TOUR VIBE Recap for Providence, RI

First of all, let me apologize for getting this out so late. As most of you figured out, our site was down for quite some time these past couple days. I too felt the anxiety of not being able to get my Adam fix. Fortunately, only technology was to blame. I will be catching up as quickly as I can so you all can OVERLOAD on our favorite sweetheart. Thank you for coming back to us…
Now on to the good stuff! On Sunday night the show began when he came on stage and presented WLL to the crowd in prime Adam fashion. There was a little gap in the video so she could change her battery but after that OMG is all I can say… Look at that hair, he looks like he just rolled out of bed and was blessed with a fantastic hair day! It just adds to the beauty doesn’t it? I’ve decided to jump forward ending this beautiful display, just a question though… is it me or does it seem like he’s adding some major dance moves…yowza…… I cannot believe the level of singing, dancing, and energy he puts out EVERY NIGHT. Thank you Adam for your professionalism day in and day out and I, for one, will never fade away from you.



  1. It’s SO good to be back with you, Sue, and all our other fellow Glambs! I missed this site so much for the last two days, and as usual, I was nearly frantic by the second day. However, I was very productive during those two days, so it wasn’t as bad as the last time our dear site had a little meltdown. I managed to wash all the windows on my house inside and out, mind you, (and no I shouldn’t be doing things like that, but I had to or become a mud hut), and the next day, I was on Twitter stumping the vote for Adam. I am thrilled to report he is 6,197 vote ahead of ‘ahum’, and I do hope that lead will be able to hold through the next day and few extra hours. I did see at least one Clay site which looked very similar to one of ours, and that fan was urging all the fans from the other side to vote in exactly the same way I encourage people to vote. No one from the other camp is actually ‘talking’ about doing anything other than simply voting for their candidate, so my guess is, that if something is actualy taking place, it is through someone who has the technical know-how, and that person isn’t talking to anyone. (That is IF, of course, anything has been truly going on). But I must say, I just couldn’t fathom how a bunch of fans from the other side could suddenly and miraculously leap ahead of us by thousands of votes overNIGHT, it just looked too strange…..but oh well, perhaps we have seen an end to any more shennanigans (but don’t count on it), and Adam IS quite a distance out in front, thank goodness. Thanks to ALL who have voted so selflessly!

    The last thing I wanted to report is that this, our Glambs site, is STILL having problems…I noticed that the whole site is very slow in loading, and then when I have tried to segue between threads or add a post, there has been enormous difficulty in the page loading back again…one of my posts took 5 minutes to load, and that is not normal! I have a very fast, large capacity computer, and I never have trouble loading anything….I did notice that this ‘loading’ problem directly preceeded the shut down of the entire site a few days ago, also. So, I hope everything is OK here now, but it does look as though we are still having ‘technical difficulties’. I hope that will be resolved.

    Dear Glambs, it is SO wonderful to be able to talk to everyone again…I still haven’t gone back and found out exactly where I left off the other day, but I will do that in a few minutes. Just know that I love you all, and I’m so glad to be back! Now, as the tour ends and Adam begins the work on his own career, we will watch as Adam rises with fiery wings to the heights of his own success, and we will be dazzled by the beauty of his music. I congratulate him on the stupendous, flaming, rocking ride he took through the country with the AI Tour for 50 grueling performances, and I look forward with huge anticipation to all the glory of the coming days ahead as he ascends the first starlit steps of his stratospheric career!

    Love to all the Glambs tonight! Don’t forget to stand shoulder-to-shoulder, and Rock The Vote!

  2. Lorrin,
    Trust me, I missed you guys too. I hope the site is ok, we don’t need to go into withdrawal again anytime soon. I think it shows our true passion though. The thought of not being able to be on here is a true testament to our love for Adam. That is what makes us so different from the rest, we actually care. We care not only about Adam, but about each other as well. I am proud to be a part of this site, thanks for all your support as well.

    • Lisette so lovli to see ma belleamies here agan..I was soo sad an tweetering whech I fine limits to how to espress thouts..So thenkful thinq ma prayres were answere here..before l’fin of AI tour to share with evryone some nice sentimentes an reflectiones of what a magnifque tour it was for beau Adam..Aw Lorrin agree thes site is slower an got threwn out of page couple temes here tonite.An was going to tweet yu agan,til I had seen yur post on last thread alonge with Cheryl,Sherry,Sue,Ofra an othre lovli gals!INow seeing thos above linqs thenks Sue for cute Adam with his hair tossel abote an thinq even if looking out of bed…it seemes so sweet an boyish..If my hair was blewn thes way thinq I’d av some negative comments..His beauty is like I av say thet of an artistes painting perfete features even if his hair was wet from shower au waterfall imaagaine he’d look estraordinaire hansome!!An yes we all av forme lovli frenships here all thenks to one bleu-eyed artiste ..Adam..If non for him we’d nevre av met now wolde we..even if it’s in cyberspace..Possible one day we can meet up Adam’s solotour hope thes shall be..An no illness will ever keep me from him there ..thet’s a promise,alonge with al of yu belle gals/fellows too!
      Hugs an Luv Lisettexoxo

    • Hey, Sue, whatever you all did to the site tonight, it’s working….all the segues, shifts, loads, and entries are moving along just fine now, thank so much! And I just want you to know I’m SO glad the site is back up…it is truly a home to all of us….love you tonight from NorCal!

  3. SUE, you are so right about Adam’s moves getting better, it’s a good thing this didn’t happen in GR or you gals would had been on stage, then arrested, then we would have had to go to GR and get you out of the pokey. I was thinking,daaa, I don’t know if this new CD that Adam will be giving us on Nov. 24th is going to do it for me, I do love his music but I also love to watch him oh, so much,maybe I’ll do it this way I’ll play an old CVD of Adam on the TV & then play the CD on my player that I will get the best of Adam till his concert comes to town & or he puts out a CVD!!

    Lorrin, what you said goes for me except, I sure didn’t do any windows, just sat poutting and voting for Adam, scanning the Internet for any news of Adam and trying to find our site. It’s great to be back in business.

  4. Sue, Lorrin, Lee M, I have so MISERABLE without my Glambs!!!!!! Thanks SUE for your hardwork and I see there are quite a few new threads already!!!! You have been WONDERFUL!

    LORRIN, what can I say about your post – AMAZING!!! Thanks my dear friend for always flying the Adam flag HIGH!!!!

    LEE M, no more pouting (like me), now we can talk!!!! I am so relieved that at least we could vote …. and did we vote!!!!

    Well my dear friends, not much more time left to vote, so we will keep at it and make sure our Adam is positioned in his rightful place. I have a few busy days ahead of me but that won’t deter me from voting every fifteen minutes.

    Sue, Jeanette, Dana and all the other Glamb leaders, this site has kept us in the loop regarding what is happening in Adam’s life. I so hope that this can continue now that the concerts have come to an end. As for Adam’s album that will be released, Jeanette, welcome back – seems like you were homesick! Sue did a fantastic job and I love ya all!

    I will make sure that Adam’s music is show-cased on every radio station in South Africa. I WILL NOT LEAVE A STONE UNTURNED!!!!! This site is strides ahead of any other site in every respect. I am planning on having a party to celebrate Adam’s album. I will make sure that pics are taken aplenty and then send it to you. Wouldn’t it be great to have a similar event in all the countries (which is every country) supporting Adam. I still need to find out when Adam’s album will be released in South Africa. I hope to start contacting radio stations soon – want to be proactive!!!!!

    It won’t be long before the new threads will be littered with posts and Adam’s family can once again congregate to ‘adamise’. Hee, hee, I am a happy ‘Adam’ chappy! Mmmmmmmmmmwah!

    • Something disappeared …. As, for Adam’s album that will be released, … the rest is gone!!!!!

    • Hello my dear Ingrid, I left a somewhat ‘largish’ post for you back on one of the most recent of these threads. It’s so good to hear from you, and post with you here again. I know Adam is going to amaze and overwhelm us in the days to come…we will have a little breathing space now, but soon, we will be back in the whirlwind of his life again as he continues to astonish the world with his glorious voice and unearthly beauty. Just a little while longer and we will have to ‘imagine’ no longer, we will have his music in our hands! Have a lovely new day in South Africa, and love to you tonight on the Cape!

  5. I’m so glad this sites is back!!!You guys have no idea how much I miss you all! Never thought my life will be that bored without you guys!!sob sob!! I still can find Adam news in other sites but something is missing.Then I went to Adam FB,all Adam fans are there,talk to them a bit then I realized,they all not you!It’s different!sob sob!! I MISS YOU AND I NEED ALL OF YOU ,MORE THEN I THOUGHT!!I’m not lying!It’s kinda misrable!! Talk about Adam is great but when talk about Adam with you guys are super great!
    So,I still voted like crazy and there’re only 19hrs to go.Maybe I have to go to bed when it’s like 4-5hrs left!I hope you guys can vote like crazy for me.Please tell me the number of votes when the voting close.I want to know.Please keep voting,don’t assume Adam will win just yet!
    And one more thing,if you guys have facebook,you can look for GLAMBS and be a member there.Just in case,the sites somehow broke again,we all can go there while they fix it.Then we all still can talk to each other.We can go to Adam’s too but like I said before,many already there.And sometimes a**h*** comes and bash Adam.Say something that no human with heart will say it. I think it’s a monster with a face of ugly human being!But of course,he looks for trouble.I don’t know what make it fun doing that,but I told them not to bother,just ignore that ass because he probably trying to disturbed us from voting for Adam.He’s not worth it.I pretend him as invisible.I just read 1 post bcs I don’t know that there will be a**h*** just go waste his time doing that.Then the rest,i just kepp scrolling down.
    My twitter is Emili0603,you guys can follow me & I follow you back.In my twitter only have my Glambs friends/family.All my other friends are not there.There R in FB.So it’s gonna be cool.I only reply to Adam and you guys.The sign up also easy.I have Admfan1,AdamRocks!,Lisette,Lorrin,Theresa!More will be better!
    P/s:1 fan from FB add me in FB,I let her than her friend bash me bcs he got issue with my country.Really pissed me off,regret I let her in,won’t do the same mistakes again.No stranger allows.Blocked her after explained to her, and bash that guy back!!!But you guys are back,I don’t hv to go to FB again,and I already saw the vid of Adam in Syracuse ~gulp~ then everything just fine.And it’s gonna be better when Adam win tomorrow!Keep voting,guys!! 🙂

  6. Sue, I’m so glad to have this site back. I didn’t think I was as obsessed as it turned out I was/am with coming here on a daily, hourly basis. I had my own theories as to why I was being denied access. I can’t wait to read all the posts now…it’s like a buffet. And how to choose which to read first. I have company this week, and they don’t understand about my obsession although they knew about Adam. Two points for them. It would be comforting to know of an alternate way of finding out what has happened to this website if it ever leaves us again. GLAMBS on Facebook sounds easy. Thanks Sue for all you do!

  7. Silvana/Argentina says:

    Hello all Glambs,
    during tjhe weekend i was in bed with a bad cold. Felt terible, but kept on voting….well Victoria (my daughter voted). On monday I tried to access the site and …couldn’t. Despair. I didn’t know what to think….how to find out what was happening…talk to you all and hear from you.

    I’m so happy the site is back…missed you SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much. This site is as addicitive as Adam himself.
    Can’t wait to browsing around, reading everthing.

    Love to everyone and truelly MISSED YOU, as I’ll miss the AI tour. Just have to wait patiently (who am I kidding?) for all that Adam has in store for us.

    Love, Silvana

    • Silvana, sent out an SOS for you on one of the older threads – girl, please let us know when you are going to be ill!!! Ha, ha! It is great having you back and well!

      • Silvana/Argentina says:

        Hey Ingrid,
        i’m trying to catch up with the older threads (I’m at work….but still). I’ go back and look for your SOS.
        I’ve so, so,so, so missed all of you. Kept voting, but didn’t watch videos nor read the psots…and then…NO SITE. JUST TERRIBLE:

        Now, we are back to normal.

        By the way,……………….CHERYL AND INGRID……………………. how about the US OPEN. What do you have to say about MY BOY Del Potro…………………Sorry girls.

        Love you, Silvana

        • Hope you’re feeling MUCH BETTER Silvana! 🙂

          Cindy in MS

          • Silvana/Argentina says:

            Thank you cindy, I’m feeling better.
            I’m late answering because I’ve been all through the threads that I missed.
            I can’t wait to see all the vids. Sound amazing.
            Love, Silvana

        • Silvana, from the start of the tournament I told my husband Delpotro and Federer are my favourites. I actually didn’t mind Delpotro winning at all. Roger lost the match in the second set … you probably know why I am saying so if you watched the match. My honest opinion is that he will still be No. 1. Pete was Federer’s idol, Federer is Delpotro’s idol. Federer will always be my favourite but he is my favourite to take over from Roger. Cheryl’s been quiet, it’s a bit rough ha!

          So, don’t be sorry, I am not! Love ya and why did you not give me a mmmmmmmmwah! Lotsaluv, Ingrid

          • Silvana/Argentina says:

            i’m glas to hear you are a fan of Del Potro. i haven’t seen the match, really not feeling well. I’ve not been much into tennis lately, or any other sport (terrible our soccer team). I loved watching tennis many years ago, when it became more popular in Argentina with Guillermo Vilas (maybe you remember him). I watch matches from time to time.
            Lately all my spear time is about Adam.
            Love and MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMWAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How could I forget it?

            • Hi Silvana! You must take care and get well soon! Yes, I remember Guillermo Vilas, the beautiful long-haired prince. Guillermo Coria was also brilliant but riddled with injuries. He is recorded as the fastest moving tennis player, ever! But no one, NO ONE can be compared with the KING, I.E. KING ADAM! Love and lots of positive vibes are being sent to you! Mmmwah, Ingrid

  8. Oh tht messed up SEXY BED HEAD. Wish I was waking up next to him and getting first glance
    of that. Thanks for video.

  9. Concert recap coming Monday…stay tuned….Mary D. last time Adam came out to barricades.!!!!