TOUR VIBE – American Idol Summer Tour 2009 – Reading, Pa

The American Idols are rolling into Reading, Pennsylvania for a show at the Sovereign Center on September 8, 2009. Here’s a little something from Adam on his twitter… adamlambert: Happy Labor Day!!!! Take it easy everyone! :). I hope you all had a relaxing and enjoyable holiday weekend as well. If any of you are heading to the show, I’d love to hear about it. Is anyone heading out early or staying after the show for the meet and greet? If so, please remember to email us your tour photos at
Here’s the World Idol link you’ve been asking for
Apparently Adam is leading, but our “not as likeable” idol Clay is catching up. Please keep on voting, since seeing Adam lose to Clay is not on MY Top Ten list. Good luck to Adam…. and let’s make it happen.
Here’s to another great show in another great city, American Idols… you rock.

Sue…XO…Glamb #10


  1. Dianne Hill says:

    Hi Sue, we haven’t “met” before, I am from Christchurch in New Zealand and as about as crazy about Adam as everyone else on this site, maybe more so, I have this “thing” about his tongue and whenever I see it, well let’s just say I need very cold showers indeed.

    We have been voting like mad and Adam is still ahead, don’t know why anyone is voting for that other person, as AdamAddict (Emili) would say, Yuk, yuk, yuk – and she is damn right. Don’t suppose you know when this Ultimate World Idol (Adam) is going to end do you, it is driving us mad.

    • Dianne Hill, I just saw that Adam is less than 1 thousand votes ahead.



      • My apologies Sue, Dana – it would have helped to read your article before posting. Thanks so much and excuse my lack of brainpower when I left the post. Hugs, Ingrid

      • Dianne Hill says:

        I have just been back to vote and there is only 740 votes between them. Help!!!!!!!!! We can’t let that, that, that, you know what get ahead. Eewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww and Yuk, extreme yuk. People please vote, pleasssssssssssssssssssssssse.

        • MEGA-YUK!!!!! The difference is just under a thousand now but still to close for comfort! So Dianne, will just have to keep our fingers clicking. Hugs, Ingrid

        • I am voting as much as I can and so is about 100 of a group I belong too. We will get our Adam up there, no worries.

        • don”t worry dear it is 1,921 ahead this time let us make the vote while you are sleeping in your country. i did and i will do it several times this day. to all from asia please vote for adam click as many times as you can to the + sign!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Lisette agan..bonmatin Ingrid argh am fatigue but having read yur lovli note going to visite an vote for our beau Adam some more..hopful ther’ll be no glitches as I hed last nite.Wil nevre give up..Adam is l’meiux vocaliste here in US an l’monde..worlde withoute hesitationes..Clay pppffoof will vanishe into nevre nevre land for sure!!!If only I hed power’s as in “Wicked” play to cast a magique want like glinda good witch of north certainmente Adam can be World Idol an prince an angel d’chansons as well! ..reves Lisette must go..Swet dremes lovli glambs an Ingrid too! xxoxoLisette with now l’chat climbing on keyboard..nerly loss post!

      • DANA & SUE – thanks so much for your help! Adam is 2000 votes clear which is a lot more comfortable!

      • i hope the contest is not also a done deal. GGGGGGGRRRRRRRRRRRRR……………

    • Lisette here..bonmatin Sue,Dianne an Ingrid here..merci for taking ovre Sue..Sure Jeanette deserves reste apres tout le excitemente of thet magnificente concert in Grande Rapides with so many lovli glambs who finale met one anothre an non just here on Adam’s tribute page..but put face to countless commentes here! An only pray it shall be in ner future thet beau Adam will av his solotour..Til then am thenkful to be here like a famille of internationale frends.Elated to here Jeanette finale chat with Adam her reve came true..Thouts of meeting beau l’homme with a voix angelique..I’d be floating for days aftre le concert! Regarde linq to vote..yes Dianne we must keep voting an beliv in ma hearte he’ll win for sure! hugs Lisette!

      • Sweet Lisette, thanks for being a Glamb stalwart. I know you are doing your voting bit. Love to you, Ingrid

        • FELLOW GLAMBS, GOOD NEWS SO FAR: After just voting on the Twitterwall at 9 PM PST, I am pleased to announce that Adam is leading that ‘Clay’ person by 1,745 votes and his Twitter Hearts are 119 more than Clay’s. The Twitterwall vote is up from the 1,435 vote that was running this afternoon and some of last night, so this is a little better. DON’T SLACK UP, WE MUST CONTINUE ON TO THE END! REMEMBER TO VOTE!

          • i voted just now, adam is ahead 1,780 votes. i hate i cannot do it immediately afterwards. have to wait for a few minutes? i turned off my computer already.

          • Lisette here..bonmatin Lorrin hugs an thenks for note re: lovli glambs frends on last thred an ther special soiree with l’ange d’musique..Cheryl too hope yu’ll see thos postes for yu mabelle!An yes re: twittrewall here I hed troble too,but kept refreshing page an founde able to vote more temes..So all glambs plese keep voting.An keep our ange d’musique miles above Clay..ther’s non comparing thes deux diffarante nevre thinq Clay can hold a candle in regarde of talente,class,humilitie or esquisite vocal range thet Adam has! Blessings an bisous for all Luv to yu Lorrin nerby neibor to west of ma deserttown! xoxoLisette!

  2. I’m going to this show!!! I’m so excited as this is my first American Idol concert. I’ve been a big fan of Adam literally from day 1 and I can’t wait to finally see him in person!

    • Ahh Kathryn, I share your excitement. I look forward to hearing about your Adam experience. Kathryn, please don’t forget to vote. Here’s the link :

      • LATEST INFO ON THE VOTE as of 12:15 PST, Adam leads ‘C’ by 1,433 votes, which is almost the same as it was last night….AND some good souls finally registered and got in there and put 1,519 Twitter hearts underneath Adam’s voting box picture, just 42 less than Clay’s…way to GO!

    • Kathryn, You’ll never be the same afterwards. Enjoy and dance your heart out.

  3. Hi Kathryn. I am also going to the Reading PA show! Can’t believe the day is finally here! I was at the Atlantic City show last month, and Adam is awesome!!!! You’ll have so much fun!

    • Yay! Maybe I’ll see you there! I know, I can’t believe it either! All day at school all I could think about was how much longer I had to wait until the concert! (And I’m still counting down… 4 more hours!)

  4. NH Glambert says:

    Keep voting!

  5. NH Glambert says:

    I don’t know if everyone realizes that you can vote multiple times. If you wait a bit (10 minutes, maybe?) the site memory seems to time out and it allows you to vote again. As they say, all is fair in love and war….

  6. I am, I am (voting)! If only I didn’t have to go to work!

  7. NH Glambert says:

    Anyone know if this world idol contest has an end date?

  8. AdamAddict says:

    HAPPY LABOR DAY!!!!! ~giggle~MY ASS!! Grrr,I’ve been working hard, we all have been working hard for few days now and still they are too close. I was terrified when I read only like 700 votes that separate them apart. Now only like 1100 separate them!! What the hell??!! I HATE IT!!!!! I’M TIRED,I CAN’T TAKE THIS ANYMORE, I’M TIRED PHISIQULY AND MENTALLY!! AAARGH, I’M GOING TO BANG MY HEAD IN THIS SCREEN,I’M TELLING YOU, I’M GONNA,GONNA, LIKE RIGHT NOW….nah, i just do it tomorrow or maybe the day after tomorrow!! I need my head to think right, i don’t want wrong click to that ~make a puke face~

    Seriously, when the hell is this going to end? Will it end? or this is somekind of jokes?? If this a joke, I’m telling you after I put that fire extinguisher in Clay’s ass, I’m going to thrust it into whoever make this joke mouth!! Yeah, taste that a**h****!! NOT FUNNY!! When was this start,hmm was it last week?You guys think this will end by the end of the month??!! It better not!! I think they will stop it when Clay heading, to make it huge story the next day!! ~nod~ I think that’s the plan~ IT’S NOT GONNA HAPPEN,BUDDY! IF YOU PLAN THAT THIS VOTING WON’T END LIKE …FOREVEEER!! Oh gosh,let my butt take a rest for a minute,I’ll be back after…15mins! LOL!! Ganbatte ne! p^o^q Where’s that hemmorroids pills??!!

  9. NH Glambert says:

    Can someone get the word out on TWITTER to vote for Adam? It’s on Clay’s site dated Sept 6th. We know Adam would never shamelessly promote himself like that but we can! This might just get me to sign up for twitter…something I have resisted until now.

    • AdamAddict says:

      I don’t know how to put a link in twitter.You see,when I twicpic to Adam,I go to box search and type @adamlambert to see if my tweets were there.It’s there and my twicpic was viewed like 40 times in a few minutes.Adam’s fans click to see what twicpic is that. I also click if someone post a link to Adam or twicpic him. If someone here know how to paste a link in twitter, than she should reply that link to Adam.when lots Adam’s fans saw that maybe they open the link and they will vote.Of course, we have to keep doing it because that tweet gone fast because lots twats to Adam.That link will drowned in hundreds of twats!! So, Adam doesn’t promote himself, it’s his fans promote for him,so there’s a different between Adam and Clay! Adam has class!! 🙂

      • NH Glambert says:

        I think if you just type in the url as it is above people can copy/paste it and get to the site. Maybe try that. Thanks for the efforts!

        • Hey gals, the link is already up on Twitter, and the VOTE IS being encouraged there, so don’t worry about that…what I find frustrating is the haphazard way the voting is handled on the wall…I just tried the links from here again, and the site isn’t allowing access…now what is THAT all about?

  10. Hi all,

    How do I vote? I went on the site with the link provided and could not vote. I am from Canada can the canadian fans vote? I know during American Idol – Canada could not vote.

    • NH Glambert says:

      You should be able to vote…hmmm…did you notice the
      “+” sign next to each picture? You click on that to vote. Let me know.

      • I am from Canada and I was able to vote for the past four days maybe a total of fifty votes now. I love you all fellow Adam Lambert fans. Join the fun!.Let Adam win this time!!!

    • yeah i vote i am from hongkong.

  11. AdamAddict says:

    Tell me how am I going to watch that?Should I close one of my eyes?I want to see Adam but don’t want to see Gokey!! Adam should take picture with Kris or Allison or even Matt.I don’t care as long not Gokey! I don’t like him that much!But whatever, my eyes on Adam only! 🙂
    After watch it,vote again!

    • Hi AdamAddict, both eyes fixed on Adam, I don’t even see who the other person is. I am back from work, and I votinig non-stop for the next six hours, no way is Clay going to win.

      • Lisette agan..argh so difficile to leave thes site seeing anothre lovli glambs post..Merci for linqs here Toni from London!Aw an Adam toujours sont beau..his pearly white teeth just accente his classique hansome features,an even sans lot of makeup is tresbeau always!Take care Lisettexoxo

  12. Emili, I’m going over to vote right now and I sent you a pic of me and my bf. Have a great day all of you Adam lovers.. I’m going to vote then go to work…

  13. Good Morning you all, I am having a good morning because I just heard Adam’s new single, yeah, can’t believe it. It is called “LOVE”. Just go to “HITFIX” and there it is, I think< it seems like I must be dreaming, that it really isn’t there. PLEASE, let me know, am I dreaming and that I didn’t hear Adam’s 1st CD–single. The site said that it isn’t available in the stores yet. I thought that Adam was going to put out a single in Oct. but I didn’t hear anymore so I thought that I was dreaming again!!!Let me know if I have lost it or if truely I heard Adam’s new song……

    • AdamAddict says:

      HUH??!! Adam debut album will release on Nov 24th! “LOVE”??!! HUH??!! Hey, is this the “FAKE ALBUM” that says going to release in summer? The one where Adam recorded before he enter A.I? “WANT” I think! I’m not sure about this,Lee M! All I know, the one where he asked us to wait patiently is on NOV 24th! That one that I’m waiting for! Can’t wait,can’t wait!!! 😀

    • LEE !!! that is not Adams new single.. that is a song called ” NOVEMBER” not LOVE it is a song that adam did before idol with a very small record com. It is really only a demo song that the com. decided to put out after ADAM become so popular. It was a big deal and a uncomfortable situation for all parties involved… They have now said that they won’t release the rest of the songs until after Adam’s real first CD comes out in Nov. Believe me, Adam will be the first to tell us all when his songs come out.. He was not happy that they took just a demo song and tried to release it as a new song that he put out.. but the song is just ok only because Adam sings it… you can buy the song on itunes. but I don’t know if Adam gets any money for it so some people are not buying it.

    • Lee M, that single may be one of those songs from before idol. Remember that dude
      that is doing those early releases?

  14. Lee M, I went to HITMIX and only saw your comment. Which new single are you referring to??? Is it want? Thanks for the heads up, though!

    • No, it wasn’t ” Want”, it was “Love”, now you have me really worried, I have finally flipped out over Adam. OK, RIGHT AFTER I GO BACK AND VOTE FOR ADAM,,,,I’M GOING BACK TO THIS NEW SITE AND JUST SEE HOW CRAZY I’VE GOTTEN….SEE YOU LATER !!! (maybe?)

      • OK, Here I’ll try to explain what I thought I heard and saw, I went back to the same site and I couldn’t find a thing about “LOVE” I don’t know what to tell you but, I listened to this 3 times and get this the front of his CD was the one that came from ELLE ? In his black suit w/ red lining and red shoes, I guess I’ve really gone crazy !!!!! You talk about imagination…I am sorry but, I do believe I saw & heard this…HELP!!!! HELP!!!! It finally has happened, I’ve lost it..Now I will just sit here and read what you all Post and be quiet until my recovery,,Which will be when Adam comes out with that single “LOVE” ( I’m a Taurus) in Oct. HaHaHA!!!!

        • Lee M, no sweat! It was possibly taken off HITMIX – don’t worry about it and DON’T BE QUIET!

          • Ingrid/ Thanks!!! I said that I was a Taurus, it’s really tough for us to be quiet and thanks for the possibility that it was taken off the site. It gives me some hope that I haven’t flipped out for Adam…..I am sure that Adam wouldn’t want me to do this!!!

            • Lee M,
              You skerd me! Are you alright? Don’t worry,take deep breath,lay down and no more beer for you!! No more Adam for you, you grounded for a week!! Ok,maybe that’s not a good idea. Okay, just no more beer!! Whaaat?? You dreaming or what? You confused me and you skerd the hell out of me! “LOVE”?? I thought I think too much about Adam, maybe I was wrong! LOL!! And Ingrid was right, don’t be quiet. Talk to us, we are better than any psychiatrist, because we understand and also we are FREE!!LOL!!

              • Yeah AdamAddict, FREE to love Adam whichever way we want!

                • Dianne Hill says:

                  Yeah, anyway we want – how about his tongue. I loooooooooove his tongue, in fact I am getting a fetish for it, I find myself (when I’m not voting – or working as I am supposed to be doing now) searching for pictures of him with his tongue sticking out, oh my goodness, I can see it in my mind now and it is doing all sorts of things to me. So you see Lee, you don’t have to worry, you are in good company here and as AdamAddict says we are better than any psychiatrist – they haven’t got me out of putting pictures up on my walls yet though, I am starting to run out room, I may have to figure out how to get up and put them on the ceiling, especially with the tongue – god, how am I going to work now.

  15. AdamRocks! says:

    Has anyone seen this quote from Meatloaf during a recent interview with the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette? He has impeccable taste! 🙂

    “I’m in the middle of a record now with a Rob Cavallo, who is like the god of producers at the moment. He’s doing an Adam Lambert track, and I’m going over to meet Adam. Adam Lambert [of “American Idol” fame] is the only singer that I’ve ever thought was amazing. I think there have been great singers, you know, Freddie Mercury, Steven Tyler, you know, a lot of great rock singers. Michael Jackson was one, but Adam Lambert is one I haven’t been awestruck with since [Janis] Joplin in the ’60s. I don’t think anybody actually comprehends how good this guy is. I mean, I downloaded everything he did for “American Idol.” I’m like this Adam Lambert groupie.”

    Cindy in MS

    • Recognition from Meatloaf is proof that Adam is a Rock Legend, we all knew this from the moment he made his first audition on AI, but as soon as he sang Satisfaction that was it, the first taste of someonereally exciting. Just carry on voting GLAMBS, ADAM is the Worldwide Idol.

      • I read that, I think Ofra post the article. Of course only at the end of the article, Adam been mention (the one you post) I was reading and then get bored so I just looking for “Adam” and only read that paragraph!! LOL! That guy has taste!! 🙂




        • Evette #419 says:

          Boy did I have a baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad day today. Couldn’t wait to get home so I could vote for ADAM. I was soooooooooooooooo worried I’d see that other face in the #1 spot but thank goodness its still ADAM!!! When I got home from work the first thing I did (after voting of course) was to read the AdamAddict posts I missed while I was working. I laughed my a** off!!!!! And I don’t have a little a**. You are the world’s funniest lady!!!!!!!!

          • AdamAddict says:

            What you did exactly what I did!When I open the link, I’m praying It’s still Adam leading.When I saw him on the top~giggle,don’t make me start~ I was relief!!I vote first then I continue reading all your post.Every 15mins ,I vote again. I swear ,I dreamt voting him last night! Seriously, this voting drive me crazy, I can’t even rest while I’m sleeping!! Gosh, no wonder my butt’s hurt! I wonder if I sleep sitting on my bed!!! Maybe I sleep walking and go to my computer and vote for him??!! But I’m happy with today’s result. Adam 49,614 and Clay 47,490! But let just not assume Adam gonna be safe! I’m still voting…until they declare Adam is the ultimate world idol!! Yesss!!And, I’m glad I can make you laughed your ass out!! 😛 Have a nice day,Evette!!

    • have you seen that video of meatloaf and adam which he said adam is the illegitimate son of freddie mercury? ha ha ha!

    • Thanks Cindy, Meatloaf has very good taste. In the OK magazine Sept14th issue, Adam
      made a comment about ML too. He was very impressed when he met him.

    • Cindy,
      Could you please post the link to this article?

    • Helen/Canada says:

      There’s a short video of Meatloaf and Adam together on YouTube. Sorry, don’t have the link.

  16. Please keep voting, there is only 1413 votes between them

  17. NH Glambert says:

    For awhile, there was a widening lead of over 1400 points and it’s starting to narrow again. Maybe someone influential on this site should start a topic just for World Idol Voting support!!

  18. i’m going to the reading show tonight!! this is the 2nd for me i was in phila. also.i hope adam’s voice is rested and he might come out and do autographs.he didn’t make it in phila. and i would love to see him tonight. i had surgery the friday before last and i’m so happy i’m ok to go. i think i would have signed out of the hospital if i wasn’t out already!

  19. I’m leaving for the show in about two hours. I got an email about a radio station FM97 holding an event before the show. I guess you make a poster, show up, and they pick the best one which qualifies you for a meet and greet. I was going to make one-with my dog dressed up as Adam. She’s a rat/fox terrier mix. I wanted to get her some glittery pants and a wig and whatnot, but I slept all d ay! haha. Work does that to you sometimes. We were going to write things like “mad little world” (because she’s a little dog) on it and since we live pretty much in Reading, it was going to say “We drove 4 miles to see Adam and the AI Live Tour!!” you know, how like people say that they traveled 53772846387 miles to go to a show. Hey, I thought it was funny! I will have plenty of pictures and video with me screaming ever so loudly from tonight, I am sure!


  20. MJ from MJsbigblog has endorsed Clay.

  21. Debbie Russo says:

    Hi all! First time writing, but read the site everyday. Saw Adam in Philadelphia and my photos are somewhat blurry, so I never posted them. He was beyond wonderful!!

    Two things: Are there any other fans in the Philadelphia area that go on this site? My husband was kind enough to go to the concert with me because I just couldn’t miss it, but know no other Glamb to go with in this area. Also, if anyone does the the New York Times Sunday crossword puzzle, the VERY FIRST question, 1 across, was “Singer Lambert runner-up on the 2009 American Idol”. Of course, I got that right 🙂 So, Adam’s made the NY Times crossword — he’s definitely arrived!!!!
    But we all knew that anyway……


  22. AdamAddict says:

    I’m going to post this 1st,ok now I’m really going to bed! 6:15am,it’s time for vampire to hide! Nite,nite!!
    I vote again tomorrow!! p^o^q

    • AdamAddict says:

      He was talking about things that throws at him and he obviously meant that freaking stuffed toy dildo!Thanks Adam,thank you so much for reminding me that Mr.Dildo’s nose! Just great!! Now, I’m sure I’ll have nighmare!! Awesome!!

    • AdamAddict, thanks for that vid, I knew he would mention tht dildo being thrown at him
      someday. Way to go Adammmm, THE ROCK KICK, love it!.

  23. Hi guys, i dont know put the link but if you want see this is really beatifull art-work,
    argentinian kisses and keep voting.

  24. oh shit!! this is magic!!,the link “apareció”( appear??) in a mystery way, casuality….

    • Why Marisa, your English has improved dramatically….I love it, now WHAT is the mystery you were mentioning? Did you mean ‘ the link is disappearing magically’? (The ‘oh shit’ part is very appropriate in that case, most certainly)…Adam .todavía está por delante de ese otro tipo!

    • Silvana/Argentina says:


      thank you for the link and your English…..I lost my tanslator job….just kidding.

      De veras, gracias por esforzarte con el inglés.


      PD: podés contar algo de vos? (Can you tell us something about yourself?)

  25. Just saying hello–only 6 more shows to go –how shall we keep in touch with this precious man’s next chapter in his life????? Lorraine

    • Hello Lorraine, just to let you know that I left you a little post back a ways where you had mentioned you were having eye surgery….hope all is well with you…love from the West tonight..

      • Lisette here..alrite am supose to be sleping..but hed to visite despite aving time before they arrive here from hotel.Merci encore mabelle for note agree ..Lovli for Cheryl an she’ looks tresbelle with her peacock hat an sure she’ll trasur thet special evening an un petit toche of hand..I’d nevre wishe to wash..silly perhaps bein like teenage agan..Thet’s effecte Adam has here..tresbeau an ma favorite vocaliste/humanitarian an beau l’homme always!
        hugs an av to say aurevoir an returne to slepe for few heure..til companie arrives am skipping thet grande buffet for sure an wil catch up with brothre latre on! hugs an luv Lisettexoxo

      • Ooops, missed that! Just like you Lorrin to pick that up! Lorraine, my side too, wishing you a speedy recovery! Love and hugs, Ingrid

  26. Dianne Hill says:

    Everyone is doing a superb job of voting, I have just been to vote again and Adam is ahead by 2084 votes. Yippppeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Fantastic, don’t stop now though, who knows how long this thing is going on for.

    I have just received an email from another Adam fan here in Christchurch and she says that someone may have been taken away from the concert in an ambulance today, she thought it may be Matt or Michael – any news, anyone? I hope it is nothing serious.


      • Ambulance? That’s sound serious! Wow, this may sound bad, but thank god it’s not our darling beloved Adam!! Sorry, Matt! Hope he feeling well soon!

  27. AdamAddict says:

    I just checked when we Glambs start voting. I saw the link on Sept 2nd ! Maybe on Sept 1st but I already got a headache but that was the time we started voting! That almost 10 days!! No wonder we all are dead tired! When we start voting,Adam’s votes already like a lot and Kris was 0 so I think the votes start Sept 1st, early Sept! You think it’s going to end by the end of the month??~Gulp~ Please nooooo!!! Adam almost reach 50,000 and Clay almost 48,000! Oh god,when will it end??!! Let it be 2 weeks only!! Skerd,worried and tired! Not feeling good at all!! But voting,it is! Work hard,I am!! 😀

  28. Hi all! I am in heaven! Last night I met the most beautiful man in the world! And this was after the Reading PA show (which, by the way, was awesome, and better than the Atlantic City show, but my seat was better too!). I met so many great people, many Adam fans, and I told them to check out this great website! Adam did come out after the show, and as he stood in front of me and signed my picture of him, and I was gushing my thanks to him and telling him how awesome he is, he put his hand over mine (yes, he really did!), and looked at me with those eyes (those eyes!), and gave me the most beautiful big smile! In that one moment in time, Adam was mine! And as quickly as the moment came it was gone, as someone shoved something in front of me to be signed. But for just that one moment…..!!!

  29. AdamAddict says:
  30. AdamAddict says:

    My sis needs to use the computer for at least 3 hours! I can’t vote for that long??!! But after she’s done, I’m back on it. Now the gap is like 2,000 votes! That’s good, but I won’t stop until Adam really win. Who knows when Clay got energetic again! So, at least Adam already far ahead!! p^o^q

  31. NH Glambert says:

    I hear this contest will run through at least all of September.

    • AdamAddict says:

      Are you kidding me?? That means we have to vote for another 20 days? Are you serious? maybe it’s Clay who made that up so we won’t vote while he’s voting for himself like crazy??!! This is nuts!! BTW, I can’t vote, I click the “+” and nothing happens??!!WTH??!! Trued many times but still the same! That’s weird!! CLAAAAY,WHAT DID YOU DO??

  32. AdamAddict says:



    I can’t believe this! Usually I used yahoo to vote, just now I got difficulty so I just tried Mozilla Firefox.In Mozilla, it written very clearly above Adam’s picture,the countdown of the closing date!! Unbelievable,but now that I know, I’m relief!!

    ANOTHER IMPORTANT THING,IF YOU HAVE YAHOO AND MOZILLA, YOU OPEN THE LINK IN 2 DIFFERENT PAGE, AND YOU CAN VOTE TWICE! I think!! Just now, I click many2 times in yahoo, then I saw my Mozilla still have “+” so I click again!! You try it Got nothing to loose if you try,right? The closing date is disappeard now, maybe it pop out once a while, I dunno but ONLY 1 WEEK TO GO!! GOOOO GLAMBS!!

    • AdamAddict says:

      There also a a closing date in yahoo now, I think they just post it there!! Great! I can’t wait next week! End it with Adam Lambert a winner!! YAY!! Don’t stop voting,ok guys!! Muah!!

      • i saw it too adam addict. we can do it for another one week. let me try mozilla. i love your being so resourceful. tweeter helped a lot i wish somebody would always post it there. 2,269 gap not bad. at least let us make it close to 5 thousand as soon as possible. KEEP ON VOTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • i also tried hotmail. i did it consecutively at yahoo and mozilla i have done it at least 2 rounds.don’t know how they do the time gap.the important thing is there should always be someone clicking at the time it resumes the gap. thanks adam addict……. good night and good morning to all…… so sleepy. again………KEEP ON VOTING, LET US MAKE ADAM WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  33. AdamAddict says:

    I’m not sure this is true or false but I heard that the title song for 2012 soundtrack is “Time for Miracles” Hmm??!!


    • NH Glambert says:

      True tittle per the movie poster. Now we have to wait for someone to leak the song before it’s released.


        • NH Glambert says:

          I think Queen recorded it with him BECAUSE, there was an article a couple of days ago in which Constantine Maroulis said he heard that Adam and Queen were in the studio together……and then, match this up with Brian May’s inside scoop on the song where he praised Adam and said it would be a #1 hit and….well, you see how one can reach the conclusion that they did it together. BEsides, Queen has done movie soundtracks for this type of movie before! Just a theory……

          • You probably right NH,that’s why Brian May praise him high because he heard Adam recording it.He can’t be there unless he got something to do with it. Adam collaborate with Queen afterall!! But yes, just a theory…but I really think so now!! Wow, I can’t wait!!

    • Silvana/Argentina says:

      You are right, RockStar Weekly published that information.
      Ofra (a little way upwards) posted the link to the movie poster or advertisement (or any other way that it’s called) . Thanks, Ofra

      Check that out…

  34. So….the show was most exellent. I was in the THIRD ROW which, by itself, made the whole show worthwhile. I went outside with my sister to where everyone was waiting for him. I was going to leave early, but I knew he came out for the last song, and I was trying to get in as much Lambert action in as possible haha. (Plus, during it, he and Kris did some sort of robot dance move, which was worth staying for! Funny stuff!) We were behind two ladies who were against the divider dealy. Adam came out fifth I believe…it was something like Allison, Scott, Danny, Matt then Adam…so yeah. I wanted a hug, but wasn’t close enough. The lady infront of me who had blonde hair and was wearing a purple shirt kissed him on the cheek-If you are reading this, I have a video of your kiss!!-I gave him a bracelet, to which he smiled and thanked me for. So, I got to touch his hand for a second to give it to him, although I was too caught up in the moment to realize. I stopped my camera when he came to me, so I have no documentation of our “moment.” ha. He stayed out for an awfully long time. I got my Rolling Stone signed (yeah, how original of me haha) my sister got her ticket. My sister sceamed, “Your jacket was well worth the ticket price!” but he didn’t hear her. Haha. We heart the jacket. Anyway, the show was great. He looked at us during the Bowie medley…also which was n’t captured with my camera because I was too much in awe. That poor boy…how does he deal with all of this deserving attention?! I cannot wait for his solo shows!
    I have tons of video and photos, but my laptop is super slow, so I will get to them tomorrow.
    Until then, everyone take care! Have a Lambertastic day! I know I will!!!

    <3 Tara

    • ” I wanted a hug, but wasn’t close enough. “- THANK GOD!
      ” The lady infront of me who had blonde hair and was wearing a purple shirt kissed him on the cheek”- BITCH!!
      “If you are reading this, I have a video of your kiss!”- NO THANK YOU VERY MUCH,I’LL POKE MY EYES!
      “So, I got to touch his hand for a second to give it to him”-YOU BETTER GRATEFUL YOU’RE GLAMBS!~nod~
      BTW, I’m so happy for you!! 😀

    • AllStarMe, thanks for sharing your awesome Adam adventure with us. I have a favour to ask, please, pretty please. If I send you a pic of myself, can you erase THAT woman’s face and replace it with mine. A bit of cosmetic surgery on mine before you do the swop would be awesome. Please, pretty please, I am in South Africa and cannot get to the concert although I am definitely going to attend one of Adam’s concerts but that will only be next year. So, do we have a deal????


    • Especially me?? Is that the way you asking me “how’s your butt?,Hang on!” I know about it already,but thank you for the concern tho! I don’t know why, it’s really hard to vote today. I got problem since early evening! Really pissed me off. Either I can’t open the link at all or nothing happen after I click! Thank goodness, the gap is far so I’m relief. If not, I probably bang my head to the wall!! Seriously, pissed! Only sometimes, my votes count! WTH??!! But, I will not stop until Adam wins! So happy when I know when it end!! Phew!!

      • AdamAddict, I din’t want to embarass you by asking how are your **********, only seven more days of suffering, we can all celebrate, lets all hold a GLAMBS party on this site, that would be quite something.

  36. Glambertcraze says:

    You probably already have this somewhere, but just in case, Check out the poster for 2012 it features our Adam singing Time for Miracles.
    I hope I did this right.

    • If any of you are on Twitter, you can ‘trend the topic’ of Adam singing ‘Time For Miracles’ by doing so on your home page. You just say some little thing in your ‘What are you doing box’, such as ‘I am waiting for Adam to sing ‘Time For Miracles’, and it will automatically be added to the trending topic site. This song and Adam singing this song are now trending on Twitter, so join us there if you can!

      • I did mine about 6 hrs ago.. lol not sure it’s working as a trending topic though.. Just got home from work and I don’t see that it is catching on..

        • Adamfan1, go to your home page and click on the link that says #TimeForMiracles (you should still have the link from the Tweet you made), or put TimeForMiracles in the search box at the right side of your home page. It will take you to the page with ALL the Tweets which have #TimeForMiracles in them….you will then see how well it is trending. Hope that helps..

  37. Someone has been doing some VOTING I see while our side of the world was sleeping…Adam has pulled away, and is now 2,632 votes ahead of Clay…I managed to punch in 6 at once on my last go-round…Keep Voting, Glambs, we’ll make these next 7 days, 23 hours and 17 minutes count!

    • AdamAddict says:

      Yes, I will!! I’m still happy because now I know the closing date!But can’t assume he’s safe,right? I will vote and vote until next week. Make more gap between them.Keep reminding me to vote, keep every Glambs remember to vote,Lorrin! We don’t want to get lazy,do we? Another week? Okay,do not underestimate Clay,he’s like a tortise. But this story,will end up with rabbit won!! 🙂

    • Helen/Canada says:

      Way to go ladies, keep it up! Just voted and the gap is now 2850. (6:27 p.m. EST) Only 7 days, 17 hours to go. We can do it!

    • Yes Lorrin. You’re absolutley correct ! I’m from the Philippines and been voting since yesterday. I didn’t know we could join until I read the posts here. I have several computers on at the same time so I can see when the + sign comes back without interrupting my work. Adam global fans from the different time zones , keep voting until our Adam wins this ! Adam is the True World Idol !!

      • SENSATIONAL news, Glamasia of the Phillipines, thank you for ‘rocking the VOTE! And many, many thanks to everyone who is voting around the world, we must bring Adam in on a WAVE of glory, as far ahead as possible! Also, a huge thank-you to AdamAddict and Ingrid, from Malaysia and South Africa, who have gotten behind everybody daily to urge them to VOTE, and who have posted the links to the Twitterwall on every page of this website. Hats off to all you Glambs and fans who are making this superhuman effort for Adam! LET’S WIN IT!!!

        • Oh Lorrin, your welcome! I must tell you I was exhausted this morning but it is worth it! We will squash the opposition from all directions! Love ya!

  38. Hi everyone, I m so happy for Adam s song, I like the title to, Times of miracles…ahh
    Sorry but this cant write in inglish…Silvana: tengo 34 años, soy médica especialista en medicina familiar y casi legista , trabajo tanto en el sector privado (para vivir…) pero mi pasión es ejercer de médica rural estatal (soy la médica de un pueblo en el partido de Pilar en donde se carece de absolutamente TODO menos de ganas de hacer cosas!), amo los animales y las odio a todas las que hablan de sus gatos (en el buen sentido!!), porque vivo en un depto en donde no me permiten tener mascotas,grrr…….

    • Silvana/Argentina says:

      Hi Marisa,
      no pude contestar anoche, estab muerta y sólo vi los videos d Adam en Reading. Interesante todo lo referente a tu trabajo, ¿en qué pueblo trabajás? Pena lo de las mascotas, yo tengo dos gatas.
      Fantástico tu padre.
      Besos, Silvana

  39. Me olvidaba… my dad ( 66 years young!!) loves Adam!!!, your first comment wen he see Adam was: ” Hi is best than Mercury!!!!!”

  40. Oh, thanks AdamAddict, so much for the Reading vids! Adam was certainly at his best last night! Is there any way I can save them to my computer to watch again and again and again?!!!

  41. Never stop voting. Who else deserve the title- World Idol, he’s even the BEST American Idol to date.


      • Yup ! I’m still voting. It’s 11:30 am here Sept. 10. C’mon glamorous Pinoys (slang for Filipinos) ! Stand up and be counted ! Lets show “what’s his name” our PEOPLE POWER & VOTE, VOTE, VOTE FOR ADAM !!

        • anybody help! the margin is around 2,200 this afternoon. it was around 2,800 in the morning. HEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. SALAMAT GLAMASIA.

          • Those following Adam on tweeter PLEASE VOTE/ Imagine if all of you could vote even once, that is about 170,000 ! ! Help Adam win ! !

          • your welcome perilee. btw, last time I checked, Adam’s lead is only 1,900. HELLOoooo Everyone, its not over till its over ! VOTE ! !

            • glamasia,
              You new here?I don’t think I saw you before or I’ve been busy voting until I didn’t see you! I guess it’s not to late to say welcome! I like that screen name. Maybe I should change mine to Glamalaysia or Glam’sia! Nah, forget it,it’s horrible!
              Emili Glamb#19 Malaysia

  42. NEWSFLASH: As of 9:19 PM PST, Adam is 2,417 votes ahead of Clay….keep voting and pressing on to the end, dear Glambs! Also, I just read a most bizarre piece of news on my MSN news page, – did you all know that ELLEN DEGENERES is going to be the new American Idol judge! What!! I mean, I think Ellen is a doll, and I’m glad she has a successful TV show, but a judge of American Idol? How absolutely quirky! Well, we will just have to see how THAT works out! (At least she LOVED Adam!)

    • Also remember that if you are on Twitter, you may ‘trend the topic’ of Adam’s singing ‘Time For Miracles’ (from the movie 2012) from your home page…that topic is indeed trending on Twitter right now. Also, I read that ‘Time For Miracles’ will debut as a single in October and may ALSO be part of the upcoming album in November. According to the article, the music business does not like to have two singles out at once for an artist, they like to have one single out as an advance for a new album, (and the single that is planned is ‘Time For Miracles’) to create suspense and excitement for the coming album. That means we would have the single before the film comes out. In this case, it will also create plenty of suspense and excitement for the new film, too. This Fall is just going to be TOO exciting for all of us. I know it will be so interesting to see how it all develops in the very near future. Big things are ahead for Adam and his fans!

      • Here is the link for the information about Adam’s release of the single ‘Time For Miracles’ from the online magazine RockStar Weekly, and the information about Ellen DeGeneres being the new AI judge from the MSN news page:

        • Whoever is keeping watch over the ‘comments in moderation’ on this site now (would that be YOU most esteemed Sue?), is doing an absolutely EXCELLENT job in releasing our comments with links so that they can be read in a timely manner. Thank you SO much for your nimble and quick-fingered management style, I appreciate it so much!

        • Thank you Lorrin for posting these article. The first one almost answer my question before. I wanna to know if the soundtrack will be in Adam debut album.So,the answer is maybe yes,which is great!! I seriously can’t wait!! The song will be sick for sure!!
          And the second one, I really like if Ellen become the judge. Waaaaay much better than Posh…WHO??? Ellen is funny,I like her! And Ellen is big fan of A.I so she knows better how it works! Ellen probably help safe A.i season 9 next year. I got excited after I read this. Ellen is soooo funny and have you seen he called Adam in her show after Adam “won” A.I? She been so nice to Adam and she gave him underwear, and most important she’s with us, she love “Ring of fire!” This can be good thing! LOL! I’m gonna watch,hoping there’s cute guy who can sing but of course nobody top Adam now but if everybody looks like Clay, even Ellen can’t make watch that show!! 🙁

        • Hi Lorrin, thanks for the links. I am so excited for the new single, a combination of Aero Smith and Queen, it is going to be the kind of music I love, I cannot wait to buy it. And I think it was a very clever move of AI to adk Elen to be the fourth judge ,they know that she will pull in quite a few viewers, espcecially since a lot of viewers vowed never to watch again after the last finale. I am also please that she will be judging from a viewers perspective, I think she will be very fair.

          • AdamAddict and Toni, thank you both for your viewpoints, they are very refreshing and very positive…I will certainly give them the benefit of the doubt, and hope for the best for all of them…I like Ellen too as a comedienne and host, but I’m not sure about her critiquing music, I just hope she doesn’t get bashed around too much!


      • Yes, Adamfan1, I just posted the link to both of these bits of information, and you will be able to read them both soon when my post gets out of moderation. What an odd choice for a music judge, it just doesn’t quite get it for me..

    • Dianne Hill says:

      Dianne here from Christchurch, New Zealand (at the bottom of the world) and I have just voted for our darling Adam and he is 2,308 ahead of that other piece of rubbish.

      So while you guys are sleeping (it is 5.45pm Thursday 10 September here) we on the other side of the world are doing out bit.

      Dianne Glamb #356.

      • Diane, I have been meaning to say this for the longest time, but would you please forgive me for not writing to you after that first time of welcoming you? I am so glad you’re on this site with us, and I truly DO love all that I hear about your beautiful country, and I really AM in love with all the elves that inhabit New Zealand and one in particular, so I do hope you will not think ill of me. And as far as this voting thing, I thank all of you so much down there at the ‘bottom of the world’ for holding your part of the ‘wall’ up for our Adam, thank you SO much….I described this voting thing on another thread as being a truly titanic epic battle between our ‘fair forces and the wicked lord of Aiken’, which is so appropriate for you New Zealanders to be involved in. So let’s keep ‘whipping’ them, throw those coals down on their heads, sling those arrows, and charge the wall, and get Adam voted in as the all-time world idol, and thank you again, Diane, and all of you in NZ for all your help! Glamb #102

    • Yes, Lorrin, I am so shocked by the Ellen announcement. I loved Paula so much and was so sorry she left. But Paula really understood music and dance. I don’t even think Ellen is a musician, is she?

      Of course, 3 out of the four judges will really know music, so I guess they’ve added Ellen for pure entertainment value…and Ellen is certainly pretty terrific in her own way. I imagine that Ellen’s comments may be somewhat priceless in the beginning of the competition when all the bozos come to audition! However, when it gets to the final few, I just don’t know.

      The whole thing is pretty bizarre, frankly. Well, Ellen, good luck to you!

      P.S. Now that Adam’s off the show, the whole show seems anti-climactic to me, so maybe Ellen’s antics will be just the thing.

      • Songwriter, I can’t imagine what they are thinking. The first thing that comes to mind is the absolutely ridiculous pairing of Ellen with Simon….Simon is a ruthless shark (even though I admit he is the impresario of the age and is an excellent judge of true talent), and I simply cannot see the two of them ever meshing. I could see, however, both of them ending up disliking each other intensely. Paula was a little ‘package’ of a gal, adorable, flirtatious, extremely feminine and thoroughly professional, she brought both unerring discernment to the show and also a sisterly compassion, which the singers so desperately needed. Simon is the man we all love to boo and hiss (even though he is the absolute center of the judging), Randy is the down-to-earth guy with legendary music and production chops, and Paula was the effervescent little singer/dancer with loads of personality, their ‘Darla’ as in Spanky and Darla and the rest of the gang. I truly don’t think Ellen will be able to hold her own in these perilous AI waters, she is too simple in her outlook, too self-absorbed in her own persona and goofiness, and not nearly cynical, tough, and merciless enough to ‘let ’em go’ when they need to be cut, or knowledgable enough to recognize all that needs to be included. And she probably simply doesn’t know enough about music, either. The article said she ‘loves music’ and understands it, but so do I, and so do many people, but we are not qualified to be judges of professional musical talent. I think the AI boat is going to list, go into a tailspin and sink, probably in one season. I never really liked the show, but I did care about the performers, and I followed it all the way through once. Now that Adam has come and gone, gone, gone, I will never watch it again, except maybe to see what transpires with Ellen. To me, it has served its purpose, that of finding, nurturing, and sending forth Adam Mitchel Lambert….beyond that, at least for me, it has nowhere else to go..

        • Wow, I know how you feel….how can AI be anything but anti-climactic after Adam. I love the “Darla” analogy – brilliant!

          • Songwriter4adam, I wanted to leave a post on a recent thread for you. The Glamb song is fantastic – kudos to all involved!

          • SONGWRITER4ADAM, I just finished listening to ‘BREAKAWAY’ and I LOVED IT! It has touches of old style rock and roll mixed with the best kind of anthem power ballad style, a la Queen and maybe a little dash of Guns ‘N Roses in there somewhere, a great beat and a cool chorus, it would be PERFECT for Adam’s range and his intense power vocals, I can see him really hashing it up and punching it out….I hope you get that thing right in front of his nose one of these days!…(or should I say, his beautiful blue eyes)…tons of best wishes and may every door open to you in getting Adam to sing your song!

  43. People wake up ! Adam’s lead is down to 2,096. It was almost 3,000 8 hours ago.

  44. NH Glambert says:

    Hey guys, it looks like the Claymates have been hard at work last night. They narrowed the Ultimate World Idol gap on the Tweeterwall from 3000 to under 2000! Time to get back to voting! I posted this on the CT blog as well…….hope that’s ok.


  46. Hi beauty people, what happened here???, I back to home after 14 hours ( trabajo en un pueblo que se llama Manzone, Silvana ), see my computer…and the ugly ( and unknown for me) man is so close to our beautybabyman???, grrrrrrrrrrrr, ladys and men at VOTEWORK pleeease!!!!!!!!!!


  47. Ingrid : my dad say thanks for your “Glamb love”, but NO my mom ,ha,ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Marisa, sorry that was an oversight! Please tell Mama the Glambs send their love to her too! Hugs to you and the WHOLE FAMILY! Ingrid

  48. I have a GREAT video of ? Adam ? from the Duluth GA concert but dont know how to post it on here for everyone to see.can anyone help?

  49. I have a GREAT video of adam from the Duluth GA concert but i don’t know how to get it on here for everyone to see. can anyone help?


    • whew!!!!!!1 ADAM is leading again i hope it will remain this way until the show closes. the connect-disconnect way of voting didn’t work in my computer i dont know why. i have tried another way i concentrate before putting the handsign to the + sign should hit it immediately dont waste any second as the handsign landed there seriously many times last night here i was able to get as much as 12 votes at a time. we can try any possible way to get more votes. ALL ADAM FANS DONT FORGET TO VOTE WHENEVER YOU’RE AWAKE!!!!!!!!!! SOMETHING IS REALLY HAPPENING HERE!!!!!!!!!


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