Touring and Staying Healthy

This article is from my own personal thoughts. Nothing has been said by any of the Idol performers or Tour Officials on this topic. cmhagey

I just read an article in Sunday’s Union-Tribune about Brian Weeks, a San Diego doctor who is spending part of Blink 182’s tour on the road with them. The article mentions all the reasons why touring is so hard on the musicians/singers, and that it’s necessary to take extra steps to keep them healthy. This got me to thinking about the Idol Tour, and especially Adam. Because what doesn’t make me think of Adam?!?

Many things can play havoc with a performer’s health. And on the road, it’s magnified. The article states “they often eat meals late at night after shows and go to sleep shortly afterward, a practice that can cause digestive problems. Sleep can be erratic, given the frequent changes in daily schedules and time zones. The onstage physical exertion during a concert can make it difficult to maintain proper hydration, especially in warm climates.”

In addition to protecting the performer’s health, the promoter’s bottom line is also in need of protecting. One of the ways artists and record companies are making up for declining album sales is with pumped up concerts and tour merchandise. If the band isn’t healthy and doesn’t perform well, people don’t buy as much. If a singer has to cancel out on a show due to bad health, it’s unforgiveable from both the fans’ and the promoters’ view. Remember early in the Tour when Megan Joy pulled out of an autograph signing due to illness? The blog comments were not all sympathetic. And this was Megan we’re talking about – not even Matt or Danny or Allison! Cuc-caw! Cuc-caw!

We’ve all witnessed the fist pump become an accepted greeting over the handshake, thanks to Howie Mandel’s germ phobia. Teachers and parents have known for years about the increased chance of illness from events that are attended by children and teens. One of the special thrills of seeing your favorites perform live is the chance you’ll get to meet them after the show at an autograph session. Speaking of my San Diego Idol Tour experience, 75% of the audience was over 30, to be kind! And I’m sure it’s the same all over the country. Yet at least 50% of the autograph seekers after the show were teens. So nice of these kids to do such big favors for Mom! They’re the ones with the patience, stamina and the zeal after what are usually full work days for most of us. Yes, my concert was on a Saturday, but I still put in a full day of work getting ready for the concert and stalking ummm “waiting” in the parking lot for their arrival!

With fan gatherings being a hotbed of germs, what “Alien From the Planet Fierce” wouldn’t want to pull back? Think of the times we’ve heard that Adam only comes out for 10 minutes. I’m living proof of that disappointment. Could the potential for illness be a factor? Could this be in the minds of the handlers too? Especially considering what a major draw Adam is for the concerts nationally? City after city, it’s written that Adam evokes the loudest audience cheers and the only screams while the pre-show videos are being shown. KrisKountry was different of course, but who didn’t expect that the national texting champs would show anything but overwhelming support for their hometown hero? Yet Adam STILL had the same frenzied response there that he’s had in all previous cities. I’m sure Milwaukee will shower the love on Danny like no other city has, but I bet Adam will still top the show there too.

Now imagine a Tour stop without Adam performing? I know, blasphemy!
When asked what he will do to prepare for the Tour, Adam has said “get lots of sleep.” Let’s hope he’s been able to accomplish that. We want Adam shining gloriously from coast to coast!

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  1. I am bringing the comments I made on the Memphis thread forward to this page, since they are so appropriate. Although I certainly am very concerned about Adam’s overall health, the other concern for me is the care of his voice. Here is my comment:

    Besides Adam’s personal safety, this was the one thing I was most worried about: his voice. I noticed in the first concert he gave, his voice was at the highest energy and pitch level, and he was delivering that song like steel rivets. By the time he got to the Western states, he was toning down the sensational screaming he did, and it even sounded somewhere like he had lowered the key. He also had to stop to drink water before singing one of his later Bowie medleys. Of course, even if he IS giving a slightly less-than full-bore Adamesque performance, each and every one of his performances is sensational. But surely, SOMEONE is looking out after Adam? I certainly hope he is receiving some good sense and advice about conserving his voice for another month 1/2. When I first saw the tour was to last for 50 venues almost back-to-back, I was incredulous. Would anyone force Andrea Bocelli to do a 50-city tour in such a grueling way? Adam’s voice is at least Broadway stage, if not operatic quality, and someone needs to protect it. On another post, I commented that I couldn’t believe the powers that be in the business didn’t just yank Adam out of the tour, and get him ready for his own debut. The protection of his voice would be another good reason for this. The other kids on the tour are in no way putting out the decibels and extreme voice control and projection Adam is doing, and they do not need to be concerned. But Adam is another matter. I just wonder is anybody home in Adam’s management office? To me, it seems that Adam’s talent is being squandered on this AI tour, and his voice perhaps, has been put in jeopardy while he is working it. Adam is a racehorse, not a workhorse, and I haven’t seen enough evidence yet that anyone in management is taking care of him properly. Does anyone know anything about the management aspect of Adam’s career? I would love to know who is directing him, if anyone.

    • cacatua says:

      I agree he needs to take care of his voice, but I gotta tell you, Freddie Mercury, with a voice of similar range, and fluidity, would blast away for an entire concert of a couple hours at a time, and he smoked! He had some troubles occasionally with it, and sometimes it was of better quality than others, but overall he did pretty well for himself and Queen. Thank goodness Adam doesn’t smoke! It is good that he has something there to take a drink if he needs to.

  2. Also, although I do not want to say too much about it because it is not to be contemplated, still, I am concerned for Adam’s personal safety and protection from virulent anti-gay protestors disguised as fans. I have a suspicion that some of Adam’s no-shows at meet-and-greet sessions can probably be attributed to warnings that have been received about possible problems of this sort. We must all send thoughts and prayers of love, peace, and protection for Adam and all the AI contestants and staff.

    • Lorrin, well said! I share your concern completely. There is no way Adam can be expected to deliver his vocally demanding performance at every concert whilst still have to work on recording his album. It is totally insane! Adam is a perfectionist and would want his performances on tour as well as his recordings to be his best. The idols are not even midway through the tour and I, too, have noticed that Adam is being creative by coming down a few octaves. In addition his high energy performances must also be very draining. I know that you have stated all of this much more articulately in your post but I wish you to know that I AM TOTALLY WITH YOU ON THIS!

    • Lorrin, you read my mind, as did Carol who did the article!! Last night I watched several of the Memphis videos. Adam did NOT sound the same on WLL, as he usually does. He sang in a slightly lower range, there was a croakiness which could have been the sound system, but most of all, when he got to the last note, the really high note, he was OF KEY a little!! Adam is never off key! He just couldn’t reach it.(or wouldn’t).

      On the other hand, his body movements were awesme, so sinuous and fluid,, more than ever.

      ON twitter Danny complained about a scratchy throat, several of them complained of being tired (in Florida) and some of them, Adam included went into the water late in Fla. That also could wreak havoc. I noticed that Kris and Adam did not participate in the jet ski antics.

      On another site last night it was quoted (don’t know the accuracy though) that Adam said he was not going to do the meets before concerts, just the post meets, so he could rest and save his voice.

      Personally I would rather stand in the heat and wait for Adam and have him not show up, than have other fans not have him perform at future concerts due to fatigue or illness.

      • THERESA, DITTO!!

      • Lisette here agree with Theresa an Cheryl thet Adam shold take care now as I av reade an notice too in his videos(not thet I have seen inperson) changes to lower vocal ranges,but thes as I av read in first post is thet anyone being on multicitie tour even Bocelli requires to take special care non to strain ther voix,an vocal chords..Given so many deffarante climates,from dry arid of west,to humid/hot of midwest an eastcoast..An sporadic rest time probable from rehearsals an such.An also to socialize or to see some of citie highlights as seen by Graceland in Memphis,an late nit swims,etc.An seen on interviews thet Adam espress on his off time just to get proper repose an returne to hotel as it’s draining..even if he’s in fit shape an younge age..he is wise to av repose.An do agree to thet I’d prefer to see him rest given other Idolmates are now feeling fatigue an scratchy throats..It would be shame if Adam couldnon singe in upcoming concertes..So take care monamie Adam an keep yur beau voix,perhaps some extra vitamins too an lot of r an r..Recall hering in an interview thet he retired to hotel an watch tv with some of his favorite sweet..icecream an keep in bonhealth! Blessings an luv always Lisette!xoxo

  3. JRZGRL1 says:

    I am concerned too. I am a singer (lessons with a fabulous teacher last 7 years). Adam is not singing as well now as he did in Oakland. Because he is spectacular, it’s still spectacular but he has dropped out some high notes in “Fame” and I also think the key has been lowered. Which is fine in the short-run but not in the long-run. He still has a month to go on this thing. I wish that the producers would think about these things. Danny Gokey made a comment last night on Twitter that he did not sing well last night. I’m not going to expand on that comment ;o) because I’m trying to be nice today. Megan Joy is not singing well, probably because her voice is getting tired. So yes, I share these concerns. I don’t know what Adam can do to get through this but my prayers are with all the performers. I am seeing Adam on Saturday in Charlotte & again in Philadelphia on 8/20. Well, at least we have the early videos – I think Oakland is still my favorite. Lucky West Coast people!!

  4. I can’t believe they don’t have a vocal coach traveling with them, that’s insane. I agree, he needs to protect his voice. Although Adam has had vocal training, so I think he knows what he has to do. He sounded absolutely perfect in Tampa. He’ll protect himself, I think.

  5. Leticia says:

    I truly think that it is crazy that Adam has and will be stretching and possibly straining his vocals almost every night in 50 states! Plus living out of the tour bus without eating and sleeping well is definitely draining on anyone. Adam is only human! Singing those high notes continuously could damage his vocals. I really do hope that Adam will take care of himself and not over-strain his vocals.

  6. One of my concerns for Adam and all the rest of the idols is meeting people that are not screened so to speak after the show. At our meet and greet at the barricades there were hundreds of people in very close contact with the idols. Who knows what cold or stomach virus these people had and unknowingly shared. Adam is known to touch your hand or arm after signing his autograph and thank people for coming. He touched every one around us including myself ( I asked ). I hope when the meet and greet is over he SCRUBS his hands or even carries hands sanitizer around with him.

    I am a teacher so I know the importance of good hand washing and the ease of spreading germs. In the days of Swine Flu and other new strains of viruses it really makes me concerned. Traveling in planes and in close contact of the tour buses makes the group an easy target for illness.

    I am praying daily for them all to have good health for the next six weeks. I would hate for the fans to be disappointed by not seeing any of the idols perform. And I am sure they want to be at their best.

    • AdamAddict says:

      Lu ann,
      I have to agree with U.Swine flu,that makes me worry!They can get infencted really easily!Meeting a lot of people,high risk there !Hey,all I trying to say is everything U said,I agreed 100%.I pray for their health too. It’s ok if Adam didn’t perform well as he did before,because he sang everyday,it’s hard to mantain especially his songs got a very high note.So,I don’t mind if he lower the key or whatever as long he can sing on stage healthy!
      Last time he said he got killer headach,e already worried me.I just hope that his fans will understand him if he skip the autograph session & go straight to bus.He must have a reason for that.I hope he won’t get sick and so do others.Although I dislike Gokey,I still don’t want him to get sick .I’m not that mean!So my pray is to everyone!Stay healthy,take care!

      • te_amo_adam says:

        I completely agree with All that’s said here. Let’s pray for all their health but especially for Adam. It’s OK and don’t be disappointed fans if he takes a back seat to autograph signing. Let’s continue to support him in every way we can and spread the support to other blogs. Educate the tweens. Heartbreaking it is that you didn’t get to see him up close after the show, but let’s face it, WE WANT HIM HEALTHY!!! There’s still an album to follow. Give the guy a break and save your fabulous glam outfit that you wanted to show him for his tour!

        • AdamAddict says:

          “Let’s pray for all their health but especially for Adam. ” LOL!! That’s funny! But yes ESPECIALLY FOR ADAM!! LOL! 😀

  7. Karen Brotherston says:

    I agree, he should not be put through this AI tour singing mill. Where are his management people?
    This could be a disaster, a career killer if he harms his voice. What if he can’t finish his album? That’s what he should be focusing on right now, not taxing and straining his ‘one in a million’ voice night after night. Some body do something!!!!

    • cmhagey, author here: Going on tour with the Top 10 is part of the AI contract that everyone signs. There is no point discussing whether he should or shouldn’t be on this tour. I think Adam would be heartbroken not to be on the tour with the rest of his “family.” And it’s great preparation for when he does go solo. If his style of singing can’t last a tour singing 5 songs plus a group number, how’s he going to manage when he’s the singer for the whole 90 minutes? And this tour schedule is like all professional band’s tours. They all go 2-3 nights steady, with a night or 2 off each time. Companies can’t afford to put that many people involved out on the road for 3 days off inbetween each performance. And no one would want to be away from their homes and families for a schedule like that. It would really limit the number of cities an artist could visit. If Adam can’t maintain singing all the high notes, then he may have to adjust his style. I’ll try to find out about who is looking after the artists. Stay tuned!!

      • CMHAGEY, I’m sorry, but it just grinds me to see you say so ‘off the cuff’, “going on tour w/the top 10 is part of the AI contract that everyone signs”. AND YOUR POINT IS,,,,,,,? Come hell or high water, each and every person better get their butts out there, and don’t give me any problems! COLD! TOO COLD for my blood! Just don’t ask me to be understanding to that way of thinking, cuz I’ve never been a ‘follower’ and I won’t start now! I DEFY your ‘logic’, and ask you to take another look at how you’ve stated your ideas on the careers and lives of musicians!! Good Lord!! Is THIS the way one has to live to satisfy the status quo??!! IF SO, GOD HELP THEM!! Don’t give us any of that ridiculous crap of, “…..if he can’t manage singing 5 songs………” Adam doesn’t just go on stage, stand there and sing. How ridiculously stupid that statement sounds, at least to ME! Good grief, that just makes my blood run cold! Wonder how we’d all feel if that was OUR loved one w/incredible talent and potential?

        In no way am I saying, ‘poor Adam, he has to do sooo much, when everyone else is fine w/the way things are’! No! I’m just responding to the ignorant way, in my opinion, any question of a ‘possible problem’ with regards to lthis issue, has been met with such indifference to Adam, or anyone, as a PERSON, not a commodity!! JEEEZZZZZZZZ! What part of what I’m saying is too complicated to understand???

        • Let’s all take a deep breath and remember that everyone here just wants the best for Adam.

  8. I totally agree. I saw him in Dallas. I noticed then, and mentioned to my daughter, that he was doing as much dancing, and that I noticed he stopped for a sip of water during one of the songs. Unusual for him.
    I noticed that he was not hitting the higher notes in his classic way, the screams were not there.

    He was amazing and we enjoyed the show totally, he still puts on a remarkable performance, but I have actually been thinking the same thing. Do they have access to a ENT (Ear,Nose,Throat) doctor. Adam knows how to take care of his throat, but it is obvious that this schedule they are on, is affecting his voice.

    He stated that he does not do the afternoon autograph sessions, because he does not want to be out in the heat and he needs the rest. Some think this is being a “diva”. I think he is smart enough to know when to say no, and take care of himself. His voice is precious to him, and yes what if he gets hoarse,
    or just cant sing? I can’t even imagine the chaos and hysteria that would be brough on by his fans.

    After all, 90% + seem to be there for him.

    I just hope he has voice left after this tour, or even to finish it!

    Keep taking those breaks when you can Adam, take care of yourself, I bet that his mom is noticing all of this too and feels the same way, after all she’s a mom!

    • Iyleneidol09 says:

      Adam is a pro. He grew up surrounded by theater people, voice lessons.. so I am sure he had lots of tips from the pro on how to care for his prime commodity: his throat,his voice. During one of his interviews, the interviewer ask him if he went out and see the city on their day off and his response was: ” no, I just stayed in my hotel room and catch some sleep” and when asked why? he said ” he needs to replenish and recharge…” I think that is smart. I hope he continue to be very disciplined like that. We heard of so many stars that get caught up with their fame and fortune and ended up abusing their body by non-stop partying, booze and drugs! Goodluck Adam my darling!

  9. I totally agree with all that is being said. I have read where Adam has a stalker now? And that is why he didn’t do the meet and greet at the Memphis show? What is the story on this and what is the story on people wearing t-shirts with nasty remarks on them about Adam? How sad a few ruin it for the rest of us “sane” fans.

    I am loving Kradam!

    We’re not talking about the ‘average’ good singer here. We’re talking about a brilliant rising star on the cusp of seeing his lifelong dream possibly disappear b/c of a ridiculous group of AI businessmen seeing their ‘cash cow’ in full bloom and evidently not giving a rat’s ass if he still has a voice or not after they’re done with him. Adam is so excited, and personally obligated that he will do whatever it takes to fulfill his end of the contract, just to hope to continue a career. He’s very intelligent, but, he does NEED someone outside of himself to ‘fight’ for his safety and health. Someone who will speak FOR him and who can say ‘no’, when Adam would find that too hard at this juncture of his career. AI doesn’t really care if Adam Lambert can still use his instrument after this tour in the same capacity before he started this ridiculous 50 concert tour! Adam is not someone who will ‘go to bat’ to have some special priviledges for himself! I mean, we all remember the word ‘diva’ don’t we? How would the meanies treat Adam if he did ask for or complain about anything!

    CMHagey reminds me of so many, if not all, football coached when presented with their star running back having so much pain after an injury that he can’t return to the game in the 2nd half. What to do? Give his a shot of cortisone, and he’ll be okay. Afteralll, lif you’re going to play football, you have to anticipate the injuries and pain, it’s part of the game, afterall. So Hagey suggests Adam just ‘suck it up’ and continue on because he’s going to be going on tour himself, and if he’s going to be a great icon, he’ll have to get used to ailments, illnesses and the rest. Give me a fricken break! Adam is just starting his career! He’s not a seasoned artist who’s had 5-10 yrs touring so that he KNOWS how his voice and body will accommodate such a grueling adventure. WE WANT ADAM TO BE AS GREAT “AFTER” THESE CONCERTS AS HE WAS “BEFORE” HE STARTED HIS 10TH CONCERT IN SUCH A SHORT PERIOD OF TIME!!!! We are looking at the larger picture here!

    Maybe Adam should do 4 songs instead of 5. Maybe he could do 3 w/2 duets. I don’t know, this is not MY expertise, but I know one thing for sure, there needs to be some serious THINKING done by the AI promoters. Maybe this is another venue that Adam can shed a lot of ‘light’ on for others. They aare young artists ‘wannabes’, and THAT makes them easy to control. Not Adam, Adam is an artist of the highest caliber, and if it should ever come down to ’30 more concerts’, or ‘my vocal life’, who will be there to help him make the best decision for HIM? Cuz I DO NOT CARE ABOUT THE OTHERS, HERE. I’LL BE TRUTHFUL AND SAY I CARE ABOUT ADAM!!! I’M ALL ABOUT ADAM! And Adam has the most to lose here, not Megan Danny, Mike, Scott, Allison, Kris, Lil, Matt, and whever else I may have left out. I’m all about Adam and i don’t give a rat’s ass if AI doesn’t make all the $$$ off of Adam that they thought they would. AI was great for getting Adam exposed, but, the entertainment industry has a bad reputation for the way they treat their ‘cash-cows’, and I don’t mean that disrespectfully in any way to Adam, and I think everyone who has read anything I’ve posted knows where I stand on Adam Lambert.

    Lorrin has said another thing that has been a great fear of mine, also. That is that some ignorant ‘hater’ could get close enough to Adam to do him harm. Do we all remember Lennon! I’ve noticed a bodyguard, but, maybe there should be more caution taken, due to the kind of ‘hateful’, ignorant judgmentalists out in our wonderful peace-loving country. I do fear for him.

    Signing autographs is something we come to ‘expect’. But is it logical when you have 10 different ‘artists’, using that term loosely, signing autographs? Plus, who, other than Adam is bringing all those fans out there for that? Maybe 10% aren’t his fans, but, I even doubt if it’s that many. Maybe a signing before the show would be better. INSIDE the building. Late, dark in a parking lot? Not too smart. The tour promoters and the ‘agents’ of the singers need to work a little closer, don’t ya think? not that the promoters would be ‘willing’, but if it has to be done, then it has to be done.

    Summing it all up, I will say I think Adam is in danger of harming his voice and body. He needs more physical protection. He needs more rest. he needs good food. He needs some ‘space’ away from the crowd of even the rest of the group. And I think everyone of the group probably needs the same, or could at least benefit from the same.


    • Whew Cheryl, that was well stated! We need to compare apples with apples. I feel for all the idols but LET’S FACE IT, the demand on Adam VOCALLY, PHYSICALLY, EMOTIONALLY CANNOT BE COMPARED WITH THE OTHER IDOLS for reasons stated in the posts above.

      My Mom was an opera singer who said that her voice needed a balance between exercise and rest in order for her perform at her best. By rest she did not only mean resting her vocal cords but recharging her batteries so that she could be emotionally fresh enough to deliver with the intensity that each song required. Adam has out-sung the original singer of EVERY SONG that he has sung and that takes emotional energy (as well as talent, etc). I will restate what I said before, the tour schedule is INSANE.

      Cheryl’s point that makes reference to the entertainment industry having a bad reputation for the way they treat their ‘cash-cows’, is spot on. Adam is not a piece of merchandise, he is our special gift – one to be cherished, revered and safeguarded because I believe we will only witness such greatness once in our lifetime. I feel so strongly about this matter that I am literally sweating and I am not known to loose my cool!

      • Never before has so much pressure been put on an idol to deliver at Adam’s level. The expectation is enormous and so is the risk.

        • Lisette here..Bonjour Ingrid I agree as well as with most gals regarde to Adam taking care of his beau voix for sure..An as I av some vocal esperience on much smaller must as yu say have balance of diet,reste an take special care non to strain vocal chords an always have plenty hydrating drinqs,vitamins an such.An if he needes to drinq water inshow so be thes.I av been to many concertes reside in touriste town of s.west Nevada an even legendary performers as Englebert,Tom Jones,Cher,Celine usual singe several songes danse arounde stage even with Cirque d’Soleil acrobatiques an such but do require once an agan to av some fluide/water specialmente in dryer/arid climates. An as I av notice an reread other gals mentioning of Adam’s autograph signe sessions thet he enjoies to touch hands an be close,given todays environmente,an virus scares of swineflu,an fellow “idols’having felt ill..Adam mabe very wise to avoide overdoing such an keep his strength up non to be catch virus/throat infectiones.An I agree having passe career with chilren one needs to carry lot of purell an vitamins,a bon diet..So Adam I thinq yu’re wise monbeau to skip autograph signing in regardes to such worries.May angels bless him ontour an keep his voix thet truly is a gifte from above..!Luv always Lisettexoxo

          • Bonjour Ingrid, thanks you for your comments. Although I have never responded to one of your posts, I always read and enjoy your interaction with other Glambs. Perhaps we need YOU, with your vocal experience, to make sure that our Adam is well taken care of. I am very interested in your vocal experience, so please do not hide your talent. We are here to celebrate Adam and each other!

            • Sorry Lisette, this post was supposed to read, Bonjour Lisette

              • INGRID, what’s up w/the “Bonjour Ingrid” to Lisette!!!!!! Hahaha! SORRY!!! You’re be-
                ginning to sound like me!!!!! I can’t help it!!! I just started laughing out loud when I had to go
                back and forth on your post trying for a few min to figue out if you were Ingrid writing to
                Lisette or visa-versa!!!! Bet you hoped no one would notice, huh?! Hahaha!!! Oh, my good-

                Did you and LORRIN notice that someone else has a ‘MadBert’, too, or maybe a cousin or
                brother of MadBert ??

                I celebrate YOU, Ingrid!

                peace-love 4 ADAM!

              • Bonmatin Ingrid(oops so funny yu are too!) plasur to chat with yu too..well yu can say Bonjour Ingrid au Lisette an I did laugh lot after rereading several of your an Cheryl’s posts.Gather I have a way of confusing people as my grammar is non best,but do so enjoie thes place with with lovli glambs an gals who are like-minded an adore our beaua Adam an favorite vocaliste/artiste Adam!.Thinq if he visites here will have lot of smiles seeing passionate we all are aboute him!…Adam grande bisous(kiss) for monbeau…reves for sure.
                Thenks for yur kindness regarde my esperience in vocals,but never can compare to thet of Adam’s.An was a career I had to give up sadly due to illhealth maself..thryroid nodules thet require surgery,one on vocalchords leaving once soprano ranges to a groveltone like Rod Stewart.very once thet of soft/pop Olivia Newton-John style)..People say I sounded,too kinde.For brief time to returne to work ..’strain cause pain..An ma students didnon understande what happened to me..Sad to leave an miss them,c’est lavie..So why I adore Adam an his estraordinaire voix pray for him to take care of this beautful from above vraimente! An yes we all celebrate this journey in seeing his career blossom to thet of a future legendary artiste/entertaineur par excellance! Hugs an bonwishes now Luv,Lisettexoxo

                • Bonjour Lisette (got it right this time)! Thank you for your beautiful post! I am sorry that you had to give up your singing but I can see that you derive a great deal of pleasure from Adam – his singing and his beautiful personality. You are so right, Adam deserves to be celebrated! Lotsaluv and peace to you!

          • Lisette, hey! I enjoyed all your posts on this thread! I picture you the way you write, so gentle and kind
            but strong! That’s not an easy way to be! Takes a special kind of person. I think you are ‘special’
            i must say! I do remember when I first came to this site, reading your posts, I thought I was nuts or
            something. Thought this gal must be French! But I didn’t know for sure and I think I typed you to say
            I could not ‘follow’ you cuz of the unusual way you seemed to use the French and English language.
            Then, I think I asked if you WERE French,,,,duh! Since then, I’ve learned how to read better, and tho
            I took Latin, that helped me understand so much better! Then, I could enjoy your posts, and always
            come away feeling like you were so sweet that it made me feel a little ‘pampered’ just due to the way
            you write!! And it wasn’t even addressed to me!! Hahaha! You use the term ‘angel’ often and I
            think you are just a little ‘angel’ yourself!

            peace-love-light ………2 U, and ADAM…….and all his fans.

            • Cheryl, Comment allez-vous? YOU would notice my slip up! Oh my gosh, who has a Madbert? We can just about handle one Madbert! I didn’t see any posts from you yesterday and wondered whether you were wandering all over the place again! Well, at least I know you are fine! The new threads are coming up so fast but I left a post for you on the Tampa, FL thread – hope you read it. Love and peace to ma cherie!

            • Cheryl..Lisette bonmatin an si ma plasur to chat with yu an so many lovli gals here too!Aw hugs an wishe my grammar was better,at temes I wonder if I sholde be posting,but gather there are others’ who post occasional who are from diffarante estractions.I enjoie writing as passiones being musique,singing,art/acryllique painting,astrology .think is Aquarian nature.Hugs agan for complementes.. if one feels pampered,very dolcette(sweete).It nice to meet people here.I miss parentes(both passe to cancer),few relatives an amies in s.west(Nevada),eastcoast ,an few in Europe Italian/Francais Alps).An where do yu reside? Well in regarde to angels oui I am spiritual an do so beliv in them,especialmente having ner death esperience from car accidente yers ago where I had medical injuries/broken facial bones as mirror sliced part of my face/sinus an cheekbones an had whet people call out of body esperience,loss of lot of blood,passout an saw what many say is white lit an tunnel with if yu belive in thes I saw a grande figure an illuminating an a sense of falling back into mybody..very strange.Next thinge I was carry into emergencies room of St.Francis Hospitol for emergency surgerie to place back espose sinus an cheekbones(centimeter away l’surgeon esplan Id av surely died..So thes made me beliv very much in angels an afterlife..All I can recall is feelin had been given a second chanse in trasur thes.Plus seein parente sufffer so in home hospice/breathing respirators.. So ma faith in god an spiritualitie,famille an musique helped me..So thes is reason I send angels whenever can to thos I adore an feel affinitie for..Blessings too! Luv Lisette

              • Bonjour Lisette, Comment allez-vous? I read your post to Cheryl! You are precious, our special Glamb angel as Cheryl said. Please take care and may the angels be with you, always! Remember, we still have to attend an Adam concert together. Lots of love, Ingrid

                • Bonmatin now sorry I av just notice revisite to thes page always thinqing of beauhearte Adam an his health now!An hugs yu’re very dolcette ah non Im non an angel just someone who cares an is passione about life aftre having seconde I feel blesse to be here gather.An thinq yu too are lovli an for if we beliv can be angels for one anothre!Bless yu Lisettexox..P.s. oh thet can be wonderful someday to all meet up an celebrate beauhearte Adam an his estraordinaire gifte in musique..such a beautiful soul an thet voix..oh,la,la tresbeau!hugs Lisette!

              • Lisette, I share with you your special connection to spirituality, the near-death experience, and angels. I have also had an incredible experience of the slowing down of time during a traffic accident which surely saved my life. I have had many, many angelic dreams. And I too, am a singer. I have been singing since I was very young, and am a contralto. Thankfully, I still do have my voice and am able to sing along with our lovely Adam. It is amazing to me that we have begun to share these beautiful experiences of life with each other, it is very touching and very healing. L’envoi de mes anges pour vous cette nuit, pour votre guérison… paix, l’amour, et une bonne santé pour vous…

                • Lorrin..ah so sweet Lisette merci ma belamie..merci beaucoup pour l’dolcette sentimentes..hugs..cou-cou!Ah someone who shares m’affinitie pour anges(an in Italian sont angeli..being of thes estractione anchio!
                  Ah regarde l’accident so sorry,well si vraie thet one can become more spiritual when having esperience thes.Angelique dreams..av yu too seen a white lit or presence thet illuminates so brite..a sense of peace an serenitie it bringes,An I was floating as if to view ma body in thet accidente.Wel just keep beliving in them..for they can come in shape of people too.I was secondes from leaving thes world,an surgeons told me just centimeters away Id av been in a comatic state as sinus bone was pressing on front lpart of ma 3 heures lot of hemoraghe an last rites even..I know thes surgeon sont anothre angel for me!..Sorry to go on!
                  Lovli yu can still enjoie singin!..I miss so to soprano thet once was..c’est lavie.Well if I av honey,my voix is non so smooth velvettones as people compare to Olivia or Julie Andrew style..When I had brief career teach petit chilren..I do miss them..domage.
                  Lorrin aussi si plasur to be toi amie..hope someday we can meet,perhaps too for Adam’s future solo concerts,oui?Never know recall yu reside here on west coast..Im in Nevada! bonregardes an je voudrois dans being a 6ft plue beau l’homme avec yeux azure bleu,noir hair et a voix angelique..guess oui?Adam! Luv an bisous Lisettexox

                  • Your sharing is beautiful, Lisette…..what I experienced in the car wreck was a complete slowing down of time, as though the whole car was put into suspended animation for the whole few moments of impact. I was hit directly on the driver’s side of the car, but I came through with no injuries whatsoever. As I looked out of my windshield after being hit, the whole front of the car was tilting and moving in very slow motion. I had a sense of complete timelessness. I already fully believed in les anges (I love the Italian ‘angeli’), and this only enhanced that belief more fully. Your experience was even more profound. You know, Lisette, you might enjoy hearing the story of the American man named Andy Lakey, who has written a book on the subject, and who is also online under his name. Just type in his name on Google search. He was a man whose life was completely out of control until one day when he was in the middle of a drug overodose. What happened to him then changed his life. He now is a world-famous painter of noveau moderne angels, and his paintings hang in the most famous places in the world. He invented a type of painting for the blind as well and has done many murals. His story is inspirational in the extreme. If you can’t find him online, I will find the link and post it. In the meantime, merci beaucoup pour votre amitié et mai anges vous garde toujours!

                    • Lisette here..Ah merci beaucoup pour l’amitie aussi avec plasur au incontrare sur Adam’s tributepage!An special angeli blessings pour vous!Now Lorrin think people here will beliv we’re having an international conventione..Our beauamie here is Adam..oh oui monbeau if ever yu visite,thes is tributepage to celebrate toi estraordinaire talentes as an artiste/vocaliste ..that we all adore!
                      Back to yur post Lorrin..hugs for sharing yur traumatic accidente with sorry oui les anges garde vous too seeing how one left without injurie..blessings! An merci for post of thes lovli artiste who was author of such subject,as angeli..I’ll cheque on “Google”.Ah an anothre intereste an passione of mine is painting!… I’ll have to find thes book for sure!
                      I’m very much an aquarian in thet j’adore art,musique,spiritualalitie,
                      an humanitarian causes..Thinq thes is why I adore thes place…Ther’s lot of like-minded people here,as yu Lorrin,Theresa,Cheryl,Ingrid,an other’s as I av read..An Jeanette who is very creative,espressive an has a belle couer to add joie an lit in regardes to Adam..our favorite vocaliste with couer d’or oui?
                      So if he ever ventures to read our posts..j’espere he’ll know how much his musique has brought many people here togethre!.As I have espresses he’s vraimente an Angel d’musique ..for all ages,sexes(here we’re mainly “glamb gals”,with some exception visites from fellows..welcome always!
                      An Lorrin merci beaucoup cher amie for toi as mentione toi knowledge of francais sont superbe..Can I inquire have yu studie in schol?Also must say yur eloquent writing..can be a noveliste an writer also! Aurevoir au doman..soon will be am..mama mia am here too long..Must return to sleep..thenk goodness only work part teme(an sistre my boss is flexible..thenk lord for petit graces)!

                    • Lisette, you are the most graceful writer…I feel as if I am transported to another time and place when I read your writings. Thank you for all your lovely thoughts in response to my sharing. Now I see that you, too, have an interest in painting. We will have not only an international convention when we all get together, but a school of sharing in all that we hold in common in the fine arts! Yes, I would love it if Adam was able to read some of our comments, I think he would enjoy them very much. He is the indeed l’angelo della musica for all of us: “Aucune façon de chanter bien fort comme l’ange Israfel”…he is our wild angel Israfel…and I must tell you, Lisette, that yes, I did have many years of Spanish and some German, French in college, I love Italian, Hebrew and the Polynesian languages, and I have delved into all the other languages of the world as well. I LOVE cultures and languages and the beauty of different peoples, their diversity and commanalites. I think it is the most beautiful thing in the world. That is one of the reasons Adam is so appealing to me; he combines so many diverse elements into one superbly beautiful whole. The other secret is that I know how to use the internet for language translation very well, and this keeps me constantly refreshed in the usage of all languages. But I am by no means fluent, I only wish I were….so goodnight to you, dear Lisette, it is very late over here next door in California, mai Dieu vous garder dans la paix et sans douleur cette nuit..Love and Peace to you..

      • INGRID, thank you for your opinions, too! Yes, the entertainment industry is a ‘back-room’ dirty little secret for artists managers and promoters! you know, I’m really amazed at how many people comment on Adam taking a drink of water! I may be wrong, but taking sips of water has been done by singers since ‘the beginning of time’. Anyone whose seen a concert on tv or live must see the entertainer’s ‘drink’ close by! It’s elementary to me. Have you ever mentioned that your Mom was an opera singer before? I totally do not remember reading that. That’s exciting, I would think! I am so excited that my 9-1/2 yr old granddaughter has an incredible voice at her age, which she got from her mother! Do you have a good voice for singing??
        So interesting!
        CORRECTION: above where I said,,,,,,,,little secret for artists managers etc.,,,,,should read,,,,,,for artist’s
        managers, not artists and managers…… sorry.

        • Cheryl, in the shower, my voice is magnificent! As a child I used to sing at functions but I never had really had my Mom’s gift. People, probably asked me to sing out of desperation. I come from a very musical family (both from my Mom and Dad’s side) and it is a practice that we have a sing along, accompanied by various instruments, whenever the family gets together. I have three aunts, ages ranging from 86 to 89 who lead the singing with gusto and I don’t mean only golden oldies songs but anything from back in the day to our current pop – so we are very blessed. I sang SMILE at the eldest aunt’s last birthday (song reminds me of her) which resulted in everyone crying. They were probably crying for me to stop. So Cheryl, when I grow up, I want to be like them – a way to go – afterall, I am only fifty-something. My brother plays the trumpet and has just started taking piano lessons at age fifty-five, which I think is wonderful. My eldest sister is a brilliant pianist while my second eldest sister is the peanut gallery (backing). A love for music was instilled in us from an early age.

          I often wish my Mom was alive to hear Adam sing. I know that she would have been absolutely mezmerised by our ADAM. Love and peace to ya, ma cherie!

          • should’ve read.. really had

          • Ingrid, as I told Lisette above, I too am a singer. Everyone in my family sang on my mother’s side of the family, and some of us played instruments. My grandmother played excellent rag-time piano by ear, and I played guitar. I sang around town and was in a hootenanny, and loved folk-rock. Like your family, we had sing-alongs and terrific ‘shows’ of singing and dancing we put on in the living room for family and friends. We impersonated singers and improvised like pros. My younger sister went on to actually take up drama in high school, and sang and starred in various productions. I went on to art school. We had the most fun. I remember gathering around the piano and asking our grandmother if she knew a certain song. And if she said no, she would ask us to hum a few bars, and off she’d go pounding out the chords with glorious embellishments. My first television ‘hero’ was Leonard Bernstein and his ‘Young People’s Concerts’, which first drew me to the world of the fine arts and classical music, which is another of my great loves. So like you, a love of music was encouraged and nurtured in our family from earliest days. To be able to sing along only makes loving and enjoying Adam’s music all the richer an experience, and makes me that much more in awe of his astounding talent!

            • My dear Lorrin, we have so much in common and will have so much to talk about when we meet one day. I relate to so much of what you share on this site. You are such a beautiful gifted person with a heart of GOLD! There is so much we have to talk about and one day I would like to share a bit of my family history with you. A book has been written in Dutch and Afrikaans about my family and more than one documentary has been aired on it too. One day I will share it with you, Cheryl, Lisette, Ofra, AdamAddict and whoever else is interested.

              You would have gathered that I have not been posting many comments, but you are always in my thoughts! Love and peace to you!

              • Oh Ingrid, forgive me, I did not see this comment until just now. Thank you SO much for your lovely thoughts and wonderful compliments. I am now so intrigued by your family story. Has the book about your family been published and can it be purchased? Or has the video been made into a DVD? How did your family come to prominence, or how did the videomakers come to know about all of you? I would love to hear that story. I do agree completely, we have much in common. I have a feeling you and I would make a good vocal blend if we ever got together. We will just have to see about that one of these days. In the meantime, Dit was baie vriendelik van jou….Goeienag Vriend!

                • WHAT! Lorrin, where did you come onto this Afrikaans. Yes, the book, Benigna, was authored by a Dutch priest (if my memory serves me correctly. I should know these things but will find out more. I should be able to get my hands on a DVD of the documentary and can post it to you. Lorrin, jy is kostelik!

                  • Oh, thank you, Ingrid, I truly am very interested in reading and knowing about your family. I love things like this. And you must know, too, that even though I do love languages and have a smattering of a few, I do rely very much on language lessons on the computer. It’s wonderful fun to immerse myself in other cultures, peoples, and languages, – my favorite thing! U is meer kostelik!

          • Ingrid, thank you for your post which is so interesting! You’ll be as great as your older relatives and surly even better! That song ‘smile’, Did you see on tv that MJ’s brother, Germain sang that song, and
            very beautifully, I might add.? He said that that was MJ’s favorite song. After seeing him sing it, I can
            truly see how that song could bring tears to anyone’s eyes!! Wow, to have such musicians and
            singers in your family is a dream to me!! Your family must be a very happy family!! I just feel that!
            Oh, your Mom would have loved Adam’s voice and personality, I’m sure! My Mother loved Elvis and
            Axel Rose, so I KNOW she would have gone nuts for Adam, too. She also loved Englebert Humper-
            dink (what a name!) and Dean Martin and Waylon Jennings, etc.! It is after 4am, Sunday morn. so I’m going to bed now. Hope to see something you’ve posted Sunday afternoon, late afternoon!! Love sent
            down your way from me and Lisettes’s angels!
            peace-love-light-joy-happiness 2 our Adam……and also you, Ingrid.

            • Lisette agan..ah merci beaucoup yu two tres sympatique femmes(special gals)An am being petit nosy read above posts Pardon I had to read re: to chante how lovli both of yu share thes too!By way ma mama adored Englebert an myself an sister always took her here intown for her anniversaire to see his concertes..An I too become a fan thru mama.Okay then gals..we’ll send those special angeli pour beauhearte Adam an all of us too..bisous! J’adore Adam an his angels too(smile now!)..If he ever reades thes posts re: Angeli..well see what I av commence maybe we can be call truly Adam’s glamb angels(he-he)..okay now am being silly as I have non say in our fan we can be thes for him(on thes page) or future ones?! Aurevoir lovli gals! Hugs an bisous Lisette! Adam monbeau J’etaime ooops l’secret’s out ..reves oui..

            • Dearest Cheryl! I am very fortunate to be part of a big happy family! As usual, we had me in fits of laughter. Fortunately Englebert surname is not Hump-er-DICK! I agree, what an unfortunately name! I posted comments for you on some of the other threads. Take care, ma cherie! Mwwwwwwwwwwwwwah

  11. Praying is good, too! But an man and his money are hrd to part. So, I think Adam needs a lot more than prayers at this point. He needs the intervention of someone who loves HIM! And he needs it soon. Maybe Adam could come down w/a 48 hour ‘bug’, like other superstars have had to do to keep their sanity or health! Too many have met untimelly deaths in this business. Something really NEEDS to change! I’m not a fan of MJ’s, but we only have to look at last month. He couldn’t sleep. anow he doesn’t have to worry about that and the promoters of his 50 concert tour are probably already signing some other patsy to do their ‘pimping’ for them. I see Col. Tom Parker, the circus idiot, living to cash in on Elvis w/o any regrets of what he did to him! I’ve read too many biographies of artists and how and when their lives became unmanagable and what happened to them, running from town to town, state to state, country to country befor they had a complete breakdown of their voices or/and bodies. How about Brian Wilson? Way back in the south, Hank Williams, John Denver, the list certainly goes on,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  12. Wow, Cheryl, you have certainly told us! I totally understand your sympathy, love and support for Adam but cmhagey is just being realistic. The idols signed a contract for these shows. Of course no one wants any idol, especially Adam to miss performing, but the shows must continue. He can control what he does with his ‘down time’ only, at this point.

    When Adam has concluded the concert series, he can rest. He also can spread out his recordings a little longer. We can wait, after all we are grown ups, arent we? If it comes out in December instead of November, so be it.

    Adam wants a flashy show. That takes lots of technology, expensive equipment and roadies. When he tours he will have to do a fair number of shows. not only to break even but to make some profit. I don’t know the music biz but ideally it would be better to do a section of locations for instance, northeast USA, take a break, then southeast, etc .. but I dont know if realisticalliy that can be done. Adam needs to talk with other famous rock performers with loud singing performances to see how they cared for their voices over time… ex. Steve Tyler… and he needs a doctor who specializes in throats and voices toot sweet!!

    • Isn’t it AI Management’s responsibility to look after the well-being of all the idols??? The inherent pressures of such a long tour should have been factored into the song choices. Perhaps one energy sapping and vocally demanding song balanced with songs that are vocally and physically less taxing????

      It appears that the AI Management Team took a short-term view in which they have a vested interest (revenue), without considering the long-term implications for the idols, particularly Adam. When dealing with extraordinary talent such as Adam, extraordinary measures should be taken, not the same-old, same-old … Adam sang ‘A change is gonna come’ but apparently AI was not ready for it.

      There is no question that Adam would want to finish the tour but some practical considerations, in the interests of all the idols, appear not to have been factored into the planning of the tour.

    • Lisette agan..bonjour Theresa I do agree agan with yu an so many gals regardes to Adam an neede of proper reste to keep his estraordinaire vocal range thet is very powerful an hope they indeed av a doctor ontour as well.Thet woulde be very wise of “Idol” producers/managers so noone speciale beau Adam to fall ill during such a longe multicitie tour!An as I av mentione residing here in Nevada recall even accomplishe legendes as Celine,Cher,even of late Barry Manilow actual cancele ther shows due to falling ill after I hed ticketes for shows..go to lhotel an only to here shows were postponed for medical reasones..An well although youth is on side of Adam as I av say all l’excitemente from commence of his days on “American Idol”,an he has mentione as well recording for his CD on interviews inbetween concertes,an being onroad must be very waring to one’s immune system.I do too pray for his bonhealth an so he can keep singin with such a wide octave range..But if he needes to tone down as he does in his earlier ballads from AI show seen in Tracks of My Tears an even some earlier theater performances..tres bien..Adam still has a diverse range to singe any musique genre..If yu have hearde his renditiones of Dust in Wind, or “Wicked” songes,Brigadoon yu’ll surely know they’re just as beautful an magnificente as his rock an danse ones! Angel blessings agan Adam an reman healthy an forever beau! Luv to all ! Hugs an luv,

  13. LolaGlamb says:

    I think that Adam is making the adjustments himself to care for his voice. That’s why he has eliminated some of the high notes and is singing more in his lower register, and drinking more water. Personally, I don’t think that lessens his performances at all. He has a lovely lower register, and I think in WLL it is even sexier that way.

    I just posted in another blog that was discussing whether or not Adam’s performance was too R rated for an Idol tour. My comment kind of follows some of the thoughts here. I feel that he definitely stands out, as he has all year, on a different plane than the other artists, and probably is too sexual for younger children. He needs his own tour, and it can’t come soon enough.

    I don’t agree with cmhagey that band tours need to keep the same grueling schedule as the AI tour. I do agree that for better or worse, Adam must finish this tour. He wouldn’t want it any other way, and will do what he needs to do to protect his voice, as will the other idols. It’s grueling on all of them, not just Adam.

  14. I THINK THIS IS ‘NEW TERRITORY’ FOR SOMEONE WITH THE QUALITY ADAM BRINGS. Therefore, I think more needs to be done on behalf of the artists by someone other than the promoters. Adam most definately can slow down his work on his album. That is not a problem, for me, anyway, and I think all of
    Adams fans. However, the ‘crushing’ weight of a tour this size has probably lnever been in conflict before Adam came on the scene w/his majestic talent. That does not mean, however, thaqt we should all just ignore the obvious here! That is what it looks like some are ready to do. After all, if it’s not broken, don’t fix it. Let’s just wait till we have a real problem, and fix it then. Problem, that is too late.

    Okay, say Adam slows his album release date way down. Is the problem fixed? Has it been established that there truly IS a problem w/50 concerts in a few months time like it has ‘always been’? If nothing else, this discussion could give way to some ‘positive’ management corrections. Can we at least agree on that? I’m not saying we should be throwing the baby out with the bath water, I just sayin’…………….I only care about Adam in this situation, b/c I think the others are not in any definative danger, and I think Adam is.



    • This might be a ‘heads up’ for the AI people. (Isn’t Simon Cowell one of the owners or managers of the whole AI thing?) Simon is CEO of Adam’s record label. He will not want his voice to be threatened.

      I wonder how the previous AI tours managed? Maybe fewer concerts?

      I have read complaints on this site about the Idol tour not coming to their city. The organizers are caught both ways,…. 50 performances? or 30? or?

      • Complaints, Com shplaints! Why can’t everyone just have their own personal concert, right? Get over it already! Anyone w/any sense who can’t figure out why the concert isn’t coming to their neighborhood should definately get a hobby cuz they’re not playing with a full deck to start with!

        The poor organizers! Their plight is so dismal. If THEY can’t sope, maybe THEY should be doing something else! After all, that is their job!! They don’t have a ‘horse in this race’! Maybe there should be more like 10 concerts in the biggest arenas instead of the much ore personal 50!! I think w/the rise of Adam Lambert, the whole AI tour thing is going to have to be overhauled. Hateful people are a contributing factor here also. However, any future contestant will have the luck of having Adam’s problems preceed theirs, and like the 2nd and 3rd child in a family, new rules will have to apply in the future. They can thank Adam for that, unfortunately.

      • Barry Weiss is CEO of RCA Records, which is Adam’s record label.

        • Lorrin, it is great that you open this conversation as it seems to be a matter of concern to a number of Glambs. Whilst we have different view points the posts indicate that Adam’s well-being is at the heart of our concern. I wrote two posts further up where my concern was focused on how the tour is managed, starting with pre-tour considerations and giving due consideration to how AI is changing. Adam has redefined what an AI idol could be and so the thinking of the AI Management Team needs to shift to accomodate these changes.

        • Songwriter4Adam – Barry is the CEO of RCA Records but I would imagine that the income generated from the tour would go to AI.

          RCA records must be concerned because Adam is working on recording his first album and if he is taking strain vocally, it would impede the quality of his recordings. This, I am sure, would frustrate Adam more than anyone else because he is a perfectionist.

        • 19 Entertainment is a branch of the RCA record co. It was founded years ago by Simon Fuller and somewhere online about a month ago I read it was where new performers often start. Also by the way it is described, it is sounds more youthful, current and on the cutting edge of music technology blending music with TV and fashion.

          Maybe someone else on here knows more?

      • Theresa, are we not confusing the Simons? Is it not Simon Fuller???

        • Ingrid I think you are right. How confusing.. they both are so similar in tgheir careers but it says “SIMON FULLER’ OWNS OR DID OWN 19 ENTERTAINMENT

  15. TI HERESA, no, I wasn’t attempting to tell anybody anything! I just happen to feel very strongly on this particular issue. I don’t claim to care more about Adam’s fate than anyone else, but, occasionallly I can feel passionately about an issue, I just don’t always know when that might happen! Hahaha!

    I feel that way over ‘women’s rights’, racial issues, war, children’s issues, respect for religious rights and issues, some political issues, unfortunately, and ADAM LAMBERT!!! Other issues, of course! This one justs happens to be on the table immediately!


  16. Adam has been singing for a long time, he is sensible enough to tone down his performance so that his voice is not damaged, he did a lot more ‘screeming’ on the Zodiac shows, he was on tour with Hair singing with at a higher vocal range. Adam has his future in hand, he would not allow anything to adversely affect that, in previous interviews he did state that when he had a day off he spend the day resting in his hotel room. Perhaps he is toning down the performance on the AI tour so that he can fully use his vocal range when recording. He smart, intelligent, he is in charge of his destination, what concerns me is the rumours of anti-gay protestors and other mad people, they are unpredictable, these are the people that management should take steps to protect him. It makes me sick how these small minded people have the audacity to stand up and say what others should be or should not be. Despite these individuals Adams performance at Tampas Fl was fantastic, his dancing better then ever, he seemed to be in a happier state of mind, maybe he was making a point. Adam God bless you and may carry on dancing and singing for many more years to come, we love you.

    • Toni, I agree. Adam is so smart and he knows what he is doing. I have heard his Mom state this be
      fore in interviews. He loves singing and dancing and entertaining people. This is just the beginning.
      We need to stop bringing up negative subjects and pray that he will have a lifelong success of
      doing what he loves. I’m sure AI tour has security for the idols. If he needs to take a break, he takes

    • I agree 100%! He and the managers know what they’re doing… it’s not the first time someone has toured like this (as I pointed out U2’s above current schedule) and they have no intention of letting this cash cow ruin it for himself on the first tour!!!

      Let’s all give him some credit for knowing how to take care of his own voice! He’s been doing it for years now before “we” knew better for him.

      • LILA, I feel so much better now that you have ‘explained’ that it’s not the 1st time someone has toured like this. You ‘pointed out’ U2! So glad you were able to ‘name’ a band that is touring, or what you said would not be believable!

        Yeah, I guess we’re not giving Adam ‘credit’ for knowing how to ‘take care of himself’! John Lennon was older than Adam, and he, too, knew how to ‘take care of himself’. Duh…….

        Guess no one should ever be concerned about anyone over the age of 18, cuz they probably know how to ‘take care of themself’.

        Besides, Adam is 27 yrs old, what could possibly happen to him? Right? I just really hate to say this, but I will. Sounds like ignorance to me. That is your staement is ignorant. Your post reads like every elementary minded person.

        Thank you for sharing your thoughts, tho! The world seems much ‘safer’ to me now.

  17. OKAY! DID ANYONE ELSE READ OR HEAR that Adam will no longer be signing autographs due to the ‘stalker’ issue and ‘threats’, and that he had to be taken to the bus under great security due to some threat or threats???? I hope SOMEBODY HAS THE CORRECT INFO ON THIS!!!

    Theresa, Is Simon ‘Cowell’ or Simon ‘Lithgro” (sp) the AI partner? And I did not know Simon Cowell was CEO of Adam’s record co., but I knew he and maybe Randy stood to benefit off of the first top idols.

    Yes, he indeed, should be interested in Adam’s health! He has, what, 3 shows going at the same time? But, let’s hope that we don’t have to depend on Simon Cowell to assure Adam’s safety!! Yikes!

    I bet Adam’s family is going thru some real ‘torture’ about now!! Good God, why do the ignorant people get to roam as free as the ‘good’ people? OOPS! That sounds a little too ‘hitler-ish”!!! I take it all back!!! Why can’t the decent people be protected from the NUTS!!!??

    yes, it’s still ,,,,,,,,
    peace & love,,,,,more than ever,,,,,,,,,,,,!

    • Yes, Cheryl, Simon Cowell owned that company but sold it in 2005. He remains the President or CEO still, so in a way Adam is in Simon’s hands still.

    • The problem is, most of this is just rumors. Just like the game of telephone. once it gets started they
      keep on building up and up. What did he state once ” Rumor mills” Ignore and keep thinking
      positive. Rock on Adam, we love you.

      • MARY C, thank you for the education on ‘rumors’! Have you heard, yet, that it is true? Yes, and if we just keep thinking ‘positive’ thoughts, everything will be okay! Thanks for the ‘pep’ talk.

        • I hadnt heard these nasty rumors were true yet. That is just sick. These freaks need to do some
          thing better with their time. How dare they even think of such cruel things towards Adam.
          Of all the nicest people and greatest entertainer in the longest time.
          I love to do the pep talks. If ever needed let me know!!

  18. Thanks to cmhagey for injecting a dose of reality into this discussion. The AI tour schedule seems insane to us but it’s pretty typical for pop stars. Adam is doing what he can to protect his voice and health but some things are beyond his control (like the tour schedule). I think 19E is doing what it can to ensure his safety and well-being. Management types may have dollar signs where their hearts should be, but they’re not stupid. The fact that Adam didn’t sign autographs after the show in Tampa tells me that something was up and 19E took steps to protect him. Yeah, it’s scary out there, but doing this tour was Adam’s dream and he knows that the not-so-great stuff comes with the territory.

    • CatEyes says:

      Thank you for the sanity, bebe! Life is tough in the big city.

      I don’t think anyone here is cold-hearted as far as Adam is concerned…but business is the bottom line. That doesn’t mean that appropriate precautions aren’t being taken along the way.

      • Jeanette says:

        i agree with bebe and cateyes here. I don’t think any of us here are being cold-hearted or cavalier regarding Adam’s well-being. We all love Adam and wish him to be safe and well, but yes, this is a business – there is no denying this and no way to get around it. Adam has been in this business for years. He is used to performing on a regular basis, and I’m sure that he knows what is best for him. Let’s give some credit to Adam that he knows what he’s doing. He is living his dream. Let’s let him live it and let us as fans enjoy him.

        • Lisette agan..thenks Jeanette an other gals here..we all share same affinitie an admiratione for thes multitalented vocaliste/artiste an a gentle an caring soul as Adam is.Agree thet he knows what’s best for him as well an thet’s why he probable is wise to keep lower profile when he senses either for feeling drained an skipping autographs,to just resting in hotel,etc..Adam being he was ontour with “Wicked”/an Hair in theatre productiones as he mentione before ever being on AI.So let’s pray an hope no harm or illhealth comes his way! Blessings an luv always Lisettexoxo

    • Bebe, well said, but Management types can be very stupid when dollar signs are involved. I say this having worked with them in a number of countries. For many, dollar signs is enough motivation to be less than thorough when it comes to the interest of people. Compromising Adam and his fans by cutting out the signing of autographs was reactive. As far as I am concerned, they should have been proactive.

  19. Do I remember correctly, didn’t Jordan Sparks have an injury or problem with her voice during or after the idol tour?

  20. DarkShadowsAbove says:

    Hey, y’all. It’s Courtney here, the Glamb leader who went to the Memphis concert. You all will likely read my post-concert review soon, but I felt I should stand up and say something here. I’ve watched tons of videos of Adam’s performances throughout the tour and I have to tell you, Memphis was actually pretty upbeat compared to a lot of them. Maybe the camera that was filming didn’t have good sound or video, so it sounded off, but Adam was perfectly on pitch the whole time.

    Moreover, almost all performers take a drink during a set, or whenever they’re off-stage because it is tiring to sing like that. The concert schedule is normal for up and coming artists who haven’t officially debuted or haven’t really made it big and no matter how much we love Adam, no matter how many fans he has, he doesn’t actually have that clout yet. He simply hasn’t been around long enough.

    Adam is well used to performing in this type of area, as well. Touring shows don’t travel constantly, but he was doing seven performances a week rather than the six he does now and while he may not get to sleep in a real bed every night, he knew ahead of time for what he was signing up. Adam is a very smart man and he knew what he was getting into, even if it’s a little more than he expected. He’s been working toward this for 17 years and has been trained by people who know what they’re doing. Adam knows very well how to take care of himself.

    To be perfectly honest, Carol was simply putting forth her thoughts about the health issues surrounding touring. No one can pull Adam out of his contract without gigantic legal issues surfacing. Adam, as he has said, loves touring and wants to keep doing it. We should not only respect his wishes, we should also encourage him to do what he loves. That’s our duty as his fans.

    Enough said from me. Have a good night, y’all.

    • marlis hanson says:

      I agree Dark Shadows, and you are so nice aobut saying it. I feel a littel stronger. Geez, Cheryl. CHILL. And give cmhagey a break. CM is the one who posted this article to begin with, did you notice that? So get off CM’s back. CM is concerned for his health also. And did you even think about the fact that Adam signed the contract, it is a legally binding contract, and getting out of it is not something he even would think of doing, because not only does he want to do it, but also he is getting paid a bunch of money to do it, and is happy to be making this kind of money for the first time in his life? You can see in his face how happy he is in the Tampa videos, the lastest concert. This is what he wants to do. NO one is ‘making’ him do it. He is smart, knows to cut back on the autograph signing sessions, get plenty of rest, not go jet skiing with his buds, and yes, he knew what he was getting into. He doesn’t need a ‘manager’ to tell him these types of things. And in his mom’s interview, she said she was so happy for him she cried at the concert she went to, so don’t worry about ‘what his family is going through.’ I agree, Dark Shadows, we should encourage him to do what he loves.

      • MARLIS, since you mentioned me by name, I need to ‘reply’!
        My God, I didn’t KNOW CM is the one who posted this article to begin with!!!! Now, of course, that changes EVERYTHING!!! How stupid of me to comment to DM. I must have been ‘out of my mind’! I mean, ‘what was I even thinking’?
        Yeah, Adam’s mom said she was so happy for him – a number of weeks ago. I’m sure she feels that way every day, every hour 24/7. So, I just won’t worry about ‘what his family is going thru’. Yeah. That makes total sense to me. Not!
        Yeah, so glad that Adam has you to just ‘encourage him to do what he loves’. I’m thinking that maybe you think Cheryl does not ‘encourage’ Adam. You must talk to him very often, so he knows he has your ‘encouragement’, thank God you’re there for him! I can live life so much easier just knowing you are around. ???? What WAS your POINT!

  21. All Star Me says:

    I sure hope that Adam continues to be in good health and stay unstressed throughout the rest of the tour. Since he has been performing for years, I would assume that he has everything under control.
    On a side note, I love Blink. I cannot wait to see them 3 times on this tour. They mean a lot to me. (Just got amy first tattoo in honor of them-their bunny mascot on my forearm!) That band literally got me through high school. Completely love those guys. Only had the chance to see them 3 times before, so extremely glad that i get 3 more chances!

  22. adamtastic1877 says:

    great! now you got me worrying about adam not being able to perform or come out for the signing for when he comes to MY state in august!

    • AdamAddict says:

      Adam still going to perform,don’t worry about that.He won’t just hide!He works so hard to be in this place !Nothing can’t stop him now.He’s living his lives,his dreams!Happily!The signing,hmm that maybe not.Because he will be too close to people.Bit risky there.I heard the security check bags before they got in to the concert.I just hope those haters can live their own lives.I dunno why they wasting their time doing something for people they don’t even like.What an idiot!


    I KNOW as well as anybody Adam wants to tour. Adam loves to be able to tour. Adam is getting over $100,00.00 for this tour. I KNOW adam is smart. I’ve seen and heard all the articles and interviews that most all of us have seen.

    I am NOT PERSONALLY dissing CM for her opinion. I congratulate her for writing it! But, don’t think that because I agree with her basic opinion that I agree w/everything said!!! Geeezzzzzzzzz! Yourself!

    I’m fine w/the observation, it’s how I see the way so many seem to just ‘take for granted’ that someone can simply be addressed as tho they are a ‘commodity’ and forget the ‘humanity’ of the one being discussed. If I offended ANYONE,,,S O R R Y! I sstand by my comments and my views.

    Don’t act as if I’m waaayyy out of line here!! And, yes, I do think it is tortureous for his family! How could it not be??? TELL ME THAT SOMEONE, just tell me how the family is not skerd by the fact their son got some physical threats and some maniac is stalking!!? Tell me you don’t understand that thinking, and I’ll tell you you’re either lying or not connected to yourself as much as you ought to be!

    So, Chill, yourself! i am all about Adam singing w/o any harm coming to him, and Adam taking care of himself, as is all of his fans! My voicing ‘loud and clear’ how I feel, in particular, about some of the things I see and hear that go on, is in fact, my perrogative to express! What part of SPEAK YOUR MIND am I misinterpreting?

    No one needs to take anything I say personally, w/the exception of when I type their name or identity specifically, and then, it’s only me expressing my ‘feelings’, harsh as they may sound!


  24. I think it might be in order for me to say here that it was probably I who first suggested that Adam be plucked out of the AI tour and placed as soon as possible on his own stage as a solo star. I said this simply because I believe he is, and has been for some time, a fully-formed star of international caliber. I did not mean that he should be taken from the AI tour in actuality, because I know full well he must fulfill his obligation with them, and that he wants to do so. It does, however, seem a shame to me not to differentiate Adam from this motley crew of AI performers, recognize him immediately as the new star of the millenium, and set him on his own personal career track immediately. Obviously, the powers that be will make no exceptions, Adam will do the tour (and wants to do the tour), and after that is over, will go on to his own separate career. This is Adam’s understanding, he is following the path laid out for him, and all is as it should be, and everything will happen in good time. My thought was for Adam to dispense with the preliminaries and get on with the real show, which is and always will be, himself. In my somewhat prejudiced view, I thought the whole AI thing looked ridiculous for a man who is already a megastar to be doing an extended tour with a bunch of kids. I understand completely that Adam must complete the tour, and I would never in reality suggest that they pull him from any contract he is obliged to fulfill. In my full-blown way, I was only decrying the fact that this fabulous superstar should have to continue to work in with the regular farmhands, when he owns the farm and everything on it already.

    I truly hope there are no unsettled feelings about all that has been said, I’m afraid I was the one to start the ball rolling rather unevenly down the hill with this discussion about Adam’s voice. I was very impressed with everyone’s comments, and I learned a few things about the ‘business’. Thanks so much.

    • Hey, I joined this post for a few laughs, and it brightens up my every day. I wasn’t looking for the “sturm und drang” (a state of violent disturbance and disorder) I have experienced here today.

      I love you guys. Please, let’s try to stay positive. After all, we are all Adam fans….forever.

      • Hey Songwriter4adam, I’m sure it’s all OK. I think everyone was simply expressing their own deep feelings for Adam’s welfare, and their hopes for the best for his career. We are very bright and positive for the most part here, but we do a bit of heavy lifting now and then. We write on every aspect of Adam’s life, so we will probably hit a more serious note once in awhile. I just hope everyone is not upset. I thought everyone answered very well, I enjoyed the concern shown for Adam. Sending love to you and all the Glambs tonight..

        • Lisette again..thenks agan for all lovli posts an articles an we all seem to be more serius an less flirting an liter moods..but it is for reasons thet everyone is truly worrie for Adam’s bonhealth an non being overwhelmed with multicitie tours an little inbetween off days,inproper rest an seeing “Idol’s signing agree in dark parking lots..where are l’bodyguards now thet I av seen some people mentione in several cities of Adam being indangere..Wel then he was wise to stay back from some meet/an autograph sessiones.
          An wel lets pray AI 19 managers will keep all an speciale safe til tour ends here.I do pray too for his bonhealth an repose to keep his beautiful voix thet is angelque an truly a gifte from above the way we all adored him an will always do non mattre if he’s ontour,in recording studio,future CD’s,filmes,tv/international an solo tours to follow ..Oui Adam we’ll always luv yu forever !J’etaime,angel blessings an bonwishes monamie !Luv Lisette
          hugs an blessings for all glambs/fans and frends!xoxoxo

      • Ditto: Come on I join this site because it is usually uplifting. Ihave been into other fansites and the language is nauseating. Not to be too picky either, but some
        of these comments are quite lengthly. I know its human to speculate, but lets stick to the real stuff.
        Ok, I’m going to speculate : If Adam were to read some of these, he would probably chuckle or
        say ” Jeeeeezzzzz”

    • LORRIN, no, Lorrin, thank ‘you’ for all your posts which are always informative and fun!! This site would not be as good as it is w/o the wonderful way in which you express yourself, and often get us feeling like WE are in a little romantic story w/Adam or whoever or whatever the object of the fascination is!!! Thank you for stating your views honestly and bravely. It’s obvious that one need to be a little ‘brave’ at times when giving our own points or opinions!! Hahaha!!!

      Now, I will ask you, too, have you seen MadBert’s sibling on someone else’s post?


      • Oh-oh, WHERE is MadBert’s sibling? Not over here with my Ms. Ada Dell I hope! Give me fair warning, and I will watch out for it!

  25. Now that we have indulged in some passionate social intercourse on the topic of Adam’s well-being and stated our points of view points VER EMPHATICALLY, perhaps it is time to move on to the next topic.

    Jeanette, I don’t know how else to contact you but would like to request the following topic:


    This is prompted by comments I have seen (e.g. Jamie Foxx) that Kris would be more successful as a recording artist. I, naturally, DISAGREE COMPLETELY for the following reasons:

    * Adam’s voice quality is far superior to any recording artist.
    * Adam’s vocal range cannot be rivaled by any other male artist.
    * Adam’s lower and upper registers are pitch perfect.
    * Adam’s diction is the best I have EVER heared.
    *Adam has the ability to project the message of every song with deep emotion, appropriate for the song type.
    * Adam’s total package is fresh and so different to what we are used to. We don’t need a copy John Mayer or whoever else.

    As Adam indicated, he has been speaking to Slash and I am looking forward to them collaborating. Slash’s advice to Adam during AI was solid.

    I was just listening to No Boundaries (Adam and Kris’ versions) with my eyes closed and I wish that the Jamie Foxx’s of this World would do the same and then dare to say that Kris is the better recording artist. I like Kris, I think he has a good voice but there simply is NOOOOOOOOOO comparison. Adam Rocks, Adam rules, Adam is the King of every genre. Well, let’s just leave country out of it – suits me fine as I am not a fan of this genre. To those of you who enjoy it, that’s COOL too!

    • Jeanette, there are a few typos. I can edit and sent it to you.

    • I like Kris as a person but find his voice just too bland and generic for me. Just my opinion.

      • THERESA, I’m in total agreement w/you. Kris is ‘SO’ average, it still amazes me that he even got into the top 13! Even when you watch ‘american idol rewind’, there are people on there that are really, really good, and much better than Kris. Indeed, this is just my opinion. However, to see how Adam has ‘partnered’ w/him, I can’t help but wonder how much ‘less’ of an idol experience Adam would have had without Kris.

        • … or did you mean “how much less of an Idol experience Kris would have had?” My impression since the contest ended is that Kris is getting so much more airtime etc along with Adam, and I think Adam actually pulls Kris out of his rather retiring ‘shell’ to get to his (Kris’s) funnybone. Kris has a sweet whimsical sense iof humour but to actually experience it might take a few interview videos to notice.

          • Theresa,,no, I meant it like I said it originally. Let me try to say it differently. To be blunt, here’s
            what I feel. Because Kris Allen is a truely genuine, loving soul, and saw in Adam, a truely genuine,
            loving soul, I believe Kris made a ‘concious effort’ eventually, to ‘stick-up’ ,so to say, for Adam and
            didn’t appreciate the way some of the contestants mocked Adam behind his back for being gay.
            Kris and Adam therefore became closer, b/c Adam so appreciated the friendship Kris offered him.
            I think Adam probably would not have faired as well as he has, had it not been for Kris’ absolute
            honesty and sincerety as a person toward Adam. It’s hard to explain what I’m trying to say, but I
            hope you can understand what I’m TRYING to say!! Just imagine the whole idol 09 w/o Kris Allen.
            Which one of the remaining guys would have truly been an honest truthful, sincere friend to Adam?
            I say, none. So if Adam had no ‘friend’ as the contest continued, and the tour began, given the
            exposure given Adam re his lifestyle, how ‘happy’ do you think Adam would be? I just think Kris has
            made Adam’s journey easier simply b/c he (Kris) was and is there for Adam when nobody else
            would have had Adam’s back in the very caring and loving way that Kris has. That friendship, I
            believe, made both men stronger, and they became co-contestants, not rival contestants, as they
            both actually expressed just before, and immediately after the idol finale. Their friendship became
            their saving grace for each, therefore they relly couldn’t compete ‘against’ each other. Does that
            make sense to you? I just don’t think I can say it ‘on paper’ any better. Adam needed Kris’ kind
            of friendship, and tho Kris is a “Christian”, I think FOR that reason, he felt he must be what he
            considers a true “Christian” would be, a friend. ie: WWJD?

            • OKay, Cheryl, I get it. Yes, I agree about Kris emabling Adam’s more easy acceptance by the other idols. I was not referring to that kind of idol experience. I thought you meant their talent and the interest the public has in each of them.

              I still think Kris has had an easier time with the interviews and the tour in general, because of Adam’s facility and lighthearted humour, and easy interaction with the public.

              And the tour has put them all together like the series did, so they have more opportunities to get to know each other and bond in different ways.

  26. SueFromPA says:

    This is my first time to comment on this website, or any other! I so much enjoy coming here every day to check up on Adam. I, too, am concerned about Adam (I have a son about his age), but I know he is smart enough not to take chances with his career or life. I look forward to seeing him when he comes to the Northeast (PA and NJ). But I refuse to be disappointed if I don’t get to meet him. I just want to enjoy watching him and listening to his beautiful voice. He is the best singer I have hear in many years, and he is just so adorable! I am a Christian, and I do pray every day that he stays healthy, happy, and safe! And thanks so much for the music player, so I can enjoy the studio versions of Adam’s Idol songs while reading the daily posts. GO ADAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love ya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. WHEW!! I think we all need to take five minutes and close our eyes, take s l o w d e e p b r e a t h s, surround ourselves with white light , P E A C E and C A L M.

    Now, imagine healing, protective, loving white light surrouding ADAM. Send him all your love and protection. Ask the universal energy to protect him and keep him healthy.

    Slowly, open your eyes. Breathe deeply and slowly. Carry the white light with you into the rest of your day and be at peace!!

    LOVE and LIGHT to you all and, especially, to ADAM!!!

    • DellaD, thank you! You no doubt noticed the wireworks coming off this thread. Love and light to you too and, of course, Adam!

      • Just a little bit, Ingrid! I started my day with this thread and I had to actually close it and re-center myself and re-start my day more peacefully!!

        It just goes to show that we all LOVE ADAM and want him to be well and healthy for all of our respective concerts, but most of all for the rest of our lives to enjoy him and have him healthy and happy in his own life!!!

        LOVE and LIGHT once again!!

        • Indeed! Have you attended one of the concerts? I definitely will attend one of ‘Adam’s’ concerts – I”m from the Rainbow Nation (South Africa).

          • I have not attended and I do not think I will. Money is tight right now and I would rather save and go to one of his very own concerts, rather than see all the other contestants. I have no desire to see any other one but him!! Well, maybe Alison and Kris, but none of the others.

            I’m sure one day he will tour to your beautiful country!!


  28. With the talnt of Adam Lambert being as strong and definning as it is, we’re going to have fans who differ in their ‘passion’ for him. I think that is true of every musician who has ever performed. For those who are looking for the ‘cookie-cutter’, fan, you’ve probably picked the wrong talent to follow. Adam’s fans are not going to be ‘typical’, in my opinion, simply b/c Adam is not ‘typical’. As a ‘non-typical’ fan, myself, in case you’ve not noticed, I will love watching Adam as everyone else does, from ‘afar’. I’m sure Adam would ‘understand’ about passion. He feels ‘passionate’ about his beliefs, and offers his own insight when the time is suitable for him. I am not Adam. Adam will express to the public his thoughts in a non-judgmental style, which is one of his many virtues. I also, have many virtues, and one that I think I said or mentioned months ago is that I am fiercely loyal. (talking about Taureans) If you are not as fierce as me, so be it. Great for you. I am very happy for you all. I will say, after reading a lot of ‘hate’ posts yesterday, and reading some of the mad world’s meanest peoples words, I got ‘hot’, so to say, under the collar. It was like, “Ok, I cannot continue to stuff y feelings, and I can’t take it anymore” and throwing my computer out the window, (those of you that are older may remember that scenerio from yrs ago) Sometimes your ‘intake’ of information can get sso ‘dirty’, you want to just ‘mop it clean’ and fire the supervisor. In this day and age, w/all the hate spewing around, I get fed-up with just the ‘niceities’ of the masses, and have to inject a verey personal, however eye popping, opinion of my own taking no prisoners. Those of you who felt personally attacked, don’t be. You’ve not been. Then, there are those who would like to portray me as some fanatical fan, which I am not. Not in the negatively way, anyway. Adam has a passion that brings about passion. I’m sure many musicians have their own passionate fans. Take Elvis, for one. He had such a ‘hard-core’ fanbase, that he outsells most artists who are alive todday, even tho he’s been gone a long time. I think Adam will have the same type of fanbase – unyielding and unwavering when it comes to him. Now, that can be a good thing. Passions coming out on ‘paper’ is preferable to passions taken to the street by evil-doers. (sounding like George Bush, here eeeeekkkkks!) Sometimes we get a little (or a lot) long-winded. I see ‘someone’ has a complaint about that, above post, but, it is what it is, isn’t it? Skip the posts you don’t like the length of. Simple. Don’t think anything else needs to be said on my part re my ‘rants’ over my concern for Adam. We’re all different, and that is good. Like Lorrin said, during a ‘heated’ debate or discussion, maybe we can all ‘learn’ something. We probably ‘should’, or the discussion would have been for naught. I appreciate those people who weren’t too skerd to ‘SPEAK THEIR MINDS’ on a topic and not feel they have to join in w/the majority in ‘piling on’ in ‘dissing and dismissing’ me and my OWN personal feellings on this subject. I love the Glamberts, even those who disagree w/me. But I love those who agree with me better! No, no, no,,,,,kidding! Just being me! I’m good to go, now.
    love-peace-light-peace-joy-peace-happydays-peace 2 Adam ……and all his fans.

  29. THERESA, Something I’ve been meaning to tell you. In a post above to Lorrin, you mentioned about the Memphis concert, and that Adam was ‘off key’ and sund in a lower register. I just want to point out, that if you watch him real close, in that son, before he gets to the note in question, he looks over to somone, maybe a sound man, and points to his ear as if to say, ‘I can’t hear myself’, or something like that.

    Also, I thought although he sang in a lower register, he also sang a few time w/more ‘growl’ than I’ve ever heard him! And it sounded great! Different for him, but w/somewhat more ‘soul’. I thought his dancing was so improved tht I hadn’t noticed his dancing was not up to snuff ‘before’! I just liked the whole Memphis concert, I think, a bit more thn the others! Just sayin’………………he’s luscious in every way he sings.

    • I’l listen again, Cheryl, but I also like it when he hits the lower ranges.. WE mainly know hiim as a rather higher pitched singer and maybe really low ranges are more difficult for him to reach, but they sound yummy! In fact I remember on AI when Slash said to him during rehearsals, use your lower range it is cool so some such words.

      It was the very last note that sounded off to me. I will listen a gain. Memphis, right?

    • Cheryl, hmmmmm and I am sure that growling got you cooing! What’s up ma cherie?? Go ahead and just abandon Baby Cakes.

      • INGRID, INDEED!! The growling did get me ‘cooing’, Ingrid, I’ll admit it! But, how about the way you began your post above, “engaged in social intersourse”, indeed! You naughty, naughty girl!! Now, THERE’s an expression I don’t want to forget! Grrrrrr……! I learn so many useful things on this site!!!!!

        • … and you have just taken that expression to another level … intersource, sounds very saucy to me!

          • Ingrid – INTERSOURCE!! Oh, excellent, baby cakes! Excellent!

            • Oh, I’m in a faint, INTERSOURCE, what visions of unnameable delights swim before my eyes! (But of course, you will notice, Ingrid, that Cheryl spelled that ‘interSOURSE’). I’m tellin’ ya’, you gotta’ watch that girl! And hey, what did you meant that she should just ‘abandon BabyCakes’? Gawsh.

              • LORRIN & INGRID, You know I re-read all these posts so many times, but it wasn’t until
                now that I understand about intersource!!!! Hahaha! Good grief!!! I mispelled ‘interCourse!!
                Oh, my goodness!!!! No wonder you two had a bit of a laugh at me…… then, on top of it all
                I’m laughing, too but didn’t even realize the MAIN POINT!!!!!! CRAP!! Sometimes I crack
                myself up!!
                Than you dears, I finally GOT IT!!! ….duh…..!
                Love ya both!

                • And WE are cracked up by YOU, our most dear Cheryl! What would we do without these inadvertent flubs you and MadBert make every so often? They are the highlight of our day! Oh, and just to let you know, I also check back on all of these older pages we wrote just to see if anyone has left another message. You never know what you might find tucked away on an old thread!

                  • Lorrin, (right now on tv music, there’s an album out of oldtime gospel by various
                    singers thru out a year. “The Old Rugged Cross” is being sung right now. My grand-
                    mother sang that at any given moment, she’d burst into song. Always gospel in her
                    operatic soprano and also) Anyway, after posting that last on the ‘intercourse’ word,
                    I realized something new – again! U eveb spelled intersourse wrong!! OMG! As you
                    so eloquently pointed out I spelled it ‘intersource!!!!! Good nite!! What the hell is wrong
                    here??? I’ve just got to say, this is very typically like something I’d do inadvertantly
                    that would get my kids or relatives laughing, me laughing right along, then like a light
                    bulb going on over my head, I’d realize that there was ‘more’ to the laughter, of
                    something else I had not recognized! The laughter would turn up and we’d be just

                    My son told me today, that I had left him a voice mail about my grandson, Grant, and
                    that when I’d go to say ‘Grant’, I’d say ‘Adam’. He said I did this thruout my message
                    to him, then tell him I loved him and ‘bye’. Never knowing I had used Adam’s name
                    thru the whole thing and he said he started laughing when I fidrst said ‘Adam’ and
                    didn’t correct myself, by then he knew I didn’t know it and he started to laugh more,
                    and as I went on talking about “Adam’ instead of ‘Grant” he had had to lay the phone
                    in his lap, collelct himself, start it over and that the whole message was laiden
                    w/Adam’s name upto where I said ‘goodbye’!!! He was laughing when he was telling me
                    me this. It WAS so funny!!!

                    So, I just realized that I really skrewed up, but if you and Ingrid weren’t so darned
                    quick, we could have just ignored it all!! But how much fun we would have missed
                    out on!!!! We are acting like the ‘Three Musketeers’ in a way, aren’t we?

                    Carrie Underwood is now singing ‘Amazing Grace’! Wow, she has never sounded

                    I love the old gospel hymns! Love them! I have 3 CDs by Elvis singing all of them.
                    Makes me cry everytime I hear them. These are the exact hymns Granny sang so
                    pure and loud in church, and I’d try to sound like her, but alas, tho I can truly carry
                    a tune, sang soprano in H>S. and church choir, and a few times in a trio in church,
                    I don’t have the voice that Granny had, or from what your and Ingrid’s posts say,
                    you both have great voices! Oh, that’s so wonderful!!

                    My mother would have adored Adam, too. After Elvis, her favorite was Axel Rose!
                    She would never listen to gospel cuz it would upset her and make her cry. She
                    was so extremely sensitive about anything ‘church’. She never went, and was afraid of ‘feeling’
                    of ‘feeling’ any emotions. She was extremely sensitive. She would talk about me
                    dying before her and would hide herself away to get her mind off the subject. I had
                    been so gravely ill for so long, she was always afraid of having to face life w/o me.
                    I was her ‘best friend’. She was mine, and it tore her up emotionally as she felt so
                    guilty that she had not been a good mother, and felt she ‘failed me’. I was always
                    very adament that she did not ‘fail’ me, that my dad ‘failed us’.When I was so young
                    she always looked to me to help her, save her from whatever, and always felt
                    ‘safe’ if I was around. She was always afraid she’d die alone. Oh, she was married
                    32 yrs to her 2nd husband, but he was mean and stupid.He spent the whole 32 yrs
                    trying to keep me away from my mother. 3 days before she died I was with her in
                    Gd. Rapids. She had gotten alzheimer’s 3-4 yrs earlier to a degree. As she laid in
                    the rehabilitation hosp., and I was there, had a bed pulled up to be right next to her,
                    I held her in my arms for 3 days and nites as she was in a semi-concious state
                    and I talked to her like she was awake for those 3 days. No one came to visit her,
                    or releive me. I ate, slept, and washed up in her room. As I sat by her the last after-
                    noon, looking at here and sobbing while talking about life, I was stroking her face and he
                    head, and she just passed. Not even a hard breath, or anything.

                    • Cheryl, I understand completely. I can see now very clearly why we have become friends. Our experiences are so very similar. Yours are much harsher, but I have known sorrow, too. I too sat with my mother just a year ago in her hospital room and talked with her just as though she could hear me. Just know that I hear you, Cheryl, and there is a reason for all of this. All will be well one day. I loved your reference to hymns, they were the warp and woof of life in the South, and we were always singing somewhere. I sang with a gospel trio of young Southern women. We had a more progressive, not an old fashioned sound, but still sounded very nice. Maybe when all of us Glambs get together on some future wonderful day, we can all SING around my Grandmother’s old piano in the front room, wouldn’t that be something? We can belt out some of Adam’s tunes. I’ve been going around the house today singing ‘A Change Is Gonna’ Come’, thinking about how to approach describing Adam and that song. Did you know he not only sang it on AI, but also in the Zodiac Show? What a contrast in venues! But I know that it is hard for me to listen to the blues. I was raised on it, lived in the South, left a little boy back there, and the blues is a gateway to the past which opens old memories. But now I’ve watched Adam sing it in his beautful white suit, and I think I’m ready to write about it. And yes, Cheryl, we are like the three Musketeers, it’s the first thing I thought of when we were describing how quick to defend Adam we all are! I want all good things for that young man. I will go, Cheryl, but just know I’m thinking about you tonight, and sending you and all the Glambs love and blessings from California!

                    • Lorrin & Cheryl, just for the record – I sang because people were desperate for someone for sing. As I said, as a child everyone thought I had a beautiful voice but even at its best, was NEVER remotely close to that of my mother’s. Well, whatever the quality of my voice now, I hope we can have a sing-along one day. I loved your reminiscing about your mothers. It doesn’t matter what age we are, we still cherish those moments. Do you remember the song Mother … M is for the many things she gave me, O … is for … put it all together, it spells MOTHER, the word that means the World to me!

                      The Old Rugged Cross and Amazing Grace are two of my favourites. I have just realised that we may live miles away from each other and yet we continue to explore and find out that we have so much in common.

  30. After all that we have said here (and I do very much appreciate what you said at the end here, Cheryl), I just wanted to add one thought. The only reason all these comments are appearing here is that we are all just responding to the topic of the thread given to us. We aren’t making up something off the top of our heads in order to start a controversy. I don’t feel that discussing Adam’s health or physical welfare is a negative topic, even if we speculate about what we don’t truly know definitively. Much of what we say here on these threads is speculative. This is a fan website, which is dedicated to reporting on and discussing everything pertaining to Adam’s life and career. I don’t see how we could possibly avoid specualtion, since not a one of us knows Adam Lambert. Nor do I think we should necessarily try to avoid speculation, because part of the innocent fun of a fansite is for zealous fans to voice their thoughts and feelings for the star, whatever they may be. If some of us didn’t pick up the thread and comment on these topics, all that would be left would be short posts on how great he is. To my mind, what makes this site so interesting and popular is the quality, quantity and content of the longer posts, as well as the rich, shorter comments in-between. Otherwise why even put the topics out there at all, or comment on them in the first place? As time goes on, many, many things are going to be happening in Adam’s life, and not all of them will be upbeat. Should we avoid talking about those things just because we will all probably end up expressing ourselves honestly and passionately? I did not think our comments here were negative just because they were passionate, – we are all sincerely concerned for Adam’s well-being, and that WAS the topic of the thread on which we were invited to comment.

    At any rate, I will go with whatever we all decide, and with whatever the leaders decide. I love the people here, and enjoy writing here immensely. I hope we can all go on happily and peacefully together with Adam. Love to all you Glambs.

    • Lorrin, wellsaid! What’s the point in having a point of view if we cannot express it. I think this was an interesting and insightful discussion and I look forward to more of these in future.

      • INGRID, as usual, you’re spot on! And I agree, I enjoy all the posts on this site, too, although sometimes, it seems the opposite. Like I said, what’s the use of looking for people to ‘chat’ with, when you always feel you’re ‘preaching to the chior’. I don’t know about anyone else, but I need to be ‘challenged’, in life in ways other than physically! Like Adam’s comment that I love so much, “first I learn, then I teach”! Hahaha! Love that comment! Oh, and just not to be misunderstood, here, I don’t mean ‘I’ will teach, literally! Just sayin’…….
        love & peace

      • So do I, dear Ingrid, in fact, I LOVE the meatier subject matter. Actually, I love it all, it’s all a delightful smorgasbord of people and subjects. I hope we will all be able to go on ad infinitum with Adam..

    • LORRIN, I couldn’t have said that better. No! Really! I couldn’t have said it better. You have such a way about you when you ‘speak’ that always seems so much more mature than the way I come across. Thanks!

  31. Cheryl I am putting this way down so you might read it. I was confusing the two Simons.

    It is Simon Fuller who is CEO of 19 Entertainment.. Thanks, Ingrid!

    • THERESA, Okay! I even got Fuller’s last name wrong, I said maybe Lithgroe (sp) orsomething. Thanks for following thru to give me the correct info, I do appreciate that!
      And, Theresa, I wasn’t saying that is note was Not off key, it WAS, I’m saying, look at the ‘performance’ just before he hits that key, and you’ll see him point to his ear, or kind of like ‘tap’ his earpiece as if to say, ‘something’s wrong’ with my being able to hear myself, or something! No, you were spot on, that note was a bit ‘off’, not that it was astonishingly ‘off’, but, nevertheless, for Adam, it was off and he knew he had a problem by the time he got to the last note. See what you think.

      • I will listen again, Cheryl. It just kind of ‘hit me’ because he is alwayis flawless. I have read or heard somewhere that those little earpieces can put them off at times and it has been noticeable (maybe it’s the actual videos??) that the sound is sometimes not so good in certain venues.

        I asked my son about that after I’d seen the concert. My complaint was that the band/background was just plain too loud in Vancouver. He said they take their own sound equipment with them but each venue has a whole different acoustic influence on a concert’s sound. I also noticed the background noises (band etc) seemed more muted in later concerts. Either that or they cranked up the mics for the singers.

        That night in Vancouver there was no problem with Adam though, he really can belt out a song and he was always above the band noise.

        • Theresa, totally understand what you mean about Adam always being flawless! I have noticed that at
          some of the concerts, the band was just way too loud! I didn’t feel that way about the Vancouver
          concert, but one or two of the later ones. Yeah, the acoustics make a world of difference, for sure!!
          During one concert, don’t remember which one, I read many posts where everyone seemed to be in
          agreement that actually Adam’s voice was the only one that could be heard due to the loudness of the
          band. I don’t fault the band. The sound manager seems to have done a ‘shabby’ job during the pre-
          concert sound checks!

          Please look below at the end of this thread, I posted two questions for you again!

  32. LORRIN AND INGRID, no surprise that I agre w/you both 100%. Lorrin, your last post was truly awesome anId absolutely mature and as correctly stated as is possible. Ingrid, your intelligence is refreshing to say the least. The things you both have said on this thread is so spot-on, and it has nothing to do with me, personally, but you’re both able to see ‘exactly’ what I’ve said and ‘why’ I’ve said it. I so agree that what is the benefit of communication if everybody agrees w/everybody else, and no one ‘dare’ to take a ‘lead’ on an issue that one feel so passionate about? Would this thread have been ‘much better’ if I just added my little post saying, ‘Adam is a big boy. Yes, ain’t it awful about the haters. I love the way Adam sings. Adam is so cool. Isn’t Adam so cute,,,,,,,etc’?? If that’s what some of you want from a fansite, then either you need to understand this fansite has many, many intelligent, passionate and Adam-loving fans and you’ll have to ‘put up’ w/their writings, ignore those you have decided you don’t ‘like’, or maybe ‘live and learn’. How do we all learn if we only want people around us that agree w/us and seek people w/o any ability to speak apart from a majority? I know I learn the most from reading and hearing those who I ‘disagree’ with so often. If I have a totally different opinion thatn someone else and am passionate about it, I, personally, like to ‘study’ that opinion just a bit more than that of someone who is in total agreement w/me. John Kennedy said, “We aren’t going to space because it’s easy, we go because it isn’t” (paraphrasing a bit). To be more lighthearted about it, Don Corleone (Marlon Brando in The Godfather) told his sons to keep their friends close and their enemies closer. Closer because the only way of knowing what someone is going to do is to keep yourself close to them. I digress, again. Sorry. I am a sometimes too ‘quick witted’ for my own good. Maybe oftentimes. I have a ‘dry sense of humor’, which is often mistaken for arrogance. But, if nothing else I say means anything else, please KNOW that even tho it may sound like I’m attacking someone personally, I am not. That is NOT my intention and I deeply apologize to anyone who feels that way. However, I am quite honest in how I feel, and if something hits me hard, then it hits me hard. I might or might not pursue any conversation re the subject. But in my agreement with LISETTE, LORRIN, INGRID AND ADAMADDICT, and other Glambs let’s not try to ‘dummie down’ this fansite! This is the site it is b/c everyone here has the same common denominator – love and all the rest for Adam Lambert. Please, do not forget that. I certainly don’t feel that anything I’ve said is for any other reason than expressing my feelings, regardless, how imperfect and passionate they are about our future icon. Love to you, Lorrin, Lisette, Ingrid, AdamAddict, Theresa and all Glamberts.

    • Cheryl, I have always known that the strength and fervor of your comments was inspired by your intense love of Adam Lambert. You are indeed quick-witted, but you are also quick ‘on the draw’ to fire off those pistolas of yours wherever you see a possible breach in the defenses of the imaginary wall of protection we have erected surrounding Adam, and I love that. You are our first line of response, and I love the white-hot fires you create with your words. I hope you never change them, and I hope you will never have to change them. I enjoy your own particular kind of intelligence, wit, passion, and humor immensely, just as I love and value all the wonderful writings by all our friends and sister Glambs. If we were all knights of the Round Table, you would probably be Sir Gawain, brash, fiercely loyal, brave, boldly active, and always true. I’m with you, we will continue on as we always have, helping to create an intelligent, passionate, multi-level environment for the expression of our love and admiration for Adam Lambert. Thank you for helping to lead the way in that!

      • Lorrin, I have seriously been thinking of an appropriate nick-name for you and … tara… here it is… Lady Shakespeare! What do you think? Your post is brilliant! The ‘fire off your pistols …. in the defences of the imaginary wall of protection …’ comment is priceless and I am still trying to recover. Ha, Ha!

        Cheryl, I have NEVER, EVER considered you to be arrogant (misplaced confidence). I am sure that the Glambs, even those you may sometimes disagree with, will agree that this website would not be the same without you. You are ONE OF A KIND, and thank goodness for that!!!

        We have so many laughs, particularly when something is lost in translation, e.g. hinterland/winter lands! I didn’t even post a response because I was laughing so much.

        So from the ‘Rainbow Nation’ to you Lorrin & Cheryl, ALL the Glambs and of course, THE ONE, THE ONLY ADAAAAAAAAAAAM, LOVE, PEACE AND GOOD HEALTH!

        • Ingrid, you are so dear. I will wear my new name proudly. We are all going to be dripping with medals and honors and rainbow colors as we continue to ride forth in Adam’s Land!

      • LORRIN, Well, I guess I’m alittle speechless. Oh, my goodness, such high praise from the caliber of your own very respected place on this site, I take very seriously, and am profoundly thankful for the encouragement and support you have entrusted in me. I am really speechless! I will say, that you probably have no idea how much what you say means to me. I absolutely treasure your opinions, but when you lay such high praise on me and such friendship and love, I’m totally humbled. I could only hope to be the person you describe to me, as me! You blow my mind, and alas blow me away! I do not receive such honors very often, at all,. I feel so very stunned and greatful st the same time! I don’t really have a good ‘reply’ to give you that could even begin to sound as wonderful as you have made me feel. I guess, all I can really say, is a great big thank you for your comments, and again, thank you for your support and love. You ceretainly have my support, love and respect. Guess this is what is clled a ‘love-fest! However, I feel the same about you, believe me. I am so glad I checked back on my MadBert! I was in bed, and had to get some juice and just felt I should come over and ‘fire-up’ MadBert one more time before I retire for the night. Somehow, your phychic ability pulled me in, and I’m so glad to have been ‘pulled’!

        peace-love-friendship-happiness-joy-light-strength-hope 4 Adam, us, and our future.

        • I did the same thing, Cheryl. I took one last look at our recent pages, and found you here. From my own very respected place on this site, here under the scaffolding of Adam’s stage with all the bras stapled on the bottom (just kidding, just kidding), I sent out those vibes of mine to you. Your post was precious, and I send you my warmest love and best blessings tonight before going to bed. Love you, Cheryl, you are very dear to me and to all of us on this site!

  33. cmhagey says:

    Dear Readers,
    Thank you ALL for making this thread so valuable. I had no idea when I came up with the idea to write on this topic that it would stir such emotion. I’ve loved reading each and every comment, yes even those that were calling me out (!) and truly appreciate all the time you’ve taken in writing them. You are completely correct when you said that this would be boring if everyone just commented on how much they loved Adam or how cute they think he is. We need intelligent discussion like what has taken place here today to help give our fan site the credibility and interest level that we as administrators are seeking for it. On that note, thank you to all of you for becoming regular viewers and commentators, and for subscribing to this fan site as a whole. Please spread the word of this fan site to your friends and strangers you meet who are also devoted to the Alien From Planet Fierce!
    Any topics that you would like to see addressed for future articles, please leave them in a post. I guarantee one of the authors will see it.
    Thanks again for the loyalty!
    Carol – cmhagey – author

    • Carol – cmhagey, hats off to you for initiating a topic that evoked so much passion – BRILLIANT! Please know that it is deeply appreciated and in fact, from the comments posted, has resulted in us Glambs having deeper insights into ‘ourselves and each other’! For this thread to have achieved that, is absolutely AWESOME!

  34. Thank you very much, Carol, for your very supportive post. I was feeling quite forlorn there at first, thinking we had all stepped into some kind of no-man’s land, with all the vigorous discussion back and forth on this thread. I personally, have not see anything nearly as good as this website anywhere, with the same high level of good writing and personal commitment by the contributors. Thanks so much for your leadership, and also for Jeanette’s and Dreamsound’s, and thanks to all the other leaders, for their high level of involvement and direction. I have been inviting people to this site since I joined it, and I hope it continues to grow by leaps and bounds. We love it here!

    • Hi Lorrin,
      Thanks for your kind words. Thank you also for letting us know you’re spreading the word of our site. I think we’ve “talked” via the Idol Forums when I was trying to get other San Diegans to meet up at the Homecoming! It’s good to see the same screen names from that site coming over to here. I would try to post over there about our site, but I’d probably end up back in Band Camp! Thank goodness we don’t have membership to that exclusive camp here!!
      Carol – cmhagey

      • Hi Carol, thanks for the nice post, but I did want to say that it probably wasn’t me on the forums! I try to stay diligently here on the main pages; if I didn’t, I would completely lose my marbles trying to keep up with everyone. Also, I didn’t quite catch your reference to San Diego and Band Camp (that was so cute), so I know it wasn’t me on the forum with you. There must be another ‘Lorrin’, or maybe a ‘Lauren’ there. And I’m one of those NorCal, not SoCal gals. At any rate, I really appreciated your note and enjoyed hearing from you, and I most certainly DO invite people over to this site whenever I can. We ARE the best place to talk about Adam Lambert!

  35. CMHAGEY, I admire and respect you for all you do!! Yes, I think this was so emotional and passionate which I think is due to the intelligent authors coming up with intelligent ideas to throw about, thus helping Adam’s fans find people in which to engage in Adam-talk! What a grateful person I am for you and the other authors on this fansite coming up with such intelligent and thought-provoking topics. I sincerely hope that I have not offended you or anyone personally. It’s kind of like deciding to have a boxing match, agreeing on the terms, and then not liking it if someone gets ‘punched’ a little too hard! I’ve taken many punches here and am very proud to be still standing with the Glambs!!1 We have to be a strong group for Adam, and if taking a ‘hit’ is something that happens from time to time, I definately will take any ‘hits’, dust myself off, and come back w/stronger admiration for Adam and his fans, the Glamberts. Once again, Just want to say, a genuine, ‘thanks’ for all you do.

    • Cheryl dear, please look just two posts above your last comment here, just above mine and Carol’s posts. I have written a little something for you there. Love to you tonight from California..

      • Cheryl and Ingrid, I have left you a little note on the Tour Vibe Tampa page, 11 up from the bottom. My note is addressed to Ingrid, but Cheryl will LOVE reading it, too!

    • I was really annoyed at what one person said about Adam being paid for doing the tour and accepting it. Just because Adam has signed a contract and is making more money than he ever has before, doesn’t make him happy. When are people going to wake up to the fact, that life does not revolve around money. Yes its nice to have some, but its not what makes us happy. Its doing things that makes us feel good about ourselves, that counts. Adam sang because he loved music, he was a pure pleasure to watch, there are not many people out there, who can say that they truly enjoy something. Adam did, when he sang, he would loose himself in his music, there is no better feeling than that. But, little by little, Adam has changed; nobody seems to give him a chance to talk about what he loves, his music, his love for life and helping people to accept themselves for who they are. All everyone seems to want to talk about is his clothes and make up. I can’t believe that people are so obsessed about what brand of make up he wears, they are concentrating too much of on this, and changing him into someone else.

      I suppose we have all thought about how lucky they are to be part of the American Idol tour, not only Adam, but all the contestants have had their lives changed completely. Even though we all have dream, I bet they never thought anything like this would ever happen to them. A few months ago, they were all unknown, and n there are 1000’s of people coming to watch them in concert. It must have been really exciting for everyone when they started the tour, especially Adam. His following was huge; nobody on American Idol has ever had an impact like this. Adam is unique, he showed us who he really was and we love him for it. When you are around someone that is happy with who they are, it makes you feel good, and we couldn’t get enough of him. We all knew that Adam has an amazing talent, but it seems like everyone had become so obsessed with him, that they are more interested in stupid little things, like his clothes or jewellery, than who he is as a person.

      I think the tour is way to long for anyone, having to perform 50 concerts in such a short space of time is ridiculous. They are on such a tight schedule, that they don’t get chance to do anything. We have to remember that the reason they entered the show, was not just about money, it was their love for music. When you have to perform because you are told to, it takes all the fun out of it, it becomes a chore. I can’t imagine anything worse than having to perform everyday, not only on stage, but with everything and everyone around you. Its bound to affect them, I know it would with me, I would be totally depressed if I never had time to myself.

      These things have obviously had an affect on Adam, he has changed completely. Nobody seems to give him a chance to talk about what he loves, his music, his love for life and helping people to accept themselves for who they are. All everyone seems to want to talk about is his clothes and make up. I can’t believe that people are so obsessed about what brand of make up he wears,

      We need to look at the things that first got us interested in Adam, the way he spoke about his love and music and they way he got totally lost in his music, he was a total pleasure to watch. It was amazing watching him on his Idol journey, we watched him grow into someone who was totally happy with who he is. Now it is like a nightmare, bit by bit, we are watching them take away his confidence and love for music, just so they can make some money. They are not interested in him or his music, they are concentrating too much of this, and its having an affect on him. He doesn’t look like he is enjoying it at all. He always looked confident, with his head held high, and wouldn’t let anyone pull him down. Now he his letting all this get to him, his performances have changed. He isn’t loosing himself in his music anymore, it just seems like he is performing. He doesn’t look confident at all, and is walking with his head lowered.

      Adam does need someone to watch out for him; otherwise they are going to completely ruin him. Look back at Adam’s Journey to find out what they are really doing to people, perhaps then we will all wake up and realise what this show is really all about.

      Every one of us says that we are a fan, does that mean we are his friends. Then if we are, then we need to stand up for him before it’s too late, didn’t we learn any lessons from other stars. We only have to look at Elvis and Michael Jackson, look what the pressure did to them. If we are not careful, they will do exactly the same thing to Adam.

      • cmhagey says:

        Gaynor, welcome to the site! I apologize if you’ve been contributing comments before, but this is the first time I’ve seen your name. As for the comment about Elvis/Michael Jackson, it was so much fun in the very beginning to have a true artist-in-the-making that we could get excited about imagining him becoming as relevant and with superstar capabilities like Elvis/Michael Jackson/Freddie Mercury. But has this tour has unfolded, I’m concerned that Adam has lost his private life too quickly. He’s gone from zero to 180 in a flash. I think Michael Sarver was tweeting the other day, and maybe Matt too, about shopping in the local mall while on a break from the tour. I don’t know if it’s possible for Adam to do that, and I’m thinking probably not. He can’t even come out to his fans for autographs because they’re so overwhelming. He’s gone from being a local Hollywood boy to someone with the type of fans who will track you down, even if no harm is meant. I don’t want to see this level of success for Adam, if it means he will have to give up so much of his private life. Can’t he just become a “sort of” superstar?!?! Maybe when he’s back in Los Angeles, things will calm down. I certainly hope so.
        Thanks to everyone for the kind comments above about our site. We’re working very hard and it’s nice to know we’re accomplishing what we’ve set out to do, which is become the best place to go for intelligent and relevant information on Adam Lambert!
        Carol Hagey

  36. GAYNOR, You porobably won’t be surprised that I totally agree w/you 100%. I studied each line you wrote and can tell you that I said all that and more in the posts above. You get no argument from me! Tou are obviously very intelligent and empathetic for the human-ness named Adam. Well said.

  37. Dear Lorrin! I’m surprised at you! Oh, yes MadBert relative is indeed here on this site.! Just scroll up and you can’t miss him if you take your time! If you have not found them in a couple of days, I will give you directions to their post. hahaha!…….

  38. Gaynor, I don’t know when you started reading the threads on this site but if you go back and read our earlier posts they are all about Adam, who he is ad a person, his dreams, his talent, his friends and family etc.. and not about his persona. These are all recently created threads and are done in a spirit of fun, not obsession.

    Along with them are people’s tour concert experiences and how they felt/feel when Adam performs.

    Those threads are not on the home page anymore but to get to them:

    Click on “Categories” and choose “Featured Posts” and there they all are, nothing about his acoutrements, just Adam and how we all feel about him.

    How do you propose we stand up for him? I think we on this site all would if we could.

  39. Cheryl I have a couple of reply’s to you above. One is a few short posts below Ingrid’s longer one with the “points’ on Adam’s qualities.

  40. THERESA, Uh oh! I did read those posts that you directed me to. But risking sounding like an idiot, I’d like to just ask you a couple of things in regard to the posts we’ve been talking about for the last day or so! haha!
    (1) Did you check out the vid where Adam went “off key” for that one note, and did you see what I was talking about, him pointing to the earpiece? If so, do you agree w/me that he was trying to tell someone that his earpiece was having a problem?
    (2) Do we agree about Adam and Kris’ friendship? I was making the point that Adam has had a better journey thru idol, and the concert tour b/c Kris had become an important friend to Adam. Kris also has had lots of help from Adam, of course, but do you agree w/my theory that Adam might have had a much harder time of things if he had not had Kris as the ‘loyal’ friend that he has been?

    Not talking about Kris’ singing ability or talent, just regarding how important Kris’ beautiful nonjudgemental
    way in which he received Adam’s friendship. I think Adam has become to the public even he did not ‘win’, however, but Kris would have had a very hard time of it had he not had Adam’s encouragement, too. It’s kind of like saying, ‘fate’ stepped in and gave Kris the title of ‘winner’ and thus his life was helped monetarily, but Adam will fare more in the long run simply b/c he has the greater talent, voice, personality, charisma, etc. ‘Fate’ has been at ‘play’ for this year’s AI. Adam was definately more deserving of the win, but in my effort to wxplain to myself, ‘how’ Kris could have won, and how ‘unfair’ and all of that, I can make some sense of it by realizing what an important role Kris had in Adam’s life. That I would say to Kris, “thank you so very much for being who you are and being in the right place at the right time as a benefit to Adam”.

    I don’t know if you can understand what I’m trying to explain about my way of thinking about this, but if not, I certainly understand! Sometimes, I’m so analytical that I can’t say something using just a few simple words! sorry….!

    Thanks for putting up w/my questions!! Sometimes I need more understanding than I deserve! Hahaha!!!


    • You must have some “Virgo” signs in your chart somewhere, ha ha Cheryl! (detail oriented)

      Yes, I agree that Kris’s friendship, kris being a down home kinda boy, likely helped Adam gain acceptance as a person. Because Adam is so ‘out there’ with his opinions and feelings, I think Kris became more and more comfortable expressing his. And the other idols would have been around to hear Kris’s opinion. I have heard Kris saying in vids, “I love this guy”.. quite freely!

      Kris also has become so huggy with Adam. (lots of pics on another website) Maybe it’s misplace affection (for Kate) who isnt around. I often wonder if these young people grew up with lots of hugs? My generation did not, partly the time and partly the English background. But they all hug freely and I think it’s wonderful.

      Yes I see him touching his earpiece, they all seem to do it off and on, maybe they don’t fit securely? It may have been the sound system setting him off, who knows?

      • Lisette here..bonmatin Theresa just read above several posts regarde Kris an Adam ther frenship on Idol,an contrast of ther diffarante upbringing,lifestyles,vocal styles,etc..Yet As Adam as said in many interview ..ther vast differances have made them al more connected in become bon amies(frends) thru entire American Idol show..Even recal Adam’s mama mention in interview how their famille had similar ethiques,values an they too develope frenships..Sorry to intrude on I notice yur extractione being Englais..ah I thout yu were Francais being from Canada ..gather I misunderstood.An as far as them being affectionate..hugging I av notice too..An gathre is from as yu say backgrounde,an way parentes were..Mine were conservative despite having European(Italian/’francais estractions),ther were display of such always greeting with bisous(kisses) meante as respecte even amongst famille,frends an such..non just for romantique intentions..sorry just to share regarde above mentione on hugging…Ma mama was more reserve with hugging,being petit shy..but always greet with kiss(on cheek)..thet gathre is also is typical of European..Although agree today’s generatione share hugs an bisous(kisses) as frendships.Ma nephews who are Adam’s ages do thes with ther famille too.
        Take care an bisous too toi amie Lisettexox

  41. Lorrin, I read from the Tampa site that you had a post here for me. Was that today, Saturday? I’m not sure
    where it is, or if you posted that earlier and therefore, am not sure WHAT THE HELL I’M DOING!!!Hahaha!

    • Hey Cheryl, I think you picked it up already….I believe that was the one on our experiences in the Old South. When I went back to check on it, you had already read my post and commented to both Ingrid and me. I’m sure we were both meant to share our experiences and talk about these things, our sharing seemed to be so cathartic for both of us. But I’m also sorry you cried and miss your Granny so much. You have so many painful memories among the good ones, and I’m glad we can share them. I’ve already gone on ahead and started to post on the second of the lead pages already, and I think I saw you there, too. That photo of Adam enveloping Linda in that hug was indescribable! There is something about that man, he is so deeply empathetic. It is wonderful to see him do things like this, which are so loving, and make him appear so vulnerable. We picked a beautiful man to love. He is leading a very special life. Well, off we go again to meet near the front pages….see you soon near the top!