TOUR VIBE – Thank You!

Firstly, to Adam – THANK YOU!!!!!!!! In a year of recession and continued war, when almost everything we hear on the news is negative, we thank you for breathing life into us. We thank you for your talent, your beauty, your attitude, and that indefinable mystical spark that awakens in us wonder, dreams, ambitions, and inexplicable joy.

Secondly, thank you to all of you! As I read the comments and concert reviews posted by Glambs and Glamb Club Leaders both, I am overwhelmed with emotion at how effected we all are by Adam. Everyone who has taken the time to put their thoughts into words has contributed to the happiness of the shared experience that is Adam Lambert.

And finally, thanks to Dreamsound for creating this wonderful website for us to hang out at!

Other people may laugh at us and tell us to get a life, but see no better pursuit than that of love and dreams.

I promise all of you some exciting posts and photos in the upcoming weeks, as more and more of us have the opportunity to experience Adam in concert.

~~Jeanette, Glamb #5


  1. I think like you, I wanna say THANK YOU ADAM!!! We love you 🙂

    • Sitting here in Denmark and reading all of your comments about seeing Adam in concert makes me so envious. So to everybody who is going to see Adam live… ENJOY and enjoy it for me as well

      • don’t worry i totally know how you feel. i’m a lonley 14 year old girl stuck in iowa. my parents wouldnt let me go to the one in minnasota cause it was a school nite. but it’s adam lambert! so misunderstood…

  2. cmhagey says:

    Hi Jeanette, Carol here. What a great idea to post this! I agree with the part about with everything negative lately, maybe this is a reason so many of us have let ourselves be swallowed up by the Adam Avalanche! I know I needed and escape, and Adam came at just the right time. I started getting buried in the Avalanche in February. Now I really have to be a bit more adult, and TRY to get my business back to at least a basic level. Bills, car repairs, yada, yada, yada! Love everybody involved with this site!

  3. LambertfanDE says:

    I’m living vicariously through all the other Glamberts, but hopefully soon I can “experience” THE Glambert live and in person as well. *sigh* THANK YOU, to Adam for just being so damned awesome and exciting, and to all the fans for showing him so much love everywhere he goes, and please do all of us Adam fans proud! (none of that fan rivalry stuff! 😉 ) Thanks for sharing your pics, vids and experiences with us!!!

  4. Thanks Jeanette,

    The first thing I do every morning (and the last thing at night) is Google Adam Lambert. The second thing I do is log in to I scan the new post and head directly to the chat room. Most of the day I work on my computer (late into the night too). Before Adam I played a lot of Spider solitaire between phone calls and research. Now I am a much happier as an AdamAdict. Although everyone in my life get how great Adam is, there is no one here I can share the obsession with.

    Watching and listening HH the sexy-boy is thrilling. It is a tremendous break from the daily reality of bills and worries. I love reading fantasy novels but to have my own fantasy that I can share with so many other fans is almost overwhelming. I am grateful for all things Adam. Everything from his sweetness to his hotness contributes to a feeling of excitement that I haven’t had in years. Thank Adam, the Glambs and thank the Dream (may the site never go down again)

    • Jeanette says:


    • Two questions Medley, first is what does HH mean? “his highness:?? It has been used elsewhere as well..

      The chat room? Do you mean the little one to the right here or another one?

      • Jeanette says:

        HH stands for “His Hotness” and HP is Kris, short for “Hot Pocket.” From gossip candy website.

      • Like Jeanette said, “His Hotness”. I saw it several times last week. I think its cute and and kind of funny. The chat to the right, the one on Rickeytv and a couple of private chats are the only ones I how of. What I love the best about the chat room is the photos, links and videos that are shared throughout the day. I also love the enthusiasm of the people that have already been to a concert or are waiting for the tour to come to their area. Its also fabulous to see fans throughout the day and night that check in from around the world, from the UK, Israel, The Philippines and Kentucky. Lots of dead air time and random silly games, with only one thing in common. We love all things ADAM LAMBERT.

  5. Jeanette, you read my mind! I also had been think these past few weeks, why are we so enamoured, especially with it being summer now and most people are out and about or on holidays. I think the recession, illness keeping us home, and maybe even the extreme heat in the western half of N America (yes, Canada too) is what making us stampede to the computer and the Adam sites to get our fix and to raise our morale. I come right here every morning after checking emails, while waiting for the coffee to brew.

    Terry aka theresa/canada

    PS. there is a teresa and there is a teri as well on this site

  6. It’s interesting that so many people have had this reaction. Though I have a really good life overall, this year has kind of sucked — one of my dogs died, the production company I run with my husband has had problems due to the economy — and becoming an addicted Adam fan was like an energy/good vibe shot in the arm. Especially since, I used to work in the music industry, and then it was uncool to be too much of a fan, you needed to act professional around stars, not really do any fan things beyond wearing t-shirts of bands you liked. So this is a new experience and totally fun!

  7. With all of the mediocre musical artists out there, Adam is more that a breath of fresh air. His talent is so beyond incredible, and thru the AI program, he sang so many different genres, that he couldn’t be ignored, one had to stand up and take notice of him. Once he got your attention, it was all over! If you’re a lover of great singing and music, you would not be able to forget Adam Lambert! His singing of the classic rock songs from the 50’s of Sinatra’s days, to the 60’s and the ‘baby boomer’ generation and beyond, he was able to encompass several generations of fans, and with his sense of honesty and sincereity, coupled with his drop-dead gorgeous hot looks, he showed charisma only previously acknowledged with Elvis. Not only does Adam have that charisma others have never been able to capture, but even his attire excited his new fans with excitement shown only to the ‘greatest’ of artists worldwide. Speaking of worldwide, when has an artist/singer/entertainer been able to sweep fans in the worldwide audience after a ‘mere’ talent show in just months, and shoot to the term used by so many as the next Universal Superstar? As a post script, the ‘Icon’ is gay. Even that hasn’t dampened his filght to the stars! With all the depressing news on CNN, and all the other cable and local news stations, Adam has diverted our attention to a greatful music loving community who have turned to the internet Adam fansites in droves like never before! He has already made history in that venue! So, WHAT is it that Adam Lambert has that has taken the country and world by storm? Everything.

    • Cheryl, a beautiful post! Indeed, EVERYTHING!

      • Beautifully written, Cheryl, you sound like a Rolling Stone editor! I especially love the last line…..AND I am amazed that Bert is finally writing in complete sentences and perfect prose, without a squiggle or asterisk in sight! How did you do that?

        • Ingrid & Lorrin, Thank you very much for your replys!! It’s not too often that I am so sober in my
          reflections of Adam, but, this is getting SERIOUS NOW!!!!!

          Lorrin, yep, it seems that if I start out typing and I’m on a far ‘left hand side margin’ my notes go
          unpunished from MadBert. It’s when I’m going to type in a ‘reply’ where the left margin is set-in
          too far, and he tries to disrupt it all. Just being a man!!!

          How nice that we all three got to be on the same page and only 2 days apart!! hahaha!
          Be sure to look for my message below w/2 links! These are very special links. Caution must
          be adheared to in any case!

          I’ve been keeping my messages on the 1st 3 pages of blogs, I’ll revisit this to see if I have anything
          I need to respond to. Then, I’ll stay on the 2 newests blogs if possible, unless I need to ‘reply’
          on an earlier blog. That way we can keep things more under control! We sure as hell can’t
          possibly control Adam, so maybe we can stick to something where we have some control about
          how we communicate about Adam!!!!! Hey! Sounds like a plan!!!
          WHAT-UP WIT YOU???????!!!


  8. AdamRocks! says:

    SO GLAD I found this site. . . now I don’t know what I would do without it! I love you guys!

    Off to Memphis tomorrow. . . I’m so excited, I CAN’T STAND IT!!!

    Peace, Love, Adam

    Cindy in MS

  9. Jeanette, my sentiments as well, you took the words right out of my mouth. With a special thanks to yourself for putting so much time and energy into this site and affording all of us to share in this opportunity of companionship, unity and enjoyment. Bravo to you and Adam!

    • Jeanette says:

      Thank you, Mary! It is true collaborative effort on this website. There are a lot of “behind-the-scenes” people who work very hard to keep this site and the Glambs Fan Club running. They deserve thanks too.

  10. Glamb#299 here….just got back from shopping and got my 11 year old daughter clothes, so she’s set for AI Concert in Aug. We also found a shirt for my other daughter attending that has “Whole Lotta Love” on the front in pink. She doesnt wear much black, except for work. I was so happy when I spotted it! I made my fanshirt…a sequined Adam. This is gonna be so much fun. I enjoy reading the reviews and how well everyone writes about HH. I am not so good at expressing…but you guys do a good job for me. Thanks again for such a wonderful site and to all those behind the scenes running it. A reminder….Send in your poster pictures for Adams GlamBirthday!




    • Iyleneidol09 says:

      OMB! That video gave me goosebumps! That should be a
      mandatory program incorporated in high school orientation. Very sad reality of life.

    • wow!!! OFRA THANK YOU SO MUCH for that link. All parents with kids in school should watch it.

  12. AdamAddict says:

    From the bottom of my heart,I would like to say Thank You to all those who work really hard to keep this sites running.You guys do an excellent job.I’ve been following this sites since Adam was still A.I and my chest going to explode because I need to let it out,how much I love and admire Adam but my family can’t take it anymore because they say “We know” when I going to start talking about sisters like Adam too but not fanatic like I am.Can’t stop talking about him.He’s too interesting!
    Because of this sites,I can let it out,many2 times and the best thing is you guys,Adam’s fans fanatic like I do so I’m not alone here.My lives getting better when Adam comes in! 😀

    • I am hopelessly addicted too, am so happy to have a place where others feel the same.
      On another site I saw a great nickname for Adam” The Prince of Passion”….isn’t that a good one?
      This is a great site, thank you so much for it.

      By the way is it too late to get a Glambett #. Would still love to do so if I can.

  13. Jeanette, Dreamsound, and all you good people who work so tirelessly behind the scenes, my fellow-Glambs and ADAM. This article resonates with me and I have indicated similar sentiments in some of my previous posts. I frequent this site because it appeals to me. Jeanette and Dreamsound, your receptivity and perceptivity can only be attributed to the fact that you actually read the posts, pick up themes and respond with the speed of lightning. As Glambs are also encouraged to connect with each other through our love for Adam. I am eternally appreciative of the regular updates on Adam, the opportunity to share our adoration for him as well as the beautiful friendships made with Glambs all over the World. This continues to go down as one of my most precious experiences and I have everyone, who has been addressed at the top of this post, to thank for that. So thank you, from a very special place deep down!

  14. AdoringAdam says:

    We sure do thank Adam for being a unique talent and a loving spirit, keeping us happy despite the woes of the world. He is indeed a gift. I can’t wait for his first album and his first solo concert. So much to look forward to. I wish him all the best.
    I love this site!!!

  15. Good Day to all my Adam Addict friends.. I watched the Mad World Vid that was posted up a few lines.. Excellent ! Sad !! So Sad. I wonder how much our Adam had to put up with during his younger years at school.. I’m glad to see the state I now live in, Utah, was good and supportive to him.. I’m also happy to see that even Kris’s state was good to him last night.. It was amazing how much they love Kris. He deserved the love he received last night.. I’m sure even ” our Adam ” was happy to see so much of Kris’s home town support him..
    Keep up the GREAT work on this sight.. Like the rest of you, my family and friends are tired of listening about Adam.. lol, I now pay them a dollar to listen to me.. 🙂 Sherry

    • HA HA, SHERRY, I know the feeling, my friends are a little weary of my ‘Adamitis’.

      Judging from the many photos of Adam in his school years, he looked and dressed very straight though I am sure in senior high school, his classmates kinda “knew” but with his talents and his winning and kind personality , I don’t think it was particularly problematic on the outside, but according to the RS article he did suffer on the inside trying to figure out who or what he was. Fortunately his loving parents encouraged him to be his real self.

      He is one of he more fortunate ones in that he is very attractive, smart and charismatic, which seems to be winning over more people as each day and each concert goes by. I am glad he is getting this experience to live and hang out with a group of straight young adults and have intimate friendships with them. What could be a better ego-boost than to finally realize you are accepted by all, not just the gay community.

  16. Can you imagine what this year would be like without Adam?

  17. I so agree with all that has been said in this post!
    I remember hearing Adam say in an interview something regarding the importance of timing and how things happen when they are supposed to…….well his timing couldn’t have been more right on!
    So much bad news, both nationally and personally …at times, things have felt so hopeless.
    Then a TV show I watched just for a diversion one night shows a young man who stood out from everyone else right from the start and I can’t explain it, but things changed……I know I don’t have to explain this to people here, but I wouldn’t be able to explain it to those who don’t appreciate what an amazing talent he is, and see in him what we see.
    Thank you so much to all the people who put this site together and keep it going…It’s really is like a family.

  18. Proof read Judy, proof read! I meant to say …It really is like a family.

    • Judy, don’t worry about proof reading! We all start off very precise and gradually we just accept that mistakes are inevitable. … and yes, We’re a family, we want our Adam and the World to see …

  19. JUDY, if nothing else, everyone agrees on one thing,, our love and obsession for Adam! It is really ‘like a family’, you;re spot on!!

  20. I watched the video and got chills. I have two boys and one of them was bullied by another boy who wanted to be popular by calling him “fag” in front of the other boys in middle school every day. But my husband was the Assistant Head and so they got rid of that kid. It is a private school so, action comes swiftly in those circumstances.

    Maybe just maybe, the popularity of Adam Lambert will show people that kids just need to be left alone to follow their own path in life. If it’s to glam it up and sing then the world is a better place for it. Adam’s parents were enlightened people by letting their son do what he loved and supporting him completely. And now the world can see the proof of that kind of parenting!

    My son was/is not gay but his choices in school made sports type boys think he was. He never did sports but was the lead in every theater production they had. When he hit 9th grade he went from looking eye-to-eye with the boys to becoming 6’3″ and hunky handsome (think Keanue Reeves) that the girls were swarming all over him as well as turning up at my house! 2 boys who had always made fun of him because of his love of theater were not highly regarded by then.

    We as a society need to deal with the bullies so that kids like my son or other innocent kids who just want to express themselves by doing what they love. Adam Lambert if proof that if kids are allowed to express and train their talent it may just become a great big gift to the world.

  21. I also want to thank Adam for his sexy, beautiful, honest performances. He is a legend of american idol, no can live up to him. I don`t know if i will even watch next year, it will be such a let-down now. His vocal range is awesome,his ability to change himself for whatever song he is singing is exceptional. I watch and read about him constantly, a little obsessed i`ll admit, can`t wait to see him in sept.


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