Viva Live With Adam Lambert 4/30/2010

The first thing I noticed, other than I can’t understand their language, is he is wearing BLUE jeans!! Have we EVER seen him in blue jeans? I am sure we have but it is so rare.
His voice is sounding beautiful yet again…and he LOOKS fabulous as well…no surprises there.


Adam Lambert Glam Rock GodUK – Viva Live Part 1.wmv
ALL video via:GlamRockGodUK

Adam Lambert Glam Rock GodUK – Viva Live Part2.wmv

Adam Lambert Glam Rock GodUK – Viva Live Part 3.wmv



  1. EternalGlamNation says:

    Adam looks hot in whatever he wears!

    What a lucky room of ladies.


  2. dang it , when simon praises him. It brings tears to my eyes regardless of how many times i have seen it.. I am so proud to have voted to adam week after week and to watch him grow..
    He is so awesome from the inside out.. What a absolutely beautiful person…

    • That is so true Tina.I think that is why we all take so much pride in Adam.Seems like most of us recognized how special he was the second we saw him. I called him broadway boy for a few weeks till they said his name and i actually wrote it down. Then the voting i found out i could start about 5 min b4 the show was over and kept voting till the time ended. And if we thought we couldnt love him anymore he proves us wrong with every interview.We glamberts are a smart bunch we chose a special young man to love. He makes me happy every day!!!!

      • Feel the same here. Adam just makes me happy every day. His song takes me out of frustrated and down time. What a treat that we all have to have Adam in our time.

  3. Very Cute and Adorable:0)

  4. Libraglam says:

    That’s right….he always wear black jeans or fancy dark blue jeans either with holes, zipper, and so on…

    He just dressed down this time !!

  5. Great interview ADAM always so commanding and sharing words of wisdom beautifully….such an inspiration! The girl seemed a little unsure and reluctant there but did spark once Ryan Tedder was mentioned! …. and heck where is BILL?

  6. i love this man second to my husband

  7. Leticia says:

    Bill was in Singapore yesterday giving a concert with his band.

  8. Adam is soooooo gorgeous. He is the nicest guy, hard to believe he is soooo nice, sooo talented and soooo gorgeous, all in the same package. LOVE HIM!!!!!!

  9. Pyrenze says:

    How does Adam understand what they are saying? Do you think he’s hearing the English translation in his earpiece? And I wish I could turn off Adam’s interpreter so I can hear Adam speak!

  10. KO's smiling says:

    haha the germans called us “prude Americans” with regard to the AMAs. gonna go keep listening.