TOUR VIBE Recap from Bridgeport, Ct

*****UPDATED WITH VIDEO***** Not a whole lot to choose from so I chose the finale…WOW so many things keeping our attention today! First of all, GET YOUR VOTES IN…., there seems to be MAD PANIC that Adam may not win. We can’t have that now, can we? NO WAY, so VOTE NOW and VOTE OFTEN.
Secondly, and MOST important… What is going on with our poor sick little idols? The BIG news was that Kris came out at the intermission and announced that under doctors orders he would not be singing at all! Yikes… here’s a little twitter news from yesterday…

~Adam before the show~~Yuck. Everyones sick. Including me. ๐Ÿ™ singing’s no fun when u feel crappy, but imma do my best tonight Bridgeport.
~Danny ~~Hey u all please keep the idols in your thoughts & prayers. A lot of them r not feeling 2 well! Goodnight & stay healthy twitter family =)
~Adam after the show~~Thanks Bridgeport. Fun show tonight. Fever started after I got offstage. ๐Ÿ™ I guess I got over-heated. Haha. 2m is get better day.
~Michael~~Bridgeport u guys were awesome tonight. I want to say from the bottom of my heart we are all very sorry for not coming outside tonight.
~Michael~~Several of us are very under the weather and it was a good decision to get on the bus, stay out of the night air, and rest
~Michael~~I hope u guys know how much u mean to us but in order to give the remaining cities the show they deserve we are taking this bug serious.
Lastly, I don’t know if it’s just me or what but I cannot find anything as far as good youtube videos… maybe it’s too early? Here’s one that at least proves what a true entertainer does when he’s sick. He performs!! Not the best of quality but at least we hear his beautiful voice and oh yes, those dance moves… I also heard that Adam sang Kris’ words to for the finale… any truth to that Connecticut? At least there is a day off today so they can rest and regroup for the final four shows. Poor guys…
XO…Sue…Glamb #10


  1. i was at the show last night 10th row. Kris came out during intermission in jeans and a t-shirt and apologized and said he saw the doctor that day and that he could not perform. His voice sounded a little scratchy. You could tell he was very sorry and I think they were waiting as long as they could to see if he was better. The show didn’t start until after 7:30 and I was wondering what was wrong. Adam even for being sick, looked and sounded amazing. He hit high notes he hadn’hit at other shows. He was just amazing. During intermission, I won the AP tickets and was so hoping he would be there. But he had a fever after the show and didn’t come out. I was disappointed but I would rather he take care of himself and rest. I was just happy to see him perform. Still got to meet Michael who is the sweetest and nicest guy! As for the last song, felt bad for Adam as he probably had to rush changing his clothes and had no rest. Don’t stop believing seemed odd without Kris. Adam did sing his parts and mentioned something about Kris not being there but it was hard to hear as the sound system wasn’t that great. Adam seemed lost without Kris next to him and you could see he kept looking over to where Kris should be. Still trying to find good videos. I have posted some pics of adam on my twitter page cantergirl and will post more later of adam. Still was a great show but hope they all get sone rest.

    • Jeannine,
      Thanks for the comments, I can’t believe it’s almost over !!! When THE REAL TOUR begins, I’ll have to see if I can hook up with some of you fellow crazies to go to a few shows since I’m a semi-closeted fan, on the internet for hours every day, but can only occasionally send something “fun” to friends who are Adam fans, but not like us. Oh well, great to hear he was awesome, as usual, and the trooper his background has taught him to be. Hmmmm, life after Kradam will be strange, won’t it?

      • Carrie,
        I was just talking to my daughter about that yesterday. WE think it’s going to be weird when the tour is done, imagine how they are going to feel… They have all been away from home for so long now, and they are now a family. Imagine having to leave each other when it’s done… i’m sure we will be hearing about that once they all start their “own” things..
        XO…Sue Glamb #10

      • I plan on going to a few of Adam’s shows. Also hoping he does CD signings as I am not giviing up meeting him. Do you live in CT? Are you on twitter?

    • Thanks Jeannine for your review from last night. It sounds like you still enjoyed everything even with the downers. I am glad you got to see Adam do his thing, as that’s what we all want for our fellow GLAMBS! Plus, you got to hear him sing Kris’ words so that was a bonus for you too. Thanks again..
      XO…Sue…Glamb #10

      • Jeannine,
        Poor you,you can’t see Kris!How sweet of you to understand and want them especially Adam to have good rest! Bravo!! So,yeah I heard that they 20mins late and they didn’t go out for signing!Almost all of them sick,poor them!I also heard that the sound system is sucks!Wow,poor you guys who went to Bridgeport! Thanks goodness, Adam still performed, and I bet you feel it’s all worth just got to see him! I also read that lots impressed what Adam did even tho he’s not feeling well. His high note is higher than usual.Proud of adam,and the rest who not feeling well.It must very hard for them!Poor them again!
        Who sang Kris part in DSB? There’s no vids just yet,I wanna see how they pull it together!

        • AdamAddict, then MWAH to you too! You are awesome as well. Thanks for appreciating me!

          • still sounded great aye guys. watched the lets dance vid soon as i opened my eyes this morning we are alittle ahead time wise here it is 7.45 sat morning here (nz). will check out more stuff later

        • Adam sang Kris’ part. Feel so bad t hey are sick. Even at the AP, Anoop left early and Michael just hung out by the railing. Still can’t believe Adam’s performance being sick. He just gave it his all. Was blown away. Sound system was awful though. Can’t wait for Adam’s solo tour. Felt really bad for kris. He must feel bad he couldn’t perform

          • Thanks for the vido link, it reinforced my memories, OMG, so glad that I went to see Adam, there is nothing to compare him with….Love him, love him, love him !!!!

        • As you said AA, we’re the ADAM’S FAMILY!!


      Get well very very soon!

    • Helen/Canada says:

      Hi Jeannine
      How did you win the AP tickets?

      • During intermission, they have a trivia game you play on your cell. They do one before the show and I lost out. So, as soon as they started the game again at intermission, I sent a text to the phone # since I knew it from the first time they played the game. Then got a text back with a very easy question & I guess I was lucky to be the first to get the answer in, b/c then got text saying I won with a cell # to call. I texted that # and gave my seat location & then Ray came by & gave me the pass. From what I gathered, they only give out 2 passes-one before the show and one at intermission. So just be ready and be fast. Sadly Adam wasn’ t there as he was sick but got to meet the other idols. Think I was just lucky.

        • Helen/Canada says:

          That great Jeannine, you lucky girl. Too bad that Adam wasn’t there though. LOL, I don’t even know how to text! I wonder if I could learn before Monday!, ha, ha, – going to the show in Syracuse.

    • Iyleneidol09 says:

      Hi Jeannine, are you from CT? Are there a lot of fellow Glambs from CT? I felt so bad this was the closest concert venue from me and I got so sick. Hopefully, someday, when he go on his solo concert, I will be able to see him live.

      • I live in CT and actually live 10min from Bridgeport. I plan on seeing Adam’s solo tour at a few locations. I will go to NY and if he plays in CT, would go there too. The crowd at bridgeport was definitely an adam crow. Very loud cheers when he came out. Sorry you were sick. I had fallen off my horse 3 weeks before this show & shattered my collarbone and had surhery 2 weeks ago and my MD didn’t think I could go as he was afraid of me being bumped by the crowd. So, he funally gave in and I gave away my single seat and bought 3 10th row floor seats someone was selling and brought hubby and friend to buffer me. Just look to the future now and be determined that you will see his solo tour. I am hoping he will be in bridgeport again or play Mohegan Sun. I am also dtermined to meet him and hope he does some CD signings. You can sign up at ticketmaster and they will alert you when his tour schedule comes out.

        • Helen/Canada says:

          Being in the 10th row floor, how was the view of the stage. I have 12th row seats in Syracuse. It’s a smaller venue, only 6600 seats, so I’m hoping it will be closer to the stage than in the larger venues.

          • OMG! was amazing! I was one seat from aisle to left of stage. You will love the view. I would love front row just to be that close to adam but you get such a great view of everything from where you are sitting and you are so close. I have a new sony camera with a 24x zoom and my pics are amazing closeups. I posted some on my twitter page. My twitter name is cantergirl if you want to see them. You can also go to twitpic to see them. You will love your view! Adam’s voice was amazing and he was hitting his high notes.

            • Helen/Canada says:

              Oh that’s so good to hear. I was afraid I would be too far away and wouldn’t get a good look! I, too, wanted front row centre! Oh well, only our Mary C seems to luck out with those kind of tickets! I have seen him before, but I was up in the stands, not bad seating. We moved when the show started since there was a small section lower that had empty seats. I’ll check out your twitter page. Thanks for the info.

            • Jeannine ~ I checked out your pics on twitter and they are awesome! Your camera and your photography is absolutely phenomenal! And of course Adam is the best most photogenic subject! Loved the boa shot! (Gee, I wonder why … LOL!)

              Congrats, too, on winning the backstage pass! I tried in Hartford and Bridgeport. I wondered how they notified the winner. Just sorry Adam wasn’t there for you.

              Thanks again for all of the great posts about the concert! Great reading and reliving the concert!

    • Jeanine, Thanks for the comments. I thought Adam did great too, for not feeling to good.
      It was so awesome to see him come up solo front the stage at the finale song. He didnt
      do his usual dance moves during Dont Stp Blvn either. Did seem odd w/o Kris for the finale
      sure Adam missed him and was so sweeet for him to mention Kris to have a good recovery!
      Oh so ever thoughtful Adam!
      and you Jeanine, you are so thoughtful to think of Adam instead of meeting him at the greets.
      I’m sure that will pay off for u in the future!
      rock on.

      • I hope I get to meet him! Am going to do my best. I was just happy he sang b/c I would have been crushed if he didn’t. Was weird at the AP, b/c they are all so nice but all I kept thinking was wow you guys see adam everyday and touch him……yeah I know weird thoughts!!!!

  2. I was at the Bridgeport show last night – and yes, it’s true Adam sang Kris’ lines in the finale song. Honestly – I had heard Adam was sick, but you would NEVER know it. He was AMAZING as always – gave a full 110!!!!. I hope Adam, Kris, and all the boys feel better very soon!

    • Awww, what a guy! We all hope they are better soon…
      XO…Sue…Glamb #10

      • Oh, I should read all post before I leave a post! So, Adam sing Kris part in DSB!! Is it akward without Kris around? Adam is ADAMAZING!!

        • was awkward to not see Kris. You could tell he was missing. The last song didn’t have the same sparkle to me without him.

          • I saw the vid and feel akward! Need Kris ASAP! Adam dance alone,I like to see Kradam dance. They were adorable! And Adam didn’t get time to change his pants!! Why don’t let the poor guy change his pants on stage??!! We won’t mind!! ๐Ÿ™‚

        • Hi AdamAddict, yes he is ADAMAZING here is the video to prove it

          • Dianne Hill says:

            Great video, but was not focused on Adam enough, there were times when he wasn’t even in the shot and didn’t get to see him come up through the floor. I’m not griping, honest. Just love Adam too much to want to watch any of the others.

          • Thanks Toni, can’t get enough of Adam, those guys deserve a standing ovation just for putting the show on when they all felt so badly and they did a wonderful show….

            • They sure do Lee. Bless their hearts.
              Get better idols. only a few more shows to go!!!!!!!

              • Adam is a true professional, I thought he carried the whole thing through really well, this is where his prior experience on stage came in useful. I am really looking forward to his solo tour, can’t wait.

  3. Thanks Sue, for the latest info. Oh leave it to Adam to pull off the finale song solo.
    I bet it was awesome! Here’s to hoping they are all on their way to feeling good!

    • You’re welcome, my pleasure really. I know, right? He’s just all around p-e-r-f-e-c-t! Hey, maybe we can get him to sing EVERYONE”S songs??? LOL. Keeping my fingers crossed for quick recoveries..
      XO…Sue…Glamb #10

      • LOL! That’s right,we want to see Adam sing everyone’s songs! But that only can happen if everyone sick! We are evil if we hoping someone to get sick,right? Maybe we need Cheryl to make that wish? LOL!! ~knock wood~ No,no, let all of them feeling better already!! Be healthy everyone, that includes all of you, Glambs!! ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Hey thats an idea. But you know, so like Adam to NOT take advantage of Kris not being
        with him on the finale song and overdue the solo. OMG, he is such a gem. Everyone
        knows what Adams got and he is ever so gracious!

  4. Sue, thanks for rallying the Glamb troop to vote and thank you for the update on Bridgeport. I really feel for these guys! Mwah

    • It’s my duty to RALLY!! Hopefully it helps, don’t want any sad glambs out there. MWAH back at ya…

      XO…Sue…Glamb #10

  5. ~sending get well vibes to all of the idols who are sick~

    This is just a theory of mine:

    I was thinking about a post someone made about Adam reading our “sexual” posts, and wondering what he would think. . . I propose that he would get a real kick out of our “horniness.” Even though things are slowly changing in our still pretty conservative, patriarchal society, it’s always been (straight) men who were “allowed” to outwardly enjoy sex (witness how mainstream the Playboy brand, stripclubs for men, Hooters, NFL cheerleaders, etc. are).

    Now here comes Adam, a gay man, with his “no apologies” sexually-charged performances, and women and gays are able to celebrate their sexuality “out loud,” and isn’t it fabulous? ๐Ÿ™‚

    And this is just a side dish to Adam’s stunning, incredible voice, and his otherworldly beauty, inside and out! Thank you Adam, for all of the joy you’ve brought to our lives!

    Cindy in MS

    • Cindy,
      Side dish, main dish, who cares… I for one am STARVING for more. I’d go back for more on this buffet, thank you. I don’t think we can thank him enough…

      • LOL. . . me too. . . seconds please, and thirds, and 6,344ths! THANK YOU Sue for all that you do here! This is one of my favorite places!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

        Cindy in MS

        • YOU ARE WELCOME CINDY! I get as much out of it as you guys do… you make my day. Hey, it’s one of MYfavorite places too, LOL.

    • Celebrate OUR and HIS sexuality. I looove it!!! Adam Lambert is the greatest rolemodel for the male species when it comes to celebrating OUR sexuality. Husbands, boyfriends, and guys courting some gals – learn from Adam who is rocking the world of girls and women. Thank him for making your own girls or women so hot and ready for you!!!

    • Bravo, bravo AdamRocks – loved your post! Mmwah, Ingrid

    • Cindy, Oh yeh I think I commented on him reading these and so agree he would get a kick
      out of our Horniness being the fun guy that he is..
      Well put girl.

    • AdamRocks, completely agree with you, not only is he loved by gays and women but as in a previous video it was shouted out that straight guys love Adam.

    • Lisette here..ah belamie Cyndi lovli post here..An surely Adam if ever visite thes very belle tributepage even if his preference sont diffarante then ours..As recalling he mentione in interviews on 20/20 an othres..when asque by interviewer ..Did he enjoie al l’attention from l’femmes during American Idol series..He reply sure I’d enjoie how all thos gals wente crazy over me..An too when asque if he’d ever entertaine future relationship au involvemente..being bicurious reply in his charmant manner..We’ll see bisexual..non mabe mentioning enjoying making out with gals.Yet in rollingstone came out an us gals still adore him more then mattre what..agree Adam sont tresbeau his face etes perfetion,eyes of crystalbleu,classique features as seen in many frescos of Michelangelo,..even thet of David’s face with his voix celestial..beau in all aspectes! Benedictiones an luv Lisettexoxo

  6. DSB video in Bridgeport! WITHOUT KRIS!!
    Awww,Adam came out alone,no BFF this time!! ๐Ÿ™ But hey,Adam is there,who cares about the rest??Ok, maybe care about Kris a bit but Adam was there!!

  7. I completely copy this from other sites.It’s says:
    Ok someone else noticed this but itโ€™s just one more reason for Clay to NEVER top Adam. If you click the @clayaiken link, he only has 180 followers and only 1 tweet! How is this even possible! I donโ€™t think he even is using twitter. I think a fan made that twitter account. Wut? So, go vote for our Adam!(They paste Clay’s twitter wall there,and yup,180 followers!)
    Can you believe that?? WTH?? I’m gonna take a break,not with Kit Kat (WAFER BAR), something more fat in it! LOL! I’ll be back in 20mins!! VOTE!! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I am with you,,how is that possible?? Oh Yeah, caught that (wafer bar) haha. I think if there is a repeat of last night I will be drinking coffee with something in it, & not crm & sug….

  8. NH Glambert says:

    Remember to keep voting tonight. Adam is leading about 1400 points but the Claymates typically pick up speed at night. Perhaps it’s their time zone? Europe, maybe? Sad to think it’s the US. Anyway, lets be relentless about this.

    • NH Glambert, I’m with you ALL THE WAY!!!

      • Dianne Hill says:

        Just been to vote again, Adam is ahead by 1563. What a relief, but there is much to do yet, vote, vote, vote, like everything depends on it – which it does.

        I hope Adam and the rest are taking things easy and getting well. Poor Kris, that is so sad for him that he couldn’t perform. The schedule they have been on is far too gruelling, the tour should either be shorter or else have more rest days. It is a catch 22 really, if they have more rest days then it would take longer and then it would be longer before Adam’s album comes out, and if the tour was shorter then that is less of Adam that we would see.

        Dianne Glamb @356

        • Helen/Canada says:

          I was thinking the same thing Dianne about their schedule. But I guess the sooner it ends the quicker we see Adam’s solo tour!!!

    • Helen/Canada says:

      NH Glambert
      Turned my computer on early this morning before going to work and imagine my HORROR with Aiken’s face was starring at me where Adams should have been–in first place!!!!!!! OMG! When I came back to vote 20 min. later Adam was back in first place by about 44 votes. Tried to vote all day at work, got a decent number of votes in, but was pretty busy. At home now and voting, voting, voting! I just don’t want Adam to beat Aiken, I WANT HIM TO BEAT HIM BY A LANDSLIDE!!!! WE HAVE TO KEEP ON VOTING.
      I also wondered if it was a time zone thing, because it’s really weird the way the pace of the votes changes. Something fishy is going on!!!

      • Hi helen
        I too was horrified when we saw you know who was winning this morning.I am a professional woman in a senior role and today I was at a healthcare governance meeting.I spent the whole meeting on a mission-i phone strategically placed on my lap under the table tapping away as soon as the plus sign came back for 2 1/2 hours solid.I even enlisted the help of a colleague9 who didnt know adam but has since phoned to discuss the adam effect as she was on youtube for 2 hours when she got in to see who she had been voting for and of course she loooooved the luscious adam!
        I am in uk and think that the time zones do affect it- it can be a worry but I have faith in us all!
        we are 1500 in front now- keep at it everyone!

        • TRACY/ ; I can see you doing that, OMG, you must still be snickering about what you got away with, what we do for Adam, and he is worth every effort !!!!!

        • Helen/Canada says:

          Hi Tracy
          I laughed so hard when I read your post! Way to go, and you got an Adam convert to boot! Nice work!

        • Oh tracy, I just laughed out loud and clapped my hands for your hilarious post! Bless your heart, you wonderful professional woman! I just wonder who else out there with uber-professional jobs is sneaking around voting for Adam in their off moments in the most unlikely places, what a thought!

          • thnaks everyone – problem is cant quite remember what happened at the meeting!-hope I havent committed to anything that will affect my adam oggling schedule!LOL

            • I’m with Lorrin,Tracy! Laughed and clapped my hand! Wow,you seriously did that? I have a lot of respect on you.LOL!! Unbelievable!! After saw him in second place for a minute, that really skerd the hell out of us and we don’t want to waste any minute,do we?I just voted at home, never to have experience what you had! I solute you,tracy!! mwah!!

        • Hi Tracy – I understand completely! This website has liberated me completely – sometimes I think too much! Loved your post!

        • Tracy, you remind me of me! I’m also a professional and in a supervisory role. I vote on my computer upstairs every 15-20 minutes while getting dressed for work, then vote on the laptop downstairs while having coffee and breakfast. Voting is the last thing I do before leaving the house for work. As soon as I get to my office, I pull up the voting website and vote and keep it minimized on my left monitor while I work on my right-hand monitor. I spend my lunch break voting. I get in one more vote before leaving the office for home at the end of the work day. I vote as soon as I get home and as often as I can before going to bed at night. If I have to run errands or do other chores, my hubby takes over the voting for me! We’re going to be exhausted by next Thursday, but it will be worth it. Adam’s GOT to win this time because he DESERVES to win!

          Adam fans in Europe, Africa, Asia, etc.: please keep the voting going while we in the US have to sleep! We’ll do the same for you. Thank you!

          • Helen/Canada says:

            Hi Amelia
            I can totally relate to all that, but I leave my computer on all night and vote when I get up to pee! I need help, don’t I ???

      • Helen, I am soo thinking about you and your show in Syracuse……….. so excited for ya.

        • Helen/Canada says:

          Thanks Mary. I’m getting soooooooooooo excited! So glad I decided to buy a ticket! Thanks for your prompting me to do that!

  9. Hi. Taking my chances by voting at work, but want to see my (and your) Adam win! And I want to thank you Sue for all you are doing in all your updates. And thank you too for posting my special “moment” from the Tuesday show. This is such a nice website, I enjoy reading all of your posts!

    • HEY Susan,
      I do what I do for YOU! I was happy to put your post in there, it was awesome! I can’t thank you guys enough for your kind words. Keep ’em coming, cuz I love ’em…HAHA. I’m honored to be a part of this site!

    • Susan//: You did this also at work,, I have a feeling the WORKPLACE wasn’t too productive today…Haha

  10. I was at the concert last night in Bridgeport. Front row seats and OMG, you won’t believe it but that was MY red feather boa that Adam picked up and danced with during Fame! It was an awesome experience! Now I don’t know if you read or remember it, but I went to the Hartford show and threw the hot pink frilly bra to Adam that he picked up and twirled over his head! I cannot believe my luck held out for a second time!! Of course, like the bra, I knew I would not get the boa back so I removed some of the feathers beforehand at home to save them and forever treasure them as I watch videos of Adam wrapping the boa around his gorgeous body! What an awesome night! If only I could have gotten it back when it had Adam’s essence on it!!! Oh my, Oh my — that would be something! You will have to see the videos as they are posted. It was the only thing he picked up all night. I have been doubly blessed!

    Adam was absolutely phenomenal! We knew before the show that he wasn’t feeling well but you would never have known it from his performance! As excellent and exciting as ever! The crowd was a good one and they announced that it was a sold out show. Adam was as gorgeous and as sexy as he always is!

    I heard that the reason why the show started 1/2 hour late was because there was a minor league baseball game (Bridgeport Sound Tigers) nearby that had ended and tied up traffic all around the Arena. Several of us were wondering why the Arena wasn’t very full at 7:00 and why they weren’t starting on time. So whether that was the reason or not I don’t know but it sounds plausible.

    When Kris came out during intermission everyone around me kind of held their breath, I think we all thought he was going to announce that Adam wasn’t going to perform because he was sick. So when Kris said he wasn’t performing there was a momentary sigh of relief that Adam would indeed perform, but then we felt very disappointed for Kris’ fans. And since he made the announcement during intermission not everyone was there to hear it, which was too bad — especially for his fans.

    After the show we went out to the barricades to wait for the M&G but the security guard outside said that all of the Idols were sick and they wouldn’t be coming out to sign. (One of the guards inside told us they were coming out so we had high hopes.) Most of us hung around and waited about an hour because we could see their buses and hoped that we could at least see them board the buses and maybe come over our way and wave or possibly sign. But a tour official came out to tell us that they weren’t coming out and after he came out a second time with the same message, and since we saw people boarding the buses and couldn’t really see them very well, we decided to go.

    So while I’ve missed seeing Adam “up close and personal” at a M&G in both Hartford and Bridgeport, I feel truly blessed that I was able to throw both my bra and boa to him and he picked them both up! That was a dream come true — times two!!

    Thank you Adam for another phenomenal show and please get well soon!!!

    • Wow GlambChop! You’re famous!!! What memories you have to treasure!

      Cindy in MS

      • Pink bra and blue boa? Good to know, that means you’re not the one who threw that freaking scary stuffed toy dildo!! Way to go GlambChop! He didn’t go out for signing in Bridgeport,did you get his autograph in Hartford? Anyway,Happy for you!
        I’m gonna sleep,I’ll keep voting tomorrow! You guys vote for me,please don’t skerd me again tomorrow!! Nite,nite!!ADAM MUST BE ON TOP…FOREVEEEEER!! ๐Ÿ˜€

        • AdamAddict, Your so funny even when you are sleepy, here’s to a good nite sleep, don’t keep Adam busy all nite, you have to share, remeber !!!!

        • Hi, AdamAddict! Sorry it’s taken me so long to reply. Just wanted to say that Adam got my pink bra in Hartford and red boa in Bridgeport — no, no stuffed toy dildo from me! I would never have bought one let alone thrown one to Adam! Yeah, I agree, pretty freaking scary stuff some people do.

          Unfortunately I didn’t get to see Adam before of after either show. He did not come out in Hartford based on his doctor’s orders to rest his voice and in Bridgeport he was sick. So I missed him in both venues. In Hartford all of the other guys came out (except Scott of course) but none of the girls came out to sign.

          It was a fantastic experience and one to remember forever!

          Glamb #279 (I keep forgetting to add this!)

    • Glambchop/// Very good post, I bet that you are so thrilled !!!!

    • Iyleneidol09 says:

      OHHHH Glamchop! You are my new Hero!!!! Mary C has a competition now!! Hahaha! You are the famous Glamchop of Eastcoast!!!! You go girl!!!!

      • Iyleneidol09 says:

        Since you are now the famous GlamC of East Coast, I am nominating you the president of the AL fan club CT chapter, hahaha!! Do I hear acceptance speech?? Any objection? Anyone!? Speak now and forever hold your peace!!!!

        • Iylene, theres always room for more Jello???? I love her name Glambchop!!!

        • What? President of the AL fan club of CT? Oh I’m so flattered! Never thought of running for public office! Let’s see how this sounds, “I’d like to thank my fellow Glambs for the opportunity to serve on behalf of all that is Adam …” How’s that for a start?

          Thanks for the vote of support! I love it!

    • I loved your boa!!!!! I posted a really good pic of adam with it on my twitter cantergirl and have another to post today. After the show, I saw 2 girls together wearing the boa!!! Thanks for throwing it up there!!!!

      • Jeannine ~ How cool to hear you saw 2 girls wearing the boa after the show! I saw videos showing what looked like four women sharing/holding it in the audience after Adam threw it to them during Fame. What was best for me is that after Adam threw it off the opposite side of the stage, he came back to my side and looked at me almost as if to say, I passed it along. I never expected to get it back, but to get a look of acknowledgment from Adam was more than I could have ever hope for! He is one classy act ~ but we already knew that!

        Thanks for your comments and I loved your posts about the show too! What a fantastic, magical evening!

        Glamb #279

    • GlambChop, indeed you have been doubly blessed. How was Kris’ absent compensated for??? They could have asked Adam to add to his AI concert repertoire. I am sure that would have been an added treat. Nevertheless, you had your fair share of blessings and I am happy for you. Loved your post! Hugs, Ingrid

      • Ingrid ~ You know, when Kris came out and announced that he wasn’t going to perform, a part of me thought that maybe Allison, Danny and Adam would all add one more song to their sets. That would have been fantastic! But the show and it’s timing are so choreographed and who knows if the Idols and the band have any other songs in their repertoire, so I didn’t really expect it. But it would have been super if it had happened. Just imagine having an extra song by Adam! I guess Adam’s singing of Kris’ part in DSB was his extra song! But, oh, to have had more Adam!!!

        Thank you for your wonderful comments! Hugs back to you, GlambChop

    • Glambchop, (cutename) So good for you,lucky girl you. Great idea to keep some feathers
      and relish in his charm!! Knowing he touched the rest of it.
      Glad u had a great time. so like Adam feeling unda the weather and giving his 1000000%
      for his fans.

  11. Hi all,

    I too was at the Bridgeport show last night. Very strange night. It is true that a HUGE traffic jam getting off the exit ramps and all around the arena held up the start of the show…impressed that they waited since 1/2 the fans were still in their cars! People started getting out of cars in the middle of the street because it was 7 pm and they were a 1/2 hour away from getting a parking space. Also, as I was sitting in my car quickly running out of gas they announced on the radio that Kris might not perform.

    I was on the floor row 8 and Norman Gentle who got voted off early on in season 8 (think red sweat bands) was sitting behind me to the left. Some of the idols mentioned that he was there & during intermission a throng of people made their way over to pics of him. Then a dad sitting next to me remarked on the “get up” of fellow Glamb wearing a red boa!!! I told him it was for Adam…way to go GlambChop!!! You Rock!
    It was totally wierd when Kris walked out onto the stage during intermission to make the announcement…I felt bad but thought it would be interesting to see Adam be the one to close the show. But I read his Twitter about being sick also, so wasn’t sure what to expect. I personally thought he wasn’t his best during “Whole Lotta Love” (my 2nd show) but he really hit the final notes. But he cranked the rest of his set…I think he really fought through not feeling well especially since Kris wasn’t going to perform. You know when sweating makes you feel better? Even when he sang Kris’s part in DSB I thought he belted it out a bit more because he didn’t need to worry about overshadowing Kris.

    I didn’t even try to wait for a signing…I figured the writing was on the wall…and my ultimate parking spot was on the street under a bridge and would be totally isolated by 11:30 pm!! Then on the ride home my CD of Adam songs from AI basically self distructed! I thought, I actually melted it from overuse!
    All & all it was still great even if I didn’t get to meet Adam in person. I agree that it will be wierd when the tour ends! I do hope that the opportunity presents itself to meet him in person some day. Very envious of my fellow Glambs that got the chance. Thanks Adam for the thrills and I will be patiently waiting for your album…in the meantime I’ll re-burn my downloaded Adam tunes!

    • I didn’t know that could happen to a CD !!! i will be more careful with mine. It sounds like you made the best out of a bad beginning (car & late) and end, remember there is Adam’s Tour , we are all are looking forward to, and you got to see that beautiful man and heard him sing in person twice!!!

    • Was afraid of that happening to my CD so I have one for the car, one for bedroom, one for living room and one for den – heh heh heh!!! and in my iPod for walking my dog! Luv you Adam and you fellow Glambs who never fail to inform and entertain us all.

    • Jackie, thanks for sharing your Adam moment! Well at least you were able to see him – spare a thought for those of us in other countries. I suppose the more you see him, the more you want him! Loved your post! Hugs, Ingrid

      • You are so right Ingrid, the more you see, the more you WANT. You’ll get your chance so hang in there.

    • Jackie ~ Thanks so much for relating what the dad sitting next to you said about the “get up” I was wearing ~ you really made me laugh! I’m glad you educated him about it! I’m sure glad I got it on the stage and Adam picked it up ~ at least Dad got to see why I was wearing it!!!!

      Thanks too for confirming the story about the traffic around the Arena. I thought it was very good of AI to postpone the start of the show, especially since Kris didn’t perform. A lot of other shows would have started regardless. I give AI credit for that.

      I thought it was great that they announced Nick Mitchell aka Norman Gentle was there. While I was waiting in line to enter the Arena before they opened the doors, I saw him going in. I yelled over to him, Hey, Nick Mitchell! He looked over and smiled and waved and said “Hi!” I later saw someone who had their picture taken with him before the show. Wish I had thought of asking him for one!

      I also was very fortunate to have had a chance to talk to Allison Iraheta’s mother during intermission and I told her how impressed I was with Allison and her talent. I told her I thought that Adam and Allison should have been the two finalists. She was so appreciative of the comments. She was such a nice lady! Very proud of her daughter as she should be!

      Hope you’ve made a new CD for yourself by now! I never heard of such a meltdown! I’d better watch it because mine’s going to do the same thing, too! I haven’t played anything else since making it! It’s all Adam all of the time!

      Thanks for the great write-up! I enjoyed reading it very much!

      • Hi GlambChop,

        Wow, how cool to speak with Allison’s mother…she must be blown away be the whole experience.

        Glad I could relay the boa story…when Adam picked it up and put it on I turned around (having already rushed the stage) to look at “dad” to say “I told you so”.

        And as for my CD, it has returned to life, but has a bunch of skips in it. I’ll be making a dozen more, just in case. Because as you know, it is all Adam all the time. (my kids want to kill me).

  12. cheryl norman says:

    Maybe it is just my own problem, but I would not have missed Kris. I did not see Adam having ANY problem having to do the finale alone!!! Adam used to be an ‘understudy’ and knew how to handle a situation like that. Kris, is a nice guy, sorry for his fans, but as for me, I have only tunnel vision! That vision is always looking for anything and everything ADAM. Call me ‘mean’, call me ‘irresponsible’, just DON”T call me late for dinner! Adam, my perfect angel, it’s almost over, and your career will be blasting into the stratosphere, and we will be seeing you performing all over the tv promoting you album!!!! That’s what I’m looking forward to!!! Hope Kris gets well soon. Maybes Adam could ‘snuggle’ or ‘spoon’ with him to give him some comfort! I know he would if Kris wanted him to!! Me, too! (with Adam)! I did like the way Matt danced around during the finale! He is a fun guy! Adam kicked that thing off the stage. I think he expects the bras now!!! Adam, expectation is sexy!!!

    • You are right Cheryl about Matt’s dancing and I thought that he sung really well that night, the fancy bra business just went thru the roof, and the husbands and boyfriends don;t even get to see them on….hehe..poor babies!!!

      • I’ve really enjoyed Matt during this tour, and love is funny bubble tweets. I will buy his music after the tour too, and Allison’s, and of course an armload of our Adam’s!

    • Hey Cheryl, I didnt see Adam having any problems, but he didnt seem to do his usual
      dance moves w/o Kris, I just think that is his inside goodness that compelled him to hold
      back a bit. All in All he is still Hot Sexy and everything good.

    • Lisette hugs Cheryl lovli amie I av seen yur note now..merci pour l’ in turne I sende some yur way..deepest condolence re: toi aunt..j’compris loss as yu know losing both to cancer within several monthe of one anothre..So beliv now Adam can give yu comforte here as an angel …one of musique,charities/humanitarian boncauses..An even if tour is nering l’fin..know is just l’commence of Adam’s grande musique career an will always say he’ls legende of millenium,an many generations to come..adored by all ages,sexes,nationalities everywhere in l’monde an USA!
      P.s. visite thread part4 of best interview for Adam..left yu somthinge hopfully to smile abote an give know yu’re nevre alone whethre is regarde toi illness of fibromyalgia,or sadness over luv ones passing..I too can empathize very much here!! Blessings an keep adoring nous ange ..Adam with beau voix,hearte an soul..tresbeau inward/an outward! Luv always toi amie,Lisettexoxo

    How in the hell did they close the gap in just 15 minutes? It was a a1,400+ lead fifteen minutes ago. Now it is only 300+lead for our boy! OUR LEADERS AT GLAMBS, WE NEED YOUR INTERVENTION. SOMETHING AMISS IS HAPPENING!

    • I hope this is a Post from last night, can’t go thru another night like that, but I do see that C.A. is already gainning this night (FRI) I just don’t understand how it happened or how it is happening again. I just can’t stand that smirk on Akins’ face and it faces Adam, too. Our boy has a pouty (?) look and it is like he is saying “come on, come on,,don’t let me lose ” It is so fustrating !!!!!
      Gotta go,,,time to vote !!!

      • PatCanada,
        Really?In 15mins,you witnessed that?That’s just impossible! How the hell that can happened? The whole universe voting for Clay or something??!! You think twitter have something to do with this? But it’s no point if they did that,right? It’s not like they get money from it!! Or is there any privelege by doing so??!! I know maybe “Claymates” also vote like we are “The Adam’s Family” but in 15 mins,that many different??!!Something really wrong here,I can smell it!! But nothing we can do except vote crazier than before. Adam leading by 2,000+ now, if suddenly Clay come close again and end up Clay winning, I have to say there’s a plot! Someone need a story and somehow find this somekind of jokes!! 4 days 18 hour to go! GO GLAMBS !!!

  14. sorry! wrong math. for some reason i think i just had a panic attack. Please disregard my message above!

    • cheryl norman says:

      PAT, Hey kiddo! Can we just keep those mistakes at a minimum, huh, huh??????? hahahaah!!!! Fun-aye!

      • I know I have to scroll down 1st before leave a comment!! I did the same mistakes over and over again!! When someone tried to “bully” Adam, I just get mad and can’t hold a sec to let it out!! But still, I smell something going on!!

    • Oh Pat, you have me in fits of laughter! Listen, it happens to the best of us.

  15. Hello dear Glambs, just want to keep you up to date on the VOTE. Adam is now 1,527 votes ahead of Clay, but I still believe something is very, very strange about the way the voting is processed. I’m not through with my ‘research’ yet. I’ve spent most of the day Tweeting Adam fans on Twitter and drumming up the vote on my own site. If you would like to see my Twitter page and all the ‘GET OUT AND VOTE FOR ADAM’ Tweets, or see what a Twitter home page looks like, do this – go to Google and type in ‘AdamssAngel twitter’, and then click ‘search’. The first entry that comes up at the top of the GoogleSearch will show my ‘AdamssAngel on Twitter’ name. Click on that, and it will take you to my Twitter home page. You can then read all the stuff I’m reading every day about Adam and see all the Tweets I stuffed in there for our guy. (I have Ingrid to thank for that, she Googled my name the other day, and found my posts from our site, what a shock! I better watch out what I’m saying from now on, hoo hoo!) Aside from all that, please remember to KEEP ON VOTING! Thanks to all of you have sat on that + button all day and all night around the world! Hopefully, full victory is not too far ahead!

    • Oh Lorrin, I was soooooooo excite when I saw your posts and said out loud, “Hey, that my friend Lorrin there. Wow, Lorrin your famous!!!!” Lorrin, I have been in and out all day but voted whenever I could. We just need to be vigilant but working in shifts seems to be working well! Love to you, my friend! Mmmmmmmmmwah

      • Thank you, my dear Ingrid, you are so wonderful…and you are always thinking of all these NEAT little ideas I haven’t thought of!

  16. Dianne Hill says:

    Hi Lorrin, I have not heard back from the voting site about my query of the way the voting was going. I will post as soon as I hear something. I still think something is not right. A friend mentioned that a lot of it may have nothing to do with CA, she said that there are a lot of Adam haters (don’t like that word, why would anyone ever hate our sweet darling man) and she thinks that they may be the ones doing the voting. There is just too much hate in this world, I myself can’t understand any of it. Right, time to go and vote for Adam again, last time I managed to get 9 votes in, don’t ask me how I did that but lets hope I do it again.

    • Hi Diane, thank you for doing so much in your part of the world to keep the VOTE going! I simply cannot understand how thousands of votes can have been added overnight to Aiken’s tally, that is just not possible unless some kind of hanky-panky is going on. Thank you also for writing your letter to Twitter; I decided I would also write one if a strong dip occurs again…I decided to fight by ‘stumping for the vote’ on Twitter, and it seems to be having some effect, I already found a couple of other Twitter users who are doing the same thing…I have even gone so far as to barge in and introduce myself to total strangers who love Adam and ask them to vote…there is no way that that Aiken person is going to get Adam’s crown! (And to think I rather liked Clay Aiken before he made those horrific comments about Adam’s voice, how DARE HE!) Anyway, yes, I too am getting a whole lot of votes in one fell swoop myself, I usually can manage 5 – 8 in one go. We’re all getting better at this. Adamfan1 mentioned that she just hits her ‘refresh’ button every time she votes, the page refreshes, and she votes again within seconds! I tried that, too, but it didn’t work for me, oh well. If I can find the way to land a chunk of votes in Adam’s direction I will let you know how I did it. In the meantime, thanks again so much, Diane, for your help and support!

      Oh, and yes, there IS a lot of hate out there. When I was looking through the Clay Aiken fan sites, I found some terrible things being said about Adam, and I plunked down my response to them right on their own website….I said that ‘Adam Lambert was the next King of rock and roll and THE Voice of the New Millenium, and nothing they could say or do would prevent that from happening.’ And that will be proven as THE truth in the coming years, despite anything that is said to the contrary.

      Love from California tonight!

      • I second that! There are a number of Glambs who have turned all their attention on getting Adam back to where he belongs! Great effort, Adam’s Family!

      • Helen/Canada says:

        Oh Lorrin, good for you. I’m glad you responded on their sites with that answer! And you are right, they may be able to vote now, but there is nothing they can do when Adam becomes a super star, geez, he is already and his cd hasn’t even dropped yet. Did you notice that they are using his Mad World in an ABC promo for Flash Forward, then he’s singing in the movie, 2012. Everybody wants Adam, it’s just so wonderful!
        I, too, cannot understand hate–so many misguided people in this world. And to be directed at Adam, it just breaks my heart. He is such a loving soul. He never did anything to anybody. On AI, you could see his wonderful personality, why would someone hate him! It upsets me so much. Why can’t we all just love each other! or at the least just leave everyone alone. My mom use to say, “if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all”.

        • You know, Helen/Canada, it seems that ‘loving souls who have never done anything bad to anybody’ as you said, are magnets for darker, jealous souls. Adam is surrounded now by a sea of love from his hundreds of thousands of fans, but shockingly, others without love are lurking nearby to scorn his success. I think the best antidote for use against them is to press on with Adam, paying the least attention to them as possible….because Adam’s meteoric rise to the top is the answer to his detractors. It’s certainly not Clay Aiken who is singing on the hottest movie ticket of the year, or providing the background to a new TV series, and there will be SO much more to come for Adam. So many in the music business, who have already gone this route before have seen Adam and have endorsed his greatness. I’m certain that hasn’t happened for Clay. The future is waiting for Adam Lambert, and we will be there with him, and these little voices will be left somewhere FAR behind..

          • Helen/Canada says:

            Thanks Lorrin. You calmed me down. I was so upset. I just can’t stand to think of someone being cruel about or to Adam.

          • Lisette here..argh how av I miss thes thread here..thinq I av only recive late..things are becoming bit disorganize..but gathre thet’s cause there’s so many threade.Wel I am sad reading re: Clay..Know nomattre what negativitie,malice au jealousie I av faith thet good wins ovre any dark side of people.From thet firste teme Adam audition an anyone who as follow American Idol was toched by Adam’s superbe vocal ranges,velvettone,an perfete pitch even accapella sounde tresbeau.Plus being able to singe any musique genre from soft ballads,jazz,pop,glamrock,danse/electronica,fusion/blendes of all Adam is destine for grandeur adored aronde l’monde on many stages as an artiste/vocaliste estraordinaire! May angeli gardevous ontour an every day of life!!Know yu’re adored by all glambs gals an fellows here! Luv always Lisettexoxox

          • Lorrin so well put its almost like Adam himself would have said that too! ” the least
            attention to them as possible:
            You go girl!

            • Thank you Mary C., as far as I’m concerned, I think we Worldwide Glambs should take the ‘Higher Ground’. We will lead by loving example, and not deign to stoop to the low places of hate and envy. The story goes that if you refuse to use the same hateful tactics as your enemy, and you choose instead to act without being revengeful, heaps of coals will be piled on your enemy’s heads. ( I think that would probably work for me pretty well…)

      • I like that, “Voice of the New Millenium”.. perfect description of Adam, in many ways..

        • Lisette here..bonmatin Theresa..sending bonregardes cheramie an so agree I av say thes on many threads..he has artistry an legende of millenium an ange d’musique..Plese visite me I had reply giving yu ma twitterpage LisetteAngel..plese nice if yu can joine..Beliv it’s yu on m’page then with holoween avatar?..Let me know..Take care Luv Lisettexoox

  17. Does “voting scandal” ring a bell? Sounds fishy to me. The real vote will be sales of his new CD and thoaw will be listed on the Billboard when it gets released. So, that is really where his popularity will be official. No one will be able to argue with CD sales and downloads. Adam will no doubt be watching those numbers more than anything else.

    So, buy copies and give them out as gifts. I see Kris already has a pre-order for his on and Adam’s new release page is from the is rogue company who is putting out the old songs that did not get Adam’s seal of approval. So, it’s not his official CD from 19 records.

    I don’t think Amazon is aware that this rouge record company is riding the wave of his popularity.

    Go to Amazon and let them know in the discussion section that you want a “pre-order”for his new CD that will be released on Nov 24 form 19 Records. I am gobsmacked that they have one up for Kris and not Adam. (like Kris so, don’t read that as a complaint of poor Kris)

    There are Adam fans who have already let their scorn of this rogue company with the false Adam release known. Add your comments and hopefully Amazon will notice and put up the accurate release pre-order from 19 Records.

    Get going Adam-mites and let Amazon know we want a pre-order for this fabulous man!

    • Hi kate
      I have preordered my CD from amazon in the Uk – no pronlems it is the legit one – only problem is wont be til December 7th boo hoo!

  18. I am voting every chance I get today, but as I mentioned in a previous post, it looks like it’s possible to vote for more than one person. I want to stick some votes in for David Cook, because he’s behind Taylor Hicks. I don’t get that. David Cook has hits, Taylor doesn’t that I am aware of. David is a good friend of Adam’s, and hot to boot, so lets support him too!