VEVO Launch

VEVO is launching tonight!  What is VEVO?  Well, it is a collaboration between Universal Music Group and Google to “take over the world” and be the best service provider of music video and entertainment.  Adam is helping…well, sort of.  He attended the launch party held at Skylight Studio in New York, New York…but I can’t tell from the last promo video if it is Adam or the Incredible Hulk.  Dana, Glamb #6




    • I agree is was funny when he had to duck. Love Love Adam.

      Thanks for posting.

      • Dee and Donna, me too, he is so tall he has to duck duck goose……………. LOL Love the jumping………




        Visit the VH1 site and enter your TELL THE WORLD WHY YO LOVE ADAM post I started. Also FLOOD the Vote for Adam top 20 — there are many people there saying he will not even make it to top 20 a lot of haters there!!

        We need to get out there and VOTE and BLOG, where ever we can to support Adam. This IS a very risky time for Adam and this industry is FICKLE and can put the lights out on someone in a BLINK, if they are not getting the support to earn the $Cash back!!

        • GLAMB#474kimber says:

          I guess if ADAM went back & put “The Prayer” & ” Come To Me Bend To Me”? on his album , this album would probably sell w/ this world!! I am so furious because so people called themselves fans just downright freakin’ lied!!! to ADAM! We all kneww what ADAM was about, he was about freedom of expression! I am not going to act like a nice young lady anymore! No one in this freakin world has any fucking magic! I don’t get turned on by many freakin artists in fact no one ever did turn me on like this man does!!!! But when ADAM came along & my heart felt every freakin ounce of that man’s magic, I knew he was SPECIAL! I’m sorry I just want to blurt out all my anger because of stupid freakin country hickin idiots& goody twodam people in this world, They don’t know shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
          DELETE mE PLEASEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Dianne Hill says:

            Well said Kimber, there is nothing else to add to that.

            Now please calm down, there, there, we will look after you and Adam will still come out on top, you know he likes to be on top.

            Hugs and love to you Kimber.

            Dianne Glamb #356

            • Dianne I needed that to laugh today!!

              Kimber– You are GREAT!! We all need to be as FIRED UP and PASSIOATE as as you to get results! I love your passion and openess. Never change that!! It will take work on ALL OUR PARTS, but if we FLOOD the sites with our love letters and complaints, I do believe we will be heard!!

              REMEMBER- IT ONLY TOOK 1500 NEGATIVE LETTERS TO ABC TO PULL ADAMS PLUG!! That’s out of MILLIONS of viewers, so we have some power here!!

            • Dianne, good one there! come out on top, likes it on top, heeeeeeeeeee

          • kimber 🙂 ! dont apologize, its okay.

            • GLAMB#474kimber says:

              THANKS guys!!! I “just kind of went for it” “adrennaline took over, it’s a funny thing” I am very passionate about ADAM. He may not know me personally but he is like part of me now, like your baby is a part of you. An extension of your body. He stole my heart! I will do whatever it takes to help him be successful & get the recognition he deserves. It’s funny because even though a lot of people don’t like him, ADAM is known to have the most loyal & passionate fans ever!!! Summer, Mary C, Dianne, hey ! that’s all of us! That certainly feels good! And ADAM said to lizzy, we are protective of him, He definitely knows this!!
              LOVE YOU ALL!!!! PLL to ADAM & the GLAMBS!!!!

              • kimber, did Adam say we are protective of him, aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh I love that. I havent watched
                the View yet, oh tonight I will enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

              • Helen/Canada says:

                I love your passion and fire. I feel the same way about Adam. His fans are loyal and protective and we support him but the same fan base cannot keep on buying his cd over and over again, although like many of you, I have 3 copies. I’ve said this a hundred times, if radio does not play him, he will not get the exposure he needs to sell more records and unfortunately, it comes down to the bottom line–money. For some stupid reason, there are powers that be out there preventing him from getting radio play. I know a lot of you said that you have heard him on the radio but I don’t think there’s enough. His music should be saturating the radio air waves right now and it’s not!!! I don’t know what the answer is. I’ve read that his management is promoting him overseas more than here and I have heard various comments about exposure in UK, NZ, etc. so maybe that’s true. Why is his own country not promoting him and recognizing the amazing talent he is. If this is still about his sexuality, then SHAME ON YOU AMERICA. You have one of your own out there who is destined to be a shining star and right now he is struggling! His cd sales went down 74% after the first week of sales!
                Should we email 19 Entertainment and ask what the f–k is going ON????


      • Summer, will do. Gonna give him my voice!

      • I could not find where to vote?…

    • I agree Adam looks tired– He has been through a meat grinder with so much negativity and hate thrown at him. Throughout this journey, you can clearly see Adan is a VERY EMOTIONAL soul, who can not hide his feelings in his eyes. All his enotions show in his eyes and on his face. When he is happy he just GLOWS, when feeling sexy those eyes seduce. I see in his eyes look like the AIR let OUT OF HIS BALOON / excitment here, just kinda beat down. I’m sure right now he feels like flipping EVERYONE OFF!!

      I can not imagine what he must have been put through and how sick inside he feels. He was trying to please EVERYONE, but ended up shocking / pissing off more off then intended, including me! I do feel like a hyprocrite now. I LOVED the sexy risky side of Adam, it is what helped me break free and open up again to my sexy!! I asked for more and said “I can handle it- bring it on” Until AMA night. I guess I could not. I have to say though, I have NEVER ,EVER BEEN SHOCKED LIKE THAT IN MY LIFE!! So it is kinda COOL!! It worked Adam!! !! That was a WILD RIDE YOU PROMISED!! AND I LOVE RIDES!!!!!!! WHOOOO!!

      After my heart recovered and I can breath again, I GET IT!! HYPOCRISY AND JUDGEMENT EVERYWHERE!! WE are ridiculous, not you! You told us what you were about, we wanted MORE!!
      I Love your music and I want you around to sing to me, O.K. Now we need to do damage control.
      If we have so much support on this site, everyone needs to get out onto every site- ABC,NBC, CBS, HIS RECORD COMPANY, MTV, VH1, RADIO STATIONS, EVERYWHERE and SUPPORT ADAM. KILL THE HATE WITH OUR LOVE. If we just sit here chatting, Adams career could be over before it began.



      • Well said, Summer. Can’t agree with you more.
        I have been so worried for Adam. I haven’t got to see his “real AMA performance” but seeing how turned off my daughter (a huge fan) was, I am not sure i want to see it. However, we have to get the radio stations to play his songs. I haven’t even once heard his songs since I came back to the States in the end of November, always Lady Gaga’s. is there any better ways than just calling the radio station?

        • EMAIL the radio stations too. BUT everyone needs to understand that it is the MASS numbers of calls emails that get a artist played– so we all need to do our part and FLOOD THE VOTES/ REQUESTS LINES!!
          It seems to be a conspiracy of some sort ,but I don’t think that his recording agency 19 is up to this. They WANT TO RECOVER THEIR MONEY BAD!! I think Adam really PISSED OFF THE GIANT ABC NETWORK and the AMA , by kicking/spitting in their face after being given the HONOR and privliage of CLOSING the AMAs– IF they did not know this was about to happen.
          They put ALL THEIR FAITH IN HIM, and they feel the same way we did–TOTAL MIND BLOWN SHOCK!! One step further for them is DISRESPECT! This may not blow over when you fu–k with a corporate mogul like this!!


          Adam is too talented to let go of. I think he should have just apologized in addition to his defense, which I now agree with. Things are way to un fair and hypocritacal on the airwaves. When you have blatent raunch RAP lyrics and just as sexual dancing from FEMALE artists and thats o.k.– it’s just wrong


          Come people– get to work!!



          • Dianne Hill says:

            Sorry Summer I agree with almost everything you have said EXCEPT FOR “He should have just apologised…” Why do you apologise if you have DONE NOTHING WRONG.

            Please don’t keep saying he should apologise. He doesn’t need to.

            • Dianne– PLEASE listen to me carefully- I would love for Adam to just go his merry way and let this blow over. I want nothing more then to see Adam the biggest STAR in the world and to be able to ‘SURPRISE’ me over and over….

              EVERONE KNOWS I LOVE HIM and that is why I am pleading with you all now!

              I come from CORPORATE AMERICA, where like it or not- things are played by different RULES!!
              YOU PLAY THE GAME OR YOUR GONE!! FACT!! If you don’t like it you work for someone else. That’s that!! I got reamed out big over writing “thank you J.C.” on my schedule on Easter. (Jesus Christ) along with many other ridiculous things.
              You learn where you can bend rules.

              He DID DO SOMETHING WRONG–He ADDED SERVERAL things to his routine, without authourization, on a live primetime aired show, viewed my millions. This was NOT HIS RIGHT TO DO, because he was not paying or in charge of this show. He was given an honor and privlage and trust, and he broke that CODE!

              It is very obvious that they did not say to Adam- CARTE BLANCHE — “Do what ever you want- blow us away” He does not understand what POWER is behind his career!! All the previous leniency went to his head and he got carried away.
              They also set him up for this, having to know what a FREE SPIRIT he is.

              It may be a simple fact that he never really worked in the mainstream job market and never had to “Toe the Line”. His FREE SPRIRT got the best of him and it has gotten me in heat too over the years. THAT’S WHY I LOVE THIS MAN! He is helping me BREAK THE F— out of the BOX that the world wants me in to be perfect!! I feel his Frustration, but we still need to have some respect and boundries when we are on someone ELSE’S TURFF. This was not Adams house, it was ABCs. Our Motto is ‘BEG FOR FORGIVNESS NOT PERMISSION” !!!

              THIS WOULD HAVE GONE ALONG WAY, BELIEVE ME!!!! It may have all been over by now. He keeps the fires burning by saying “NO, I did nothing wrong!”.

              NOW — WE HAVE TO HELP HIM DO DAMAGE CONTROL!! I am behind him and want him to suceed– Let’s all join our power and get it done!! I will not argue over this anymore, just get busy and help where you can so Adam has years of entertaining us!!

              • AdamAdmirer says:

                Thank you Summer for being such a die hard Adam fan, however, there is only so much we can do as fans – he seems to be digging his own grave by not apologizing – and if it weren’t for Barbara Walters, he wouldn’t have gotten onto ABC again.

                Adam should have taken this opportunity to really shock the world and admit his mistakes – HE IS THE ONE THAT NEEDS TO DO DAMAGE CONTROL. Sorry to say he needs to prove that he IS ready for prime time – so far, he is proving that he is NOT READY – “groping a girl” as Walters called it, on National TV is NOT appropriate and offensive to many who were watching – Adam needs to grow up if he wants to play the game with the big boys.

          • Helen/Canada says:

            Apparently radio stations were getting pissed because they were overloaded with requests. Could be some of them were flipping us the finger for bugging them?Adam Official site asked a while back not to flood with requests and to be polite.
            What’s the answer???

      • Well said Summer, it is beginning to show in Adam’s eyes, I think what keeps him going at the present is the love and support he is getting from all his fans. I totally agree with you, we should go on all those sites and declare our love and support for Adam, I also want him to carry on singing and performing, I love all his performances, whoeve does not like them then don’t watch them.

      • Helen/Canada says:

        I give you credit for having the courage to admit that to yourself and to others. There’s a saying something like (can’t remember exact words) if someone shows themselves to you, then believe it. Adam did show himself to us, a lot of people did not want to believe it. On the AI tour the more he danced and gyrated, the more people screamed and wanted more, then all of a sudden everyone was shocked because Adam showed his sexuality. That is water under the bridge, let’s move forward. Let’s all show our love and support in any way we can. It has to be more than just chatting here, like preaching to the choir. We need to go out and beyond as you said and show that LOVE DOES OVERCOME HATE.

        • Helen/Canada says:

          I don’t know how my post ended up down here, but I was responding to your first post Summer about feeling like a hypocrite.

    • hmm im not a fan of that eyeliner especially when he wears to much but im still voting!! come on guys vote in VH1……by the way I saw allen on So you think u can dance and his performance made me wanna kill myself but of course ADAM WILL BE ON THAT SHOW’S FINALLY SO DONT MISS IT!!!

  2. I think he looks tired in the pics…but always like to see Adam.

  3. He’s looking good as usual; maybe a little tired but he’s covering it pretty well. The first video is amazing. Too bad that hotel has such low ceilings – takes all the fun out of trashing the place lol 😉

  4. GLAMB#474kimber says:

    I love the pics, I love the vids, but, It struck me odd to see all girls, got so used to seeing him kissng guys, I kinda wished there were a couple of guys in bed w/ him. And me too!! It just doesn’t seem like ADAM.Maybe a mix. IMO.
    Loved his lip color, I hope I can match it.

  5. cheryl 334 says:

    CUTE, VERY CUTE. Adam looks gorgeous and love his shirt with the hoodie. Hot! Love his style in clothes, hair and makeup. Seems that he will ‘perform’ with whatever gender the producers put in front of him. Like to see him with women more than boys.

    To be real, it is kind of dumb, having Adam ‘pretend’ he is a ‘maniac’ like rockers of years gone by. He is too tall to look normal jumping on a bed while trying not to hit his head. Then, they have him grab a LCD TV, weighing less than 10lbs to throw it out the window, as if to be so crazy on drugs that his anger just could not bear to let it stay on the wall, as many rockers ‘USED’ to do in a drunken stupor or drug stupor. It’s not Adam, but, I enjoy just the ability to see his gorgeous face, hair, and clothes and to see him talk. Adam is a talent/performer of a new generation. Let him help promote the things he does by being more like himself. Otherwise it’s gonna get stupid. Adam is more intelligent than this. Not saying he doesn’t know how to have fun and be wild, just not in this dumb way.

    • I think this is part of who he still is, he is only 27 and reckless sometimes.
      Boy, do I remember those days……….

      • Yes, Irena! Agree with you….
        When he yells at the screen after throwing TV out of the vindo he reminds me my son…. hahaha He is 20 and he is fooling around like this sometimes… trying to scare me….. Funny…. it’s just for fun…..

    • KO's smiling says:

      Nah – I don’t think they meant to portray him as angry… except maybe at the lack of music videos on TV. It’s part of an advertisement for online music and music videos, so it makes some sense if you think of it that way.

    • You love his style of clothes? Better said Bill Kaulitz’s style of clothes!!!

      I’m sorry to say this but Adam Lambert is copying Bill Kaulitz too much!.

      Adam has been stealing his style and making it look as his own.

      Just look:

      Bill Kaulitz (Nov.5,2009 EMAs) and Adam Lambert (Dec.8,2009 Vevo Launch Party).

      • sherry s. says:

        Adam was somewhat busy during the month of November. Are you willing to entertain even the smidgen of a possibility that Adam never saw the first picture. Don’t you think copying style would go against the grain a bit of Adam’s drive to be unique?

        • Adam proved to be different all the time! He has been changing his hair and style for years… If his latest hair style somehow lokks like Bill’s ….. So what? It doesn’t mean that he copies him….
          Monica, be real…. Don’t you know Adam?….

        • GLAMB#474kimber says:

          OMG!! saw the pic ADAM sure does pull it off better, you can def tell he is a man!!! A real MAN!!!LOL! LOVE that man!!

          • AdamAdmirer says:

            A “real” man? Did you watch Barbara Walters?? He said he is a homosexual, deal with it! Gimme a break!

            • Helen/Canada says:

              It takes more than being hetrosexual to be a real man and Adam is a real man in ways that you will never comprehend.

              • Dianne Hill says:

                Helen I so agree with you. In fact I would go so far as to say “real” men certainly aren’t Heterosexual men, come on give me a break AdamAdmirer – you really do need to change that name, it definitely does not suit you.

      • MONICA…………………..YEAH, I def. see what you mean! It was a ‘copy’. Hmmm……….never realized that. Actually these clothes were not so great, but his outfits usually are. He said he did not buy all his clothes anymore, that he had a styler that brings him clothes to choose. But, I’m def not liking this hair. Too, ‘how bad can I make it look, and still have people say they love it?’

        Not smiling much either. Looking kind of ‘disgusted’ all the time. Wonder if he is in NEED of a nite with a person of either sex? He def needs his sex, and I’m thinking he is not getting any lately. Making him grouchy and bitchy. Maybe some French Silk icecream would help! Maybe we’ll soon be seeing pics of Adam in a drunken stupor. Wouldn’t surprise me in the least. He seems like he’s about to ‘explode’ soon!

        • OMG!!!!!!!!!
          This comment is disgusting!!!!!!

          Looks like some “the biggest fan” (this is the quote from one of her posts… actually from a lot of her posts…..”) is not a fan anymore but hater…. Congratulations on taking “your skin off” and showing your real face….. One fake fan less….. who cares…..
          My apologies for all rel fans on this site!!! Hate being negative but sometimes I cannot help it….
          Love you, Adam!!!!!

  6. Exclusive Footage of Adam Lambert Backstage at The View

    Adam Lambert “tweets” from Elisabeth’s phone before the show! Don’t miss Adam’s interview and performance Thursday, December 10 on The View. Follow The View on Twitter: @theviewtv.

  7. Btw, one thing is that Adam has a celebrity crush on Bill but from that to stealing his style is too much.

    • sherry s. says:

      Reese Witherspoon wore the exact same dress AND hair style to the Golden Globes as did Kirsten Dunst (also to the Golden Globes) two years earlier. It happens. But thank you for your interest in keeping our guy up to speed viv-à-vis style.

    • Monica,
      Read my comment above….. Who are you, BTW?

  8. Go to VH1 top 20 and vote, vote, vote for
    Adam. Kris has already made it. vote for Adam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. I can’t believe it. Adam gets no radio time when all his songs are worthy of it. And the cancelig really needs to stop. He doesn’t diserve it. Us fan really need to step it up. I voted on vh1. And looking at the percentages he is already number two I believe. Come on we can do for Adam. And those pics and videos I have a few words. Omg he is in sexy mode. Making him hotter than he is if that is possible. I would have loved to be the girls in that video. Yummy yummy baby boy. Ok now I’m done. LOVE U FOREVER ADAM OXOXOXOXOXOX?

  10. Elizabeth says:

    I think the important thing is not to get all panicked for goodness sake. And I’d be tired too if I were Adam just from all of the appearances. That must be draining. But to be honest, I’m not sure that FYE is the best Adam could do, although I’m still listening to it and enjoying it. But when it comes to really showing what he can do with his voice, no, it doesn’t do the job. I don’t think that the producers of music nowadays are used to singers who really have voices. Adam really has a voice and it doesn’t need the kind of help that producers are used to giving. So, if the album doesn’t succeed as well as it might–so be it. I think that Adam will eventually produce an album that succeeds on a grand scale worldwide; it’s a matter of time. But this AMA thing is a blip on the screen really. And he is generating a lot of interesting, challenging conversation which I think will make an impression on people, and I think he is intelligent and charming each time he gets in a chair to be interviewed. So, like I say, we should take it easy, go with the ups and downs, chill, and enjoy each opportunity to see Adam perform as it comes.

    • AdamAdmirer says:

      I agree, FYE is not the best he could do, however, he has said that they (19 Entertainment) let him do what he wanted and most of what he put out was his own creative input. I think this was a big mistake, he needs someone to manage him that understands his talent and how to best take advantage of his voice, which is not what was done. There are producers out there that could do that, e.g. David Foster, but I bet he wouldn’t touch Adam with a ten foot pole now.

      • Helen/Canada says:

        I don’t think Adam would touch David Foster with a 10-foot pole–not his style. BTW is this an Adam fan site. I think I’m in the wrong place???

  11. Dana, thanks for the Vevo info. I wasnt sure what that was all about. I’m all for it, if they provide us with lots of Adam entertainment and music videos. 🙂

    • PS, I hope his budget ends up allowing him to make a MV for each track on his album. Oh yes.

      • sherry s. says:

        Hi, Mary. Did you try it…the VEVO? I did.

        Movie videos are the size of HD videos on youtube, so Adam’s video there has the largest screen so far seen. Waiting for it’s availability on itunes next week!

        • Dianne Hill says:

          Oooooohhhh Sherry, I didn’t realise we could watch it already, Adam on an even bigger screen, you can’t get any better than that. Cheers for that, I’m off for a look.

  12. what the f was that last hate hotel video? 😀

  13. Evette #419 says:

    Photos are hot. Video is hot. ADAM looks amazing!

  14. I love FYE….it’s fun, catchy, melodic…makes me want to dance and , to me, it certainly portrays Adam’s outstanding vocals. I just sat through an agonising ( except for Lady Gaga and Vanessa Amorosi) 10 top video hits on a MTV Channel hoping to see Adam’s FYC video….but no Adam Lambert…..not yet !

    I vote as much as I can and sooooo much want Adam to be # 1 on the charts etc. I only hope that there will not be similar ocurrences as on American Idol….i.e. dodgy voting system ??? and homophobia ????

    Oh! …and I think he looks divine in the Vevo video…yes! HOT !!!

    Love, Yvonne (Australia)

  15. Whoa! Nice Adam!! Strong…AND…Sexy…WOW!!!!!

  16. Ellen Tobin says:


  17. Hey all,
    I’ve loved Adam since he stepped on that audition stage in front of Simon, Paula and Randy.
    I knew he would be a superstar someday,…but I think he needs to slow down just a bit to catch a breath of fresh air, and take in the real world around him.
    What I mean by this is,….be the Adam that he was on AI. Was that just a “front”,…or is this stuff hes doing now the “front.
    I say this because I’ve always thought he was absoutley gorgeous, talented,..etc. but folks I gotta tell ya, that first photo on this page literally looks like he’s dressed for Halloween.
    I think its the worst photo I have ever seen of him.
    Adam does not need all that makeup. When he wear’s no makeup,…like when he did,..”Tracks of my Tears performance on AI”,…that was one, if not the best I’ve ever seen him.
    He dont realize he’s covering up what the people love. That unique look,…(without the makeup), that makes him so special along with his talent.
    I hope Adam gets hooked up with a really great makeup artist for some major tips.
    He said he loves doing his own makeup, and that photo above proves it. It makes him look 20 years older.
    Adam….less is more in your case.
    It’s fine to wear the makeup you love,…but please tone it down a bit. It’s getting a bit harsh.
    Without the makeup,…like you did in the video of 2012,…you looked your best then too.
    I do hope he will take note of this, because I know 100 % I am not the only one here who thinks this.
    Tone down the makeup, and I guarantee he will have more show castings and interviews that he never thought was possible.
    Who on here agrees with me??
    Also, he does need a haircut major if hes gonna wear it up like that.
    Come on Adam,…we love you,…but please just leave some of the makeup in the drawers for personal photos.
    I still love ya,..but this is JMHO.


    • Skye – Yes, I think that top picture is nasty, and the harsh lighting didn’t help, but one bad photo out of 100’s of gorgeous ones is not so bad. But I do agree that the make-up is too heavy and he looks burned out and tired. Well, that’s no surprise as he seems to be constantly flying back and forth all over the country these days. I think he needs that Tahiti vacation he keeps talking about!

      I too loved the way that he looked in the TFM video. Not to much make-up, cute hair, sexy look, gorgeous film lighting…WOW.