Twitter Updates From Adam Lambert

Here are a couple of tweets from Adam, a response from his brother, and the cutest picture of Adam and Tommy hugging it out. Just keeping you in the loop:


adamlambert~Great news ladies and g’s: Whataya Want From Me has gone Platinum in the USA! Thank you so much for supporting me! I feel so fuckin lucky!

negativeneil~@adamlambert awesome!

adamlambert~Good morning Koln! Sheeesh it’s early!!!




  1. Well I am officially obssed now, I am a mess. This man has blown me into joyful insanity. First I am laughing my A** of with the “Giving Face video” now I am crying over this new song, the words and seeing him hug Tommy like this, the emotions. Take me away!

    • Awwwww. Too bad Tommy is straight, he and Adam make such a cute couple.

      BTW…….Adam get rid of the dancers………you don’t need them plus you are your best with just you and your fabulous band!

      • Mistyluv7 says:

        You can say that again!! Those dancers are a distraction!

        • Mary-Ellen #444 says:

          I so agree! Dancers are not necessary; just that fabulous voice backed up by an exceptional group of musicians who seem to be able to read Adam’s thoughts! (that kind of communication in a band is not easy to find!)

          • I have been watching those dancers a little more closely….trying to get used to them so that if I get a chance to see the glamnation tour, I won’t be upset by them being on stage. it appears to me, and correct me if I’m wrong, glamily, that they could be improving just a little. Their look, at least is blending a bit more. At first they looked a little dumpy, now they are looking a little more glam. Hopefully on larger stages they will not be so close to our Adam. I too, really miss the interaction between Adam and his amazing band-mates. The Adommy moments get me all hot and exceited! Maybe Adam will start to develop that sort of rapport with his dancers…that, I could buy into.

      • Adam loves his dancers like family, they look sweet and cute, but the costumes are too trashy look instead of seductive look. The costumes in the old liza Minelli movie ‘Cabaret’ were soft fabric and were seductive. The leather and fishnet on the dancers looks s/m not seductive. Now, that’s how I see it, and it’s only my opinion, some will love the look and think I’m totally wrong. ok, too, I could be all alone on this view of the look- but I do know the dancers are good dancers, so maybe it’s the choreography needs a tweek here and there. No matter what, his concert will be the best on out there, the most entertaining, and it will be a hugh success. He deserves it, he’s a good-hearted guy, with amazing outstanding singing, and a fantastic showman. He will raise the bar on what people want from the singer up there on stage.Adam is a brillant talent.

        • LolaGlamb says:

          I’ve had the exact same thoughts, Ianaleah. Their costumes look cheap, not sexy, and neither compliment each other, or Adam. The choreography seems simplistic, and again, not very sexy. I think the dancers could be quite an asset, but there is some tweaking that needs to be done. Maybe I’ve been watching too much SYTYCD. I loved that Courtney was in his FYE video, wish she could be with him on tour.

  2. i hope they stay together with his band.adomy i miss it,hes dancers on the way,i niss when they play with eachother on a stage.


  4. tweeterpie says:

    I also love Adam without the dancers but I also realize he needs them for the larger venues. Not only as stage filler but as a way for him to be able to perform longer and have costume changes and/or quick little breaks. He’ll use the dancers to enhance the show…NOT take away from from it! I trust Adam because he knows what he’s doing. It is a little distracting in the tight venues but I guess they need to practice it LIVE while they can.

  5. Mistyluv7 says:

    Wonder what the story was behind that hug? Notice the look on Longineau’s face….LOL Tommy appeared to be upset.

    • This is after the gig at HEAVEN.

      I was there and I have a similar picture as well :-)) Tommy spent about an hour amongst his fans chatting to us. What cannot be seen on the picture is that there was a big iron gate that was separating Adam from his fans. Tommy was on “our” side of the gate and Adam was on the other. The venue security only let 2 fans at the time to go and see Adam, talk to him, hug him etc. so there was a long queue waiting to go “on the other side”.

      Because Tommy was on our side, we kept joking with him, that he will have to queue as well if he wanted to rejoin his band mates… At the end when we all finished, Tommy was very dramatic and just ran towards Adam threw himself at him “pretending” to be a fan. It was hilarious!!!!!!

      • Mary-Ellen #444 says:

        Thanks for sharing the “rest of the story” as they say; makes the picture even greater! (and funny!)

      • How did you get to meet him? Was it just on the off chance or did you know you would have that opportunity? What time did he come out, How long was he there for etc? More details please!!! Did he meet everyone who was waiting?

      • Thannks so much for that ! It made me laugh!!

      • That’s funny. I am glad they are having fun. I know I am having so much fun following Adam. He is just simply amazing. I am so envious of all who get to follow Adam all over the world. I will be so happy to see him when he comes to Pa.

  6. If ever the dancers are there, they could blend, support and be a background, and should not distract. They can also enhance Adam’s performance, but they should conduct themselves like the band members who are not distracting at all. The band members are so professionals, almost with solemnity and reverence to their craft, that when they perform, you can almost sense that they’re paying homage to Adam. That’s why I love them, because they’re giving us that space where we can love our Adam. They perform within their allotted space literally and figuratively, do not cross the boundary, giving Adam the limelight or center-stage.The dancers should understand that we not only want to watch Adam, but we love Adam — and therefore want to focus on him. He is it that we miss and long for. When we watch him perform, we are quenching our thirst or filling our hunger. So woe to that somebody who snatches our refreshing cool drink or distract us when we are still drinking. It’s like “coitus interruptus” too. It’s also like watching your child perform in a school program, you can’t snatch away your eyes because you love your child.

    • I totally agree, Dainty. I love your comments about the reverence
      of the band.
      Adam is always “sexy” not “sleazy”. (unlike the dancers – maybe a
      costume change and staying off to the side would help..)

  7. rafawani says:

    Awwwwww…..UK4Adam….that’s a great happening!!!!

  8. Can anyone help me, I want to post here some of my pictures from the other night, how do I do this?

  9. buffy522 says:

    Looking at body language. Tommy has his let across his crotch so that he and Adam are not touching in that way. But his hands are locked around Adam’s waist which is kind of intimate. Whatever, just playing with the pics! Love the story behind the pic!

    • It seems like Tommy likes to melt into closeness with Adam.
      (who wouldn’t!)
      I wonder what is the expression on Adam’s face that LP and Monte
      are looking at?

  10. patricia Pearce says:

    Twitter says I have an account but I don’t know what the heck my twitter name is or how to contact you all so I have to keep using this space. I watched Michael Jackson’s videos today and wondered if Adam knows that Michael and Janet got help from choreographers despite their expertise in dance. Adam’s dancers will sink his ship completely. They remind me of the Moulin Rouge performers and it’s tearing me apart to see that these people with very little talent are prancing around and distracting from Adam. Look at Justin Timberlake’s dancers. These are people who have had years of professional training and there were many months of working with choreographers before his tours. Sony/RCA/19 need to cough up the money to support him so that he’s filling arenas as he should be. I spent time in Detroit and know the dumpy little theatre in Royal Oak where he’ll perform in comparison the venues the “big” stars use when they visit the motor city. Damn I’m so frustrated. My sister still thinks I believe he’s my child.

    • Patrice80 says:

      Patricia..thanks for the post. I too am from Michigan and was very disappointed in the Venue they put him in (Royal Oak Theater). I have not been there, but hear it is small with only 1700 seats. Not knowing if anything else will be opened in Michigan, it puts us in a perplexing situation. Why this venue when we have so many very nice theaters and casinos is a mystery to me. This venue is way below him in my opinion and just is not suitable…what are they thinking? Also I totally agree with you regarding the dancers. What a distraction they are, and keep him from interacting with the band and being impromptu which is much more fun to see. Ha Ha, yes Adam has a lot of mothers doesn’t he…

  11. Adam is used to performing on stage with his theater troupe so I imagine he feels more comfortable when there are more people on stage, more action going on. And he mentioned once that one of the dancers is a good friend of his, so maybe he added dancers to give some of his friends jobs, and to have friends with him when he travels on tour. Obviously he’s an extrovert and extroverts need lots of interaction with many people. His band pretty much stay in place and play their instruments, but dancers can move around stage and interact with him more, and give more visual appeal with the choreography. But I would like to see their costumes be more glam, less s&m. That look goes with FYE but doesn’t match the rest of his songs. I bet their costumes get more sophisticated as time goes on. And he can use them as filler when he needs a break off stage to catch his breath or do costume changes, like Madonna does.

  12. k. morgan says:

    I personally like the dancers with Adam. They add a visual which Adam is all about…and if you notice they only dance on the sexy funky songs…which is cool…it gets the audience more into the dance mood….I agree to that they are getting better…I like it when Adam joins in on the dancing too….I am not distracted by them because nothing distracts me from Adam.

  13. I saw this photo a few days ago and it is the sweetest thing ever. I love that Adam shows such total love and sincere affection for the people around him. He not only gives good face, he gives good hugs too.

  14. yeah! i agree the dancers are getting better and in sync with each other.
    Adam love his friends and give them opportunities.. also it’s good that
    they can accompany him in his promotional tour.

  15. Phyllis Hoffman says:

    I believe Adam is experimenting with his dancers. He will always be doing something to push the envelope

  16. I agree about the dancers, and have wished that they weren’t there, but I am glad to see that they at least are getting a little better…..still sloppy dancing, but here’s hoping the choreography, dancing precision, costumes, etc. get better…..

    And I thought that maybe Adam needs the grounding these old friends give him while on this whirlwind promotional tour + maybe he thought adding dancing himself (which I love of course) would make it so he could eat more ice cream and still look as good as he wants to!

    Thanks for the backstory about Adam and Tommy hugging too….what a cute story!


  17. i didnt like the dancers either.. I think it takes away from adams sexy moves he just does so naturally.. Adam is def the best i love him and what a great pic…

  18. UK4Adam, thanks for clarifing the photo. My first impression of the photo, was that Tommy was upset.

  19. LolaGlamb: I agree, their costumes look cheap, not sexy, and neither compliment each other, or Adam. Maybe too much hand and arm movements, not enough dancing? Sometimes it looks like too much is going on! It will be interesting to see how they grow, it’s just a matter of time when they too, will look totally polished and professional like Adam.

    Who is Courtney?