American Idol Summer Concert – Glambs Photos and Videos – Explosive, Exciting, Erotic!

Per your request, to make it easier to see all your great photos and videos in one place, I’ve created this post. I’ve tried to organize it by city and to give credit to the person who sent us the photos, with the most recent concerts being at the top. If you have photos or videos that you’ve taken at any of the past concerts/autograph sessions and would like to see them posted here, please email us at Please include your name and the city your concert was in. You can either send the files as attachments or give us the links where we can find the photos or videos. Please note that by sending us these images you are giving us permission to post them.

Thanks to all of you who have sent us the below photos/videos – we never get tired of seeing Adam!


MILWAUKEE, WI August 28, 2009 – Courtesy of Jill







COLUMBUS, OH August 25, 2009 – Courtesy of Mars






COLUMBUS, OH August 25, 2009 – Courtesy of Cheyenne





CLEVELAND, OH August 23, 2009 – Courtesy of Sandy







PHILADELPHIA, PA August 20, 2009 – Courtesy of eva


PHILADELPHIA, PA August 20, 2009 – Courtesy of adamtastic1877



HARTFORD, CT August 16, 2009 – Courtesy of Pamela


LONG ISLAND, NY August 12, 2009 – Courtesy of Glamstrukk






BALTIMORE, MD– August 5, 2009 – Courtesy of Eva




GREENSBORO, NC – August 2, 2009 – Courtesy of Liz




GREENSBORO, NC – August 2, 2009 – Courtesy of Anroln






CHARLOTTE, NC – August 1, 2009 – Courtesy of Stewart







CHARLOTTE, NC – August 1, 2009 – Courtesy of roseculrglases






DULUTH, GA – July 31, 2009 – Courtesy of Tawnia





MEMPHIS, TN- July 26, 2009 – Courtesy of TheFeyNan





TULSA, OK – July 24, 2009 – Courtesy of Kelly D. (Texasgirl1)





DALLAS, TX – July 23, 2009 – Courtesy of Candy







SAN DIEGO – July 18, 2009 – Photos courtesy of Glambertgirl1





SAN DIEGO – July 18, 2009 – Videos courtesy of Anita

ONTARIO, CA, July 17, 2009 – Courtesy of Diana







  1. Help me, I’m melting!

    • AdamAddict says:

      I can’t,I’m melting too.Someone,HELP US!!

      • “These photos and videos are “INCREDIBLE”!!!! Such a joy for all of us who did not have tickets!!!! A “BIG THANK YOU” to everyone who sent in photos and videos!!!
        ADAM is just “TOO SEXY ” for words……not to mention his incredible talent and charisma!!!!!

    • Im right with you on that, i love the pics with the vest,

  2. Having this page is a great idea, Jeanette, thank you. I love having all the tour photos in one place, it just makes the reporting back from the tour dates that much more exciting and alive. Ooh, that Photo #9 down from the top is something else, isn’t it? Adam is like the King returned to life standing in the semi-darkness. Thanks to all the Glambs who attended the concerts, reported back, and posted these photos, you are our eyes and ears on the scene!

    • Lisette here..bonmatin Lorrin so agree with yu as Adam does have uncanny resemblance with his hair back specialmente,gentle inflectiones,sensualitie an charm! An special thenks to Jeanette for thes lovli page now with all Adam’s beau photos from all glambs an amies who have been blesse to see him in person!Hugs to all for sharing yur trasure memoires for sure!An now seeing on bottom of page..plese notice there’s somone who poste “Tweet from Adam Lambert” vraie? I thout his accounte was compromise after seein a video he made (borrowing Danny’s account posted on utube?..I av been wishing one day he’d stop by special now after meeting many glambs an Linda (teamleader).Angel blessings always if one ever does visite…but am bit leery seeing posers from myspace an even reciv one in m’email from zodiac suposed “Adam” while ago after j’posted on his performance(utube).An given his busy schedule ontour ..truly would be a reve here! Hugs an luv Lisettexoxo!

      • Bon jour, Lisette, good to hear from you. I just wanted to say I don’t think Adam is back on Twitter yet, at least I haven’t seen any of his Tweets for quite a long time now. I wonder how they will go about fixing that, or even if they can permanently fix that for Adam. At least we can still see his many interviews and fascinating back stage pictures for more of him in his more relaxed mode, the videos and pictures of him online are just flooding the internet! Au revoir et ange de bénédictions à vous…

        • Lisette here..hugs back..merci beaucoup aussi l’ange garde toi vie!Okay thinq we can speak in best grammar I know.As other frends/glambs may feel left out,but once an agan is
          tres cher of yu! An agree seeing Adam in interviews,concert videos an beautful photos warm within one’s hearte for sure!P.s. Theresa mentione above Adam,Kris an othre Idol’s will be on Morning America show(Abc Aug.6th) hope yu can setting alarm.Sometime am fatigue from fibromyalgia..very sporadic sleepe.Anyway ma cherie until doman ..aurevoir must cook a petit repas for myself,chat Sophie too(silly yes?..shes like child awaits with grande yeux til I give her some shrimp au fromage..spoiled.Bon appetit
          see doman. Hugs Lisette..Adam ..repose monbeau til next concert,besoin repose of vocal chords an those high velvet high notes!bisousxoxo

  3. MyBoyAdam says:

    Thanks to everyone who shares their photos, videos and experiences! I won’t be going to any concerts but feel like I’m not missing out thanks to all of you! Wow!!!!!

  4. Thank you very much for going thru all the work that makes this possible. How extremely lucky we are to have someone like you and your co-workers do all this work to expand the operation of this website! Looks like you all never stop thinking about ways to improve the best Adam fansite even more! You all deservea lot of credit and respect for going far beyond making Adam’s fansite the very best it can be. You’ve already won acclamations from the fans here for all you do, and now to take this big giant step forward puts this fansite so far above what anyother site out there could possibly compare themselves to is astronaumatrical! What in heaven’s name else could a fansite do? Hey, I think I’ve got an idea. How about you all setting up fans w/a 24 hr time, span for each of the Glambs!? Since you have ceated the alpha site on the internet, maybe you have enough ‘pull’ down the road for some parties w/Adam as guest of honor? Hahaha! You think I’m kidding, huh? Well,,,,,,I really am dreaming. but with this stunninh revolution, you’re really not sure where your powers might lead!!! All joking aside, what you’ve decided to do here is such a wellcoming idea to me, that all I can say, is thanks a bunch!!! You all Rock this fansite!!! Rock-Fans. Yes!
    peace-love-light-thanks-joy-happiness to Adam, and’staff!

    • Yeah you’re awesome Jeanette. All the Glambs club leaders are. Almost as amazing as Adam I’d say. My own mom, and Adam Fan too, is not as cool as you guys. Thanks for everything. And thank goodness for Adam!

      • Jeanette says:

        You are very welcome Cheryl and Little Smile! We appreciate your comments very much.

        • Thanks Jeanette and all the ones suppling all the pictures & film clips. I just got home from the AI concert (25th-Columbus,Oh). I am so exhausted and it is so nice to have these pictures because i didn’t do any filming, so it nice to review them. Adam and the Gang came out to sign about 45 mins after the concert was over. Guess what, Adam came out first with Megan and about 15 mins later Matt & Scot came out and then about 20 mins later the rest came out, sure was diff. from the other nights. It was so great to see Adam up close, when he was signing my RS mag., I said Adam, you are such a Baby Doll, He was suprised with that comment he looked up and smiled! If you think Adam was surprised, just think how much I was! I never ever had said that to anyone, but, he smiled at me and that was an ever lasting impression. I meant it with the most affection,but I feel dumb saying it. Sometimes I don’t know about me and my mouth.
          The concert just like everone has said, Adam is just fantastic, so sexy, plays with the mic, slings around the bras, whips himself and Allison, playfully with the feathered whips, it was just so grand. I am so glad that i went!!!!
          I met Mary there, she found me, that was great. Mary had a ringside seat and she will tell you lots more, I don’t know if she was taking pictures, I’m thinking that she did, she had taken pictures ic CA and shared them with us, she is very good with that camera, hope that she did.

    • Lisette agan..bonmatin Cheryl merci agan for lovli post re: fibromyalgia,an othre page(tour/staying healthy),plz see on last post too.I agree regarde Jeanette an how she addes special touches to thes lovli Adam tributepage..a place truly dedicated for all glambs/angels,frends to share ther affectiones,tour esperiences,articles,videos an now photos.An ‘meilleur site for beauhearte Adam..guest of honor ,angel of musique..who remans humble,genuine,witty,intelligente, honest,charmant,funny, an sweet..!Tresbeau as an artiste/danseur/vocaliste who touches within heartes everywhere in US,internationale an us glamb gals,fellows too (sometimes)!Wel peace,amour,amour,amour,joie,bisous always for for Adam..Are yu here(see bottom somone poste twitter with Adam nom?…joie et bienvenue…if yu’re hiding like l’Phantom of Opera an viewing!
      (smile..I feel like Iv had some champagne being silly now!..gather Im into celebrating Cheryl if ther’s ever parties let me Im dreaming..but yu never know!..they av done thes here in town for Celine,Englebert so anything is possible..dare to belive!Luv Lisette

    • Hey, Cheryl, THAT’S A PLAN! One thing we could do in future is all buy tickets for the SAME ADAM CONCERT, book some hotel rooms for us to meet first, let his management know we are going to be there en masse and that we are a ‘civilized’ group, well, more or less, and maybe he’d meet us in a room at the concert venue for 10 min or so. That would give some of us time to SAVE OUR PENNIES to pay for the trip. You can see I am not as much of a dreamer (oh I can be) but I am thinking of the logistics of getting to him in the future.

      • Iyleneidol09 says:

        Theresa, I like that idea. Why dont we organize state by state, city to city and drive by a tour bus, and book to the same hotel, with great discount because we will all occupy the entire hotel!! WE can call it the GLAMBERT FAN CLUB CONVENTION!! And the convetion will not be complete without ADAM, oh, that’s right, why dont we invite him for a private concert, exclusive just for the Glambert fans. I am not an official member of the Glambet fan club. But I feel like I am already one, I meet up with all of you, everyday!! Jeannette, thank you so much for maintaining this site. It makes my day complete. Love you all!! my new found friends..

        • Iylenidol09 and THERESA, first off, Iylene, you must know and remember we are Glambs NOT ‘glamberts’!! Okay!? Okay!
          Theresa, Oh, my, do you lhave a great idea!!! Yes, I’ll need some time to same $$ for the concert!!! Fabulous idea!!! We could DEFINATELY get a group ‘discount’ for Adam’s Official Fan Club!!! These discounts can really be good, too! If we contact enough hotels, we’ll get a really good price, and when my daughter was married last Dec in Col Springs, we did that for all flying in for the event and the hotel rolled out the ‘red carpet’ and had big ‘welcoming signs’, etc. Now how could Adam possibly ignore such an event in his name w/his fans going thru all the effort for him!!!!! Yeah, baby! Let’s be sure to do this! This would actually be our/Glambs mini vacation with Adam, himself!!!! Good Lord, I’m ‘pumped’ now! How will I sleep for the next months until we can do this???? I know, concentrate on building my ‘Adam fund’ up so I can have enough $$ to do whatever I can to ‘bribe’ Adam into,,,,,,,,,,,,,no, he wouldn’t take a bribe! But, then, again……..maybe if I,,,,,,,,.,,I’ll think on it, oh, I can be very creative when I’m ‘driven’!!! Call me ‘driven’!! As the time nears, and he starts planning for his 1st tour, we may have thousands of Glambs. But, remember, WE get the best part of the whole enchalada since WE had the idea!!! Oh, am I naughty, or what!!! If only I had the money for some liposuction and boob lift!! OR, sex change!! May I could go in ‘drag’ as a 5’2″ babby-man!! I’ll tell you the truth, my hairstyle I got last Oct. and am still wearing today only a little longer, could be mistaken for an Adam-cut!!! Plus, my hair is the same color as his, and I’ve been wearing eyeliner since I was 12!!! Okay, I am 61, but everyone tells me that I look like I’m closer to mid 30’s (yeah, sure) or 40’s (thanks people for lying!) so I’m thinking I could go as a gilrl-guy in drag, Afterall, he does like the ‘smaller’ body-type. But I’d have to go on a starvation diet too. Well, maybe I’d better be content with just being able to ‘feast’ my eyes on ADAM!!!! Yeah, back to reality. But if I won the lottery, I’m definately getting liposuction, and boob lift!! Besides, I’ve always feared my boobs would sag to my waist like my Granny’s!!! They probably would too, if I didn’t wear these too expensive bras!! Personally, I’ll tell you, confidently, about 10 yrs ago or so I tried to get a reduction. But b/c I didn’t have ‘gouges’ in my shoulder area, my ins denied me! dumb asses! But if I can get down to 110lbs, they lare the perfect “C” cup! Hopefully, there aren’t any people on this site interested in reading my post all the way to the end! duh.
          peace-CONCERT-love-joy-happiness-light to all Glambs!

          • AdamAddict says:

            Look at that,you said “WE ARE GLAMBS NOT GLAMBERTS” Hahaha! Hmm, I wonder who thought she’s a glambert before? ~giggle~You guys going to meet up & go to the concert together?Wow,that’s so cool! Glambs is better because we’re like family! Sooo coool!!
            That’s right Iyleneidol,WE ARE THE GLAMBS! The Glambs we are! 😀

            • Theresa, Cheryl and AdamAddict, you are NOT going to any of Adam’s concerts without me! Lorrin, where are you? This idea MUST materialize. Glambs, I’m SO in!

              • I’m right here, Cheryl, have no fear. So let’s see, you want to hire a bus, get a hotel reservation with everyone together, make a big presence with signs and bells and whistles, make a huge gaudy splash, and have some kind of special meet-and-greet with Adam in the city you all have chosen? I’m all for it, yes. The logistics will have to be planned pretty carefully, but I know you gals can do it. I don’t know if I could really make it or not, but I sure would like to see us Glambs do something like this. Sally forth, and see if you can make it work!

                • And I would NEVER go to any concert of Adam’s without you, Cheryl, you know that!

                  • AdamAddict says:

                    How I wish I can join you guys but I lived in Malaysia so how could I? I need a lot of $$$ and for now I can’t afford that!I’m not that rich! As I know US dollars is like times 3.5 Malaysia money! That means if $10 =RM35. $1 is little & $100 is much for U,same here in M’sia.RM1 is little & RM100 is much.Just imagine how much money I have to spend if I want to go??!!Hotel,food,plane ticket,concert ticket!! But now that I know,I will start save money to go to Adam concert in future.That will worth it because all I need is to Adam alone.But of course,I wish he can be here so no need spend that much money! One day I MUST SEE ADAM!But to all of you, plan well and I really hope you guys make happen.Have a lot of fun! 😀

                    • Dearest AdamAddict, I know that our money is worth nothing in dollars, just like yours. Well, we have some time. Let’s see what we can do! Where there’s a will, there’s a way! We will put our heads together. It would NOT be the same without you!

                  • Lorrin, was that me you were speaking to when you said you would NEVER …

                    • …and I meant I would NEVER go to a concert of Adam’s without Ingrid, Cheryl, Theresa, and all of our dear Glamb friends! You bet, Ingrid, we are always going to be together in this!



                    HOW R U SHAVERA???\


                    • I’m in for this type of adventure. When the city is determined, Glambs from that area would be the best contacts. Can’t wait – hope it’s Columbus, OH. We got one of the best concerts so far when you consider floor fans standing for almost the whole concert energizing all the Idols to give us their best, lots of Adam and Allison and Danny playing with toys, Adam coming out first at the barricades and accommodating all who stayed, nine Idols (all but Anoop) coming out during pre or post show, emo hair, woman, I wanna be your back door man, calling Allison my girl, signing shirts, and I could go on.

              • INGRID, LORRIN, AND aDAMaDDICT,
                aDAMaDDICT, i knew you’d catch my post about glambs and glamberts, but see, “I will learn, then I will teach” Just doing what I said I’d do!!!! hahahaha!!! You should be proud of how well I’ve learned!
                Right!!! Yeah, Babe!!! I’m a child of Adam’s now!!! See, how I’m goin’ with the flow~~~~~toward
                Adam, my man-child!!!
                OK, Ingrid, Lorrin and AdamAddict, I’ve got some news. I called Van

                Alndel Arena in GR and their prices are way down since I called in May! Front row floor was going
                for $1,000.00 in May. Now, 3rd row Floor is $367.00!!! I called and asked for $100.00 how close
                could they get me and that I’m short. They gave me a seat on floor in 2nd sec for $97.00 Plus tax, etc, t
                extra, totaled $126.00. I took it! So I got it!!! Now, there 2seats left next to me. So UPDAT, UPDATE
                TGE KAST TWO SEATS HE HAS!!!!~~~~~~~~~~PEACE-HAPPY-

              • INGRID, of course not!!!! We are sll going to go! We’ll designate a concert, all get out tickets by
                each other, have the hotel reservations, etc. have our signs, glamb ourselves up for Adam, dine
                together, help each other, support each other and have a whol bunch of fun together!!!! We
                should be making an Adam savings acct for that trip!!! Then, as the future goes on, we’ll make
                more plans!!! Train, plane, bus, amtrack or car, we’ll all do whatever each of us needs to do to
                meet up at our designated place and time, etc.!!!!!!!!!!! Strt saving our money!!!! We want to have
                as much fun as humanly possible for a bunch of girls over the age of 30!!!! ages 30-80 I’d say!!

                • Cheryl, that is going to be the most awesome experience! We need to take lots of pics and get one of the magazines to do an article on the Glamberous. I sure Lorrin (aka Shakespeare, … fingers, Sherlock Holmes) and of course, Jeanette, Dreamsound, CMHagey can do the honours with all the Glambs in attendance contributing their two-pence. We will wave our banner in the front row, do serious damage our vocal cords, work up a sweat that will leave puddles at our feet, hyperventilate, be shamelessly Adamized, fight for full frontal with Adam, the World will KNOW who we are and then we will spoon each other up and leave to resuscitate ourselves so that we can commence the celebrations elsewhere. How that?

                  • WOW, Ingrid, WOW! Especially that last part about spooning each other up, I’m sure you were meaning as in melted ice cream, of course…..what a PICTURE! Glambs and Adam, yes!

            • AdamAddict, you have a sharp memory. Do you remember how many times we had to answer the question … for Cheryl. Like she says, I learn, then I teach! Cheryl, I am sure you like that one, even though you stole it from Adam.

              • Hey, Ingrid! I always give credit to Adam!!!!! I love it! ‘I will learn, then I will teach’!
                When I was a teen, we said ‘I have learned, and therefore I will teach’! But, Adam, Adam, all
                credit to our Rock-icon!!!!!

          • Lisette here..bonmatin Cheryl,Theresa,Ingrid,Lorrin an as I av mentione too I’d so enjoie to joine in thes Adam /glamb future concert of Adam’s (solo one now yes?)As I av never yet seen an if health permitt in future to do! So please include me?Thinq Theresa didnon see ma intereste to joine..An as yu say wear something Adam related..I may non av his hair style,but wear eyeliner as well an makeup .Have an ankh ring as j’mentioned page regarding Adam’s jewelry.Wish to lose few lbs so don feel mal Cheryl…I must now cut down on cafe/ buffets her in town!An a discount thet soundes now Cheryl Adam on holiday..sure everyone wishes for thes.Be happy just to see him in person ..tresbeau yes!!As am writing al of sudden his songs popped on an it’s “Tracks of my Tears” this hasnon done of ma favorites! thinqin thes is funny as if to channel Adam now(reves)Sure he’s sleeping for next citie concert..Wel keep in touch here regardes to thes plan! hugs an luv Lisette!

            • Lisette, you are with us all the way! We would never dream of leaving you out!

              • AdamAddict says:

                Awww,so sweet of you guys thinking of me! But seriously I can’t go,at least not for this A.I tour.Are U kidding me,flew to US to see 30 min of Adam?My dad will kill me for using his money and then buried me someplace where no one will find! Hahaha! I’m 32 but still using my dad’s money,look at that?
                It’s embarassing! LOL!! You guys go ahead without me.Adam isn’t going anywhere,I’m sure of it! In the future,he’ll make his own concert around the world,that’s where I got the chance to see him.MJ came here once for concert.David Archie came here in Malaysia about 2mth ago to promote his latest album.So,I really believe I’m still got the chance to meet him.When that time comes,I’ll embarass myself by screaming his name like a teenage girl and faint right in front of him! lol!

                • AA we are talking about THE FUTURE when Adam has his own concert tour…. so start saving those Malaysian pennies! It would likely be a year or more in the future.

              • Lisette here..Aw hugs fIngrid an I’d so enjoie to meet very lovli people as yu Cheryl,Theresa,Lorrin, an mabe Jeanette can join in..As she has been so sweet to keep thes tribute page update of concert/photos/videos an 24 heures in way updates.An maybe Jeanette can find way to contacte management (in future soloconcerts_. Then Adam can know thes site existe with “Glambs”. As Adam mentione in videos of glamberts,lambs,etc..Be shame if Adam nevre knows of it.Seeme is l’very best one ever..L’official is confusing for navigationes,non interaction or updates. Just my thoughts! Hugs an bisous
                Luv,Lisette..Angel blessings Adam!x0x0

              • Lisette here..non sure what happen I just poste to yu Ingrid..mystere..wel thenks agan so very sweet to say! An be lovli to meet yu too an all Adam’s like minded “Glambs” as one says more merrier,an can have some champagnebellinis to celebrate!..Silly yes til thet time arrives for Adam’s solo concerte..An as Cheryl say have lot of time to save..Cut down on buffets/visitors staying with me..ther’s lot of hotels.An also pray for bonhealth..thet has been main concern..why missed Adam here in s.west,an finances..argh if only to win megabucks(here in town)dreams..So til then,we’ll just share lovli stories,see videos/an photos posted here ..thenks to Jeanette..P.s I say she can attende too as I av written lower down thes page!How lovli an can be truly celebratione of this wonderful tributepage!..Hugs an luv Lisettexoxo

                • Lisette, I like your thinking! If we have to make sacrifices, so be it. Adam is certainly worth it! We could ask Jeanette, CMHagey and Dreamsound (hope I have’nt left out anyone) if they would let all Glambs know that we would like them to join us and converge on one of the concerts en masse. Peace & Hugs, Ingrid

            • LISETTE, Yes you MUST go!!!! That is something you should know, my dear!!! The more of our
              Glamb family, the better!!!! The more we are in numbers, the more fun we’ll have together!!!! Yes,
              I would like to lose 20lbs, really. But, I’m ok if I can’t!!! We will have some months to save, so that
              will make it easier on us!! ADAMADDICT, I’m talking to you too, here!!! You can do it, too, if you
              just get ‘focused’ on the “prize” which is Adam. Sacrifice things to save the money. I’m probably the
              worst off financially than everyone else, but, I can really get focused and driven when I want something
              bad enough. It was like that with men, too!!! Hahahaha! Okay!!! NOW DO WE ALL UNDERSTAND
              have horrible health issues, but I can take the pain and discomfort of a long couple of days for the
              benefit of having everlasting wonderful memories of seeing Adam before I die, and with all the Glambs,
              it couldn’t get much better than that!! ANYONE WHO NEEDS PHYSICAL ASSISTANCE, WILL GET IT
              FROM YOUR GLAMB SISTERS!!! Driving, picking up, handicap parking,(I have a2 stickers) So, we
              all have time to get ourselves prepared!!!
              See, wasn’t that easy???
              peac-love 2 all………………………

              • Lisette here..ah thinq we’re online we av esp…to funny! Hugs an thenks Cheryl..yes well yu may av to wheel Lisette given fibromyalgia..but with holistic meds,an non more drugs as I av written feel stronger!Oh so funny thinq if Adam sees us we’ll be bit deffarante..wear something thet Adam can smile about..There’s time to thinq as yu say an save up pennies..p.s. an indulging in my town’s buffets/or being cook for visitors from out of town.They have spouses
                so they can treat them!Hope thes shall come to ma sister is non as obsesse as we all are.Plus realtor business demande,etc. Okay merci for invite..thes is a grande plan! hugs Lisettexox

                • Allright, I’m IN…if I can humanly do it, I’m COMING TOO! You’ll have one heck of a bus route though, ladies, we might have to do this in cars! Of course, once in the arena I will probably be literally blown away by the overwhelming SOUND. I actually can’t take too much power sound anymore, it gets to me. My ears are super sensitive. But oh well, I will try, just to be with you great gals and our Adam! Maybe I will be granted a special dispensation for the trip!

                  You know, I was looking at ‘House Hunters’ on HGTV tonight, and there was a nice-looking, older blonde gal buying a home in Arizona. She finally bought her dream home, and then she began to host her ‘Red Hat’ parties for all the older gals in the neighborhood. As they were all gathered around her new granite island in her kitchen with their red frilly hats and dresses on, I immediately thought, ‘Oh man, if that was me, Ingrid, Cheryl, Terry, Lisette, AdamAddict and some of our other beloved Glambs we would NOT be wearing frilly red hats, oh no, it would be Black and Silver, belt buckles, glitter, blue and purple, black nail polish, black leather and black eyeliner the whole way’, YEAH! Can’t you just see us? And we wouldn’t be laughing daintily with our champagne glasses clinking either, not with ADAM as our topic of conversation! Oh man, I just had to laugh seeing that vision of our BLACK HAT SOCIETY, so vastly superior to every other ladies’ organizations, ha!

                  • Lorrin dearest, I have been trying to post a response to you but my laptop has been playing up. Seems like MadBert has a cousin who has esconced himself in my laptop. I loved your post (as usual) and laughed my head for … we wouldn’t be laughing daintily … Well Lorrin, if it means wrapping you in cotton wool so that you can be with us, so be it! WHATEVER IT TAKES!

                    • That’s great, Ingrid, ‘wrapping me in cotton wool’! It would be more like suiting me up in an a space suit suitable for wear on Mercury! I’m actually a very tall, large gal, but I’ve got terribly delicate ears and sound waves positively knock me down, even though I LOVE good old rock and roll like the rest of us! Maybe I could see how it goes by degrees…..but really, if I actually do it, I ‘ll get right in there with the rest of you and do my best. Never fear, the Glambs are here! Oh, and so it’s YOU that is cousin to MadBert, I WONDERED about that…

                  • lLORRIN, You’re recovering beautifully!!! That wit of yours seems to be doing just fine!!!
                    Loved your post!!!!! Absolutely we would be in black and glitter, we’ll change the look of
                    the ‘over 50;s generation’!!!! No red hats and purple garb for us!!! Ain’t happenin’!!!!
                    The ‘new granite’, huh? Well, we’re too cool for granite!! We’re too cool for the Red Hat
                    group, period!! It’s biker-chicks for us!!! (can’t ride motorcycles anymore, tho, due to my
                    old age and failling health)!!!!! Besides where would I put all of my medication??!!! Hahaha
                    Oh, and Lorrin, you’re going! That’s final! If I can do it,l so can you, sweet pea!!! Under-
                    stand??? Many of us Glambs may need some special attention! Makes us ‘stand out in a
                    crowd’!!! That’s always good in a BIG crowd!!!!

                    • I could certainly serve as ‘Lookout’ since I am so tall, seeing over all of you ladies’ heads and spying out where that Adam went! Hopefully, I can get myself into some kind of shape by then! We must think to put our ‘Glambs’ name on everything so we can present ourselves properly!

                    • You know, it occurs to me that I have some new names dangling off of me, ‘Lady Shakespeare’, ‘Sweet Pea’, and ‘Tootsie’. I will sincerely try to live up to ALL of them, thank you so much Ingrid and Cheryl..

                    • Lisette here..bonmatin all Cheryl,Lorrin,Ingrid just notice thes ma goodness 3 weks latre..gathre I’d non been visiting thes weekAn thenks Cheryl more merrier,an Lorrin agree no red au purple hats ..definitmente Adam’s colours silver,black(I recall reading he does like purple(it’s an Aquarian colour along with I am amethyst is Aquarian healing stone..althout garnet is for Janvier..but zodiac is amethyst)..So do wear purple glambs,an mabe some champagne bellinis peache nectar,italien sparkling wine/au champagne,or martini(hearde Adam say was drinq he like..mabe some chocolat martinis(I drinq when aving companie in town/ thes is holiday(future Adam’s black/silver hat club,with ecoutrementes embellishments,glitter,eyeliner,etc..So let’s make plan for Adam’s future solotour an many more glambs bienvenue! hugs an luv Lisettexoxo

      • Jane Parker says:

        I found it Thersa!! (It is so hard to read ALL that we all post!)
        I am glad you are thinking ahead too.

  5. AdamAddict says:

    I love the photo with the autograph.Wow,I’m freaking jealous.I wish that was mine.Just photostat and send it to me,I’m satisfied enough…for now!Thank you!One day I’ll be he’s stalker,yup Adam’s stalker is my new ambition! Hahaha!Just kidding,don’t U guys hunt me down for that!! But the photo is close up,he almost sign his face! I’ll be like “Not the face,not the face,Adam!” if I were U. Adam probably like “Then where?” LOL! Maybe a photo with more space for him to sign.Or U get a silver pen for him, then it just beautiful!I wonder how many are U that already send “Happy Glambirthday Adam” photo?I haven’t but I plan too! 🙂

    • AdamRocks! says:

      EMILI! Welcome back!!! You were missed! ~hugs~

      Cindy in MS

    • I had a dark picture for Adam to sign (you know how he loves black) and a silver pen all ready. But he just looked at the picture kinda funny for a minute (ignoring my silver ink pen) — and then signed his neck! Right in the hollow of his neck…

      • AdamAddict says:

        Awww,thank you Cindy!That’s so sweet of you! I miss all Glambs too.Muah!!

        Sandy,U R a lucky girl.And U really brought silver pen with U,huh? Smart move,girl! Maybe Adam didn’t see your pen because he too obsessed looking at the beautiful picture right in front of him! LOL! Hey,Who cares where he signed it as long he signed it,right? If I were there,and there’s no paper with me,I’ll ask him to sign it on my forehead! yeah,WHO CARES?!! hahaha!!

  6. This is still so amazing to me. It is like we are seeing the birth of a star, exploding throughout the universe and bringing a new light to everything he touches. How did this man live to be 27 years old before we noticed him? 2009 has been a remarkable year of discovery for our nation.

    • Well said, Lisa. I agree completely.

      After living through the Dark Ages (aka the last 8 years), 2009 has been like coming out of the coal mine for the first time. I’m almost blinded by the light, but it feels so good.

      Thank you, Adam (and Obama). There is hope for us all yet.

    • Lisa, is there a fan club for Adam in the Detroit area? I’d like to get involved if there is! Or even help start one up….

    • LISA, so totally well-said!!! I’ve been saying that since they gave us a ‘glimpse’ of Adam when he was shown doing the ‘group’ song!!!But, when you think of it, him going on AI and in the way he ‘conquered’ the world, couldn’t have been better for him, personally!

    • Indeed, it is still a mystery to me!

      • Lisette here,agree with all of yu regarde beau Adam from first songe on Idol til presente ontour his superbe talentes as a vocaliste/artiste has touched heartes around worlde given they av via satellite internationale,with every songe ther was an artistique touch to reflect his originalitie an abilitie to sing any genre of musique..No other “Idol” contestant has ever done thes an perhaps nevre can..Legende of l’millenium an many generatione to come!Angel blessings always Adam!
        Hugs an bisous to all! Lisettexox

        ON THE COMP AND CHAT W/ YOUR FRIENDS, HERE!! Do you understand??? Well, lets hope so!
        IT’S BEEN QUITE A WHILE SINCE YOU sent a message to me! And I want to know why? Don’t I mean
        much to you anymore?? (sob,sob)…………huh?

        • Cheryl, take a DEEEEEEP breath and listen to me, nicely! When I say someone is priceless, I MEAN IT! I have had quite a few hectic days but my dearest Cheryl I am always with you! I have left posts for on various threads despite being occupied with less important but necessary tasks. Sorry, but you are stuck with me, for better or worse, in sickness and in health!

          Please bear with me and I will soon be back in full force. Nothing and no one will keep me away from my special Glambs and finding out what’s current w.r.t. Adam.

          I am still your Baby Cakes (and a million other names you have given me)! Peace, love and hugs – Ingrid

          • INGRID, Well, thank you for your messagem my dear!!! I do have to tell you tho, that we’ve heard this for
            the past couple of weeks!!! Not that I’m saying your ‘fibbing;!!!I Know you wouldn’t do that!!! But, you do
            need to do some ‘cleaning up’ of your stuff so you can get back to your more important job, which, of course, is TYPING POSTS TO US!!! Hahahahaha!!!
            It is comforting to hear nothing will stop you or keep you away from us, tho!!!! Now, Baby Cakes, did you see where I said I am going to see Adam?????????!!!!!!!!!!! Yes!!!!! I bought tickets this morning, kind of on a ‘spur of the moment’ decision!!! I got, what seems to be, pretty good seat on the floor in the 2nd sec
            from the stage, and the guy told me I could stand on my seat if I couldn’t see! So, I’m driving up to GR by
            myself, and hope for the best!!!!!! Of course, now that I paid for the ticket, my ‘shopping days’ are over for this month, I’ll ration my food, and do whatever else it takes for me to see Adam!!!!! But, if all goes well, I’ll be fainting around the Sec 2 on the floor on Sept 6yh, I think the date is!!!!!
            LORRIN, and Ingrid, and AdamAddict, and any other Glambs, give me some support for going alone!!!!!!
            Come-on, be happy for me!!!! I will try to figure out how to get an autograph, but if I don’t get one, I’ll still be thrilled just to be able to see him!!! OMG!!! I still am in shock!

            • Cheryl, so HERE is where you tell us you are going off without us! What sheer audacity! How COULD you!? But I am SO HAPPY for you! I am just thrilled that you are getting to go, and it even sounds like you’ve got pretty good seats. Just think how hard it will be waiting for the day to come, you poor lucky thing. And Cheryl, you must SOMEHOW contrive to get his autograph, and I want to see it, so take pictures! How did you manage to pull this off, anyway? I am having hissies over here..(just kidding)

              • LORRIN, I talked to my son about going. I wanted him to go on the net and see if he could get me
                a real good ticket cuz it’s only for one. I make him do all that stuff for me! But he said to “google”
                and see what I could get, etc. and we’d talk about it, etc. Well, I ‘googled’, kind of got caught up
                in the moment of hysteria when the guy said he had 3 tickets on the floor nearer to the stage
                than I even thought possible, and said I’ll take it!! He said if I wanted to he’d ‘hold’ the other 2 tickets
                for 24 hrs if I’d like to see if anyone I know might want them -_! I said, okay, and I’m now going.
                Not much time to get ‘skinny’, ‘beautiful’ and rack my mind on a plan to see Adam!! But, this is one
                of the last concerts on the tour, and at least I can say I saw HIM, even if nothing else works out
                as far as getting him into a hotel room, getting him drunk and having my way with him!!! Hahaha!
                My granddaughters are going to make me a big sign with all the glitter, etc. They are very good in
                artistic stuff and are so excited for me and to be making the sign!!!! My son and daughter have
                said they want to give me some ‘pocket’ money as I rarely get to do much, and they are always
                doing much!!! I’ve already got great binnoculars and camera from my son. He said if they didn’t
                confiscate camcorders,I could take his little one. He also has one on his cell but says it is old, bult
                I may take it anyway, however, I will have his digital camera for pictures!!! I’ll have copies made to
                mail some out and will mail you and anyone else one or more!! I need to lose 49lbs in 5 wks, think
                I can? NO! If I could, I would have already!!! Since I moved to this state,I’ve gained 30lbs!!! Oh,
                well, just MORE of me to love on!!!!(yeah, sure) But, I’m so excited, I don’t know what to do!!!
                Thank God I just bought new underwear!!! Wish I had some new clothes, but, that’s not in the
                budget for this half-ass timed trip!!!! I am just thrilled!!! THEN, I will be soooo looking forward to
                having a Glamb concert for a bunch of us to meet at and have Adam over for dessert-so-to-speak!
                Dreaming, ,,,,but look what my dreams have done for me already!!!!! I’ll be having to take pain
                med on a regular basis upto the concert just to be able to get to my seat (alone) and tear my body
                up when Adam comes out, and trying to find the meet ‘n greets befor and after!!!! Oh, that is a
                scarey thought!! Look at the amount of time I’ll need to be somewhat active !!! Gonna go for now,
                Look forward to you all sending me lots of encouragement and love thru our Glamb site!!
                Oh, I’ll need some kind of ID saying I’m a “Glamb”!!! OMG the details!!!!!
                love, and HELP, Cheryl!!!!

                • Cheryl, I am infinitely proud of you for doing this, and I think it’s going to work out fine. I hope you will be able to get some good footage of Adam from your seat, but if you can’t film and watch at the same time, just WATCH! Then maybe later you can get some good photos of him at the autograph signing, if he comes out. Be sure to become very familiar with your camcorder and camera before you go (I’m sure you are), so you don’t have to fiddle around with it too much when he gets on the stage. I notice so many of the people taking videos for YouTube are having trouble trying not to shake the camera up and down madly. Many of those videos are also just a tiny bit out of focus, which is such a shame. Hopefully, all your technology worries will be as nothing when you get there! You know, in some ways, it might be enormously exciting to do this completely on your own, you can just have him all to yourself. If you get a chance, have him sign two papers or pictures, or at least, send me a tiny corner of the page he signed. Theresa will probably be able to get her own when she goes to her next concert, but Ingrid might want a little ‘piece’ of Adam, too. Piece of paper, that is. (I know that’s probably unrealistic, but I still can hope.) Whatever it is, I do hope you will be able to have something to remember your wonderful night with Adam by, his jacket, shirt, pants, whatever, anything will work! Have a smashing time! We’ll have to commiserate with you while you wait. Now you and Theresa will be the true experiencers, sigh..

                  • OH, LORRIN, THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH!!!!! Ihave NEVER gone to a concert alone
                    before!! Hope nobody tries to kill me or something!!! I have always been afraid of being
                    alone at nite. Comes from my alcoholic father who oonly beat my mom at night. I need
                    to feel safe! But, we’ll see how it goes! If there’s a way, my ‘will’ will find it!! But, thank you
                    so much for the encouragement and support. I DEFINATELY NEED IT!!!! PUTTING IT
                    MILDLY!!! I lived many years within 5 miles of DeVoss Arena. Of cours, it wasn’t there
                    when I was running around the arera!!!! It is really a cool place, tho. Beautiful, unless
                    something happened since I last saw it. I read on someone’s post that they were charged
                    $17 for an alcoholic drink!!!! I think it was in Fla., but I know it would cost a mint to buy
                    even water! So, I’ll have a bottle in my bag! I can be a ‘tight wad’ if I need to be! Parking
                    might be at least $20! My gas there and back will be a lot, but, if it is, it is!! I talked
                    to one of my cousins tonite and he said as much as I love the man-god, don’t let mere $$$
                    keep me away. He and I are the same age, and unbelievably, the genius likes him enough
                    to pay whatever, but can’t go for other reasons. So, I/m going to go to bed now, and watch
                    something on tv to try to settle my nerves. Guess I’ll plut some Adam on my DVR!!!!!!
                    Hahaha!!! And, yes, if I can get anything off of that man, I’ll send some to you!!! I’ll try for
                    the ‘thong’, unless he doesn’t wear underwear. I had a fiance for years, and he never wore
                    underwear, the little ‘love-machine’!!!! Ha!
                    Nighty-nite, my dear to you and anyone else who is dumb enough to read anything this
                    crazy chick writes!!! Love you, Adam…………….whereever you are……..

                    • Lisette here..oops Cheryl thinq my post vanishe..thenks for yur lovli words lovli to be here in same time..Usual am on wee heures when having so besoin to see beau Adam an his “Glamb gals”..he-he.!An thet invite as Ingrid an theresa mentione it soundes like a grande plan..An ther’ll be lot of time to save til Adam’s solo part of handicap place..too funny wel gues I fit here..having fibromyalgia my doctor gave sticker..So we’d be in same place for sure!Unless as saw one of yu mentione having tourbus(okay thes soundes to perfecte..after all we’re not vocalistes as on “Idol tour bus”..How can yu manage thes..sure luv to here plan!.Wel neverless I’d adore to meet all yu lovli gals!
             notice regarde to seeing concert!Do have lot of fun an non worries over camera..just enjoie,an do try an meet up with beau Adam too! hugs an some angel blessings too! Lisettexox

                    • Cheryl dear, you are NOT going to die! It might be a bit of a BIG experience though, but you will be just fine. You might want to walk out to the parking lot after the show with or near a nice group of people, though, especially if you’re too far out. Everything seems to be going very well at these concerts so far. Also, don’t worry about sending me the thong, just send along his shirt, that would be just fine. I want all of that lovely CLEAN smell Linda was talking about, or some of that L’homme Dior, if he’s still wearing it. Sigh, it will be so much fun hearing your descriptions of it all when you get back. Can’t wait!

                    • Hi Cheryl. HAVE A GREAT TIME. I went alone to see Adam because, no kidding, nobody in LA I told even watched AI no less knew who Adam Lambert was. Totally pathetic.

                      But here’s what happened. I made great friends with the woman next to me and her darling 8-year-old daughter who were both there for Adam. And afterwards, in the autograph area, I made great friends with two interesting and articulate women who were also there just for Adam.

                      I say just enjoy the concert and don’t worry about video. A ton of other people will be taking videos anyway. I took binoculars and concentrated solely on enjoying my special night with Adam. So can you.

                      You are in for the experience of a lifetime!

                    • Cheryl, you will make friends in no time once you get to the concert. Should find someone who lives in your neck of the woods, ask them if you can drive back together. Leave early so that you don’t have to rush and stop off for coffee/tea along the way. Play music whilst driving (Adam’s ballads) and Cheryl, please know that we our thoughts are ALWAYS with you. I know you will be fine.

                  • Lorrin, it is so sweet of you to think of me – I am so touched by your unselfishness!

                    Cheryl, I have to say that you have two children who obviously have the patience of Job. And … why is the new UNDERWEAR so significant, my dear! I hope you don’t have intentions of ‘flashing’ at our Adam.

                    Lorrin, Theresa, AdamAddict, Lisette, Ofra, Cheryl – When I attend Adam’s concert, I won’t settle for anything less than a FULL FRONTAL (still envious).

                    • Ye-e-e-e-s-s-s, I wondered about that underwear buying, too, Ingrid, especially so MUCH of it, what do you suppose? Not thinking of flinging it around are you, Cheryl dear? As in, towards the stage? And yes, Ingrid, you are most welcome….we must get some of those ‘pieces’ of Adam somehow!

                      Thank you all soooo very much for all of your support!!!! This is awesome!!!! As you
                      might be able to see, I didn’t get to sleep as I said I was going to. I still can’t sleep!!!!
                      What am I going to do????!! I am too excited to relax! I even tried to medicate my-
                      self, and tht did not work, either! Oh, I’m doomed! Lorrin, are you sure someone
                      won’t try to kill me by gun or knife cuz I’ll be ‘easy prey’? I think I made a big mistake
                      giving my directions to my seat!!! I thought about it later, and remember Jeanette
                      saying not to say where you’ll be sitting!!! Yikes! It is too late! If only the ‘handicap’
                      parking would be real close to the door!! I think I’ll call them and find out where they
                      are located and how close they are to the door. When my son and I drove to
                      Cincinnati to see Clapton a few yrs ago, the ‘handicap’ parking was right next to the
                      arena door!!! I mean right there!!! A good 3 min. walk!! Ha! Well, I’ll rest easier
                      after I can find that info out. And as far as the ‘underwear’ goes, NO, I didn’t buy any
                      for the concert!!! I didn’t even KNOW about it then, you naughty girls!! Besides, the
                      kind I buy isn’t the kind I’d like to advertise that I wear anyway!!! Ha! BUT, I could buy
                      some animal print thongs for him!!! But, I won’t! It’s not me! I’m not an underwear
                      ‘thrower’, might be more of a ‘doer’ of something! Haha! Okay, that’s enough of this
                      nonsense for now. Think I’ll try to go to sleep again. My eyes are shot from being
                      overly tired. Plus, I’ve got several things I need to do today tht have already been put
                      off for days! Bye for now!

                    • INGRID, why the patience of Job?? What does that mean? Not Job! I know Job, but
                      why do they have the patience? Clearly, now Ingrid, answer me ‘clearly’!!!!!!!!

                    • ANSWER HER, Ingrid WHY the patience of JOB? She won’t let you go until you answer her very clearly, you know!

                    • Cheryl, I truly do think you are going to be just fine at the concert. But please find out about the special parking area, that would be just perfect for you. I also have a placard, and will also use it one fine day if we ever pull this thing off. I’m glad to hear you’re not going to throw any underwear Adam’s way, but I’ll bet you’d be a good one to worm your way into the very best position for the meet and greet line after the concert, yes?

  7. O M G

    All in one place is wonderful!! Thank you SO much!!! 🙂

    • LORRIN & INGRID, Hahahahahahahaha! Yes, I can ‘worm’ my way to the front of a crowd!! Hahaha! I am well known for doing that easily, but I think it’s a line, I was in line 18 HOURS for tickets to see Elvis, and no one could do any ‘worming’, as the women would beat the living crap out of you!! I saw a couple of young men try to ‘cyt’ in front of these ladies in their lounge chairs, and they kicked, screamed and cussed those men right out of their skins!!! It was in March, at nite, and we were soooo cold! But I was able to get the maximum, 12 seats! But, I’ll never ever forget that line!

      I’m not skerd during the day. It’s the night that skers me! I’ve lived thru a lot of police chasers goin after serial rapists in GR! Just sayin’,,,,,,, The Arena is right downtown, sort of, but Michigan St that boarders it is7 lanes, I think. Anyway, I do have my pepper spray! I’ve used pepper spray once in my life, and that was about 2 yrs ago when my step-dad was threatening to throw my gravely ill mother off the deck. He was holding her with her arms across her chest, he was drunk, smiling at me, as he kept kind of making like he was throwing her so many times, I secretely reached for my spray hanging on my car keys, put it an inch from his ugly eyes and emptied it on him. He didn’t move! When he finally did, he grabed me and somehow threw me thru the doors into the kitchen, I fell, hit my head, and wen unconcious for a couple minutes! Anyway, if I’d had something else, I would have used it right there on him. He’s the lucky one. He got by w/it and away w/it. Now, if I ever see him, I just smirk to him and let him know I will hate him forever!
      He probably doesn’t care. But I feel good about it.

      So, I’ll of course, be careful, it is after the conceret that concerns me mostly. Who knows, tho, I may even see some H.S. friends or old friends! I hope Adam does autographs. If he doesn’t I’ll be prepared for the disappointment, and I won’t get depressed!!! Love and peace!

      • Love and peace to you, too, dear Cheryl. Gosh, your posts about your step-father are so vivid and shocking. I’m so sorry you and she had to go through all that. You have been a very brave soul, and a loving protector for your mother. God bless you, dear friend..

  8. What a wonderful sight (and site) to wake up to! As soon as I have opened my eyes each morning,
    you need to know Jeanette, that the very first thing I do is head to my computer or reach for my
    Blackberry on the night stand and check out my Email from Adam Lambert. Org. My heart always
    takes a little extra beat when I see his name in the Received From column — Adam is writing to ME!?
    But this morning? OMG!! To see that beautiful face, that gorgeous body, those sexy moves, that
    raw emotion in those photos – WOW! Good thing I was still in bed so that when I fainted my head
    just hit the pillow! LOL

    THANK YOU so much for posting all of this and for the excellent work that you do.
    Thanks also to everyone who took the pictures and videos and sent them in. I won’t be able to
    attend a concert so am especially grateful to be livinng vicariously through all of you here!

    Thanks again, Jeanette! And thank you, ADAM for just being you! I am so happy t be watching your rise
    to greatness!
    Love always,
    Glamb #20

    • Jeanette says:

      Thank you, Jane! Your comment is very much appreciated. This is a great website and has been from day one, and we know that much of what keeps you guys coming back are the constant updates. It started out as a labor of love for Adam, but now it a labor of love also for the Glambs community. The appreciation many of you have expressed is a big part of what keeps me typing away at my computer late at night!

      • JEANETTE, you have done a wonderful job, as usual, I am so enjoying these vids, thanks so much Anita!!

        • Lisette agan..I agree so much with all above comments re: Jeanette an her dedicatione to making thes page a very lovli gathering place for Adam’s glambs/angels(well thets my idea sorry)an frends. An thinq Adam would be honored to see yur beautiful posts,articles an is so very well organize,beautful photos an videos too..thenks too dreamsound for commence of thes tribute page too.Its a bit of joie an lit to see Adam’s page whenever daily stresses of health,work,etc bring bleus..It’s like having nice glass of chardonay.,contente an relaxe without lethargy..seeing Adam’s beauface,photos an concert videos..Merci beaucoup Jeanette!hugs an blessings Lisette!

      • Jeanette, you would have picked up from a number of posts that the plan is for Glambs to meet at one of Adam’s concerts next year. It would not feel right if YOU, CMHAGEY, DREAMSOUND and everyone else who has a part in keeping the website going, being there. We need to meet you so that we can celebrate the gift you are giving us and UNITED WE SHALL MARCH BEHIND YOU TO THE CONCERT (Glamberously! How’s that for a plan?

        • Jeanette, CMHagey, and Dreamsound, I ABSOLUTELY AGREE w/Ingrid!!! Actually, I had always assumed you guys would naturally go, too, just took that for granted somehow!!!!! You all must go with
          us!!!! We would not be THE GLAMBS w/o you!!!! I’m hoping many Glambs will want to go, too! The more
          the merrier, and the more Glambs, the more fun!!! Most of us would have to fly to the point of meeting in the concert city, then we could arrange to rent enough cars for us all and split the cost between all who
          want to do it that way. But, anywho, that will all be worked out in the future!!

  9. Bellelinda says:

    Just returned from the Charlotte AIT Concert and wanted to say that it was fantastic. Adam was magnificent and the stand-out performer of course. Every time I hear him sing I am amazed all over again at how awesome his voice is! I am looking forward to seeing his career grow in the years to come. Sadly Elvis and Michael are gone and will live in our hearts and minds forever, but now we have a new super star rising… Adam! I just wanted to add how great the other Idols were in Charlotte…of course they have talent…but it was obvious that they have taken their stage presence and self confidence to a higher level since the AI TV show ended. How can they not benefit with Adam as a daily example of what a true entertainer should be. I wish them all great success in their careers as I know Adam does because he is not just a beautiful performer but also a beautiful human being as well.

  10. AdamRocks! says:

    I just had to post this new bubble tweet from Danny, where he gives a shoutout to “Kradam.” lol

    Cindy in MS

  11. Deemoonpie says:

    Be still my beating heart!!! What a great way to start an otherwise dismal Monday morning! We lost our Spencer Boo-Bear, our 13 year old Aussie mix last Thursday, and I’m not sure I would have been able to cope without all your posts and, of course, Adam! Spent both Saturday and Sunday by the pool with Adam on the boom box…Thanks for all the great exchanges, videos, and pictures!

    Warm Fuzzies to all!


    • So sorry about your Spencer Boo-Bear, Dee. I have two German shepherds I adore, and I lost two I had for many years within a year of each other about five years ago.

      Yes, Adam in all various forms is always like a breath of fresh air – Hell, like a hurricane of fresh air.

      Like I said after AI concluded, we don’t need another Rob Thomas/John Mayer/Edwin McCain (with all due respect to Kris and those performers) – we need Adam Lambert.

  12. imagery31 says:

    I have several of my pictures listed for sale on ebay. Here is a link to my auction if you guys want to check them out:

  13. O. M. G. This is why I check this site every morning. What a fabulous, fabulous group of photos and videos.
    Thank you. Thank you very much. As soon as I mop up the drool I’ll have to pick one of these for my daily wallpaper.
    I can already predict my workday is going to be ruined while I watch this over and over and over.
    I felt liked I missed so much of the Oakland concert while I was trying to take photos.
    This so makes up for it. My only current wish is for more Cougars to join the chat again.

  14. Ellen J. Tobin says:

    Adam is to Hot for his clothes. He should take them all off. I can see a lot of Elvis in Adam.

  15. Adam is to Hot for his clothes. He should take them all off. I see a lot of Elvis in Adam.

    • Ellen, I must tell you, I just LOVE your post. There is something so wonderfully outre about it, – the first part ‘Adam is too sexy for his clothes’, AND he should ‘take them all off’, said in such a perfectly deadpan way. And then while we’re all seeing visions of Adam without his clothes, you switch gears and say that you see a ‘lot of Elvis in Adam’ – it’s just wonderful. We have to tear ourselves away from those fantastic first visions you suggested and then mull over how much Adam is like Elvis. It’s just too perfect. Like the ‘haiku’ of Adam written for maximum effect! Thanks for posting this little gem!

  16. Thank you for all your efforts in keeping Adam so “ALIVE” in our lives. Living in South Africa, I missed out on seeing him in concert. Its wonderful to watch video clips (just a taste of what I have missed out on!!!) But ever so grateful to have them. I only hope and pray that one day soon he will do a world tour and make our beautiful country one of his stops. Have so enjoyed this site to “stay in touch”. Can’t wait for his album. He is truely remarkable in every aspect and is so obviously loved by so many around the world. His success is going to be huge…its going to be awesome to witness each step of the way.

    • Hi Traci, welcome my fellow Glamb from the Cape Town! I share your sentiments completely. We need to grow the Glamb-base in South Africa. Once Adam has released his first album, we must get the radio stations to play his music ALL THE TIME. If Adam has a huge Glamb-base in South Africa, he would be more inclined to visit our fair shores. Great meeting another South African on this website. Lorrin, Cheryl, Theresa, AdamAddict, AllAboutAdam, Lisette, Ofra … we have another South African in our midst!

  17. Connie from Chile says:


  18. Jeanette, thanks so much for this awesome post. We really appreciate your time and effort to keep us
    flourished with Adam updates. Checking into this website ea day, really starts the day off so good.
    Everyone needs a little Adam everyday!

  19. iluvadam4ever says:

    All of these posts have been unbelievable. Every bit of information is so much appreciated. I too am a HUGE Adam Lambert fan. He has had such a huge impact on my life. Thanks for all the photos, videos, and helpful information about previous American Idol Tour concerts. As I am going to attend the one in Cleveland on August 23.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t wait!!!!

  20. adam pls rest a lot also eat properly- prtoien shake and veggies- and water. for moisturizer use vaeeno form night cream-really food for ur skin.can get that from walmart or wlgreen drug store.
    goos leep? eat prperly and good mositurizer. use also a wipes for ru skin( by biore brand get that from walmart also;
    avoid fattenign food. no white bread, fish oil once a day good for ru skina nd heart, take vits, every day. energy vits also;

  21. Dear Jeanette,
    This site really is the gift that keeps on giving!! Thank you and all of the contributors for the wonderful pictures and all of your work…..I will never take you for granted!!
    I just love coming here!


    • Lisette here! Bonsoir Theresa..thenks for sharing such wonderful news re: Adam an lovli to see his tv interviews where he’s always charmant,witty an very humble..Im looking forwarde to it,possible tape to!It will do until am blesse to see beau Adam in concerte!Regardes to yur concerte thinq I read aboute yur seats,being to side an up a tier?Wel I av seen Michel Buble out here al Mandalay Bay(also same size arena) thet is actual non so bad..Do yu have a bon zoom on yur camera?Sure yu look forward to thes speciale day!Blessings an luv Lisettexoxo!

      • NO, not a ‘bon zoom’ just a ‘petit zoom’ Lisette, but three rows up is still close to the floor, so it might be OK.

        • Lisette here..ah dont worry sure yu’ll enjoie it so very much an be wonderful to see Adam in person an thes bit of Adam’s wonderful musique journey to being a legende adored everywhere in U.S. an seeing others from around l’monde!..P.s. I av mentione also above I thinq yu’re idea would be lovli to see Adam’s future solo concerte with group here to meet of Glamb gals plese luv to join..when it happenes keep n touch! Hugs an luv Lisettexox..Thenks too for info re: Adam’s tv appearance..will definite view despite being early.I must fight ma fibro. pains an retire to bed early!

    • THERESA, I left you a comment right here, under yours earlier today, and it is not posted! ? I was responding to your announcement on the Good Morning America Show. Hummmmm! Well, thank you again for the ‘heads-up’!!! Cheryl

  23. loved, Loved, LOVED the video from San Diego !!! Thank you Anita!
    I live in San Diego, but wasn’t able to make the show, so thanks again!
    At least I have his autograph from when he came to visit during idol, that makes it all better. 🙂

    • You’re quite welcome! I’ll pass the kudos on to my honey, who gritted his teeth through a cold sweat to hold the camera up above heads for about 20 mins 😉 I wanted to give him something useful to do so he wouldn’t see me embarrassing him/myself by going all fangirly next to him!

  24. Wouldn’t Adam be a great Quentin Collins in Tim Burton’s Dark Shadows movie? For those of you too young to remember the show it was Goth Vampire and great. And thank you for this column and for all the photos.

    • I remember vaguely as my big sister was an avid fan. He would be perfect.

      Related, did you think the surname Cullen in the Twilght was a nod to dark Shadows?

      Speaking of Twilight, how about a musical version with Adam as Edward?


  25. Jeanette and the legion of others whose hard work has made this the best Adam Lambert site ever, THANK YOU!!!!!

    I’ve been lurking for a while and just enjoying everyone’s postings. And the latest upgrades are unbelievable. This team of Globerts should convince Adam’s management to make this his official website.

    It is absolutely fabulous!

  26. All Glambs make a note! I just happened to stumble upon this site called a few minutes ago. They sponsor a contest to win tickets to Adam’s concerts and also give away special BACKSTAGE PASSES after the show to one lucky winner. There is a donation of $1 for each entry. They use PayPal, and it looks entirely legit. The next contest ends on Aug. 4th for the Aug. 11th Nassau, NY concert. Maybe someone from among us will win! Here is the link:

    • Dear Jeanette and Dreamsound,

      Please release my comment above from moderation as soon as possible. It provides the link for a contest to win tickets to Adam’s Aug. 11th concert in Nassau Ny, and the give-away also includes backstage passes! The deadline for entering is Aug. 4th, just two days away. Thanks so much!

      • I also just noticed that the contest also will supply airline tickets and hotel costs, yikes! Somebody should try to win it from among us Glambs!

        • Oh nuts, Jeanette, it looks like the contest is over TOMORROW, sorry about that. I just did find their website myself about 45 minutes ago. But some of us still might be able to get in under the deadline. I do hope you see this note in time!

          • Jeanette says:

            I hate to tell you this, but this “contest” looks like a scam to me. Somebody set up a blog with a squeeze page, stuck up the official American Idol logo, which I’m sure they don’t have permission to use, and is ASKING FOR MONEY! DON”T EVER PAY MONEY FOR SOMETHING LIKE THIS! These are scam artists just out to make money from your love for Adam.

            • Sorry about making this extra work for you Jeanette, I do apologize profusely. I’m not as alert to this kind of scam as I should be. Here is a copy of the post I made on the Washington D.C. thread for everybody to read:

              Looking over their site again and delving into the background of the owners, the site does look a little off the wall. I looked at the profile of the owner, and even though a site promoting the best of the new gay artists is a worthy reason for a website, the rest of the profiles and blogs looked seamy. I didn’t think a $1 donation was very large especially since PayPal was being used, but of course, PayPal can be used for the wrong purposes too. There just wasn’t enough good information given about the contest, past winners, and futher contest details, etc. So, I do apologize to everybody, I was hoping it was for real, but on further close research, it looks very iffy as Jeanette wisely observed. Please ignore the contest. Thank you.

              • Lisette here..thenks for above mentione post Lorrin an Jeanette I was about to beliv it can be..gather Im naive an contente thet Jeanette investigate further..Plus am too leary about payin anything online..As once I had ma identitie stolen thru credit card ordering merchandise online.Since only use toll free numbres,an if none mentione restrain from.Thenks agan..hugs Lisette!

  27. Thank you so much for all the pictures and videos!!! I won’t be able to go to any of the concerts either and you have made it so real for me that I feel like I’m there every time I visit this site. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

  28. Jhoy2theworld says:

    OMFG!!! This is a great idea Jeanette!!! Love it!!! Can’t get enought of Adam, never gets old!!!

  29. WOW, Anita! Thank you so much for the amazing video(s)! Sorry to say I’m not able to make the tour – a victim of the Detroit auto industry’s economic woes, but your post is the next best thing. You have no idea how much it meant to me to be able to watch Adam’s performance through your eyes.

  30. I found this video of Adam signing autographs after the Dallas show. There is something about that swept-up hair, his beautiful browline and fantastic eyes and face all together in one image, that really gets to me. He is absolutely not of this world. I noticed as he comes down the autograph line and crosses from a left profile to a right profile view, that his face is just as beautiful from either side, which is unusual for most people. I once read an article on Elvis Presley which stated that the subliminal reason so many people loved his looks was because he looked so much like the Greek ideal for human perfection found in Greek statues of young male gods. Adam certainly falls exactly in this category, his beauty is positively extraordinary. Here’s the link to beautiful Adam as he walks up the autograph line:

    • AdamAddict says:

      “Greek statue” Yes,that what he is! He so beautiful,isn’t he? How a human can be that pretty?Gosh,I can’t get enough of him.I can look at him all day long!

    • ThisOOOOOOHHHhhhhhhh!!!!! I’m going to see him Sept 6 !!!!!!!!!I can’t even think now!! medic!
      I need meds!!!! Haha! Oh, Lorrin! This is soo exciting! However, we will definately plan an Adam concert
      ASAP for a bunch of us to go to, and then YOU HAVE to go! Get wheelchair service from each plane to each plane. You can do this I will help you!!

      • WHAT!!! Cheryl, I missed this entirely, I must have been totally asleep! Did you already say you were going to see Adam on some other post? WHERE are you going to see him? When did THIS happen? Tell me!!!

        • LORRIN, SEE MY POST ABOVE! Just happened this am! GR. Driving up alone, got a seat alone. How brave am I? I recently admitted to being ‘driven’, guess I truly am when it comes to our Rock-God!!!!!

    • Great vid Lorrin, thanks! Nice to see him “au natural” as well. YUM!

  31. he is so sexy, I seen him in Charlotte, NC WOW got his autograph as well, I melt everytime I see him

  32. Thank Thank Thank Thank you for all the pictures and videos

  33. Jane Parker says:

    Thanks Jeanette for ALL the things that you give us on this website!!
    You are the best!
    I wish we all had arranged a concert that we could have met up to go to. Lord knows I had an uphill battle at the Greensboro, NC concert. I have decided that that venue is the Red -Headed step child in N.C.
    I live in Raleigh, and I do not know why they had the 2 concerts so close together. I got called down for video taping ADAM. So I do not have good footage of him and I did not get to see him after the concert, probably because that day was the 3rd concert in 3 days. That is very strenuous in our heat! I could have predicted that. So the concert was great but all in all I was disappointed. So I wish I could go all over again to a better venue.
    Anyway, thanks for all that you do here.
    Maybe when Adam tours by himself we can get a tour together for GLAMBS to go to together. I am willing to travel to whereever I need to!!!

  34. Francesca says:

    If you do go ensemble to a concert I beg you to behave in a ‘mom’ like fashion – in fact pretend Leah’s there and act accordingly. Adam loves you all I know, but chattering groupies is always a challenge and I think especially so when they are middle-aged (or senior) women telling you how hot you are (yikes) and wanting to hug you. He’s a bright shiny gift to us and we want the best for him always – so please remember that our always courteous boy is probably hoping for a demographic a little younger and hipper. I think – looking at the sea of older women and very young girls at AI concerts – Adam probably hopes for a bit more diversity – the 20/30 something rock crowd but as we know, he never gives less than his all and never less than gracious. So in return, maybe we don’t put on big hats and scream from the 2nd row – or god forbid – insist on some cooing group grope one on one. It’s not about us – it all about the glittery alien from planet fierce and he gets tired sometimes. Maybe make a BIG donation in person to his charity? Something dignified on the outside while I whole-heartedly join you in being screaming fan girl on the inside…

  35. His Hotness is sooooooooo good, what a wonderful speciman of a man, love him so much, my whole computer is full of Adam stuff, thanks everybody who sends stuff in.

  36. Glambertgirl1 says:

    Thanks for posting Jeanette!!

  37. Glambertcraze says:

    OMG all these pictures in the same place. Thank You soooo much for all your hard work on this site.
    I never thought in my life I would ever want to be a gay man, but after seeing our Adam ??????

  38. Eva Poliszczuk says:

    Man,love that 2nd one from August 28th from Jill in Wisconsin,yowza!!!!

  39. Thank you so much for all that you have done. The photos of ADAM ARE GREAT….What would I do without my new found family… Met some of you at the Charlotte show. We. just hugged ,and hugged.

  40. We (9) of us went to the Kansas City concert and it was fab….Six of us had Adam shirts on and we got our picture taken by the news and by people inside at the concert….they ask us where we got them and I got them off of ebay…Made me proud to show off who I was there to see as an entertainer….Heads turned when we came in….We stayed to meet the other idols, lil rounds, megan joy and of course Adam was wisk away because of the judgmental Westboro Baptist Church and there stupid signs….
    I am 74 and was hoping to get to meet Adam to sign our shirts but need the safety first….Had a wonderful time and would go again if I could…..I hope him the best in his career……

  41. We have now formed one nation-one ROCK GOD- under ADAMNATION and a change has definitely come- long last! The adamazing quality about ADAM is that he is so unique in character & true to himself! Perhaps that is th eappealing quality is that he let himself shine form the outside in-we were touched fir st by his amazing talent and then as we discovered the incredible depth & diversity of his unequiveicoble talents and he became comfortable with the our love of him; he emerged even greater. His comfort level and ability to display his inner talent minus inhibitions, the more he emerged.. as in theRolling Stone issue a true transformation. What a journey it has been, what a gift he possess’. He reminds us of many talented stars along the way, however, he trully is elusive in his own spirit. He balances out the feminine/ masculine ying/yang and appeals to all because of his inner peace. What an incredible soul! ADAM, we love your performances, talent, amazing gorgeous face, sensual serpentine sexy moves..ahh, your incredible SMILE, hypnotic and pure eyes, but more than anything,… we love your soul and we commend your rise to stardom. YOU HAD US AT…”I’m NOT SKERD”!!! Simon knows when to stand up and give an “O”. By the way.. did anyone notice Anthony Hopkins’ presence in one of IDOLS shows- his appearance in public is very rare- he knew talent was ROCKING the stage.. BELIEVE LOTTSA LOTTSA LOVE.. can’t wait to see you on 9/15…ANGELAMBERT XOXOX <3 <3 <3

  42. Marie Glamb#9 says:

    Hi all! Marie, Glamb #9 here. ADAM was E-L-E-C-T-R-I-F-Y-I-N-G in his kick-off concert in Wilkes-Barre, PA tonight (June 4, 2010) ! ! !
    HOT! HOT! HOT!

    His powerful presence dominated the stage as anticipated, and yes, I found myself in swirly-eyed, hypnotic trance to witness – for the first time – ADAM perform live. Inaugural run of his tour or not, Adam gave himself totally over to the audience tonight, but really, it took no more than for him to step his tall, glittery boots on stage for the entire audience to simultaneously fall UP out of their seats, and remain there drawn into Adam’s mesmerizing presence and happily lost in the clarity of his perfect, creative chops. The uproarious, deafening whoops, thunderous clapping, and screams paused only for the need to hear this siren sing…I was out of control and I loved it. …So was the nice lady next to me who I didn’t know but who now calls us “sister soul-mate screamers”; so was the family next to her,…everyone. It’s amazing how Adam brings strangers together who become fast friends, and how his appeal bridges across gender, race, age, or station in life…planet-wide!

    On stage, his dazzling eyes toyed with us; he moo-o-o-o-o-ved, and you know what I mean (but not to the point of blinding me). With a prickly strut, a silhouetted, caped descent, or full-out pop dance with one of his dancers (who, by the way, were FABULOUS), — ADAM OWNED THAT STAGE.

    He created something so very impressive, entertaining, memorable, and satisfying for his first tour that I couldn’t be any more proud to have been there to witness this UNIQUE ARTIST perform.

    It didn’t hurt that I attended a V.I.P MEET & GREET WITH ADAM TOO! Eye to eye. Mini-hug and chit-chat! First thing he said to me was that he liked my t-shirt — I WAS WEARING THE GLAMBS INT’L LOGO ONE (the logo on THAT I BOUGHT FROM CAFE PRESS! So HE SIGNED MY SHIRT! Oh my gosh!! It’s going up in a shadow box on the wall, I think. It was an incredible evening!

    I’d submit pictures now, but I burned out my camera battery tonight! Later!

    Glamb #9

  43. i always make sure that i got a hotel reservation at least 1 week in advance to ensure that i got a reservation ,:,

  44. Lisette here..Adam is this you monbeau amie?Thinq I’d be truly swept away if it was so yu here.Wel bienvenue soon to yur very best tribute page! All yur glambs/angels an amies can be over l’moon et etoile if sont possible…someday,somehow,somewhere as chanson si va! Lot of amour an affectione from lovli people who adore toi gift au chansons an musique!J’adore vous an Bless yu if truly yu(pardon am petit leery,due to posers)..If only yu can tweet with a video as yu have on utube monbeau,sure all here be honored an celebrate yur estraordinaire talentes as a vocaliste/artiste/an entertaineur for l’millenium !).An merci for being a rai d’lit on gloomy days an losing parentes..I know they can here yu from heaven too! May angels garde over yu ontour an for always! J’etaime Lisette..luv to all herexoxoxo

  45. you are such a luv! I so enjoy reading your posts. I pray for angels to guard Adam as well.

    much love to you


  46. Lisette here..Plasur to meet anothre like minded fan an frend of beau Adam.Yes thinq angels are just what he needs as I av here Adam speke of protesters back in SanHose?..Just came upon as Adam seeme upset perhaps why he had step back now from previous citie autographe.Adam espress in interview(on utube)God dislikes thes Babptiste(Christian protesting)shold av more focus on boncauses in charities for homeless,an true.Dosnon mattre what his preferences are, an remarques for being Jewish..awful..Thes is l’millenium not war teme.As Christian am shame of thes individuals..God teaches luv each othre as yu’d luv oneself,an most beliv in one it Christian,Jewish,or Muslim,etc.Adam’s songes display his beautiful soul an hearte,one being “Black an White” message to bring peace,hope an luv for all mankind,races,religiones.. I recall seein thes video today an imagaine sadness it caused beau Adam. He ended with smile saying I wish to entertain thru my musique,”It’s an art,art meante to be sensual,so if people dislike..fine”his words)..Adam is so humble,gracious, charming wiser then his twentyseven years.Lets keep sending him some celestial guardians to garde over him! hugs an luv Lisette! xoxo


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