Update on WWFM Video

Throughout the night, various actors starring in the music video for Whataya Want From Me have been tweeting their whereabouts and even uploaded some photos and clips of Adam.

Clayton Johnson, who was one of the first to clue us in that there was actually a music video happening, hasn’t been up to a lot of tweeting but only mentioned that he was:

A lot more information was received from Julianna, the girl who already promised updates throughout the night. Her twitter is filled with updates and information. At one point, she could even tell us the general direction of the video! After Clayton mentioned that he was shooting a ‘club scene’, she confirmed this by mentioning that she is ‘playing a girl who’s to young to get in the club.

Then, she casually mentioned Adam’s outfit: ‘(Adam) looks beautiful in a black suit/tie/snake leather shoes!‘. Ooh, sounds good already! And, according to her, Adam was ‘very nice and funny’. Hey, what’s new? 🙂 She also managed to take a quick photo, only showing Adam’s head:

And another one without his head but just the outfit!

Adam mentioned to her that he’s been on set since 7am that morning, and that the whole video was being shot that day. The tone of the video is described as being ‘intense’, and shot from the point of view of Adam’s lover, and there is ‘some fighting‘. Plus, Adam is ‘wearing this cool ass skull ring and skull buttons on his collar‘.

There is already a video floating around where people are fussing over Adam’s outfit and the director tells everyone what to do. Looks really cool. This was uploaded by Alyxx Dione, who is probably another actress in the video, as she mentioned earlier that day that she was ‘On set working on @adamlambert’s video for “Whataya Want From Me”. If you haven’t heard the song, you must! Its dope!

Poor people out in the cold! But at least, as one of the actors tweeted, they’ve got Mexican food on set to keep ’em going..

So the general idea must be something like Adam having a fight with his ‘lover’ (male/female? Would be interesting to see what he goes with!), and then something with a club / outside of a club. Julianna tweeted this short video, where Adam is being mobbed by paparazzi/fans as he walks out of the club. It’s without a doubt part of the shoot (hear the ‘ACTION!’ in the beginning?).

This would mean that in the video Adam is already portrayed as a star, one who is having relationship issues; and tries to work it out by going clubbing? And the whole thing is seen through his troubled lover’s eyes, maybe someone who is wondering whether Adam wants him to stay home and out of the public eye or go out with him and be seen and hogged by paps, a true ‘whataya want from me?’

Probably reading too much in this but it is fun to come up with scenerios that fit with the hints we’ve been given so far! And the question remains, will the lover be revealed as being male or female, or remain anonymous? Male would be really brave and true to who Adam really is – but might cause controversy again. Thoughts?

(and let’s hope Adam is back home and in his warm bed by now. Here we are thinking he is finally getting some rest because of how quiet it’s been around him, but in fact he’s pulling 24 hour days filming a music video!)


  1. Marie/Toronto says:

    I’m so proud that they made this right here in Toronto!

    • Helen/Canada says:

      They made the vid in Toronto??? Marie, are you sure, where did you read that? Why didn’t someone tell me this??? OK, who’s responsible here? ARE YOU SURE??? Adam was that close to me and I didn’t know??? Someone is going to pay for this!!!! LOL

      • Marie/Toronto says:

        Well, I don’t know for sure, but several people I follow on Twitter were tweeting about him filming it in Toronto. Also. I follow an American Twitter account called LambertLights and they said the same thing………but who knows? We’ll hear more about it, I’m sure.

  2. indiechick, ” Adam back home and in his warm bed” aaaaaahhhhh what a nice thought!
    I had a hunch the MV would be a love relationship scene. UUMM, lets see, I’d like to see him go with
    the female side of a lover this time:). Maybe Ke$ha? she wants Glambabies w/Adam…….. ok lets see
    her in video.

  3. Judy Lushman says:

    Can’t wait to see this. Everything is always so exciting with Adam.

  4. Twisted Sister says:

    maybe the director is gonna use something similar to the video of Prodigy, smack my bitch up with all the camera angles and at the end there’s gonna be a surprise. What do you think? Can’t wait.

  5. male , female, it really doesn’t matter. anything with adam in it is good for me.

  6. GLAMB#474kimber says:

    Looking forward to a new mv! Would like to see the “male lover” at the end, either way it’ll be real good, probably sad to bring me to tears.
    I was just thinking about that ama perfprmance w/ the “face in the crotch” scene. I, too, see that it was a rub to his abdomen. I’m wondering if abc really did notice this too. IDK, just a thought.

  7. If you remember FYE video was done with Adam hugging up to females.

  8. It does not really matter whether female or male, it is the performance and the artistic interpretation of the song, at the end of the day Adam has to be happ with what he has produced.

    • Personally, I would love it for to be a male since this would be true to his nature and I think it would be SEXY if there is some “make up” kissing involved! But I would also understand if they choose a female lover, heck what do we know, this is Adam. It could be a “menage a trois”!

      • Irena how awesome would that be, ‘menage a troi’, that will sell hundreds of thousands.

      • IRENA,


  9. AdamRocks! says:

    Oh, man! CANNOT WAIT!!!

    Cindy in MS
    Glamb #37

  10. Bill Mitchell says:

    How about this for a twist:

    The camera plays the role of the tortured lover the whole video and then at the end, when the lover is finally revealed, we see both a man and a woman looking smitten and dejected – and the two then walk off hand in hand leaving Adam with his fans.

    • You have a great point Bill. It may not have anything to do with adam and a lover. It could be he is just the intertainer. It’s a couple that is fighting. GREAT POINT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Bill Mitchell says:

    But if that plot twist is a little too tortured itself, I am betting Adam goes with a female lover just because no one expects it. Ok, we get it, he is gay, so surprise us! He has also said he enjoys kissing pretty women.

    • I think I would go with Irena’s idea, ‘menage a trois’, this would be a better ending, everybody is happy.

  12. number8gurl says:

    The video was filmed in LA…pretty positive….it’s been ‘cold’ there to Californians.

    The logistics of the guys face on Adam’s body is completely irrelevant…it WAS simulated oral sex and that was what ABC took offense too…although I found it extremely hot myself 🙂 I read someone else saying “it was only his belly”…completely irrelevant!!

    I personally would be very disappointed if Adam had a female lover in the video. Because it’s unrealistic. Even though Adam does like to kiss girls he doesn’t get involved with them sexually or emotionally in that way so having a girl lover in this video and fighting with her would be very unrealistic and would seem VERY fake to me. Kesha????…nahhhhhhhh that is a ridiculous idea!!

    I would love to see Adam and a mystery male lover making out in a corner booth of the club before the fight starts….but one of the things I love about Adam is his unpredictability…my guess is the lover will be blurred or obscured in some way…or as someone else said…just the camera playing the lover…we will all just have to wait and see 🙂 ADAM COULD SURPRISE US ALL….

  13. I don’t think that Adam needs anymore controversy, and I love everything that Adam does…and so does my granddaughters…..He don’t have to keep it real acting is acting…..and most of it isn’t real….

  14. I don’t think this is the time for boy on boy action. Adam, if he cares to maintain a more mainstream audience, needs to keep more mainstream with this video. He lost a lot of fans due to his AMA performance. Most of us who have followed him from the beginning, know what a decent person and entertaining performer he is, and can get over that performance(some even liked it), but many will never give him another chance. If Adam decides to make his sexual orientation part of all of his future performances and videos, he will limit his fan base accordingly. If that is what he wants, then cool. If he wants to appeal to a more diverse audience, he will have to take that into consideration.

    • i totally agree…i get nervous for him sometimes because a fan base is very difficult to keep engaged. His fan base from Ai is something he needs to always keep in mind. He can’t just throw them “overboard”…

  15. Lisa Imbruglia says:

    Hey maybe the whole plot is Adam being told to this that and the other by all his fans and paparazzi and the tv networks etc and him just saying ok guys what the f do you want from me….

    The expectations from everyone is so high on him maybe he just needs us to trust him . I can see him trying to have a “normal” life and whereever he goes being followed and mothered and told what tro do… yes I’d be turning around and saying “whattaya want from me!”

  16. Look out Lova’s – Adam has the adrenalin pumpin’! We are in for another wild ride ala the hottest human on the planet!! UIMA

  17. Jane Parker says:

    More videos from the songs!!!


  18. Male or female lover….hello everyone it makes no difference….. it’s called acting and he is great at it..

  19. i would love to see adam AS HIS OWN mystery lover in the song. neat, safe, interesting and all about adam.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Last time it took about 2 weeks for the FYE music video to come out after it was filmed, so maybe it’ll be like that video in the releasing… someone working on the video said it should be released before 2010 but it already is 2010 🙁 Hopefully they release it in the next 2 days!

  21. Anonymous says:

    Correcting myself xD-FYE only took 10 days to release! What’s up with the video??? It’s 2 weeks tomorrow, hope that means they’ll upload it then!