Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-07-26


  1. paula abdol has to be in american idol this season- shes a great judge- pay paula in reasonable salary guys.with out paula the american idol show is not complte with out her.

  2. Dianne Hill says:

    Yay, first to comment again, cool. I used to find Paula annoying at times, but Idol wouldn’t be the same without her. She is on her game and she really knows and understands talent when she sees it. Simon on the other hand can either be spot on with his comments or seem hopelessly out of touch. And as for Kara – with her hand smashing on the desk and never knowing when to stop and that stupid, stupid song No Boundaries, no they have to bring Paula back. I can still picture Paula after Adam had sung “If I Can’t Have You” and the look on her face was priceless. He had charmed her just like the snake charmer he is.

  3. Well, considering how AI handled the vote fiasco – and I still feel there was something going on with that between ATT and AI – I will not watch AI again. Too bad, so many of my friends feel the same way.

  4. hwiduri says:

    I hope what the media told about they still not offering her new contract is not true, or at least they already solve the problem now. Paula brings her own energy to the Idol. I think it won’t be the same without her

  5. I feel Paula brings good balance to the show. When the other judges have ripped the contestants apart mercilessly, Paula adds that comforting touch they need.
    I think they would be crazy to not bring her back for what she adds to the show also in comic relief.

  6. Hopefully AI will realize that Paula is a critical part of AI. I think she adds to the show. She sees potential in an artist and is a good ego booster when others are too critical. I think she is smart in knowing what the public wants to hear. But I have to agree with Bruce above, after the fiasco of voting in season 8, I think my days of watching are over.

    • Agree with yu AdamGirl Lisette here an thinq she has been with show from l’commence an shold reman as she an Simon’s banter is part of charm of American Idol.An agree very much since contraversy with vote system on quest season an disappointmente over who won,well thinq I may be reluctante to even watch any longre..Im still sad over such ignorance thet may av influence people votes as well inregarde to Adam being so very deffarante an non l’mainstream vocaliste all passe seasones. Non matter he will have a spectacular career despite it all.As seeing so many fanpages an adoration as even on interview with other Idol tour fellows as Danny mentiones Adam has most an lot of groupies(wonder if it say with envy here). Adam I just pray to see one before AI tour ends as I miss westcoast an s.west concertes all due to illhealth.Thenkful for all the wonderful posts an videos all glambs have share with us an make me feel as if I hed been there for a brief momente..Merci beaucoup.Adam monbeau from first songe I knew yu’d be destine for grandeur an will be here for many yers to come as a multitalented artiste/vocaliste/entertaineur beloved aronde l’monde on many stages an by all ages,races,religiones etc..Know I’ll alway support an adore yu alonge thes magnicente journey thet yu’re aboute to enter an truly distinctive an diverse talentes are yu sont estraordinaire..Such a voix celestial,velvetsmooth,sensual an vocal ranges like noone else.An will be legendary an av respecte of those artistes as seen on AI season 8 with Smoky giving ovations,Jamie Fox an so many more who will adore to av duets an recorde with yu! Many blessings an may angels garde over yu ontour! Luv to all..hugs an bisous for Adam!

  7. Lee Meeker says:

    Well, my 2 cents would be, as much as Paula’s actions are some what disturbing, I don’t believe they are as bad as Randy’s, I am tired of hearing him making these one word comments, like “Dawg” etc. Paula does add to the show, especically the discussion bewteen Simon anf her, sometimes it is really funny.

  8. AdamRocks! says:

    Same here, Bruce and AdamsGirl.

    Cindy in MS

  9. For me,it doesn’t matter as I will not be watching this year;;Even though AI was not responsible for the voting fiasco,they sure didn’t moniter it.But not having Paula will just assure the sinking of the already failing show!

  10. The entire AI show is going to feel anit-climactic after Adam. That being said…

    AI is going to lose its bite after Simon leaves the show after next year (or at least that’s what he told TV Guide). And AI would lose its heart if Paula leaves. I’ve often commented how intuitively brilliant she is. She knew 10 weeks before the end of the show that Adam would go all the way to the finals. She just knew. I love Paula and would be sad to see her go.

  11. Glambert# 3706 says:

    I have to say I wonder how many years AI has left. I DO think that after Adam, future shows will seem anti-clamatic, and I also think that from this point on, judges will be comparing everyone at the tryouts, trying to find another Adam in order to be sure that the show DOESN’T go under – that is definitely going to make their job harder!

    As far as Paula leaving goes, from what I understand, she has always said that if Simon leaves, she leaves. I think it would be ashame.

  12. Paula, Simon, Randy and Kara all have their own oddities about them and I think they balance each other out. If Paula does leave I am sure they will find someone else who they think will fill her shoes properly.


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