We Want Adam & Adam Wants Us!

Friday, August 21st is a concert off-day, and there isn’t too much in the news, so time for some fun! I was trolling the web for Adam stuff, as we all do, and I cam across these pix. They’re old, so you might have seen them before, but they’re worth another look. From backstage at Idol, during Top 3 week. Adam’s expressions are priceless!









On a more serious note, remember that Adam wants us! He has tweeted and stated in interviews that while he appreciates personal gifts, he would much rather that fans spend their money by helping those less fortunate. If you haven’t yet read the post titled “Read This NOW! Glambs Teaming Up With Adam!!” read it now. If you’re having trouble finding the post, it was moved to the “Featured Posts” at the top of the page where the slideshow is. Watch for the “Adam Wants You” banner and click on it.

Please, please consider donating to one of the low-income classroom projects chosen by Adam. In addition to the “Lambert Loves Learning” challenge, this is a competition between select fan clubs to determine which group is the most generous.

The winner will host an exclusive private interview with Adam. So please donate whatever amount you can, and please spread the word. If you do donate, please make sure to donate through our Glambs International page via the link in the “Read This NOW” post.

Thanks from Fernando and all Glambs Fan Club Leaders!


  1. samanthaluvsadam says:

    nice pix he as some funny expressions
    keep on rockin adam we love you

  2. HI GUYS


    • Helen/Canada says:

      Very cute, Never too young to be an Adam fan. Have you seen this one yet Ofra. You may have, it’s an older one but very cute.


      • HI HELEN



    • SOMEBODY’S got Adam down to a ‘T’! This video is adorable! I’m amazed that this little guy has got the phrasing, the words, the beat, and the moves down to perfection….even the little guy’s colors are even exactly right! And those jump rope ends for microphones, too cute!

      • AdamAddict says:

        OMG,those two are so adorable!! They sharing the “mic!” Thank goodness there’s no mic stand! lol! The younger one with the dypers so cute,he looks like the cartoon in “Rugrats” but this baby boy is much way cuter! I like when he tried to copy his older brother sometimes! Remind me when Gokey tried to copy Adam! LOL! This is too cute!! ๐Ÿ˜€

      • Lisette here..bonsoir all thenks for lovli photos of Adam..an he looks soo adorable even with his bleu streak thru thet eclectic style hair.!Lorrin thenks agan for all yur kindeness on passe threads..always caring an thinq yu’re our “angel” of l’glambs for sure!An seein thet cartoon/ cute..wondre if they’ll thinq of a cartoon like Charles Schultz peanuts only with rock nroll theme..mabe some of his idols as Kris,Allison,an silly Matt alway l’clowne on his tweet when Adam’s was stolen!..Just a notion anyway!Must see video too now..thenks lovli glambs always take away any maladies..still having cold.Hugs an luv Lisette! See all latre having some chicken fricasee..xoxo

        • Lisette, you are a dear…yes, we must do our ‘angeli celesti’ work with Adam at all times together, and in all the rest of the world, too. And as you know, I always love seeing your beautiful posts on all the threads, you are the ‘silver and gold’ tracery in all the threads we weave here…Love you, Lisette..sending healing thoughts to you tonight flowing through our Western skies..

  3. TheFeyNan(Nancy) says:

    Thanx Jeanette for the post & Fernando.. I luv the pics !! Can you imagine being his stylist, because Adam likes to do his own makeup & hair…and what a fine job he does. I was just reading the review from the opera critics, someone posted on one of our other threads. It was dated back in May, I wonder what they would have to say now, in reference to his appealing to teens and a younger age fan base. He appeals to all ages and with this tour he is bringing them all out..their reviews of him were grt. I am dreading when the tour is over and we don’t have a daily dose of new things to discuss..we will really be tearing thru the internet searching for a tid-bit of news…lol…Okay, I have to think positive, he will be preparing for his solo tour…..yes….I would luv to be at the final concert AI does….can’t begin to imagine what that will be like. Probably the hottest we will see him, I am sure, something to hold us over…

  4. Thanks for these pictures. How about those eyebrows–more difficult to perfect than hairstyle!

  5. Thanks for posting these pics. Oh Adam and his cell phone, loves to talk on the phone! Check out
    those boots in the full view pic, cool. Yea, Nancy when this tour is over, it will be a let down, but
    there will be bigger and better things to come along. Look at all he is doing with photo shoots and
    his own album coming up. So many opportunities for him to share with us! then his solo tour! Looking forward to all
    of it.

  6. MyBoyAdam says:

    I hadn’t seen these photo’s before so thanks for posting them. I troll the Internet for Adam news too, what other reason is there for turning the computer on? It feels like he is a friend of mine that I’m keeping up with. Isn’t that funny? He’s actually someone I’ve never met and seriously doubt that I will meet yet he’s my friend or at least that’s how it feels. Anyone else?

    • so true=) otherwise i just hit my books…

    • Haha, I’ve actually known Adam for years. He is THE sweetest, kindest, most outgoing person I’ve ever met in my life <3
      I truely love him! ๐Ÿ˜€

      • Tori, did you talk to him last night? Any news you can pass along? Please please please!

        • AdamAddict says:

          I sent something at tourphotos@glambs.org
          Then I saw you put fullstop after the org.U put fullstop because it’s the end of the sentence,right? Not like there’s a fullstop after org,right? I sent without the fullstop.Is it too confusing? Because there should be no fullstop after the org or com or whatever,right? Hmm,if yes,to whom did I sent just now??!! oopps!!

      • TheFeyNan(Nancy) says:

        Victoria, weren’t you going to the show last night? I luved him in Memphis, 5th row center…I want to make the final show…I really need to quit talking about it & start making plans. If you are the same Victoria from the post I read yesterday…how was the big hug & kiss…Congrats for having such a fine & Grt friend…And we have all come to Luv him as well…He will be the brightest star shining in our universe…The boy(man) has mega, mega, talent, in all departments.

      • AdamAddict says:

        No hard feelings but we all already know that you knew Adam for a couple of years now.We know he’s the sweetest,kindest,most gorgeous,hottest,coolest, and all but now we need picture that you said you want to share with us,the “hello kiss” or something and details about the concert, please!!
        You can’t just tell us you know him and then left and then come again tomorrow said you know him and left again! My heart aching,u know? sob,sob!! And did Adam follow U in twitter? Just asking? I’m busybody! ๐Ÿ˜€

        • AdamAddict says:

          Are you really Adam’s friend??!!

          • Iyleneidol09 says:

            Ha!Ha!Ha! AdamAddict, she disappeared again! LOL!!! I think Tori is just a tease.
            If I am a friend of Adam, I wil take advantage of him! I will tell him,” hey Adam, let’s play house, come over to my house and let’s have a “tea’ party or play dolls and pretend we’re mommy and daddy and let’s sleep together…. then I will pretend, kiss him innocently….invite him to sleepover every weekend and tell mom he’s harmless. Oh Tori there’s so many ways to take advantage of that sweet, innocent gorgeous boy!!! haaa!

            • AdamAddict says:

              You know what, the truth is I AM DRAKE LABRY! Yes,I am! I just act like a girl from Malaysia to see you girls react towards MY Adam! Now that I see lots of Glambs here really love him and sincere to him,I thought this the right time to tell you my real identity!! I AM ADAM LAMBERT, BABY (AS U CAN SEE IN HIS TWEETER,HE CALL ME THAT!) ~drumroll~ I AM WHO I AM ( I THOUGHT HIM THAT) I AM DRAKE, TAA DAA!!

              • AdamAddict says:

                It doesn’t matter if Tori is really Adam’s friend or not,it’s not like she wants our money or something! So,whatever! I see no damage done so i guess i’m fine with it. I hope she tell the truth though because lots here are excited and happy for her when she said that,that includes me!! I hope she didn’t fool us! ๐Ÿ™ But again whatever,all I care is our darling Adam and my Glambs family here!!

  7. The Man (Adam) is GORGEOUS & PERFECT!! I don’t know WHY photogs “RE-TOUCH”, air-brush Adam’s Face in Pics!
    Adam is 27! Just what EXACTLY do you NEED to “re-touch” on a 27 year old?!
    I Don’t Get It!
    Thanks, for letting me Respond!

    • they air brush his face a little because he has some blemish scares from his youth.. They want him to look perfect…. we know he’s perfect blemish scares and all..

      • Iyleneidol09 says:

        Those little blemish on his face gives him character… he looked so gorgeous with or without make-up, touched or re-touched, he is just naturally beautiful, unless he is just so photogenic, but those who have seen him in person described him as more handsome, more beautiful in person..how could that be?? Tall, perfect body built and handsome! And, the moment he opens that mouth, then, that’s even a different story…

  8. adam lambert is sweet man- a likeable -friendly aquaruis sign-plus his birthyear sign is loveable
    mr. perfectionist.

  9. Glambertcraze says:

    That first photo is priceless.
    Again, what an honor to be able to watch this guys climb to stardom. I hope and pray he stays our Adam.
    My wish for him is Love and happiness!!

  10. Helen/Canada says:

    Nice pics! Just love the candid shots of him. I love that blue ring. I want one now!

  11. AdamAddict says:

    I tried to send you this picture,asking your permission to send to Adam because I accidentaly write this websites name on the drawing,then I realized,should I ask you first before I send it to Adam??!! I can’t send it to tourphoto.It failed! So I posted here,if there’s no problem,I want twitpic to him. I was hoping him to see this and know we Glambs exist and maybe he check out this sites,right? So,please answer! I’m skerd you sue me later! hahaha!!
    Glambs,what you think? I’ll do this for you guys! See how I Love you all!
    P/S; I really hope Adam can see that link!Maybe that’s all he can see. Who want to see that drawing?it’s sucks! I still haven’t send to Adam,I’ll wait the greenlight from the boss!lol! If no answer,I’ll just erase that sites name! ๐Ÿ™
    Emili, Glambs#19. Malaysia

    • Helen/Canada says:

      Did you draw that picture? You are so talented! The face really looks like Adam! Good job!

    • AdamRocks! says:

      Emili!!! Did you draw this??? I LOVE it!

      I got your email, and I’ll be replying soon. . . I just had a few minute to jump on the computer.

      Hugs and Kisses!

      Cindy in MS

    • Emili, please send your drawing to Adam! It’s soooo cute and beautifully done. We need all the promotion we can get, haha! Promise we won’t sue.

      I posted your drawing above for everyone to enjoy!

      Thanks for doing this, and thanks for checking with us.

      • AdamAddict, your picture of Adam is ADORABLE, I LOVE it, what a cute likeness of him! Really, I think you’ve created a cuter face for him than that other cartoon face already in use, and those darling little clothes, each detail so perfect. Make posters, T-shirts, anything, and get them out there…..’L’il Adam’ Rocks!

        • AdamAddict says:

          Thank you guys, I was shocked like hell Jeanette post it there! I thought I just put in a comment then who wants to see it,they have to click my link but that’s….that’s like showing off!! lol! I feel shy!!
          I will tweet it to Adam but don’t hope so high he will see it. Unless you guys help out.Paste the link in your twitter and send to him too.Doesn’t matter from who he get it as long he sees it, as long he knows Glambs exist! But ask him to give a shout out to Glambs and not you alone. I’ll be freaking jealous! lol! Because I think who live in US got better chances because can guess what time he usually tweets! But I try my hardest!! ๐Ÿ˜€

          • Emili, don’t be skerd, don’t be shy, you’re very talented – take your props, girl!

          • I haven’t had much time to visit lately, but I do consider this my “home fan site.” I love the emails in my inbox and read as often as I can even if I don’t have a chance to reply. I just donated via the Glambs for DonorsChoose.org โ€“ YAY!

            I did want to say Emili, that is clever, adorable and exceptionally well done. You REALLY captured a sense of him with that drawing. And the little details โ€“ hilarious. Congratulations! I really hope he sees it.

        • Iyleneidol09 says:

          That’s a great idea Lorrin, AdamAddict should reproduce that cartoon to make posters, t-shirts,mugs, etc. and that will make a great profit for AdamAddict to fund her trip to US to meet Adam in person!!!!!. Did you get that AdamAddict?? Lorrin is giving you multimillion Malaysian dollar idea!!! Although, she might ask for a royalty for the idea! LOL!!!!

          • What do ya say, AdamAddict? Why don’t YOU be the leading Adam accessory producer in Malaysia, and then, why don’t you try for chief Glamb in Southeast Asia, and get him over there – and then YOU would get to meet him! Anyway, as Iyleneidol says, at least you could make enough to fly over here and see Adam in concert! You could market ‘L’il Adam’ on EBay!

            • AdamAddict says:

              It’s easier to say it than do it! I don’t know how! If I know, I already did it. I’m not into this computer thing! Ebay? I know what it is but never buy anything or sell anything! I guess I have to find other way or a partnership??!! lol!!


      • AdamAddict says:

        Awww,thanks guys! You all are too sweet.I’m skerd you guys will get diabetes for that!! lol! I’ll send again and again and again!! I will always tweet shout out for Glambs! I’ll try my best! p^o^q Ganbatte!!!

    • Agaiin for some reason I cannot see a twitpic.

    • Okay Emili, I scrolled up, duh!! What a great charicature of Adam with all his stage finery! Yes, he must get to see this!

  12. AdamAddict says:

    Have you guys see Cheryl Norman,Ingrid and who else is missing? I hope they all okay! I miss them! Or they saw this DONATE and suddenly disappeared??!! Hahaha,I hope Cheryl won’t read this or she’s going to kick my butt!! ๐Ÿ˜›

    • cheryl norman says:

      ADAMADDICT, I am a peace-loving shy, timid kind of gal. You know that! Hahaha!! I have been unusually busy Thurs, Fri, today, and will be again tomorrow w/family. Just got on here and saw this absollutely adorable pic of Adam!!! You are very talented, our little comic!!! Love the picture!!!! I cannot even draw a dog!!! Truly!! I can draw a house like a 5 yr old, have not artistic abilities whatsoever in that way!!! Good thing you’ve got time on your hands!!! That pic is just too cute!!!

      The 3 pics of Elvis to Adam is soooooo cooool!!! At first glance, I thought they were all of Elvis, then thought they were Adam, then had to go back and slow down to see how awesome the middle pic of the combination of the two is!!! Extra credit to JEANETTE for that!!!!

      Emili, our comic, would like to congratulate you, my dear, for an outstanding job!!! Kudos to ya!!!!

      Lotsaluv ‘n lotsaluv!

      ps~~~oh, saw that little comment about me disappearing! Because of the fantastic pic you drew, I’m gonna overlook that little comment and just chalk it up to your being temporarily CRAZY!!!! Hahaha!

  13. Since we’re having more of a ‘slow day’ today, I thought I would post these videos from the Baltimore show, including Adam’s entire set. In all of them, Adam is at his absolute professional best, singing effortlessly, with perfect tone and clarity. In ‘Whole Lotta Love’, his delivery is astoundingly good, his rock scream at the top-of-his-lungs by the keyboards at 2:17 is perfectly controlled and his powerhouse ending is like a steam-driven locomotive. He brings down the house with his sex-god frenzy of sound, wildly sinuous ululation and banshee wail at the end. On ‘Mad World’, he is as beautiful as if he were made of alabaster, and the crowd’s ecstatic screams sound like waves and sheets of sound behind him, only adding to the terrific sense of incredible excitement surrounding him. His fabulous coat and glittering black vest lie open across the swelling expanse of his wonderfully large chest as he sits and sings with that silken, sweet voice, weaving his hypnotic spell. The Bowie Medley is the apex of Adam’s super-professional control of the songs, the stage, the audience, and the moves required to bring an audience to screaming hysteria…his mastery of this medley leaves no doubt as to who Adam Lambert really is, and that no one on the planet can touch him. On the last song, the group ending of ‘Don’t Stop Believing’ is a perfect cap to the other three performances, reminding us once again that the other idols can sing, and as a CHORUS, they are particularly effective. But when Adam and Kris rise through that floor together, all eyes are on that beautiful, shining man in the foreground, standing like the Apollo Belvedere among lesser mortals. There is simply no comparison that can ever be made to that lovely man. The fact that he can make the others believe that he is ‘just one of them’ is the testament to his supreme art. Did not gods once walk among men? And did they not cause all around them to be unable to recognize them? Yes, and this is Adam as he walks and talks and sleeps and plays with his fellow contestants, they never knowing what kind of being is among them…..and, who is their FRIEND, their kind, good friend. So, here is the whole set from Baltimore. My thanks to the dear people who took such excellent videos:

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0kYStyYHtk0&feature=PlayList&p=3B7C001556BFB3D7 – WLL

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eZrv5RmHtas – Mad World

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zo2P9eIteP4&feature=related – Bowie Medley

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Onk-BlXMVno&feature=related – Don’t Stop Believing

    • Helen/Canada says:

      OMG Lorrin, you take my breath away when you write! I have to lay down and rest before I can watch these. Thanks for sharing!

      (Are you a professional writer, if not you should be, you are extremely talented!)

    • AdamRocks! says:

      Lorrin, all I can say is ~SIGH~

      Thank you! These Baltimore videos are dear to my heart, since that’s my hometown. . . I’ve sent a bunch of them to my sisters and niece, who love Adam (but not quite as much as all of us here!). I’ve never seen a more beautiful man. . . he is THE IDEAL.

      Cindy in MS

    • Thank you, Helen/Canada and AdamRocks!, no, I am not a professional writer, but I might find my way to becoming one before this is all over. I am certainly going to give it a try, and I’ll let you know how that goes. It thrills me that writing about Adam makes you and others feel this way, because my goal would be to help further his career in some small way, and maybe help make up for the absolutely lackluster, poorly-written reviews I have seen wherever Adam goes with the tour. Perhaps these writers are waiting for the start of his own personal career, before they will begin to write in superlatives about him. But we know NOW that Adam is a superstar, and I think that now is the time to declare it, so that’s what I’m doing. If I can cause some intense and flaming moments by writing about Adam, then I have fulfilled my purpose. Thanks again!

      • AdamAddict says:

        Thank you for posting that,Lorrin but I can’t download that! It has been 5 days I can’t download from youtube.I wonder why? ๐Ÿ™

      • Helen/Canada says:

        Somehow Lorrin you have to get Adam’s attention! Maybe compiling your work and sending it to LA to his management office? He could use someone like you around him. Imagine, touring with him and chronicling his life on the road! OMG that would be fantastic!

        • Thank you so much, ladies, for your great supportive words. I actually HAVE been thinking about this dreamy idea of writing for Adam, or Adam somehow stumbling on some of my writing and wanting to find me, ha ha ha, what a hoot. In reality, he would probably really think some old lady had lost her mind! Oh well, I’m going to try for something around the 1st of September, I’ll see what happens, probably nothing, but we’ll see. I couldn’t travel with him, though, darn, too much stress for the old gal, but I might somehow manage a meeting or two, – yeah right. But it would be so fun and scary, to try….(and you know, on second thought, I might be able to manage travelling around with Adam, hey, we would be in his limousine, everything would be right there, we could talk about his life and his thoughts on everything, I could look at him for hours on end, he would rely on me to do a great write-up wherever we went, I would end up writing his biography), – probably NOT, but it’s fun to dream..

          • cheryl norman says:

            LORRIN, You would need your own assistant, too!! I hereby ‘throw my hat’ into the ring for that
            position!!!! Haha!! No, it would not be too stressful if you had an assistant! See how that would
            work????!! I’ve got it all figured out. Luv 2 ya!

            • Helen/Canada says:

              BACK OFF LADY, IT WAS MY IDEA FIRST!!! (You know, I’m kidding, right–well maybe not).

              OMG, there it goes again! I started this post and all of a sudden A Change is Gonna Come is playing on my computer!!! What’s going on???? Adam, sweetie, are you there???

              (This is the second time this has happened!!)

              • Ladies, I will try to find room for you both….Cheryl, right beside me as always with MadBert, collating, editing, Helen, my vanguard out in front, pressing us through wherever we need to be, wrangling with hotels, publisher, agents. How does that sound? And of course, limo seating with Adam is included. Elvis had his ‘Memphis Mafia’, and Adam will have his ‘Red-Hot Mamas’, or some such thing…oh, and about that spectral ‘A Change Is Gonna’ Come’ always suddenly playing on your computer at the oddest times, that’s all planned by Jeanette for shock value to make us all think Adam is somewhere in the room with us..it’s all part of that special Glamb experience you can only get here..

    • Lorrin you have an great gift, carry on writing more.

  14. Great pics. Gosh! Elvis and Adam, one word WOW!

    • AdamAddict says:

      Are you sure “wow’. I think it’s a bit creepy!! It’s like Elvis has been reborn!! 0_0

  15. The videos are fantastic, Adam gets better and better with each show, as Lorrin said, he is the God Apollo, and the Elvis picture next to Adam’s picture, the likeness is unreal, both very sexy men, great vocals, extraordinary performers. All I can say is THANK YOU GOD.

    • Toni, I found those photos of Elvis morphing into Adam just by accident on some website I came across recently, and sent them to Jeanette, and she posted them above. There’s another photo strip of Elvis and Adam I have in which they’re both wearing suits, that is equally as astonishing. I’ve got some photos in my saved ‘Adam’ file that show Elvis and Adam in almost exactly the same poses, with hands, brow, eyes body angle, expression, smile, hairline, clothing, and gestures so similar it is breathtaking. I could almost believe some supernatural event had taken place, it is so close in likeness to see them together…I know it is too strange for some people, but I find the likeness between them fascinating. But of course, Elvis was his own man, and Adam is entirely ‘Adam’. Adam is a man of this century, and his musical palette and looks are more sophisticated, and suited to this time and place. Adam is going to take us places Elvis never went…but is it not too amazing that the one who started it all, and the one who is carrying it on through the new millenium are so unbelievably alike? It will always be part of Adam’s mystique and mystery..

      • This is fascinating, with both Elvis and Adam is not just the good looks, it is the voice, the ability to create excitment as soon they set foot on the stage, the abilithy to mesmorze audiences witht their performances, and the ability to make each one of the audiences believe that they are performing just for them. What I find intriguing about Adam is there is more to Adam then what we see, perhaps this has something to do with his spriritual side. Whatever it is, it fascinates me.

        • Yes, Toni, this is exactly what intrigues me the most about Adam, he is not always what he seems, and he hides the one side and reveals the other with astonishing ease. I do indeed think it has something to do with his spiritual nature, woven in with his highly developed theatrical artistry and the innate sense of mystery which is part of his total personality. It is as though he has gathered up within himself all the stagecraft of all the preceeding ages, and is treating us to the greatest show in history, using all the technique and actor’s tricks of ages past. But even more than this, he IS each of the personas he presents on the stage; the charming boy, the laid-back kid, the mature man, the sweet-voiced blues singer, the frenzied flamethrower, the king of storms, the beguiling Pan, the beautiful Apollo, the wizard of hearts…he is a one-man travelling sideshow of extraordinary diversity and ability. I know we will all marvel as the years go by as Adam continues to pull out of his magician’s hat each of the endlessly fascinating and bewitching personas he hides in the depths of his personality. There is no doubt about it, Adam Lambert is a marvel..