Trespassing released for international streaming

Well, it seems that Adam’s label released the entire album for online streaming only in certain countries, but some tech savvy fans have made it available to all. In today’s digital world I suppose having a “leak” is considered good publicity. You can listen (but not download) here:

[UPDATE] The entire album is now streaming on Adam’s official website. Listen guilt free!

I’ve heard that some people have found a way to download it so if you’re tricky you can probably find it, but it’s only a week or so away so some people are opting to wait until they get their actual CD.

Adam Lambert Events has a listing of all of the online listening parties along with links to available sources. Check it out here:

Happy listening!

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  1. Great post Lila! Ooh, a San Diego listening
    party would be fun but we’d talk the time so who’d be listening?

    • BTW, May 8 is Adam Lambert Day in San Diego. What’s everyone doing for it? Can you believe with all he’s done, that it’s only been 3 years since his Idol Homecoming? One of the best days in my life, thank you very much Lila! And to all of my other best Glambgirls, love ya too!

  2. Mary S says:

    Temptation resisted! I’m waiting for the big reveal! I already know it’s fantastic. That’s enough for me.

  3. Eliane Brasil GLAMB #577 says:

    Hi, girls!
    I can’t stop to hear that songs.
    I was addicted on snippets but now….I’m crazy for those songs.
    I can’t wait to hear all of them at home (I don’t know when…)
    Thanks for tips.
    Have sweet dream cause I will.
    Good Night / Boa noite!

  4. mandytwo Glamb616 says:

    Adam will be on the Chelsay Lately show on 5-10.(this Thursday) 11PM on the E channel. I am not sure if everyone knows it so I am letting everyone know. She will interview him for about 15 minutes.I have already set my DVR. She is very funny and it should be good, He was on her show once before and it was very funny.

  5. Adamisamazing says:

    I am waiting to hear all of them on the 15th. I was disappointed when I heard the news. I want Trespassing to go platinum in the U.S. and this didn’t help. I want it at #1 on all music charts too.

    • Lila - Glamb #3 says:

      It was completely planned by the label. I’m sure they did it to help, not hurt.

  6. Why hasn’t NCOE or BTIKM being played on more radio stations?? What’s wrong with these people

    • mandytwo Glamb616 says:

      I don’t understand it either. I never hear him on the radio.

  7. glamity58 says:

    Radio station have seemingly snubbed him and this will really hurt sales. I’ve tried to request and Lord knows Adam seems to visit and/or talk to hundreds of stations. I think it is political and they just won’t play him. Katy, Kelly, Carrier, you know get airplay and they sell loads of downloads. I am disappointed in the music world. I don’t watch any awards shows and seldom listen to the radio.

    • mandytwo says:

      What could be the reason they snub him? I just don’t get it. I also don’t listen to the radio much I usually just listen to Adam’s while driving.

    • MomTerryLady says:

      I feel the same way. It is truly disheartening to see Adam working so hard to promote his music and his fans requesting his music daily and still not getting the airplay he deserves. I also seldom listen to radio any more as I am sick of hearing the same artists and same songs played over and over hourly while my requests for Adam are ignored. I will not lose hope though. “Never Give Up!” I believe Adam’s dedication and perseverance (and that of his many fans) WILL pay off in the long run!

  8. I have pre-ordered the CD from Adam’s fan site and also from iTunes. I have listened to the snippets and I have decided to wait until 5/15 to listen to the whole album. Not fair to Adam and all involved to download so as not to pay. This is his talent and financial future and we should not be allowed to interfere with that. If you love him and his music, buy it and let him be rewarded,

  9. I actually heard BTIKM at our local casino last weekend. I think I squeeed out loud, cuz I got a few strange looks from the folks on the slots beside me.

  10. mandytwo says:

    Adam will be a guest on Chelsea Lately this Thursday night (5-10) at 11:00PM on the E channel. If you already know sorry for the repeat news but the last time he was on was 3 years ago right after he was banned from ABC for his performance on AMA show and together they were really very funny and I enjoyed it very much. Hope you all enjoy it!! I have already set my DVR.

    • kat23mogan says:

      Actually Adam was on Jimmy Kimmel…that is ABC…

      • mandytwo says:

        When he performed on the AMA awards, he was suppose to be on that same channel the following morning on their morning show. They did not allow him on(this was 3 years ago) another morning station picked him up an we were able to see him on their show instead.

  11. poppet says:

    Hi people i have adams latest album i’ve got in wave and mp3 format 15 tracks they are great

  12. ADAM on Jimmy Kimmel will have a repeat on May 14, Monday.
    I have read somewhere also that ADAM’s Behind The Music episode will be on again on May 13 on VH1.
    I am resisting listening and will just wait when my order arrives.