Update: DonorsChoose

Well, it is not likely that the Glambs are going to win the Adam Lambert charitable contribution challenge with DonorsChoose…but, it is not about the winning, it is about the giving!

As I’m typing, our fansite total is $2,762 with 59 donors having contributed, impacting 4,193 students. That is pretty awesome nonetheless!

It is still not too late to contribute. The challenge ends Sept. 20:
Contribute to DonorsChoose via Glambs

DonorsChoose had a few updates today that they wanted us to pass along. Firstly, donation contributions are fluctuating for two reasons:
1. It seems that some people realized they contributed via a “wrong” fansite, and now they want their contribution credited to the fansite of their choice, and
2. Donations that have been promised via check have been rolled back if the check has not been received. So don’t forget to follow up with your check if that was how you promised to contribute!

The overall DonorsChoose goal is $150,000 by the end of the contest…whoa! I know everything we have donated toward the final total will have come from the heart!

Dana {CatEyes}
Glamb #6


  1. since this is an international fansite we from other countries don”t know how to donate, sure there’ s a lot who wants to. it is the spirit of giving that matters cateyes.

    • Lisette here, bonmatin Dana so agree regarde glambs an ther donationes..it’s from l’hearte an no mattre if we won but to let Adam know we supporte donorschoose.org boncause to assiste in childrens’ education an funds for performing arts/musique in schols..Bless Adam an his humanitarian hearte,artiste/vocaliste estraordinaire an hope he knows it’s non l’amounte monetarily but sincere bonwill of all glambs who av contributed..from ther heartes!Take care hugs an luv always Lisettexox ..Benedictions et bisous Adam!xoxo

    • If you use a credit card it is easy to donate. I am not in the US and just used my Visa card.

  2. Bellelinda says:

    Dear Fellow Glams & Adam Fans…Adam has shown us his thoughtful generous unselfish heart by suggesting that we contribute to DonorsChoose instead of buying gifts for him. He stated that supporting music and the arts in our schools is a cause he strongly believes in and would like us to join him in supporting them.. If you have not made a donation yet because you can only send a small amount…please do not let that stop you! If all of Adam’s fans just sent $1.00 it would add up to thousands of dollars….no amount is too small to have an effect. Just think what $5.00 each would bring in. Think of the children who will be able to sing, dance. play instruments, and learn about music in a way that would not be possible for them without your help. Our amazing Adam is a product of a school’s music education program. How sad it would have been for Adam if his school only taught reading, writing, math and science. Not everyone can be an Adam but everyone can love music and have the opportunity to learn about it in their schools. There is a movement in our country, (stimulated by the struggling economy) to remove music and the arts from our schools. Your donation will help to prevent this from happening. I know that Adam will be so proud of us, his Glam-Fans, for showing that we care about others as much as he does. Please donate what you can…it will help!

  3. Hi perllee, I live in London and all I did was to click on the amount for my chosen project, from there all you do is to enter your bank details. As a teacher I know the difference it makes to a lot of children’s education and self esteem, it is a real worthwhile cause, anything for kid’s education I am for it.

    • thanks toni i will check the availability of the bank here. see how i can do it. i love adam’s concern about children and arts, my nephews and nieces study piano and voice lessons too. aside from school study there is something they can enjoy and put their passion into.

  4. HELL EVERYONE!!!!!!!!

    OUR ADAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW



  5. I felt really good about giving money to donorschoose. I loved doing it for the kids and because it was something I could do for Adam.. It was a win, win situation all around. It doesn’t matter to me about the contest and being able to chat with Adam. It just felt good to make a difference to a class room full of kids and their education and the fun of learning..

    On a different subject…….. In a Adam interview a few weeks ago, someone asked him what he did in his spare time. One of Adams answers was that he was reading a book by Chris Heath called ” Feel” It’s a book written about a london Rock star and all the drawbacks that he goes though in his life dealing with being a famous rock star. It’s a real life story and experience of Robbie Williams. ( who I will admit I didn’t know about ) I was interested in what our boy Adam was reading on this subject as it surly now pertains to him, even if he’s just on the beginning side of his career… Sooooooooo I went on Amazon.com and looked up the book title and sure enough I found it for 6 bucks and I ordered it.. ( does this mean I’m a stalker !!!???) anyway, I’m only a few chapters into the book and it is a real eye opener to what this person goes though and feels about being followed every minute of his day by the camera’s and the people trying to get to know about his every move during every 24 hrs of his days.. He talks about all the crap that comes up from people trying to bring him down while he is becoming more popular and successful with his music cds. People come out of the woodwork to turn every thing he does into something bad just to break him down. ( sound familiar ?) He talks about how he can’t trust anyone. He even felt someone was bugging his phone and telling the press what he was planning or saying. He was so paranoid that he thought the person that came in to check his phone against bugging , actually then bugged his phone instead of checking it. It goes on and on in some ways that I’m sure Adam is closely paying attention too.. I’m sure Adam is reading the part that Robbie says he wonders if this loss of privacy is worth the price of fame. I also wonder who recommended this book to Adam, Lady Ga Ga maybe ??? Madonna ???
    Anyway Ladies, I really think it’s interesting to see what Adam is reading and feeling himself about the future in front of him.. Does he hope it’s all he dreamt about ? Is the loss of any normal life worth the fame ? Does this book give him an insight to whats in store for him. He has already felt the wrath of the unkind and hateful. Does he want this bad enough to weather the bad along with the good? We all hope so. I think I speak for most or all of us here in saying , We want only the best for Adam and his future. We want happiness and peace to also be a part of his life plus throw a big splash of love .. We all love Adam and enjoy the positive feelings and experiences that he brings into our lives. Lets hope and pray that Adam lives a long and beautiful life and it’s all that he has ever worked for and wanted for himself..


    • Adamfan1, thank you for posting this and for commenting so well and thoughtfully on the contents of this book. What you have learned is very sobering, and I am sure Adam is thinking carefully about and weighing every bit of what he is reading in this book, and comparing it with what has now also become his everyday reality. Wasn’t this the book he mentioned at the last Twitter Party when he was asked ‘what was the last thing that made you cry’?, and he actually said it had made him SOB…not many young men would admit so openly and honestly that they had ‘sobbed’ over anything..and that in itself hurts to know that he had cried so deeply. Whether it was that or something else that made him cry, this book and the life of the man who wrote it will surely impact on Adam greatly. Well, I will truly say that I want only the best for Adam, whatever he decides for his future is what will be…somehow I think that he will decide to go for the whole brass ring and all that it entails, but I do so hope that he will retain all of what is good in his world and in his family life, and that the craziness and hatred of the world will be kept far outside the boundaries of his beautiful young life.

    • Here is a link found on Adam’s Myspace where he talks about the tour and his ME time, how he feels about porforming almost daily and whether it is worth it to him to give up some of himself for his career.


  6. Admfan1, really interesting post, the person that gave the book to Adam was the lady from Rolling Stone magazine, the one that interviewed him. Robbie Williams fame came too fast for him, he was a member of T

  7. I will continue, it went through too fast, Robbie Williams was a member of Take That, a boy pop group that was very popular, Robbie was still a teenager at the time. Once Robbie went on his own he was still very young, he never went through the same experiences as Adam, he never faced the same criticisms as Adam faced. The book will give Adam a really good idea of what he is in for, the pitfalls of stardom, and not to go the same way as Robbie Williams. In my opinion Adam is a lot more grounded, although his popularity grew overnight as soon as he appeared on AI, he is still behaving in a very measured and sensible way, he has both his parents to support him, and he is always promoting other artists, that indicates to me that he is not selfish. I am hoping that he will learn from the book, and that he remains as he is now, sweet, kind, thoughtful, polite, sensible. Lets hope that a bigger power in the universe is looking after him.

    • Toni, thanks so much for all the new info on this book.. I was completely in the dark about any of this. How did you find out so much. How did you find out who gave Adam the book ?

      • Hi Admfan1, one of the videos posted on this site, he was asked what he was reading and he mentioned the book which was given to him by the woman who interviewed him for the Rolling Stones article. Take That group have re-emerged, they fell out with Robbie, at that time he was really very famous. They asked him to join the group again but he refused, now they are doing really well and Robbie not so well. By the way, here is the link to the interview where he mentions the book.

        I am a true fan of Adam Lambert, I remember staying up till 2 am to watch live on my PC the AI shows cause I could’nt wait till they showed them on the UK TV, and then I had to get up 5.30 am to get ready for work.

        • TONI !!! Thanks so much for that link.. it was in a different one that I saw last week or two that he talked about the book too.. I haven’t seen the one you just sent for me over here.. AND I THOUGHT I HAD SEEN THEM ALL .. lol Thats what is so great about this sight because everyone shares what someone else may have missed.. thank you again..

    • Glambertcraze says:

      I too believe that Adams life experiences have made him a stronger person. Like they say if it doesn’t kill you it makes you stronger.
      The best thing that could have happened for Adam is the fact that he is more mature at 27, and not a teenager with little or no experience.
      He has been through a lot in his young life.

      • Completely agree with you Glambertcraze, he went through all the crazy things before, I also think the parents are very grounded, it seems that they are a very close family. I admired the way he reacted after they announced Kris as a winner, and the way he went through all the interviews in a very charming manner, always the gentleman. At the end of the day he proved to everyone that he is a very talented artist, who is very confidents in who he is, confident and and secure in knowledge of his own talent. The reality is that he does not have to prove tohimself that he really is talented and he can draw the audience right into his performances.

        • true. i am glad adam was already 27 years old when joined AI and noticed by millions of people in the world and became very popular. this will make a lot of difference since he was mature, have gone through a lot in life which he admitted besides i admire his being smart .even on interviews he is very quick witted. the same thing happened to michael jackson, so many people and even media tried to pull him down only to discover at the end that everything was not true. he was my first idol huh! and then came adam. michael started very early in the industry unlike adam and is known for not being so close with his family. other fans turned their back during his crucial time. that is very painful and he knows it. i hope we will remain true and loving adam whatever happens.

  8. Emili, I found a video on youtube of a fan taking movies of Adam signing outside.. It was in the beginning of the tour I believe… The fans are polite and well behaved and Adam is oh so gracious.
    He is so kind and thankful to them all.. he even gives them a puckering lip when they ask for one. The video is called.. (Adam Lambert greeting fans after show_AI8 tour, Tacoma Dome) Maybe you could bring it over to share. I don’t know how this is done that is why I keep requesting you to try it.. Your good at doing that. Maybe if the fans were all this quiet and respectful, he wouldn’t have to wear ear plugs and chose not to come out to meet and greets. O’well he only has 6 more shows to go then it’s the beginning of the rest of his career.. yeah !

  9. Oh no……. Michaelsarver just put on twitter that he feels like crap today !!!!! FIRST MATT NOW MICHAEL… IS ADAM NEXT!!!!????? I HOPE THEY ALL GET BETTER FAST BUT I ALSO MOSTLY HOPE THAT ADAM IS NOT NEXT !