Tour Wrap-Up Party!!!

Looking through some of the recent comments, I see some long faces. Some of you have your chins dragging so much on your keyboard that one would think someone had died! This should be a time of celebration – Adam isn’t going anywhere, and neither are we! The only thing I see ending is a brief chapter in the book of Adam’s career. Remember when Season 8 ended and we thought we would die? What? No more weekly performances? No more new itunes videos and songs to download? How would we survive? But we did. We waited a few long weeks, and the tour began. Now that chapter, too, has ended, but Adam’s career is a tome, guys, not a comic book – there are plenty more pages to turn in the future. (And if you can’t get your fix by checking out our future articles, there are hundreds of existing photos and videos you can look at until your eyes bleed and your eyeliner melts!)

Adam deserves a break from the daily tour grind. My fear is that he won’t get enough of a break – there is recording to be done, more photo shoots, more interviews, more of everything Adam. And whether or not you believe it, I think we all need a break as well. How will our appetites be truly whetted for the solo tour unless we hunger first? Think about it – this is a time to party, not be sad!

I’m in the process now of coordinating a tour wrap-up party with Milwaukee’s small but passionate group of Glambs. So far I hope we can do an evening out with great food and the swapping of stories, photos and gifts. If you went to a concert with friends or family, are you planning a party? How will you celebrate?

If you can’t do a face-to-face party, let’s have a cyber party! Part 1 will be a “photo swap.” Pick out your favorite concert photo (performance photo or signing session photo) and email it to me at One photo per person, please! Over the coming weekend I will post the photos I receive. (Please include your name or screen name, which concert the photo is from, and if you took the photo, go ahead and brag so I can credit you!)

Part 2 is your favorite 3 concert moments. If you attended a concert, pick your favorite personal moments. If you were unable to attend in person, pick your favorite moments from the youtube videos or from the previous TOUR VIBE articles/comments. My personal favorite moments are these:

1. The post-concert signing session in Grand Rapids, MI, when I told Adam my name, touched his hand, and he stared straight into my eyes!
2. The Madison, WI concert, when I sat in the front row and was able to experience Adam’s performance up-close-and-personal (thanks again, Sandra!)
3. The Milwaukee, WI post-concert signing session, when I got my first autograph and touched Adam’s hand for the first time.

If any of you are truly computer challenged and have no way of obtaining some eye-damaging hot print photos, email me at I ended up with some pretty kick-ass photos, and I’m happy to share (won’t cost you.) Same goes for music – if you’re download-challenged and need a CD for your car, email me.

Now no more mourning, people!

~~Jeanette, Glamb #5


  1. Jeanette,you are so cool. How old are you if you don’t mind me asking. I also an older fan and no ashamed of it. My daughter and I saw Adam in Albany NY and ended we had our photo taken for the Times Union. Her in her rainbow shirt and me in my I’M Here for Adam Lambert shirt and black glittery jeans,which I must say looked pretty hot. Favorite moment of the night which was very hot,was Starlight. Before WLL I told my daughter to watch and see what he does with the mike stand. I had fun dancing and singing and watching Adam. He is a beautiful young man and a phenomenal performer. What i like best about him besides how he looks in his pants is the personality of kindness,humility and love that comes through every interview. I finally understand the Elvis phenomena. Adam crosses every age barrier and is bringing acceptance in his own way.It’s not about sex it’s about humanity and Adam touches all.Thanks again Jeanette. I will keep following you in the future.

    • Hi Tina! I just turned 57 – a very young-at-heart 57.

      Yes, Adam touches people of every age. Did I tell you guys the story of the little 4-year-old girl I met in a restaurant just before the Madison show? She had glitter in her hair, black nail polish, and her dad said she’d been waiting the past four months to see Adam in her very first ever concert. When I told her I was an Adam fan, too, she ran to my table to show me her nails. It was another incredible concert moment of many, but I had to limit myself to 3 for the sake of this article.

      • no one listens to me!!!!!!!!!! I HUGGED ADAM LAMBERT WITH MY OWN SELF!!!!! I HAVE A PIC TO PROVE IT!!!!! U’LL SEE U’LL ALL SEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE ADAM LAMBERT!!!! glamb # 410

        • What did you say,Brandy? I can’t hear you!!LOL!! Yeah,okay,prove it first then I freak out!! 😛

      • Hi jeannette just wondering if our fan club is participating on adam’s fanclub tweeter competition? it would be could i almost confuse the glambs with adamlambert_net or its the same?

        • cheryl norman says:

          To: Mary, Ingrid, Lorrin, Trish, Emili, Helen, Evette, Theresa, Sylvana, and all, since I’ve been very busy with my grandkids the past nearly 36 hrs. I had not had a chance to reply to some of your posts. I did just that on the Syracuse Thread and the You Know The Tour is Over When. If you get a chance, you can check them out. I KNOW what a pain in the butt it is going abck to threads to ‘look for something’, but so many have posted so much in the way of a positive reply to my posts, I did want to express my ‘reply’ to all that I could, and to thank you all.

          JEANETTE, I love this topic on this new thread!!! I will be posting later, as it is late now. What a wonderful job you’ve done as far as I am not one of the first Glambs on here!! But, you’ve made it fun, interesting and intelligent. 3 of my favorite things in a person!!! So much fun in GR, and so looking forward to more Glamb Parties with Adam as the ‘Main Attraction” with his own concert tour!!!! Lotsaluv, Cheryl

          • Lisette here..bonmatin Cheryl av misse yu sure yu’ve enjoie famille..Also having brothre for couple week visite..stil am manage to visite in wee heures.An having cold/ neede to see thes lovli Adam tributepage,glambs an of course l’angel of musique..Adam best meds to returne to slepe!Wel lovli to see yur photo on GR thread,an hope we can meet for future soloconcert of Adam somehow alonge with many belle glambs gals too Lorrin,Ingrid,Theresa,Cyndi,Emili,Toni,Sherry,Silvana,Sue,
            Jane many more to mentione! hugs an luv always Lisette.An special bisous for Adam legende of millenium,prince of heartes,..always an angel dans ma vie..Benedictions an luv Lisettexoxox!

    • Jeanette,

      I am so sorry that I haven’t got a chance to meet you in person. You have done such an incredible job . You are a supreme host, cheerleader, den mother and one sage and wild woman all rolled into one.I love reading your wise comments and enjoy your humor as well.

      Btw I tried to reply to Tina who is also from the Albany NY area and when Iclicked on her name I got an error message that said” sever could not be found”

      Tina, I live in Altamont near the Guilderland H/S and my girlfriend Cathy and I saw Adam at the T/U as well.

      Seeing Adam Lambert in concert was one of the most thrilling experiences I have had in years and I’m 58 .
      I think he has the capacity to really help people embrace diversity on a number of different levels.
      He’s charming, amazingly gifted, sensitive, funny, bright and those hips are absolutely phenomenal!

      If you want to try and reply to my message (Debra aka Bunchito) maybe we can connect by phone or meet for lunch. Would love to meet you & your daughter. My husband’s not exactly enchanted with my “thing” for Adam.

      If you want to try & reply to my message by clicking on my name Debra aka Bunchito” maybe you’ll have better luck than I did with my Firefox server.

      M.B. (Many Blessings)

      Debra aka Bunchito

  2. Dianne Hill says:

    Love this idea Jeanette – but how on earth am I going to pick just one photo. I presume I can send you a picture even though I didn’t take it or go to any of the concerts. It is going to take me forever to choose just one – but I will do my very best. I already have a moment picked out for the concert, but will have to make sure that I get the right town before I tell you and for that I will have to wait until I get home from work. Can’t wait to see what the results of this are going to be. Fantastic idea.

    • Dianne, sure, you can pick any concert photo – I realize there are a lot of you that didn’t or couldn’t take your own photos – I want this party to be for everyone!

      • Lisette here..bonmatin Jeanette lovli idea agan I too av nevre been able to see concert,due to health..Can I email yu with nom of thread thet has photos or video of specific citie..I am one of those who ar non computer savvy to finde linq,etc..I’ll av to research an then give few of ma favorite ones alrite?Given is wee heure for me here ..I’ll visite friday at normal teme.Take care Luv an hugs Lisettexoxo

  3. Oh Jeanette, so good to hear from you. I am over the sad feelings and ready to party and
    experience Adam in a whole new light!!!!!!! Wish I could come to Milwaukee and be at your party.
    Cyber party sounds great. Ok, I’ll go thru the pics and send you one. Later I will send you some more. In GR you mentioned me sending you the rest of the ones from LA.
    Favorite concert moments: 1) Columbus concert, Front Row seats and dancing and singing along
    with Adam, just experiencing his whole Dream! After wards the post concert singing, he signed
    my pics of the 2 of us. so dreamy.
    2) GR show, up close and personal again with this awesome man.
    Meeting you and the other Glambs was a thrill to experience all of this together. Having my Tshirt
    signed, “what a feeling”
    3) This is really my First fFavorite moment in the whole world, but it wasnt a tour concert. You know it has to be our trip to LA. a once in a lifetime experience. The idol shows
    and meeting Adam for the 1st time… A superb whirlwind!!!!!!
    I agree the mourning is overrrrrrrrrrrr………………

    • ‘Having my Tshirt signed” ~giggle~ I don’t have energy to respond to that one again!! Who can beat that??!! FYI,shirt signed with her in it, if anyone is new here!! Yeah,you believe it! It’s Mary “Charm” we are talking about!! 🙂

      • Hi, I had my shirt signed also with me in it and I will never wash it. Thanks for everything Jeanette

    • I just emailed you, Iam download challenge and would love a CD of Adam to rock out too in my truck. And Mary C, you got a tshirt signed? And you were in it? OMG!

  4. Kelly Craig says:

    1. Meeting Adam in Tulsa and getting to talk to him about the shirt I had made for him. He was so cute when he laughed and clapped his hands and carried it around on his shoulder. It was so cute. Then when he rubbed my arm to autograph it.. Epic!
    2. When we were in Kansas City and I was front row and when he came down to our side on the left (my right) when he started Fame and stood there and stared straight down at us for the longest time while singing.. That was so awesome.
    3. And other than the fact that I got to go to four concerts, Dallas, Tulsa, Kansas City and Madison, the other great thing is that I got to meet lots of Lambskanks too, and Jeanette in Madison. That was awesome for me! She is precious and hot!!

    This is the first time I have been able to access this site in months… I hope this comes through.

    Kelly, Glam #4 or #8. I forgot.. I think, 8 LOL

    • YAY, Kelly! Yep, it came thru – it’s so great hearing from you again. You certainly did have some great moments – I’m happy that Madison made your list. Wow, you called me hot and Tina called me cool – I’m old, but I’m feeling pretty damned good about myself these days!

      • Kelly Craig says:

        One of the girls I was with said.. and I quote… “I wish I had a mom that was cool like that”.. Everyone LOVED what you were wearing!… It was sick!!!!… as Adam would say!!!!! I was underdressed at the barracades.. but kicked it at the show! LOL

        • Haha! That made my day, Kelly – thanks!!!

          • “getting to talk to him about the shirt I had made for him. ” -So meaning if you make tshirt for him,we can talk to him like…eeerr face to face? Imma gonna make one right now!

            “He was so cute when he laughed and clapped his hands and carried it around on his shoulder. It was so cute. Then when he rubbed my arm to autograph it.”-He rubbed your arm before he signed your arm? So, meaning if I want him to sign on my boobs, you think he will rub my ~gulp~ YAAAAAAAAAYYY!!

            • ~laughing so hard I have tears in my eyes~

              Emili. . . have I told lately that YOU ROCK???!!! 🙂

              Cindy in MS

            • AA, LMAO!

            • Silvana/Argentina says:

              Ohhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Emili!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

              While I was reading Kelly’s post, all I could think of (besides…what a lucky girl), was: WHEN EMILI READS THIS………………………WHAT IS SHE GOING TO SAY???????????????? I was thrilled in anticipation.

              You always make me laugh soooooooooooooo much.
              love you,

            • AA, that is so funny and so cute……………….but hey that is a thought. MMMMMMMMMM. 😉

  5. Kelly Craig says:

    Oh and Jeanette, I have the pic I wanna send but none of the emails work. Should Iink it here?

  6. Hi Jeanette!
    Thank you! I love this idea! Stop being sad!
    Question: Should we post our 3 favourite concert moments now or send it to you with the photo?

  7. Favourite moments:
    1. Meeting Adam after the concert in Grand Rapids – when he signed my picture and touched my hand twice as if patted it!!! OMG I still have goose bumps talking about this moment!
    2. His dancing during the show in Syracuse was unbelievable!!! Best moves ever! And playing with the hat!
    3. Meeting a 5-year old girl – Adam’s fan. (Her Mom is not a fan!!!!) I asked her why she likes Adam and she said: “He is so cute!” She was adorable… (I have her picture BTW)

  8. I saw Adam in Grand Rapids .After the show i awaitd his signing of the autographs.i was way out in the driveway,I thought their is no way im going to get it. All of a sudden people started screaming Adam. I dont no what came over me,mind you i,m 58 years old.Next thing you know i,m standing at the gate.How the—- did i get there.WEll he came over and i was taking my favorite necklace off to give to him.He took it and said this is cool .awesome. thank you.I dont no if he liked it or not,but it made my night. he also signed my shirt. I was one of the last autograph,s he did,i also dyed my hair black for the night.I feel like a teenager again.His music just gives me goose bumps. I cant wait to see him when he does his own concert.So for now just watching old stuff and waiting for the new beginning.had a cell phone but my daughter in law used up the battery so i only got one photo at the autograph signing .I was with her ,but when Adam came out I was gone with no phone to take photo,s with.Left her standing there as i was running to the fence, lol.great experiance.

  9. Iyleneidol09 says:

    Still sobbing!!!! 🙁 🙁 🙁 Just watching this video is making me feel so melancholic!! But then again, I love savoring all the fun and excitement of his 51 cities tour. What a great adventure!!! Here it is, just in case you have not seen this yet… sob!! 🙁

    • Krumping 3 times a day will make you feel better,try it! LOL! But what Jeanette said is true! When A.I is over, I was so sad! I felt empty.Wednesday(M’sia time) is not the same again. But then the tour began. I’m happy again! Now we bit sad but I bet it’ won’t take long, something best from Adam is coming!! Cheer up, Iylene!! ADAM IS COMING!!! 🙂

  10. Yes, it is time to look forward to Adam’s future, Thank you, Jeanette. Nex week already we can look forward to “Flash Forward” where Adam sings the back ground song ” Mad World,” almost forgot about this The time went fast after we heard that Adam was going to be part of this new Series. I hope that it is still going to be.
    I hesitate to tell my experience with Adam’s concert but here I go. First I want to say that it was one of the best times that I have ever experienced, the show was unreal. Adam is such a beautiful man thru and thru, as we all know. After the show we went out for the meet and greet, Adam came out first which was quite a surprise, could not believe seeing him up this close. When he got infront of me I remembered to say thank you when he signed my RS mag.and then I got up my nerve to hand him another item, a picture that I purchased earlier before the concert started, this is where I want to stop but, I won’t. as Adam is signing my picture, I said “oh Adam you are such a baby doll”
    he stopped writing and with his head slightly turned, as he does, he looked at me with those beautiful eyes and smiled, my heart melted, then he finished signing his name.I know I shocked him by saying this, when all around me women are yelling “I love you, Adam”. I can tell you that I will never forget that look, that beautiful smile and those eyes. He touched my heart and I’ll never be the same.
    P.S. Please believe me, I have never used that expression before in my life, I do not know where it came from, it was like there was someone else there talking.

    • Hey Lee M, Imma so proud of you! That’s great line! But the best that I ever heard was “Straight guys love you” LOL! No kidding! But Lee M, that line is better than Jeanette,she only said “thank you” or maybe nothing at all??!! hahaha! hey, come on, i can’t play this game,so everybody need to be nice on me! XP

      • AdamAddict, Thanks, but as I said someone else (in me) said that. Haha. Are you kidding me, ” Straight guys love you”, I’m sure he was also shocked by that. Oh, Adam what you do to us !!!!

    • lee M. OMG, that was a special night for you for sure. Its amazing what can come out of your mouth
      when you least expect it. Loved how he stopped writing and smiled at you!!! OOOOOHHHHHHH

  11. Favorite Moments (no personal contacts, so videos):

    1. WLL (GRAND RAPIDS) — (the irony: because I was 200 feet away, I didn’t realize I’d just seen arguably the hottest performance of “Whole Lotta Love” of the whole tour until I got home and saw it on youtube!)

    2. the body rolls during Bowie (PHILLY) blew me away

    3. the puzzled facial expression and the “What the f… is this?” during Slow Ride (NEWARK-1st night)

    Yesterday Deemoonpie (Deb?) posted a ROFLMAO youtube video called “Devil in Disguise”
    — at 2:46 there is a still shot of Adam (I think it’s during “Can’t Get No Satisfaction” —
    tried but could not find it anywhere — anyone have that?
    (mouth sensually open and lots of hair falling in eyes —yummm)

    Love, sherry s.

    • Eva Poliszczuk says:

      I think Iknow the one you are speaking of Sherry S ,where the background fades into a blue,I love that photo also. Its on my myspace in the Adam Lambert files,lol.

      Thanks again for this great site:)

    • Eva Poliszczuk says:

      I just went and looked at that video,yes its the same one,go steal it from my myspace page,go now…what are you waiting for:)

      • aaawww, thanks Eva, but I’m not on myspace, so I couldn’t log in!

        any chance you could drop it here?

        if not, appreciate your gesture, mmmmmmmwah!

        • Hi Sherry,
          You dont need to be signed up. Just go to Eva’s page, go to EVA DIVA page and click Photes. This photo is at the end. If you want, I can e-mail it to you. My e-mail is
          BTW, You’ve been to Grand Rapids?! Have we met? I’ve been to the Eat and Meet Party. And you?

          • have sent an e-mail!

            • thanks, but still looking

              think I was wrong—not CGNS—thought it was because of the hair in the eyes, but slightly different clothes

              Eva is right—blue background

              can’t place it

              • YES!
                Eva, this woefully non-tech savvy woman found it on your photos after suggestion from Gala! Thanks to both of you.


    • Don’t get all upset OFRA, if you watch Adam you will notice that he is not getting lustful or anything like that. You can see where they are talking, he is trying to say something to her, they may have kissed like a peck (no tonsilectomy) and I think he was trying to calm her down. She got really obnoxious a couple times throwing the eff word around. Adam was being a gentleman as always and they were close at the beginning of the auditions etc.. I seriously doubt Adam changed his mind. He already said he would not label himself bi-sexual. He loves men and that is the way it is. May make out with a female after a few drinks, says it’s fun, but will it go further, I seriously doubt it!

      Gloria (Glambert #476)

      • Yes, yes, yes I’m here Ofra! I watched it yesterday but never accured to me to paste the link here because that was like pause for 5 whole minutes!They did nothing but hugged! My eyes almost popped out!!She kept hanging on Adam,hug him,put her arms around his neck,she was stick to him like a conjoined twin!!LOL!! Megan is so lucky!!And that sweet Adam didn’t even try to avoid or push her away slighty or something.he just let her!! She looks like really having a hard time to let him ago. she probably has crush on him,huh??!! Can’t blame her, I mean LOOK AT ADAM!! DUH!! But I dunno about you guys, I think they will be a cute couple. Megan is pretty! But Adam looks better with Katy Perry! hee hee! Man,it must hard for them,saying good bye! Hope all the best for all of them!! 🙂

        • i can’t stand the sight of it. im saying to myself stop it!.its too long! i read somewhere that they had alcohol after the show except allison, megan looks troubled and adam is such a gentleman to comply with it. to adam its nothing but i doubt about megan she is supposed to be hugging anoop but why adam? yes i am dreaming that one day adam would want to have his own kids but with the finest woman. i love who he is but i can’t stop dreaming kids with aquamarine eyes and as talented as their dad!

          • Don’t distress, you guys, think of it this way—


            In my book, that makes him even hotter (if hotter can possibly be).
            If Adam wants children, I’m sure he’ll find a way. 🙂

  13. puteri abdul says:

    dear jeanette/ sue / and others,

    jeanette, 57 ? really ?! and here I thought I am the weird aged lady who simply adores adam lambert……

    actually I have been a frequent reader here, but I do not really have the guts to post much here as I thought this place is mainly for adam’s young girls and woman fans….. But I like to browse to this tourvibe site because I feel that most of your admiration here for adam is similar as my liking to him…. You guys really rock in this site and all throughout the concert journey, most of your writings here really made me feel so close to all of you here, even we are half way worlds apart…..

    I am from malaysia, I am 43, happily married, and a Muslim…. but to me…. differences do not hold anyone to admire good talents like adam lambert nor matter what race or religion you are, right ….
    for me adam is one in a million of entertainers that only surface like maybe once in a blue moon ? well sort off….

    when I was in school ( I studied in California State University Long Beach , class of 1990 ), I remember being head over heels with jon bon jovi ….. and that was it… after that no one anymore until one fine day, I saw adam lambert in american idol ( good thing star wold cable shows american idol in malaysia)…since then I started to get hooked up on him…and the rest is history…..

    now, even if we are so far apart, Thank GOD for the internet system, I can still spend my time browsing over adam’s activities, thus besides youtube, sites like this that I will turn to follow adam’s journey….

    thank you for all the articles, photos, and stoties being told here…. and I hope this site will still be alive for adam’s fan, in particular for those who are far, far away from United States of America…..

    with gratitude from,

    • Dianne Hill says:

      Puteri, I am 56 and totally adore Adam. I live in Christchurch, New Zealand and believe me I and Jeanetter are not the oldest people on this site, there are lots of us, and there are all ages, young and old. This is a great site, the best as far as I am concerned, I love everyone on this site, we have become a very close Adams Family, so come back and visit anytime. The thing we like to do here the most is talk about our love for Adam and his talent of course.

    • Welcome, puteri abdul to the BEST Adam site on the WWW!! I too can attest that there are MANY of us “mature gals” (and a few good men) on this site. I am also 56, a professional working woman in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. My work colleagues have no idea , nor would they understand the impact and hold that Adam has had on my life. My good friends know but most are not as smitten as I am – none of them spends the amount of time that I do looking at everything Adam on the Internet, downloading pictures, songs and videos (I have 100s!! Maybe 1000s!) None of them has joined Adam fansites like this. None of them has bought Adam items on EBay or other sites like a bracelet, purse, buttons, coffee mug and Tshirts.

      This is why I LOVE coming here as I know that I am among friends who understand what I am going through. I have not felt like this since I screamed for Paul McCartney in the 60s! Adam is the REAL deal and we are all so grateful that we here witnessing his rise to fame. Again, you’ve come to the right place. We would love to hear from you more often. It warms my heart when I hear that so many all around this great big world of ours are loving our Adam and will be following his career with joy and love together!!!


      Glamb #20

      • Hi Puteri,there you are again! Last time you only left 1 post and then missing in action! LOL!!First time I saw this sites, I thought I’m the oldest (32) WHY??!! Have you read all these comments? They have youthful spirit! They even sound like teenagers! I swear to god I thought they all younger than me! When I found out, I was surprised! Look what Adam did to us? We all can be 17 again just like that! AWESOME!! Try to keep coming here and chat with us, I’m sure you gonna like it because they all are the best!! Imma not kidding,THE BEST!! Mwah to you all of you, I love you guys so much!!
        Emili Glamb#19 Malaysia

        • Hi Puteri:
          I use to think I was the oldest one on here. I am 41. So good to see people from other countrys Loving Adam like we do.

    • Hello, Puteri, and welcome, we are a mixed group with a lot of us older women. I am 67. You have good taste. Jon Bon Jovi is a very good man in his heart and a handsome one too, same as Adam!

      Terry, Vancouver

      • Helen/Canada says:

        Hey Terry
        I’m a big Jon Bon Jovi fan too. As you said, he is a good man and very pleasant to look at. First love was Bruce Springsteen. His music touches the very essence of my soul. Both are on the back burner right now and as much as I love Bruce’s music, no one has affected me in so many different ways than our beautiful Adam. I swear I can’t get that man off of my mind!

    • cheryl norman says:

      PUTERI MALASIA,, You liked Bon Jovi.?! My son could be his brother. He looks so much like Jon BonJove that the parrishoners in his church have even told him that. He is 40 yrs old. I am 61. He loves Adam, too. I love Adam more than anyone else that is living or dead. So, you’re just fine loving him too. Imma let ya! cheryl

      • ha ha ha! confession of ages? hi to all!

      • Helen/Canada says:

        Oh nice, Cheryl, Jon Bon Jovi look a like! I bet he has a lot of parishoners!!

        • cheryl norman says:

          HELEN, YES, YES HE DOES!!! He took me out to dinner a while back at this very expensive place. He word black jeans, black button up shirt, black boots, a little jewelry that his wife and I bought him, including a lether choker from me, He is 6′ barefooted, so lookes much taller, in his boots, his hair is strawberry blonde, very close to Adam’s natural color, freckles, perfect teeth, tall lean build with wide shoulders, and I am 5’1 and a half, and people just starred at him. That is always the way. He wears his hair ‘messy’., thanks to finally taking my advice, and one day after seeing Jon BonJovi on tv I realized WHO Jon reminded me of. My son! After I told him, he said that for some reason a lot of people have been saying that recently. I thought it was b/c Jon had just been on tv recently. But, he’s ‘cool’! (my son, and Jon that is)! People think we are a ‘couple’ when we are together. True. I always tell him how ‘lucky’ he is!

  14. Jeanette, I’m 54 and have never been a fangirl (until now) 🙂 I thought it a big deal when I saw the Beatles for the first time, but that cannot compare to the likes of Adam Lambert and the magic he weaves around us all.

    I will be sending a photo from when I went to the Tulsa Concert on 24 Jul and will post my 3 most memorable moments tomorrow.

    It’s late now and am ready to go to bed. Thank you so much for this idea, it’s GREAT!!

    Now we ride along with Adam on the next part of his journey to Legendary Icon. Can’t wait for the Solo Tour.

    Until later,
    Gloria (Glambert #476)

  15. I totally agree with everything you said! For me, the lasting memory of seeing him in Detroit was the feeling that the entire time, the audience was holding Adam in their arms through the continuous waves of applause that ebbed and flowed during his set. He reaches all of us in a way that I think we can all aspire to – let’s reach out to others in the same way.

  16. Evette #419 says:

    This is a little off topic. But we want to keep ADAM front and center, right? I had this idea to contact People Magazine and “demand” they choose ADAM as their next sexiest man alive. I don’t know when they have the next issue scheduled but ADAM fits the bill perfectly and he deserves all the recognition he can get cuz he is the world’s greatest person! I thought maybe others would like to do the same. Even if they don’t choose ADAM maybe they will give us a great cover we can cherish! Now that the tour is over I’m not sad. ADAM needs the rest that he probably won’t be getting with the work on the CD but if we are proactive like Jeannette suggested we will still have our daily dose of ADAM.

    • Evette,
      Good idea, we have done this earlier in the year. Glamberts and all Adam fans were writing People Magazine to request Adam as the Sexiest Man Alive. Email went into an auto response deal. I think the issue comes out in like Dec. So if we want Adam in this we have to go full force NOW. Magazines work 2-3 months ahead.
      I am with you on that though!!!

      Gloria (Glambert #476)

      • Lisette here..thenks Jeanette for post to reply regarde Adam for sexiest men alive..agree an how can we send email to People Magazin..yu have ther proper address?thenks Lisettexoxo!

        • Demand? What exactly we suppose to do?Email them & request them? If so, yeah I will do that,no sweat at all!! 🙂

        • Evette #419 says:

          Lisette“`the e-mail address is:

          • Lisette here..bonmatin all lovli glambs..Merci Evette for noticing cheramie for thes linq will definitmente visite an post comment as I know Adam with tout his accomplishmentes from even before Amer.Idol/theatre credites,cruiseline vocaliste,acting in 10 commandments,AItour performances,new CD,infinite photos from media/tv/magazins/photoshoots/know Adam can be in top beautiful an sexy l’ doubt woulde be no.1!! hugs an luv Evette! Luv Lisette in Nevadaxoxo Blessings to all l’angel d’musique,our heartes an l’monde too..! …Adamxoxo

          • Evette, I have just sent an email requesting Adam as the sexiest man alive, and I will carry on sending emails to them,

    • Helen/Canada says:

      Great idea! I’m sending my request in right now! Oh, I’d love to see him on the cover as the SEXIEST MAN ALIVE! because he is!

  17. Dianne Hill says:

    Here is another subject off topic but close to Adam’s heart. The new Muse Cd called The Resistance. It is not often that I buy a CD that I instantly fall in love with it, but it has happened with this CD. Adam is going to love it. Muse are one of the UK’s finest rock groups and they always change their sound but stay true to themselves. This time Matt Bellamey (lead singer and songwriter) has outdone himself and even written a three part symphony – the last three songs on the album. It is absolutely fantastic and I urge you to go and buy it, or borrow it and have a listen because they will astound you. Adam knows it and I have been a fan of theirs for years (can you tell). I can hear Adam singing some of these songs but of course he won’t be, because he will be too busy singing his own songs, isn’t that just a fabulous thought. It has been a long time since I have listened to anyone else’s songs since Adam came on the scene, I had not long bought the new U2 album before American Idol started but I haven’t listened to it since, I will get back to it one day, but right now with Adam not on tour anymore and starting his new journey I can think of no better way than to listen to Muse (I feel I would have Adam’s blessing) and Adam while I am waiting. Sorry for going so off topic but I just felt I needed to get that out of my system.

    Dianne Glamb #356.

    • Jane Parker says:

      Thanks for letting us know it is good, Dianne!
      I am thinking about getting it!!

    • Dianne, I am anxious to hear this new Muse album. Thanks, sounds great.

    • i agree with you dianne hill adam is right when he said their music is unbelievable. i watched them perform at the vma. a different type of music you havent heard of. the other one is anthemic which sounds like queen. matt bellamy’s musicality is terrific i think they will do it good in america. i wish our boy adam will have a gig with them one of these days.

      • Dianne Hill says:

        Now that would be a concert in heaven Perllee. Muse and Adam, wow what a combination. I have just bought another DVD of theirs called Haarp which was filmed at Wembley Stadium in June 2007. I have just finished watching it and they are amazing, stunning, awesome, fantastic. Matt can just about make his guitar talk. They put everything into their concerts, that is what I love about them and that is what Adam does. No wonder he loves them too. They sang Starlight on the DVD and I thought, here we go, am I going to like it after listening to Adam singing it, because I don’t like Led Zeppelin’s version of Whole Lotta Love anymore, I only like Adam doing it. The same with the David Bowie songs, but I have to say Matt is as good as ever, I loved it and Adam really stayed true to the song. Oh how I love them.

        Now if some of you girls go out and get Muse’s new album, you have to come back here and tell me what you think. I just know you will love it.

        • i would be dying to hear them sing together. are they swedish? the band i think can compare to queen as genius maybe even better.searched for the song the moment ive read adam is going to sing starlight in the tour. can talk and hear some other stuff as waiting for adams cd. i might buy muse too check here in hongkong my brother will surely love it he is playing in a band.

          • Dianne Hill says:

            Muse are from England Perllee. They have been friends since school days, so have known each other for a very long time. Matt is a brilliant guitar player and piano player as well as singer. Check them out, you won’t be sorry and I would say that your brother would probably love them as well, him being in a band, how cool is that.

  18. Lisa Imbruglia says:

    My favourite 3 things…. well since I didn’t get to anything from all the way over here in NZ (hi Dianne)
    I’d say my favourite moments were:
    1. I loved his smile at the end of each set when he was going down on the lift and he would have his arm in the air and he would be all serious then just before he said thankyou his face would fall into that beautiful smile that said “I know I just entertained you and blew your minds… he he) I always thought at that moment he acknowledged the impact he had on everyone to himself…. Like a private smile to self….
    2. Hmm his microbation in nearly all concerts was pretty good but Manchester WLL just before he sang “Way down inside….. Woman….. now that was hot…. the rubbing against the mic stand… whoa…. say no more…. cos 2mwiz got the best shot of it……
    3. I loved his super bendy moves on all the Bowie songs, he has liquid spine and a hip thrust that frankly makes my mind go where it hasn’t for many years….
    I’m not over the hill either just about 50 years young but not found anything that would float my boat in a long time…..
    Hope that’s not too crude for this site…. just being honest…..
    As for a photo will find one and send it in…. can it be a gif……?

    • I guess he didn’t come out after the concert where you go??!!Because no hand molested,hand patted,magazine signed or arm signed or boobs signed! 🙁 At least you were there and telling us your experience and here I am, reading all yours and dunno what reaction should I make??!! LOL!! peace to all!! Mwah!!

    • Lisa, you can not be to crude here. There has been much worse, if ya know what I mean.
      your 3 moments are awesome!

    • Lisette here..bonmatin Lisa in New dont feel bad Im one of few glambs thet av non seen Adam an AItour,look forward to solo for sure to see.So feele bless to see all lovli glambs videos,agree in every citie Adam complete each set very gracieux thenking all fans mentione citie,waving an saying I luv yu his face an warm smile toches everyone!Bowie medley,Madworld an Starlit are m’favorites(stil wil finde linqs to 3 best..difficile to narrow down!).An yes when he chante “Woman in Whole lot of luv is special for femmes!..Thinq he knew thes concluding finale in Manchester.Adore in every Bowie medley he danses acting out an perfeting smooth choreographie of lyriques..last one with hat..tresbeau,debonaire an perfete face with glittere adorn eyes,hair an so resembles Elvis.With a distinctive voix,sensual,smooth as velvet,noone can duplicate.No worries Adam stirs within heartes an mesmerizes an takes us into l’moonlit in thes performances!!Hugs an Luv Lisette..Know someday yu too will see his concert too!xoxo

    • Helen/Canada says:

      Not too crude for this site!!! OMG Lisa, you must be new here!

  19. Bonnie Wyneken says:

    My favorite concert moments are: 1) in Boston, assuming Adam would sing “Baby” because he had for the string of previous concerts, but he switched to “Woman” & it sort of blew my unexpecting ears into another realm. 2) in Manchester, preconcert meetups with wonderful women from all over the country and the world. It was liberating to be among so many open-hearted fun-filled Adam lovers. 3) at one meetup preconcert dinner, a female fan who confessed to us that she sometimes had sexual thoughts about Adam. She said it like it would suprise us. I told her I was shocked and everyone laughed.

  20. Thanks so much Jeanette for your “words of wisdom”. And I am also in the late 50’s age group, and lovin’ every minute of it since Adam came into my life! My favorite moments are:
    1. Of course, my “moment” with Adam, when he signed my picture, held my hand, and looked at me with those gorgeous eyes, and gave my his big beautiful smile!
    2. Both the Atlantic City and Reading PA shows where I got to watch this wonderful man sing and dance!
    3. Meeting so many other Adam fans at both shows, but especially at the Reading show!
    Thanks again for all you do, and I look forward to the next chapter in Adam’s life, and am blessed to get to share it with him! Love to you all, and WHOLELOTTALOVE! to my Adam!!!!!!

    • No,
      He is mine!!! LOL

      • EXCUSE ME!! YOUR ADAM??!! Come on dude,I thought we are sharing??!! THAT ADAM DUDE IS BELONG TO ME,NO DUDE CAN TAKE HIM AWAY FROM ME!! Let’s VOTE(urgh feel nautious all in a sudden) let’s not!! Susan.gala, my dear friends,DREAM ON!!!hahaha, ADAM IS MINE!!! HAHAHAHA!! XD

        • AA,,, you are so funny, LOL..Yeah.,,, like we would let you kept Adam to yourself,,,you are really dreaming !!!! LOL!

  21. puteri abdul says:

    I am really overwhelmed with all your enthusiasm to adam …..
    I think I might stick here more and longer than I thought after reading all your posts about keeping adam “alive”….
    please, I know I am not in states, but if there if any way an outsider like me can help via pc and internets, I will try to chip in……

    the last time I was in states was 2002…..
    now I wish I can go back there again and be with you guys….

    sorry if I ran out of topic, but about adam’s favourite band, muse, my 17 year old daughther has been one the fan of muse’s songs, and now because of adam, I am learning about their music….
    oh my, how have I change……hahah…..
    oh, and dianne, I have always dream of going to new zealand…….

    • Never be sorry if you out of topic,we all do it all the time ~nodding~ believe me on that one! BTW,I’m Malaysian too,Puteri! 🙂

  22. Jane Parker says:

    Yes, Adam needs a rest period from the road.
    His new world of ICON is just starting with his Solo career!!


  23. After reading the post all I can think of is…

    “doctor,doctor give me the news I’ve got a bad case of loving you” … (Robert Palmer)

    I know I get a goofy grin on my face after watching him gyrate around…my husband always knows when I’ve been on youtube! He says I get this look on my face that is like I’ve just eaten the best damn dessert on the planet and I blissed-out!

  24. Jeannette,

    You would do a CD for an almost 70 year old computer challenged Glamb? I would be ecstatic, grateful, blown away. I would LOVE to have his music in my car.

    Tell me where to send my mailing address, check for shipping, etc.

    Oh my God, you just made it so much easier to “wait” for the official CD and single.


    • Allegan,

      Please email me at and give me your mailing address when you email me. You don’t owe me anything. People have been *so* extremely generous to me that I am happy to help others in whatever small way I can!


      • Jeanette, you are a doll!
        Peace !

      • cheryl norman says:

        JEANETTE, WoW! I am here to tell the site and world that you are so humble and incredibly generous and nice, that we are one lucky bunch of ‘kids’ to have you as one of our Humble Leaders!!!

        Love-Peace-Joy-Happiness-Light to you, Jeanette!!!!! cheryl

      • Jeanette I sent my address via your email you have up there. Don’t know if you got it. I too am downloaded challenge and would love a CD of Adam;s so I can rock out in my truck. Did you get it and what do I owe you for it?

      • Jeanette, I am blown away by your generosity!! Wow!

  25. Another fabulous idea, Jeanette!! Unfortunately, I did not attend any of the Adam (AI) shows but am sooooo looking forward to his solo tour!!! I will, therefore, have to look through my many many UTube videos for my favourite Adam moments – daunting task but someone has to do it – and send those to you! (I have already sent you my favourite Adam photo! Hope you got it!)

    Down side of your idea? Just when I thought I could finally move away from the computer for awhile, clean my house and get some much needed laundry and grocery shopping attended to – here you are with even MORE reasons for me to keep coming back again and again to this site for more of Adam! LOL! (Of course I would be coming here in any event – who am I kidding?! I just can’t help myself!!!!! Thanks for the memories, everyone!


    Glamb #20

    • Lisette here..bonmatin all Jane how was filmfestival..merci for tweets.Aw an dont feel alone as I av mentione,residing here in US nevre been well to attende concerts.So like yu visite youtube an thes lovli Adam tribute page with belle glambs who av shared ther videos an trasured momentes in teme seeing him in person an can only imagaine more beau seeing his lit crystal bleu eyes an angelique face,an hering his celestial,velvetysmooth voix,know one day yu too can see in his solo concertes!
      Neverminde cleaning,chores an take teme for yurself to enjoie Adam in all his splendor onstage his face,voix,sensualitie,yet boyishness,his artistry in all his couture,beautiful glistening,twinkling eyes illuminate brit like bleueness of meditarreanean sea,tall statuesque perfete physique,singing like an angel,an sensual dansing thru Bowie medley,WLL,then gentle ballads of Madworld an Starlit to feel swept away..I must go to slepe am here too long,an throat is raw..besoin tea/honey an to dreme of l’bleu eyed always perfet remedie to feel bettre!.Hugs an luv always Lisettexoxo

  26. earlzagurl4u says:

    Ladies: I want to share my Lambert Experience: After months of anticipation,,it was time to go,,my son ordered tickets from e-bay,,we were gonna go to Columbus but my son said Indianapolis was a better venue,,better seats,{he was right} {a gift actually from all my boys}. We had many obstacles thrown our way but we overcame them and pressed on {let me say my son ended up having to rent a car}. At the fieldhouse I kept asking my self: “Am I really here?” The build up for Adam was intense,,after DG sang the lights went out for a million years {to me} then the countdown!! I had to restrain myself from getting as excited as I wanted ‘cos I thought I might really faint. Nevertheless, the shaking started and I became physically ill in a good way. All the videos I had viewed did not compare to seeing him live. The first cords of WLL came and then a beautiful, rock-god bathed in light appeared on stage. When he came over to the side where we were sitting I wanted to grab him and run,,Starlight was amazing,,I still hold out that he recognized my “Adam, you electrify my life!” sign. The medley was Adamazing, hot, sensual,, Mad World,,outta this world,,At the barricades,,he suddenly appeared,,walked past us then came back down,,OMG!! there he was, less than 2 ft. in front me,,my wonderful son held the pic for him to sign even tho I was closer but my son has longer arms,,Adam held the pic w/ his left hand to sign it and his thumb print in still there!! He came closer,,I’m, thinking Man, he’s beautiful,,that smile, those eyes,,He stopped in front of me and I said, Adam, thank you for sharing your beautiful self with us. He goes “awwww, thank you for allowing me to”,, I walked off, my son called my sister to say we got an autograph, and I was still upright but “no” I couldn’t talk..I know this is a little long,,but just had to say it. Thank you Glambs for being here. You guys rock!!

    • Glambertcraze says:

      A great Post, I think I would have fainted

    • earlzagurl4u, loved your post! What a beautiful experience you had!

      Cindy in MS

    • Lisette here..thenks too for sharing yur lovli evening in thet chanse to meet Adam an see his estraordinaire beauface,an yes his crystal bleu eyes..Aw agree thinq I’d faint an be loss for words,if he spoke to me!An then to av autograph as well sure to recall for always!I only pray for bonhealth thet I be blesse to attende a future soloconcert now!Take care Earlzagirl4u.. hugs Lisette in Nevada!

  27. OMG, I thought Imma gonna spend only 1/2 an hour here, I still need to do house chores! I don’t have more time.Hari Raya celebration is the day after tomorrow and when I realized, I already spent almost 2 hours here!! I need to go clean my room first!! This is all your fault!! Bye bye!! 🙂

  28. Check this out,I don’t even bother read it because Imma to busy staring at him.This is close up picture. He can use that picture for his driving license!LOL! Too gorgeous! I hate taking picture for passport or your ID card.I looked like in jail booking photos!!haha! BTW, talk about it for a sec, Shia labeouf mug shots is the best,LOL! Like a graduated student !! hee hee!And I heard that Glamberts never ever want to got anything with TW voting again!They tired of it,LOL!! I guess who spent times hours and hours and weeks and weeks voting like crazy will agree with that. I AGREE!! here the article:
    And more than 2 hour now,I gotta go! 🙂

    • Thanks, Adam Addict, that is one of my favs, now it is on my cellphone. I think it is offical now, I have more pictures of Adam then family !!!!

      • lee M,that is funny! LMAO!! hahaha!! “awww,look at this picture,my mom and me,we’re celebrating her 60th birthday last year….ok it’s time to remove it,replace with…hmmm where is it,ah here it is,Adam’s picture stroking the mic stand !Awesome” LOL!!

        • i laugh and laugh as i read all the posts before going to bed probably this is my facial exercise to keep younger looking. ha ha ha! by the way adam addict are you still in good terms with your mom?

          • perllee,
            I’m just kidding about that one!My mom not even 60 yet!But hmmm I do thinking about replace my family picture with Adam tho!LOL! I think I need to buy wallet that can put more pictures in it,or maybe I just bring album to put all Adam photo in it??!! I should do that!! 😛

      • lee M – that is TOO hilarious!! I recognize myself in that as well! (I am sure there are many of here who also have more pictures of Adam than their own families!! But, he IS family, isn’t he??!!

        Glamb #20

    • Hi AdamAddict, I read the article and the last part “Prejudgment: Will Lambert become the international superstar that judge Simon Cowell predicted? Or will he wind up merely being the object of an obsessively devoted cult following? Either way, his debut should be one of the most fascinating albums — and music stories — of the season.”, Adam is already an international start and even though he just began. I love him and miss him performing already but look forward to his new album and the tour.

    • Lisette here..Thenks AdamAddict(Emili) for tweets an thes linq is one of his most beau photos an reading re:Simon’s mentioning as international star..thinq aftre AIsummertour,infinite Adam’/fansites,satellite tv/radio,his passe credites from younge age in theatre,in cast of Wicked/Hair,Caberetclub,BestArts,Zodiac Club,American Idol season 8,an now magnifique CD of many musique genres/original compositions,”Word Idol on twitter,Humanitarian boncauses..thinq he’s already there!Blessings an luv to all an Adam our angel of musique an best artiste/vocaliste of millenium.An know someday I’ll be blesse to see concert..having miss AItour due to health.Plasur to see all glambs videos,an photos of one estraordinaire gifted beau l’homme as Adam beau inward an outward!Luv always Lisettexoxo an many hugs et bisous pour Adam…xoxoxo

    • I read that article and loved it. Here is a quote from Adam when in Kansas City those protesters were there:

      “Thank you all for the support. Love overcomes hate. Love has no color. Love has no orientation. All is love. :)”Adam Lambert.

      I love the wisdom of this man. He is so special that I can’t believe we all get to share him with the world.

  29. I dont comment here every day, but I do visit (obsess over?) this site at least 5 times a day and I feel like I really do know many of you. I SOOOO wish I had another adult close to me who understood my devotion to all things ADAM! My 13 year old daughter likes him, my 16 year old son comes the closest to appreciating how I feel (he also LOVES the band Muse!), my friends TOLERATE my drooling over the you tube videos, and my husband thinks Im completely CRAZY(although I do think he may be a bit jealous……). Im 47 –thanks to all you guys who prove every day that I am not crazy (except over ADAM!!!)

    My 3 fave moments are:
    1. Getting ONE first row ticket for the Chicago concert–and then (its a LONG story!) being able to have my son stay down there with me –at no cost, monetary or otherwise!
    2. The very first moment of Adam singing WWL at that concert (heart attack inducing–and I have actually had 2 heart attacks so I know!) But this was SO in a good way, it gives a new meaning to siiick…….
    3. The surprise of being able to see Adam and the end of the last concert on the live-cam that I found by accident while reading the IM on this site. The silly string and our generous Adam…..UUUGGGHHH!!!!!

    I actually have a 4th one (who doesnt?!?)–when my daughter and her friend got Adam’s autograph after the concert. I got to see him up-close, but never actually got to touch him like she did. I havent allowed her to shower since……..

    Thanks Adam Lovers (I guess we can share!),

    Linda — GLAMB# 361

    • Linda, you are right, do not let your daughter shower, YOU HAVE ADAM’S DNA,,,OMG,,,I would never shower,,which reminds if I don’t get off of here now,,,like AdamAddict, I’ve been here hrs..I need to get to the shower,,,LOL

    • I am like you. I have noone here where I live to share of my love for Adam. If I didn’t have this place to come too, I would just DIE!


  30. Don’t know if you all have seen this but its one of the BEST videos I’ve seen and it will cheer you up and make you smile big 🙂
    It is just wonderful and makes me happy remembering the tour.

    • Dianne Hill says:

      Kathy, that has to be the best video clip of Adam’s moments I have seen. It has all my favourite parts of the tour all rolled into one. And I adore the bit at the end when he tells the audience “to get up and dance, bitches”. Just siiick as Adam would say.

    • we thought the show was OVER???

      yesterday, “Devil in Disguise”;
      today, “Adam Lambert is a Bad Influence on me”;

      haha, thank you, Kathy

    • Hi Kathy, love the video, all my favourite moments of all the performances, love the ending.

    • Dear Kathy,
      What a great, fun, so-many-favorite-moments-video. Thanks for posting – love it!

      • LOVED this video! I’m sitting here with a silly grin on my face. Think I’ll go watch it again….

    • Love this video! Some of those I hadn’t seen like the one he picked Allison up and twirled her around. Wonder what state that was in?

    • Here’s another good one. Don’t know if anyone posted this yet, but it sure grabbed my interest…if you know what I mean!

      “Adam Lambert – Idol Tour Sexy Memories”…Indeed!

      • Well I can die happy now! All those sexy moves made me happy and something else that I can’t repeat here……………..use your imagination. LOL

      • Dianne Hill says:

        OMFG. I love this. I want – you know what I want, OMFG, I want it now. This is sooooooooooo sexy. I love JT. This song suits Adam sooooooooooooooooooooooooo much. Okay, I am horny as hell after this, sorry but I can’t help it.

      • LibraLamb7!!! THANK YOU for posting this video! I am dripping in sweat right now! That is sooooo HOT I can’t stand it !! (Of COURSE I can stand it – I will be saving this one to my desktop instead of just my favourites so that I can watch it again and again!!! ) WOWZA!!!!!!!!!!

        Glamb #20
        (I THINK that’s my number – I am not in my right mind right now after seeing that video compilation!! LOL!)

  31. Jeanette, you rock, you manage to cheer us up. Yes I was very sad that the tour came to an end but look forward to what is going to come within the next few weeks. All the performances of Adam are may favouties, the last performance for me was the best, especially when he took the hat and placed it on his head, that was quite something, I loved it. I am looking forward to all the favourite moments and pictures of Adam’s performances on the AI tour.

  32. My three favourite moments are:

    1. Talking with the 8 year old girl on crutches whose mom brought her to the Idol oncert in Vancouver and finding out she loved Adam. (mom too).

    2. Meeting the Glambs at the restaurant in GR and seeing one family and one husband giving their women support. And one 11 yr old son who also is a Lambert fan.

    3. At the barricades (first time in my life ever doing this) and watching Adam coming closer, closer, ….. and how “pretty’ his was without his heavy makekup, hair fresh too… and having him really look at me when he responded (he does that), as I said “I’ve come from Vancouver Canada” and he said”You did??”,…. good enuf for me!!

    • Lisette here..Thenks Theresa for sharing here..imagaine yu will trasure thet evening meeting l’glambs gals,al l’barricades,seeing his crystalbleu eyes,chisele features,sweetsmile,noir tresses,an making eyecontact an then speake..thinq I’d be swept away for sure!Ah stil going to research passe threads an mention videos..unsure how to post linqs(of specifique citie..recall one alrready sans visiting..Rosemont one of Adam singing “MadWorld” thenks to Lorrin for sending..his face recal writing like “Michelangelo’s David au Raphaels Angel..perfection. blackliner to accent bleu eyes,glitter glistening from cheekbones,voix was ethereal,velvetsmooth,gentle,an emotion toche places in ma couer..if only singing for me..sure we all share thes feling.An know only 3 things favorite concerts/photos..soo many sorry..I’ll be back an trie an post linq! hugs an luv to all glambs!Luv Lisettexoxo!!

  33. We’re only supposed to have 3 ‘moments’ but I also want to say, each time I watch and listen to an Adam interview, I am constantly blown away by his poise, intelligence/humour and kind heart!



    • Yes its all over twitter- a single release on 10/12- might be “Strut” a perfect sounding song for Adam.. cant wait.

      • Lisette here..bonmatin all an thenks Theresa for thes news I av non seen look forwarde to hering it!Can yu post a linq to thes plese!Aw I enjoie seeing yur favorite moments from meeting Adam ontour..Thet’s a blessing to have seen an been thet upclose an personal with thes tresbeau artiste/beau l’homme,avec a couer d’or,face an voix angelique in every photo/every citie so difficile to ever narrow down here..Thinq I now see linqs when visite youtube videos..Here’s some of best videos/an performances: hope these worqs for all lovli glambs..Luv yu all!
        1. Adam’s Rosemont/Chicago..”MadWorld” his face like an angel as his voix:
        2. Adam in Reading,PA..Starlight lighting illuminates beaufeatures,ethereal voix.,claritie an sound superbe!://
        3. Adam’s Bowie medley in Madison Wisconsin..crystal clear,best vocals/sensual dansemoves
        tresbeau hair,face,physique..
        4. Adam’s Madworld in Hartford ..tresbeau face,hair perfete,lighting,claritie,gentle an velvet vocals..www://
        sorry I know supose to be 3..there’s many more..sure yu’ve all either seen or attende one of thes esquisite performances!
        I know somehow,someday an somewhere I’ll be able to see Adam an nomattre health au not will be there..Thenks agan to Jeanette for posting thes article an look forwarde to seeing al lovli glambs best photos..I’ll av to visite that thread where so many beau photos av been placed for all to enjoie here!Blessings an luv to al glambs! J’etaime Adam…always Lisettexoxo

  35. OH, it says ‘available for airplay’ not for sale…. don’t know how this works, and they are studiously avoiding the title name.

  36. hi jeanette does your generous offer of a cd of adamx]s music extend to me in nz. we got nothing here i couldnt get any idol stuff from itunes maybe i was too late or maybe not available here, even magazines like rs here are the australian version, if you are able to do a cd for me will be really greatful, when i hear back i will send yiu an emiail am a bit computrer challenged this website is my first experience i have been conversing with the other glambs for afew weeks now, am crazy about adam and spend far too much time here, excuse errors, we can come up with someway to get payment for postage etc too you, love your site and thank you for all your hars work, it has enabled me to be part of adams great rise too success, which i am sure is just beginning.

    • Dianne Hill says:

      Hi Jan, I can easily do a CD for you. Here is my email address: Just send me an email and we can hook up and I will send it to you, no problem at all. What about Adam’s performances on Idol do you have them or do you want them too and what about his set on the Idol Tour, I have made a DVD of quite a few of the concerts. Anyway, get in touch and let me know what you would like.

      Dianne, Glamb #356.

  37. Oh my, I can’t wait to get home from work so i can take a look at all the videos you all have put on the site today!! Well, only one more hour to go, then home to my (MY! MY!) 🙂 Adam!!!!! I sure wish I also had someone else in my life to share all this with me. My 30 yr. old son is so sweet, he listens when I go on and on about Adam, and just smiles and says “Oh Mom”. I know he thinks his usually very conservative mother has gone crazy! Well, he is right! I have! and I’m lovin’ being crazy (over Adam!).

    • Dear Susan,
      Welcome to the club. I have a 25 year old son who does the exact same thing including the “Oh, Mom” LOL. He has promised to go and share Adam’s first solo concert, so he’s still my heir and favorite HA! This site is such a gift – gives us all a place for our ADAM-loving outpourings. Thanks to Jeanette and our other fearless Glamb leaders.

  38. Jeanette, I can help out too, I have a cd I made of 12 Adam songs. I ‘d be glad to copy and mail to a couple of N Zor SA ladies.

    • hi theresa, thanks for your offer do you have an e.mail address? it is very kind of you and jeanette to make these offers, will wait and see what i should do next either from you or jeanette as per payment addresses etc. do you you have ant of adams tour music on disc, thanks again for your offer

    • Helen/Canada says:

      I also have a cd of Adam’s songs. I’d be glad to help out if anyone wants a copy.

    • OMG,I really need to go to bed but this download taking like forever,hurry up!!Urgh,i’m so sleepy.But youtube just post another one.This one is Adam singing “Track of Tears” and “Mad World”! Above he sang,”Starlight” then interview him and Kris, then sang ” Crazy” together.When they sang Crazy,it’s too obvious who has the strong vocal! Just saying,I like Kris tho 🙂

    • AdamAddict –
      What a wonderful gift these videos are – Salamat! (Thank you!)

      • hi mila3! pilipina ka ba? (are you a filipina?) welcome to the site you will enjoy it here.i only see it today im from the philippines presently here in hong kong

        • hi perilee! oo filipina ako (ilongga) nakatira sa amerika. (yes, i’m filipino (visayan) living in america).
          I just knew a lot of filipinos would appreciate ADAM – music is so integral to life there and a beautiful voice rejoiced by all. i’ve been on this site since ROF on american idol (Glamb # 157) just have not written a lot. yes this site is wonderful, am here pretty much everyday.
          hope to “talk” to you some more soon. hanggang sa muli (until then), mila3.

    • Dianne Hill says:

      Emili, thanks, these are awesome. I think Adam and Kris are great singing this together, yes you are right that Adam is the stronger of the two singers but once again Adam shows just how classy he is and does not try to outsing Kris. I loved this. Now I am off to watch the next one, cheers.

      Dianne Glamb #356.

    • AdamAddict, thank you for posting the videos, loved Adam, I kept waiting for him to get up and dance to ‘Crazy’. I agree with you, he has the stronger voice out of the two, but as Diane Hill said, he is too much of a gentleman to outsing the othe person, no matter who it is. I am going to have to download a lot of videos and keep them on my hardrive.

  39. HI guys, I have been away from the site for some time but it’s so nice to see you all here. I just wanted to ask you something.
    I saw on YouTube a video and a picture slide made by a fan who met Adam on one of the meet and greet parties. The background song is Adam’s version of “I just love you” and the lady is probably in her 30-40s.
    Has anyone seen it? It’s just that I lost the link and I couldn’t find it afterwards.
    Is she one of us, Glambs, here???
    The reason I’m asking is because this video made me cry for hours after I watched it. I never got to go to any of the concerts or meet Adam in person, but seeing this woman’s dream coming true, was just so powerful and overwhelming and it just hit me how much this guy is totally and completely adored, and this is just the beginning…
    I don’t know, I just thought if anybody knows this lady, I just wanted to say thanks to her for sharing her experience.




      Terry Gamb #349 Vancouver

      • Lisette here..thenks Theresa of favorite songes too of Adam’s lovli tribute ones thet a fan made..An also if yu can visite al le caberet/best arts songes from early days before American Idol favorites as “Kiss from a Rose”,”Dust in the Wind”,”Come Home”,I cant Make yu Luv Me”,Wicked..As long as yu’re Mine,Brigadoon “Bend to Me”,Is Anybody Listening from 10 Commandments with Val Kilmer..adore Adam with long tresses,perfete role as befits his gentle hearte..Dont av linqs just go to youtube an type songes above yu’re sure to finde them! Blessings an luv always Lisettexoxo!!

      • Thanks a million Miss Theresa, a big hug xxx

      • Thanks for posting this one for ALL of us, Terry! Adam’s voice is just INCREDIBLE here, isn’t it? I know that he has talked alot about his upcoming CD being techno pop, rock, electronic, music you can dance to, etc. and I know he also said at one point that there would be a ballad or two, but I would REALLY LOVE if he would put out some of these other songs as well – the ones that Lisette has named here. Hell, he can sing ANYthing! I guess I just want the whole world to realize how fabulous Adam is – and especially those who have not really discovered him yet. (I know, it’s difficult to believe that such people exist – I actually lost my temper with someone last week when I mentioned Adam and she honestly had no idea who he is (??@!!?*)

        Too much Adam to still look at on line! (Yet, hardly enough at all!) As a result, I am STILL not getting my laundry and housework done! The bills are all overdue and I have no food in the house!!! HELP ME!!!!!!!!

        Glamb #20

    • Where have you been??? You’ve missed out on so much fun!! Now get in here and have a cup ot tea! Good to see you’re back!

      • Hi Miss Ingrid! I’ve been around, still cant shake the ‘bug’ I got the day of the CR concert.. actually I’m hanging onto the bug in case it came from Adam LOL

        • Take care, Mother Theresa!

          • Lisette here..bonmatin just notice yu were ill sorry fele bettre Theresa now..hugs an reste..hello to ma lovli amie in South Africa how ar yu Ingrid? Know we all celebrate an adore thes tresbeau l’homme,artiste an thinq ther’ll nevre be anothre artiste who toches ma couer as much..As he does for glambs gals an fellows..people aronde l’monde!Blessings always Luv Lisettexoxo
            Swetdreams was goin to slepe an heure already..enjoie weekend all!xoxo

  40. Here is a second one also… might be more in youtube, check the list to the right….


    • Lisette here..bonmatin Admfan1 lovli to see yu on twittre too..I saw thes video was lovli Adam an Kris with a simple acoustique guitar singing tresbeau..very endearing of two of them..still can see ther’s a lovli repoire an frenship.As always too Adam’s voix is angelique,soft,gentle velvet smooth tones there..He can singe even acapella an it wolde be celestial! thenks for sharing! hugs an luv Lisette!

  42. Adamfan, I posted one link on the Manchester part 2 thread.

    He also does Starlight solo.

  43. Hi everyone, even though the top of the page states ‘Tour wrap up party’, reading all the posts on the page and viewing all the videos, it looks like we don’t want to wrap up the party, we want to go on forever partying with Adam.

  44. Amen to that, Toni! I am re-reading all the posts here and looking at all the videos AGAIN! I can NOT get enough of this man!!!!

    As I mentioned above, this will be yet another day where I have gotten nothing else accomplished except watching more of Adam! Am I happy about that? Hell, YES!!!

    Jane Glamb #20

  45. So nice to hear from all of you more “mature” Adam fans like myself (54). I always thought there was something wrong with fangirls (fantards?) until I was hit by the earthquake named Adam. Now my friends and family think I’ve lost it!!! LOL Anyway, I was looking for that youtube with Meghan and Adam and the link does not take you there. Is it still up? Much thanks and appreciation for this site – Patti

  46. ftyhnfj- Thank you,ianbjxw.Great site.