Two Days Off For Adam Lambert!

With the holiday weekend behind me, I had some catching up to do!
Soooo, I have some pictures and tweets from Adam, including his new tattoo!! I LOVE the freckles on his arm… weird, I know.
There is a short video clip that Sasha, Adam’s dancer, took of Tommy and Cam on the piano. They will pan out and you get a little glimpse of Adam.
Plus, there are a couple of magazine articles for your reading pleasure.

Keep in mind the Glam Nation tour rolls into Tennessee today and tonite is your night KNOXVILLE!!! Looking forward to seeing the videos!!!
P/S I added videos to the Myrtle Beach, House of Blues show as well!!



pic via: @13rosestattoo~ Adam and store manager Joe Pettis

pic via: @teamoaaron

@adamlambert~Two amazing days off in Atlanta!! I had so much fun! Haven’t felt this “normal” in a long time.

@sashamallory~ twitvid~ A glimpse of Adam in the background!!

Here is an interview via:

A chat with Glambert
Just a couple of days after winning his first ever mainstream award at the Much Music Video Awards in Toronto, Mybliss, caught up with Adam Lambert. He told us all about winning at the MMVA’s, bumping into JLS and his amazing new single Whataya Want From Me.

Bliss: Hi Adam! Congratulations on winning your MMVA. What was it like to win?
Adam: Thank you! It was great, I remember saying when I received the award that I’m not used to winning! I can’t believe I won. I thought I would be the runner up.

B: So have you ever practiced winning an award then when no ones watching with your shampoo bottle?
A: No, no maybe I should try it!

B: So Snooki from Jersey Shore presented you with the award, and you’re pretty experimental with your hairstyles, would you rock a Snooki hair quiff?
A: I don’t think that will be happening any time soon!

B: When you singing WWFM you are full of emotion, are you thinking of anyone in particular?
A: I usually kind of put myself in the position of acting for the public. I think that’s what’s great about the song, that it kind of has a double meaning. One way it could be about certain relationships, but on the other hand it’s also about relationships with the public. That’s how I read into it.

B: You’re on the Glam nation Tour at the moment, if you were the ruler of a Glam Nation, what would be your most important rules?
A: I think the most important rule for the Glam Nation would be that you need to be proud and secure with who you are. That’s where it kind of all comes from, obviously there are lots of glitter and rhinestones and camp thrown into the whole thing, but at the heart of it would be, owning your own walk, being your own person.

B: On tour you dance with your backing dancers for For Your Entertainment – are you a bit of a show off on the dance floor in a club?
A: It depends on the situation really, sometimes I really like to dance and throw it out and at other times I am just a bit of a sit on the couch kind of guy.

B: So do you enjoy getting involved in dance routines?
A: Oh yeah, yeah I love to.

B: So when on stage, Beyonce channels her alter ego Sasha Fierce, do you have an alter ego ?
A: No I don’t have an alter ego, I mean its definitely an amplified version of myself, like exaggerated you know.

B: Do you ever have moments where you don’t feel so fierce, where you don’t want to perform?
A: There are times when its like ok, I’m tired but usually, especially on this tour when I hit the stage, I get charged right up!

B: We saw a picture of you with JLS at the MMA’s did you have a chat with them?
A: Yeah they seemed like really nice guys, but I only got to speak to them very briefly.

B: You actually look like you could have been in the band. Have you ever considered going down the boy band route?
A: No that’s probably not for me!

B: Okay, but if you were in a boy band, what would be you signature move or sound to set you apart?
A: Um….I’d probably get into trouble for trying to get crazy with the other boy band members!

B: So you can hit some pretty high notes, have you reached the Mariah Carey garage door opening league yet?
A: No, not the dog whistle thing yet. It is something that I am working on though!

B: Would you ever consider going back to Broadway?
A: Yeah I would be interested in that. I think that right now my focus is definitely on my music and recording. So what I am doing now is like a step in a new direction for me and I am really enjoying where I am at right now.

B: Your fans are pretty obsessed with how you look, do you feel as though you’re under pressure to look glam all the time?
A: Yeah I mean, I think that if I just wore a t-shirt and jeans it wouldn’t work – that’s what I would dress like if I was just going about my day. I think that there is a certain persona that I have set up for myself but I think its good.

B: So do you think that you would feel naked if you went on stage without your hair done and your makeup?
A: Yeah I would probably feel a bit naked, probably a little bit exposed.

B: So have you ever committed the cardinal sin of wearing your makeup to bed?
A: I have done it a couple of times before… I don’t think that it has ever been intentional but I sometimes fall asleep after having one to many drinks!

B: Do you have any must-have makeup products you just cant live without?
A: You have to have eyeliner, that’s a given. Mac, they have this eyeliner called Smoulder, that’s pretty much perfect.

B: Your glitter buddy, Ke$ha, she said that you were a good kisser, would you like to comment on her kissing skills?
A: Ha. She was great she is a great kisser too. She is adorable, I love her. We get along quite well. Unfortunately we are always both so busy so we don’t get to spend much time together though but she is a lot of fun.

B: Have you ever worked together, would you like to work together?
A: No we haven’t, but possibly I think that would be good.

B: So Taylor Lautner recently claimed that he had never missed an episode of Idol, are you a Twilight fan?
A: Yeah I like the Twilight movies, they’re fun. I probably prefer Taylor.

B: Have you had any crazy fan experiences?
A: No not really, my fans are really good and really passionate, they pop up everywhere so that’s always fun!

B: So no one has tattooed your face on their arm?
A: Actually there have been a couple of people who have tattooed my name on to their arm…it happened only the other night. There was this woman who wanted me to draw on her arm with a marker so she could get a tattoo of my signature. I feel a a mixture and shock and flattery!

B: If you had a day off, what would be your ideal day?
A: Lately, I just love relaxing. If I have been busy working its nice to relax when we have been on tour. Yesterday we had a day off so its really nice to do something leisurely and we took a boat out. It was great. It was really relaxing and we just had a glass of wine. We had fishing rods with us and went fishing. We were just like why not?

B: Do you get many days off or is it few and far between?
A: Um, every two to three days, sometimes after 4 days. I’ll be working really hard on tour and singing every night.

B: So you are pretty well in with people like Perez Hilton, but how do you think it must be for the people who are on the other side of nasty gossip?
A: I think that it comes with the territory. It is kind of part of this place, I mean I think I would prefer it if people were more positive in general, but I think its part of what we do. So you just kind of roll with the punches.

B: What has been your most standout moment since American Idol?
A: I have a really great time making videos, I think that is like a really exciting thing for an artist. You know, because you have to create a visual image to go along with a great song, so I think that those are always really exciting for me!

B: What’s next for you then? Are you coming back to the UK?
A: Yeah I’ll be coming in the fall. The dates haven’t been confirmed yet but we are working on bringing the tour over there so that should be fun. For now, I’m going to continue touring and that’s exciting. And after that I think that I will start working on some new material.

B: What did you do the last time you were here?
A: I went out a couple of times, you know did kind of a little bit of socialising. We went to restaurants and clubs and that kind of thing, I love doing it.

B: Did you meet any nice Brit boys?
A: No no I didn’t. I didn’t really have enough time.

B: What do you think of the British accent?
A: I love it, I love the whole culture, the history, I love the wit. I think I can see myself living there – I love it.

B: Thanks a million for talking to mybliss.
A: Thank you! It has been my pleasure.

~Twitpic of OK Magazine
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  1. Interestingly, Neil (Adam’s brother) tweeted that HE was going to get a tattoo, and then tweeted “no tattoo today”. Now we see a new one on Adam.

    Had a thought: Adam just toured the eastern seaboard of the U.S., and now they are suffering a terrible heat wave…just a coincidence? Or did Adam spread his Glamnation “Fever”.

    Hope you all had a great 4th of July holiday! 17 days til I get to catch a fever.

    • Evette #419 says:

      That’s EXACTLY why its so hot here!

    • Hey everyone – Adam’s “UNplugged” special is coming on again this week, at least twice. The TV station is Palladia or Palladium – it used to be FUSE. Hope you can catch it if you haven’t.

      I’ve been grumbling over the 50’s temps in the Seattle area. With the unreal heat wave almost everyplace else, think I’ll shut up for now!
      Aloha all!

  2. DellaD Glamb #39 says:

    Iur boy was neked on stage??? SOMEONE GO FIND A PICTURE!!!! LOL!! Actually, I don’t want to see!! I like the imagination thing!!

  3. I hope Adam is thoughtful about the tattoo. I think he has the chance to have a great acting career. My fear is the tattoo will limit his roles.

    • Evette #419 says:

      Don’t worry. Hollywood can work its magic and make the tatoos vanish w/ makeup!! Look at Angelina Jolie her tatoos certainly aren’t stopping her!!

  4. irish139 says:

    Does anyone know what the latest tattoo symbolizes? He wouldn’t put that on his arm unless it meant something.

    • I think it might be the Eye of Horace, but not sure. My husband knew all these things, and I just never figured I would need to learn.

      • GLAMB#577 ElianeBrasil says:

        Hi / Oi Daffyd
        I believe the correct name is Eye of Horus.
        It means rebirth and eternal life OR protection and power.
        It means broad sight as well.
        I hope to help you because my english is not good.
        (Sorry ny english)
        Kisses/ beijos

    • that was the old 1 the new 1 is a mobius strip its like that crazy bunny it just keeps goin and goin

    • Ellie #492 says:

      Infinity. Endless.

    • It’s an Infinity symbol…It means forever basically.

      Tina…aka…MISRESS LAMBERT

  5. I was so glad that he had a couple of days off. I look at his schedule every day to see when he gets a much needed break. I sound like a mother, and I’m not even one! 😉 Sounds like he enjoyed his time off to re-energize his batteries. Enjoyed reading the interviews and seeing the pics.

  6. Would love to know what the new tattoo symbolizes. Anyone know? He’s just so darn cute.

    • Know what?? I think I figured it out. Besides the new tattoo symbolizing INFINITY, it might be Adam’s way of saying,” IT IS WHAT IT IS “. Adam….tell us what it means, please.

  7. The figure eight on its side represents infinity.

    I found this about what the eye of Horus symbole meant to the ancient Egyptians: The EYE OF HORUS is represented as a figure with 6 parts. These 6 parts correspond to the six senses – Touch, Taste, Hearing, Thought, Sight, Smell. These are the 6 parts of the *eye*. The eye is the receptor of *input*. It has these six doors, to receive data.

    The construction of the eye follows very precise laws. The senses are ordered according to their importance. And according to how much energy must be *eaten* by the *eye* for an individual to receive a particular sensation. All sensory data input is *food*.

    • Thank you Lefty. I had it almost right, spelled wrong. I am certain many of Adam’s fans will begin to learn about these signs/myths/Gods??? I understand the Zodiac, in theory anyway. Please enlighten us more if you would.

  8. I heard Adam say he was going to get his whole arm tatooed…….maybe this is the start of it.

  9. I love tats and would have gotten one myself in my much younger days. They just don’t look too hot when you get older.

    Well, I hope America loosens up a bit cuz I don’t want to lose our Glam Rocker to the Brits. Finally, we have someone who is artistic, gorgeous, sings like an angel, talented as heck. I want him to stay and live here.

    • Evette #419 says:

      I’m saving up for my 3rd tatoo and I am 44. People always say what are you going to do when you are 70 or 80 and have these tatoos…I just don’t worry about it….they make me happy. If you love them, I say go for it!

    • Dianne Hill says:

      Sally, what is stopping you from getting a tattoo. Don’t let age stop you from doing anything that you want to do. Age is a state of mind, Adam has definitely taught me that.

      I am getting two tattoos for my 57th birthday next month. I can’t wait. One is going to be of one of Adam’s eyes (I always want him to be looking at me, LOL) and the other is either going to be his autograph (which I have on a CD cover that a friend got for me when Adam was in Sydney earlier this year) or else his new tattoo which is a symbol for Eternity/Infinity. I really love his new tattoo, so now I am torn, unless I go crazy and get them all done.

      Dianne, Christchurch, New Zealand, Glamb #356.

      • Oh, Evette and Dianne, you gals are my heroes!

        Adam’s eye will be a gorgeous tat.

        Hmmm, I may think about it.

  10. Adam Lambert, WWWWWWoooooooWWWWWW, Nobody better. Would love to get a tattoo like his, the eye is fantastic, and I’ll have to look up the meaning of the new one, but it looks great too!!!!!
    Love you and all you stand for Adam,

    Rita, Donna and Cliff

  11. Margie - Glamb #559 says:

    What gave Adam the idea that we wouldn’t like him in a tee shirt and jeans!! Personally, I think he would look fantastic!!

  12. Hey everybody!! I keep saying Adam would look good in anything, especially Playgirl…I’d camp out for that issue. Also, the new symbol he got is an Infinity symbol, which stands for forever. I got my first tattoo when I was 14, and I put it on myself. It’s a cross between my thumb and forefinger. My aunt almost killed me the next day too. LOL!! I just turned 38, and on my left shoulder, I have a cluster of 3 roses, each one stands for someone. On my left leg, I have a naked angel with my daughter’s name under it. On my right leg, I have an open Vampire mouth with a graveyard inside it..(I call those my victims)..LOL! On my left forearm, I have the Criss Angel logo. On my lower back, I have Brandon Lee who played The Crow. And, I just got 2 new ones over the last month…One is a Bat on my right foot with a blood drop coming off each wing that says “Bite Me” under it. The other one I got last week is an Ankh, which is an ancient Egyption symbol for Eternal Life, and in the cross section, it looks like a bat…also, at the bottom of the Ankh, is a blue tear drop representing the love of my life I lost 21 years ago, and above it is the word “Forever” with tiny red teardrops coming off the “F” and the “R”. Blue was his favorite color. I have 5 more to go, and I will be DONE! The one’s I’m getting next are: a bracelet with a black heart outlined in red with a red teardrop coming off of it and it has a tribal band I’m only having put halfway around my wrist, and in the middle of that, I’m getting the eye of Horus…It’s gonna say “Love Hurts” above it. Then, I’m getting my Gene Simmons tat, cause I’ve been a KISS freak since I was 4 years old. Then I’m getting this wicked Vampire chick leaning against a cross on my upper right arm. Then, I’m also getting Prince’s symbol..I’ve been in love with that man since Purple Rain came out!! So, that’s the next 5, and I will have to save for a WHILE. Good thing I get good prices where I go! After that, I’m completly DONE, cause I have mine placed where most can be covered when I have regular clothes on. Oh yeah, and I have Lady Death on my upper left arm…I almost forgot about her. Anyway, I don’t think your ever too old to get a tattoo. Just let me tell you though, the outline hurts, but other than that, your good. Also, on top of your foot hurts, and your lower back. The rest of them, I was falling asleep!! Oh, and that picture of Adam that is the last one shown, good God he looks HOT as ALWAYS!!! Anyway, I think I’ve rattled on long enough!! One more month, and I get to see Adam..Hopefully I can get some pics!!

    Talk to you all soon!!

    Tina..aka…MISTRESS LAMBERT #654

    • KO's smiling says:

      It sounds like your tattoos are all pretty interesting and tie together nicely. Love the ankh idea – reminds me of the character Death in the Sandman series. She was always wearing one around her neck – now I know why.

      Have you had any tats on your ribcage? I want to get a big one there, but I’m scared.

      • Sorry it took so long to reply..No I don’t have any on my ribcage. I have 5 more to get, and I’ll be done…at least I think I will be..LOL!!

  13. jan lynn says:

    I love the idea of having one of Adam’s eyes for a tatoo. Great thought. I agree with all the positive
    energy. I absolutely adore Adam. He stole my heart the first day of Idol and nothing has changed. I still

  14. Musical Hair…..20003……Gernany

    I was naked for a second………….


  15. I love his hair on the photo with Katy Perry, he’s so flaming hot there!!! Thanks 4 this interview. I really love this Page !!! The vid is cool 🙂

  16. Oh my God!!!!!! Had to just re-read the bit about about him being naked on stage to check I wasn’t seeing things! wish ther were pictures…..I think i would pass out lol x

  17. Lambertrox10 says:

    Adam naked on stage? Not sure if there are any pictures? Wow, hehehehe. :3 XD I think if there were pictures I would die (in a good way) XD

  18. Well i think……..the interview was nice because i wanted adams oppinion on kasha and i hope every1 knows that i HATE her