Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-11-08


  1. Oh? Isn’t Take One the unauthorized album that we should not buy? I would need to know that Adam gets credit and approves and will make some money off it before I would buy this album.

    • I agree, Terry! I don’t plan on buying this one (although I really would like to HEAR it!)

  2. those are the demos Adam made years ago.. he didn’t write any of the songs and probably got paid for each day’s work. They are demos made for other singers to sing.. HiFi is TRASH not getting any of my money.. Hi Fi is decieving the public even chaged their company name.

  3. Adam actually disowned the Take One album, they are just cashing in on Adam’s popularity, I am not buying.


  4. I think one person should buy it and load to youtube.

  5. I’m with Adam on this one….not buying it.

  6. Bellelinda says:

    HiFi must be sick when they think about the chance they had to discover and sign Adam and didn’t…
    Oh Well…it is too late for them now so they are just trying to cash in on Adam’s stardom. They could have been a big part in his success if they had just opened their eyes, ears and minds at the right time. TOO LATE NOW!

  7. I’m not buying the album because of what ADAM said. I wouldn’t give that company one cent!
    I want ADAM to become a billionaire!!!!! 🙂

  8. Not buying it…………..

  9. Lambertini says:

    I won’t either even though I do want it!

  10. Marilyn from Canada says:

    Won’t touch it with a ten foot pole.

  11. adamitisnky says:

    The company hifi is SCUM OF THE EARTH!!! If you are an ADAM fan…please don’t buy this album. We need to stick together to show these clowns that WE are in control of this situation…NOT them! We are NOT stupid! (Changing their name)!!! I know what you guys are thinking..but I want anything that Adam sings…well I am sure that we will find it on a site where we can download it. Please stay true to Adam and show those scub bags that NO ONE TAKES ADVANTAGE OF OUR ADAM!!! This will send our message loud and clear and NO ONE will try this sort of antic again on our sweet ADAM!