Videos feat. giddy Adam!

Two masterpieces found their way to us! The first one is an extended (thank god) version of the Kiis FM interview with JoJo, and you know what? It turned out to be one of the best interviews I’ve heard! Adam is funny (‘We’re brotha’s from anotha mothaaa!‘), obviously relaxed and just being himself. He addresses his Twitter obsession, as well as how much he loves his fans (yeah go listen, he totally gets us. Haha!), some verrry random questions about his gloves and how he managed to pull off the long part of Pick U Up without breathing..

Oh, and an interesting piece about how Adam got to know that Michael Jackson wanted to meet him before he passed. And guess what his most embarrassing moment was? (I don’t agree. It wasn’t embarrassing! It was cool! :D).

The second ‘interview’ comes from Jingle Ball NY, where Adam once again met up with Jim Cantiello. He seems so laid back and in a happy joking mood; and the fact that these particular snippets are the outtakes from the actual interview makes it even better! The interview already starts off with Adam wondering out aloud what is going on next to them, probably referring to a large media crowd swamping someone – to which Adam quips ‘Tayyyylor Swifffffft’.

Next segments shows awkwardness regarding hugs, Adam fangirling over Ke$ha and being terribly amused that she wants to ‘have his glambabies’, and Longineu’s recent twitter plugs over shiny drum sticks. More entertainment ensues when Adam tries to plug an album but doesn’t know how to pronounce the band’s name and promply ‘starts arguing with the cameraman in 3…2…1…’ over it.

Plus, more about Kris Allen’s mom and Adam ends with a curious description of rockstar life: ‘In and out.. really fast.’


  1. I loved the JoJo interview as well. Finally some questions that haven’t been asked before. Funny about the twitter comment b/c I thought that Adam had been tweeting a lot more this fall than he did in the summer. While on tour I felt he was tweeting more out of pressure to keep up with Kris, Danny and Matt. Glad to know he likes the fan tweets b/c he must get a lot. What a great way for him to ‘feel the love’ from fans all around the world.

  2. Loved both interviews, he is the most comfortable celebrity interviewed, always himself, very natural, quick with responses, absolutelly adorable.

  3. OH my, both of these made me laugh out loud, good for the endorphines… relieves stress.. oh Adam we need you in so many ways!!

    I also have found that we are ‘meeting’ some really personable interviewers, whether it’s just the personal chemistry between each one and Adam or if they are just cool people.

    I really like Jim Cantiello, aka jambajim on twitter, Jo Jo Wright, Larry Slick, and still Laura Saltman and Lindsey Parker.. and a few more.. These guys help us get to know the ‘other’ side of Adam the personal and personable side that balances his fiery stage persona.


    • indiechickie says:

      You’re very welcome! Yup, started writing a couple of days ago and I love it. As you may have noticed 🙂

      • AdamRocks! says:

        Welcome indiechickie! 🙂

        Cindy in MS
        Glamb #37

      • indiechickie, I can tell you love what you’re doing. thanks and you’re doing a marvelous job.

        So are all the other authors……………:)

    • terry, so agree with you on the personal chemistry with these people interviewing Adam and him.
      Masterpieces are the correct name for these 2 interviews.

      Adams laugh is so damm contagious, how can you not just smile when you hear him or see him
      laugh or smile:). Ke$ha, kudos for you and your desire, glambabies?? oh what female fan wouldnt want that to happen………..Adam always wantin to plug another artist, a soar award for him! I think his nickname should be Hugs or something to that affect. The guy loves to hug and get hugs. The whole concept of the Ryan S. tour (Kradison) Adams outlook is just so beatiful, he is the nicest sweetest guy. No wonder everyone wants to interview him, he lights up a room when he enters*******************

    • Judy Lushman says:

      Laura Saltman has not interviewed Adam since the AMA’s. I wonder is she mad at him? I bet if she saw him, she would tell him off for his performance on the AMA’s.

  4. I agree – what a treat!

  5. Dana and Dreamsound,
    Thank you so much for your hard work keeping us updated!!!
    Love these Interviews!!!!
    Love Jim Cantiello!!! He is great!!! But I think he said the Kesha wants to have glambabies…. I like this idea better… lol

    • Sorry Indiechickie,
      Just realized that you posted this great thread… Thank you!!!!

      • Yes the videos and updates are so appreciated. I spend a lot of time reading and responding so I don’t know where you are finding the time but I love it all. Thank you so much!!

  6. Adam is so beautiful. He has the best personality in the world. You’re the best. and I love you, Adam:)

  7. I find these interviews and clips reassuring; the Adam I so admire and love is still alive and well (and kicking butt!) in spite of all the negativity of the last month or so. I am glad he seems to appreciate all the support we as his fans give him. How articulate (and hilarious! ) he is!

  8. Remember. all…Adam’s on Jay Leno Mon. 12/21!!!

    It appears this won’t be the first time Adam has been on Jay’s show, either! Here’s a clip from The Tonight Show in 2005, I believe, with the cast of “Wicked” perfeorming “One Short Day”….Watch closely in the opening bars of the song for the tall dude on the far left of the screen wearing tall goldish-green hat, peacock blue long frockcoat & periwinkle blue (purple?) trousers…oh yes, glasses, moustache & small goatee!!! Good shot of him at about 00:38, dancing by with a lady, then you have to be quick to catch him in some pretty fancy group choreography. After a few views, I can now zero right in on him!!! Our boy can DANCE & SING…of, course,we knew that.

    Wonder if Jay will play this for Adam when he comes on Mon. night…This is a HOOT!!

  9. OOOHHH –I Love that fun intense laugh when finding out that kesha wants to have his Glamgbaby.
    Adam is so full of PASSION with everything and always pours his heart out and is so positive.

    These interviews are so good

  10. Speaking of giddy, here’s a bit of holiday cheer:

    rating = PG + cold shower!

    • GLAMB#474kimber says:

      Thank you Jeanette for the lovely video. I don’t need a cold shower, I need a box of kleenexes, Cause his ***** is making me cry, & with those beautiful gorgeous baby blues at the end, I’m cring again, I just want to say “HI” to him that’s all.
      Oh my favorite, the “brown-zippered pants” video is on, “ba-da-bing”! OMFG! My favorite video of all time, I can’t live w/o this man! I am nothing w/o MASTER ADAM! Actually, I also like his “red pants” video. Love that performance, I watched that video a lot when I started out on the net.
      Thank you again very much from the bottom of my heart, & MERRY CHRISTMAS To ALL !

      • I didn’t know that leather could stretch that much (silver pants) how the heck did he ever get those pants on and who took them off, I would like to volunteer for this job…..Adam, you can call me anytime to help you, 24/7 !!!! Hahaha

    • Ha, Jeanette thanks for the Christmas treat! Silver Pants is my new favorite Xmas song.
      Silver pants, cock ring and ba da bing……………….I’m gyrating myself here right along with this hot
      special. Oh to ba- da- bing his ding- a -ling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Oh Santa, do you hear me????
      Silver Bells will Never be the same again, for I will always be seeing those SILVER PANTS IN MY HEAD. Now that is my kind of holiday cheer, thanks again! Oh I cant stand it, I will watch this over and over.
      Merry Christmas or Happy Hanukah or Happy Holidays Adam, whatever the celebration I want in those SILVER PANTS……………………with you…………………

    • Hi Jeanette!
      I am happy to see your name again!!!! Don’t disappear any more….. please…. 🙂

  11. GLAMB#474kimber says:

    Thank you Indiechickie for the vids.
    I just have one thing to say , Kesha cannot have MASTER ADAM’s glitterbaby! Absolutely NOT!
    Because, a glitterbaby is a very special baby. He/she will be exactly like his/her father, MASTER ADAM. There is only one way for a glitterbaby to be concieved, & that is a 100% full-hot-blooded GLAMB concieving this glitterbaby with MASTER ADAM. A glitterbaby is rare, we must keep it’s concievement isolated, from any outside contamination. I say! MASTER ADAM can only concieve a glitterbaby with a GLAMB! And we have our own special little GLAMB to make this glitterbaby with MASTER ADAM! And she knows who she is too! HaHaHA!!!!!!!
    I nominate myself to be the executive research glitterbabyiologist for this experiment & so therefore we will need all GLAMBS to step up to make sure that no keshas or any other outsider becomes involved with our MASTER ADAM! Gawd I feel evilish good right now!

    • GLAMB#474kimber says:

      First mess up of “GB” project, IT is “glamb baby” , oh hell, glitter baby, glam baby, MASTER ADAM’s baby, he or she will be ssoooooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!!! & healthy w/ out of this world vocal chords, just remember that screaming AA!!!!!!, I’m so outta here when that kid is born!

  12. wow, feel good interviews=) super stress reliever…

  13. The silver pants video is priceless! I’ll never
    be able to sing that song with a straight face
    again. (Jeanette, is that you back? good to see you)

    Another great shot of Adam wearing only a towel
    (now that I’ve got your attention!…) is the new
    background picture on his twitter account.
    The freckles are SO cute. I’m not on twitter
    but all you have to do is google adam lambert twitter.