Warning: HOT – The Hartford & Charlotte Concerts – A Look Back

With Adam we tend to be absorbed with what’s currently happening and what will happen in the future, since those are the things that excite us right now. However, I think we all agree that looking back can be sweet. Stewart just sent these photos from the Charlotte concert, and they’re soooooooo good that I had to post them as a special concert off-day treat.







Thank you so much, Stewart, for sharing these terrific photos with us!!!

Lruch also sent in these pix from the Hartford concert on August 16th. Before the show she just happened to run into the woman who threw the pick bra on the stage and was able to get this fantastic close-up of said notorious bra. Lruch said that this woman had the glammiest outfit of any she saw. (Wish I had the guts to wear the black leather fingerless gloves!) Lruch also included a photo of Adam with one of the other items thrown on stage- an aqua boa (wanna be the boa!) Thanks Lruch!!!



~~Jeanette, Glamb #5


  1. adamtastic1877 says:

    yay! 1st post! i liked the 1st, 3rd, and 5th photos the best!!

  2. He,s just too great for words! My mom and I are watching idol rewind right now and they are showing scenes from season 4 (carrie, bo, constantine) it amazes me how ameture all of their performances are when comparing them to &dam. And at the time I thought they were all awesome. Just goes to show how our boy is truly in a class all of his own!!

    • LOVE4GLAMBERT says:


  3. Yet more great pics! Thanks Stewart! That chrystal pendant Adam has worn for quite a few concerts probably was designed by Nicolina Royale as she has stated she gave Adam a chrystal pendant. At present she has designed a nifty pair of mini-spiked black combat boots for our dear. She is the one who designed the smaller ‘glove’ Adam wore at the GMA concert, only it’s not really supposed to be a glove, so they are saying (Tee hee) I won’t tell!

    • AdamAddict says:

      I saw the boots.It’s so for Adam!It’s gorgeous.The gloves,not so much,really.I like half gloves more but anything on Adam looks good or should I say nothing on Adam looks better!! lol! 😛

      • Lisette here..bonmatin all!An thenks Jeanette for posting such esquisite photos..Adam looks tresbeau here!Theresa alrite then what is thet if non a glove..ah thinq j’compris..yu’re nauty!
        Thinq ma favorite is first one..resemble Elvis with sensual lips yet more beau! Thenks for sharing Stewart! Oh thet bra mama mia thinq recall he toss to side nerly trip on,an mentione in interview he luvs getting them,but ner hit in face..Thinq he’s gotten far more lingerie then Tom Jones evre can fathom..Non mattre his preference us gals can av ther reves.. Adam thes is what yu’ve done an gathre enjoie too!! hugs an Luv to all Lisettexox

  4. Wow, the first and the fifth pic are just epic 🙂

  5. Thanks Stewart for posting these pictures. I love Adam’s expressions in all the photos, I can never get bored watching this guy. Jeanette, a very big thank you to you and all the others for maintaining this site, and really making it interesting to view, well done.

  6. AdamAddict says:

    Have U guys check the interview with Adam in Cleveland?I already post it in Cleveland thread but still in moderation. You guys have to check it out, not only Adam is so adorable but …just listen what he has to say, I don’t want to spoil it to you!

    • Lisette here.. bonmatin Adam Addict!,Thinq while visite utube earlier on frend’s page.Howevre when signin in lost page..Wish to see it agan! thenks if it shows on here splendide.An nevre tire to see more..Sad thet tour is nerly end,but gathre Adam need’s some reste apres monthes onroad,interviews,rehearsal,cd recordinge.Even if he’s younge an physical fit,can be draining physically an as he has say skip autographe for thes reasone.Bless him always!hugs an luv Lisettexoxo

    • I’ve seen that interview! It’s great!
      He mostly talked about rumors that have been flooding the internet.
      The most disgusting rumor (in my opinion) is when someone told Adam’s acting like a diva. That’s so awful to say cause we can see what a nice guy Adam really is!

    • Thanks, I cant wait!!

    • Iyleneidol09 says:

      Yes, and was very grateful of your very up-to-the minute posting and link!!

  7. WOAH! Great pics! Love that first one the most though.


  8. Thank you so much for the beautiful pictures! Adam is the best performer I have ever seen and the nicest! Love him!

  9. OMG-just realized the black jeans I wore to the concert match his vest! wow, I do have a little style.

  10. Jane Parker says:

    All pics are great! LOVE the BICEP pic the best!!

  11. Thanks Stewart for the pics. Great job of taking them. Oh hes so hot!

  12. AdamAddict says:

    I already post it in Cleveland thread but again I post it here.YOU HAVE TO WATCH THIS AND LISTEN WHAT HE GOT TO SAY! Some of the question is so old, I don’t know what the interviewer thinking!!The Queen,the broadway?? What planet R U from?We all know that long time ago. I think we knew that before Adam confirm to us that he is gay and he is Jewish! Gosh,next new question please! Poor Adam,he has to pretend like that was the first time he heard it! He also explain why he didn’t come out for signing and just check out at 2:45! And his smile and laugh and lick his lip…~sigh~
    WATCH THIS,don’t tell me I’m not sharing! He’s too adorable,I wish I can hug him and kiss him right there! Grrr,he so delicious!!Yummy!!

    • GREAT interview AdamAddict! Never get tired of watching. Yes lets get new questions, but again NEVER tired of watching this gorgeous person. I do LOVE the up close and personal camera. Just stared at the video. My oh my.

    • cheryl norman says:

      AdamAddict, ADAM HAS THE MOST KISSBLE LIPS ON A MAN I’VE EVER EVER SEEN!!!!!! Thanks for posting this link!!! I loved it! I also love Adam’s ‘look’ here w/o much make-up, and his hair more relaxed!!! His skin looked more soft and kissable than when he’s more made-up! Those LIPS!!! I love his eyes, of course, but hils LIPS!!! Luscious Lips!!!!!!! You did good, as usual, Emili!!!!!

      The pics above are gorgeous and exciting!!!!! Thanks for posting them!!! He is just too hot for words!!!!!

      PEACE-LOVE-HAPPINESS-LIGHT-JOY-HEALTH 4 ADAM …………love to all Glambs!

      • AdamAddict says:

        Agree Cheryl ,100% agree in every words U said! Not only I want to kiss that delicious lips but I think I want to bite it as well! Grrr,yummy!!

        • cheryl norman says:

          ADAMADDICT, very gently, tho, Emili, very, very gently!! Then softly kiss them! Softly, very softly! Then,
          kiss them a little hrder, a little harder! Then JUMP HIS BONE!!!! But, carefully, very carefully! Then kiss
          his chest, softly, very softly! Then kiss his stomach, gently, very gently! Then, make your way south, very
          carefully, keep going very carefully! Give yourself a good hour, and START ALL OVER!!!

          • AdamAddict says:

            LOL!Cheryl ,you’re so horny! After read your post, I also get horny! Now I can’t get it out from my mind, it’s stuck there and I LOVE IT!! hahaha! I’ll think about it before I go to bed tonight…let me correct that, before I go to bed every night! lol!! 😛

            • cheryl norman says:

              LORRIN AND ADAMADDICT, Hey, kids, I’m just sayin’…………Adam needs some very tender
              activity before you go for the ‘Gusto’!!! Lord knows, I could go for his ‘gusto’ any day, hour, min,.
              sec., anytime, anywhere!!! Just point me in the right direction, and I’m on auto-cruise!!!!! I’m
              coming Adam,,,,,,,,almost there,,,,,lay down, now and relax,,,,,,,

          • CHERYL! And you were worried about me ‘getting off the floor’ of that limousine!

            • cheryl norman says:

              LORRIN AND ADAMADDICT , I know!!! I know!!!! We are all so similiar, it’s skerry!!

    • Iyleneidol09 says:

      Hahaha! you’re right AdamAddict, those are old and dead issues this interviewer were asking. One of the viewer’s comment was hilarious, she said, this interviewer is too boring and should be a funeral director!!!! He should be asking: Adam, what do you wear? a boxer or a brief? Do you sleep in the buff? If you are stuck in an island, who do you fantasized to be with?(artist, not Drake) Or, when did you lose your virginity? Or what will he do personally, as soon as the idol tour is over? (Aside from finishing his recording).

      • AdamAddict says:

        That’s so true.I thought the same thing.The interviewer is so dead boring.Does he had his lunch before he interview Adam? Gosh, he need ENERGIZER BATTERY in him to keep him recharge! Your Q are good but I already knew 1 of the answer ,ADAM LOST HIS VIRGINITY ON HIS 21 BIRTHDAY!! LOL!! I think!!But I read it about loosing his virginity.I think it’s on this ultimate interview,the 1 with 4 parts! That’s why I said that was the best interviewer ever.At least lots of the Q are different and new.
        I did see his hand moves,Toni! And how he likes to strecth his nail polish sometimes when he answer.Adam is so pretty,isn’t he?My opinion,he’s prettier without the make up on and when he has bangs! Too adorable! 🙂

  13. Wow! What awesome pictures Stewart! Thanks for sharing your talent with us! Love the variety of Adam’s expressions; so into the music! And yes, the first photo does look like a new version of Elvis. When I was about 14 I was a huge Elvis fan (courtesy of my Mom who introduced me to him). She stood in line for hours to get tickets to Elvis in our hometown of Baltimore (no Ticketmaster in those days!). At the last minute she had to work and couldn’t make the concert so my big brother took me (he was not a fan – but a great brother!). I was so far away I had to use binoculars, but it is a great memory to this day ( this was in 1971). I dragged my 24 year old daughter to the Baltimore concert this year (3 hours from our current home) just to see Adam (I brought her to keep me from embarrassing myself by screaming too much!) We had fabulous seats on the right of the stage up a few rows from the floor; perfect for Adam viewing. He fulfilled all my expectations and now we have a great mother-daughter time memory. I am so looking forward to his album in the fall and maybe a solo tour! (more concert memories!)


  14. Great pictures Stewart. Thank you. Fifth one is my favorite! Love the attitude written all over his face!

  15. AdamFan - Glamb 389 says:

    WOW!! Terrific pictures. Love them all. First and fifth are the best. So, so HOT. Great interview too at Cleveland. Love this man…..he is Adamlicious.

  16. First pic: DAY-YUM! (more passionate Damn!)

  17. admlmbrtrckz says:

    wut rows were these ppl in? i was in 1st row and should share my pics!

  18. leilani aloha says:

    Adam u did it again:):):):
    Another great interview!!!
    Such a sweet, lovable & adorable being 🙂
    Great voice, waiting, waiting patiently for Adam’s Cds!!!

  19. i’d like to get my GLAMB# but am at loss . can someone help? i’ve posted many times before, but no response.

  20. Evette #419 says:

    These interviews are the BEST! ADAM is a living doll !!

  21. iluvadam4ever says:

    These photos bring me to my knees! Keep em coming! He just keeps getting hotter and hotter! His performance last night in Cleveland made me sweat profusely and I never sweat. I actually was lucky enough to get 3 autographs including 1 on my Adam Lambert purse! What a truely remarkable unbelievable man he is!! I actually met someone who watched him grow up and she actually wanted to take a photo of me since I was decked out in Adam attire from head to toe! What a small world it is.

    Glamb #380
    Sandy, Bryan Ohio

  22. GlambChop says:

    Imagine my surprise when I read this post today and saw a picture of THE FRILLY PINK BRA WITH “ADAM ROCKS” WRITTEN IN SILVER GLITTER THAT I THREW TO ADAM IN HARTFORD! Yes, that is ME holding the bra to show to all the other Adam fans who met at Agave Grill restaurant before the concert in Hartford. It originally had a lot more glitter on it but that kept falling off every time I took it out to show people! I was so excited about it and was absolutely determined to get it on stage during Adam’s set! My friend and I had floor seats but we were sitting in the second section back and there was a very stern security guard who wasn’t letting anyone get past him to the front section without showing their ticket (which is understandable of course). As the concert went on I was growing discouraged and thought I might not get the chance to throw the bra (from the Marilyn Monroe-inspired collection no less!) to Adam. Then miraculously right before Adam’s set began a second security guard came over to talk to the first and they moved away from the aisle! I saw my chance, grabbed the bra and nonchalantly walked past them and up to the 4th row. I met some wonderful guys who let me hang with them to watch Adam’s set! (Thank you whoever you are!) Adam was gorgeous and I was in heaven! When he began singing Slow Ride with Allison I knew it was time to make my move. I asked the people dancing in the aisle if I could just get in to throw the bra which I showed to them as I asked, and they were all so great to let me through. I got up right behind the front row and threw the bra to the front side of the stage where it landed in a great spot. Nowhere near Adam (I would never have thrown it to or at Adam). I just wanted it on the stage where he could see it. Imagine my sheer disbelief and excitement when he actually picked it up and twirled it over his head and threw it back into the audience! I couldn’t believe it! My dream came true! Of course I would have loved to have gotten it back especially since he threw it back in my direction, but knew I never would — nor did I expect to. My night was made by seeing Adam perform and having him pick up my bra! It was the night of a lifetime and I will never forget it. The security guard came over shortly after Adam threw it back and made me go back to my section which I reluctantly did (but not after my pleading my love for Adam!). But that was OK — I got my bra to Adam! It was a moment I will never forget.

    Thank you so much, Lruch, for taking the picture and for the narrative. I had so much fun getting glammed up for the concert and the fingerless gloves were my favorite part of my outfit! I appreciate the comment that I was the glammiest person you saw! What a compliment! I am looking forward to wearing them again when my friend and I see Adam again in Bridgeport on September 10. Front row seats this time!

    Just an aside. Adam never did come out before or after the show for the M&G, and we didn’t expect him to since he was on doctor’s orders to rest his voice and Adam had said he was going to skip doing it for the next handful of shows. However, before the show while we were at the restaurant, my husband went off to buy batteries for my friend’s camera and went to the concierge at the hotel where Adam and the other Idols were staying. While he was there waiting for the concierge to get him some batteries (they had actually sold out their supply and the concierge was so nice to get him some from their own supply) there was a little commotion outside of the hotel. My husband went out in time to see Adam getting into a van. He called to him, “Hey Adam, how are you?” Adam replied “Great!” My husband then said, “My wife loves you and wouldn’t you know I’m the one who sees you!” Adam smiled and waved as the van door was closed. My husband came back with the batteries and a great story to tell! I had told him before we went to the concert that he would probably end up seeing Adam and I wouldn’t — sure enough it turned out to be true.

    I am looking forward to seeing this gorgeous, talented guy again in Bridgeport. He is phenomenal, mesmerizing, sexy, sensual and HOT!

    I love the pics from Cleveland, too! Thank you so much for this post — it made a memorable experience even more special!

    Just a couple more asides. Yes I did wear the bra for a very brief time before I glittered it up! I HAD to make sure I tried it on before attempting to get it to Adam, that way I at least can say he touched something I wore! Second, I also did a pastel portrait of Adam which I gave to his security guard to give to Adam (which he said he would do). I posted a picture of it on the Adam Official site hoping that Adam may also see it there. Like I said, it was a night to remember forever!

    • GlambChop, this is one of the most thrilling stories to ever appear on this site! Just to hear of all the work it took to get the bra, wear the bra, decorate the bra, bide your time with the bra until the perfect moment, sneak past security and THROW the bra, and have Adam see and pick up the bra and throw it back, is a tale of breathtaking wonder! And then, to hear of your selflessness in allowing the bra to never return to you, oh, too sad, even though someone else, I’m sure, is thrilled. And then, for your husband to get the second thrill of the evening by seeing and calling out to Adam at the hotel as he got into the van….how fantastic is that? No, surely it was MEANT to be. And how nice of your husband to yell out FOR you to Adam, what a sweet guy you’ve got! Well, you are famous now. Your fabulous black clothes and glam accessories, your pink glitter bra, one cool, yelling husband, and an unforgettable encounter with Adam Lambert are emblazoned in our memories…may you never be forgotten in the annals of the Glambs and in the history of rock and roll!

      • cheryl norman says:

        LORRIN, our flamingglamfingers!!!! You can sure ‘hit the spot’ when you give your description of a thought!!! Good Lord, my dear!!! May I never think I could ever give a fabulous description of an event only by knowing from you what a ‘true’ description can be! You summed it all up with a few hits of the keys on your computer. Do you really know how ‘gifted’ you are? I don’t think so! You’re the ‘Adam’ of description!!
        I haven’t ever been able to be anywhere as dscriptive as you. What about the RS thing, dear?! You said you’d let me, and all of us know what’s going on there!!! Just do not forget! Don’t leave out any details, either!!! Lorrin, I am so excited about the concert, then, I get skerd, cuz after it’s over, it will be over!!! I wish I could talk Theresa into making a mini-video of ME going to see ADAM!!! Don’t think she’d go for that!!! Don’t blame her! Hahaha!!! We are really going to have a ball!!! I just have this feeling that we won’t get much sleep!!! But, then, who needs sleep when we have Adam to discuss in minute detail!!! Oh, wouldn’t it be cool if you could listen to all we say, and write an article as tho you were a journalist asking us all about the concert!!! Well, just about 10-11 more days to go. Need Theresa and Jeanette to remember all the important facts! I will be blubberilng idiot afterward!! So, your ankle is ‘healed’????
        Do you realize how difficult it is for the ankle to heal??? It’s just one of those joints that can be so complicated, as I’m sure you know. Take care and try not to reinjure! Lotsaluve ‘n lotsaluv, Cheryl

        • Cheryl, I have been mooning around these pages wondering where my friends are, and finally I find you under my post! It’s so good to hear from you, I can’t tell you! Thank you so much for your adorable compliment of me and my ‘descriptiveness’! I can just see myself following you and Theresa around before the concert with my notepad and pen, noting this, noticing that, putting down notes in my cosmic shorthand that only I can read later. You, Terry, and Jeanette are going to be so nerve-wracked, wound up, turned around, and flipped out, but oh, won’t it be the most wonderful thing to happen of all time! I think what I would do if I were there would be to take every little thing in; the size of the concert hall, the ‘feel’ of the place, the excitement of the people, the swelling ocean waves of sound gathering around you, as it gets nearer and nearer to Adam’s appearing on stage. I would drink it all in, sitting like a cat on a hot tin roof waiting for that moment when the arena is darkened and the first boom of pounding thunder hits the stage floor, and those teasing video billboards start flashing on the screen, saying, ‘A’ – “D” – ‘A’ – ‘M’! I wouldn’t take my eyes from the stage from that moment on, as Adam appears, striding through sheets of hysterical screaming and concussive sound. I would be screaming ‘A-A-A-A-D-A-A-A-M-M-M-M!, right along with all the rest of them, completely losing all restraint. How could you not? I know I would not be able to stop from crying either, crying from the power of the moment, for the darling boy we have nurtured with our words and loved, for the beautiful man and his overwhelming charisma, for the unbelievable beauty of his voice…..it’s almost here, Cheryl, only 11 more days! I know it’s going to be so thrilling for all of you, but I can’t wait to hear about the whole experience in your own words and inimitable style! We’ll all be getting a triple-whammy and review by you, Terry, and Jeanette about the same concert! It will be here before you know it!

          I will keep you posted on the RS thing. As far as the ankle, it has never truly ‘healed’. But I do the best I can. I push myself to keep going. I may not be able to move too far on my own, but boy, I still ‘get around’….and may I say while I am here on this page, that you are writing very eloquently and thoughtfully on your recent posts, on all the threads. I’ve enjoyed reading all of your comments, you’ve got some great insights, and you express them very well. You are really very insightful, and I appreciate your ‘over-analytical’ nature very much. I may have the fire and the flaming fingers, but you’ve got the flash, and the bold lightning strikes flaring down over everything, illuminating our communal efforts at writing for Adam. And Cheryl, there’s no doubt about it, you are definitely one of Adam’s chief fans! No matter what, no one can take that away from you!

          So here comes the concert, sooner than you think: Rest up, stock up, fuel up, and glam up in the next few days, and let us all have it when you all return! We’re all thinking of you and hoping you’ll have the time of your lives. Love you always, Chery, from the Flaming Glamfingers!

          • cheryl norman says:

            LORRIN, Wow, Lorrin, you sure can make me feel good about myself! Really. I don’t possess the
            eloquent writing you do, but, you make me feel very good about myself!!! That’s a pretty difficult feat
            usually! I have always had a self-confident feeling about my abilities, like Adam does about his singing
            but, often times, don’t feel as good about other aspects in my life, as I think I should. That also reminds
            me of Adam.

            One thing I wish I had is more $$$$ to get the things I wish I could for the concert!! I wanted to get that
            eyeliner by ME that Jeanette, but, when I looked it up on the internet, it came to nearly 28.00 for one
            eyeliner, and I just couldn’t justify it right now. I’ll get by, but this month and next month are the 2 worst
            months for me as I’ve been trying to pay off my dental bill with 3 caps, in one year. So, money is
            tighter than usual for this past year. Will be glad to see Jan. come!! hahah!! I also bought my daughter
            and grandkids too many things before I knew I could get a ticket for Adam! So!! Anyway, I’m so
            excited I could just wet my pants!!! Hahahahah!!!!

            It is really so wonderful to know that my Glamb friends are supporting me for the concert!!!! I can’t
            begin to tell you how much more exciting it is with ‘family’ rooting for me!! Does make me want to
            go out much more than I would have, normally!!! Saying the least!!! So, Lorrin, thank you so very
            much for your huge support and ‘pushing’ me to ‘bask’ in Adam’s beautiful light while watching this
            beautiful, perfect specimen croon in his special way, as I pretend it’s all for me!!!!!Lotsaluv, Cheryl

    • WOW! That is a fanTAStic story you have about that bra (and certainly about your husband’s encounter with Adam!) You should put an ad on Craigslist or something and see if you can at least meet the person who now has your/Adam’s bra. It would be an even better story if you could get it back or at the very least get another picture of ithe bra and its new (SOB!) owner. I see a movie in the works!!! LOL! Thanks so much for sharing, GlambChop – this made my day!!!!

      • Iyleneidol09 says:

        What’s the title of the movie? “THE LEGEND OF THE GLITTER BRA” and musical scoring by Adam Lambert, and the title of the song ” The funky pink bra” LOL!! sorry, Glamchop! Just can’t help it!!! I am just jealous of your wonderful experience.Good for you!! Bridgeport concert in just around the corner, keep busy now, what about a rhinestone studded Victoria Secret pink thong????

    • GlamChop, thank you so much for filling us in on the story! What a wonderful experience. I am so jealous of your outfit, BTW!!!

  23. Thank you for the amazing photos! the pink bra is just wonderful!! : )

  24. Great experience, Glambchop! Brava for you! Hey, maybe the person who has it would ‘share’ it with you? Like give you half so you’d have something Adam touched? It seems only fair after all the work you did. And give that hubby a big hug and kiss for being so supportive.

  25. GlambChop says:

    Thank you so much for all of your comments! I appreciate them all and I have shared them with my husband. He enjoyed reading them as much as I did (and he certainly did get that hug and kiss) he loves telling his Adam story! All of your comments add to the wonderful experience of that magical night!

    You know, I keep wondering if I will find the bra up for bid on eBay (I didn’t think of trying Craigslist). I know one thing for sure, it is certainly worth a lot more now than it was when I bought it! I would just love to know who caught it. Hopefully it was an Adam fan!

    I’m glad you enjoyed reading about my fantastic Adam experience as much as I enjoyed living it and sharing it with you. I am looking forward to glamming up again and seeing Adam in Bridgeport on Sept. 10. I hope to once again get something to him on stage and if it works out I will certainly let you know (and hopefully there will be more pictures to share!).

    Thanks again for the wonderful comments!

    • Glamchop, love to both you and your famous husband. I was wondering, why don’t you try advertising on Craigslist for the bra? Or, even in the local paper? Someone may have a kind heart out there. At least, they might offer HALF of the bra back to you! Another idea might be to get yourself written up in the local paper’s music and entertainment news along with your darling picture. Just a thought. (Got to hope that somehow one bright pink bra will make it safely home one day!)

  26. cheryl norman says:

    GLAMCHOP, I’m a little late in reading the account of your fabulous concert with Adam picking up your bra!! You planned it to the second, it sounds like and got your reward!!! Congratulations! A story you will no doubt be able to tell to others and just be so special in your heart. How very wonderful for you. I’m so happy for you!!

  27. Glambertgirl1 says:

    Wow, these are some awesome pics. Wish I had seats like that -maybe his solo concert if I am extremely lucky 🙂

  28. Glamchop thanks so much for sharing your fabulous story (well told!) Maybe I’ll even take my hubby to an Adam concert next time! (He usually is lucky in meeting people too!)

  29. Boa pics get around the internet. My bff caught that boa in Hartford and has it in her den. She’s gonna paint her den now to match the boa. Her name is bigdogdelight over at the Cougar site. Come say hi.