Watch American Idol Streaming Live Here (NEW!)

Every Tuesday & Wednesday Adam Lambert’s Fans from all over the globe get together here to watch American Idol streaming live and chat (some of them even wake up in the middle of the night). Below is the countdown timer to remind you on when to be here. WE NOW HAVE DIFFERENT CHANNELS TO TRY – IF THE FIRST ONE DOESN’T WORK FOR YOU, SCROLL DOWN THE PAGE.


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  1. its going to be 5 am wed morning for me.. but i will be up to see it streaming if it works… i hope so,,,

    Arhus, Denmark

  2. I am from Venezuela too 😀
    Thank you so much cause we have to wait until saturday to see the show 🙁

  3. is someone monitoring this… we are not able to see anything right now… please help…


    • Yes, we are monitoring this, you were one hour early 🙂

      • I’m confused. Do I need to download something before the live streaming and if not – then which link do I have to activate do get the live streaming?

        Please…i need an answer before the show begins


  4. Mark Joefer D Suson says:

    hi guys.

  5. I’m very sleepy now, need to get some nap, but I have set up my alarm to wake me up just in time for the ADAM LAMBERT SHOW with the opening act from American Idol Finalists. I hope the streaming works just fine.

  6. Can’t wait to see live streaming, thanks guys! Got to wake up at 3am, but it will be worth it! 🙂

    • listen can u please tell me what time AL would come on live….like GMT timing or somehitng?

  7. Thanks so much for this! I am soo psiqued to see the show live. I live in Peru and have to wait till saturday to see it!

    Go ADAM!!!

  8. Im from Guatemala, yes, thanks for that live streaming

  9. this is so cool that you have american idol streaming live. i will be back to watch.

  10. what is on my mind? Adam Lambert has been on my mind since his entry to American Idol. I love Adam Lambert

  11. I would love to see Adam collaborate and tour with Canada’s own Lucas Rossi….what an elaborate show that would be! The Costumes and makeup would rock only 2nd to the vocals! 🙂

    • No kidding! Glad someone mentioned him! Lucas was great, I don’t know if they would sound good together but they definitely would have the look. Actually Adam is pretty normal looking even in all his eyeliner and awesome hair compared to Lucas ;D I keep trying to tell my friends to look up Lucas Rossi if they think Adam is creepy because then they won’t think he’s all that creepy anymore xD They all despise him and want anyone but him to win. They think he sounds the same every week. HELLO? Yeah right! That’s why I like him! He always does something different!

  12. WTF?! I’m from Canada and can”t vote…but did America forget to?

  13. I’m from Canada and can”t vote…but did America forget to?

  14. Just wanted to drop by and say hi 🙂 I will be providing one of the feeds next week! Recruit others to get back ontop and see you 5 min showtime!

  15. iloveadamlambert2much says:

    Hi adamazing ADAM s fans from all of the world. Im a Korean live in New Zealand with my good hubby. We all love Adam so much. MAD 4 ADAM :))))))))))))))))))) GO ADAM GO.

  16. Hi Im from Israel too LOVE adam and what a great ide!
    waiting intil tuseday already!
    vote for adam! (sad that i can not vote too=\)

  17. I find it so weird that being next to the US, there are just a few mexican Adam fans

    I thought there will be more, I mean we don’t watch the show that late, we watch on sturdays and sundays, but as I can speak english i watch it before that.

    But anyways, so far I’ve found just a few mexican fans.

    But whatever with me being a fan is good 4 me, and also my sister, and of course all of my friends that are obsessed with Adam thanks to me yay! =)

  18. Dimithri says:

    Heyy guys, im new here soo whoever is in charge..i have a question, how do i get to watch the live performance? does it just start streaming or do i hav download anything?? sorry, probably seems lyk a stupid question =$ not really internet savvy btw, can you post the GMT timings of the live show, or if its easier for you, the time i shud be here to watch it, cuz i live in dubai sooo…yyeeaa. Txs loadz!!
    GO ADAM!!

  19. sitting here at work in my lunch hour (in New Zealand) hoping this works!!!
    Go Adam!!! I’m sure whatever he comes up with will be wonderful as always!

  20. What time does this live streaming airs in the philippines? pls. reply… pls.. i don’t know how will i watch live streaming…

  21. VOTE FOR ADAM!!! 1866-43657-01 or 1866-43657-05
    One splitted vote means one step you push him back to bottom 2!

  22. Whoa! I’m at a Led Zepplin concert 1970’s at San Diego Sports Arena, I open my eyes and its Adam doing his best Robert Plant! I’m so glad he took Slash’s suggestion to keep it lower register. Keep voting for Adam so we can be royally entertained two more weeks. I don’t know what I will do on Tuesdays and Wednesdays after this is over? P.S. Kris looked very unhappy tonite.

  23. Ana Lambert says:

    Hi guys,

    I´m from Rio de Janeiro in Brazil and also crazy 4 Adam! Here the show is on Sats and Sunds. Thank you so much for the streaming!!!

    • Evelize says:

      Hi, guys

      Ana, I’m from Rio de Janeiro/Brazil too and also CRAZY, MAD ABOUT ADAM. I’m so glad I won’t have to wait so much to see ADAM performing. He is always on my mind, night and day. The first thought early morning and the last one at night…ADAM, ADAM, ADAM.

  24. I’m from Vietnam and thanks for the live streaming. It works well! 🙂
    I’m full prepared to vote for 2 hours. Everybody, reunite to get Adam pass this night!!

  25. YES! Adam was amazing tonight! Not the most memorable of all his performances but he will still be in the finale.
    I thought Kris did a good job, and Danny needs to go. VOTE VOTE VOTE for Adam! I am SO glad Simon said that! Go Simon! 😛
    I have a feeling Kris will be gone but I’m REALLY hoping it will be Danny who leaves. He should have gone last week. Allison deserved this more than he does.

  26. I’m from Chile and last week I was able to watch the stream perfectly with a couple of interruptions but cool, this week, as in yesterday, it was imposible it was an terrible stop n’ go and I stayed tuned the whole hour and it wouldn’t get better. Right now I’m watching it to and it’s even worse than yesterday….
    Ijust wish you could somehow improve that so I can watch ADAMS WIN next week.
    I’m adamizingly glambertized, it’s driving me nuts and yeah…I’m getting kinda “skerd”

  27. Hi!

    I’m from Slovenia and I am just so happy that I found out that I can see American Idol live. It is 3 am when i watch it, but I’ll do everything for Adam !

    Thank you!!! Vote for him!!!

  28. Just want to remind all INTERNATIONAL FANS that you can vote for Adam on finale night. Buy an international phone card off the internet…it gives you a code to put into your landline phone…or use Gizmo5 or Skype..find them on the internet…apparently the idol phone number is free to call on these two. Adam will need his International fans to vote if he’s to win..don’t leave it to America.

  29. I’ve just downloaded Vbuzzer so i can vote for adam from abroad. Make sure you put in a West coast and an East coast zip code so they don’t know you’re calling from outside the U.S…i got a zip code for Los Angeles and New york off a google search. Let’s vote our fingers off!

  30. i’m getting those over excited gitters! Keep dancing around the house!

  31. Thanks for this oportunity!!!! i’m from Chile and i can’t wait anymore!!! i wanna see Adam on stage! lol

    GO ADAM!!!!!!!!!

  32. Janedoez says:

    Hi guys?perhaps this is not quite the appropriate chanel but i need some help.there’s too much confusion in the “power voting step 3 room”.i’ve downloaded the gimzo to vote for adam right here in Portugal but i couldn´t manage to succeed but i’m kinda they’re talking about mokifi’s it safe,dreamsound?thks

  33. Hi everyone

    I’m in New Zealand at work, the time is 2:13pm on Weds 20th May my guess is tuesdays show will start in about an hour or 2 from now. (hopeless at working out time differences)
    So i hope the live streaming works for me.
    thanks so much for the access
    kris is good but I really think Adam deserves to win and I’m looking forward to seeing whether he will repeat any songs or risk it all and go for 3 new ones.
    Sweet As

  34. tweety59 says:

    will there be any streaming of the west coast show?

  35. how does voting over and over make one a winner…it should be one vote per household. This way of voting is dishonest and doesn’t really say who likes him most, it says who has the patience to press ;’redial’ the most. I haven’t been able to get through once, what does that say about the voting system???

  36. i have to say i felt a bit sorry for both Adam & Kris with that final song.
    It was an almost nothing song and i have to say of all the Idols i have watched it was the most anti climated final song ever.
    It was clear by the judges comments short of saying “it was a crap song” Kris & Adam did the best they could with it and that it was unfair for either of them to be judged on that song.

    Kara. what were you thinking.

  37. Actually, I’ve watched that last song a few times now.
    Adam killed it and completely wasted Kris!! (almost feel sorry for him)
    It’s tough at the top.
    Sweet As

  38. allenkylie says:

    Hi everyone, I’m from New Zealand just wanted to know what time will the finally will be showing?

  39. Echelon says:

    It says at the top that there are more channels available but I only see one…I tried to watch the last two weeks but it chops and cuts every 5 seconds and it’s practically unwatchable for me. Are there any other channels available on the net? Believe me, I have searched and searched and searched to no avail. This was the only channel I could find…and to think this is the “#1 show in America”.


  40. Emmanuel says:

    Brazil is waiting for Adam’s victory!!!

  41. hey there fellow kiwi

    I tuned in at about 3:10pm yesterday and i missed Adams first song (live that is) so provided it starts the same time as yesterday I’m gonna try tuning in from 2 or 2:30pm today
    Hope i got it right

    Sweet As

  42. Arrgh it’s alreadt started!

  43. What?

  44. So Kris Allen won.
    I do not know what to say, but I am really one time big time, disappointed of the result. Kris for me is indeed a talented

    contender, he won’t be even chosen to be part of the show if he is not. He sings from the heart and he develops his talent

    while he is on Idol. But to be honest, I could barely remember his performances… only the “Heartless” one. But the people of

    America made his choice. They voted for Kris Allen separated the two (Adam Lambert) for 1,000,000 votes. You know what’s

    funny about this? I am not pretty sure how many people around the world participated and vote for their idol. Kris won,

    congratulations, but I would rather, prefer hear the Boyce Band sing than him.

    So Adam did not win. Why? Because people think he is gay. And so what? American Idol searches for the undiscovered talents

    in the US but if American Idol wants to have a huge revenue during the show, I must say, no one in the US who has a real

    talent will win American Idol. America is not ready for the gay “Idol Winner”. Adam satisfied me or even more that I become

    his loyal fan because of his performances. He showed me that every body can sing no matter if you are black or white,

    regardless of the race and color. He made me realize that love is really a ring of fire that you can’t ask someone to love you

    and people might see the happy side of you as a person, but if they look closer it would be easy to trace the track of your

    tears. Yes. Maybe people denied to see the fact that he sings songs that have sense. Sense in the sense that it is about life

    about someone’s true feeling. If I can’t have Adam as the American Idol, well he is the World’s Idol. With the result I must

    say that this is a mad world already. I have been to many fansites and people are mad about the result. Kris could not even

    look at him straight because he himself knows that Adam deserves the title. The title might not be that important, but

    justifies his hardwork for years. He is born to be a singer. He is born to be rockstar, an opera man, a ballad singer. And he

    is born to be wild. He plays that funky music and rock our world. From the beginning, he rock American Idol.

    The show won’t be that memorable without him. It is not about Kara who wrote the freaking corny and ugly song, but it is

    Adam. Who else I can remember on Idol. Paula sang not live with her latest single. Simon who always make sense. Allison

    who is indeed a rock goddess and should be on the finale. Danny Gokey who scream like in a horror movie with his Aerosmith

    song. Megan who has a very unique and distinct voice. Tatiana a cry baby. Lil Rounds the one who sings hard but could not

    please the judges. Anoop, the Indian/American contestant. Scott the blind man. Matt the one they saved, but undeserved.

    See I could not even remember what Kris’s did. Seriously.

    Crying is what most people can do now. The fans of Adam Lambert at are crying, yes they are. But

    as I always tell them, that no matter what happens, Adam will be our Idol forever. That he will sell albums and needed truck

    to bring his money. This is our journey, but what these fans keep holding on? Their “one love” for Adam Lambert.

    Is anybody outhere? That is what Adam Lambert asked us on 2004. Yes Adam we are here and we were waiting for someone

    like you. Someone like you. Not as Freddie Mercury, Elvis and so on… but as Adam Lambert. We do not care if you are gay

    or what… we love you because of your talents. It moves us. You talent moves mountains and stop hurricanes… Your talent

    is a gift. And the only “prayer” that has not been heard, is you having the title. But that is fine. You will be a real superstar

    no matter what. Remember that we are always here to listen and amdire you. We are always here to buy your albums and

    sing your songs. We are always here to love you and support you, because no matter where we are coming from, there would

    be no boundaries to love you and for you to become our “REAL IDOL”. You are the “World’s Idol” Adam.

    Well, I just realize that American Idol will not be American Idol if someone like Kris would not win.

  45. i am from venezuela..thanks for that live streaming..i hope that it work just fine..i ll be here tom..

  46. I get the stream but only stop n’ go…what can I do?


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