TOUR VIBE Recap from Syracuse, NY

Monday nights show proved to be another fantastic performance. I’m finding myself just watching the videos over and over. I apologize if I bore any of you with the choices I make. I just get “Adamized” when I start watching and I just lose control over any decisions I should be making. Here’s a couple of his tweets from last night after the show.
~~Syracuse: thanks for bein a great audience!! Wish my voice would come back all the way! That flu ran off w my goods..One more chance!!
~~So imma be really strict bout vocal rest tonight and tommorow b4 the show. 🙁

I was a little nervous hearing that he still wasn’t 100%. I should have known better. After further review, i’ve decided to share my favorite song with you…Starlight by Muse.
I’m not going to lie, I was just going to leave the Starlight clip as the only one for tonite… but I came across this one-of-a-kind video. It’s the Bowie Medley again, but with a few little added extras. At the 2:33 mark, he dons a fedora! He is completely rocking out in this clip, too. This audience was given a treat and a yummy treat at that. Listen closely at the 4:15 mark and you too will hear him sing, “sex with me and i’ll set you free!”. I’m sorry, WHAT? Does he not understand that a statement like that could be dangerous? At that point he includes a dance move that i’m pretty sure I have not seen him do before… and please let me see it AGAIN! You decide… nice, huh?
I just wanted to add that I LOVE the Elvis look as well. Don’t get me wrong, the messy-just-rolled-out-of-bed look is my absolute favorite, but oh man… Well, I cannot believe that all we have left is 1 more show. Hopefully it is a show that will give us enough excitement to get us through until the REAL show begins… It’s the Final Countdown…


  1. Sue, Those were the best two videos of the tour. You are so lucky to have them on your phone with you all the time! It was like being there! And yes, He did say “sex with me will set you free” HA…..

    Thanks for sharing yet again!
    -Cyndi, CA

  2. Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing those wonderful videos with us!!!! Forget coffee! Just give me a double shot of Adam first thing in the morning!!! I can’t wait for his CD to come out…to see him on any and all shows promoting it!!! This may be the end of the tour but it’s just the beginning for Adam and all of us!!!

    Warm Adam Fuzzies to all!


    • Deemoonpie, How about a double shot in the morn. afternoon and eve.?? Cant get enough of him.
      Love how you summed up “just the beginning””

  3. Yes, Sue Monday performance was fantastic!!!! It was my #3 show and should say his dancing was incredible!!!! I think he did the best dance moves during the whole tour in Syracuse !!! And woman again!!!! Thank you Adam! I didn’t notice “sex with me” on the concert but you are right, Sue it was “sex with me” and I LOVE it!!! Hot hot hot!!”
    I was disappointed that Adam didn’t come after the show but I won’t complained I was blessed before, I saw Adam close in Grand Rapids… As he tweeted the same night, he was still feeling not well… He had to be on vocal rest before the final show,.. T
    Take care of yourself, Adam. We need you and your voice to be with us for a long long long time! See you on solo tour!!!

    • Gala, so glad you had a sparkling good time. Lucky u to see those thrusting dance moves live in

      • Thank you, Mary!
        It WAS a lot of fun! I wish it were 2 hour set, not 30 minutes…. But Change is Gonna Come…. I mean his solo concert!

        • Hey Gala, what a great way to think about it!!!!!!!

        • Lisette here..Gala lovli reading of above concertes an seeing beau blesse is anyone to see him more then once.Ah I enjoie reading here..never yet seeing concert..Know for sure I av to be healthy for his solotour now.An now Gala too menitones thes sentence oh is it just Emili an I thet av misse thes here!Wel Im going to replay video..Whatever he says Adam always exudes sensualitie,masculinitie an a face thet’s like a Roman gladiator,or in Michelangelo’s frescos..worque of art!..but in human imagaine dansing with..thet hat ah debonaire an very classy.An ther’s so many wonderful concertes its dificile to nom what is favorite now(on later thread)!
          Take care luv to all glambs gals here Gala,Lorrin ,Ingrid,Mary c,MaryS,Cheryl,Cyndi,Emili,Jeanette,Sue,Evette,Toni,Sherry,Ofra,Silvana…all belle amies..oops an few fellows thet venture to visite too!xoxo An Adam plese know we all adore yu,an feel free to visite even if yu nevre at time to leave comments! Angel blessings for monamie tresbeau ..J’adore vous Lisettexoxo

    • Gala, thanks for sharing your experience with us! While you were concerting, we were clicking (for you too). Now, we have to plan our big get-together next year! Mmmwah, Ingrid

      • I am clicking all days long…… don’t worry … Even during my work hours… Sometimes I am checking new videos or reading your comments and giggling. I wonder if they hear me (my coworkers next room) what they think I am laughing about?….
        Next year… Oh yeah!!!! October – new single, November – new album… Should I go to Tahiti in December? I remember that Adam mentioned somewhere he had a dream going to Tahiti?…. And he would like to go to some tropical island…. Should I?….

        • Helen/Canada says:

          Hi Gala (Vera)
          Glad you made it back safely! Have you recovered yet? I’m still on an Adam high, dreaming of him day and night! What a great concert! It was nice getting together with you. I posted some comments, but on the Idol Tour Recap. Talk to you soon.

  4. Sueeeee, “Sex with me and I’ll set you free”” and those humping dance moves @ 4:15
    Thanks for that and the lusting thoughts I now have, as I sit at my desk at work and cant even think about
    work related issues.
    What a way to start the work day!!! This is right up there with the Twittering in Bed from Adam!!!!!!
    Remember all those thoughts coming in after that??
    God he is an Angel a DEVILISH ANGEL…………………
    Thx, again.

    • What U mean?I watch it over and over again,I still heard “Dance with me & I’ll set U free” He didn’t say “Sex with me” Bowie medley in Syracuse,right? He only perform 1 time in Syracuse,right? WUT?? No sex!!! Huh??!! He said dance but more like “dancess” Sex??!! HUH??!!

      • No my dear friend… It is right after he gives the peace sign with his hands to a fan.. and he also whispers peace before he gives the sign.. it’s real quick .. he says peace. then when he gets to the part about dance with me, He says have sex with me and i will set you free. THEN HE SWIVELS THOSE HIPS LIKE THERE IS NO TOMORROW AND HE JUST WAS SPRAYED WITH W-D 40… !!!!! WOW

        • OMG ADMfan1, you’ve got me creamin again……………

        • Lisette here..ah la,la ma belleamies here ..pourquoi I av non seen thes thread so unsure..Once agan l’web has .vanish into a noir hole..What av I missed an like Emili gathre I’l av to play thet part back agan of l’chanson. An thinq I av adde thes to a collectin in my utube page..J’adore his Elvis coiffure an glittering eyes as lits illuminating his tresbeau face!
          An mama mia gals are yu all having champagne without Lisette?!! So once agan thinq I av been too late to anothre gals nite out (regarde Syracuse an finale concert?)..Take care I must catch up argh visit latest thread did thes miss m’email? hugs an luv to all..Be here in few momentes Luv Lisettexoxo

    • Mary C, I don’t know why they bother to pay you at work whilst you are thinking all those sexy Adam thoughts. Nice, very nice, Mary C! It is soooooooo good to have all my Glamb sisters back so that we can continue to drooooooooooooool over Adam. Well, while the rest of you drool, I have control of ALL ADAM’S BODY PARTS & HEART! Lotsaluv, Ingrid

      • Ingrid, see what they dont know, wont hurt them. Ha.
        I have to tell ya, I always have a smile when customers come into the office,(that ‘s how the boss wants it,) Ha, they dont know
        what s on my dirty little mind either. Haaaaaaaaaa

    • Sue, I’m pretty sure that dance move – after the 4:15 sex with me verse must be one of his
      having sex moves. Sings about and got allllllll excited!!!
      OH Adammmmmmmmmmm
      What have you done to us, my boy…………………

  5. Adam interview in Syracuse,check it out,guys!

  6. cheryl norman says:

    Sues, yes, mam, he does say ‘sex with me and Ill set you free’!!!!!!! That’s all I need to hear. If that is not an invitation, I’ve never heard one!!! And the ‘dancing’ immediately following? That’ s like a DARE!!!!!
    You did not miss a thing, did you????? Why wasn’t the stage rushed by then? Adam might be wondering why didn’t he get any ‘answere’!!!!!

    zzzzzzzzThis is as hot as I’ve seen!!!! He must have been so horney in Syracuse that he was going temporarily hetero and bi !!!!Poor Adam!!! If I was there, lhe needn’t ask me twice!!!! He would have probably he even sent out the invite!!!!

    OMG!!!!! Adam, he’s too sexy for that stage,,,,,, he’s too sexy for that hair.,.,,,,,,,he’s too sexy for those clothes,,,,,,,,,he’s too sexy for this world,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,!!! (gulp……..) yes, I swallow, adam!

    • Cherylllllllllll, LMAO at work. The stage wasnt rushed, because WE werent there.

      paleez dont talk about Adam being so horney, so much, do you know what that does to me??

      Adam is pure sexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx!
      Now dont forget my email about the Conclusion!!!

      • The ‘Conclusion’, Mary C.? What is THAT!

        • And Mary C., you’d better forget about being Adam’s cousin or aunt or whatever, when his MOM gets a hold of this, let me tell ya’, it’s no back stage pass for YOU, my charismatic little friend…(really, I had NO idea you had such an active imagination, you ought to be arrested for provocation!)

          • Lorrin, paleez no arrest! Yeh, I dont like the incestious part at all. Lets forget the Mom biz
            Cuz, its to much fun to play around with all the other things, hee hee

  7. PS Cheryl, you swallow? you swallow what? Adam or his, his, ???

    • MaryMom!!!!!! I changed my mind, you are no more the Mom!

      • Ingrid, Thanks for that. I cant be, can I??

        • cheryl norman says:


          I mean………………………….swallow? Now, what the hell do you think I mean??? A swallow with a chaser! C’mon kids! You are all old enough to know what I mean. I wouldn’t do this for just ANYbody!!!! Just ADAM!!!! He likes it. I know. I know guys like him. They all like it. They like it more than we could ever understand. But, they like it. Makes them feel ‘accepted’. See? Anyone else need some sexual therapy? Good grief!!! Must I tell you kids everything? No, I wouldn’t. Too much competition, then. I like to keep certain things secret. anot many things, mind you, just a few little things,k like stuff I know about Adam. Like that stuff.

          • Cheryl, I really do think you need to be our resident sex therapist, dispensing advice and discussing technique…..Mary C., you need to be out there doing the ‘field work’ for Cheryl,…..and then Ingrid, you need to HAND OVER those body parts to ME, right this minute, you are positively incorrigible!

            • Helen/Canada says:

              We have our new Dr. Ruth–Dr. Cheryl!!!

              • … and her advice would be, ‘have lots of sex every day, all day and then back it up with a dessert of sex too!

            • OMG Lorrin, I love you!! I definately want to be doing the field work. Hands on work
              that is , on our man Adam. Nothing better to do. Swallow with a chaser of Grey
              Goose, then I’ll give him a taste, cuz he loves Grey Goose.
              Cheryl, we just looooove your description of all these techniques!!!!
              Can u tell us about the sitting on his lap, legs straddled around him, then bending


                • Ingrid, still waiting for Cheryl here. Where is she?????

                  • Dianne Hill says:

                    probably died and gone to heaven, oh my, my, my, you naughty girls, when’s it gonna be my turn – remember the tongue and anything he can do with it is mine, do ya hear me, mine!!!

                    • Diane, I most solemnly tell you, the tongue is all YOURS..

                    • OH MY GOD, ladies, I just saw the video in question, I am sitting here trying to prepare my lessons for tomorrow and reading your comments, all I can think about is all those naughty things you are doing to Adam. I have to go out an get fresh air, better still a cold shower.

              • I also love you to, Mary C., most truly, and that is why I gave you such a plummy job…enjoy, enjoy, enjoy…

      • Ingrid,

        You know…when the subject is ADAM, Cheryl becomes always out of her mind or I can say… completely insane and full of love…and fortunately tottaly envolved in ADAM’s voluptuousness and sensuality.

        Evelize – GLAMB#80

        • Evelize, is usually out of her mind …but when the subject if Adam, she has a one track mind, everything behind Adam’s belt! I am seriously thinking of sending her for counselling, but they may just keep me in too for bringing her in late!

          Ah Evelize, lotsaluv to you! Mwah ….ssssssssssshhhhhhhhhhh, just watch Cheryl coming screaming around the corner to attack me. …..Ouch!

  8. sue, your video is the best from Syracus…. and thank you so much for all your efforts. I am still singing and dancing with Adam…. Its hard to get it out of my mind. It is so exciting to witness ADAM becoming a world star just in front of our eyes.

  9. cheryl norman says:

    INGRID EVELIZE LORRIN MARY HELEN and any of you kids not listed but ought to be………

    I do not condone the talking or description of this sacred matter! You kids ought to have your mouth washed out with soap and water. Wait till I tell your kids and parents and grandkids! You are all in trouble right now! Don’t you know I’m just a shy, timid, little inward and discreet gracious southern belle? Have you all gotten a touch of alzheimer’s? Is that what I’m seeing? I think so. Now, all of you,,,,,,,,into your rooms. No videos, no sex toys, no Adam pics, no phones of any kind. Especially no cucumbers, no bananas, no big sausages, no hot dogs, and no alcohol, funny cigs, or any other behavior modifying substances. Do I make myself clear???? Now, all of you, into a cold shower, and off to beddy-bye. A little cod liver oil for you all, and no more talk about Adam or his big, blooming bulge, his luscious lips, his freckles all over his entire body, no talk of his hair, his unnatural blue eyes and eyeliner, his 6’1″ height, his perfectly hairy chest, his very large feet, his incredible tongue,,I mean vocals, his sensitivity, vulnerability, drunken nites roaming all alone and needy, none of it. Put yourself some Tony Bennett on the stereo and with the cod liver oil after the cold shower, you all might be presentable to post me again! I will take all that you have been thru under consideration when I see you’ve posted something with my mind and body in your thoughts. Now, good-bye for now. Adam just left, and I am totally whipped. He’ll be back soon as he finds us our favorite strawberries and chocolate mixture and all the ‘equiptment’ that we use to insert these strawberries correctly, and be able to get every little bit of chocolate.

    • Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

      • Now wait a minute, Ingrid, what does Cheryl mean by this, “I will take all that you have been thru under consideration when I see you’ve posted something with my mind and body in your thoughts.” What the heck does Cheryl mean by THAT! I almost shudder to think! And hey, Cheryl, he hasn’t got every bit of chocolate yet, becase I’m your cup of hot chocolate….remember? So move over, everybody, I’m next in line, Cheryl has been sequestered FAR too long, she’s starting to molt..

        Ingrid, here, I saved you a sausge, hand me that cucumber, now turn off that flashlight!

        • cheryl norman says:

          LISTEN UP PEOPLE!!!! Esp you Lorrin! Where is the respect???? Huh? Where is my well-deserved friggiln respect from you hussys???Now, Fingrid, I think you had the right idea, I have to give you credit, but, Lorrin Flamming fingers, I think you are just getting a bit more out-of-hand than you should be!! Maybe its been reminiscing (sp) from California about you California Girls. I remember thy used to want Everybody to be California Girls! But the EAST coast has the sunshine and the girls all look so tan, but, I’ve been all ’round this great big world and Ive seen all kinds of girls, but I couldnt wait to get back to the state, back to the cutest girls in the world, which right now are in Indiana.

          Now, Lorrin, YOU are shuddering??? Ha! Ha! ha! see how Ilaugh at that.

          Fingrid, do not take that sausage, and Lorrin, DROP teh cucumber, and Fingrid, GIVE ME THAT FLASHLIGHT, good lord! You two will be the death of me yet! Now STOP IT!!! Adam and I haven’t had any decent sleep in soooooooooooooo long!

          • Now Cheryl, it goes like this:

            “The Mid-West farmers daughters really make you feel alright
            And the Northern girls with the way they kiss
            They keep their boyfriends warm at night

            I wish they all could be California
            I wish they all could be California
            I wish they all could be California girls

            The WEST COAST has the sunshine
            And the girls all get so tanned…..”

            THAT is the correct order, and I will ask YOU to have some respect for THAT! But yes, I did do some shuddering until I got that properly corrected, but not for the reasons YOU think…

            Ingrid, is she gone yet? Give me that flashlight!

    • Dearest Cherryl and guys,

      Sorry to reply sooooo late, but I would like to let it very clear !!!!


      Regards to all,


  10. Sue, thank you for posting that video, I just read you r post and watched the orgasmic video, all I can say is BRING IT ON ADAM, I EXPECT THIS FROM ALL THE FUTURE PERFORMANCES. He just stated the obvious, he knows that everyone there fantsises, he knows what we want, and if we are honest, which one of us do not get aroused when Adam performs. I am truthful, I DO.