Vote for Adam Lambert on FUSE’s Grammy Poll!

Let’s put the GLAMB vote in for Adam Lambert! He’s in a close 2nd place behind Michael Jackson. Nothing against Michael Jackson, but I really think Adam’s performance deserves as much recognition as possible. As of the moment I’m writing this, Michael’s “This Is It” is at 56.95% and Adam’s “Whataya Want From Me” is at 41.79%. None of the other three contenders even have 1% of the vote! You can vote over and over. Let’s let our voices be heard!!

Set a voting number – say 20 times – vote then come back when you can and do it over again!

Spread the word on your Twitter, Facebook, email list, etc. Click here to vote again and again!

Love ya!

~ Carol ~

About Carol

I started writing on this site back in May 2009, not knowing what I was in for or where it would take me. I had no idea of the joy and personal satisfaction I'd find here. I never dreamed that I'd get to meet Adam, but that dream came true! The bonus of becoming such great friends with Lila and the other fans is what keeps me going. Music gets me though every day. In addition to Adam, I love Muse, Linkin Park, 80s and finding newer bands and supporting them by attending everything that's within 350 miles. With Adam, the boundaries are farther! Thanks for joining us on this ride! :)


  1. Adam was ahead a week or so ago and all of a sudden he fell behind. We definately need to keep voting and not stop.

    • Grammy Poll is Hi-Jacked by MJ:

      I keep voting and voting for Adam on the Fuse Grammy Poll, but somebody has HI-JACKED that poll and there is some kind of automatic voting system set-up for Michael Jackson.
      I’ve been keeping statistics, and they must be voting about 300 TIMES a minute to be moving ahead so fast.

  2. I went to the site & voted for almost an hour & the numbers never changed – how many does it take to make it move or does it at all? Since I didn’t know about this till today, I hadn’t voted & didn’t know that Adam was ahead, but will check back tomorrow & see if anything has changed for the better.

  3. I was voting for quite awhile tonight and the numbers keep dropping. It’s depressing. We need to get the word out. I can’t beleive that a week ago he was way ahead of Michael and now he is getting further and further behind.

  4. JoAnne T. says:

    I kept voting, lost count how many times but I know it was over 20 and the numbers never changed. Adam’s down to 40.73 though. LETS GET TO VOTING GLAMBS ADAM NEEDS US!!!

    JoAnne T. (Glam #497)

  5. Scootersmom says:

    The percentages change on either one depending upon the vote. If MJ gets 1,000 more votes in one day than Adam does, then Adam’s percentage will go down, MJ’s up. If they both get 1,000 votes in one day, their percentages remain exactly as they were. Hope this explanation makes sense, it’s the best way I know to describe it. Doesn’t matter if it’s 1,000 votes or one million, results are the same in percentages. I’ve been frustrated by sitting here for an hour or two, voting repeatedly, seeing no change, even sometimes seeing Adam’s percentage go down, because even more people are voting for MJ than there are of us voting for Adam at the same time. Simply put, WE ALL NEED TO VOTE MORE AND LONGER EVERY DAY FOR ADAM!!


    • Fuse Grammy Poll is Hi-Jacked by MJ:

      I keep voting and voting for Adam on the Fuse Grammy Poll, but somebody has HI-JACKED that poll and there is some kind of automatic voting system set-up for Michael Jackson.
      I’ve been keeping statistics, and they must be voting about 300 TIMES a minute to be moving ahead so fast.
      How can we stop them?

  7. I stopped voting on that because I think there is something either wrong or “fishy” with that site. But I wnt to another one that you have to join two twitter sites or something and MJ was ahead. There were really alot of comments for him. I mean, who are they impressing? Someone who has passed away?

    Here is my recommendation: Go to and urge that they have Adam perform or present. Urge that he be seen on stage on television. This can make a difference and not just some meaningless voting site. On the Grammy site, you have to log in and all that. There were some immature people who typed Michael Jackson or Lady GaGa over and over like 100 times. It’s stupid. I think if we write an request……well it might help. If we all just sent one comment…

  8. Adam is down 1 point since this afternoon and I have voted and voted….Iwant him to get the grammy but if a person votes and it does no good, there is something not right…

  9. I can’t believe people are voting for a dead man ! Maybe we should reserect John Lenon or Elvis !
    Come on people, put Adam in the spotlight, most amazing talent in decades !!

  10. Indeed the webmaster is the responsible about the changing numbers, Adam was the winner in that category suddenly Michael is a head up to him.Where are the true fans now the’re busy with the fucking gaga or bieber what the hell you people wake up and vote non stop .LONG LIVE ADAM …LOVE

  11. Something is weird about this voting site, seems like the more you vote for Adam, the lower his score goes and the higher MJ’s goes up! This is discouraging !!! I “m beginning to think someone
    at this site switched the votes so they would go to MJ instead !!!

  12. Adam so cute and sweet good luck

  13. kat23mogan says:

    First I have voted a ton….and still will….I have issues with MJ being elligable for an award…do not feel someone who passed away over a year ago should be up for a live performance award…Yes I like MJ…but fair is fair…Keep voting people…

  14. kat23mogan says:

    Just an fyi…you can vote…see results then hit vote again…do that over and over….i think i just voted for him like 50 times at least in 10 minutes….on your work breaks vote….he is at 39% and Michael is at 69%…we need to do our thing glams…vote vote vote…

  15. I wonder if anyone has a connection with FUSE. I’m convinced there is a malfunction on the voting mechanism. I’ve been watching this and I really think something’s wrong with it now.

  16. Sad when voting can’t be correct and there has to be cheats in the world….I voted and when I looked the next time it had gone down…..I will not vote anymore cause it is screwed up for sure…..

    • fabulousfilly says:

      Actually, it’s the quitting that is causing us to go backward. What we need is more voting and more voters. Glam’s are not quitters.

  17. fabulousfilly says:

    I have been voting on this since it started. I have voted some days all day long as I watch TV. I have watched Adam slowly pull ahead of MJ only to see a 10 pt spread in favor of Adam disappear overnight. It is definitely autovoting as this is the only thing that can pull this off. I’ve also thought that many bitter fans of “others” may be helping by voting MJ against Adam, anything to keep Adam in second place. This is not a fair contest and if we had autovoters we could pull a head easily, so obviously we are voting the fair way. The only way we can get our lead back is to get a tremendous amount of voters to spend their time voting, not 20 times but pretty much on and off all day and night. It is easier to keep your lead than to regain it once it is lost. I’ve been a voter, “Starlighter #41” since the Tweeterwall “HELL” days and we encountered autovoters and complained and they were found out and kicked out of the contest. All it takes is a tech guru and they can beat the program. I doubt Fuse cares. Personally I feel Michael has been dead long enough to not count and should be in another category such as a posthumous award. He should not be up against live singers working their asses off to be relevant in this fickle music industry. I feel it’s unfair to live singers to compete against sentimentality. JMHO!!! LOL!!!

    • Wow!!!! Great post! You got it exactly right!!! Especially the part about MJ! Nothing against Michael, but I was thinking the same thing about a posthumous award. This doesn’t seem right or fair to me either. BTW, I’ve not had any luck voting for Adam on Fuse. I clickon his line and drop down to click “vote” and it throws me to a page with all this Lollapalooza stuff. Haven’t gotten off even one vote for our fabulous Adam!!! Getting super pissed!!!!!!!!

    • kat23mogan says:

      totally agree MJ has been dead for a while…over a year…elect him for a memorial honor….not fair for current artist to compete against his legacy which is what this comes down to…It is like having someone compete against Elvis…

  18. Apparently our voting means nothing. Have voted for over an hour for 2 days & Adam’s goes down & MJ’s goes up. What is with that? This has to be rigged or all our votes would be seen, not showing him dropping down. That makes no sense.

  19. Well, of course there are also some people who’d like us to spend more time in the Internet for bussiness, and votings like this makes us so. But rest assured, that whether there are more votes for Adam or not, this doesn’t change the quality of his singing or makes him anything less than what he had achieved.

    We can’t do anything if votings like this are rigged. They’ll only laugh if we get pissed off. But the most important thing also is to know the truth about these Polls. Of course they might be taking us for a run for our money. But what could make us any wiser?

    Well of course, investigate and know the truth.

  20. Guys, you wasted your time doing useless thing. Your votes will not be counted for atual Grammy awards. Save your time doing useful works. Adam doesn’t need your votes to be good singer. He probably wants you to buy his CDs and see him on live concerts

  21. kat23mogan says:

    I have a feeling this is rigged too…why…I probably along with many voted yesterday a bunch…today a bunch…the percentage did not move….

  22. He deserve to win

  23. Adam fabulous as always

  24. Dianne Hill says:

    I hope all you people that are furiously voting for Adam realise that this voting will have nothing to do with who wins the Grammy. The Grammy is chosen by the Grammy people who vote for that category, insiders, entertainers etc, it has nothing to do with the voting that you are doing.

    Also, Adam isn’t performing because he was only nominated for one award and apparently you have to be nominated for at least two.

    As much as I want Adam to win this Grammy, I will be very surprised if he does, becuase it seems that the industry has overlooked the fact that Bruno Mars is being convicted for possession of cocaine, and it seems that he has been given the nod “by the industry bigwigs” who decides who wins and who doesn’t.

    I don’t think it is fair either to put MJ against Adam or any of the other contenders for that matter. How is anyone living supposed to compete with a dead man. Funny too, how the industry pretty much turned their back on MJ when all that business was going down but of course he is dead now and will be turned practically into a saint by these same industry people. Don’t get me wrong I loved Michael, but I don’t think it is fair that they put him in this category at all, he should be in a special one all on his own.

  25. 🙂

  26. Sorry, but I still doubt FUSE. Maybe they just increased Adam’s votes a little, to refute doubts to their credibility. Their underlying sentiment is to resurrect Michael Jackson, because why would they choose a picture of him that is so alive, juxtapose to the other contenders that look passive?

    Some people are still in DENIAL and can’t still accept that Michael Jackson is dead. Or they have a SURVIVOR’S GUILT ! Or maybe MJ’s debts haven’t been fully paid, and resurrecting him would still keep his records’ sale.

    Poor MJ. Maybe his death was EUTHANASIA or Mercy-killing. Maybe his physician know that MJ can no longer meet fans’ expectations nor has he the physical stamina for a 50 concert tour. Maybe Dr. Murrow witnessed all MJ’s travails having been forced in a predicament because of his debts. Such pathos that only a physician can witness is maybe even more than whatever penalty a court will hand him.

    As for MJ, maybe it was better to quit while yet at the top, than to be witnessed by history, giving weak performances.

  27. I agree!! the Media(and Joe-public) areJUST stupid!! it wasn’t that long ago that MJ was caught ‘play’N(sleeping) w little boys! and suddenly that is all forgotten, and thrown against Adam(cause he is gay) cause he wares a ‘little show make-up” seen Pix of “his Highness MJ?’ well he looks like a 80 year old man in drag!!!and has for years!! and that is ALL suppose to be fine now “that he is dead” it just makes me mad! the double standard” this society has for “out entertainers” it s just STUPID! Adam Is deserving of this award!!! MJ did nothing this year buy DIE! why should he get an award for that? it kills me!! what has this world come to?

  28. Linda, you make me laugh. I just love your logic and common sense. LOL ! You’re right ! MJ did nothing that year but died. A reason why some people commit suicide, is because our survivors’ guilt forgets their mistakes and would remember their good side.

    Yes, some shoulders need to be shaken. I hope people come to realize this. Adam does deserve the award.

  29. It’s okay when Adam wins his first Grammy nomination, because his fans will be celebrating and cheering all over the world. However, if he loses, it willl be expected to be a day of Mourning and Infamy. But Adam will still stand out to be a winner because he will console us, and will probably say, ” It’s okay guys. Your love for me makes me already a winner.” My gosh, maybe some fans will cry some more because, this is so touching and heart rending.

    Oh, well, this is just creating the scenarious so we can be prepared. Like prepare a hankie for tears of joy if he wins or tears of sadness, otherwise. Or others like Linda, should practice some RELAXATION TECHNIQUES. He-he. Or we can collectively pray in our homes, “Please Lord let Adam win….. Please !”

  30. Nothing against MJ, but as you said, he is gone. His music will be remembered & so will he, but now we have a new exciting talent to root for & hopefully whoever is voting will consider Adam for all he has done in the past year & reward him for it. I’m sure this won’t be his last nomination, but a win would be really, really nice. He really deserves the recognition for what he has accomplished so all the negative comments stop & they truly see him for what he contributes to the music industry with his fantastic voice, his overall uniqueness, good looks & charisma off the charts. GO ADAM, SHOW THEM THEY HAVEN’T SEEN OR HEARD THE LAST OF YOU. YOU ARE TRULY ONE IN A MILLION & DESERVE ONLY THE BEST.

  31. Michael deserves to win more than anyone else. Even I like Adam, but the King is the best. No one in this world has given too much, contributed too much like he did and still does even after death. There are millions billions adams and evas in this world, but a Legend like the King of Pop is only ONE! No one will be come closed, no one can be replaced. MICHAEL JACKSON lives FOREVER!

  32. To all stupid who said that the dead does not deserve to win think about whether your parent or your children deserve to be loved if they die??? Will you erase them out of your mind and your life after their death??? Are you human? Why are you so evil? You destroyed him when he was alive, now you want to even destroy his image when he’s dead? You love Adam, vote for him. Millions others LOVE Michael Jackson. They are loyal, respectable, intelligent people, who undestand the KINDNESS, LOVE, TALENT AND THE BEAUTY!

  33. Yes, we have a right to whom we love. We are just expressing our sentiments, secured that this is Adam’s fansite. And so we just took for granted that everybody here love Adam and are loyal to him, and so we won’t hurt or offend anybody when we are biased towards Adam BECAUSE THIS IS HIS FANSITE anyway and not Michael Jackson’s.

    But since this fansite also attracts those who like Adam and not really love him like we do, we would like to apologize because we do not mean to offend anybody. If Adam is a threat to the legacy of Michael Jackson, then, it must indeed be …… I don’t know. I think it’s funny. Why should this be taken seriously like a sob-story. My GOSH!! Everything is idolatry !!!

    We are created equal in the eyes of God. Everyone is as great as Michael or Adam.

    Our love here for Adam should also not be taken so seriously. We are just bantering for fun here. We yak-yak to our hearts content as our coping mechanism also to our everyday mundane, prosaic, routine life. Cheer up girls !

  34. Love Adam doesn’t mean that you can badmouth other artists especialy a phenomenon like Michael Jackson. Do you know anything about his extraodinary contribution not only as an artist but as a humanitarian?

    Every body is born equaly in the eyes of God, yes, but not every body is as great as Michael Jackson. He dedicated his whole life to bring joy and love to sick, poor, unluck people, heal the world and help anyone in need.

    Have your fun by everything you want. But having fun by insulting someone’s death is not a nice way.
    Adam himself idol Michael Jackson. If he know you guys badmouth about his idol he will not be happy for sure

  35. If you want to worship Michael Jackson, you don’t have to shove him down our throats. Just because we dissect his death, doesn’t mean that we appreciate him less. It’s just that we are more into Adam. I appreciated Michael before during his glory days, but never like Adam now and how he touched our lives. We’re sorry if you think and felt it was bad-mouthing him. It was not our intention to hurt your feelings. Obviously you are grieving for him, so it’s difficult to be in your shoes when our eyes are glued to Adam, and this happens to be his fansite.

    Greatness has different measures. Well, Michael’s was worldly measures too, renowned and published but as to anybody’s greatness – That can be anybody’s judgment. If you think that way then you have a right and a reason to. Go ahead but let others be as to what they think and to whom they think is great.

    Obviously you need to calm down and not be angry, because we have a right to our own beliefs, expectations and ideas. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust…………………….

  36. You should say yourself and the other AL fans CALM DOWN.
    You should open your eyes to understand that: Michael Jackson is leading all the polls because there are more people who voted for him, because he is a true talent and they LOVE HIM.

    Michael would done much much more with his This is it tour and other plans if he’s not murdered. Even in death he rescued the weak music industry. Many people buy MJ’s CDs and buy CDs of other artists too. They became music fans because of MJ.
    He absolutely did contribute a lot more than “die” as you said, not mention 20% of his will are for charities.

    You have your right to your beliefs and ideas, yes. But God doesn’t encorage anyone to judge someone without knowledge. If you are more into Lampert, just praise him. If you have nothing nice to say about MJ, better don’t say.

    This is my last comment here. Bye!

  37. You said God doesn’t encourage anyone to judge someone without knowledge, but you are doing this when you said that Michael Jackson was murdered. You are judging Dr. Murray to have murdered Michael Jackson. How can you be so sure that Michael did not commit suicide? A lot of celebrities did. Maybe Dr. Murray know something and was just covering up for Michael out of compassion. As you say how can you judge? Are you omniscient and omnipresent ? Are you sure that he was murdered? History can only tell. Now it’s comfy for you to believe, for some peace of mind.

    The truth hurts. People would just believe what they want to believe.

  38. I said the previous is my last comment, but I have to add one more to reply yours.

    Yes, God doesn’t encourage anyone to judge someone without knowledge. But I have knowledge to tell you that MJ was murdered.
    The truth will be prevailed. Just wait and see!

    The suicide thing is the same as all rumours about MJ: bleach his skin, sleep in oxygen tank, buy man-elephen bone blah blah….It’s all LIES!
    Only lazy, ignorant or jealous people believe in those stupid tabloid junks
    Any one with mind will be smart enough to laugh at it!

    MJ fans, fortunately are smart, knowledgable to know THE TRUTH and believe in their knowledge.
    Only mindless people believe in what they want to believe without knowledge!

    You once again underrated MJ fans!

  39. Devin: adam i just started watching ur videos like ur ago and i just started looking up ur history and well i no u will brobably say no but every day i live and every day i breathi am filled wth anger because i am wasting my life every day i tell my self to do stuff thats not usall but idk wat happens i just dont do anything and well i really wont to become big and i won to leave something for ppl to remember me by but i nned help and well ur the perfect guy every one i know says ur gay and calls u a fag but i think ur freaking awsome and well i dont know exactly wat im asking u but really the truth is everyone that becomes big and famous has the ability to give some one like me a regular guy in high school the ability to make something of his or her life and i can only wish and hope and dream of the day u pick me u have the power to beable to change a life for anyone and thats the kind of ability i wish i had cuz if i got big i wouldnt care for the money i just love the music and i want to be feel free on a stage and ur the perfect guy to be honest im probably not ur biggest fan because there r ppl who do every thing that involves u and i can do that sryy but plz i just want to be the one lucky person u pick out off the world to help get started and known and idk if i have the best voice but i can only say yes cuz its wat i think that maters but i would love ur opinun so as i live and as i breath i will wish and i will hope and i did make a song that i would love if u could personaly help me finish plz ps im 15 and i live in bakersfield and i hope u mack my life the one to remember sincerly ur hopeful friend Devin

  40. Bravooo , for your killer instincts ! Good job, I hope MJ is happy of your massacre of Adam’s fans. You come here in our site and hope to convince us to be MJ-Lovers and not Adam-lovers. I hope you are truly successful.

    You can be proud and boast all you want and indulge yourself in all your wars for MJ. Go ahead and slay your imaginary dragons. Boast and boast of how great you are. Okay you are great beyond compare. Okay, you have everything. We don’t underrate you. Believe what you want to believe. Be what you want to be. Inflate your head if that’s what you want untill it explodes. And check your blood pressure.

  41. Susie, I’m so sorry if I’m losing my cool. Why should we take this personally. Ha-ha-ha! My GOSH! I should remind myself I’m reviewing for the USMLE(United States Medical Licensure Exam), preparatory for a residency in Psychiatry. I should know better. It’s okay. I understand you. I can shift to another mode of my persona. Forget about the other things I’ve commented.

  42. I should focus on my problems right now which are my lower scores in Biochemistry and Anatomy so far. After USMLE, I have to take the IELTS and NZREX(New Zealand Registration Exam), then apply to the RANZCP( Royal Australia and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists). My son is now working in New Zealand and I love it there. So maybe someday hopefully, after we could migrate as a family I could meet with some Adam fans in NZ.

  43. Yes Adam should win! He is ALIVE and has the most fabulous voice and his performances are impeccable on tv and in person! I liked MJ but there really can’t be a comparison between him and Adam. Adam’s vocal talent is unsurpassed! I believe Adam continues to get knocked down by so many performers because they are jealous and afraid that Adam can do better than them. Also, the fact that he is gay and judged by ppl who don’t even know him. Besides in my opinion, I have my doubts that MJ was straight. I believe that all the turmoil in his life with trying to be what his family wanted him to be, made him change his looks, etc. All the problems of being acused of molestation. In his era ppl couldn’t admit that they were gay. I saw his children on the Oprah show and in my opinion those children are not his blood children. But he had to put on a facad of not being gay, hence, marrying Priscilla Presley, and Debbie his plastic surgeon’s nurse. He had the money to pay for all that. I’m sure that he was a nice person, charitable person, and a wonderful father. We can love him and his music, but life goes on and it’s time for the industry to step up and give recognition and respect to those TRULY TALENTED individuals who are alive and will continue to create their own era! It’s time!!!!!

  44. Thanks a bunch !:)