VH-1 Snippet Video’s-Part Two

As I promised, here is the second half of the VH-1 snippets of behind the scene videos starring Adam and the band.
It is really cool to be able to see Adam planning things out and actually being part of the entire process. It makes everything he does turn out that much more special.
I would like EVERYONE to take note of the screaming girl, in the green shirt, in the snippet of screaming fans. You will know the one, she’s the one SCREAMING. I am having everyone pay attention because, THIS COULD BE YOU! Remember this video when you are seeing Adam in person, BEFORE you scream at him and scare him, haha. Don’t say I didn’t warn you as to how you might come across to everybody if you scream. Make sure that if you ARE going to scream like her, have the person you are with video you so we can post it and watch it here!!!
Kidding aside, I hope you all get to sing, scream, and dance along with all the Adam fans somewhere along the Glam Nation Tour this summer.


Lighting Rehearsal:

My Song’s On The Radio:

Meet And Greet:

Screaming Fans:

Backstage Tour Gear:

On The Road:

June Gloom:

Posted Artist Of The Month:

Behind The Scenes At Glam Nation Tour:

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  1. PaulaGlam says:

    Thit is so freaking cute……I am still laughing at that girl’s scream…that was hilarious!!!
    But no matter of much I love Adam, I will never be able to scream like that 🙂

    • libraglam says:

      And ..the boy in red shirt could not stand the screaming….LOL ….They are so cute !!

  2. cheryl 334 says:


  3. He will always be just so much fun to watch! Everyone’s creativity and inspiration, it’s brilliant.

    I asked this earlier, but am asking again, hoping to get a response. I can only think that if anyone knows, it will be from our Glambs community. <3 Does anyone know if Adam’s doing signings at all this tour? I thought he was–how else do we shower him with donation-receipt gifts, among other things? And if he is, will he be doing one at the Milwaukee event? I’m really hoping to see him, for a million countless reasons, but there are two autographs a friend and I are really hoping to get for a couple people. Please let me know, if anyone knows about this. Thank you so much! <3

  4. Ohh, how fun it is too be a young girl again, to let go and just lose your inhibitions. I want to be in touch again with the young girl in me, and be able to scream like that ! Ha – ha – ha ! Dear Adam, you get me out from my “pupa”, out from my “comfort zone” to not only scream, but be exquisite and metamorphose into a beautiful butterfly. To fly again and captivate with renewed vigor and enthusiasm !