Vote For Adam In The Portrait Magazine Contest

For those of you that like to vote, here is a new contest for you, courtesy of!

It’s that time again! Just like last year we want you to vote for and ultimately help us rank the Top 30 celebs under the age of 30 for 2010! Who do you think showed talent, charisma, common sense and just plain awesomeness and won your heart this year? Cast your vote now and spread the word to your friends to do the same!
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  1. I just voted for our Adam and he is #2 behind Tokyo Hotel. Please bring him up to #1. Looks like you can only vote once (oops – I must have tried to do it again – my fingers slipped – lol). Looks like it goes until late November so we all need to get in there to keep him up on top!


  3. Lamchopd50 says:

    Voted! Thanks for letting us know!

  4. Thanks!! I’ve voted.

  5. Golden tulip says:

    Thanks for letting me know about it. I just voted for Adam. He deserves to win !!!

  6. peggyt#345 says:

    Thank you for letting me know, also….I just voted and we can get Adam to #1. Tied now at 17percent each……

  7. Adam is in first place right now!

  8. adamlover51 says:

    just voted adams at #1 at 18 % everyone vote some one let people on vh1 know my pass word won’t work for comments does anyone get the veiw counts haven’t benn able to see where IIHY is in a couple of daysThanks every one for letting us know about these votes, as always BIG THANKS TO SUEZ FOR RUNNING THIS SITE!

  9. So hot out the box -push the limit says:

    Thanx for the info .. just voted the one and only celeb who could possibly be all that they are looking for and more …. who else could be “the master’ ??

  10. Absolutely.. I voted just right now!!! (by the way, thanks for letting know about this.. a question.. where we can buy the magazine in november if Adam is in? My daughter has the “Rolling Stones” poster in her wall and this could be a fantastic adittion to it!!! answers welcome!!!

  11. Just voted and Adam has 18% of the votes (6414 voters so far). That makes him #1 but we must all vote to keep him there. Thanks for bringing this contest to our attention. We all have to make sure that Adam hits #1 in everything he does. He “worked it” for us this summer…now it’s our turn!

  12. Evette #419 says:

    Just voted and ADAM is still #1. Lets widen the gap!!

  13. Hi Just voted. Of course he’s #1. Awesome!!!!!

  14. I voted ..went out and then back in …so I voted again..I also have different emails…so I will vote on each of them…Like the 2 top picks…..

  15. OOPs..didnt work that time

  16. sun-n-stars says:

    Thanks for sharing – I voted from two separate emails and he is ranked #1 at 19%. Just posted on Facebook and notified my fellow Adam addicts! Adam made my summer.

    • Great idea to get the facebook, twitter, myspace and all other blogs notified. It really helps if you can add the link. Also vote at work if you can and from different addresses at the house. It has been somewhat of a relief to not vote on VH1 although I am anxious to get a new single and video. I read that Chris Allen is releasing a new single, but I don’t know about a video.

  17. Princessshakeitup says:

    OK, I’ll vote for Adam. I was going to vote for myself but them I realized I don’t quite make the age cut!

  18. earlzagurl4u says:

    awww~BB deserves to be #1 in *everything*. He has worked so hard to entertain us. And he does that Adamazingly. Adam:IJLY!

  19. how manytimes we can vote?

  20. Glamourclamor says:

    I voted and will vote again. I am so out of it, never heard of Portrait Magazine. Is it just me or do others have the sane problem I have finding these obscure magazines on stands anywhere.

    • Glamourclamor says:

      I was able to vote again, it’s 9 hours later and I have been off my computer. He is at 21% which is not a big lead, the others are hot on his caboose.

      • Glamourclamor says:

        Actually, got slapped also. Didn’t read what said. Big problem with me, always in too big a hurry. Still wondering where this magazine available. Sorry, but I have never heard of it.

  21. Princessshakeitup says:

    I just tried voting again and got slapped; computer wise. Apparently you can only vote once from an email address. But, the good news is he is up to 20% over the next contender at 17%!

  22. I just voted and he is stll at 20%. We have to tell everyone to vote.

  23. When does the voting end, does anyone know. I see he went to #1 since I voted yesterday, ahead by a good bit. Never heard of the magazine either. I can’t even think of another person on their list that comes close to him – he fits every statistic they mention by far.

  24. OK voted. He’s #1 @ 21% now. Thurs 10-7 Could only vote once. Good luck Adam.
    Also, another place to hopefully make ourselves noticed… — this addy will take you right to it…(under Photos)
    vote for’ LIKE’ under the picture of him in the Voodoo Hat & coat. Leave a comment too.. the comments are the BEST, most intelligent I’ve read .
    It would be SOOOOO wonderful if he was acknowledged with a GRAMMY nomination- or several. Maybe tons of activity and positive comments there will get noiced?, It can’t hurt. I left a comment on the VH1 IIHY page, and also at the above addy an idea that i’ve had for a while… Please TWITTER people or any of you who frequent lots of Adam sites, lets start a BUZZ… He NEEEEEDS to be on a huge live show like the Grammy’s, Dancing with the Stars, any awards show… with a huge viewership. The world NEEEDS to witness him singing “SOAKED” L I V E People who closed their minds after the AMAs, the VMA snub (HORRIBLE) couldnt help but take notice of this beautiful man, incredible voice and such soaring, beautiful vocals and touching delivery…. He also neeeeeeds another song released, PRONTO.. Preferably Sleepwalker- LIVE version from the tour… Any Twitter folks out there?… Betty white got a whole new career– What can we do for Adam? He’s got like 700,000 twitter followers?? Please can we start a buzz?? contact 19 entertainment?… anyone got any info??

    • Princessshakeitup says:

      I love all of your ideas [except that I think DWTS gets more lame with each season. Please, Bristol Palin is a star of what!?]
      Anyway, YES to the Grammys; he is so very due and, yes, the VMA snub was unforgivable. Except that MTV no longer does videos so how would they know!? I think it now stands for Morons with Total Visibility.
      So, yes, we will keep doing whatever we can to get our man the awards and notice he so richly deserves. And speaking of Betty White…how about ADAM as host of SNL!?

      • Heey Princess …lol, ok then, lets call it “Dancing with the ‘quasi – celebrity-‘ c list wannabees”….. =D But it DOES have a HUGE viewership like American Idol had… the reason Adam got on that show in the first place = to get noticed. Thank GOD he did, look how well it’s turned out for us. Our lives are SO much richer for it.
        I love your ideas too.! SNL… I think I’d LOVE it, except the same reserve that reportedy Adam has had about the idea…. WHAT kinds of poor taste stuff they might they have in mind for him….? That little “Scisor Sisters/ Katy Perry skit” was FREEKIN’ HILARIOUS… but how many mainstream folks actually GOT that it was INTENDED to be funny? There’s a line that he’s already crossed and trying SO hard to make up for on live tv. IF Dick Clark Productions backs the VMAs? — Don’t think Adam will ever be acknowledged till’ Mr Dick’ enters the happy hunting ground…
        I’D love the SNL idea as I think MOST of us would… and that is an off the wall crazy show, AND damn he’d be GREAT! I just fear he has to be so careful… =(
        OOOOhhh but yahoo, the possibilites are a joy to think about!!!…

  25. I just voted. He’s on top….he likes it that way, doesn’t he? lol

  26. I just voted for Adam–and checked the currents. He’s leading–lets keep him there!

  27. keep voting till end of november

  28. Adam is so goin to win. But get this I was e! Online and try have an article saying Adam just starte kissing Tommy again to get publicity. I’m like he has been doing that all summer you guys are stupid. Someone wants to put him in the fame hungry light.

  29. heyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!
    it’s not fair… i’m an iranian fan and hier i just can’t vote… my voting is “filter”…

    sorryyyyyy…. 🙁
    can anyone help me to break this goddamn filtering… i want him to be on TOP….
    i want just vote: OUR ADAM

  30. Dreamsound, Adam just had his concert here in the Philippines last night 10.10.10. I wanna share some videos, please tell me how

  31. Suz526 went all the way to the Philippines, and filmed the whole Manila concert! Not only are her videos SO great, but it also seems Adam was in an especially good mood that night, AND in a sexy mood. This concert should have been televised.

  32. adamlover51 says:

    suez thankyou for the geat vid voted twice been waiting a few days in between vh1 is blocking adams iihy again and no veiw count or comments just don’t understand why you’d think the advertisers would love how much people watch how often does like adam come around. once in a life time you just can’t take your eyes off of him or listen enough thank goodness we can come here to feed our addiction LOL

  33. Vote fo for our : ADAM!
    I’ hope see him!

  34. adamlover51 says:

    adam’s at 14% still on top come on people VOTE billboard seams to be off line so can’t vote on that today but portrait let me vot again

  35. adamlover51 says:

    portrait magazine contest changed poll people now allowed to vote once a day but noticed in the switch adam lost about 2000 votes so every body needs to vote to catch him back up voteing closes dec 3

  36. Thought I’d let you all know that Adam won the poll and the new cover with him on it and the feature article is up.

    For those who mentioned it, Portrait Magazine isn’t on shelves. Online magazine only. But you’re welcome to print off the cover if interested for a wall poster.

    Also for a heads up on future polls, when we switched the poll style, Adam didn’t lose votes. We counted the previous poll’s votes too.