Vote for Adam Lambert in the 2010 TIME 100 Poll!!

**Keep checking back for updates!!**

We love to see Adam achieve every award, honor and dominate every voting situation he’s in, right? Maybe we’re so fervent in response to last year’s American Idol voting debacle. The VH1 Top Twenty results have been a clear sign of our power. Well, here’s another poll that we can lend our voices to. It’s the 2010 TIME 100 Poll. You’ll have to scroll down to find Adam – he’s listed at #90. After you click on his name, be sure to move the slider over to 100 (or whatever your choice), and then enter the security code. You know, those ones where you can barely make out the squiggly words?

Adam may be appearing on the list in the #90 slot, but after voting, scroll down and you’ll see he’s currently (or at least when I wrote this!) ranked at #5, behind Lady Gaga, Yu-Na Kim, Rain and Conan O’Brien. Let’s do what we can to keep Adam front and center, on his quest for Enteratainment World Domination! Keep checking back to this posting. I’ll keep it updated with how far we’re moving him up the list. You can vote time after time! Go Glambs!!

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As of April 6, 12:40 PM Pacific:

Rank Name Avg. Rating Total Votes
1 Lady Gaga 86 192743
2 Yu-Na Kim 91 146626
3 Rain 95 131729
4 Conan O’Brien 92 103822
5 Adam Lambert 95 82254

Read more:,28804,1972075_1972078_1972237,00.html#ixzz0kLoOu2Sv

~ Carol ~

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I started writing on this site back in May 2009, not knowing what I was in for or where it would take me. I had no idea of the joy and personal satisfaction I'd find here. I never dreamed that I'd get to meet Adam, but that dream came true! The bonus of becoming such great friends with Lila and the other fans is what keeps me going. Music gets me though every day. In addition to Adam, I love Muse, Linkin Park, 80s and finding newer bands and supporting them by attending everything that's within 350 miles. With Adam, the boundaries are farther! Thanks for joining us on this ride! :)


  1. When does the voting end?

    • they are not specific about the voting deadline but i think whatever the result of the poll the winner will be on the cover of time magazine last week of april. so pls pls vote everyday, every hour, every minute and every second. let’s make adam STRUT’s his GLITTER to the world.

  2. Rebecca says:

    I’m always voting for Adam! I’m here to help:)

    Btw. I need your vote as well if you wonna help out:
    – Adam is currently #8 but we Danes want him to get a better place. You can vote till friday where the show will air live in Danish TV. Hopefully, Adam will still be on the list but for that to happen please vote!

    You just find the song “Whataya want from me” and push the heart till it turns purple.
    Thanks guys:)

    • adam is currently no. 5 but he is not moving up. still a long long way to go but i am sure we could catch up if we unite for adam.

      • Rebecca says:

        Adam’s not #5? I don’t know where you get that. He’s only #8 so far. And if he doesen’t get enough votes till friday he probably will be out. So please help out folks.

        • hi dear rebecca, yes he is no. 5 now, just check the poll but moving very slow. anyway, here is how we could vote faster. first of all we should open two windows or two urls (www.)
          ex. 1. open this url “adam lambert-time 2010 poll 100-time” then vote.

          2. then open another window or url “adam lambert on time magazine 2010 most influential people” then vote again.

          there maybe one page in between but keep on refreshing ( ) adam’s page (90) then vote, vote, vote! it works and very fast. God bless us!

  3. Remember – this poll is for you to not only vote on who influences you the MOST (100) – but also to vote on who influences you the LEAST (0-1). You can not only vote on your most influential person – but you can ALSO vote on those who have no influence at all over you.

    Like – I’m not influenced at ALL by a cricket player or a Bollywood actor or by Conan or by a Korean figure skater – so I voted their influence over me as 1 – whereas Adam’s influence over me was naturally 100. These people are ranked by calculating the number of people who voted on that person, plus the average rank they were given by that number of people. In other words – if 1000 people voted and ranked a person at 100, their average rank would be 100%. But if 1000 people voted and all ranked a person at 3 – their rank would be 3%.

    Also, if the security code is too hard to read, you can get another one – keep clicking on the change button until you see one you KNOW you can type. And they ARE case sensitive!

    Also – the link above takes you to just a list of names. Adam is #90 – but you have no way of knowing where EVERYONE ranks (compared to him) from this list. BUT that info is available. Just slide down to the very bottom of this list and you’ll see a link to POLL RESULTS 1. Time 100 Competition. Click on THAT and you’ll see where everyone ranks! This list is much more helpful in seeing who might influence you the most and the least.

    And just so you know – while I’ve been typing this 150 people more voted for Adam, but his ranking stayed the same – 95%. Let’s get that higher 🙂

    • UPDATE: Everyone ignore my post above. I thought winning this poll would be based on Rating – IT’S NOT! It will be based on the MOST VOTES. (I don’t even know why they’re asking for a rating.)

      This is what the Time Poll explanation says: “The person with the most votes will be on the TIME 100 list revealed on Thursday, April 29.”

      I know – the working looks screwy, but I copied it right off their site.

      So ignore what I said above about giving others a low rating – just vote vote vote! And of course still give Adam a 100 rating each time. But let’s get those numbers up – Gaga has over 100,000 more votes than Adam right now. And Rain has the same rating – 95% – and has 50,000 more than Adam! Come ON people! Just keep refreshing and VOTE!

  4. Wicked Glitter says:

    This is a stupid question, but why does the slider only go to 99? How do I get it to go to 100?

    • hello wicked glitter,

      here my style, you either click the 0 then the slide will move automatically to 50 then you use your slide and push harder up to the end (just swipe it to the end)

  5. Alexandra says:

    Started voting at 9:pm on both polls. Adam now have 70, 687 but Gaga is going tooooo fast 182, 067. On AI contestants, Adam is 50% followed by Archuleta 39 % and Cook 6 %. Voted for 2 hours and will do it again in the morning 🙂 TO: REBECCA, I added the link for skum/boogie/listen. Favorited it too so I can just toggle on the 3 polls.

  6. hi.can we vote more than 1.i vote 100 for him and this mean they accept my vote?

    • @zeno – you can vote as many times as you have the time and energy.

      After click “Submit” – it says “Thanks” – THAT means your vote is accepted.

    • yes,, yes, you could both many many times. i have been voting almost the whole day with sore shoulders and developing carpal tunnel ha ha ha! that’s how i love glambert. after you typed the passwords then click submit! the word thanks will appear that means your vote is counted

  7. yes,, yes, you could both many many times. i have been voting almost the whole day with sore shoulders and developing carpal tunnel ha ha ha! that’s how i love glambert.

  8. okay, here is the latest i have learned from other adam’s fans website : their style is they open two windows, when you submit your vote go to the other window to vote again, do it alternate, it works and faster. good luck. i check the time poll adam is moving up very very slow. i do hope there are not people who are voting “least influential”, that will affect adam’s numbers.

  9. glamaus says:

    This is a biggy for ADAM!………Calling all Aussie’s and friends in New Zealand to vote!
    Please let the glitter fall!

  10. the one on danish tv,i cant vote or more than 1.

  11. time magazine 2010 most influential people poll updated result:

    1. lady gaga – 195,311
    2. yu na kim – 148,257
    3. rain – 132,425
    4. conan – 104,938
    5. adam L – 84,749

    let’s try to get 6 digits votes for adam today! we could catch up if we unite. if each one of us will vote at least 100 times a day, that will be huge for adam. come on guys, roll up your sleeves and give adam the victory. let us put him on the cover of time magazine this 29th april (if he wins). vote vote vote several times, keep refreshing () adam’s page 90. open two windows or two urls. it is faster.

  12. hi beautiful adam’s people,

    how could you challenge yourself to vote more for adamon time magazine 2010 poll

    hereunder is my suggestion and it is proven, i did it my self:

    “use a timer and set your goal (like if you think you could do 100 votes for 1 hour). i did 50 votes for 15 minutes but my server is quite slow, am sure you could do it better. i opened two windows, think it’s faster and if i can’t read the squidgy or funny words i refresh right away, don’t want to waste time. time is gold, let’s be united for adam. we the fans are well known for being agressive, protective and solid because we love adam.

  13. just one person gone be a winner?or im mistaken.

  14. ianaleah says:

    I have the page bookmarked, & I have been revoting all night while watch TV. Easy. And, in fact, he actually has been influential in opening minds and hearts and in bringing back an interest in music again. Definitely.

  15. Libraglam says:

    Yeah !! I am still VOTING !!
    ADAM now got 91,820 votes (still ranking #5)
    What the hell, the more i vote for ADAM, the more other
    candidates got votes too!! We gotta VOTE MORE and MORE !!

    • yes i agree libragram. gaga is sky rocketing more that 200,000 now but poor adam is moving like a turle, very show, where are the fans, if we at least vote for 1 hour or 100 votes, that will give us good numbert.

  16. hi guys=) still waiting for the post to get on here… according to EW, Adam’s going to be the mentor for AI next week… wondering if this is really true… i guess it is given the almost 2000 comments debating whether he’s worthy of being a mentor before any of the crowned idols;p

    • hello eilo, yes, it is now confirmed adam is mentoring AI9 next week. he also tweeted it this morning.

      i also hope adam’s fans will help out to vote for him on 2010 time poll. it is very depressing, he is not getting too many votes compare to the people above him. the guy in no. 6 is moving up very fast also. if only each of us will vote at least 100 times a day that will be good for adam.

  17. jeanene says:


  18. thank you world, although adam is still in no. 5 but he is moving a little bit faster now. we have achieved our goal of reaching 6 digits currenty more than 103,000 but lady gaga still no. 1 moving like a bullet.

    please don’t stop voting, 100 votes a day or more.

  19. it’s adam’s beautiful day today: he is now no. 4 on time poll, the fans are working harder to get adam to the top. pls don’t stop voting, long way to go.

  20. Alexandra says:

    Niny-nite ya’al I’ve been voting on time poll total 8 hrs on & off today and 6 hrs yesterday. He have a total of 110, 489 🙂

  21. Im having a bit of a problem ,only able to 99% wont let me go to 100.Anyone else?Any ideas on what to do?

  22. dear rema,

    pls click 0 once or twice the slide will automatically move to 50, then use the slide and move it HARDER (OR SWIPE IT OUT) pass 100. try it, it works for me. then you write down the squidgy or funny words and if you can’t read them click the refresh button ( first symbol on your right)

  23. HELP! we need your help fellow GLAMBERTS. we need to join hands to vote for adam’s time poll. he is no. 4 now. some fans are working at least 8 hours a day, please read their comments on time poll.

  24. Hi Lola! Thanks so much for answering me. I tried to click on zero and slide like you said,but it didn’t work. I don’t know what the problem is.Again thank you for your suggestion.

    • hi rema,

      i suggest you ask someone to help you. hope you will fix the problem, we need you help.

    • hi rema, actually i just found out you don’t even need to click 0 once you are on adam’s page 90 wait for 3 or 4 second the the slider goes automatically on 50 from there use the slider manually and slide it harder up to the end, 100 will appear. keep refreshing the page () good luck

  25. leilani aloha says:

    Adam’s No 4
    127532 votes so far
    Pls keep on voting fans!!!

    • Libraglam says:

      Wow!! We did pretty good job….Keep doing good work folks.
      My finders are tired after sliding it about 30 times and refresh 😉

      So far
      Adam Lambert #4 with 134126 votes !!! Yay !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Go Go Go Go for ADAM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. the adam fan not cooperating,in vh1 there is 4oo,000 views not helping for voting.

  27. Glenda #1946 says:

    Please keep voting on the Time magazine 100 poll…Adam is @ #4 now with 163, 270 votes KEEP voiting……Lady GaGa has moved to # 2….we want our Adam even highter……Thanks