TOUR VIBE – American Idol Summer Tour 2009 – Rosemont, Il

Hello to you all! I am so excited to be writing this article because that can only mean ONE thing… Adam is coming to my town! I’m not sure how many of you were able to read the bio’s, but I am Glamb #10. I live in a suburb of Chicago and cannot wait until Wednesday finally gets here. It seems forever ago when they announced the tour dates and we ordered our tickets. Is it just me or does it feel like the last week or so has everyone kind of moving in slow motion? I’m not sure if it is from all the back-to-school hubbub, or maybe it’s the rainy weather coupled with the shorter days we are already experiencing? I know I can finally start to let myself get hyped-up for the show. It has been sooo much fun reading about everyone’s perspectives from the different shows. I am going in with the feeling that I will be wanting for more once the show is done. I plan to take it all in and have the time of my life. I am so thankful we are at the end of the tour so that as soon as it’s done I can also start looking forward to the release of his new single. I, for one, cannot wait! I will though because first he is coming to town, and hopefully I will have some great stories to tell! You guys will be the first to hear…

Sue…Glamb #10…XO


  1. I’m oringinally from CHICAGO, too. You ARE going to LOVE the Show, Sue!! This is Mary, a ‘Glambert’, like You. I went to the Dallas, Texas Concert. My Comment on Adam’s Performance? Is, “WOW!!!” with, ‘mouth wide open SHEER DELIGHT’!! So, I sure hope You got ‘Good Seats’, so can see & be Entertained by ADAM up close. The Best way to see any Concert, really.
    Adam is a TALENT that We don’t often see. Talent like ADAM’s comes around maybe once a Generation (25 years). Be prepared to have “your socks knocked off”, Sue!
    Adam has a Tremendous, Soulful, Passionate Voice. He is a ‘Showstopping’ Showman & a Heartfelt Dancer. Adam is EVEN BETTER IN PERSON, if You can believe that is even possible.
    You ARE in for a REAL Treat, Sue.
    Oh, let us NOT forget how BEAUTIFUL the MAN is & at a Statuesque 6’1′ even MORE so. Now, I know EVERYONE says this!! BUT it IS TRUE ~ Adam IS Even MORE Beautiful IN PERSON!! It’s TRUE, Really! You’ll see!
    Well, I hope You REALLY Enjoy the Show, Sue!!! Ha, ha, ha!! Of Course, You will!!! Have Fun!
    And DON’T forget Your camera!! Cameras ARE allowed!
    A Fellow GLAMBERT!
    Mary in Texas

    • Lisette here..Bonmatin Sue do enjoie l’concert an plese take some lovli photos au possible video for us here to see (ps. we’re glambs..I use to thinq we were call glamberts too..but gathre ther’s some here who belong to both fanpages).Wel anyway m’amie as yu have espress yes Adam etes tresbeau his hearte,face an soul.An those azure crystal bleu eyes..plese let me know if there as bleu in person.Imagaine so given all passe glambs saying such.An seein in all his photos an videos.His features are vraimente perfete an given I av travel to Rome,seeing Michelangelo’s frescos,an florence musee l’sculpture “David” seein same facial structure,strong jaw,cheekbones,perfete nose,wideset eyes,hair an statuesque tall physique..Recall reading thet Elvis once was compare in an article yers passe.Yet Adam seemes more beau.Ma entire famille has been Elvis fans,unfortunate nevre seeing in person as Im in 30s.My mama who passe away to cancer as seen Elvis in her youngre days,an know she’d too adore Adam too.Being spiritual thinq she here’s from heaven an too papa,both passe to cancer..So Adam has helpe me thru intense sadness an thes void of missing them.So perhaps why I call him m’angel .for me will always be!
      Take care Sue an give Adam a hug if yu shall meet,nevre know! Hugs Lisettexoxo

      • Lisette here..Mary(above) not Sue ..mama mia thout was Sue am embarass,reread yur post notice yu mentione toi glambs numbre so forgive’s wee heures so I just notice detaile..Alrite saying bonuit(for me)for yu bonmatin!
        Celebrate,danse an enjoie every songe Adam singes!xoxo toi amie an glambs gal #399(shold av gotten number sooner as I av been here from early on..better late then nevre now!
        hugs Lisette

        • Lisette one more teme now as Sue wrote article..plese see above commentes is meant for yu as well to enjoie concerte (an see m’description of Adam’s face,plus his voix thet’s celestial,sensual,ethereal,passionate,gentle an also powerful,an distinctive style noone can duplicate,danses superbe an thinq can be on Dancin with the Stars” luv to see Paula(rumour once)to be judge ther…alrite is just m’reve.Wel hope he’ll keep inminde when schedules permitte..Can one imagaine him doing a latin samba,disco bettre then Travolta an lit on feet with grace of Fred Astaire..ah I can see!Anyway Sue plese enjoie l’concert an agree he’s beauface,les yeux crystal bleu,agree statuesque build,mainly a hearte gentil is what makes Adam apealing to all us glambs gals an fellows(I av seen too..where av they gone?!)Hugs an luv! Lisette encore ange benedictions pour Adam nous Angel d’chansons,merci pour toi gift au chante..Legende d’millenium… J’adore Adam always.. Lisettexoxo

    • Lila in Iowa says:

      I am SOOOO excited as well to see Adam…I am going to Kansas City Sunday to see him!!! Yipee!! My friend and I flew out to LA to see Adam during Disco week. We met his parents and Drake. Such normal, nice people. I called the Sprint Center in KC and cameras are allowed and I’m a professional photographer so plan to take my good camera and to get some good shots. My daughter is also a photographer and she’s bringing her camera as well.
      Does anyone know how you get a meet and greet ticket? When do they sign autographs and where? I know Adam doesn’t always sign but I’d like to see him close up. I’m old enough to be his grandma and don’t know if I’m up to fighting the screaming teenagers to get up close but I probably will…ha.

  2. Sue, Have a great time and let it all loose and get into the show and have fun. Cant wait to
    hear about your time.

    • Bonmatin Mary C..know yu’ve seen Adam on passe thread an lovli photos with..If only was in bonhealth to see..Know I’ll be ther for sure in his future soloconcertes..An as theresa,cheryl,Lorrin,Ingrid an othre mentione hope we meet at one someday!Til then am so contente to see all glambs gals photos,videos from feel as if Im ther in spirite too!An see above post m’amour for Adam as yurs has an will nevre change..It too longe to wee heures,am fatigue..already mix up Sue an othre gal …definitemente aving a blonde moment too!
      Take care Luv Lisette an Adam angel bisous et benedictions J’adore al yur loyal glambs feel thes ways too! mmmwoi1

  3. im goin to that sho too! im so excited!!

  4. iluvadam4ever says:

    I 2nd that motion. He is truly a remarkable human being. He was so patient signing everybody’s memorbilia. I remember it when he was signing my pics and he saw my “Adam Lambert” purse and thought it was cool and wondered if I wanted that signed too. Duh! Why didn’t I ask that to begin with. I was probably in such shock of the whole moment. How can somebody be so courteous and patient with all of the screaming girls and women. He is truly one of a kind. You will truely cherish every moment as I did. I wish that I could have that brief moment all over again. Have fun on Wednesday and share every moment with me! What a hottie!! Enjoy!!

    GLAMB #380

    • Hi Linda, We will be there too!!! Come over and meet some crazy GLAMBERTS, we will be in Sec 2, row 23… I will be the GLAMBERT old lady that will be all glammed up with glitter & stud bracelets! LOL!

      AnnaMarie, Glamber #129

  5. Have a blast! I’m sure Adam’ll make that easy for you. 🙂
    This is for everyone else reading this. As of now I’m in need of some new music to listen to while I anxiously wait for Adam’s debut album. I was wondering if some of you guys can let me know of some good, classic rock songs from the 80’s or so. The 80’s music is fantastic, and, as I missed that era, I feel that I’ve been missing out on some amazing songs. Songs by U2, Journey, and lotsa others would be great.
    Thanks to anyone who helps out a fellow music fan!

    • I recommend a few Led Zeppelin such as Stairway to Heaven, the Guess Who’s American Woman, and a bit of Aerosmith, Duran Duran, Van Halen etc.

      • Peaches, email me offsite and I’ll give you a good starter list . Once you know what you like all you have to do is a little googling or youtubing to find more. My name is Terriy

        • Lisette here..Theresa me encore..hope yu’re fine?..Notice yu place email possible like to send yu note but asque yur permission first..An seeing now yur nicknom is same as ma der mama as well.Her nom as well was Theresa same as yurs.An thinq I av known yu as one of earlieste fan membres on thes fanpage,we all enjoie new articles an all Adam’s concert updates,passe acomplishmentes,an future ones in his Cd of some new collaborations of many style/genres..cant wait.Take care an have a nice friday luv Lisette!xox

        • I just sent you an email, Terry, sorry for the late response! Thanks again!

      • Thanks! I’ve got some Led Zep underway, but I’ll check out some Aerosmith, Duran Duran and Van Helen…
        Thanks again!

    • Lisette here..bonmatin Peaches..althout we’re probable closre in age,having oldre siblings I adore of musique from 60s til present..Eighties groups had diffarante sounds..blendes of 60s,some disco,,new wave.Many British groups too as Men at Work,Tears for Fears(hed singe “MadWorld ” prefer Adam’s ethereal tender version,Air Supply,Inxs,Little River Band,Sheena Easton,Madonna her early yers,oldre artiste popular too David Bowie(let’s danse album..seeing in concert Adam sings),U2,Journey,gal bands:Bananarama,Go-Gos,solo artistes Tina Turner,Whitney Houston,Gladys Knight,Michel Jackson,George Michael,more.Seeyoutube,or books/border,music,towerrecord shops! hugs Lisettexox

      • Thanks so much for all the bands, Lisette. I have a lot of youtubing to do. 🙂

    • You need to pick up Led Zeppelin’s first two albums at the very least, plus anything by the Rolling Stones – Sticky Fingers & Get Yer Ya-Yas Out albums are 2 good ones. PLUS, turn yourself on to Terry Reid, who was originally invited by Jimmy Page (of Led Zep) to be the lead guitarist for a “new band” they were starting up after the Yardbirds (also worth checking out), but he declined and recommended Robert Plant instead….that band turned out to be Led Zeppelin. His first album “Terry Reid” was the best, imho. Some of this stuff is earlier than the 80’s, but it all kind of merges together in my memory (happens when you’re over 50! 😉 Poke around on YouTube – there is lots of good stuff out there. Enjoy!

      • Thanks, I borrowed a couple of Led Zep albums from a friend and I’m downloading them as we speak. 🙂 Thanks again!

  6. linlivalex says:

    I’m going to the Rosemont show too! It seems like i’ve been waiting SOOOOO long for this day to come! If anyone has any good pre- or post-show info–please share!! Can’t wait to finally see ADAM!!! Linda- Glamb #361

  7. Sue,

    I will be there too! It seems like I have waited forever. Are you planning to try to get a signing? Wish we had a main contact to get to meet him as fan club representatives.

    Glamb #91
    Mt. Prospect, IL

  8. I’m also from a suburb of Chicago (Naperville) and have been looking forward to this for months! I saw him in San Diego, but that seems to long ago now and his sets have been getting hotter and hotter as the tour goes on! Also going to the very last show in NH, expecting epic shenanigans as they’ll likely be pretty hyped up for their last show. Anyone else going there?

    Anita (GLAMB #65)


  10. Tweeterpie says:

    BOY are U in for a big treat. I know how much you will enjoy your night of an Adamazing performance by our mutually favorite man because I saw Adam at his second concert in Tacoma, Washington. At first, I was a little worried that he wouldn’t really be able to knock it out of the ballpark with his performance, since it was only the 2nd show, but I was wrong. Adam’s performance was INCREDIBLE. and he was just as HOT & SeXXXy as ever… The screams for Adam were earth shattering and very well deserved, just as they have been at all the shows ever since. I wish I could have afforded to go to more of his shows but it just wasn’t in the cards for me. However I was very lucky to have had great seats for the show I did make and seeing Adam up so close was what helped make that night the happiest 25 minutes of my life. Watching Adam strut his stuff was truly a DREAM come true. Ever since that fateful night, I have really enjoyed watching the videos of the concert as he has moved across the country. I’m happy to see that he’s still ” knocking it out of the ballpark” and with each and every concert he is still giving it his all. In fact, every performance has a little something different in it, a little something EXTRA from him to YOU. So ENJOY his GIFT to YOU!!!!! …….GLAM#165

  11. linlivalex says:

    OMG! I just went on ticketmaster to see what kind of tickets were left for the Rosemont show (I already have decent but not GREAT tickets). They must have just released some random tickets and i got a single !st row ticket!!!!! I wont be able to sit with anyone but I will see the absolutely stunningly gorgeous Adam up close!! If anyone finds a way backstage, PLEASE let me know–

    Linda (from Park Ridge, IL)–GLAMB #361 (only cuz i got lazyn not because i dont LOVE-LOVE-LOVE
    awesome ADAM!!!!)

    • OMG,Linda!! That is sooo lucky!! I will be in Row 23, will try to get down to your row to say HI! Look for the old lady that will be GLAMMED-UP!

      AnnaMarie from Elk Grove, Glambert #129


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