Warning: Exposure to These Photos Can Be Dangerous to Your Health

***UPDATE – MORE SEBREE PHOTOS ADDED*** Adam tweeted this a few hours ago: “Glad you guys liked the new shoot! Bostona gonna rock tonight!!” Could it be he’s referring to these photos?

These *have* been making the rounds today, and they are so smokin’ hot that I figured if I waited until the next concert off-day to post them, there’d be nothing left but cyber-ashes! These photos are from a shoot done by Robert Sebree. As to the purpose of the shoot…just speculation, but in the meantime, enjoy, but enjoy responsibly! (See warning below.)

















Warning! If you stare at these photos too long, your eye lens will concentrate Adam’s hotness and focus it to a very small spot on the back of your retina. This can cause permanent glamage to your eyes, resulting in blurred vision in which all you can see is blue glitter. Be aware that there are no pain sensors on your retinas, so you won’t even know it’s happening until it’s too late.

Exposure to these photos can also cause glam exhaustion, which may result in heavy sweating, dizziness, weakness or fainting. If ignored or untreated, this condition can progress to glam stroke, in which it is recommended you call 911.

To avoid this medical emergency, take a cold shower, crank up the air conditioning, drink a cool beverage, and shut down your computer. Close your eyes, grab your ipod, and let Adam’s voice take you away.

~~Jeanette, Glamb #5


  1. Glam…stroke…what a way to go!

    • Marie/Toronto says:


      Adam looks as beautiful as always, BUT, having just seen him at the Hamilton show, I know what his body looks like….and it’s not this. Why would they photoshop him (like the one-handed glove pic) and make him look skinny??????

      His large, meaty, hunky build is part of what I find most attractive about him. Why tamper with perfection?

      • cheryl norman says:

        MARIE, Just try and enjoy it!! There’s a bit of fantasy involved here!!! These pics are too hot not to love!
        Don’t let your intelligence get in the way of your intelligence!! Haha!

        • Ha, ha, by how much, Cheryl! I am 51 years young! one of the ‘younger uns’!

          These pics are somehow different to any of the others – well at least to me! The first two pics in particular show an air of vulnerability which is sooooooooooooo appealing. Someone posted that these may be used for his new album. Well, I wouldn’t be surprised because they are just ridiculously AWESOME!

        • Lisette here..Cheryl too funny an agree thinq Adam looks tresbeau,sensual in everyone..an if one has fantasie au reves is his faulte here..If yu reade below thinq yu’ll smile.Some old songe came to minde non sure yu know it (Abbas..SOS…thinq he’d be perfet for thes rescue attempte..ah must be le meds takin effecte..yet non is le photos here for sure!
          hugs an luv always..Adam vraimente is like someone in renaissance art,an seen in frescos as Michelangelo,Raphael…refine,statuesque nevre thin.Luv to all an bisous for Adam!
          l’angel d’chansons Luv Lisettexoxo

      • i think, in part, his leather outfit beefs him up on stage. saw him in memphis getting on the bus, and thought, jeez, he’s kind of skinny, in a long long legs kind of way. not to take away from his EXTREME HUNKINESS in any way. i ,too ,like that large, meaty, hunky look and feel. something to grab onto when you need someone to grab onto. whether the grab is in my head, my dreams, my fantasy or in real life (LUCKY,LUCKY, LUCKY DRAKE!) ADAM IS PERFECT IN EVERY WAY. his left profile is more perfect than any others i’ve ever seen. more of the left profile, please!

        • Helen/Canada says:

          2t2tag, I think you’re right about the leather outfit. I don’t disagree, that the photos were probably altered some, but if you see normal street pics of him in jeans and a t-shirt, he doesn’t look as big as in the outfit he wears on stage. I wish I had seen him getting on the bus! Lucky you!
          P.S. Don’t forget ladies, he is 6’1″ and has long legs.

          • How many of you have done the math?

            6’1″ + 4″ heels + 3″ of spiky hair = 6’8″ of burnin’ love

            • “BURNIN LOVE ” perfect choice of words Jeanette.

              • Marie/Toronto says:

                There is a pic of Adam yesterday on TMZ, leaving a store, and I was shocked to see that he actually looked chubby. Could just be that pic though.

                NO MATTER. I think he is sex on legs whether he is meaty or slim. Like I often say – He is the most beautiful man in the history of men.


                • Helen/Canada says:

                  I think it’s the camera–it does put 10 lbs on you (at least). I speak from personal experience–ha, ha!

                • cheryl norman says:

                  MARIE,, I think Adam has a face than can look ‘fuller’ than what he really is everywhere
                  else. He is not a ‘slim’ man, but a ‘hunky’ man with big broad shoulders, and a shorter
                  torso vs long legged! I’ll bet when he puts on a pound it goes right to his gut and face
                  first. Personally, I don’t care for thin, wirey-types of men. Well, guess, that really doesn’t
                  matter in Adam’s case, now does it!!!! hahaha!! But, I will never type ANY WORDS that
                  might describe him in any way that would make him feel bad!! Don’t ask me why!!
                  I’d just be afraid somehow he might see something on here that says ‘heavy, fat, chubby’
                  or anything like that. I feel bad just typing it here!!!
                  Anyway, that’s my take!!!!

                  • Debbi Brooks says:

                    People please!!!!

                    You all worry too much. He’s just fine. No matter what he looks like in any pic, He’s gorgeous. And really… every young hot man in America who is Gay wants this guy and you ladies can look but not touch anyway!

        • In the pics posted by the Lambrit who met him at the DC concert he looks thin and she said her arm was around his waist and she assured all fans he is indeed skinny….so I do think certain outfits and videos will make a person appear heavier than they are. Me? I don’t mind a little PSing for glamming in these circumstances. I will take him any way which he comes!! Skinny, hunky or anywhere in between! ;D

      • I didnt see him as large at all, The jacket and clothes looks like it adds weight. He is tall and
        thin. He is hunky, but I wouldnt say large .

        • Those tighter than tight fitting pants really show off is slim physique of a hot set of legs.
          Oh la la. Idont think any photoshop was involved here.

      • Marie- I’ve seen him within 1 foot of me & he’s skinny! He just doesn’t usually wear skin tight clothes.

      • Totally agree. Don’t really care for this “skinny Adam” in red shoes (we’re not in Kansas anymore, Toto).

        • AdamAdmirer says:

          What?? I love the red shoes for this photo shoot – it looks so 60s mod – something Rod Stewart or anyone of those hot back then rockers. THINK RED HOT FASHION!

      • It is my sincere hope and prayer that Adam doesn’t get skinny. We adore him exactly the way he is…perfect. What message will that give to all the people who adore him? We’ve had people killing themselves for years trying to get super skinny, because the media ‘tells’ us that’s what beautiful is and that should be what we strive for. For once, let us have an idol that’s a real person just like the rest of us.
        Just expressing my thoughts.

    • samanthaluvsadam says:

      you guys kno that she is missing a photo right
      he is so hot and amazing
      LUV YA

    • Helen/Canada says:

      I’ve just had a thought ladies–it takes me longer these days, because I’m just a ball of mush….but anyway, I digress–where was I? Oh, yes, if this is the effect/affect (can’t think straight) on us, can you imagine what those poor gay boys are feeling right now!!

    • Yes, oh yeah, woman (ie, cheryl norman), you hit the nail on the head with this: “โ€˜innocentโ€™, manly, and boyish”–too too true!

      How does Adam do it? How is it that he is unabashedly gay, and is also, at the very same time, a hot manly masculine stud of a man? And, as if that wasn’t enough, all the while being a sweet, friendly, regular guy?!?!? Not to mention insanely talented, of course.

      Adam is the very very best. I can only hope he is a prototype for the new man: sexy, fearless, and loving. I love the way he hugs, really hugs people. I wish he would hug me (swoon)–but not just because he is so hot–his hugs seem so sincere and loving, somehow. Okay, enough adam-obsessing for the moment….

      • Helen/Canada says:

        Well said Dawn. He IS all of those things. What an amazing human being!!! Love, love, love him.

      • Iyleneidol09 says:

        Dawn, you’re right, and everyone here, he has the best hug, he should win the catergory of THE BEST HUGGER award. He really wrap someone completely around his long arms and gently pull close to his body…I saw it in every video whether it is to a woman or a man.

    • Our babe looks like he’s lost some weight – he’s smoking!!! I could eat him alive.

    • Lisette here..bonmatin Wannabethesnake merci per l’note on othre page(boston) notice pardon an agree we’re all unite in amitie(frenship)here an affinitie for Adam.An realize l’noise was from gest in somone else comment..que confusion.An offer toi paix(peace) an hugs too.An know we share same bond ..Adam who’s gifte as artiste an vocaliste with couer d’or is what unites all here..An so plese know yu’re m’amie alrite? Take care an keep adoratione,elations an jubiliation over our beau Adam! bonwishes blessings Lisettexox

  2. I think I’m going to literally faint! OM……and the rest is not allowed to be said! How can someone be so flawless? I am SOoOoOo jealous of Drake right about now! I NEED MY INHALER!!!

    • The last photo is the one we saw of just his face and shoulders. So,, these are from June? Hmmm wonder why they were taken then if not for the Elle magazine?

      Again, many many thanks, Jeanette for your speedy article, so funny too! HUGS!

      • At first when I researched these, someone thought they were from June, but after reading Adam’s latest tweet, I wonder if they’re brand new? On the other hand, we have seen the one photo before, so maybe they are from June!

        • Lisette here..Merci for anothre lovli article an such superbe photos of our beau Adam..ah la la..thinq he’d be perfete for GQ magazin cover an of course can imagaine all fashione/couture magazins..Ellle if so am goin to finde thes for sure! I actual nere have seen Adam take any mal photos.As he is blesse from above with angelique voix an as mentione thinq artistes can painte..from biblical time being Michelangelo..seein in frescos even sans make-up ther’s natural beauty,chisel features,define jaw line,physique etc,etc..tresbeau! Luv Lisettexoxo

        • Thank you so much Jeanette !

          I really have no words to describe how much.
          Every time I see and/or listen ADAM some tears of love come to my eyes.
          My heart even hurts when I think, see and/or listen ADAM.
          I wonder know if he knows about OUR TRUE LOVE FOR HIM !

          Evelize – GLAMB#80

      • Theresa and all guys,

        I have a feeling about the pics: those are to be chosen (MAYBE BY THE FANS) to the album and the producers wanna know OUR expectation about it.
        Whatever, anyone of them will be GREAT. Every pic of ADAM is always brilliant, magnificent, hot, sex, marvelous cos HE IS THE MOST HANDSOME MAN IN THE WORLD – HE IS ALL … AND ALL IS ABOUT HIM !!!

        Evelize – GLAMB#80

        • Lisette here..Evelize lovli to see yur post..agree thinq can be superbe for cd photos an usual enclosed inside of cd..nevre know ..We’ll be in suspense til autumn! Seein some nu additions here..oh,la,la vraimente 911,sos sil vous plait ..but of course l’rescue l’homme is Adam! ..ah belle reves we can all do! Luv an hugs Lisettexoxo

  3. he looks so HOT, THUD

  4. It’s extraordinary.
    How can one man be so poised, flawless and beautiful and have an amazing voice to match? He represents the ideal celebrity today: Gorgeously handsome (can’t find words to describe his hotness), a genuinely nice, caring soul, and more talent then anyone we’ve ever seen in a long, long time. I’m so excited to be supporting him at the beginning of his sure-to-be fantastic career. I’m also psyched to be with you fellow Glambs, you all are AMAZING.
    My favorites are the first and third-to-last picture. Those eyes…damn…
    -Peaches, Glamb # 387


    • Iyleneidol09 says:

      Yes, Peaches, even the “self-acclaimed stud as he thought he is or was” Gene Simmons of the KISS, he described Adam as a guy “with a great voice and extremely very attractive!” Huh!! now he’s talking….

    • I cannot agree with you more. How one man can be so mesmerizing and talented is beyond words. But you did a great job, Peaches.

    • AllaboutAdam says:

      couldn;t you just get lost in those eyes for the rest of your life? DAMN, is right. one look and I’d be squirming like i was electrocuted!

  5. I…cannot…breathe!!

  6. I’ll just bring my post from the TOUR VIBE BOSTON forward to this thread, if I may, since it is so perfectly apropos. I did notice that the beautiful silvery-toned ‘gangster-style’ pose with Adam and the faux bead curtain is missing here, but no matter. Here is my post which was inspired by these gorgeous photographs:

    Oil-slick silky black suit with the Black Prince touch on the right shoulder, long, long legs in black with hot red shoes and that red silk lining in a green box, silky black pants rippling down a beautiful thigh and a black rain-slicker jacket, chains hanging down, the piece de resistance, that lordly pose on a black leather divan in those oh-so-form-fitting pants in is that leather or silk?, in a delicious musky plum color, Vicorian filigree keys hanging from a neck framed in a black open-necked โ€˜Vโ€™, keys to what, I wonder?, add to that a perfectly tailored brushed black suit coat, black-on-black all the way down to a gorgeously carved black belt-buckle, switch to a window-pane flair below the left lapel on a flared coat, gray on black, and then the unbelievable poured-on pants on those well-made, super-long legs, dark-green, skintight, surmounted by a creme-silk vest with white gun belts over and under each shoulder, pointy little copper-colored vest, looking like something Rivendell never saw, then the vampire-esque black collar on on a jumped-up pea coat, followed by the gangster-land pose through the diamond-headed bead curtain with the art-house vest and are those zippers? on the front of his legs, yes, and then finally, the black slickered bomber with the sun-god necklace, Adam in angst with his beautifully cut cheekbonesโ€ฆ..Adam as the dangerous new Man of a fabulous new century.

    And from part of my reply to Toni’s sweet post to me:

    Adam is the best-dressed and most innovatively-dressed young man I have ever seen. The colors, cut, and fabrics are sensational. His โ€˜lookโ€™ hearkens back to the Mods of 60โ€™s London, and that dressed-up, modish, peg-legged, off the charts color palette fashion scene they had going, which I loved. It was โ€˜uptownโ€™ and exciting, and Adam brings this back, and we NEED it back. When the Beatles crossed the Atlantic, their style went with them, and immediately influenced the personal style of everyone on the planet. I look forward to a whole new era of high fashion in the days ahead, with Adam as THE trend-setter of at least the next 3 decades; but it will not be just the world of fashion which he influences, but the entertainment industry, the design industry, the world of music, and the whole tired, dressed-down outlook of the whole, entire world.


      SO AFTER THIS PIC I HAVE TO PUT MYSELF IN “REHABE”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



      • BOKER TOV, OFRA,

        How are things in Tel Aviv today? Any more Adam fans added out there? I take it you have already seen the beautiful pics of Adam in his new fashions, I absolutely LOVE the plum-colored pants outfit. Are you looking at the same pictures we are on the same websites, or have you got some other good things going over there? Adam is becoming ever more handsome, polished, and assured, as well as supremely confident in his stage performances. His total effect is almost beyond description. You won’t be alone when you check into ‘Rehab’ over Adam, you’ll be in good company as I’m sure you’ve already read…this one photo shoot has just about done us all in. Well, I will go, Ofra, ….whenever you want to follow that blue sparkling road under a starlit sky back to Adam’s Land, we’ll all be here..love from late night in the West! KOL TUV, Lorrin

        Boker Tov means ‘Good Morning’ in Hebrew
        Kol Tuv means ‘All the Best’ (Translation for the Glambs, Ofra)

        • Lisette here..bonmatin an as always Lorrin toi sentimentes are so lovli..merci beaucoup (for sweet words,an amitie,respect an belle couer yu av always shown me)..An l’description regarde Adam’s couture/fashion in photos are perfete!Adam sont beau d’couer et soul..an agree his face as I av too say can be in paintings,an an artiste’s best reve..whethre in biblical time d’Raphael ‘Angeli”,Michelangelo’s frescos..even they ad people dans lmidages of high fashion an natural beauty..An in our time Francesco Scavullo who photographe many celebrities from 80s,90s havnon seen of late..but he did so of model Jack Scalia,Catherine Deneuve,Brad Pitt,Leo DiCaprio,Paul Newman,SophiaLoren,..more.I thinq he’d luv to photograph Adam. An do agree with many glambs gals here..Ofra,Toni,Theresa,Jeanette,Peaches,Donna,Cheryl,Adamaddict,adore Adam wonderful attributes..sont perfetion..Classique chisele features,les yeux crystalbleu reflect lit within,muscular physique,tall et statuesque,black velvet tresses silky/( pardon Adam..I only imagaine feels..unjour to see inconcert,health permitting..So enjoie to visite here always! Blessings,benedictions to all J’adore Lisettexoxo

      • Lorrin, I want to respond but I am still hyperventilating!

        • Ingrid, here, take some of this stuff I gave Cheryl over on the other post, sniff, sniff, there, that should revive you, flap, flap, flap, I know you’ll feel better soon, put this bag over your nose, take a deep breath, there….much better..

      • Hi Ofra, girl Glamb! I have’nt spoken to you in yonks, yeh yonks! Work is such a nuisance, isn’t it, particularly when it interrupts more important matters, such as our Adam. Love and hugs to you – mwwwwwwwwwwwwwah, Ingrid!

        • Lisette here..bonmatin .Ingrid always plasur to see yu here..so gathre yu’ve enjoie Adam’s beau photos ala GQ,an can be l’meilleux rescue l’homme to revive any pulmonary,an dizziness..So if yu here darlin here’s an Sos(thinqin of ABBAs song) here..pardon am usual shy, thinq inhibitiones av vanished now..Look what yu’ve done m’cheri!Okay being delirieux now..best to say bonnuit..an sweet dremes! (okay if Adam ever visites plese don thinq le glambs loss mindes..just heartes..Smile beauamie! Luv Lisettexoxo

    • Thanks Lorrin, I wouldn’t even have to see these pictures, you described them to a “T” but, of course I am glad to have them to stare and yes I will throw cautiong to the wind and chance retina damage, Adam takes such beautiful pictures and why not he is beautiful. I am sure that I’m not the only one to notice this but, every interview Adam has the same answers which shows me he is also very trueful in what he says, he would not be able to say these thing over and over again if he wasn’t telling his true feelings.
      Thanks Jeanette, for your posting these beautiful pictures of Adam, it is great to wakeup in the morning and find these pictures. On Adam’s email I wasn’t able to pull them up or maybe it was because it was late anyway sure glad that you had them here!!!!!


      • This is TRULY a vivid painted picture, Adamfan1, don’t forget to roll out a little Saran-Wrap on your screen before you lick, though, please…

    • I couldn’t agree more Lorrin! It’s about time people started putting a little more effort into what they wear again. I am very tired of the dressed down look 24/7! Thank you Adam for your fashion sense and your beauty.

      As for the latest pictures….the addiction continues!

    • adamsluvjnes says:


  7. OMG!!!!!!!!!
    I could not breath for sure for a moment!!!!! I don’t know about the stroke but I am still dizzy…
    Thank you so much for posting these pics! He is absolutely gorgeous!!!!!!!!!


    • Just when I think I am in a universe of one, I read the posts by all you crazy people. I love it. I am not young, but certainly not so old that every time I need a lift of spirit I look at these pictures. HOT does not begin to describe Adam. Hopefully, we can keep one another worked into a frenzy of laughter and comradery until his CD comes out and the tour begins. This obsession we share cannot be explained to “outsiders.” The really cool thing is that Adam seems to really love and appreciate it. He is truly one of a kind in looks, talent, and personality. Those who are in his life on a daily basis are very fortunate people. Thanks, again, for the smiles, ladies ….. and gentlemen, if you are there.

  9. mmmmm…….so SEXY!!

  10. OMG! i got a glamage in my eye.. T_T

  11. NinaLatina says:

    Glamorous and Deliciously yummy!!

  12. NinaLatina says:


  13. adamtastic1877 says:

    haha i love the whole part below all the pictures, like “glam stroke”! too funny. but seriously, those photos are…*

    *(had to cut out everything i said, for the safety of other viewers) haha!

  14. adamtastic1877 says:

    the 1st one is the only pic i can stare at without feeling paranoid because i feel like adam is staring into my soul, like he knows all my secrets (in the other pics) ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Helen/Canada says:

      Sorry ladies, but in that first pic Adam is staring right at me and saying “I want you”!!!!
      As I said in the Boston tour post, I’m having a seizure, call 911, then seizure #2, someone please, please call 911, then seizure #3, aw, forget it, I just died and went to heaven!

  15. OMG! OMG! OMG! OMG! OMG! OMFG!!!!

  16. Hmmmmm. Sorry, don’t like the red shoes.

    • AdamAddict says:

      I like it! It’s like “Wizard Of Oz” shoes but for men! ๐Ÿ˜€

      • I like too. Click those red shoes at the heel 3 times Adam and repeat ” I want to go to Ohio”
        good thought AdamAddict!

        • Ye-e-e-e-s-s-s, I like those RED shoes, too. All that black with just that perfect red accent at the bottom of those beautiful long legs, delicious.

          • AdamAdmirer says:

            The red shoes are sooooo rock n’ roll. What are you talkin’ about? Remember the old days – Rod Stewart, Mick Jagger, Ron Wood ? You can’t get anymore Sexy Rock god than that. The stylist knows what he’s doing and the contrast with the black patent leather jacket is perfection. LOVE IT!!!

            Actually, it’s the brown leather wide waist – cincher (with the green pants – love the pants) I could live without, a little too femme.

            I’ve said this before, can’t wait to see Adam endorsing a product/fashion line/cologne or something in the pages of W, Vanity Fair, Elle etc.

            Would love to see pic #2 on a HUGE BILLBOARD!!!!

    • cheryl norman says:

      LINDA, Very surprising!!!!! It’s just for the pic!! How could you not like the shoes for the pic? I think the shoes are ‘masculine’, and gorgeous alone. But the photo. wanted some color, the shoes and lining of the jacket!! To each their own…….. love it!

      • Helen/Canada says:

        I love it too! I also noticed the read lining matching the shoes. It’s not like I stared at the pics for hours on end, I just happened to notice! LOL!


          • A-MEN-N-N-N!!

            • TheFeyNan(Nancy) says:

              “Our Adam”, is admittedly a “Clothes Horse”, don’t ya just know he is Luvin’ this, as much as we are?(well, maybe not quite as much)…he is Rockin’ every outfit. He could have been a high end top male model, glad he didn’t though, we would have missed the best musical voice to come along in decades, if not forever.
              And I am Luvin’ the red shoes as well…definitely Adam.
              I don’t think they were purposely trying to make Adam look thinner in the pic with the silver tip gloves. I used to belong to some signature tag groups, and they would use photo shop, take a picture and tube(cut) a particular thing, or person out of it. Therefore removing anything in the background, and it looks like that is what they did to this picture, and then put it on a white background. You can tell by looking at the legs of his pants and jacket, the lil’ string things hanging…they just did a poor job of it, cutting off his beautiful legs…lol…Thanx for all the grt & beautiful pics of our boy….he is Rockin’ The World @ a very fast pace….Go Adam!!! Blessings 2 all…nancy

              • AdamAddict says:

                The red bring the colours out! It’s beautiful.I saw the picture where Adam actually choose the jacket himself! The 3rd picture from above! He has great taste! ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. Dear Jeanette,

    Thank you so much for posting these super beautiful picture of Adam. Do you know what is the picture for? and if possible the site can post the most recent Adam’s activities? for example, the photo shoot, the TV interview, the appearance, or interview for an maganize? or cover shoot? so we (as fan) will not miss anything. Thank you so much, Sophia

    • We try!

      • Helen/Canada says:

        You guys are doing a great job. New to this site and have enjoyed it immensely.
        I am, however, having trouble getting my Glamb #. I have completed Step 1 and Step 2, but for Step 3, there is nowhere on my screen that I can post a comment. It is blank. Can you help?

        • Hi Helen/Canada,

          Go to http://www.adamunofficial.com/glambs/ and you will see a very long comment thread under the article. Post a comment as usual. Make sure you put this info in the comment and Serene will assign you a number:

          GLAMB # (Leave it blank, we will assign this number for you)

          First Name (Nickname) from Your Current Location

          • AdamAddict says:

            I don’t know what these pictures are for but one of them was used to promote Adam pendant the other day! I don’t know if they just borrow this picture or what! But there’s 10 pictures above,another 2 weren’t there but just imagine those picture gonna be in ADAM’S CALENDER 2010??!! Woo hoo!! Adam should suggest that to his manager! That’s going to sell like hot cakes!! Sold out like RS! It is a good idea,is it?ADAM CALENDER,why they never think of that? Okay,Glambs, start tweet Adam to use those pictures as calender 2010. seriously,I’m gonna tweet suggest it to him and I need all your help!

            • AdamAddict says:

              Tweet him everyday until he really fed up and reply to one of us, “OKAY,OKAY, I ‘ll do that!” Come on ,if I do it alone,it’s like really mini little chance that he saw my twat but if we all do it,there’s a big chance! HELP ME,HELP YOURSELF TOO! What you guys think? Stupid idea??

              • No, AdamAddict,

                It’s really a very good idea !

                AND…I COULD QUITE LISTENED ADAM SAING: “OK, OK, I’LL DO THAT !” – very funny.

                Evelize – GLAMB#80


            • Dianne Hill says:

              Yes Please AdamAddict – we definitely need a 2010 and forever calendar. Yes, they have to make a calendar, I am no good on Twitter, I just don’t know what I am doing, so please, please a million trillion times speak for me – I’m no good anyway, all I can do is babble like an idiot after looking at those pictures.

            • What a GREAT Idea!!!! I would be first in line and buy as many as they would allow!!!!

            • Brilliant idea, just make sure it’s available to ALL countries, not just the US!

            • Lee/Saline says:

              AdamAddict I’ve already been looking for an Adam Lambert calendar only because what I look for will come into my life. I like to think positive. ๐Ÿ™‚
              Lee/Saline, Glam # 76

              • Lee/Saline, a friend of mine made me an Adam calendar for my Birthday in June.
                She used pics of us meeting w/him in LA. Its hanging in my kitchen, what a good
                way to wake up in the morning, getting my coffee and a glimpse of Adam.
                If only I could get these pics of us to go through to you guys. Damm, I’m getting mad
                here. But a 2010 calendar with these sexy pics would be icing on the cake.

                • Lisette here..bonmatin Mary ah thet’s such sweet thout yur frend made calendre..speciale with photos from concerte very personal toche for evry monthe!If his 2010 calendre has thes photos surely will buy more then one for evry room!!..an thinq im truly goin back to teen yers..in ma mid thirties..Non mattre Adam keeps all rejuvenations an a joie de vivre since he commence to singe on American Idol..nevre av been same! hugs an luv Lisettexox

            • Helen/Canada says:

              Sophie, what a GREAT idea! I don’t tweet, but everybody please do! I know what I want for Christmas!

              • Helen/Canada says:

                Sorry, meant AdamAddict. I get so overwhelmed by Adam, sometimes, I just loose my train of thought!

                • That is the best idea…..an ADAM calendar for 2010 would be a money maker for ADAM, and it would have a place of honor on my frig, my desk, over my bed, in my bathroom, in my suv, over my washer/dryer, in my bedrm closet, over my tv’s, under my pillow for when I dream, and wherever else I could put it!!!!

                  Can anyone recommend a good rehab for me???????

                  • Jaberone, ALAMSAA is always available to all Glambs here onsite..

                    • cheryl norman says:

                      LORRIN,,,, w h a t ????

                    • You know, Cheryl, ALAMSAA, Adam Lamberts Addicts Anonymous, which was created for all of us in order to NOT overcome our addiction to Adam Lambert…..’hello, my name is Bill, and I’m an Adam Addict’….sound familiar?…it was a couple of threads back…all part of the fun..

                    • ..wannabethesnake and I made it up..

                  • jaberone, Yea, Adam-anonomous. We will all be going!

          • Trying again to get my fan number, lol. I tried before but no luck.

            On a more positive note: Adam is the most beautiful, hot, sexy, pretty, sweet, talented, kind, articulate, considerate, bright, warm, sincere, funny, and sexy man I have ever seen. He just KILLS me! If I am depressed during the day all I have to do to cheer up is to think of him, and a smile appears on my face and a warm glow in my heart and my…let’s just say, in my heart (Rarr!!). I have to agree with a previous poster: If Adam affects women this way, how must all the gay fellows be feeling?! One can only imagine!!!

      • You are the best!!!

        • AdamAddict says:

          Good to know it’s not stupid idea. Let’s start bothering him in twitter! lol!! Imagine if he got the same suggestion over and over again for the whole month!! Imagine if he really suggest that idea to his whoever resposible for that! Imagine we all gonna hysterical when he actually announce to us that his calender gonna start selling in November…again!Why everything good happen in November?Why can’t tomorrow? Imagine how frustarated we outside US that can’t buy his calender??!! ๐Ÿ™
          Emili, Malaysia

          • Helen/Canada says:

            I’ll mail you one!

            • Dianne Hill says:

              Me too, me too, me too, pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase, me too. I will send you money for calendar and post to New Zealand. Me too please.

          • We will make sure your sweet little self gets a calendar. AdamAddict.

            • AdamAddict says:

              YAY!!!! I dunno why I’m so excited,it’s not like Adam really going to do it but I already tweet him once and I’ll do it again tomorrow! I have no shame,I’ll do it today,then tomorrow,then the day after tomorrow and goes on and on! Who have tweeter,come on let twat him until he really fed up with us! lol! But trust me,at least we have request for him which is maybe good for him,right? I just read someone going to have mole removal and tell Adam about that.Whaaat??!!Sure Adam wants to know that!!lol! I hope it’s not you glambs!! Sorry, if it’s you! hee hee,sorry!And Mary C,I will paste that sentence as prove you will send me one if Adam really going to do it! Too late to back off now,sweety!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. These are seriously stunning photos. A new Rock God has awakened.

  19. he is sooooooooo BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!! absolute perfection!

  20. “ADAM, MY ADAM”…Your the man of my dreams and our world is waiting for your released music>>>…
    Awesome photo’s to be publish with your newest album/cd’s. Your world is patienly waiting for your many singing talents and video’s. Please have a great tour baby….

  21. OMG!!!

  22. OMG, what an awesome birthday present this is for me!!! WOW. He’s so perfect in every way- I’m sure every fashion designer wants him in their clothing! I can see Christian Soriano designing a KILLER OUTFIT for Adam!! In fact, I’d love to see this!

    Just knowing that Adam is only an hour away from me right now makes me crazy! He’s in Boston tonight and I have tix to see him in Providence, RI (Sept 13th). Now THAT would have been a PERFECT birthday gift (seeing him tonight) ! But these pictures will have to hold me til sept 13th. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Thanks for posting these gorgeous photos! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Happy BIRTHDAY, L@urie, and welcome, it’s good to see you posting with us! I haven’t seen your very cute screen name around here yet, but if you’ve already been here, my apologies. I hope you have the time of your life in Providence, RI, let us know all about it when you get back!

      • AdamAddict says:

        HAPPY BIRTHDAY L@urie!

        LORRIN ,
        I’m not talking to you,you ruined my life! I’m glad I saw these Adam’s photos before I went to bed last night otherwise I think I’ll dream about my uncle’s……BIG NOSE!! Excellent job,Lorrin! Two thumbs up for you! Here I give you standing ovation too! ~clapping~ I don’t think anything can get that out from my mind now! Eeeewww,I feel nauseous now, I need something sweet,….WHERE’S MY SWEETY ADAM??!!

        • Dianne Hill says:

          Oh my god, you guys just crack me up all the time. LOL, I am picturing your uncle’s nose, ewwwwww, now I can’t get that out of my mind, I will just have to go back to top and look at Adam again.

          And Happy Birthday L@urie, you will love this site, it is THE BEST, ever, ever, ever cause it’s all about our gorgeous Adam and it is ALWAYS up to date.

          • AdamAddict says:

            You know about that too,huh? Well,well,now everybody here knows how HUGE my uncle’s….urgh!!! Great,Fabulous,Fantastic!! Excuse me,I need to take my brain out and scrub it clean!! ๐Ÿ™

            • AdamAddict,now please don’t do such a silly thing (scrub your brain clean). We won’t recognise your posts and that’s not good! Love ya, Ingrid!

        • Oh my GOD, I am SO SORRY, AdamAddict, I tried to ERASE it all for you, but I guess it didn’t work….but you all were talking on and on about Adam’s SHOE SIZE, and I always heard it was all about NOSES, and Adam has such a beautiful long nose, and I thought maybe I should mention that, and well, it was all out and on my post before I knew it! I’M SORRY I RUINED YOUR LIFE!! (Take a little distilled Adam before bedtime, and maybe that’ll help. I HOPE!)

    • Helen/Canada says:

      Happy Birthday L@urie. I’m new around here too, but loving this site! Everyone is wonderful and I get to share by beautiful obsession with them! Welcome!

    • Happy B-day L@urie, welcome to our awesome site . Hold on till the 13THHHHH

    • Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday our glamberous Glamb, happy birthday to YOU! Make it the best EVER! You’re off to a good start with beautiful pics of Adam! Hugs, Ingrid!

  23. leilani aloha says:


  24. This is the first year my daughter and i watched American Idol. Boy are we glad we got to see Adam come into his own, on the show and since the show has ended. He is this generations Steven Tyler, Freddie Mercury, Gene Simmons, Elvis and more, all rolled into one artist. He has an amazing voice, unbelievable stage presence, he is intelligent and well spoken- he seems like a genuinely nice guy. We saw the idols perform in Prudential Center in NJ. All of the idols performed well, but there was definitly an electric vibe in the air when Adam about to take the stage. Needless to say, he did not disappoint. I have been following your website for a little more that a week now and i do love the Adam updates. The photos above are truly breathtaking. I cannot wait to see what comes next for Adam and we are eagerly awaiting his album in Nov. Thank you for doing such a great job of keeping us informed.

    • Daelene, I can tell you in very few words that you didn’t miss anything in the past 7 seasons, not anything! You tuned in the right year~~~Lee

  25. lovinlambert says:

    OMG! Are these photos of Adam HOT or what??!! Unreal. What a fine specimen of a man. Thanks, Jeanette, for making my month with these pix! I loved your descriptions. You feel about Adam the same way I do! Love your site! Thanks so much for sharing all the Adam Love! Ok now I gotta go rockstare at Adam! 911 best be on alert now! mmm mmm adammmmm

  26. omg this is one freaking sexy f—ker

  27. Just when I thought Adam couldn’t get any hotter, these pics show up. So gorgeous!

  28. Love you Adam, so sweet

  29. cheryl norman says:






      Evelize – GLAMB#80

  30. OMG i don’t comment very often but this time………aaaaaaahhhhh…….have no words except OMG ……no……OMFG…….somebody help………… What is he doing to us? ……such a tease…..lol

  31. Dear, Jeanette and everyone who put so much effort and personal time to make “us” fans happy

  32. Donna Lee says:

    I got my Glamb # tonight! #409. And these amazing shots are like a welcome to the party present. Thanks so much

    • May I be the first to congratulate you, Donna Lee (and what a great Rock and Roll name you’ve got there). I remember when I used to look at the Glamb sign-up page, hoping and hoping that more and more people would sign up, wanting to see the 300 mark reached, and now look, you are #409, and my gosh, I think you take the prize for rock and roll names, couldn’t get any better than 409! Welcome, and may you have many great times with us here in Adam’s Land! Lorrin/ Glamb #102



      Evelize – GLAMB#80

    • Welcome welcome to our Adam den. Roarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  33. AdamAddict says:


    • ADAMADDICT, That is a good one, if you find such a wallpaper, let us know, I want that also….HeeHee!!!

    • Helen/Canada says:

      OMG, you are so funny!…..but just in case you do, let me know too please!

      • AdamAddict says:

        I started to believe there is because of you two! lol! If I find it,yes I will tell you both! So you guys want to do it in bedroom only or every room? If I find it,I think hmm I ‘ll just do it inside out! Yeah,that’s the plan! Outside I have to use waterproof wallpaper! Yup,yup,I’m gonna start looking now, I’ll be back in a year!! ๐Ÿ˜›


  34. Eva Poliszczuk says:

    Wow,these pics are smokin hot! love the burgundy pants, the top pic and the one with the patent black jacket, can this man be any finer??!! Good Gawwwwddddd!!!

  35. Jeanette, thank you so much for posting these photos here, and by the way I have permanent glamage to my eyes since Adam first appeared in AI. My favourite of them all is the first one, imagine how I felt when logging on to this site and be faced with this gorgeous man, those beautiful eyes, that body, he makes the cloths look good, it is heaven. I hope that his album cover will have similar photos and not the one I saw on the internet where he was wearing an outfit that made him look like the michellin man.

    • LMAO @ “permanent glamage.”

      And I think he was just fucking around/with us with those other photos. Just for fun, ya know? Not that these ain’t fun in a whole other way…

  36. OMG! Funny how everything concerning Adam starts that way…OMG! I have never seen anything like these photos. I’m going to stay home from work and just oogle them! What a way to start the day! Thanks Jeanette!!!!!!

  37. Dianne Hill says:

    Fuck me if he is not the most perfect speciman to ever grace anywhere, ever. I am really speechless. All I could say when I scrolled through these pictures was “oh, oh, oh my god. Isn’t he just beautiful. Don’t you just want to be a gay man. You know it is 10.30pm here in Christchurch, New Zealand, how the hell am I ever gonna get to sleep tonight. I have to get all these pictures printed in colour so they can go up on my bedroom wall. I am running out of room but I am not taking any of them down, do you hear me. I have one wall three pictures (A4 size) deep. I am getting completely obsessed with this wonderful man, I try to not make a fool of myself (I am 56 after all) at work by talking about Adam all the time. My computer here at home has so much Adam “stuff” that I have no space left on my hard drive, I am thinking about buying a new computer or an external hard drive – I think I will need both. Ha, I am going to send these to Lisa (who is also from Christchurch and visits this site on a regular basis and is always sending me pictures first, so it is my turn to send them to her, Ha!!! LOL. Thanks Jeanette, I have definitely died and gone to heaven, see you in my dreams Adam.

    • YES, YES, YES Dianne !

      Sometimes ( I mean, most of the time ) I would like to be a gay guy – ONLY TO DATE ADAM – and I’m sure that IT WOULD BE GREAT, REALLY LIKE TO DIE AND GO TO HEAVEN.

      Evelize – GLAMB#80

    • AllaboutAdam says:

      Glad to hear someone else is making wallpaper in their home – and not a young teeny-bopper either…. I’m TOTALLY making a fool of my 50-year-old self, but Adam is truly the first to come around in a LOOOONG time that’s well worth it! I too, save EVERYTHING – every photo, video, performance, audio, just in case the day arrives where he’s so totally unreachable that all we have are our memories of these days…come to think of it – that day is upon us right now, i think!… anyway – the purple pants one where he’s lounging, i can SO see Adam in that pose in a centerfold….

    • there is no way to make a fool of yourself when ADAM is concerned. everyone of your (our) feelings, thoughts, actions concerning ADAM is legitimate and even encouraged. this is what it feels like to be in love again. and if we are lucky to experience it , then you must EXPERIENCE LOVING ADAM with every fiber of your being. this means losing sleep, covering your walls with pics of him, spending every free miniute of time watching videos of adam, googling him, reading all interviews, chasing all appearances on tv, well, we’ll do it. i’m not saying it’s sane, i’m just saying that i HAVE TO DO THIS. and ,yes, i crashed my laptop with all of adam’s stuff and had to buy a new i mac to start over with. external hard drive is a good thing. so, continue on ADAM ADDICT, you’re in good company. GLITTER ON STARMAN, WE LOVE YOU!

      • p.s. i’m 59, and i feel like i’m 14.

        • Almost 58 here.

          • 57 HERE….

            • I SEE A PATTERN HERE….:-)

              • TheFeyNan(Nancy) says:

                OMG…62 yrs young here…I sit in this chair and feel my spirit & soul still young @ heart…I walk by a mirror and go..OMG..what happened..lol….but I know Adam has awoke feelings in me, that have laid dormant for a while…not dead, just dormant…Are any of you catching yourselves fixing up better, Glaming more than usual, bought any new jewelry, nail polish, eye shadow or liner, clothes, shoes, etc……I catch myself steping back into time(Retired hippie, biker chick here)…still work everyday not that kind of retired…ooo..well was just wondering, was it just me or is it effecting others, as well???

                • Iyleneidol09 says:

                  Hi Nancy, same here, I never used to wear an eyeliner, I think I am a latebloomer, my friend and I went to Macy’s and did a make over on MAC cosmetics and learned how to apply those sexy eyeliners!Ohhh, I can’t believed what I missed!! Last week there was an art festival in my town and I started buying these “weird” jewelries ( that’s how my husband described them) silver rings with skull and snakes. ohh I don’t know, Adam just brought back my youth!! Also I used to listen to lite FM and now I am tuning to rock stations, hahaha!! What can I say….at least I am not alone… I’m 50 and proud of it!!!

                  • cheryl norman says:

                    IYLENEIDOL,,,, I have been wearing eyeliner since around 11 or 12 yrs old!! Have
                    NEVER listened to anything considered ‘light’ on the radio. Always ‘classic rock’ since
                    they classified real rock as ‘classic’! Hahaha!! I’m 61, my brain continues to think I’m
                    still 16! However, I will admit to buying more jewelry than in the recent past!!! Yeah,
                    I think/know Adam has jolted the youth out of us all!!! And good for us!!! Someday,
                    I think Adam will realize what he’s done to the other gender, due to the fact that WE
                    know and appreciate GREAT MUSIC, THE HOT HOT, MAN, AND FASHION!! Who
                    else in this world knows how to achieve all this, and also be ‘innocent’, manly, and
                    boyish, sexy, sensual, and intelligent, leaving all other males in the ‘dust’ of what
                    ‘was’ sexy, to ‘what’ IS sexy, Now!!! Adam IS THE FUTURE. Everything else is
                    passe, old and ‘oldfashioned’!

                • I have new well fitting jeans, jacket, and t shirts. I have started wearing more eye makeup. People have been saying how beautiful my eyes are. Adam makes we want to dress up. I am 56.

            • cheryl norman says:

              UNDER 62 here.

    • Helen/Canada says:

      Well ladies, put me in your club. Thank God! I’m not the only one. I’m 58 and everything is Adam, Adam, Adam. I can’t stop! I haven’t felt like this since I was 14 and had my first love! That’s why this site is my life saver, at least I can vent here and not drive everybody crazy, like my family, friends, and work. I really do try not to start every sentence with Adam……I really have this need to see him up close! I feel like my head is going to explode. I saw him in concert in Hamilton and there are no words. I waited for him for 2 hours after the concert but he didn’t come out that night. I really, really, really need to see him! I feel that if I see him up close, maybe some of this madness will stop??? I have a new name for Adam, he is now my BEAUTIFUL OBSESSION!

      • Helen/Canada says:

        I forgot to add, I really want to touch his face, that beautiful, beautiful face……….

    • OMG Diane, if I put Adam pics. up in my bedroom, I pretty sure my hubbie would kick me plum out
      of the house. Know what u mean at work, at home , at play love to talk about Adam.

      • Dianne Hill says:

        Well I don’t have a hubby, or partner at the moment, not interested anymore, only interested in Adam. There is no-one in the world who would be as good as him at anything. It would be unfair to compare. So, I can do what I please, my computer room also has Adam pictures everywhere, as does my workstation at work. I think I must start in the lounge. My kids will lock me up if I’m not careful though, as long as they lock me up with Adam I would be happy.

        • AllaboutAdam says:

          LOL, Adam has ruined us for all other men who just can’t seem to measure up! and I DO NOT CARE! I loved that: “GLITTER ON STARMAN”… our amazing, larger than life angel…

        • You just fully crack me up, I’m smiling as I’m typing. You go girl and post those Adam
          pictures everywhere. Yea, my teenage son looks at me sometimes, like “oh Mom”
          but he liks Adam , so does hubbie, but not enough to have his pics as wallpaper in the
          bedroom. PS. that would be some lock up w/Adam.

          • Iyleneidol09 says:

            Ladies, I would like to confess here, my hubby is a homophobic guy and does not even want to look at Adam’s pictures for fear of him turning into a gay guy!!.Guess what happened? Since Adam had awakened my internal feminity,had aroused me into a nympho just like everyone else here, he is the best ‘FEMALE VIAGRA” that any “frigid and uninterested- to- sex- at- this- age,women, I started to submit myself to him and I told him he should thank ADAM FOR IT!!!!!! HAHAHA! Now, whenever I am infront on my computer, he will sweetly ask me what I’m doing and I will response ” I’m with my ADAM friends..and talking about our precious ADAM.” and he started laughing and say “you should be naked doing that…” LOL!!!!

            • cheryl norman says:

              GOOD NITE IYLENEIDOL !!!!!! Just so that your husband KNOWS he has Adam to thank for
              his good fortune!!! Maybe he should twitter Adam a ‘thanks pal’!!! haha!

              • Iyleneidol09 says:

                cheryl normal, LOL! I’ll work on it! At least he does not cringe anymore hearing ADAM’s name, his eyes just just twinkle and probably think ” am I gonna be lucky again tonight??? LOL!!!!!

                • AdamAddict says:

                  How I’m glad I’m still single now! I’m not going to get married….eveeerrr!!

                  • LADIES,


                    Our love for ADAM and all this stuff we are really feeling for/about him just prove one simple thing:
                    Some of us can be “OVER THE AGE” but WE ARE NOT DEAD – WE ARE ALIVE !!!
                    Don’t you agree ???

                    Evelize – GLAMB#80

                    • cheryl norman says:

                      EVELIZE,,, total agreement! Not saying that ‘I’m’ over any age, mind you!! Just
                      over the age of the average!

            • Iyleneidol09, Had me laughing . Adam you’re making us all nympho’s. Good for you.
              Oh how I wish Adam will just sit back and read these one day, someday , who knows
              he likes to get online, maybe he goes into these sites. HOPE! Cant you just see him
              cracking up??

              • Iyleneidol09 says:

                OMG, Mary C., I wish he could. All the confessions here by the cougars are priceless and classic!!! I’m sure nobody bares their soul to anyone before like what we are doing right now to each other. He will be astonished to discover his magical effect to all of us.

        • Dianne,

          I’m a psychologist and THERE IS NO LOUNGE capable to cure the “health” – ALPF-A (ADAM LAMBERT PASSION FOREVER – AMEN) we have, believe me !


          • Evelize, may we install you as our resident phsychologist in ALAMSAA, – Adam Lamberts Addicts Anonymous? No work involved, of course, just for appearances sake….no one will ever be cured, so there is no fuss or bother involved…

            • Yes Lorrin, I’m always here for all GLAMBS .
              And I agree when you say no one will be cured (me include!!!) cos the love we feel for ADAM is the most wonderful feeling that we have.



  38. AdamAddict says:

    I think when Adam tweeted saying about his new shoot, I think he meant this one.I seriously don’t think he meant the “machellin suit” ๐Ÿ™‚
    And another think the WARNING??!! It’s too late. The damage had been done! lol! You should said that in the 1st place not at the end of those gorgeous hot photos! Everything that you warned us,happened to me! I bet it happened to all of us too! IT”S TOO LATE,my friend!! lol!! I can’t even think right now. I think I already got glamb stroke! I NEED TO CALL 911! ANYONE, WHAT’S THE NUMBER OF 911? HELP!!

    • AdamRocks! says:

      “What’s the number of 911!” Emili, you have me ROTF!!! (don’t I wish Adam did too!)

      Cindy in MS

  39. Lisa Imbruglia says:

    Yes words cannot describe just how beautiful he is. If he was never a rock star or rock god (there I’ve said it for the first time) he could have been the most beautiful, sexy male model in the world.

    I can’t believe that anyone can have so much talent in voice and in looks and personality. But Adam does.

    I am going to be printing these out at work on the fine beautiful paper. If I could do A3 I would so lets just hope there is some in the printer.

    I cant stop looking at him…..

    If I died now I would know that I have seen near perfection.


    P.S. Did you say screensaver, go to:


    • Lisa, those are some awesome wallpapers, good for those who do not know how to make their own, so many lucious ones to choose from, my fave is the “One” one.

  40. I was looking at these yesterday on my phone…..can you get electrocuted from licking a phone? But, all together like that………OMG…..I cannot afford these medical bills!!!

    Yes, the waring should be BEFORE the pics, as it was waaaaaay too late….I can barely see to type this!

    Do these come in poster size for ceiling mounting?

    • Manda….no, you can’t get electrocuted from licking the phone, licking the computer, licking the ipod, licking the camera, or whatever…..look at me….I’m still here!!!!!!! LOL

      • GOOD!!! WHEW!!! So, elctrocution is out…but having serious head trauma from my skull cracking against my desk as I faint is still a possibility, as is passing out from not breathing!

  41. Glambertfan says:

    Those look like Cavalli Jackets!? Could he be the new face of a Designing Giant!? He’dwould be a Fashion Designer’s ideal Model – anyone of them would love to grab him! have him too… lol ๐Ÿ™‚

  42. i think i’ve gone into glambiac arrest…love them all, esp the first!

    Glamb #47

  43. Jane Parker says:

    Never seen anything like it…. UNREAL!

  44. Deemoonpie says:

    Daggone! What did we all do before Adam???? And how can he just continue to pull us deeper in with his sultry, sexy looks…incredible voice…ALL THAT IS ADAM!!!!! I have not been this obsessed with a man since I met my husband 27 years ago…hell, I don’t even he affected me this way (but it must have been close )…

    These pictures and posts are way better than a cup of coffee first thing in the morning!!! Keep ’em comin’!


  45. Glambertfan says:

    Definately the main theme is Jackets? Which Fashion House Giant has scooped up Adam to Represent? Hmmm ..

    • exactly what I was thinking…hhmmmm

      • Oh yeah…I was thinking Adam could make just one of his personal fortunes being a fashion model and designer…’House Of Adam’..

        • cheryl norman says:

          LORRIN,,, House of Adam!! I l i k e i t !!!! Adam’s possibilities are LIMITLESS!!!!! Adam really cannot
          have a CLUE of what his future holds!!!! Hell, we keep coming up w/ideas, there’s not enough of him to
          go around! Think,,,,,’clonning’!!!!! More than one Adam?! Could it be???? Is it possible????Maybe if we
          ……..no, i guess not.

          • Well, you know, I was thinking something very similar to your cloning idea when I read Terry’s post on the Albany thread saying how Adam was ‘stretching all our boundaries’ and that we were all learning amazing new technical things, and she was wondering where it would all lead in the future with our Adam, and I thought, well, how about ‘holographic’ personal meetings with Adam and a guest, or ‘Adam Androids’, realistic in every detail, or win a 5-year trip with Adam back to his home planet….too silly, but definitely in keeping with your idea of making ‘more than one’ of our Adam. Of course, if that were really a possibility it would be a heck of lot more than a Twitter account that gets hacked..

        • Lisette here..bonmatin all LorrinI hed poste above..but computre just crash on thes page..lost to bleu screen..thout not agan..Two month ago, a new harddrive install Cant be days without Adamtribute page,magnifque photos of m’angel d’musique ..Adam… Jeanette’s articles,glamb gals,an belleamie Lorrin! With a prayre some devine intervention assiste to restore aftre runing Mccafee scan..phfew! An was replyin to yu here so agree Adam can have his owne fashione line,magazin an as I hed mention GQ l’homme(men) for sure!! House of Adam or Lambert per l’homme cologne,leathre suits,ecoutrementes/leathre goods,jewelry line,makeup..I’d even buy his eyeliner..Adore how beautful it stays on..Gathre thout one neede to av his lit crystalbleu eyes with black longlash an liner..tresbeau..Always beliv eyes sont l’mirror to soul..very brit an agan angelique! hugs an luv Lisettexoxo

  46. I think these pics might be for his album cover………………….OMG! Adam has fans at my house from 6 to 80 and no one could pick just one favorite picture, they are all PERFECT. That man is absolutely captivating………………..do I really have to get off the computer and get to work, damn!!!


  47. OMA, i could die happy now …WOW
    can he get anymore yummyer?..well yeah spoze he could if he took a few clothing peices off coz he is to HOT in them

  48. Oh, my ACHING back (and some other body parts)! That’s all I got. More words than that elude me.

  49. Okay, when words fail me, I turn to my music muses (I hope AC/DC doesn’t mind me taking a small liberty with their lyrics):

    He was a fast machine, he kept his motor clean. He was the best damn man that I’ve ever seen. He had the sight and size – tellin’ me no lies. And knocking me out with those American thighs.

    I could go on, but it gets *really* dirty after that.

  50. earlzagurl4u says:

    ADAM: I give up,,I thought I’d given up when Ryan said “and then there’s Adam Lambert”,,but now I have simply given up,,there’s no going back,,not that I ever wanted to,,and had no intentions of doing so,, nevertheless you’ve drawn me into your glitterlust-sprinkled world and I don’t have the strength to fight it,,take me,,use me as you see fit,,IJLY

  51. Thank you so much omg omg omg adam is the bestยกยกยกยก

  52. Adam is honestly killing me. First brief glance at the first photo, I had to go smoke a cigarette, Ha! Ha! How can a photo have such an effect?

    • Glad that I wasn’t the only one that had to have a cigarette, it was the wrong time in my life to try to give up smoking, I first think gotta give up smoking, then I think Oh, God, Adam is smoking hot, that does it, I give in and light up again!!!

  53. smoooooking!!!!!!!!

    never wanted to be a gay man so much!!!
    Actually there could be a bit of fun here -why dont all girly fans dress up as ‘adamesque’ men when they go see him in concert- he will look out on a sea of ambigously beautiful fans but basically all men (his sexual preference?) – I think he will see the funny side-girls it may be our only chance!

  54. After seeing these photos, if I died today, I would be happy. I often wonder if he is truly real!! I have never seen anything so hypnotic.

  55. Dah -dah- haaa aah meh eeeeeeeh, aaaargh!!!!
    Dumbstruck, drooling imbecile this end.

    These should defnitely come with a SERIOUS health warning attached. Just proves a point I’ve always tried to make, sex appeal has nothing to do with being naked, here’s a bunch of XXXX rated pics of a fully dressed man, you either have IT or you don’t!

    Thanks again for spoilling us with these babies!

  56. I have said it twice before, and I am saying it again: ADAM LAMBERT, PRACTICALLY PERFECT IN EVERY WAY!

  57. THANK YOU! THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!!! I thought today was going to be a bad day…NOT ANY MORE. OMG….BEAUTIFUL—STUNNING—SEXY!!! Can you say ALBUM COVER????!!!! WAHOOOO!!!!

  58. Gah! I’m dyin’ from the hotness.

    Andra (littlegreensnake)
    Glamb #402


  60. OMG!!!! He is sooooo HOT!!!

    I saw him in at the Idol Tour in Hamilton-Canada.. he was beautiful!! A bit dissapointed that he didn’t come out to sign authographs… but it’s ok honey, I forgive you..

    These pics are absolutely incredible!!! love the red shoes!!!

  61. Thanks Jeanette, I have so many words to say, if listed this site would go into an explosion.
    Adam is a fashion designers dream come true. Hell, he’s everyone’s dream come true!
    Just think back to the day when he made it to Hollywood and came out the door waving his paper with
    his #, hugging his mom and then the video went to Adam running up the sidewalk turning in circles,
    smiling, to the song, Viva La Vida, Muah!!!!!!! Wonder if he ever knew then what was in store
    for him??
    Love him.

  62. Love the pics..
    The combination of formal and informal clothes is great and it’s really modern. Every picture is so so great!!!!!!

  63. Oh MY GOD !!! I can’t believe .These pics dazzels my eyes and I can’t breath…Adam is very very great !!

  64. OMG, Adam is as always freakin’ HOTTTTTT

  65. wow!!!!!!! adam looks hot!!!!!!!!! way to go!!!!!!!!!
    hee hee!!!!!!!!

  66. Did you know if you go to postergods.com you can buy the poster made of his Rolling Stones cover? (I didn’t read all the other comments above to see if someone already mentioned this.) I know I would sure love a calendar of all the poses above!

    • I agree – I think they would make a great calendar! I’ve been thinking about 2010 calendars for a little while now…I am sure we are going to have A HUGE VARIETY of different Adam calendars to choose from. It’ll be just one more delicious thing we have to look forward to between now and the end of the year. How will we decide on which calendar to get??? How about a calendar for every room? We can put calendars in the closets, basement and attic. I want one of every different Adam calendar I can find – I’ll find someplace for them if I have to hang them from the ceiling!!!

      • I’m with you on that, Jeanette,

      • He’d make a great ‘calendar boy’ wouldn’t he?? YUM!

        • AdamAddict says:

          You have to buy plenty if you want to hang in all room.What I’m going to do is buy only one and let others got the chance buy it too. How can I see that calender all the time?? I’m going to paste it at my forehead! So, all I can see is him! That’s the plan!,I’m brilliant!!

  67. AdamRocks! says:

    The way he teases you with his eyes in that second picture. . . ~fanning myself furiously~

    Cindy in MS

    • I know, oouuchhhhh . what a tease he is.

    • That second one is my favorite, too. Great minds….

      • I love them all, but the fave is # 8. Love him looking down, hand on forehead. Love the neck, ( like when he is singing and the vein pops ) the
        lips , the jawline ooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Also the black jacket , unzipped halfway
        down, white T, glove. Need I go on. OK people, Are you still coherent??????

        • Helen/Canada says:


          Does that answer your question? LOL.! I LOVE that one too Mary, but I think my favourite is the first one. I happened to find a really big shot of the first one and it’s even bigger and better!!! ha, ha!

  68. You either have it or you don’t……….and he most defintely HAS IT !!!!

  69. Glamb #386 here!!! I could be arrested for what I’m thinking!!! LOL

    That man is the most beautiful, gorgeous, handsome man that I have EVER seen!

    And that’s just about his appearance…..I can’t even describe how I feel about his voice, movements, personality, etc, etc, etc.

    I love ADAM!!!!!

    • AMEN!!! Halleluhjiah!!

      Glamb #413

    • Iyleneidol09 says:

      Guess what jaberone, if it is unlawful to think what we are thinking about ADAM right now, then let them arrest us, that jailhouse will be soo overcrowded with Adam-induced middle-aged nymphomaniacs!!!HAHAHA!!! I’m sure the judge will just let us all go with recommendation for psychiatric evaluation. I don’t think there is any available govement health coverage for this form of disorder.LOL!!

  70. ignite123 says:

    OMG! He is so gorgeous! He is so fit! What a complete package he is!

  71. Hey guys, did you see on Adam’s Official Website he’s got a charity competition going on for his Fan Groups as well as individual fans to contribute to his charity: http://www.donorschoose.org/AdamLambert

    Thought you might want to check it out:)

  72. Guys, have you noticed that Adam has changed the photo on his Twitter page to one from the photoshoot? He is really responding to the comments made by us, as I said previously, this guy is FANTBULOUS.

  73. I’ve been obsessing on these pictures for about 2 days now… and the green-pants one (SMOKINGHOT!!!!) is currently my desktop background haha!… Omg, he gets hotter and hotter by the day!!!!!!

    BTW, that warning… Respect! Beautifully – glamourously ๐Ÿ˜‰ – very well written!

  74. These pictures ADAMAZING regardless of any airbrushing / touch ups that may have happened!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE them AND HIM!!!!

  75. AdamFan - Glamb 389 says:

    Adamgasmic!!!!! ~thud~

    Need I say more????

  76. I think the clothes fit him so perfect. I love his looks in all of them. I think the stylist picked perfect. And I have seen him in person too. And he is not at all fat . I thought he was tall , thin and perfect. So “beautiful” in person. what makes me sad is one of his insecurities is he thinks he needs to lose weight. And people out there say he does. You guys are crazy. he is perfect. perfect for his heighth and if he looses any more weight he will look like the bulimic models in the 90s.

  77. Thanks for all the pics. Adam is so talented in so many ways. He could make a great living as
    a model. It is hard to believe that he was unknown nationwide until the idol. Thank goodness
    he tried out for the idol are we may never have known this super talented man. It makes me
    wonder how many more undiscovered young men or women are not known. Once again
    thank goodness Adam has been discovered. He is truly a SUPERSTAR.

    • Iyleneidol09 says:

      Jan Lynn, that really still makes me wonder, what are we seeing at ADAM that others cannot see? During his part 2 interview, he described his quest for his dream, how could any talent scout not see that raw talent? When he was in the Cruise ship, don’t tell me there’s not even one person can scout a potential megastar in him.. still makes me wonder, when he performed in Hair, Wicked, Jesus Christ Superstar.. and so on … why did it take this long, if not for AI, he will not be discovered… I can’t believe it… how did some of the so-so recording artists make it to the top with a so-so voice, look and talent??? why??? We almost didn’t have a chance to have him.. if AI didn’t give him a chance too…there will be no GLAMS,..and I will not discover all of you….OMG!! Iam shaking, just the thought of that horrible possibility….

      • Hi Iyleneidol09, I am in full agreement with you, how on earth was he not discovered years ago with such a fantastic voice, such a performer, maybe he needed to go through all the past experience to become what he is to day. As Adam state once before, he believes everything is for a reason, and this is the right time for him, people are more ready for someone so unique as Adam.

        • Iyleneidol09 says:

          Toni, and to top it all, and all all this pent up frustration ( which I accept already! lie!) he was denied the AI title!!!! Ok, I’m over it, but from time to time, it keeps creeping in my very brain!! I know he keep saying, he is not really after the title, which is fine, ( but still… still not fine…that’s ok, I’ll get over it…)

  78. Sharie K Shannon says:


    I just got out of bed and was drowsy, but I turned on my compter and what hit me in the face was the subject pictures of Adam – takes my breath away – whoooooo!!! They nearly made me cry – Adam really shows his stuff and all his cool/hot ability to project his sexy self. TERRIFIC Adam – you never fail to amaze me. So professonal , but at the same time he can stream through the computer or television and just grab your heart with those nearly undescribable flirty blue eyes and that million dollar smile – they knock me out !!! Adam, you are perfection itself, and truly one of a kind entertainer. Wanting more, more, more of Adam.
    Bring it Adam !!!
    Absolute fan, Sharie K

  79. He can model too??!! Is there anything this man can’t do at top-notch, better than I’ve ever seen caliber?

  80. lovergirl says:


  81. i just died and went to glam heaven

  82. Yeah baby.

  83. Wow. The new photos are great(the ones with Adam in that chair)!!

  84. te_amo_adam says:

    These clothes are stunning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!And even more so on him. Bring the glamrock fashion back! Can’t wait to see him on tour. Thanks so much for this post!

  85. Jeanette, the last two photos, OMG, I am staring at them and screaming, this guy knows how to pose, cloths take on a different meaning when he is wearing them, there is such a vibe even from the photos, I cannot wait for Adam to come to London, perhaps if you get the chance to speak to him again, please ask him if he plans to include London in his schedule, I want to experience what you guys are experiencing at the live shows. Meanwhile please carry on posting videos, photos, more news about Adam, OUR ROCK GOD.

  86. I wish I could carry these photos around with me all day, just for a peek now and then, to get my Adam fix and give me a reason to walk around with a silly grin on my face!

  87. OMG that hat……okay now, calm DOWN Manda…calm down….*dies*…….uh oh………

  88. I would LOVE and Adam calendar!!! Even more if he signed it!!!!!

  89. I would sooooo love it Adam could read this craziness, hey I think he is hot too but he would just die laughing at us older ladies so hot for him…lol He has turned me into a gitty teen again and it feels soooo good!

  90. My favorite has to be the one where he has his hand up to his face and is looking down. He looks like he needs a hug!!! I also love the one with the big hat on! So mysterious and sexy! He just never fails to amaze me! 11 days and counting until the concert in Indianapolis.We will claim him as our own! After all, he was born here! So what if he only stayed a nano second!!! The future is bright for our shining star !!

  91. bostonbonnie says:

    I’m going to lose my job. I know we kid about it, but I’m not kidding. I CAN NOT WORK. I CAN ONLY ADAM. Now it’s a verb: to Adam, definition – any and every activity involving Adam Lambert obsession. Does anyone have real advice about how to balance work and Adam? Otherwise, I won’t have enough income to live.

  92. These pictures are gorgous…He is so photogenic and the most handsome man that I have seen since Elvis….Went through all of this and it is really neat to be seeing a young man with all the talent in the world and I will be glad when his first cd comes out….
    Bostonbonnie just think of it this way…he is working hard and making money for himself and going to be a worldwide star….You need to work hard so you can go have money to see this world wide star….
    9 of us are going to K.C. to see the Idol show Aug. 30th…really only to see Adam…..then it will be back home and to reality……

  93. I love these pictures so much. I could stare at him all day… *sigh*

  94. I love the warning, but I fear that in my case it came much too late. I was in trouble with the computer for sure, but seeing Adam in person in Boston has completely done me in. Ever since, I just watch the concert on YouTube and cry. In case you might think this is all good fun and not REALLY a problem, I was REALLY sick yesterday. Severe headache, week legs that hurt like hell, and it felt like someone had weights on my shoulders pushing me to the ground. Come to find out, I was pretty badly dehydrated. Crazy huh? I could blame it on shedding gallons of tears, but more likely I wasn’t taking care of myself…too busy with Adam. So here’s my own warning..lol. Be sure to get up off that computer chair and at least drink some water once in a while!

  95. Jeanette, I couldn’t have said it better. haha I enjoy your writings. Thank you.
    You certainly picked a HOT SUBJECT, ADAM LAMBERT. I swear Adam is going to be the
    death of me. One of these times my heart is going to stop and I will go on to Adamville. haha

  96. Oh my Ra!! How hot can one man be? You can’t get much hotter than this without bursting into flames~~

  97. Glamb #100 says:

    Heart Attack!!

  98. he should model, do concerts, TV specials, CD’s, how can you possibly get enough of ADAM!

  99. OMG he looks so f’cking good!!! I could just eat him up!

  100. just bein me :) says:

    oh my god adam is so hot lol why all the gay guys the hot ones!!!!!!!!!!! lol hottness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!