Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-11-29


  1. Sandra Haxton says:

    Did we lose Jeanette, miss her reports!!

  2. I was wondering the same thing. C’mon, Jeanette, give him a break. We all miss you and want you back. Life doesn’t always meet all of our expectations, nor do the people in it, but if we gave up on them at the first hint of trouble, it would be a sad universe. Remember, “Do unto others.” Now is the time Adam could use all of our support. Just because he didn’t apologize for what went down doesn’t mean he didn’t learn from it. Anyway, come home, we miss your humor and your excitement.

  3. Glambs, just hold on a minute! We all know that Adam is new to fame, we know his “orientation”, we know he’s only 27 years old and that he has worked for ten years in another venue of entertainment on stage and also that he has never had an opportunity to be seen on TV by millions of people before. This sudden fame could have gone to his head momentarily, and he has now seen that he must tone down his entertainment venues on television. Forgive him, he made a mistake. And remember that he has never been a liar about anything, he’s humble and honest and aside from the error in judgment that he made on TV, he’s pretty near a perfect human, with the voice of an angel, whom we love intensely. Now is when he needs our support and love. ‘Nuff said.

    • Carrie, Patricia! I agree with you girls 100%! This beautiful young man is new in the business and will make some mistakes…it’s part of being a human being….”To err is human”! i do know one thing though, there was no erring when creating him….PERFECTION! Talent, sexy, humble (yes humble), and gorgeous! I have never in my 54 years seen a man as beautiful as this! This man takes me away from all my worries, all my problems…..he’s better than Calgon! LOL!

    • Glambertgirl1 says:

      Look at his tweets today. He seems to have gotten it.

      • AdamRocks! says:

        What do you mean he seems to have “gotten” it? There are loads of us who LOVED his performance! Why do some people think he should be just what they want him to be??? I hope he stays true to himself.

        Cindy in MS
        Glamb #37

  4. Glamb #470 Becky says:

    They ALL make mistakes! Always….he is fantastic, talented beyond our comprehension, he screwed up – he knows it – he’ll recover….Lets move on!!!

  5. Hopefully we’ll see Jeanette soon. She had mentioned to me in an email that she would be out of town till the end of the month (which would be November). I don’t believe that Jeanette would just drop us….she’s just been very busy!

  6. I have never written before, but I too cannot get enough of Adam Lambert. I am a dance teacher and own my studio and I am so excited to finally have some new music that we can dance to and do warm ups to. I keep buying other cd’s and nothing compares to his new cd. I also have been missing Jeanette. She has a way of expressing her thoughts that is so awesome. Hurry back! ADAM keep up the great entertaining!

  7. Vicky Fonseca says:

    I agree with all of you. Funny that with his over the top, too hot for prime time theatrics, I feel even more alienated from my otherhalf of 8 years (Larry) and the freinds who think I am nuts, nearly insane with my obsession in all that is Adam. I received my collectors edition of FYE in the mail and Larry has made it clear that playing it once with him around is more than enough. I was doing my best to promote him prior AMA;s (doesn’t seem the radio stations are doing much for him with airplay or I am not on the right stations) but now it seems instead of promoting, I find myself vigorously defending him. This controversy has made my promotional efforts a bit more challenging to say the least! Note that although I, personally, did not have problems with his performance (other than he did not sing as well as we know he can) ,I was mortified as “fallout” was inevitable. I actually felt panic, fear, just as if I, myself, was a party to an action that would be judged. After that I felt sorrow and began to come down from the high I have been riding for weeks/months. I so did not want to see Adam’s debut effort ith his career tarnished, stunted or worse, over this his, ” Hello World, I am Adam”,(introduction) performance. A week has now passed and I feel confident he will be alright,strong upward but I believe a momentum was lost aong with a few “fair weathered fans”. On the flip, I believe he did gain some new fans. The frenzy seems to have fizzled a bit. I hope he has the opportutuniy to again appear in front of “main stream America” and I so hope they will give him a second look so they might be convinced there is truth in Adam’s word and the words of his fans, when we claim Adam is far more than the AMA offering, just a single, (and much less than his best), performance.

    As silly as it sounds, I truly have been effected personally by Adam entering into our lives and musch to my own surpise, I have found myself with strong emotional reactions and feelings over the months, Forget the head over heals infatuation (OK lust too),, that is natural for a healthy American girls to feel. I also found myself high with excitement for him over the months, got dizzy and nearly fainted with the surprises pics with Details photo shoot (you would have thought I just saw pics of my husband with another woman) and here recently actually found myself in tears of joy and pride when his music started being released, I was/am SO VERY happy for him.

    Just a thought on “pride”, Although I do feel it, pride seems rather out of proper place in this situation, I have accomplished nothing more than being just another of his thousands of fans. He is not “mine”, nor do I even have the honor of knowing him. Since emotionally I seem to be taking some kind of “ownerhip” in Adam indicated my fiece attention to this man might be turning into a less than healthy obsession that some around me have all but told me I have developed? I would ask those around me but I can tell you what their answer would be. I wonder what Adam’s perspective might be on levels in fanship intensity. I would want him to know however, fan I am, but still sane enough to realize this fanship gives me no entilement – (don’t want it -it ‘s just not sexy!! ) lol.

    Back to my origial point in posting. Agree it is time to move on, Forget the right or wrong. People will always have their differences. If one feels that he was guilty of a wrong, fine, you have a right to your opinions, as does Adam. It is hard to change ones deep personal perspectives, but for God’s sake, resurrect and practice a little forgiveness and give this young man a break. Respect that fact he is a human being and just like us may make a mistake in judgement on occassion. Is one infraction a justifiable reason to turn one’s back on the wealth of positives Adam is capable of injecting into our lives? I am no genius, but I think not.

    I still find the Adam phenomena as it has effected my life extremely curious, I am pushing fifty and have NEVER been even slightly this passionate over any “out of reach public figure”. Something is up, all strange and wonderful .I know I am not the only one to feel him this strongly. There is something extraordinary in the package that is Adam. I believe he has emerged for a greater purpose than just to sing his song. I dare not dive into that discussion today! I have already turned a blog comment into a short novel! I truly believe that no matter how remote one’s relationship might be with Adam, they/we will be better for it. To tune him out with be closing the door on something or rather someone very, very special. Please stay and join me in enjoying the journey with Adam.

    To Adam, on the outside chance you might ever read this….. just want to say….. I am hoping I am the lucky winner of the photo shoot with you so I might express these things personally, but that chance is not likely to land in my lap. 🙁 So, here i go!!! ADAM, I LOVE YOU BUNCHES AND BUNCHES. Your voice and your person have captured my heart – yup, your in, you own it! Thanks for the happiness and smiles you continuously put on my face. FYE album – OMG – WOW WEE! It is a party at the amusement park! Great vibe, tons of energy, diverse, sexy, thoughtful, just plain fun and exciting! I AM SO VERY ENTERTAINED! Thank you! I can hardly wait for your next offering! You are mesmerizing! ( I lose my mind on all your candy!) You have “it”, we want to see lots more of you! Keep on entertaining!

    To all Glambs and others, thanks for listening. Hope I was not too boring!!

    By the way, WHEN am I going to get my official Glamb #? Tried several times to aquire, find that it appears to be of no avail.???? Help!?

    With deep sincerity in my heart, best wishes to all this Holiday and may we look forward to more great things from Adam in the New Year!

    Ms Vicky Fonseca aka
    Glambert #4113
    DFW Texas

  8. I think that we Glambs pretty much feel what you have put into words!

    Just a funny thought, but I wonder how many divorce judges will hear that ADAM is the reason for a divorce…..:)

    • Vicky Fonseca says:

      Jaberone – LOL – divorce………I hope not BUT on that subject, I found this piece written by one of the writers on the soon to be released book “on the meaning of Adam Lambert”……

      Adam’s Pick-up Advice
      29 November 2009
      By Xena

      Discussing Adam’s sex appeal, Juneau wrote:

      “Adam is post-ironic, man enough to handle the raw emotions and sexuality and walk that delicate line between sentimentality and macho over-compensation…if that makes any sense.”
      Xena says…..
      It does make sense J. I shake with laughter to think of a man approaching Adam at a party –
      “Hey man, you see that beautiful girl over there – the one with the big brown eyes, kissable lips, legs up to th…. Yeah, her. You have to tell me your secret to getting women so hot they want to tear off their clothes and …… uhuh, rip and toss…yes…. the screaming too!……What do you mean you have no idea – don’t b***s*** me man – TELL ME!!!
      O.k., if you won’t tell me, then show me. I know she’s never met you before, but she just needs to see your picture or hear your voice……No, she doesn’t know you’re here yet, but sure to sniff you out soon, they even know what you smell like. I want, no I need what you’ve got…..don’t say “nothing” and shrug your shoulders at me – is it the way you look at them? the way you smile at them? something about your hair? your accoutrements and other parts? eyeliner? nail polish? speaking French? What?!
      On stage, you’re huge, a larger than life sex god, with the thrusts and rolls and all that, but here, sitting on this bar stool, jeans, t-shirt, leather vest, a couple of chains, leather pants, hair’s a mess…o.k. “tousled” and I just know that if she walked by you, that brunette would grab you by the vest, lift a perfectly shaped leg over your thigh, smack herself down on your lap, run her hands up your neck to play with your hair, wiggle herself into a comfortable position, legs around you and kiss you so hard, you’d have whiplash.
      That’s what I want……. What if I gave you a million dollars?…. What do you mean this can’t be taught? Look, you way exceed your catch quota, you don’t even want to keep them and she’s my wife.

  9. bigotry in any form is just plain wrong. adam in any form is just plain right.