VH-1 Snippet Video’s-Part One

The following videos are the first half of the VH-1 video snippets of Adam and the band.
There are lots of behind the scene shots and plenty of things you wouldn’t normally see unless you were in the band!
I will post the second half of them, right now, so make sure you check those out too!!


Adam Heads To Stage:

Crew Talks Rituals:

Tommy Explains His Outfit:

Adam Does A Vocal Warm-Up:

Crew Poses In Their Costumes:

Adam Shows Off His Costume:

Laser Rehearsal:

Band Soundcheck:

Adam and Allison Backstage At First Show:

Adam’s Makeup Artist Backstage At First Show:

Backstage At First Show:



  1. cheryl 334 says:

    FUN! 🙂

    ADAM = LOVE!

  2. luv u adam ur the best!!!!

  3. retrogrrrl says:

    Watching these I was wondering if there will be a GlamNation DVD someday, filled with amazing footage onstage AND backstage from all over the world for all us fans to enjoy? I hope somebody has something in the works, keep the cameras rolling because this is a great moment in music history!

    By the way “If I had You” video is even better than I could have ever imagined, LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!

  4. Robin Hatcher says:

    So who thinks Adam got his nipples pierced? Watch the vid with Allison and see what you think.