TOUR VIBES: American Idol Summer Concert Tours – Portland, Tacoma, Vancouver

This is a reposted article for the first 3 American Idol Concerts.  Please leave your reviews and or photo links here.  Previous comments were lost, if you would like to repost them feel free to do so.

Give us a shout out if you are planning to attend the American Idol Summer Concert in either:

·        Portland, Oregon – July 5th @ Rose Garden

·        Tacoma, Washington – July 7th @ Tacoma Dome

·        Vancouver, BC – July 8th @ General Motors Place

(For safety, please do not leave any personal information in this post, including the location of your concert seats.)

When you return from the concert, please write a review for us in this thread.  Feel free to leave links to your concert photos after uploading them to a photo-sharing service (like Photobucket or Flickr, etc.).  We may be choosing additional, random concert photos to use in our birthday project…

Tell us the name of your city and give us as much detail as you want.  Here are just some ideas for your concert post:  What did you love most?  What didn’t you love?  How did the crowd respond?  What did you think about the song choices and how the idols performed?  Did anything in the show surprise you?  Were Adam’s outfits as awesome as we’re imagining them to be?  Did you get a chance to meet Adam after the show?  Did you see any other Glambs at the concert?  Did the show as a whole meet or exceed your expectations?

Everyone’s experience will be unique, and it will be interesting to hear individual opinions on the concert.  We expect Adam to steal the show in every way – from his vocals to his performance, to his outfits.  Not that Adam will intentionally try to hog the spotlight, but just as during the season shows, it’s just probably going to happen that way!

Please remember that this posting is for the concerts in Portland, Tacoma, & Vancouver.  There will be separate postings for future concert dates.  Watch for yours!

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  1. DON’T HAVE TICKETS, BUT thank everyone for posting the Portland & tacoma concerts!! I’m biased, of course, but so far I can say my fave # is ‘whole lotta love’ w/o hesitation!! It looks like the outfit Adam wore wasn’t made correctly in the back. The ‘tails’ ,from viewing on the computer, looked ‘stiff’ and did not seem to drape properly. Personally, don’t care for the ‘Muse’ song. Adam’s voice made it ok. In the ‘Let’s Dance’ song, I didn’t care for the ‘way’ Adam ‘moved’ around the stage. He needs a little more work on delivering that song, while dancing! ‘Mad World’ was, naturallyl, amazing. I don’t like Bowie, so not thrilled about that performance, except that Adam did it. Allison & Adam’s ‘Slow Ride’ was cute! Allison is really improving! At the ‘finale’, I was happy to see Adam & Kris come upto the front thru the elevating floor!! That was a great move! Kris, however, is disappointing thruout tho. He seems to be lost like he had to perform alone on a h.s. stage! Adam was ‘careful’ not to overshadow him, but that is impossible! Adam just ‘glows’ and Kris just looks so uncomfortable, in my opinion. Adam even ‘improved’ some from Portland to the Tacoma concert!!! God help us if he ‘improves’ much more!!! The crowds reactions to Adam were impossible to ignore compared to the other ‘singers’!! It looked like ‘The Adam nd Friends” Tour! Adam is a natural leader!! Thank god, cuz w/o him, the concert looked like it would be ‘flat’!!! KEEP IT GOING ADAM!!!! GET USED TO IT ALL!!! IT WON’T BE LONG TILL YOU CAN DO YOUR SHOW IN YOUR WAY W/YOUR SONG CHOICES!!!! THIS IS ‘REHERSAL’ FOR WHAT YOU WILL BE DOING!!! PEACE-LOVE-HAPPINESS- 4 ADAM!!! ROCK-ON GORGEOUS!!!!!!!

    • The tails on Adam’s coat looked ‘stiff’ because they are de-tachable…that was one of the aspects he was most excited about…I thought the coat rocked…but yes, making those tails detachable, made them a bit stiff, but he can take those off and wear that thing out on the town…although I’m sure the fact that it had tails wouldn’t stop him from wearing it anyway out on the town! I agree Kris looked uncomfortable…but hopefully he’ll work into it with a few more shows under his belt…Adam looked so ‘at home’ and where he was meant to be….he made it look effortless….The song ‘Starlight’ that he did by MUSE is actually one of my most favorite songs…the arrangement he did was different than the original…he made it work, but honestly, I have to say that I was disappointed in that one…I know he can hit those notes and he took a few down a notch….that being said….I still think he’s about the ONLY person I can think of who could remotely pull off a MUSE song and he did pull it off, but its not as mainstream so I can see alot of people not really being that into it. He’s still amazing and phenomenal and everything in between….you could definitely tell WHO’S show it was and hint hint….IT WAS NOT KRIS ALLEN’S SHOW. Of course we all knew it wouldn’t be. : )

      • Has anyone noticed that all of Adam’s song choices are originals by British authors/singers?

        Lotta Love (Zeppelin)
        Mad World (Tears for Fears)
        Starlight (Muse)
        Life on Mars, Fame, Lets Dance (Bowie)

        Adam knows good music!

    • I have seen a noticeable improvement in Adam’s moves along the three performances. He was much more into it last night. I think the idols just need time to limber up. All of them moved more than what I saw on youtube. Adam came closer to the edge of the stage and moved across to both sides and seemed to engage the audience more than he has so far. Give him time! He’ll add more sexiness as he goes along but still has to put on the brakes somewhat as it is an AI show.

      I can hardly wait till he has his own tour… he’ll go nuts!!

    • For those interested, our national paper, the National Post, has published a critique of the Vancouver concert. look for the ‘ampersand’…. or just add Adam’s name

      I typed in “adam lambert idols live tour 2009” and it was about the sixth link in google. I find you have to add ‘2009’ or Adam’s name or you get other idol tours.

  2. AdamAddict says:

    I’m freaking jealoooouuuss!! TQ for posting the vid and share with us but…hmmm if you can only see mini Adam which I have to use my binocular to see him in youtube…hmm maybe you don’t have too!Sorry!And 1 more thing,please don’t sing with Adam!I understand if U can’t stop screaming but sing with him??I want to see Adam,I want to hear Adam!!~Peace~ 🙂

    • I found a 2 minute video from the Portland show which is close up of Adam during the Bowie songs. If it has been removed let me know and I’ll post the link. He was wearing a black sleeveless deep V necked Tshirt but for Tacoma and Vancouver he wore a black zippered vest, cut in more at the shoulders and with black lapel sequins. The T shirt made him look pudgy at the waist (which he is, a little.) In another article I read he says he wants to work out along the tour, he didnt have time during the competition. He can certainly firm up a bit. Danny has!

      • AdamAddict says:

        I already watched the close up of adam,I spent more time,look for the best view but it’s worth it. We can’t get bored of him,can we? But I think he looks a bit thinner!
        I’m still waiting for good vid in Vancouver tour.So far,not so good!

        • Adamaddict, scroll way way down to AdamRocks post and choose the Bowie medley from Tacoma, the best view of him yet! The light catches his face and eyes and all the sexy gyrations he does…

          I like how he included gracefulness, almost like ballet moves with his hands and how he kind of ‘toddles’ deliberately, turns his toes in etc. sure it’s campy and might be specially for his gay friends, but somehow it is so gosh darned attractive to us hetero females as well,… I love it!

          • AdamAddict says:

            I already did!TQ anyway! Actually I watched the same vids before she posted there.Now I’m waiting 4 Sacramento in youtube. 🙂

      • I agree that Adam had gain some weight since the show. I hope he gets good sleep, eat right and exercise. I heard he wants to do some cardio at the hotel gym, instead I suggest he weight lift at the gym(for those arms) and refine his dance moves for cardio. He can dance, but lacks edginess and needs better choreography. He’ll have some cool dance moves and fit body by the end of the tour.

  3. imane94 says:

    OMG!!! as usual Adam was so freaking hot in portland concert!!!!!!!!!!! he was the HOTTEST one!!!!!! everybody was screaming for him!! he receives the LOUDEST CHEERS OF THAT NIGHT!!! he started by doing a very sexy redition of whole lotta love, then mad world, a very impressive version of starlight by Muse and of course the bowie medley: my favourite part was when he started to sing Fame , he took of his jacket and started to do his sexy dance moves!!! OMG !! it give me chills!! and finally he sang with allison slow ride!!! it was so hot !! i love the chemistry between them!! i wish i was living in the USA !!!! to see all his performances go to youtube!! today his doing an other concert in tacoma!!!! hope it will be covered!!!!

    • AdamAddict says:

      Gosh,I thought you were there!The way u said it like you were in the tour concert,seriously! LOL!!

  4. imane94 says:

    i loved WHOLE LOTTA LOVE the one he performed at tacoma and specially when he said WOMEEEEEEEN instead of BABY!!!! , girls fans makes my ears bleed with their screams ( if i was there i would do the same thing !!!). the pause and the come here hand motion is enough to get you deep down inside!!!!! ADAM was so FREAKING HOT as usual !!!! i can’t even imagine how hotter it will be tonight!!!

  5. hi ! i’m glad this site is back. i really enjoy reading all the articles and posts here
    Thank you guys for all your hardwork in putting all this together…

    ADAM… you don’t fail to impress us with your inreadible talent and charisma…
    i freakin’ luv you!!!! you’re the best!!

  6. imane94 says:

    my favourite part in vancouver concert was THE BRA ACCIDENT!!! so hilarious!! and the way adam took it and throw it to the audience !!!!!!!!! whoooooooooa it was the sexiest thing he ever done!!! lucky person who will catch it!!!!!

    • I was way back but had binoculars, somehow missed the bra and panties incident, but did see someone throw a red silk kerchief when Adam was singing Bowie and came close to the stage front. Someone threw somthing which liked like a tied up pink kleenex and he just smoothly kicked it off the front. I’ll be it had a note in it!

      He’d better get used to this happening.

      • AdamAddict says:

        Why whoever catch that bra is a lucky person? It’s not like the bra belongs to Adam??!! That bra probably belongs to old lady! LOL!! If he takes off his…and throw at the audience,then it’s different story.LOL!! 🙂

  7. jnellie says:

    Saw concert in Vancouver, BC last night. Adam was amazing and didn’t disappoint. Felt sorry for Kris though because when Adam was on the fans were going crazy; standing up; waving hands; screaming, and then when Kris came on everyone sat down and were a lot more subdued. Liked his set though and the crowd responded well. Back to Adam. OMG!! His whole set was amazing. Opened with “Whole Lotta Love” then “Starlight” by Muse, “Mad World” and Bowie Medley (took off his coat, pant, pant) and highlight was “Slow Ride” duet with Allison. Someone through a RED BRA ON STAGE and Allison kicked it over to him and he swung it around and threw it back into the crowd. So Sexy. Felt he and Allison were the only ones that had the powerhouse voices to perform well in such a large venue. They really know how to move around the stage and get the crowd rockin’. The other AI’s had respectable sets. Loved Allison’s. Liked Anoop, Danny and Kris. Can’t wait for Adam to go on tour on his own.

    • Sorry, I thought it was just a kerchief as it looked square. I was watching with binoculars… love how he did that, swung it and threw it.. so cool, he needs to be..

      • …. prepared for lots of clothing to be thrown, that girl gave all the other female fans the idea and I’ll be it takes off!

        (this is the rest of the above post)

  8. jnellie says:

    Here’s the link to watch Adam throw the bra.

    • jnellie says:

      This link better, sorry the one above you have to search through threads. This one should go directly to it, or cut and paste it into your search engine.

    • Thanks! jnellie, I listened to the Vancouver radio interview where Adam was his usual charming and eloquent self!

      That link is a kind of strange one, but I noticed the site called itself “wetpaint”. I am collecting links and websites which feature Adam.

      Would we google that funny address or use wetpaint?

  9. ahhhhhhhhhhhhh i cant wait i see him in Newark.Nj next month!! thanks for the reviesw…was there a meet n greet? was it b4 or after the show?


    I just got home from the Vancouver concert. Just so you know where I am coming from, I have downloaded amateur videos of both the Portland and Tacoma performances of Adam and played them often at home.

    First, the concert was very well run and there were a couple of surprises (for me). Anoop is very good, his voice is better than ever and he is very comfortable on the stage and with the audience. Danny, whom I was not fond of, has lost 20 lbs, looks great and his voice was very good.

    Of course Adam was A+ in every way. He has improved since Portland, each show he is more relaxed, limber, moves more and engages more with the audience.

    My complaint: AI has problems with their sound mixing. It is too loud for all oif the singers, even Adam has had to roar over the volume. And more serious is the treble (higher range) is set too high! Megan was right off the chart in pitch as she already has a high voice. The idols with deeper mellower voices sounded fairly good, like Alison, Anoop, Danny but Matt sounded screechier than usual (not his fault) and when I didn’t look at Adam he sounded like a woman.

    I know he often does, but this was a higher range of sound, not Adam’s fault… I have videos of the two prior concerts and except the the loud volume behind the singers, the high pitch isnt noticeable online.

    However, Adam was the consumate showman! I won’t give it away, but watch very closely as he sings “every inch of my love” , watch his hand. And keep your eyes pasted on him as he ends “Life on Mars” as he wil do a very nonidol thing and you’ll love it! He’ll add a few more nonidol moies during Fam and Lets Dance..

    Try to get a close look at his new leather jacket as I think it is “convertible” to other styles.

    • Even from YouTube I got the same impression, that they are all straining to be heard above the band. I thought in the Tacoma concert Adam’s voice sounded strained, and he even sang some parts of the songs in a lower octave. He is also recording during the days, and unless they get this fixed, he is going to be in some serious hurt. He has a powerful upper register, but on YouTube you can’t even hear him sometimes. So someone get out there and make them FIXIT!

      Otherwise, as usual, whenever I see something not perfect in one of Adam’s performances, he has pinpointed it and fixed it by the next time he performs, or, in the studio versions of his Idol performances. Some of the stiffness and artifice in his choreography from Portland was vastly improved by Tacoma, don’t know how or when he had time, because he was recording in between those performances, but it was. As far as his weight that some have commented on, it’s not a weight issue, but more of a conditioning/toning issue(I only wish I had his ‘weight’ problem!). I agree with Cee above-hit the weights to tone up, not the cardio. But Adam is beautiful just as he is, I could watch him forever, and hope to. 10 days to go til Glendale! Meanwhile, thanks to all of you for posting your vids on Youtube. I literally cease to breathe during WLL. Both of these versions are pretty good!

  11. AdamAddict says:

    I love “Don’t stop believing” Only Adam can reach that highest note.If that note not in that song,that song will be just so-so!I love it everytime he did it!Powerful!!
    I love “Starlight,Let’s Dance,Life on mars” too many i just said the 1 that I don’t like too much.It’s…it’s…it’s…OMG,NONE!! LOL! Love all of it.”WLL” whoah!!Adamgasm! I want to be a mic stand! 🙂

  12. I live in London so I have to wait till the videos are posted on youtube, but OMG, Adam you are fantastic, you neve let your fans down, I loved all the songs, you are such a natural performer, I could not take my eyes off you. I cannot wait for you oto come to London so I am coming to America to see you live. I cannot wait for your CD to be released at the end of the Year.

  13. where can i see the vid’s? are they all on Utube?
    how can i download them?
    im in Australia so will never get to see any of these concerts so downloading them would be fantastic

  14. AdamFan52 says:

    I went to the Portland show. Was in love with Adam, as usual…. but I agree with some of the other postings…. the sound mixing was horrible! Way too loud and was really “tinny” sounding for Mad World.
    Not Adam’s usual sound. They were all being drowned out by the band, etc. Adam, Allison, Matt, Danny brought down the house. Megan and Kris received polite applause. Scott did much better than on the TV show…. he seemed to let loose and let his talent come through. Good for him!! Anoop was a disappointment and Michael was fairly good. Lil Rounds really had fun with Beyonce’s “Put a Ring on It” and the crowd got behind her on that one.

    All in all a pretty good show for being their first. Hope they get the sound issues straightened out…

    Adam as usual got the most applause and people standing up the whole time…

  15. AdamFan52 says:

    P.S. I know a lot of people seemed to campaign for him to sing Muse “Starlight” on the blogs during the competition… I can see why they wanted it, but it didn’t send me like most of his stuff. It got boring about 2/3 of the way through it. The Bowie set was OK, but again, the sound techs kind of ruined it.


  17. Seattlesusieq says:

    Just found this site tonight.

    I saw the Tacoma show. I agree with comments about the sound system. Awful (although that’s typical for the Tacoma Dome. Seems like it’s bad everywhere so far).

    I got to see 5 of the idols before the show – Matt, Allison, Lil, Megan and Michael. The face Allison is making (see slides below) is the one on the tweetpic of the top 4 where she made the same face. It was on the t-shirt I was wearing so she decided to recreate it for me.

    After the show I saw all of them except Danny after the show (got an autograph from most, photo with Kris). I was in the lucky middle of the line at the fence. Kris and Adam met in the middle as they were moving in opposite directions down the line.

    Here is the link to the video I took of Adam doing the last 2 songs of his Bowie medley:

    Here’s a slide show of some of my pictures of the pre-show meet with some of the idols, concert pics, then post-show pictures as they signed autographs. After seeing other people’s pictures (those who got much closer to the stage than I could), I’m sorry these aren’t better.

    for the slide show:

    There are ~15 more pics here (the slide show was limited to 50)….

    • Thanks! Oh, I asked my son if their sound people travel with them and he said ‘yes’ but they have to adapt to each venue, arena, stadium, concert hall etc.. and that can affect the sound.

  18. I can’t believe how critical people are of Adam, wow, down to his coat tail, (which I loved) and his waist size, what the hell? The guy is amazing. I went to the Portland show. I am 45, mother of 2, married 21 years. Adam rocked the socks off the place. Taking his shirt off and dancing to David Bowie drove me wild. Gay or not all the women around me were melting over him. I thought they were going to die. He is so sexy and so talented and puts on a show like I have never seen and I have been going to concerts for 34 years. This guy has got it and got it good. Quit nit picking and enjoy the fricking show. The crowd was all about Adam, a few for Alison and Danny and a few others and it seemed everyone liked Kris Allen but they were just stinkin crazy for Adam. Amazing!

    • But, but, I want to nit pick…!!!

    • AdamRocks! says:

      I feel exactly the same way. . . I’m surprised too at how critical some are of Adam and his performances . . pudgy around the middle? Please! Why so judgmental? Adam is perfect!

      Cindy from Mississippi

      • I am the one who brought it up, or maybe someone else did too. It gets confusing on all these posts. Adam is a little soft around the middle and he is aware of it. He has even talked about it in his interviews, saying he needs to lose about 15 lbs and work out more on the tour. I think HE must have felt self-conscious as he changed to a zipped vest starting in Tacoma, not the Tshirt he wore first.

        It’s more of a comment than a criticism. I think it’s ok to be realistic about things, Adam is human, not some deity. If he wants to be a star his looks and stage presence is a big feature of the performances. I am not dissing Adam at all. I like him head to toe as he is.

    • We were asked to talk abut the show, give our observations etc. Some of us were more “detailed’ than others. LOL

  19. Ok Winnie, have your moment (no problem) and then let’s get on with Adam-talk. Glambs, I would give anything to be able to see Adam, even if the music/backing was off, the coat tails stiff, pudgy around the waist, whatever, it would be sheer bliss. What’s the story about the bra and panty bit – please fill me in.

    • Oh sorry, it was just a red bra. I guess there was some distortion through my binoculars as I thought it was a red kerchief. Adam and Alison were singing and starting to come toward each other, it landed near Alison and she kicked it over to him. He picked it up quickly, twirled it over his head and threw it back to the front floor crowd… such a cool move, and funny!

      • Also, If you watch the video closely you can see that Adam kicks something off the stage after he throws the bra. i twittered Allison, more likely to answer than Adam, and asked her what he kicked off. She replied as a general shout out that it was a thong.

  20. I agree totally with Lezli! I am watching the utube videos -he is out of this world amazing and people are critical of his coat! He is tall and thin so stop Let’s support him and cherish his talent! I cannot wait to see him in Tampa !! Every review I read he totally rocks- everyone is going crazy screaming and no one else compares Some reviewers call itthe concert-Adam & friends tour ADAM SEXY ROCK GOD (I hope he sings woman in Tampa we will scream for sure)

  21. AdamRocks! says:

    These are the best quality videos I’ve found from Tacoma. . . they’re close, and Adam looks GORGEOUS! ~fanning myself~

    Whole Lotta Love:


    Mad World:

    Bowie medley:

    Cindy from Mississippi

    • Thanks! Just watched the medley from Tacoma, best view of Adam’s face and moves yet! I have so many downloaded and saved and have to delete a few. It’s a fairly new computer but these things take up space, average is over 20Mb each! Iam trying to get all three concerts and we havent even hit the …So Cal concerts yet!

  22. AdamRocks! says:

    And for the record, I LOVED how he moved during the Bowie medley!!!

    Cindy from Mississippi

    • AdamAddict says:

      I love how he moved during WLL(Vancouver).Did u see how he stroke the mic stand? WLL become sexier and hotter everytime he perform.Imagine what will he do at the end of the tour later?Where the last stop? I’m going to buy that ticket!LOL!!
      Gokey copy him,put the mic stand between his legs!Eeww! Yeah,Gokey,try to copy that stroke thing if you can without making people vomit! Woo hoo,go Adam go!!! 🙂

      • Funny that you mention “copying”. I think Adam has had an influence on several of the idols, not just in their moves but in their hair and fashion.

        Did’nt you notice that the other idols started wearing leather jackets near the end of the series and are wearing them now? Kris and Danny are two who have. Danny is wearing tighter pants and with his weight loss his jeans look very good (I”ll save fabulous for Adam). Kris started wearing a knitted hat like Adam, good for those bad hair days, and has spiked his hair more over time. Alison played more with her hair and wore even more goth style clothes.

        I predict that Adam will be a style icon as well. He did mention in one of his many interviews that recording and ;performing music might be just the start , he may branch out into TV or films and even clothing design. He reminds me so much of David Bowie in earlier years.

        Also if a creative person has been bitten by the singing bug, they often also enjoy other things such as composing, art, design etc…think of Lennnon and McCartney who also sketch and paint. Think of singers who crossed over into acting, and vice versa… Johnny Depp is both, Keefer Sutherland is both, as is Russell Crowe…etc

  23. TO THOSE ‘COMPLAINING’ ABOUT OTHERS ‘COMMENTS’ ABOUT ADAM’S COATTAILS, MID CENTER, ETC…….GET A GRIP!!!!! We could all just ‘lay down’ and all say Adam is WONDERFUL & PERFECT!! WE WOULD ALL AGREE! However, what is the hell the problem giving info about the different concerts??? WE ARE REAL PEOPLE…ADAM IS A REAL PERSON…What is YOUR problem?! I haven’t heard anyone say anything ‘bad’ about Adam, if they did I’d be one of the first to ‘slam’ them, myself! But for crying-out-loud!!! Quit ‘dissing’ everyone who offers a critique! It’s our right, and we enjoy hearing from others about ‘how they feel’ about any particular item about OUR BELOVED ADAM!!!!! Geeezzzzz! PEACE- 2 U 2!

    • AdamRocks! says:

      I think the critiques of the shows are great. . . I love reading them. . . it was just the nitpicking about his weight, or lack of toning. . . I understand that some like to judge more than others, but it just sounded a little ridiculous to me to read that he’s a little pudgy. . . when I said he was perfect, I meant that he just can’t get any hotter in my book. . . just my opinion.

      Cindy from MS

      • AdamRocks – As for my own critique re Adam’s weifht, I couldn’t care less if he lost or gained weight! Just don’t want him to hurt his health! As long as Adam is Adam, he is sooooooo PERFECT in my book!! I agree w/U, there are some people who take to criticizing, instead of just making an observation, but, I don’t think he can get any HOTTER either!!! Good lord, the man is more sexy than a man has a right to be!!! haha! I love reading the different critiques, don’t ever want to get too comfortable w/a limited amount of info on Adam!!! That is WHY I’m here, to ‘talk’ AND ‘listen’!! ….PEACE 2U!

        • AdamRocks! says:

          cheryl, LOVE your post! Good Lord is right!!! I absolutely CANNOT WAIT until July 26th, when I see him in Memphis! Are you going to any of the shows?

  24. saw the videos on youtube – the crowd went absolutely wild when he took off the jacket – everything about him was as usual signature ADAM and lightyears superior to all the others. hope his music goes multiplatinum!! canm’twait for the album AND his music videos!!

    luv ADAM.

  25. jnellie says:

    Check out this video of Vancouver “Whole Lotta Love” at about 1:48 to 2:03. Did anyone else notice Adam stroking the mic stand? OMG that is so hot!! I’ve checked out the videos of other concerts and so far it looks like Vancouver is the only one he’s done that at. God he is sexy.

  26. Anastasia says:

    I wrote a recap for mjsbigblog, which includes some of my photos (not fantastic, as I found out two days *afterwards* that I’ve had my camera set to the worst possible ISO setting. *DOH*!).

  27. Karen B says:

    THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU, All I wanted was to hear/see the Bowie medley !!!!! :))