy photos. I love that he is who he is and
            is so comfortable with himself that whatever he chooses to do, he is confident with the fact ” he likes it” and hopefully his fans will too.

            Just watched ET and seeing him on TV with that girl model, was way better than looking at those photos. Oh his eyes and hands, I was so turned on. He defin.
            pushed my buttons………………… Tues. night ET will show parts of his music video!!

        • Dianne, I am not gay & I don’t have a definite answer, but I have an opinion. Adam has always said from his 1st coming out interview on 20/20 that “sexy is sexy”. He said he thinks woman are pretty, but he also said a few times that if he has a few drinks he kisses girls sometimes. So to me that says he appreciates the beauty of women, but if he has to be intoxicated to kiss one then he probably isn’t going to get turned on by the photo shoot. He wants to put on a show for us & entertain us. He said in the Details article that it is his job & if we find what he’s doing entertaining then he is doing his job! I don’t care what he does….I luv him!

      • So far Dianne looks like we all agree the photos are smoking hot and we love them, but our question is why he decided to do them. I think you are right about the adults only comment, maybe getting away grom the AI tag, which I think is fair enough now dont you?

        • AdamAddict says:

          Smoking hot? I say Adam is on fire!! I LOVE THIS PHOTO! Especially the red gloves! Something art in in! LOVE IT <3

          • I am with you there AdamAddict, he is smoltering hot, I am melting with the heat, BRING IT ON ADAM MY LOVE, I WANT MORE.

            • PS – Do’nt hold anything back my lovely man.

              • AdamRocks! says:

                Yeah Baby! Adam is being Adam, and I LOVE IT! Like he said, SEXY IS SEXY, and boy, he is hands down the SEXIEST MAN ALIVE! !! He’s having fun, and I’m along for the ride! Who’s with me??? 🙂

                Cindy in MS
                Glamb #37

                • AdamRocks, I’m along for the ride tooooooooooo. He’s having fun, we’re having fun.

                  Sexy is Sexy, Sexy is back and Sexy is Adam.
                  Confident, Handsome, Intelligent, Compassionate,Talented and soo much more…………………

                • Silvana/Argentina says:

                  Cindy and Mary C.,

                  I’m with both of you. HE IS THE SEXIEST MAN ALIVE. And sexy is sexy, no matter what.
                  I love these pictures and I’m sure they were well thought. He is a risk taker but I’m sure he didn’t jump into this without giving it a bit of thought before.
                  He IS redifining SEXY and HOT.

                  • AdamAddict says:

                    YES CINDY,I’M COMING! RIGHT BEHIND YOU! If you see pink vespa scooter,well that’s me!! Wait up!! Vroom,vroom,vroom,ah crap,I can never catch up with this thing! I just walk,I think I’ll be faster! LOL 🙂

                • We are all with you AdamRock, and enoying every bit of it.

                • Yep, Cindy! That sounds like a ride I want to be taking for sure!!!!!!


                  Glamb #20

                  • Lisette here..bonsoir..still in pain (onehand typing)..but to say petit hello an send affections an bisous to all glambs an of course Adam..nous angel d’musique..ah,la,la thes photo abovre vraimente is very vogue,chique,sensual..tresbeau an so like Adam..avantgarde perfection!!An of course last ones in thet magazin with le femme..oh,la,la be still ma couer.Adam exudes sensualitie,masculinitie,sweetness,as only he can..an pardon but even in racy photos..one particular photo licking le femme..he resembles Elvis here..anyone agree?No mattre Adam despite le preference monbeau..vous etes 100 percent l’homme here..an can park yur designer shoes at ma maison anytime..anywhere..ah oui thinq is my pain meds ..or possible just me reacting to thes photos!An sureli all glambs have espressed in many posts how they adore them.Adam gets bettre as time passes..an as always I av say can be if Michelangelo were vive in his frescos an paintings ..vraimente..a masterpiece,perfection..le modern “David” truli!!J’adore Adam ..many blessings always for all an look forward to Adam’s cd,an time for miracles..his voix is ethereal,soft,celeste,an bit of ciel de terre..heaven on earth..agree gals?!!!Luv always Lisette..(even in pain here…I feel joie an lit just thinqing of Adam Lambert..legende of millenium,prince of heartes an always an angel dans ma vie…J’etaime toujoursxoxox

                • Dianne Hill says:

                  Yep AdamRocks, I am definitely along for the ride. Count me in, I will be bringing up the rear giving Emili a push on her Vespa.

                  • AdamAddict says:

                    LMAO!! I don’t have a vespa…yet!LOL! But glad my Glambs sister willing to help me out here! hahaha! That will be embarrassing. I know how that feels!One time,we from grandma’s house going back to home.5 sisters and parent,so dad ride a van.And the van broke down in the middle of the road!That time was Hari Raya celebration so we all wearing malaysian costumes,very polite,with shawl and all.We 5 sister have to go behind the van and push the van.We all like transformers!From ladylike,pulled up our “long skirt” and “Yaaaargh!” I think we skerd some people.Haha!I didn’t do like my sisters did. I was too embarrass and busy trying to cover my face!Oh, to make it worse and more embarrass,it happened in toll way…toll road?The one the cars have to get in line and pay!!You know how many cars were there?It scars me for life!! I’m no kidding,seriously it happened! 🙁

    • I guess this is what i was trying to say.

    • Contary to what most believe, well not most but a select few, Adam didn’t turn ME off. For some insane reason he turned me ON! I can’t stop staring at those photos, especially the tongue one. Sorry but I don’t think these pics will turn most off. Many more will be turned on in ways we won’t or maybe even want to know about. LOL

  4. Where’s the poll? I love the pictures but I think some Mother’s with tweens will not be too happy.
    Think it would have been better to have waited longer say a year from now.
    Hope it doesn’t turn off some loyal fans. I’m 60 and personally I loved it, but I would pretty much like anything he would do, except maybe this scenario with a man. Not so much!
    I will buy the issue though.

    • Tweens? What do they see on TV, maybe MTV is different from ours but the most riskee videos are American ones in my experience. Kids aren’t blind. Wasn’t Mylie shaking her butt last week?? And a lot of those hip hop vids have women with high cut legs, minimal cover, boobs jutting out, poses and dances which are more crude than erotic.. IMO

      • Nowadays you do see everything on tv and videos, including songs/videos suggesting male/male or female/female. When I was young, that was unheard of. Things have changed obviously.

        I love ADAM no matter what he does. He seems to have a good head (no pun intended!!!??) on his shoulders, and I’m sure that he gave this alot of thought. This is ADAM’s life, and he doesn’t want to be something that he’s not! I think that what alot of us are afraid of is that as much as we love him as he is….we don’t want anyone turned off by what he does. We want everyone to love him as much as we do!
        There will always be people who will criticize but the Glambs will love and support him always!

    • I go back and forth. It is not sexy to me, it looks contrived and posed and no affection,just tongue and naked female. I love Adam, but for a young teen girl-I think romance and tenderness and affection photos are better. And, tho I have gay friends, I don’t like public displays of affection-actually, not from anyone. A Reese Witherspoon is a good public image model for young women. I think the nude was for the marketing and sale of Details magazine publishers, not for Adam fans. Homophobes will attack it-they do everything anyway, so it’s their own low vibes will bring them yuk experiences, no worries, and I absolutely support Adam 100%-so I will purchase the magazine because it will show Details that we Adam fans are strong in numbers and loyal.

  5. I put up a poll to see how many people would answer it about the new single Time For Miracles.
    Check it out and vote. Just posted it at this site.
    Hope this works.

  6. irish1139 says:

    The photoshoot was business for Adam. He is a superstar. He thinks women are beautiful and he has many women as best friends. I thought he was very respectful and it was a sexy, sexy shoot. Every girl in America would like to have been that model.

    What would you say if he appeared in a movie married to a women and having a family. He is an actor and a good one. Does he have to deprive himself of good parts because it is opposite a woman. I don’t think so. That is unfair to him and unfair to us who really appreciate the talent of this man. I want him to be able to take any part, any photoshoot, sing any song, and do it the Adam way. This man is the greatest talent of this generation. I want to see him with everyone doing a brilliant job at whatever is asked of him.

    Don;t mean to sound snippy, but I don’t want Adam to refuse to do anything because he might offend somebody. That is their problem, not his.

    • I agree, many of the gay early Hollywood actors pretended to be straight to the point of marrying women they did not love in that way and made Hollywood wives very unhappy. Better the way it is now.

    • Irish you said it all. I believe the same as you. Adam knows when not to accept something he doesn’t want to do. More power to Adam is what I say. Get yourself out there while the iron is red hot!

    • irish1139, Adam is Adam and he may offend some people, and others will respect and love what he does. I doubt he will ever refuse to do anything based on maybe being offensive.
      Look at what he has done in his past young life already. The man is defin. his own person.
      It just wouldnt be him if he couldnt do what his heart wanted.

  7. irish1139 says:

    Has Adam ever done anything that didn’t turn our beautiful? I thought those pictures were beautiful and tender and loving. We never even saw a boob. His hand was covering it. Look for the beauty in those pictures. Really look. I think you will find it.

    Also, I understand some gay men like threesomes. Two guys and a girl. I don’t know why Adam’s pictures would bother them. This is business people.

    • Those pictures are beautiful. I mean I really can’t stop looking at them. If they were not beautiful I wouldn’t stare so much at them. Making my hubby jealous, but then he likes looking at that woman so we are both happy! LOL

  8. amdamtawnia says:

    As alway he will rise to the top. And if it was not off the wall it would not be Adam. He is alway true to his self. I love him for who he is. He is right he alway find away to make happy. He is s very smart man and he know what he is do to make to the top. And if you don’t like it you are not s true fan. I will stand by him to the end. I don’t care if he is on top or end. He is the greats singer a live in my book. But don’t get me wrong he is sexy and I don’t care if he if gay not . I love him to death do us part! Fan for life! All is love <3

  9. Glambertcraze says:

    Just saw the pictures on you tube. WOW, my heart is stillll pounding.
    I am with irish1139, I think Adam should do whatever he wants and feels is right. He has NEVER disappointed us yet. He always thinks of his fans. He just said in an interview that he hopes he can meet his fans expectations.
    Oh Adam, I don’t think you could do anything but meet all our expectations plus give us what we don’t yet know we want. You keep surprising us in the way only you can do.

  10. amdamtawnia says:

    I need my glambert # please I have try everything.

    • Did you go to

      adamunofficial.com/glambs and follow the steps at the top?? Give it a few days for the staff to catch up then go back to same page and scroll down for your number.

  11. Having done many commercials and plays opposite gay men who were gorgeous and many became my best friends I don’t find any of this bothersome
    All my gay friends adore a woman who is attractive and open to friendships which very often last a lifetime
    They appreciate my getting dressed up to go out with them and always compliment me on my outfits but it has nothing to do with being turned on and sexual
    They are the best caring friends I have ever had in my life holding down good jobs, not just in theatre
    Unfortunately I lost a lot to aids in the late 80’s and early nineties before we really knew what hiv was really about
    My wedding party consisted of mostly gay men who at that time had not come out
    This is why I support Adam wholeheartedly and always will. What a gift to the world
    I hope all this dies down soon and we can concentrate on his enormous talent
    Sorry if this is a bit heavy and that the Age of Aquarius will soon come about please we need love and understanding very much at this point in the world

    • OH Brenda, you made it!! Welcome and so happy to have you here now!! You have given us a firsthand experience which we all need to take seriously. I have only a couple of gay men friends but several women who are my neighbours. I appreciate and respect them as much as anyone. Life is hard enough for those who are a minority in any way. Tolerance is the word!!

      • Terry thank you for finding me and replying
        I have done all you said and am just waiting for my Glamb number so that I can get together with you and wake up Vancouver to our wonderful Adams Assets
        I seem to have been freed today and have posted quite a bit on a few sites and had replies It is so encouraging and exciting
        Love to you Brenda

    • My daughter is gay so I know what you are saying, and it is true. I had a gay best friend, when he went against what was him and married a straight woman to make his family happy it tore my heart out. This straight woman was my sister. It tore her heart out too, she thought she could change him. Oh if only she knew……….he is gone now, not aids but from other methods and to this day I will not let THAT happen to my daughter. I stand behind her. Her father thinks it is a phrase she will outgrow, he is stupid and ignorant and he is losing out the best person I know. My luck , his sorrow. That is why I am so happy Adam is true to himself. I hope he never compromises for noone.

      <3 Adam, you rock!

      • AdamAddict says:

        Wow,Trish,is this real story? I read lot of comments and I hear lots of stories from my Glambs family here. Some of you really make me feel tiny! You are one of them,Trish! Your daughter is very lucky to have you as her mother! Adam rock and you rock too,Trish!! <3 mwah!

      • Trish,
        Your daughter is very lucky to have you for a Mom…support and love is what you give her. Adam is very lucky too….a Mom and Dad and Brother who accept him, support him and love him. I think, thru Adam, lots of people are becoming more tolerant of each other…no matter what their situation. Old and young, male and female, gay and straight, doesn’t matter….we should love each other and respect each other!

      • Trish what a blessing you are sharing your story. Have seen so many tragedies in my rather long lifetime like you described.. but I have also seen many young gays thrive like Adam because of supportive parents like you. I pray that your husband comes around It usually takes men a lot longer to work through their feelings.
        So glad we have Adams families love and support to give you hope for a miracle in your relationships Lovely meeting you see you again I am sure

  12. could have left a few out , I think he wants the money he was offerred. I still love him though. lol

    • I honestly do not think money was the motivator. He has loads of deals in the works and got a six figure for his 19 Recording contract, not to mention the money that will roll in soon from the album.

    • I disagree. There is nothing wrong with what he did. Why can’t others realize that? He wasn’t naked so……..

  13. TheFeyNan(Nancy) says:

    I think it goes back to what we heard in so many interviews, when they ask him the same old questions, that would make us mad, because we were tired of hearing them. He would reply “I am an Entertainer”, or “this is a singing competition”. Well apparently, whether it is singing, acting, dancing, or MODELING, Adam does it his way, and gives it his ALL. I commented in the last thread of the “Shock & Awe” factor, That Is Adam!!! That is why we love him so…he is just too damn good, at anything he does..lmao….Perfection!! That’s our man. As to why? Only Adam knows. Maybe he will tell on one of the interviews, but I personally just see the man as working, making a living at what he is, an Entertainer. I am also, so thankful that he is finally, after so many years of struggling receiving the acclimation’s he so rightly deserves… He Is Mega Talent, In A Most Beautiful Human Mold…and from what we hear Inner Beauty as well…And right now everyone wants a piece of Adam Lambert…as Randy would say “You Are Hot Tonight”…..Blessings 2 all…nancy

    PS. Jeanette…I Loved… “The Devil’s in the Details”..Title..lol

  14. Glambert 2601 says:

    Hope we can get the magazine here downunder. Otherwise we need the fan in USA to buy it for us. Anyone offering?

    • Evette #419 says:

      Glambert 2601
      I could try and pick you up a copy of Details if you would like. They have this month’s at B&N. So I have my fingers crossed for next month. If you would like me to give it a try, please e-mail Jeannette and she will set it up!!

  15. I feel uncomfortable with Adam taking this route. True, he is not afraid to do anything, but this could eventually hurt his reputation, especially being that many of his fans are teenagers. I feel he would be much better off “teasing” his fans rather than “going all the way.” To me, it’s more exciting to leave things like that to one’s imagination.

    • Dianne Hill says:

      Candace, I don’t see this as “going all the way” at all, if that was the case I think Adam would have been butt naked too, Oh that I am dying to see. I think this was the biggest tease and turn on that I have ever seen. I loved it, I saw it all yesterday (I made many comments on that thread) and had an absolute ball, I couldn’t stop myself going back every so often for another look. He is as hot as hot can be, just gorgeous.

  16. MyBoyAdam says:

    Who cares why he did the shoot? Thanks goodness he has fantastic modeling opportunities. America’s Top (Male) Model – ADAM!!!! There is no reason to go all prudish IMHO.

    • can u see me?

      • Dianne Hill says:

        Marie, I can see you, do you have anything else to say, LOL. I think I have seen you twice now on this thread, are you waiting for something?

        • AdamAddict says:

          LOL!Yes marie,we can see you,we can hear you,loud and clear!Wassap,buddy? He is like a model,agree!Not only the look but how he posed!He looks so relax and comfortable!He said he dind’t like the way he looked when he was in high school,that’s why he changed and look pretty!He said he had acne and over weight!The girls in school must be shock seeing him now! Which remind me to Patrick Dempsey.I saw the picture when he was young,he was super nerd.Now he’s very famous and handsome! If we all can turn back time,we better don’t date those cute guys,we better find ourself the guy with acne and over weight.He might be the next top model! 😀

        • LOL ……..Yeah can see you twice now…………now what Marie?

      • marie, come out come out whereever you are, hide and seek????
        I can read you , but see you?? did you post a picture??

        • AdamAddict says:

          LMAO!! Mary C,what you said make me laugh out loud and it’s 5 am. I better cover my mouth! ~Where R U,marie??? Shhh ~giggle~ 😛

          • Emili!! When do you ever sleep? Do you just hang upside down in your room like a little cute bat??? and fly down to type? haha

            hugs from Terry

          • Well what the heck, not sure what marie means?? maybe soon??
            Yes, AA do you ever sleep, you are a Glampiress arent you? you crack me up too.

  17. Adam is enormously aware of what he is doing and why he is doing it, incredibly poised to take risks, unbelievably in possession of himself and all his physical gifts, and astoundingly able to direct his will into any direction he wishes to take. Despite all that happened in the 60’s and all the shift in attitudes that occurred, sexuality is still, and probably always will be, a controversial issue. Adam has decided to turn the world over on its ear, just as soon as he got out on his own. He is following in the time-honored footsteps of all the rock stars before him who have tried to do the same thing. Adam is part of the change that is happening NOW, in fact, he IS the change that is happening now. He has successfully captured our attention, and we are willing to follow. He has something in mind, and he’s going to make a lot of waves doing it. We have all become so moderate as we got older that we forgot what it was to follow a controversial rock star! Remember John Lennon, Mick Jagger, Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendricks, Janice Joplin, David Bowie…we forget that we are following someone who is young, who wants to be on the razor’s edge of change, inventing shocking new ways of self-expression. This is probably the first time in history when a huge audience of people old enough to be Adam’s grandparents have magnetized so completely to a young performer’s rising star. We are at one and the same time, both his worried parents and his adoring fans! We haven’t seen the half of what he is going to do! Just as when Elvis first thrust those hips out and swiveled on his toes and shook out his legs, rockin’ all over the stage, Adam Lambert is going to thrust out his hips, stamp out those big boots of his, shake out his legs, and throw back that head of black hair and shake up the world. People are going to be upset, some people are going to be offended, others will be spiteful and angry, but the vast majority are going to be thrilled with his daring offensive moves. Adam is, and always will be, far ahead of us. He has seen what will be, and he will be the one making the changes. Don’t worry, this is who he is, and who he was born to be. He was born to be wild, he was born to bring change into the world, and he was born to be at the very center of a fierce and raging storm, and all we can do is hold on for dear life on the hottest, wildest, craziest ride we have ever been on! And this is just the beginning, this boy hasn’t even started yet!

    • Here is the article on ‘Mr. L’ in Adam’s own words. Some of the pictures from the Details photo shoot are included with their interview. Adam makes some very honest statements in the article:


      • Thank you again for your beautiful words, Lorrin! Once again, you have captured what so many of us are feeling about and for our Adam! LOVE it and HIM!


        Glamb #20

    • Oh my, dear Lorrin, you’ve done it again! You’ve woven a magic spell with your words… and you have described Adam perfectly, as usual.

      luv and hugs


    • LibraLamb7 says:

      YES!!!YES!!!YES!!! Lorrin, you have GOT IT…oh so right!!! I’m ready to ride this ADAMcomet to the outermost edges of the universe! He knows exactly what he’s doing.. and doing TO us…and you know he’s LOVIN’ IT! We who came of age in the 60s, we who were the original generation “Born to be WILD”, we who watched the dawn of the Age of Aquarius…Peace, Love, Rock n Roll…We KNOW! We recognize & appreciate the unique charismatic appeal & monumental talent that has been wrapped up in Mr Adam Lambert….once in a lifetime…and I’m just so grateful that he’s come in MY lifetime…

      Thanks to you, Lorrin, for always saying so beautifully what I feel in my soul when I experience anything Adam.


      • Lorrin, you’we done it again! Love your post – awesome!!!!!

        • Me too Libralamb! I am older, being a ‘war baby’ and I missed out on all the hiippie stuff, free love and all, (married and doing the Suzy Homemaker thing) but I am so glad still to be on this earth while Adam is here entertaining us.

          If you think back, those singers mentioned above and others were so wild and so drug addicted, some off and on, and some just couldnt escape it and paid the ultimate price of death.

          Adam dabbled in drugs earlier on but said it wasnt worth it, the way he felt for two days afterward. (so sensible IMO) and he is doing all these glorious things basically drug free!

          You go, guy!!

    • Lorrin thank you for that. Always look forward to hear what you are going to say. Magical indeed.

    • TheFeyNan(Nancy) says:

      Amen Sister…

    • You said it all

    • AdamRocks! says:

      YAY Lorrin! 🙂

      But, (in my best Simon Cowell voice) did you LIKE the pictures???

      Cindy in MS
      Glamb #37

    • I love this post, Lorrin. Sometimes I think you tend to “over-deify” our boy but you have really hit the mark today!

      Our Adam is a very naughty little boy, isn’t he??? And don’t we just love it!!!??!

      I must say, when I saw the one Details photo of him with the model wearing only stockings, I had a dual response. One was, “Why the hell is doing this? He doesn’t have to do this”. The other response, was, well, erotic and immediate! MMMM.

      Then, I read that Details is doing a contest for a photo shoot with Adam, and well, I imagined just how I would like to be photographed with Adam. It’s definitely R-Rated, I can tell you that!

    • Lorrin, Love your comments. Adam is whats happening now! He was born to be It for us right now
      and a long time to come.
      Adam Rock On

    • Helen/Canada says:

      Beautiful as always Lorrin and right on. I read an interview where Adam was asked what other generation would he have liked to be in, if not this one. He said he would have loved to be born in the fifties to be a teenager/young adult during the summer of love! We were there, we know!

    • cheryl 334 says:

      LORRIN………………Great article!!!! Absolutely understood! Leave it to you to bring it all together like this. Love it!

  18. O.K. IMHO- I know everything Adam is doing right now is a business move- he said it in the article, and he said “Iam playing it SAFE right now to not turn off certain fans.” I do agree with Candice this MAY BE too much too soon for most. We know Adam does everything to make a statement! All his music he sang on AI made a statement too.
    Now having said that, I am a make up artist and work with many gay men. SOME- O.K. SOME that I Know are attracted to women too! and they go both ways. They are always flirting, and trying to get with women too. They are just very sexual and sexy people. Like Adam had said “SEXY IS SEXY , IT DOES NOT MATTER”. I believe that Adam is definitely BI. He said he has already acted on it, made out with them, loves women, thinks their hot, and quoted from Rolling Stone- Will have sex with women, just not sure if he wants it to be with a groupie or someone he knows.

    In the Details article he talks about the gorgeous women who slithered up to him and was kissing him on his neck and turned him on, AND HE SAID “I would have made out with her if I had had some cocktails too”. A true Gay man is NOT turned on sexually by women at all. You can see him gush and light up like a christmas tree when he is around certain women he is attracted to. He is LOVING the attention HE IS FINALLY getting from women and is RIPE AS A CHERRY to get busy, if he hasn’t already with a women!. Adam had discussed his insecure past acne, over weight. Some Gays I know were brutalized by bitchy girls in their youth and being extra sensitive just closed up. When they find their confidence, the intimidation is gone. Please this is not to offend anyone, just my abservation in combination knowing some gay men. I do think this photo shoot was his statement!

    • Great analysis Summer, and I tend to agree with you, when is the question and will it be private??

    • Summer I had to reread your post twice to really understand where you are coming from. I loved what you said but just hope Adam never gets taken advantage of. In any way, business or otherwise. Any man, gay or straight appreciates a beautiful woman. If they are turned on by one, then I agree they are not 100 percent gay. But the key point to the article on what Adam said was: he had to be drunk to make out with her. Doesn’t that tell you he isn’t bi? It tells me he isn’t. Or he isn’t sure. Not exactly sure which. Just my opinon.

      • Trish, I know gay guys who do sleep with women too. They Love sex and are turned on by both! I don’t know how, but it is fact. Adam seems to have been very shy and intimidated with women in his youth. He talks openly about being very lonely and confused. I have a gay cousin (girl) and gay nephews too. This has always been a subject up for debate, but will only get resolved if someone does a very open and honest documentary with gay and bi sex people and how THEY arrived at their choice or path.

        Adam has been honest to everyone that he is BI-curious and said he wants to be with a women! He has even said straight out to certain women as he gushes and flirts ” you are definitely making me Bi-curious”! He said it WILL happen, just does not know with who. I don’t believe this is for plublicity, because how he does gush, flirt and light up around certain women and he is so turned on by all the feamle attention and loves it. Adam IS VERY SEXUAL, so why is it so hard to believe he wants equal opportunity? The all-gay men I know don’t even want a women to get too close to them, they are fun, but not Flirty. And they WOULD NOT KISS WOMEN EVER!

        I think Adam would need to experience a women with someone he cared about, not a groupie, so he really gets the explosive experience and connection. Adam NEEDS to connect with everything, people, your eyes when he talks to you , his voice to the lyrics when he sings, his body when he dances. He is very emotional. He already knows sex with a stranger is not so great. I hope he makes the right decision when the time is right for him.

        Here’s one fact for sure–IF ADAM ever does have sex with a women he is connected to and cares about, and finally feels the indescribable gift that God intended him to experience, he WILL want more!
        You can be sexually gratified many different ways, BUT anatomy/biology speaking there is no duplication for feeling of the penis in the vagina explosion. A true awesome indescribable GIFT from GOD to enjoy.
        My opinion.

        • Summer, Love your connection description ! To a T!!!!!
          My eyes opened wide with belief in your last paragraph. No duplication for that feeling what so ever.
          Adam will experience this , if he hasnt already. He is taking the steps to this next journey in his life
          I feel it , those with opened minds see it too!
          I do so hope it is with someone he is very much in love with and the connection is deep and he is
          totally fulfilled. Everything is lining up in a row for him, things happen for a reason and the
          timing will fall into place!

          • Having just read a few sites regarding human sexuality, I agree with you two. Adam loves to love and be loved, he loves a companion. He also loves sex, and though later then most men, he is in his prime regarding sexual exploration.

            Some of the articles said that it is more than just mental or physical, it also includes psychological and sociological leanings. Nowadays we know two same gendered people can make a successful couplehood and even have a family. Adam may be enough ‘white bread’ as he himself has stated, to want a traditional family in the future, and that will only happen if he finds a woman to whom he is not only sexually attracted to but whom he sees as a good friend and companion. The whole package.

    • TheFeyNan(Nancy) says:

      Grt Comment..Summer..gotta go to work, all you Glambs have a grt day..I am sure this board will be full by the time I return…

    • Summer, looks like you are in the same boat with me and Cheryl and Silvana, not quite sure who else! Totally agree with you. Surprise Surprise.

    • cheryl 334 says:

      SUMMER…..I could not agree more!!! You have repeated my sentiments that I’ve expressed for many many months. I have thought Adam was at least bi, but never totally just born gay. I have never backed away from my view and feelings. I have studied everything Adam has said and done. I have paused my DVE and gone sec by sec watching every move, every word he speaks. I could not understand why more people have not felt the same way. I am not against gays in any way. But, I do not feel or think Adam is very simply gay. He loves women too much, is turned on by women and definately NOT turned off by women. To say he MAY go further with women, is a STUNNING statement in itself. Why would he say that if he were gay? He says what he feel and thinks, we have all learned. Why is it that so many refuse this statement of his?

      Thanks for adding your voice here!

  19. Yep, Lorrin and Summer that about sums it up you gals have said it all so well.



  21. AND ANOTHER MUST SEE!! HOT off the press an hour ago!


    • OMFG is right!!!!! OMFG! Holy s**t!!!!

      What a video! Those Detail photos are amazing! First of all, I must say that I HATE the model!!! How could she just lay there and let him do that without grabbing at him!!!! Whew! *faint*

      • AdamAddict says:

        I like the part na na na na na! LOL! Cute! BUT LOVE the rest! HOT!! It’s had been days now,throw that girl some cloth for god sake.She still naked!WTH??!! Oh Adam,we all need to do body check up!My heart getting weak lately.Can’t take this anymore. Maybe we all need to do it every once in a month! make it week!Darn,that smoking hot dance….make everyday then! ~sigh~

      • OH OH OH! Love Machine for surrrre!! Wow, hot is right! Great editing job too!

    • TheFeyNan(Nancy) says:

      Grt share, Summer…she did an awesome job, matching the lyrics to the clips. My daughter has a program to make these vids..I am going to give it a try….Thanx..

    • Thanks Summer….Great vid….great songs and great Adam moves….I love the end where he’s holding his breath…TOO FUNNY !!!!

    • cheryl 334 says:

      SUMMER………………..Both vids exceptional, to say the least!!!! Adam is one brave sensual soul!

    • Phew! that’s the hottest vid I’ve ever seen thanks (And I think my computer thoought so too as it had a mental breakdown poor thing It has recovered with some TLC)
      Hugs Brenda

  22. One more treat

    Magic lady did this for me to Adams fav song in slow motion!


    • GLAMB#474 kimber says:

      There’s no way AI can top ADAM!!!!

    • Summer….this is my FAVORITE VIDEO…..I love the song and Adam in slo mo is sooooooooooooo HOT !!!!

    • cheryl 334 says:

      This is my favorite! Thanks Summer!

    • GLAMB#474 kimber says:

      Okay, I love this song, it’s the best for me . this video and the very last one you posted are the best. I don’t know how long I’ll be here maybe awhile, but these 2 vids I’m referring to are insanely and outrageously freakin’ sex all the way !!!!!! Thanks again Summer. Is there any way to add them to a myspace?

  23. Just when I think I’ve seen the best — Not a chance– OH MY! Here’s our OBSESSION! I’m Done!


    • Summer,
      Aren’t you late for work???? LOL

      • OH Summer, another excellent video! So much glambulge in this one, and surprise. Adam really kissing a girl even if it is on stage, and looking like he means it.

        Anyone know where that kissing ciip is from? I want to see it!!

        • Terry, that is from Wicked, its on you tube, or I know it used to be.

        • GLAMBULGE!! HAhahahahaha–I LOVE it– More then that–He looks like he has a full hard on STUFFED IN THAT LEATHER!! He is definitetly making love to us on stage and getting very GLAMBULGED– whewww! Come to Mamasita!!

          • GLAMB#474 kimber says:

            IDK, I think there might be some full boys goin’ on. lol. Let’s help the poor guy! LOL!!

    • GLAMB#474 kimber says:

      No way in hell is AI going to top that man- ADAM LAMBERT!!!!!

    • Summer, dear Summer thanks for all these sexy sexy videos. I;m at work, my face is red hot,
      all this humping, thrusting, pelvic shimmies, facial expressions I’m so overwhelmed…………….
      Oh ohoh oh oh.

    • cheryl 334 says:

      This is my favorite!!! Obsession! Indeed! Thank you!

  24. Evette #419 says:

    They say there is no bad publicity. Its got everyone talkin’ ! On a personal note I loved the shoot. Course I’m a little biased.

  25. I LUUUUUUUUUUUUV the sexy photo shoot!! Like I heard someone say, he likes d**ks, but boobs don’t scare him, LOL I think it may have been his way to tell everyone that even if he is gay, he can see beauty in women also. Pretty is pretty and sexy is sexy, as he would say. I think it was very well done. It’s artistic, nothing is really showing, and damn! Any girl here don’t wish they were the one he touches like that?? LOLL

  26. Jane Parker says:

    Love it all!!

    ADAM is the be all and end all!

    Keep it going boy!!! WE all love it!!

  27. helloo everyone!
    Just posting to say that these pictures kept me awestruck for 30 min!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOT and STEAMYYYY!!!! ouuuf!!
    And i’m sure what’s to come is going to be even hotter, so prepare yourself, glamberts! 😀

    PS: @Dana, the picture in the original post, where is it from? can you please post the link? It’s the first time I see it! Thanks

  28. GLAMB#474 kimber says:

    Smart, sexy, can sing like there is no tomorrow, I don’t know why every entertainment news shows just give all the cover stories to ADAM and to hell with the rest of hollywood! This man is the ultimate star!!! Even Pitt, clooney, and any other doufass can’t top ADAM!!!!! I love his new photos, even if it’s not me : (

  29. Ok, I know I’m the only one, but I actually do not like the photo in this post, although I love the setting.

    It looks like he’s picking his nose with a red rubber glove. There, I’ve said it. A 1000 apologies! LOL.

    • AdamAddict says:

      Whaaat? Man, why….,why girl? ~sigh~Why must you ruin in for me?Picking his nose? Really? Well….he still looks sexy though! I don’t care what he’s picking,bring it on,Adaaaam!! yaa taa!! 🙂

  30. earlzagurl4u says:

    1-20-09 {when we saw it} Randy Jackson: “Don’t be skerd!” Adam Lambert {swaggerin’g in} “I.m not skerd!”

  31. ADAM is singing Mad World on General Hospital…just song no video

  32. Yahooooooo! ADAM is everywhere!!!! They played the song at the end of General Hospital…..him singing it! Earlier in the show, they played just the piano part of song. Wonder if they’ll do it on Tues also.
    So exciting!!!! ADAM STORM IS HERE!!!!

    • It’s getting very exciting…..I saw Adam and the Details photo shoot on Entertainment Tonite just a little while ago….he commented “he delved into it” !!!! HE SURE DID !!!! He’s going to be showing up EVERYWHERE……AND THE SOONER THE BETTER !!!! The whole world needs to see and appreciate him !!!!

  33. One CUTE NEW interview awww!
    One NEW HOOTTTT, SALACIOUS–ORGASMIC VIDEO My heart, my heart- pounding, no control HELP!



    • GLAMB#474 kimber says:


    • GLAMB#474 kimber says:


      • GLAMB#474 kimber says:


        • Watch carefully at his jaw drop in shock when he looks down and sees Allison wearing his thong underwear. Then he looks elated & can hardly hold back the laughs as they play together and sing. He is lovin it and is having so much fun. Great moment caught on film. The rest is just HOOOTTTT!

          • GLAMB#474 kimber says:

            Oh yeah! That was at the finale, at Manchester. I loved the comment he made after the backup singer spanked him with the chicken and threw it , then ADAM picked it up and said ” oh! what a lovely cock “. something to that affect. And I fell in love all over again when ADAM stood and stared at Allison, then like a true gentleman, he embraced her hand with a kiss. OOOOOHHHHH!!!! If only there were more gentlemen in this world. A gentleman I’d like to spank!! LOL!!!

            • GLAMB#474 kimber says:

              I think I’m stuck here on this thread cause I can’t get over this video and the other one I like. Oh ADAM lick that mic, rub that bulge, I certainly hope his future concerts are just like this and even more!!!! I will cum prepared, absolutely no camera!!! Don’t want to be distracted. There may be some performance involvement(dancing w/ ADAM on stage), and I’m volunteering. I could sure use a big hug from ADAM right now, with a bulge pokin’ at me.(yes i’m talking to myself and to ADAM). Maybe he will hear me. ADAMMMMMM!!!!!!!! HUGGGGG!!!!MEEEEE!!!!!PLEASE!!!!!!!!

  34. Summer, you have just made my night with these SEXYYYY links. Oh My God!

  35. Kimber- HAhahahahahahahahahah– I can’t stop laughing!! YOUR WELCOME

    I know-I know I know I KNOW!! Adams freaking driving me CRAZY too- he has me burnin, throbbin, pulsating, aching, lusting, orgasmic, WET- F.M- F.M – NOW — he is walking sex and no one has salacious moves like him or gets my heart pounding so hard or gets me HOT like this just watching him. In the first few seconds – I’m losing it. I need a detox! I am stunned that a far off Man I don’t even know has me surrendered under his possession like this. I am the one in control, but not now! How did this happen?? Does he really KNOW WTF he is doing to ALL of us?? Do you think he even really has a clue??
    SOOO very happy for all of you, that I have a place to share the crazy way I feel and you ALL understand! This has never happened to me. I’m perplexed! Thank you to ALL of you for sharing too! I don’t feel so alone.

    Ladies, I think he put us ALL under a spell after his “Burning Man Experience”.

    • GLAMB#474 kimber says:

      Don’t forget!!! The grinding,and the… uh… everything that goes with it!!!!!! Yowza!!!! OMG!!!! I am trembling like i just ….you know that feeling!!! I just love my new fantasy man,ADAM oh ADAM!!!! I think I better go take a cold shower like many others have had to.

  36. Hi Terry here in Vancouver, BC still looking for BC Glambs to join our group . See above if you are interested. We are trying to arrange a group viewing of 2012 when it comes out.

    Terry Glamb#349 or go to terry_a42@yahoo.com

  37. Lisa Smith says:

    Hi everyone…just popping in to say Hi, & encouraging all Glambs from CT to join the Glambs CT group!