Video FYI #1 on iTunes!


The music video of For Your Entertainment wasn’t released until like four days ago, but it immediately forced its way into the top 10 and kept climbing up from there – resulting in the video dominating the music video charts for the past couple of days! Even though the song never really catched on as a single and never received much airplay, it seems to have found a better destiny as a visual performance – also very well suited for youtube. No suprise there, the video is sensual yet mysterious, and very well directed.

Even Lady Gaga with her Bad romance video, not the worst to go up against, is losing out against Adam! Some speculated it was only a short-term surge, saying that he would rapidly fall down the rankings again – yet the video has proven to be a steady leader. It is also well-received on Youtube, where the combined viewings are adding up to about 400,000; not taking into account that various clips with substantial viewer counts have been deleted.

MTV also just added FYE to its POWER Rotation, implying the highest number of plays possible – around 25-30 a week! So doing very well here as well.

Now the question is, does Adam know how succesful his video is? Or was he just playing around when he innocently plugged his video on twitter three days ago?

The “For Your Entertainment” music video is now up on iTunes!
8:18 PM Dec 15th from Echofon

If you don’t have it yet, go get it from iTunes!! 😀


  1. That is freaking aweosme. Guess I better get it off iTunes. 😛

    *slaps own hand* Bad fan!


    It is a hot video, so that is not surprising news!

  2. Congrats Adam. Not a doubt in my heart you be there on #1 forevahhhhhhh! Loving u!!!bb!

  3. hello.its video and adam himself.go and vote for adam on vh1.mtv and z100.dont forgeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeettttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt.adam must go no.1 on top20 countdown on vh1 and mtv and z100.voteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  4. AWESOMEEEEEEEEEE aghh Im so happy now, Lady Gaga has a hell of a video and watching Adam go first was just WOW. REMEMBER GUYS TO KEEO VOTING FOR ADAM on VH1 top 20 countdown:

  5. GLAMB#474kimber says:

    I’m not just sayin this because I love MASTER ADAM, but the FYE video is really good . That’s the kind of visual music should be played. I am very proud of MASTER ADAM! He has & is achieving the success he solely deserves.
    The only thing I can think about at this time is that concert tour. I have to focus, save, save, save$$$$$!!!!

  6. I bought it I love it…
    I am so pissed I cannot buy the video Time for Miracles..It seems I being punished because I am Canadian. I clicked on download and yep..not available in Canada..Ugh Ugh Ugh

  7. I bought it, and it’s now on my workout playlist when I hit the tread mill everyday! The song makes me move!

  8. Everytime I watch FYE, I see something new….I’m starting to look at other things on it besides ADAM!That is a great video, so much action…yet showcases ADAM beautifully.

    I wish that his TFM video would have hit the top also. ADAM looks so beautiful in it..SEXY and all good things! It’s also a wonderful video…but never really was promoted.

  9. Just have to thank you guys who put so much work into this website. I check it several times a day and you never disappoint me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for bringing me Adam as I also think he’s the BEST!

  10. YAY Adam, way to dominate the Itunes music videos and MTV. He has sparked the interest up in so
    many many people lately, from what I hear a lot of the fans are getting younger and younger which is
    great! This generation has a new idol……………..
    The speculators that speculated wrongo can eat crow-o. Ha! Man he is so handsome in the FYE MV, so so Hot!
    I hope he knows how successful the Vid. is doing, think he does, you know how he always likes to be on Top of things.

  11. KO's smiling says:

    I keep watching this video (over and over) since I bought it, intending to look away from Adam this time and pay attention to some of the stuff going on in the background, costumes, dancers, set, etc. AND I CAN’T LOOK AWAY FROM ADAM! I’m sure it’s a good video, but damn, he’s just too distracting!

  12. wannabesnake, I see you’ve been slithering all over Adams body in this video. I wannabethehands feeling him up and down! Oh, baby baby.

    • GLAMB#474kimber says:

      & someone mentioned earlier thread that he did not grope any men, all his attention was towards the women. They were def feeling him & he loved it. He said forgot where, that a lot was cut out of the video, & there was a little more play in the room. which was deleted , I’m sure.


  14. I’m glad he hit number one. But I just checked it down to number two but Hey he still up there. And I can’t wait for his tour and more videos and everything. Woo go Adam.

  15. ninalatina9 says:

    hot video…wish I was there with him! I love it!

  16. lourdes stone says:

    i wonder why adam’s video is not being played yet here in australia, not even his cd is available in any music store? what is going on here?

    • Lourdes stone….Sony Music was going to release Adam’s CD early next year but due to a huge demand they are going to release it this week…. so check music store on Monday. I believe a lot of resources and time will be spent on promoting him early next year. I don’t know why there has been no Adam exposure here either….but it’s all about to happen!!. NW magazine had an article on Adam in last Monday’s issue.

      Cheers, Yvonne (Australia)

  17. The eyebrow lift at 2:37 is priceless. It now beats out the lift at the end of ‘Beth’. The closeups are the ‘Sure Fire Winners’ in this video. I can do without the snakes- they added nothing. It’s probably just as well that they censored this video on their own. Adam needs to make music and entertain us – not shock and offend.

  18. Yep – Bought it! Love it! I had watched it so many times on AO as well as VEVO before I bought it. Definitely has potential for stamina on the charts. Really really good. Congrats to Adam 🙂

  19. Yes and
    The CD ‘For Your Entertainment is #13 – and – #17 on itunes
    The total is not added together or his CD would be higher on list.
    It is split because one of the CDs is a ‘delux’ version.