Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-07-19


  1. I just wish I could have been at the concert in San Diego especially since I have met an ex south african called Caren van Rooyen via email from Adam’s fan club and she is going to be there!!

    • rocker-lady says:

      Carole, see my comments here, it was amazing and I was so hoping you could be here to see this. He will go and tour sometime, so I hope at that point you can see him!
      He will be around for a long time, this in only the beginning!

    • Lisette again..oui I wish to to ave seen beau I av written further down due to health an money was unalbe to see him in San Diego as j’reside nerby in Nevada…argh am so heartbroken for thes..So now av to await on his solo tours..godwilling wll be soon..My harddrive crash so am on sister laptop now..Hopful to have soon so I can post regularly as I av done in many of thes site’s lovli articles..Merci for sharing with us lovli fans an frends of Adam’s..Agree he will be soon untochable or less acessable as he becomes famous..,so do enjoie meeting him whenever one can on thes magnificente tour thet Idol surly will be historique in the making of beau Adam as a future recordinge artiste/danceur/actor adored arounde l/monde seen already by so many internationale fans! ..Blessings to all an beau Adam..may angels garde over yu always on thes journey across USA cities…An know is just l’commence of a grande musique career in same lighte as many legendes..can av adores to here one singin Davide Bowie songes..An surely he looke tresbeau an his voix sont angelique,sensual an superbe..j’adore et j’etaime Lisettexoxo

  2. Dying here guys. Waiting to hear the San Diego reviews. Is it posted and I missed it?


  3. i’m worried adam will b all burned out from so many concerts by the time he gets to the nassau coliseum in new york…he’s soooooo hot!!!!

  4. rocker-lady says:

    ADAM ADAM ADAM, I was at the concert, the vibe in the center was awesome, but it was clear from the beginning that these were ALL Adam fans, NOT just because it was Adam’s hometown, it was because all our “older generation” saw the raw talent and the “gift” Adam has brought to us all. WHY, because we’ve been here before, at the birth of an Indigo Child (Carole Law’s description of Adam)
    Idol was just his platform to get him recognized and known, the rest will be up to the universe, and this truly talented gift, is going to be our next ICON since we lost them all now. Adam is here to carry on the legacy as Carole Law puts it, he our new “Indigo Child” truly, like MJ was! (for some of you that don’t know what this means, google it)

    The Concert: When one observes the people that attended, it warmed my heart to see a lot of elderly people with Adam shirts on, the steps were even to steep for some, and when you observe people climbing up these stairs, with clear band-aids still on their arms from the drips that were removed and they were getting out of bed to be here, I felt so inspired that this artists has that effect on people, young and old.
    When it was Adam’s turn, the roof of the center felt like it was going to lift with the crowd screaming and everybody was standing and cheering, truly amazing experience.
    What he did with the David Bowie songs was just genius, absolute genius, only downer was the people were screaming so loud, that one could not hear the full clarity of these songs, but I am convinced these will be on his 1st CD.

    The dance moves: VERYVERYGOOD, one could see his theater experience so clearly and his moves were great and very sensual, and at one point when he hit a certain pose, I saw Freddy Mercury reincarnated standing on stage again, but then I realized, this is Adam, he is better, his vocal capabilities are better, and yes, I would put him up there in the same league as Mariah Carrey in a male form!

    Advice to Adam: PLEASE stay grounded, protect yourself from the paparazzi wolves and stay focused, I know you do but always keep your family very close so they can watch over you. You need to go tour next year in Europe and South Africa, you will be a sell out you already have a huge following and this will put you on the music map globally and you can start your work by doing those fundraisers again for the children of the world that needs your help and ours!

    Last thought: I was so blessed to have this opportunity to see our boy, because truly I think he is going to become untouchable in time.

    • Lisette here..thenks Rocker lady for yur lovli post regarde to Adam in San lucky yu were to see thes concerte..only wishe I had been able to be there..j’reside in nevada but due to health an money issues unable sad que domage..Now i av to await a solo concerte..Unless I can somehow fly to another city in ner future..if only..I would av adored to see him performe David Bowie Iam a fan as well..Imagaine he looked an sange tresbeau!..I av non been online here on thes lovli site ma laptop crashes..argh .So am on sisters in her office..whilest shes at a realtor meeting..So am making thes more brief then usual..Adam bless yu always an j’espere to see yu soon..Meanwhile I’ll enjoie visite thes lovli site an reading aboute the Idol tours as teme passes..An yes always keep yur famille an parentes close to one’s hearte..having loss both parentes to cancer..I miss them with every day thet passes..but beliv they’re ma angels now thet garde over me from above..Take care an plese reman safe..away from craze paparazzi an any obsessive fans..An i agree with rocker lady alot!Take care an j’adore et j’etaime yu always monbeau amie Adam…Hopful to have ma own laptop soon so Im non writing under duress an sneaking arounde on sister’s laptop..I’l be a cooke goose if she catches me argh..older siblings..gather yu are the one who is the grande brother in yur famille..but more mildmannered then mine! Luv yu always Lisettexoxoxoxoxo

  5. Hey Rocker-Lady…don’t forget South America (Argentina, Brazil…)..!!! There’s a huge number of Adam fans down here…and really great artists come every year to perform….

    • rocker-lady says:

      Oh yes, my total humble appologies, South America, Argentina, Brazil you guys are the best down there, so sorry I did not mention you guys.
      Let us call ourselves the global children, borders should not have bounderies when we share our love and connection to help and support our Adam!

  6. yes–now we must all send protective and healing waves of energy to our adored adam. as he ascends to the heights there will be all manner of negative psychic vampires trying to weaken him. we, as his devoted and loving fans, must actively project positive light to surround him with at all times so that he can fulfill his destiny. when michael sarver said ” we are one. when you mess with one of us, you mess with all of us”, he said it best and said it with love. this endeared him to me. i propose that, on a psychic level, we all take this stance, but in a healing, protective and positive way. radiate love and all will be well. as rocker-lady said it–he’s on his way. we can make sure ADAM’S path is glittered with bright, healing,protective love light.