VIDEO – Adam Lambert Handles Chelsea Lately!

By Carol Hagey            Since May 2009

By Carol Hagey
Since May 2009

Adam Lambert appeared on Chelsea Lately, hosted by comedienne(?) Chelsea Handler. I have to watch my words, because I really don’t care for her hosting personality. With some of her comments, she makes herself look incredibly stupid. Every talk show has a research staff, and to say Adam was in the closet until his interview with Rolling Stone is ignorant. She’s just trying to manipulate conversation, but Adam deals with it like a pro.

Here’s a video by from the May 10, 2012 broadcast, where they discuss all the usual – the music, the songwriting, Queen, juicing, and being gay. When will that stop being a topic of conversation? The part that I had the most difficulty with was when she asked Adam if he writes songs about his boyfriend. Adam gives a great response, and her follow up comment is one of the most disgusting quips I’ve ever heard. Sorry for that, my friends. Please let me know if it struck a raw nerve in you too.

At least this is– as always, an opportunity to spend some time with the amazingly honest and bright Adam Lambert!

Love ya!

~ Carol ~

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I started writing on this site back in May 2009, not knowing what I was in for or where it would take me. I had no idea of the joy and personal satisfaction I'd find here. I never dreamed that I'd get to meet Adam, but that dream came true! The bonus of becoming such great friends with Lila and the other fans is what keeps me going. Music gets me though every day. In addition to Adam, I love Muse, Linkin Park, 80s and finding newer bands and supporting them by attending everything that's within 350 miles. With Adam, the boundaries are farther! Thanks for joining us on this ride! :)


  1. Phyllis Hoffman says:

    She was not funny, even though Adam politely laughed at appropriate spots during the interview. He seems to like her, but he might just be a great actor as well as singer/writer. Too bad he didn’t perform instead.

    • Sally Ball says:

      Stupid question about putting men in a video-how would that ever help Adam sell more CDs?
      This kind of interview did not help Adam at this point, at all. He only got in one bit of informatioin about his idea of music and how everybody should be able to identify with it.
      The Entertainmant Weekly critiqued his CD. They only gave it a B-. They liked the first bunch of disco rhythm songs, but hated all the “gay ballads” at the end of the CD. I know lots of people will miss his edgy rock songs, and all this emphasis on “gayness” is going to push these people farther away.
      Adam needs to stay with Ellen, Jay Leno, Dave Letterman and the rest of the first class talk hosts-no more raunchy people like Chelsea-too hard to control-even for Adam.
      I have listened to all his CD songs and I loved the whole thing. I think he has a winner-I certainly hope so!

  2. I totally agree with you, Carol. Chelsea made me cringe throughout the interview. The rape comment was horrible but Adam whisked it off and got back on topic. She’s incredibly rude and he deserves better publicity than that. She is past her prime in my book…..

  3. He always deals with interviews like a pro. If you go to interview with her, you should know what to expect because she always tries to curve ball everyone.. that’s the funny part. So yea I dislike her as much as I like her 😉

  4. struck a nerve with me too. I found that to be an insulting remark. Don’t know what kind of person would think that’s funny. but I never have been a fan, don’t like the way she makes fun of people, being too fat…having bad skin… etc. Juvinile and nasty.

  5. Adam’s always the gentleman in interviews. He’s gay so what. He is first a good looking beautiful smart caring talented man. Why don’t they talk about his talent and just let the man sing.

  6. glamity58 says:

    I do like Chelsea, but this was a particularly wierd interview. I wish he could have sung. But as usual he handled it well.

  7. mandytwo says:

    I watch her show every night. I think the guest knows everything she is going to ask them and that’s why he was so ready for her. The first time he was on her show they talked about him being gay.
    True when will this gay crap stop but she was just trying to be funny(not that she was). I think she really likes Adam and I noticed when she does like someone she always invites Chewy over to meet them after the show and she did that. I could be wrong, but he sure handled Handler well.
    My claws come out when I hear anything bad about Adam but watching her every night I knew what to expect from her and if it came from anyone else it would have really bothered me. Jennifer Aniston is her best friend and she treats her that same way when she is a guest on her show and Jennifer gives it right back to her too.
    Glamb 616

    • Lila - Glamb #3 says:

      I have to agree. He had to have known what was coming. He seems to like “edgy” people. Who knows.

  8. I had never seen her show before, and watched it tonight for the obvious reason. I actually enjoyed her humor,and also the way she and Adam interacted. It wasn’t the best interview I’ve seen, but Adam, as always, handled it well and came across as he always does FANTASTIC !!!

  9. glambert 2397 says:

    I agree – it’s almost getting to point that I’m apprehensive about seeing an interview with Adam because of the persistent preoocupation with his sexual orientation. I long for the day that this beautiful man is recognized first and foremost for his incredible talent. It amazes me that a supposed liberal and openminded industry would focus so much on what makes us different. Adam should be praised for his unparalled vocal ability and amazing heart.

  10. Barbara says:

    I appreciate a sense of humor but that rape joke is not funny. She overstepped the line on that one but I guess she’s just being Chelsea. Adam takes it like a trooper. On the other hand, she could be testing how far she can push him and I think she likes that Adam takes it so well. But that’s Adam for you, his people’s skills are above reproach.

  11. I agree with every thing Carol said.I don’t care for her or any host like her that takes cheap shots at her guests to get a laugh.She has no class whatsoever.And the gay conversation is so over;get a grip.Noone ever says “So you’re straight?”I’m sure she knew Adam is promoting his album,but spent no time asking about that other than the boyfriend remarks.Fortunately Adam is so gracious and classy himself that he doesnt get rattled.She just acted like a no talent jerk.I’d rather listen to him with Lindsay Parker ant day.

  12. firstly doesn’t Adam look stunning; secondly who is this Chelsea person?? she supposed to be a comic??. Good thing she’s not in Australia, wouldn’t last 5 minutes. I thought she was going to talk about Trespassing, but all she did was talk about ‘gay’. Adam surely has more patience than me.

  13. e3fan205 says:

    Okay….let’s lighten up.

  14. Thats Chelsea’s style, and the celebs that go on her show know it are prepared for off humor, nosy questions and comments. Adam always gives great interviews and just goes with it. I dont think he had a problem with the questions, he handled them beautifully as usual.

  15. I’m not wild about Chelsea Handler and never have been, although I thought she was very respectful in interviewing Adam. As some have already posted, Adam has maturilty beyond his years and seems to handle (with ease) any ball that may be thrown at him. Hes a doll!

  16. Dear Readers,
    I have watched Chelsea Lately many times so I wasn’t surprised by her conduct, and I expected it.. Guests are always briefed as to the questions they will be asked. That’s so they have time to prepare answers, because some people, including some actors are not so good at conversation. Think Robert Pattinson! I know that Adam was expecting this, and probably more from her. I think I have read that he likes her. It makes sense, Adam likes edgier people. But I still think interviewers who ask “old news” questions still look dumb. If you’re such a talented individual to merit a talk show, think of something new to bring up! But I didn’t really mind that. It was just that one comment she made about RAPE that offended me. There’s no excuse for that. Just needed to get that out there.

  17. Yes, folks Chelsea is one sick puppy. I was amazed at the way Adan “handled” her, she is so obnoxious, she shouldn’t even have a show. But we LOVE Adam forever & a day, Rita Norton & Donna Levi

  18. vocalsrule says:

    Love Chelsea! She says stuff so we can all see how absurd it is. Come on folks, don’t be old fuddy duddies! She and Adam are naturals. They are both quick, witty and well spoken. I’m sure her hairdresser laughed at the first comment about being lazy. That’s a huge compliment from her.

    Why do men get away with this and women don’t? They’ve been doing this for years.
    Go Adam!