TOUR VIBES: Concert Plans for Fans PLUS a Coordinating Surprise Project for Adam!!

We are creating the most GLAMB-TASTIC present for Adam and you can be a part of it! We know Adam’s birthday isn’t until January, but we need your help NOW while the American Idol Tour is happening!

We want Adam’s GLAMB fans to be able to recognize each other at the Tour Concerts. We’re making our own fan wall webpage for the web site, plus a special video with pictures of GLAMB fans starring in it!

If you want to be involved, we’re asking you to make a sign and send us a picture. You don’t need to be attending the concerts to participate. Be as creative as you want, but all signs need to include the following message:



<3 Your Name, Your Glamb #, Your City & State or Country


You don’t have to put a heart or Love or your name (I’m sure he’d like to know his fans though!), but we really need your location. This is critical for the project. He’s already a world-wide star and this gift will recognize that.

Take a picture of yourself with the sign and send to It would be really neat if you were next to your town’s landmark. If you’re going to the Tour Concert in your city, you could even take your picture there! We’d love you to bring your sign and show it to him and everyone else. He may think “Huh? My birthday’s not until January?” but when he gets the present, it will all make sense to him. He may not see it from the stage, so stay around for the autograph session that we’re hoping will be after each concert. Or arrive early for the busses when they pull in and show your sign proudly! If you get lucky and he talks to you about it, just tell him it’s a surprise that he’ll get from his GLAMB fans in January!!

All pictures must be received by October 15, 2009. Post them in a Photo Hosting account (like and send the link to

Don’t have your own Glamb number yet? Click here for directions.

We know Adam will love this present, and he will love it more because his fans will be a part of it!

Watch for more TOUR VIBES posts as the summer concerts come to YOUR areas. This will be your opportunity to write concert reviews and post links to your other concert pictures, which may also be included in the final video.

Now, go get busy for Adam!!!

Love and thanks!
Fan Club Leaders



  1. AdamAddict says:

    What happened to this sites? It’s really hard to get in?Yesterday,I can’t get in at all! Tsk,Tsk,I missed it already!I hope everything is fine.This is my fav. Adam’s sites!

    • Oh AdamAddict, wasn’t it horrible being shut out of this website? It took me two days to get back in. I was so horrified trying to find you all again. I finally got back in using a link from Dreamsound’s Twitter home page. Maybe something changed with the hosting of this site, or something was being worked on, but it sure threw me for awhile there. Read my other post below. Love you all!

  2. Lorrin, Niecy, Gala, etc, etc. What’s happened to this site. The twitter article with comments has disappeared. I have been away for two days and can’t believe what has happened. Glambs, heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelp!

    • Oh gracious, THANK GOODNESS you all are back, I was so frantic! I’ve spent 2 1/2 days trying to get back into this site! I went all over creation trying to find out what happened, because I would always receive these non-connecting messages from IE. I even went so far as to try and email Dreamsound, I’m sure he thought I was quite a nutty fan! What relief, I just used a link posted from Dreamsound’s Twitter home page, and lo and behold this page came up, and YOU ARE ALL BACK!! I’m sure I will have to recover from this one! I’ve probably missed mountains of news. I had to resort to looking at my Twitter site every few minutes, and some other Adam fansites, but nothing compares to our own home place! How IS everybody? One thing I saw on Twitter, one gal fan of his actually caught his attention, and he answered her back, what a coup for her! That was the one little bright spot in all my wanderings trying to find you all again. And hey, Ingrid, I couldn’t find you on Twitter using Afriglam. I was so hoping to find you and ask you if you knew what had happened with our website. Anyway, hopefully we are all back together again. And if I fall off the face of the earth again, just know I love you all and am trying to get back! Words cannot express my happiness at being back!

  3. Patrice80 says:

    The website has been off line since yesterday…Impossible to get through. Notice said the site is not set up to establish a connection on port with “World Wide Web service (HTTP)” with your computer…What?? No way…Hope all the bugs have been worked out..because this is a great site.

    • Thanks for all the support, we were transfering servers yesterday. It should be good now.

      • Please forgive me Dreamsound, but I tried to find you by going all over the internet universe trying to find out what happened with! I emailed you at, at your Twitter site (sorry about that), and on GMail. I was frantic, not knowing if you had been removed, or if I would have to go through hundreds of hoops trying to re-establish connection with this site, or what. This is by far, the BEST fansite for Adam Lambert on the internet. The people are marvelous and the writing is excellent. If possible, PLEASE give us a little warning ahead of time if you have work done! I was just about babbling without my fansite and my friends here! Thank you so much for all your effort in maintaining this most excellent of websites, I appreciate it so much!

  4. Patrice80 says:

    Well I have been browsing around the website. Looks like all the newer videos and material is gone. Only older sites are left. Hope the new posts and threads have not crashed. Pages say, “Not Found, Error 404”. The pages you are looking for no longer exists. I had a hard time getting in at all. Had to come through the back door to get this far. I suspect once I leave I will be unable to return.

    • Oh no, I hope this doesn’t happen to me. I too, tried everything trying to get back..I was almost ready to try advanced measures on Internet Explorer to try and retrieve connection. I only got back in by using Dreamsound’s link on his Twitter home page, which I’d already tried many times before. I haven’t looked at the recent posts on this site where we all had shared so much yet. I will be very sorry if it’s all disappeared forever. Well, if I can’t get back in, love to you all, and I’ll be working like mad to get back here!

  5. Alejandra says:

    sounds like funn 🙂

  6. What happened to my question???

  7. Talking about Tour Vibes, – has anyone seen the ‘Whole Lotta Love’ performances in Portland and Tacoma on YouTube? Yaaaa, the one in Portland was phenomenal, but the one in Tacoma was in outer space, with flames flying off of that man! Go see the Tacoma video at YouTube, it is marked 2009-07-07 Tacoma Adam Lambert Whole Lotta Love (HQ video with merged with good sound). That is, of course, if you are not able to make the concerts. By the time he hits the East Coast, the rest of America will be a mass of embers!

  8. I am so happy this site is back up and running becaise it is by far the best, Anyways, I had excellent seats to the concert last night and Adam was FANTASTIC. He completely stole the show even though everyone actually really sounded great. In fact many of them never sounded better, however, they were still copycat singers for the most part. When the countdown for Adam came on, the place went CRAZY, and our WILD IDOL came out to play. And boy did he ever! He come out to play lookin SEXXXY & HOTTT as hell. His “Whole lotta love” was a whole lot of ADAMAZING and seriously ADAMORGASMIC…..Adam’s vocals were stunning as usual and his “Mad World” performance and then his rendition of Muse’s “Starlight” was mesmerizing. The “Slow Ride” duet with “little sis Allison” was even better than on the show and I think was the best performance of the night. Then he ended his set with a Medley. When he took off his leather jacket to reveal a sleeveless vest and started grooving to David Bowie (Mars-then Fame- and finished with Lets Dance) the crowd went into a fever pitch high. As he lowered down into the stage with his fist pumped high… all I could feel was”NOOOOOO! Don’t Leave meeeee!” His set was great but far too short, and then after he finished his set and Kris came on it was kind strange. Everyone was still soooo pumped and gave Kris a good reception but somehow it just seemed the the concert was out of wack. It really should have been Kris after Danny and then have Adam as the crowning jewel for the flow to work right. But still, all and all, it was a great concert. Now, I’m just re-living the memories until his album comes out and then his own concert tour comes around. When that time comes, and it can’t be soon enough, I’ll be there front and center loving every minute with “our Adam”.

  9. wiccagirl2009 says:

    Hi! I’ve been lurking on this site for quite sometime. I saw you post today and had to just congratulate you guys from coming up with this wonderful idea. We should spread the word to all the fans. It would be a grand gesture. You should cross post this to the UK Lambrits fansite. It would be nice to bring the other fans onboard. This is their link. Will also post this to some friends in asia and middle east so they can also help spread the word.–-adam-lamberts-uk-fan-site/comment-page-1/#comment-208

    • Thank you for passing the word along on our project. For it to be truly spectacular, we will need many people all over the world to participate.

  10. imane94 says:

    what’s wrong with the site,? it took me 2 days so i can get in ,?

  11. AnnaMarie says:

    Has anyone else sent in a photo yet??? I think I have a photo ready, didn’t want to appear too eager!LOL! AnnaMarie

    • AnnaMarie, never fear, you won’t be the first to arrive to the party…we have already received several photos with Happy GlamBirthday posters! Keep them coming!!


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