Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-08-09


  1. cheryl norman says:

    I saw Nigel Lithroe say that no one is irreplacable. That’s true. I have really mixed feelings for Paula. I have never liked the fact that she could ‘judge’ everyone as being ‘great’, etc. Simon doesn’t do that, and altho Kara got on my nerves w/her ‘yadayadayada’, I grew to have some respect for her. I respect Randy. Paula was always ‘nice’, but if I’m being judged, I wouldn’t think too much about whatever Paula said, b/c she says nearly the same thing to each person eventually, and often, more than not on the same day! Actually the ‘judging’ contest seems so contrite looking back on the whole thing this yr in particular. I’d rather have had all contestants sing each week, and not have any ‘judging’ period. How? No idea! But after this year, I just have no confidence in the show. It has lost all credibility, as far as I’m concerned, and I guess it just doesn’t matter to me anymore! Paula was so ditsy on her pain med addition, and always denied it. She needs to find herself a spot on another unimportant show. Simon and Randy could stay, ,,,,no, they can leave too and Kara too! Guess I’m just done with that stupid show forever! They spilled my milk and I can’t get over it!! ANERICAN IDOL IS B.S.! We have Adam, and now they can ‘can’ that stupid, stupid show!!

    • i agree with u 100%. paula is a useless judge and i wont miss her at all. wat she said never counted bc u know she said over and over, “your great, your fantastic, i’m proud of u even though u suck, blah blah blah….simon (once in a while randy) was the one u wanted to hear a critque from bc hes honest, but i disagreed with him many times. i am totally never watching again bc every year they get it wrong and i just cant take it any more….this year was a travesty…kris doesnt even no how to sing!! it was rigged 4 sure…i have my adam …i found wat i was looking 4..need i say anymore?

  2. Oh, I Iike the judges aspect of the show. I did not like the idea of a ‘save’ but I understand where that came from, when Chris Daughtry lost. Kara is very good about addressing the ‘skills’ aspect of each performance but she goes on way too long. Simon is usually quite astute about zeroing in on who has a chance to go on, but he was way off base IMO when he told Adam his Ring of Fire performance was “indulgent rubbish”. I began to realize Simon is not that current himself regarding the new sounds of “world” music and its fusion with American pop tunes. Randy can be a good judge at times and is warm with the ‘kids’ as well.

    Now Paula, well, I have always liked her and her motherliness with the idols but Cheryl, you are right in that she would not give much of a critique. I think three are enough anyway as it got rather draggy with four of them speaking.

  3. At the moment twitter must be heavily loaded as I could not change pages easily though I was signed in.

    However, I learned one thing about Adam on twitter. He is currently following 64 people and I think that is roughly where he was before his troubles. If you click on the word “following’ below the number you can see the list of all who he is following. Most of them are well-known celebs and other Idols but a few are unknown, at least to me… so I guess we Glambs are not being followed by him. However I noticed that some commercial names, such as CNN began to follow me as soon as I got my account, so I wonderiif our Glambs can have a twitter account where one of you ‘officials’ could post info to him.?

  4. I have lost all my desire for the american idol show after what happen to Adam. However, i do
    like Paula. I saw times when Paula was critcal when she needed to be. At least she had the
    ability to give the people hope. I will miss Paula. Adam stated Paula made him feel safe and
    cared for when performing. Paula may have had a problem with narcotics but she also has alot
    of medical problems. Who am I to judge ones pain and there treatment. Personally i dont
    like to judge anyone as I have not walked in their shoes.

  5. cheryl norman says:

    JANLYNN, hello! As to your remarks on Paula, I realize a lot of people really like her, and a lot really don’t. If you do, good for you.

    I have walked in Paula’s shoes!!! Have had more sh– than she has known! But, it’s not just the addiction problem, and no, I have never had an addiction problem until Adam came along, now I am addicted to him!!! However, to each their own, and as for me, I agree there were several times in the idol contest she did or said something correct or good. But, she woulod need to do tht on a regular basis if I were her employer to keep her on. It’s no longer the show they all set out to put on. It has become ‘political’ in the way that the ‘save’ part, just bc Daughtry got booted off too early, was almost embarrassing for me to watch as Matt stood there and others before him, while the judges ‘had their chat’ in front of the world whether to ‘save’ this guy or not Personally, I loved Constantine, too, not like Adam, but he also got booted off too early in my opinion.

    As far as your comment that you don’t like to ‘judge’ anyone, insinuating I am, let me just say this; we are asked for our ‘opinions’, and to speak our thoughts on issues, and that’s what I did.

    .We can agree on one thing, at least, we have both lost any ‘desire’ for idol, and don’t want to be taken for that ride ever again!!

    • I think AI had gotten political in the fact that, no way should Adam have been in the bottom 3 ever.
      I think that was done to preserve ratings. Lets put him in the bottom and see what happens next

      • I don’t think this was done on purpose – what it highlights is the fact that AI is no longer about talent but about where you come from. Far too many voters vote for the local entrant, no matter how good, bad or ugly they are and not for the best entrant – hence so many millions of Arkansas votes for Kris – did half of them know what they were voting for apart from the local lad? Adam unfortunately comes from a state where people had better things to do than vote for him for hours.

        As for Paula leaving – I, too, believe she was pretty useless as a judge – never giving anything but nice comments when the performer was really bad at times. Simon is the only judge I agreed with mostly (except Ring of Fire ) and I think when he was proven not right that viewers reacted to what he said and voted to save the criticised person.

  6. I got thru many many times prior to the finale.Suddenly could not get thru to vote until the last hour. I still find this highly suspicipous. Will miss Paula.