TV Guide Thinks Adam is HOT!

***UPDATED WITH MORE PICS*** I added a few more pics per Emili’s request – she needs more shots of certain parts of Adam’s anatomy for her mud statue!

And we agree! As many of you know, Adam made TV Guide’s current “Hot” issue. The following pics are from TV Guide’s Hot party held on November 10th. Emili, grab your pencils!














If you like the photos, you’ll like this video:

~~Jeanette, Glamb #5


  1. Kelly Craig says:

    That is too much for my body to handle before coffee!

  2. puteri abdul says:

    good morning to all of you in the states..
    were waiting for you guys to wake up and have these photos for breakfast ..
    yummy aren’t they ?

    • How can ANYONE be this HOT ??? Every time I see new pictures I think they are the hottest, but these are totally incredible. He is so gorgeous that it is almost scary. I do love his new look now, back to the original one from early AI. Waiting for the AMA’s and the new CD is about to kill me. I just wish he would make videos for every song on FYE IMMEDIATELY so we can collect them, quit our jobs, leave our families, and move into an Adam Only apartment complex. Sound like a plan?

      • Where to I find a roomy for the ADAM ONLY Apartment Complex? …..

        This man is smokin’ hot, sexy, and GORGEOUS!

        My day is done. I’ve become a melted puddle of goop now.

    • Puteri, a delicious delicacy to have with my coffee. Oh oh oh! Truly the most handsome he’s ever been! I must enlarge one of these for my bedroom!



      • And a big thanks to Puteri – her links to some of the pics were waiting for me when I got up this morning. I searched around and found a bunch more to add. Then Emili wanted the “treasure” pics…

        I have to say this photo op has produced some of the yummiest to date…in spite of an outfit that admittedly is not perfectly put together.

        • GLAMB#474kimber says:

          Why can’t they ever get the fit right? Ilove this jacket but is too big in the armpits. I didn’t have my server for awhile so I browsed on my phone. Missed you all, needed my Glamb family.

        • Does anyone know if Adam’s pin is actually a Remembrance Day or Veteran’s Day symbol? It reminds me of what we do up here in Canada, a cross with poppies in the centre, only of course his is not the Christian cross design… it just strikes me as that. Him being Jewish it would make sense.. anyone know?

          • Sherry K glamb # 445 says:

            I am not sure what that cross is. I collect crosses. It could be Jewish? But it looks like it has rhinestones around it? Cool what ever it is.Someone needs to ask him where he bought it!! ADAM is never seen not cool. But what the heck is he doing with Samatha Ronson? Linsay Lohan’s best squeeze?

  4. trying to pick a pic as favourite,,,same problem when trying to pick a favourite from the snippets of Adams’ album For Your Entertainment …umm..hmm,,,?!!??? errrrm … fail lol They are all sizzling….OMG cant wait 23rd November nearly here…Adam is The Hottest Hottie, and his Music is too


  5. Oh my!!! What a beautiful morning!!! It’s a holiday from work for me today, and what a way to celebrate!! Can he get any more adorable, handsome, cute, sexy, etc. etc.!!!!!!! Thanks for the pictures! Love them and Adam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gotta go out and buy TV guide today!

  6. He’s GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Thanks Jeanette, love the pictures! It´s dinnertime here, yaaammmmyyy…

  8. Oh dear lord… I would eat him alive

  9. great pictures Tks!!

  10. LOVE the pics! freckle lips, yay! and those little wjsps of hair over his eyes that make you want to reach out your hand and brush them out of the way. yum!

    little disappointed in his wardrobe tho. thought he looked awesome until the full body shot with those boots pulled up over those pants. ack! SO didn’t go together!

  11. puteri abdul says:

    well, adam is adam, over the top , but don’t blame him for being different..
    for me the boots are okay, look maybe kinda out of place but as I am learning from my 17 year daughter – ” that’s fashion statement mum.. others might think twice, but if you can pull it off.. then just go with it ..”
    adam look gorgeous in the photos , as usual ..
    happy to see him getting a lot of attention lately and so far , he has walk on all the premieres or party events graciously with his good looks and charm, melting the hearts of those in touch with him ..

  12. AdamAddict says:

    Smoking HOT!Pencil?Who need that?I want to find mud and start making a statue!From top to toe!! Need details in certain part,I’ll be back in this sites after half a year!C yer!LOL! P

    • AdamAddict, start getting the treasure perfected girl! Cant wait to see your full body statue.
      I can just imagine you forming the bulge……… as you’re eyes are closed and listening to FYE in the background. Am I painting a good scene for you??????? Whoa we sounds like fun……

      • AdamAddict says:

        LMAO!!I will make the exact size too.Make Adam’s height and all.When it comes to that part which I safe to the last,I will on my knees and use my two hands to curve it.LOL!!But I’m not listening to FYE,I will listening to Soaked.”When you had enough,searching for love” Oh I’m searching alright!! LOL! “And you missed the touch” Oh I missed something,Imma sorry,let me add more mud,make it bigger there.LMAO!! 🙂

        • Thanks for the priceless visual image, Emili! And if you don’t get it right the first time, just keep working on it over and over and over…some details are worth perfection.

        • AA, LOL better yet with Soaked, just thought the words to FYE would get you in the mood! Then again it would be kind of fast paced, you’d have the clay leaking,hahahah
          OMG you will with Soaked playing tooooooooooooooo.

          • AdamAddict says:

            Yes Mary C,if listening to FYE,I will be so in mood,I’ll finish it too quick.Better slow song,I’ll take my time feel the song and feel that!LOL 🙂

        • If you need any help Emili…..I’m here for you (and ADAM)!

  13. AdamAddict says:

    Don’t forget to vote Adam for Favourite Breakout Music Artist

    • Oh yeh, vote vote vote. Him and Lady G will probably be close on the votes. Hopefully Adam will pull thru since he is the newest break thru artist!

      • Emili or Mary? Who’s the girl to the right of Adam? I try to keep up but…. If I dont recognize her then she can’t be too famous, eh?? haha

      • GLAMB#474kimber says:

        Hey Mary C! on this voting, do you have to vote all categories or can you just stick to breakout artist? It’s going to be a tough race w/ ADAM & Gaga. I think we better get on the ball, cause she is pretty popular. Do you think she has fans who are fans of ADAM’s as well?

    • TV Guide THINKS he’s HAWTT!! Glamberts KNOW.. & VOTED him the ” King of GLAM HOTTNESS” .. Voted him in as ” Breakout ARTIST.. few times. VOTE, VOTE ahem..HAving a passion in photography.. I find his “subject attributes” some of the most interestingly pronounced I’ve ever focused on.. enhanced of course by gorgeous eyes.. mouth, ( that smile.. oh my) stature, and that’s only a start. For someone without much modelling background, I am compelled to say that his natural photogenenous affliction is ” Freeze Frameable”. Obviously not Adam’s date.. he’s always the gentleman with his personna.. & presence.. Love the freckled lips..

  14. Kathy Oneal says:

    OMG, He is Beautiful Look at him closely he has Smile lines, that makes him HOTTER

  15. waveridergal says:

    Thanks for the awesome pics………….my morning has gotten off to a wonderful start!!!!!!!!!!
    Jeanette, you’re the best!!!!!

  16. te_amo_adam Glamb #75 says:

    I don’t mind waking up early on a holiday for this!!!!! Thanks for the morning treat!! Yum Yum

  17. Dianne Hill says:

    OMFG what a way to start the day. Here it is just gone 5.30am here in Christchurch, New Zealand and I am supposed to be having a shower – and after looking at these I definitely need a cold one – to get ready for work. Can this man be any more gorgeous. I know it is a question we keep asking, but seriously, can he? Every time we see a new set of pictures he looks, well, he looks f*****g fantastic. Jeanette, I absolutely adore these. I have saved the pictures, sent them to myself at work in an email, now all I have to do is ask, plead, beg, threaten our receptionist at work (who has use of the only colour printer in the office) to print some (all if I have my way) in colour for me. Some more pictures for my walls. I am starting to run out of space, but what the heck, who cares when you have Adam to drool over.

    • Dianne Hill says:

      OMFG – again. I scroll back up to have one more last glimpse before I go and get ready for work and there ARE MORE PICTURES. OMFG, did you see the one with the tongue girls, and his chest close up. Wow, I am in heaven right now. He is so beautiful I just want to cry. Thank you Jeanette, thank you a million times.

      • Dianne Hill says:

        I am still here, I am glued to my seat. I was so busy looking at that gorgeous tongue that I didn’t notice the bulge, OMFG NOW I REALLY DO NEED A COLD SHOWER. It is almost 6am now if I don’t get a move on I will be late for work. Can’t wait to see more comments here at lunchtime.

        Mary C, Cheryl, Terry, WAIT TILL YOU SEE THESE PICTURES.

        • Dianne, Haha, bet you’re late for work fo so………………..

        • Dianne get to work you crazy woman. Like I can talk, dont start work till 1pm today and have been watching American Idol rerun from this morning, I am so glad to be able to see every little bit of it. Then I came straight here. MY daughter just rang so have told her to vote in peoples choice poll to.Those latest pictures are just soooo gorgeous . love him love him love him.

          • AdamAddict says:

            LOL,Dianne!U print using work printer.Just show one of Adam gorgeous pic,ask her how can she resist that pic.Hynosis her with Adam’s eyes!
            The latest one with Samantha,he’s hot isn’t he?Those tight pant just made for him.I can see he put stuff in it….beside his stuff that stuck with him forever.LOL.Wait,let me use my super vision.All I need is concetrate…..I SAW IT,YES,IT’S ….PELVIS BONES!!!Oh,I think that’s to deep inside!I need more practice,next time,I’ll see what I want to see.

            Since he so great wearing tight maybe he should wear all tight not only the pants,U know?If Superman use S to describe Superman then Adam should use ST for,Super Talented aka Super”Tight”!Yee haa!~spinning my cowboy hat~

            • Dianne Hill says:

              Yes Emili, I print pictures of Adam using the work printer – and their paper. I know it is bad of me, but I can’t help it. It is part of my addiction to Adam. I have to have those pictures. My printer at home has run out of ink and I have run out of paper (printing far too many fanfics) and I can’t afford more ink at the moment, so I am naughty and print them out here at work. They owe me, we didn’t get a pay rise this year so it is all their fault.

              The receptionist printed out only FOUR pictures of Adam in colour. The rest I have had to resort to black and white, but that is okay, he is just as gorgeous in black and white (except for the colour of his eyes) as he is in colour.

              I can just see you Emili, planning your statue, really you will have to get him to visit you and do a live sitting for you and then you can truly get the correct size. I am sure you would be able to concentrate – NOT. LOL.

        • Yes, Dianne, they are truly HOT, and i found them in 800 Mb size, if you want them let me know. They are 4 times larger than my screen and it’s a 20″ one , and Adam’s regions are gloriously large!

          • Dianne Hill says:

            Now Terry, you really have to ask if I want them. You must know me a little bit by now. Of course I want them, please I am begging you, I am going into melt down big time here, I can hardly think straight at all.

            Terry, have you seen the video clip above. I want that picture right there before you click on it to start. I want that picture as a poster and yes it is going up on my wall or the bedroom ceiling (if I can find someone to put it up there for me. Lifesize should be big enough, do you think?

  18. His eyes are amazing. I could stare into them forever.

    • His eyes are amazing……..I love how he was light with the foundation but still did up those beautiful eyes………..that is all he needs and that gorgeous mop of hair………I love seeing his chest hair……..noticed he had shaved if for Idol………..Adam you are way too gorgeous for men, come to the DARK side and let us women show you our appreciation………lol 😉

      • Ah Trish, Yes Adam let us show you some lovin from the oven! When he comes to the Dark side, it will then turn Bright!

  19. Glambertcraze says:

    Just went back and took another look – sigh- He is soooo hooottttt
    those eyes and that smile – thump

  20. Adamgasms first thing in the morning now?

    When opening this site, one had better be prepared!
    (I saw these pictures a few hours ago but did not comment then. Too overcome!)

  21. Holee freakin crap. How many time can he make us die?? DAMN!

  22. Oh my Gawd!! Jeanette, I can not STAND it! He makes me CRAZY! I slowly scrolled down the page – saved EVERY picture, sent one to my Blackberry to use as my new home screen saver (#6 from the top – the close-up with the drop dead smoldering look! Help me!!!) Could he BE any more GORGEOUS???!!! Thank you for posting these!

    I am off work today like many of you for Remembrance Day/Veterans Day. After taking some time to watch the ceremonies, I headed straight here even though I have a TON of laundry to do, haven’t taken the garbage out or unloaded the dishwasher in DAYS, I have a feeling I will, once again, be spending all my waking hours here at my computer!! Why do you DO this to me!!!??? (But PLEASE don’t EVER stop, OK?! PROMISE!!!??) I really DO need my ADAM FIX each and every day! Thank you for keeping me supplied with my drug of choice – ADAM! You are a fabulous dealer!!!

    Hugs to all! (Just over 12 days and 13 hours to go!!!)

    Glamb #20

  23. Does anyone know who the painfully thin person is walking beside Adam? Are they together in any way? My eyes only went to Adam of course, but now I am having a closer look.

    • Samantha Ronson – British singer-songwriter and DJ, girlfriend of Lindsey Lohan.

      They left the Bardot lounge in West Hollywood together last night, but left in separate cars. No, she does not look good.

      • Thanks – I see that now from the gossip sites – looks like they just walked out the door at the same time and now there are rumours – what a world! Now back to ADAM!

        • Oh yes, the rumours. I liked Adams twitter to Ferras about ” the tabloids have us dating, where do they get that shit?”………… Rumour Mill!
          Boy, does he love going to lounges, clubs, bars and having a good time. Wish I was with him having all that fun.

      • Who, I really thought that other person was a guy.

        • I meant Whoa

          • The only reason I knew who it was and that it was a girl, I read too many articles on the internet about clebs………and unless I am wrong Lindsay and Sam are NO longer together……….Lindsay was way to WILD and jealous for her………Sam is actually a very nice person and a great DJ………..:)

            • Sherry K glamb # 445 says:

              Sorry I get the rag magazines and Samantha & Lindsay will get back toghether! They fight all of the time!!!!!!!!! Her and Lindsay Lohan. Just lover’s spats!

        • Me too but I wasn’t sure. That’s why I tried to be non-committal in my remarks! ;-/

          • Sherry K GLAMB #445 says:

            Jane ; I know! I get you. They are on and off so much one can never keep track. Anyway the last I heard they were back together! Who knows? By the time I type this they may be having a loves spat again. LOL! Maybe Samanta is nice. I don’t know much about her other than she is a D.J. But I really think her and Li LO are crazy! They need to either break up for good! Or stay together. I get kind of tired of their romance.

      • OH dear, Jeanette, I thought it was a familiar person but I also thought it was a guy!

        • AdamAddict says:

          Oh yeah,that’s why I think I saw that face before.I saw she with Lindsay.Not a fan of Lindsay just accidentaly saw that pic.But she does look like a guy a bit.

  24. YUMMY!!!! One Jaw Dropping Gorgeous Man!! That sums it up!

  25. Anyone hear when he will be on Oprah again? She said she would see him “later in November.”
    Please keep us up to date and give us time to program DVR’s

  26. Rvillarreal says:

    DAMN IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hard to concentrate at work after seeing these pictures! HOLY COW!!! He is sooooooooooooo freaking hot!!!!!

    • Dianne Hill says:

      Depends on where you work of course but I solve the problem by having pictures of Adam right beside my desk. There are seven of them and in each one he is staring right at me. Now I could get real nervous having seven pairs of eyes staring at me like that but not with Adam, I just glance to my right and let out a huge sigh everytime I see him, plus I whisper “I love you” to him. I am sure he hears it you know. Positive loving vibes from the other side of the world, of course he hears it.


    • Dianne Hill says:

      Carolee dear, you will have to get in line, I have already asked Mary C to wrap him up and send him to me for Christmas. Just imagine on Christmas Day waking up to find Adam sitting under the Christmas Tree. I can tell you one thing there would be no Christmas dinner cooked if that were to happen, the door would be locked, the curtains drawn, the phone would be taken off the hook and – well you know what the rest would be don’t you. I am sure you can use your imagination.


    • Please, vote!!!
      Looks like you can vote as many times as you want.
      So, ladies, Adam HAS to WIN!!!!!!!!!
      after three w

  29. AllaboutAdam says:

    MY GOD. he’s simply beautiful.

  30. He looks….well HOT lol

  31. Adam and his assistant in the first one, did you notice her? She is in back seat. Lucky her gets to go a lot of places with lover boy. He sure did put together a different outfit this time. The last picture sums it all up for me. That Sexy smirky grin coming from his oh so Handsome face, knowing he has IT.

  32. Is the chick with the short dark hair not the dirt bag DJ that is mixed up with Lindsay Lohan. If so that is not good news that adam is hanging around with this drugie DJ.

  33. Silvana/Argentina says:

    There are no words to describe Adam. He is sooooooooooo gorgeous. Smile, eyes, attitude, everything. To die for.

    Thanks jeanette as always for a great job.

  34. I love it when he smiles but OMG, the forth picture down took my breath away!
    Those eyes…that naughty look. They say he looks even better in person? Is
    that even possible? Oh yeah, love his voice too!!

    • Yep, even better in person! Everything better in person…

      • GLAMB#474kimber says:

        How was his aura? Was there a any sort of spiritual connection, something bright about him like a star? I am so jealous of everyone who has met or was just in his presence.

        • kimber ,I only saw him once, Mary C or Jeanette could tell you more, but the one thing I noticed other than his real beauty was his total calmness, his graciousness, his gentleness.

          • Yes, Terry describes it perfectly – in the midst of screaming and chaos, he is this perfectly calm, serene, beautiful being. The brief seconds that he stared directly into my eyes are a snapshot in time I will never forget.

            • yes kimber, Terry and Jeanette did describe Adam perfectly upon meeting him.
              He has this gift of focusing on whomever is speaking to him at the moment. Like you are the special one. When his eyes look into your eyes, you do feel a connection like WOW! I’ve told him he is beautiful 3’xs now and he always thanks you. He is very sweet and nice , I remember in LA how all these reporters
              wanted to interview him to death and he was so layed back and answered their questions and then made it a point to come over and talk to us. Wasnt rushed
              stayed calm and laughed and talked OMG I cant believe to this day that was my
              first meet up with him. Talk about ornery? he is fo so ornery.

              • GLAMB#474kimber says:

                I just love that in a man, I guess that’s why I love my hubby, he is onery & he thinks his jokes are funny, but they are not.

        • I met him in Grand Rapids Michigan after the show. Everyone was screaming “I love you, Adam” or “Marry me, Adam” but I just said, quietly (“I hope you get some rest, Adam
          ). He sort of jerked his head back like he was surprised and then said — staring into my eyes with that beautiful smile of his, “Thank You!” He looked into my eyes for probably what amounted to 30 seconds! I also said, “You make me feel young again,” and he said, “OH, that’s sooooo sweet and so cute …” I was absolutely mezmerized by what you call his aura — a very good soul, heartfelt, genuine, sincere, gracious and kind. My son said, “Wow, mom, he really got you.” I think there was a connection because he sensed my sensitivity, my creativity, my Aquarian-ness — my birthday is two days before his. I think he is very intelligent and has a sixth sense and a definite REAL spirituality about him that reaches out beyond the boundaries of religion and theology. He seems to be an evolved and enlightened soul … He is TRULY captivating!!!!!!

          • WOW! Thanks for sharing that Eileen – great to have had that moment with Adam. I have heard of so many who have met him who commented that they felt like the only person in the room. He has a wonderful way of being really present and in the moment with the one he is with for that time. Very unique indeed! (But that’s our Adam, right?)

            Glamb #20

          • GLAMB#474kimber says:

            Thank you for sharing, I can only imagine, I know I’d be so overwhelmed w/ tears flowing uncontrollably. He just seem to be the most beautiful being besides my daughter, ever.

    • Oh in person, Even Better in Person! The whole 6’1″ of him……………You’ll never forget his eyes
      looking into yours.

  35. Can you say hot?! What a cutie! TV is trying to kill me.

  36. OMG he reallllllllllllllllllllllly looooooooooooooks so Goooooooooood

  37. This man has got defintely the entire package !!! Hes one beautiful speciman . When God created man he was showing off with Adam!!! lol

  38. So Adam is worth People’s Choice Breakout Music Artist Award…yes???

    If you use the People’s Choice link from you don’t have to cycle through all the other votes to get to Adam…and everyone wants to get to Adam, right???

    This is the first I’ve been able to visit the site today after a very LONG day at work…
    Gotta say, it perked me up – although I’m not lovin’ the boots with this outfit either.

    But who is looking at the boots?

    Dana, Glamb #6

    • Sherry K glamb # 445 says:

      Dana, Thanks for putting that on there so I can just click on ADAM! My poor fingers got worn out scrolling through all the other celebs to get to ADAM. and for the artist deluxe take a close look at picture #3!!!! The very spot you are looking for the size! I think I see something!

  39. omg i can hardly contain myself , he makes me…….w ……e……t

  40. Who am I? Where am I? Quick, someone pass the smelling salts!! I am breathless and having seizures from “over-exposure”…LOL Loving these pics…..but I really haven’t seen one that I don’t care for at all! The AMA performance will undoubtedly “blow everyones head off”…might even frighten some people who are skeptical of “LIFE” on the planet “FIERCE” LOL

    Hugs all around,

    Nana #1 (Glamb #488)

    • GLAMB#474kimber says:

      I agree Nana, he is an original and he has brought “change” to the music world and some folk don’t like change or different. Can’t wait to see the look on those freakin’ people’s faces.

  41. Simply Hello Gorgeous!!!

  42. GLAMB#474kimber says:

    OMG!!!! He is so f******* beautiful!!!!! I can’t do nothing but laugh at myself for being so giddy over this man who is not only beautiful but carries a wonderous gift inside of himself. I finally made it back!! The internet tower was down and so I thought I would catch up on some cleaning.
    First of all, Jeanette I will get to your post in a minute but I have a little info that some might be interested in if no one knows about. I do record the et shows & one is TMZ. A story came up about the Hollywood Hills Burglar Bunch, one member is a Nick Pruga,was arrested, hear of it ? During investigation he said HHBB would look into TMZ & other websites for targets. TMZ had access to computer data that showed targets of the “Burglar Bunch Death Threats”(name of bulletin). Didn’t catch all details but when data was looked into, celebrities were found such as Hugh Jackman & ADAM LAMBERT, & others.I didn’t go to TMZ’s site, but this episode was just on recently.
    I don’t like it one bit and I definitely don’t like the looks of ADAM w/ someone who may be an untrustworthy friend. This bothers me and hopefully this may not be anything, but of all the good & loving family & friends ADAM has, he is hanging out w/ this person w/ such a reputation,& a connection w/ L Lohan. This is not a good sign. Hopefully it was a one time outing. I trust ADAM to be the responsible person that he has proven to be. And I will go as far as to say if anything , if a one time activity took place(not referring to sex), I might understand, with everything ADAM has on his plate. But in my opinion if ADAM was seen again w/ this person time & time again, this would not go down well I’m sure w/ all of us, everyone who loves & cares about ADAM. I have a lot of mental investment into this human being, and it would tear me up to see him go down. I don’t want that for him, even if it’s a little high to get by or to relax & sleep(MJ). It starts out that way, a little bit at a time. Some may think I might worry too much, but that’s how I was raised. You love someone so much you do worry. You want that person to be safe. And right now, my gut tells me this was not a good sign for ADAM.

    • I saw the same TMZ show. I thought they’d arrested the whole bunch of them . It is true they had a list they’d made based on what they knew about people, as I think some of them also live in the area. Adam’s place was on their list but they didnt get to it.

      • GLAMB#474kimber says:

        Hey Theresa ! Did you see video? Did you see the papparazzi? ADAM’s pics are worth $, just look at them, they’re crazy for ADAM.
        W/ TMZ story, I think the HHBB are the ones who hit Lohan’s place?, & now I wonder if this Samantha has anything to do w/ it. And here she is w/ ADAM, & he was on their list. She was w/ Lohan at the same time her place was hit. Maybe I’m reading too much into this. Thank you for your reply. Love ya!

  43. Richelle Barrish says:

    Oh Yes Sir, I can Boogie,,,all night long…..Theme song for all of us….damn tormenting

  44. Dianne Hill says:



  45. OMFG!!!! Jeanette, I am going to start holding YOU responsible for making me late for work these days!! I am giving a presentation in an hour and I haven’t even SHOWERED yet! HELP ME!!! I just can’t pull myself away from the computer!!!! The pictures were fabulous enough and now that video!!!??? I MUST get a still picture of the look at the 1:36 mark!!! Could you do that for me??!! That is the one I want on MY bedroom ceiling!!! I would be forever in your debt! And I am sure you will be helping out all the other Glambs as well. (See, it’s out of kindness for others that I am making this request!! 😉 )

    Love to all on this beautiful day!!

    Glamb #20

    • GLAMB#474kimber says:

      From the video or pics you can tell where he looks fresh w/ makeup & hair, and then leaving he looks like he had been dancing hard, drunk, or just had sex! Whataya think?

    • Dianne Hill says:

      Jane I am so happy that I am not the only one with pictures on my wall (or ceiling – haven’t got any up there yet, can’t reach). I have sent Jeanette an email requesting stills of .59, 1.07 and 1.33, and now I want one of yours too at 1.36 (could be same picture of course – I am going back for another look.

      I understand exactly what you are saying about being late for work. I keep telling myself every morning “don’t turn the computer on”, then I think I will just check my emails and check out this site and then I just sit here like I did yesterday just glued to those pictures – I did make it to catch my bus but only just.

      • Oh, Boy, Dianne – I really like your choices too! Maybe Jeanette could re-publish stills of ALL the pics in the video so we can save them and get them printed for all of our ceilings!!! FABULOUS, no? I made it to my work today but only because I was able to catch the bus – if I had missed that one I would have been late for sure! I really have to PULL myself away like coming out of a trance. My Adam obsession is getting stronger as the days go by. I did not spend this amount of time here even at the height of AI or during the tour. Each day there is more and more news and the intensity in increasing to such a feverish pitch! It’s a GREAT feeling, isn’t it?!

        • Dianne Hill says:

          Yes Jane it is absolutely a great feeling, a fantastic feeling. This morning as soon as I got up I had to come and check my emails (there were lots from Terry with His Hotness beautiful bulge in glorious – well it was just glorious, so basically I just stared for what seemed like, well forever, this was at 8.15am (no work today – Friday yahoo – public holiday) and at 10.30 I managed to drag myself away from this site and the emails to go and have a shower and get dressed, feed the cats and have breakfast – and then it was straight back here, for the life of me I cannot remember what I used to do, I know I had a life before Adam but it can’t have been important because I don’t miss it in the slightest. I just love Adam so very much, believe me if I had a “dick” I would get hard every time I clapped eyes on him. LOL.

          Jeanette, we are begging you please, on our knees even begging you, please put all the stills from the video on here, please, it is not a pretty sight you know, making us beg like this.

  46. OMFG … the pants … the pants … the pants …. I need one of these shots blown up for my ceiling!!!!!!

  47. OMFG … the pants … the pants … the pants …. Fuck the bedroom wall!!! I need one of these shots blown up for my ceiling!!!!!!

  48. Glamb #470 Becky says:

    Fabulous!!!!!!!!! He is beyond HOT! Thank you so much for all of these new photos

  49. Ogasmic!!

  50. Sherry K glamb # 445 says:

    Kimber; Where in earth do you come up with that stuff girl? I thought I was A dirty old woman? That is just hilarious!! ADAM always looks sexy. soooo HOT! Whew, I am felling better. But I get my other nightly sweat thanks to everyone who posts on this board I sweat from the HINI flu and then I get on here each nigh and look at Jeanette’s great works of ADAM and sweat someore!!! You guys and gals are jus hilarious!!! Listen up everyone! DO NOT GET THIS DAMN FLUE!!!! IT IS VERY NASTY!

    • Dianne Hill says:

      Hope you are feeling better now Sherry K. Adam will see you right, that is the idea sweat it out of you.

  51. awww guys Im flattered that you all liked my video!!! In response to Dianne
    The pictures I get in Adams forum in his picture thread at 🙂

    • Dianne Hill says:

      Cool, thanks Shayla, I know it has been a few days since you posted that (it is Sunday here in New Zealand) but I am off to have a look now. Thanks for that vid, I just loved it.

  52. hibaalhadid says:

    he is so sexy and hot i can’t believe he is real

  53. Do you think we could be be in the Guinness Book of Records for having the largest group Adamgasm at the same time??????? Okay … is everybody ready? 1 oooh 2 oooooh
    3 oooooooo 4 ahhhhhhhh 5 screammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  54. Any clue how I can make screensavers out of this beautiful face????

  55. Ninalatina says:



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