TOUR VIBE – American Idol Summer Tour 2009 – Providence, RI

3…2…1… Three shows to go and on Sunday September 13th, the American Idols will play in Providence, Rhode Island. Here’s to hoping that the Dunkin’ Donuts Center is ready for them! The Idols should be in full singing force for this show, except for possibly Scott who is still a little under the weather. Hopefully they’ve gained some singing momentum for these last three shows and will be ready to rock! Adam seems to be feeling goooood seeing as how he twitter partied again last night. I will be keeping my fingers crossed for all of you that have tickets for any of these last three shows, but my guess is that I won’t need to keep them crossed for long… here’s a little treat from last night…… he looks to be doing just fine…

XO…Sue…Glamb #10

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  1. Hi Sue, thank you for the video, it really is a treat, nice to see our Adam well again, and duch an energetic performance. I am beginning to have withdrawal symptoms just thinking that the AI tour has three more performances and I will not be able to view more videos or listen to more interviews until he releases his album. Now I am getting very worried, there are only 506 votes between Adam and you know who, please, please, please keep on voting everyone, we need to have a big margin to make sure that our Adam wins.

    • Excellent closeup! Thanks Sue!!!

      • Isn’t that a beautiful thing? AHHHH…… love it.

        • Lisette Im a bit upset..pourquoi I av not reciv thes thread in myemail..Seeme now Im a day late an alway enjoie to keep n toche with all lovli glambs?!!Do yu need my email let me know an I’l send it?Thes occur back couple monthes an so seeme like I was non intereste to post. Yu know always Adam’s best tribute page bringes me much joie.Coping with ma illness,an hering of now a twitter party..I never knew of thes either?!!AI concert eventes,interviews,photos,an connete with such wondreful group of amies..So now wil leave some affetion an hopful many of yu wil revisite here! hugs an luv Lisettexox
          Thenks Sue for any assistance in above mentions. So now will visite above linq a day ..after gues bettre late then nevre here..

          • OH LISETTE,

            I’m sorry you didn’t get this on time… sometimes if I type the morning of, it doesn’t mail out until the next morning… I AM SORRY! Are you all caught up now? I hope so. PLEASE accept my apologies.


    • You are welcome!! I was searching before I had to go to work this morning, yuck, and found that gem. I’m glad you liked it.

      • Lisette here..apres seeing above linq felt some joie an always Adam lookes tresbeau,his voix etes magnificente,passionate,sensual an vocal ranges like noone else..If only can have seen sadli as tour is nering end..Know in ma hearte I’ll be there to see solotour..seemes am one of few here in US thet av on been blesse to see..An pray thet ma health will permitte thes..Am contente to here Adam is feling bettre..but still so very sad about non knowing of his twitter parrty..As anyone of glambs tweete when it took place there?.Know he’ has imagaine infinitie of tweets from othre fanpages..just be nice to av chanse to participate somehow ..oh well once agan misssin m’angel Adam!Hugs lisettexoxo


    • toni am jan from nz it is 11.30 mon morning sept 14th here, i am voting as often thru the day as my computer will allow. dont give up the fight now. do you know exactly what our time difference is from you guys in us?

      • Hi Jan, I believe you are 12 hours ahead of US, the situation is getting bad now, only 100 votes between them now, I am voting non stop, we cannot let Adam down, he must win, thank you and carry on voting PLEASE.

    • sorry toni just read further down you are in london, no us ithink our time is about 12 hours diff anyone can you answer time diff between usa and nz

    • Lisette here..bonmatin Toni oui I just always go to thes tweeterwall evryday an will always nite an day if neede be..Nevre wish Clay to despite thinqing was compromise given error glitch in vote tallies an such,just place faith is no signe of hacking here.An av bettre spyware upgrade now.
      Adam as always on all passe threads know thet no mattre yu’ll be our worlde idol given all passe credites in theatre from younge age,estraordinaire range to singe any genre,artistique genius in making old songes new,celestial voix,beauface,hearte an soul..Blessed in all aspecte..J’espere a longe an wondreful musique career..legende of l’millenium,an toujours angel d’chansons Luv Lisettexoxo!

  3. Adamspirit1 says:

    VOTE, VOTE, VOTE…….Clay is catching up. I don’t know how…
    Adam needs your votes NOW! There are less than 400 votes between them.

  4. Hi Sue, hhmmm! think it’s misleading in the vid to think “how nice to see our Adam well again” (Toni) since that vid was taken on the night that he said later after the show, that he broke out into a fever after announcing how “crappy” he felt that morning! as for the twitter party, he did it in bed still not feeling up to par. Hipefully by tonight he and Kris will be feeling better. The bottom line is they ALL need some down time rest and with the end in sight I think that is giving them a punch of adrenaline to make it thru to the last show and go out with a bang! The video just shows what a great showman he really is! Cheers

    • I’m with you on that ALYESKA2. Adam is an incredible performer. I almost wanted to cry after watching that video. While “he looks to be doing just fine…” I see the smoke and mirrors. Adam on a bad day is better than most at their best. I can see the exhaustion in his movement and I hear the electronic enhancements that are aiding him through the set. Did I already say incredible? What most people WILL notice is that he gave 110% of what he had at that moment. And wasn’t it sweet the way the backup singer reached out and touched Adam when Adam incorporated “happy birthday” into the song at 2:30?
      By the way the twitter party from Adams BED was fun and Adam responded to two of our own from the chat room. Their reactions were priceless (had to call 911 to revive them).

    • Hey Alyeska,
      I’ve included the tweet from Adam yesterday morning…
      ~Adamlambert~~ Just woke up but I THINK I’m better. Fever is def gone. 🙂 Portland, Maine is so pretty from my hotel window.
      11:29 AM Sep 12th from TwitterFon
      I know he isn’t 100% but it was definitely a step in the right direction!! The tweets you were referring to were actually from Thursday. Even though he didn’t go out and sign, I felt that since he was doing a “twitter party!!!” he was actually feeling better or he’d have just gone to bed. I’m trying to keep it positive for those going to those upcoming shows, didn’t mean to misrepresent.
      One thing is for sure, he is TRULY AMAZING!!!

  5. Sue, Lorrin, and Glambs
    The hacker at the Ultimate World Idol contest is now going for the kill! The figures are now adding up at a speed of 100+ votes every 5 minutes! I could imagine the face of this evil person just laughing his butt off as we hit the + on Adam’s picture or therefresh button and votes are automatically added to CA. total number of votes. I could almost hear this hacker laugh like the devil! My hands are shaking with outrage at this evil man! Glambs, hold on to dear life because this evil man seems ready to kill! May we be protected against his evil schemes!

    • SEE MY COMMENTS BELOW, Pat/Canada, and thank you SO much for all your help in getting that very valuable information to me!

  6. Sue Thanks for the vid treat. Love it, and he has added some new dance moves and changed
    up the medley too. Great job Adam you know how to bring IT on.
    Alyeska2, Okay did you have to say ” he did his twittering in bed”? do u know how many of
    us are thinking our little horny thoughts right now?
    Cheryl, AA, Ingrid (close ur ears), Terry, Lorrin, Iylene, Diane, Helen, Lee M and everyone else helpppppppppppp

    • MaryMom, you are about to be reported to the authorities for you know what!!!!! … and by the way why are you making so much noise when I was with him looking after all body parts!!!! You know how insanely jealous these Glambs are, especially that naughty one who will want to scratch my eyes out. You are now NoisyMary!!!! Missed you – mmmmmmmmmmwah, Ingrid

      • Ingrid, too funny! Ah yes, we must watch out for tht naughty one!!! Although she is forever
        in my debt, so I’m sure she will just step aside. Right naught one??
        Paleez now Ingrid, ” no reporting.” Oh, I do like to make noise, hee hee

      • Lisette here..bonmatin Ingrid hope yu’re fine ..left yu luv on last thread j’espere yu’ve read an know we all here (even if day late on thes thread due to not reciving in m’email)adore Adam an all his videos of AItour one more estraordinaire then last one..His face,vocal ranges,danses are superbe an finde even when bleu as mentioning above for not seeing thes page..I can smile an finde comforte knowing an belive thet upon future concerte will be there in some citie even if non in no illness wil keep me away!..An hope many of us will meet too somhow finde way,as I mentione on last threads an early on when so many wishe for thes to be so!
        Take care an oui must all vote..non sure who is hacking thet linq..if so j’espere they’re caught soon.An so wishe it’s non repet of l’eventes still thet ensue on American Idol few monthes ago. Hugs an luv always ..blessings to all glambs an Ingrid too!Lisettexoxo

        • Hi my sweet Lisette! Yes, Lorrin has been out there fighting our cause! Adam is back ahead again and we must keep it that way!

    • Dianne Hill says:

      my thoughts exactly Mary C, the moment I read “bed” that was enough for me. Here I am at 5.37am, on Monday morning here in Christchurch, New Zealand having voted first and I just had to pop over to this site to see what was happening and now I am picturing Adam in bed having a twitter party. Thank goodness I am off to have a shower now, I expect it should be a cold one.

      • Diane, wow , what a way to wake up huh? Adam in bed, cold shower, I know you’d rather
        be in a Hot shower w/the man himself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • cheryl norman says:


      • I don’t think there is a bed big enough to fit Adam and all of us.

      • Ha you know it Cheryl. I know what your thinking, naughty naughty girl.

      • Lisette here..bonmatin Cheryl..catching up here day late(this wasnon in my email)..Hope yu’re plese see re: toi aunt I av left yu note on last I can relate hearte goes to yu once agan.An now seeing above ah,la,la..what are yu thinqing belamie..alrite given I misse twitter party am going to crash thes one..Wil there be a pajama party too regarde yur commentes here in l’boudoir…an Adam is hosting? ..blushing but is a nice reve..never minde now here! hugs Lisettexoxo

    • Helen/Canada says:

      Adam…….bed…….oh my!……heart pounding, legs shaking………time to slap myself again!

      • I prefer single bed so I can cuddle up with him! 😛

        • Big bed or Single bed we will be there, everybody wants to cuddle up with Adam.

          • Oh yea, you summed it up very good Toni………… Baby bed, Mama bed, Papa bed (the 3 bears) sleeping bag, love seat, big pillows on the floor etcccccccccc

          • Lisette here..oui glambs thinq Adam has thes effecte on all of us moi include late now..ah but thinq Adam had fun on his twittre did anyone know an tweet ther sentimentes?!Thes subjecte may av Adam inquiring what’s going on his glambs international page.An perhaps someday whenevre he has few stolen spare momentes if any will visite thes threads an smile! hugs to all Lisettexoxo!!

    • OH mary,
      Did you have to REPEAT “he did his twittering in bed”? Oh my is all I can muster up…

  7. Thanks SUE, for this vido, it helps while we are voting and still we are losing. I don’t see how when there is such a large Fan base for Adam, maybe they don’t feel that this as important as other things in life, like taking a shower, getting dressed, doing hair, going shopping, going to my granddaughters soccer game (really I am going to it), these are the “other things” I’ve sorta passed on till later…till….till…????????????

    • Yes, Mary C, I hear you, but , you have to handle this by yourself, I going shopping to buy some things, like pretty smelley items, yeah, before you buy them all up…I know you!!! You won’t leave a sinle candle in town!!!~~~~~~~~~~~but first~~~~~got to vote!!!

      • Lee M, thats right w r in the same town, I better get going.

        • SORRY MARY C, TOOOOOOooooo LLLlllllllateeee, I couldn’t find that brand but I found the Cranberry, OHHHHH, smells so good. I have Choc mint ice cream , cranberry candle, guess what I’m missing,,,oh yeah,,,guess I’ll have to be satisfied with the music of the ROCK GOD and my imagination,, Heehee

          • Lee M, I’m sure its on line somewhereeeeeeee. We must find it.
            Look under votivo (candle brands)
            Happy Shopping!

    • You’re welcome!! My pleasure as usual..

  8. Yes, it’s gotten back to nail biting time. Please, international friends, we really need you when it’s sleep time here. Night before last you did great!

    As for Adam’s health, I think he had the Twitter party because he did not come out again (I would not be surprised if no one came out again) to sign. He tweeted last night at the beginning of the Twitter party that his fever had broken, but his throat was raw. Now, I don’t even want to talk with a raw throat and would never contemplate singing. AND TO SING THOSE RIGOROUS NOTES THAT ADAM DOES!!!

    I saw a very early American Idol interview in which Adam said he’s be professionally trained to sing through a cold. I’m sure that has helped. But a raw throat? There is training, and then there is having perseverance and amazing dedication to your craft.

    And beyond the pluck and stamina, he does he still manage to make his performance look FLAWLESS?

    No matter how much admiration comes his way, it can never be too much.

    • Completely agree with you Sherry, he can never have too much admiration.

    • Lisette here..bonmatin Sherry late reade above am petit sad regarde not recive thes article..An agree it is difficile to singe when having sore throat know on a smalscale teache chorus for petit children..When thes occur felt unable to av smooth vocal range an strain to vocal chords was intense.Being in arid climate too one may use humidifier,an lot of hebal throat drops,honey,etc.Yet his estensive training Adam manages to hit all his superbe octave ranges still..his voix an consitutione despite having malthroat is oui flawless! hugs an luv Lisettexoxo an yes an inspiratione to anyone thinqing of pursuing musique career..vraimente Adam is blessed with thes gifte!

  9. Twitter party reply: Favorite candle scent?? Red Currant by Votivo. Going shopping, thanks Adam!!
    Love how he ended with Night Night.
    Nighty Night is what I tell my family. Sweet dreams y’all

    • Mary C…Leave me some of those candles, don’t go and buy them all up!!!

    • Helen/Canada says:

      Mary C
      Funny post from Adam, from last night’s twitter party, “you actually think I watch football…not so much! Made me laugh, he’s so cute.
      Also, when he tweeted from Portland earlier said, the view from his hotel window was so “pretty”, don’t you just love him!
      And Night, Night, always said that to my nephews when I watched them when they were little (miss those days, when they were little!)
      So I’m still voting and in between getting ready for my trip to see ADAM! Will add the candle to my shopping list along with the Dior Homme. Hoping to get a little shopping done on Tues. before I head home.

      • Hi Helen, Whoa, tomorrow is your Big Day. Sept. 14th. Its my husband and my anniversary!!
        Oh yes Adam’s twitters are so cute. I do just love him!!
        I still say Nighty Night to my teenage son. He loves it. He’s a teenager but he’s still my baby.
        Ah yes, shopping, isnt it something how we all love what Adam loves! Makes shopping more fun.
        Back to his twitter party: Emotional songs? I can totally hear Adam singing “Come Home”
        (One Republic) and with his passion and charisma ( expressions) that would be right
        up there with Mad World. Its a beautiful song.
        Take a listen to it.
        Helen, have a safe trip and I will be so thinking of you and everyone else tomorrow night
        in NY. Wonder if brother Neil will be there and his Mom again. They went to other NY shows. If you see his Mom, and get a chance be sure and give her a hi! She is a sweetheart.
        I’m so thinking of everyone at the Providence show right now and can just feel their
        anticipation waiting for Adam to appear. LotsaLuv!

    • Me too Mary! And funny, I googled that candle brand name first thing! Alas, no man to share it with!

      • Ah Terry, did you find the candle?? If its out there can you imagine the boost in sales??
        Just close your eyes and share it w/Adam. You looked into his eyes in GR.
        Alot of woman on this site seem to be ok with no man to share or answer to. I remember
        one of them telling me, she answers to nobody and has Adam plastered all over her
        Now see with a man in the household, I just cant pull off wallpapering our walls . No that wont work.
        I must admit , my hubby does put up w/quite a bit of life with Adam in it!!

        • Dianne Hill says:

          Yes, that was me Mary, I have spread out to two rooms now and he is on three of the four walls, the wall has windows. It is a lovely sight as I look around, he is looking at me from every direction. Oh how I love this man. Why on earth would I want another one to clutter the place up and start trying to tell me what to do, the first thing he would want me to do is take down Adam’s pictures and that is never gonna happen.

    • Lisette here..bonmatin Mary aw it must av been nice to see his twittre party..ah as always Lisette had no knowledge of thes evente…Hope we reciv some notice of before..but then gathre if not online as much miss quite lot of thes rare eventes..oh well.Thenkful for thes tribute page to catch up even if day late..hugs Lisette!

      • Hey Lisette, I found out about him twittering in “BED” the next morning. So I had to
        get myself caught up with all his tweets!
        Hugs back to you my dear!

  10. Great video. Thanks. Adam is so good even while he is sick. As far as the contest goes, I’m not too worried about who wins, either way Adam has a great career ahead. I don’t really enjoy rivalry between fans, but I will keep voting anyway.



      • See below, dear Glambs, I did bring the whole post forward to this page. Thank you all SO much for your loving comments and TRUE fighting spirit!

      • Lisette thenks Admfan1..wel seemes like lot is going misse too an once agan I’ll mentione thet I av not recive thes thread til day late..Is ther somthing wrong perhaps with our server for thes site..thet leaves I imagaine we’re all on an automatique email liste nevre to just individual given we’re about 400 plus people now?So am going to visite Lorrin’s poste but recall seeing on Portland Maine blog/thread..Merci beacoup for all yu do..know it must be difficile to keep up,given everyday bringes more news in regarde to AItour,twitter,interviews an all Adam’s latest events..Blessings always Lisette!

    • I’m so confuse,Sherry! What are you talking about? I checked the Raphie Radio thread but I didn’t see Lorrin left any post there. Huh??!!I’m confused and frustarated about this voting scam!I’m tired mentally,I’m pissed, I just don’t believe all Adam’s fans are relaxing enjoying their lives now, I know they vote like crazy but how come the gap still really this close?Aarghhhh!! I gonna lost my mind!!! Grrr!!Where’s the f****** machine…I mean where’s the f****** voting machine??!! Why I want f****** machine for??!! LOL!! Nooo, I’m still pissed and sooo not in the mood!! 🙁

    • Yo Admfan1, a legal voting site, indeed! Lorrin has been out there, sword flying (using all six foot, lots of inches), beheading those poor excuses for human beings. Go for the knock out punch! Which is mightier, the pen or the sword???? Lorrin, my dear, you have both COVERED! Lotsaluv and mmmwah, Ingrid

      • Okay,I’ve read it! Lorrin , I love you more for that! You are so brave, you are my idol …after Adam! LOL!!
        So here’s the thing, remember when we assume (actually know for sho) that Gokey’s fans/Adam’s haters voted Kris just because they don’t want to see Adam win? Remember when the say I love Chris, I voted Chris!! Hell no, you’re not,it’s KRIS,idiot!!Well, this time I think the same thing happen all over again!! Somebody works really hard just to make sure Adam won’t win.I bet Claymates and Adam’s hater/Gokey’s fans mostly voted Clay to make sure Adam won’t win!! You know what people said, the enemy of my enemy is my friend!! What you guys think?? That’s why it’s hard for us to fight! 2 groups combined to defeat us!! WE WILL FIGHT BACK!! HELL YES, WE WILL FIGHT ,B****!!

        • DAMN! You may very well have something there!

          • OK, this is WAR, I have not moved from hy chair since 11.00 am London time to day and I am not moving from my sit. I do not like idiotic remarks made about Adam, I do not like cheats, you are now facing mighty force, we will crash you, accept defeat you idiots.

            • Dianne Hill says:

              I love that fighting talk Toni, keep it up as it is working. Adam is almost a thousand in the lead which has gone up a couple of hundred or so since I first voted at 5.35am Monday morning here in Christchurch, New Zealand. I am off to work now so won’t get to vote until lunchtime and then only a couple of times before the Web MailMarshall spots me and puts a stop to it. So keep up the good work fellow Glambs. We are doing this for Adam and have to put a stop to those other things because that’s all they are, they don’t deserve the title of even being people.

            • Helen/Canada says:

              YOU GO GIRL! I’m right there with you. Getting ready today to see Adam in Syracuse tomorrow (but am still voting every 15-20 min.) It will be an overnight trip for me. So I will not be able to vote all day Monday and Tues. morning/early afternoon. So everyone has to pick up the slack for me. I will start feverishly voting again on Tues. when I return. Meanwhile, I’m gonna see Adam soon, I’m sooooooo excited!

              • Dianne and Helen, I am so angry, and in such a fightig spirit, I have not moved from my sit, I am voting as soon as the cross re-appears, it is now 8.35 pm in London, I am voting until I fall asleep, and I shall carry on voting at work. We need to keep this up until the competition is over. LOVE YOU ADAM, ROCK ON!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Lisette here..oui day late but hav non fear am sending all affetion always..An I too av mentione on many of my commentes for all to vote…an av trie to see what reason is when I notice thet in voting many temes an adding more heartes thru despite saying new pointes..notice they were non adding up as expecte to be!So suspecte ther is hacking au fishy things going on in votes on othre ones page..dont even wishe to say his nom anymore..No mattre Adam is our ‘Worlde Idol’ an know thes given notoriete thru infinite fans adoring him ontour inconcertes,from time of American Idol an thes is just l’commence of so many wondrful things,events,touring in future solo venues,an even perhaps filmcareer I beliv thes will be so..An given al those magnificente ovationes from judges on Idol an artistes as Smoky Robininson,Jamie Fox,Queen’s band,Kiss all seeing a legende in othre then Adam let’s av faith an keep fingers cross an once agan Im sending thos angels always on evry thread I do beliv thet devine interventione can bringe some positive resultes..Benedictione,blessings always to all an nous angel d’musique..Adam Lambert..merci pour l’gifte to toche heartes aronde l’monde,here an mine always! J’etaime Lisettexoxo

        • AdamAddict, sweet thing, YOU are the brave HERO on the other side of the world risking life and limb for our Adam! So you get to be our Idol, too! Thank you SO much for all you’re doing, braving so much for Adam far, far away from all of us….one day maybe we will all get to meet you, wouldn’t that be a wonderful thing? Join me tonight, I’ve got my fierce swords and my glittering knives, my pen and computer keys, grab your stuff and let’s FIGHT BACK TOGETHER! You are the best one for doing all the hard stuff, so you can go in first and start the first offensive, I’ll be right behind you…we’ll keep on, and we’ll never give up, we’ll never say die, because ADAM LAMBERT RULES AS WORLD IDOL!! Love you from way, way far away tonight!



    • Don’t throw them away, save them so that we can throw them at these idiots who dare to go against us.

      • TONI !!! ROFLMAO GOOD IDEA !!!!!

      • Good idea and let some eggs rot in the sun and we’ll use them too! Yuk!

        • Toni,
          That’s a great idea,LOL!! I was scrolling down reading with a tired face and then read yours and laughed out loud! Ahh,so great to know you guys! Mwah!! And Sherry, erase that note to self!! Hahaha!!

          • Here Adam leading by 1000+ then tomorrow he’s going to lead again! and then when it comes another day left, Clay will suddenly catching up fast,really fast! I still believe it’s fixed or the haters which is so not Clay’s fans really got nothing else to do! Too bad Kris also in tweeterwall. If not, it will be more fair fight when Claymates&haters VS KRADAM! We will win fo sho(I like fo sho,Adam is too adorable,too cute) Pleeeease let Adam win!!

  13. Adam had nearly a 3000 lead yesterday morning. Could be some fans have not checked back recently!

    Not getting enough sleep…enough exercise. Must soldier on.


    • Adam always smile at everybody! And I saw that too, he is soooo adorable,isn’t he? He knows backup singer’s birthday??!! He so “DIVA” Too cute, how can people not love this guy??!! Is their heart made from stone or something? And this time,he dance a lot,more than usuall.He’s in a good mood!! Happy for him! ~sigh~ I’m so deeply in love with him,do you guys know?? I’m so in love, so this how love feels like !! Too sweet!!

  15. There is a new video on Youtube Brilliant one! It will help voting! I noticed the gap is increasing now!
    OMG OMG How can it be??? I saw this video half an hour ago Clays’ face and it was somethning like”Vote for Adam. Do not let this (Clay) guy win!!” and now I cannot find this video ????!!! It is not on the list anymore How can it be??? Somebody removed it!! Why???? Since it appeared in Youtube I noticed the voting was beter and better!!!!!

    • I think they try to remove negative commentary on youtube—even if the person DESERVES IT !!!

      • Really???? I saw much more negative things in Youtube!!! Did you see this video? There was nothing negative in it, just vote for Adam, not for Clay….no offensive language…. Hmmmm Interesting…
        And there is a lot of other videos (I just checked them and they are still there) that call for voting for Adam during American Idol…. Why this one was removed?

        • The other side would likely take it as an outrage. I’ve seen some horrible things said about our beautiful Adam. But it’s never long before there are a number of “thumbs down votes” beside the comment, and when I check back soon afterwards, the comment is gone. It’s likely those “thumbs down” comments that draw the attention of the people who maintain the youtube sight. This is all supposition on my part—I do not know any of this for sure.

          • And, true, I’m talking about “comments” being removed
            , while you’re talking about THE WHOLE VIDEO. That does show some influence in getting THAT taken down! Wow.

          • Cher Sherry lisette very true in being on youtube from l’commence of seeing our beau Adam rise from early on American Idol I was leaving many commente an actual was a target..for ma grammar…many hurtful people even manage to send thru email very disparagement..I’d cry.An whenevre notice malice au mal language labeling beau Adam..Id leave just oposite an send him angel to garde over everyday..Thes wolde either make me av frends au thos who were actual probable fans of Danny au othre Idol contestantes just to spy on Adams videos/an comments.An Adam had lot of critiques an hurtful commente apres mentioning his sexual preferences..awful an ignorance of such individual..Thet in way why I thinq myspace(whech i use to av)has more restrictione to what yu can commente an if anything derogatory one will be worne to be deleted off thet specifique site).Youtube has less censorship..only as yu say one can giv thumbs down au plus to agree with.Gathre too as we’re in democracy an freedom of speech..but stil shold av warning non to place hurtful au mal language when leave commentes..Oh wel just my thouts here..hugs an Luv Lisettexoxo
            (a day late here an hope I recive latest same day as all here seme to av commente)..

            • Try FACEBOOK. There you are only on with friends or relatives. THIS site is cool because we all share the same passion. 🙂

  16. Hey,
    who is #adamlambertidol on the Tweeter?/ He is following me now and he is posing all our blogposts? Is it somebody from our site?

    • Ignore my last comment!!!! Just foung FOLLOW ME ON TWEETER ad Sorry for confusion…



        • Admfan1,
          I feel better now… I am not the only one…
          Check this page on the top there is an ad on the right side: Follow me on twitter and the name ADAMLAMBERTIDOL This is the official name of our site on Twitter!!!!

          • I don’t know where I was on that day but, I’m glad that you posted this, the girls were certainly at their best. I am still laughing, OMG, if Adam just read part of it, no wonder he smiles alot, deep inside he is laughing from our posts. But, it is all good, what else does he have for entertainment during those long boring bus trips. It is a wonder that he came out for M&G in GR and then when he did, how did he keep a straight face. It is just too funny, Haha, now my side hurts…I needed this after reading about Twitterwall !!!!

            REF; the one with Jeanette’s name on it, forgot the date, maybe the Sept 10th,, I think we are missing something here, someone should make a book out of these Posts,
            Name left up to a few “girls”, which I won’t name……Still laughing !!!

          • Lisette here..ah I too ad notice an wondre if was poser..I mentione awhile back too.So thes is our linq on twitter..never wold av known..thenks aganxoxoluv Lisettexoxo

  17. abstract thought not related to our current voting frenzy~

    When the American Idol show was going on, did you ever wonder how many of the contestants must have been thinking, “Oh, why did I have to enter the competition the very year superstar ADAM LAMBERT entered! I don’t have a chance in hell of winning!”

    But in reality, Adam’s meteoric rise has caught the others in his momentum. How many past seasons could you have so easily named all TOP TEN Idol winners as you can this year? Because of HIM, most of them are much more well-known than they ever would have been otherwise.

    • sherry s, a very good observation, indeed! Adam is so newsworthy and those mentioned alongside him (positive or negative), get their five minutes of air-time! it must have been very daunting for the other AI contestants to have to compete with him. Adam is so humble and he certainly does not capitalise on it but rather embraces them as equals. He is just an amazing person. The two Davids are also very grounded.

      • i agree with you Ingrid, those were my thoughts also but, as you have said Adam took them right along with him, a true gentleman, a true friend to them all. Gosh, what could anyone say bad about him , if they did it would be a lie !!!!!!

    • So true Sherry. I didnt think of that before, but good point. On one of the newer interviews, Adam was asked ” who of the idols does he look up to” or something like that.
      Anyhow, Michael Sarver said Adam- was the one he looked up to. I thought that was really
      sweet of Michael to say that.

      • Mary, Mary, quite contrary, how does your flower grow! No, don’t answer that! It is interesting that Michael was quite critical of Adam initially and it is beautiful to see the turnaround!

        • Oh yea, he did a complete turnaround. Seems like the vid . of what the idols think of
          Adam, they all just love him. How could they not?? I especially loved Scotts
          comment of The road trip would just not have been the same w/o Adam!!!!!!!!

    • Lisette agan..(day late..bettre late then nevre)Thenks for thes observatione imagaine all feele blesse in way to av been on same American Idol season given as in many interviews ther’s mentione thet Adam has been like a mentor to them..specifique Allison whech he refers to as being like a youngre sistre. Wel perhaps they felte thes way as every week Adam seeme to av audience undevide attentione an acclaime even thet must have made them insecure..But seeing how lovli Adam was with everyone of them Adam can nevre be disliked by any of his Idol peers..althout perhaps a few possible thet even mentione outrighte of being very competitive recall on Larry Kinge apres Idol ended ..thet being Danny claiming of himself!
      hugs an luv Lisettexoxo

  18. Silvana and Marisa where are you????? I wonder what she is up to!!!! Calling Cheryl, Lorrin, AA, Admfan1, AdamRocks, Mary C, Toni, Helen, … the whole Glamb shabang, we are missing a few regular Glambs here!

    • It’s 5:55am,Ingrid! I’m gonna take a nap before I go to bed! LOL!! I’ll fight again tomorrow,I promise! I’ll fight till the end with you,my friend!! But this soldier need a rest! My eyes are really hurt! 🙁

    • Helen/Canada says:

      I’m still here Ingrid, still voting!!!!

      • AA & Helen – great, I know the two of you as well as a bunch of other Glambs, have been clicking away. AA, take a well-deserved rest! Mmmmmmmmmwah, Ingrid

    • Hey Ingrid,, I’ve been here off and on. I go back to older post as well.
      I did have some grocery shopping I had to do today and other errands.
      Last night we did some tailgating at the OSU stadium. So it was party time .
      I missed chatting though!
      R U behaving ?????

      • Mary C, I need to do some shopping, the grocery situation is not looking too healthy in our household and today my car is in for a service so I will only be able to replenish my grocery stock tomorrow. I am glad you had a good party at the OSU stadium. We missed you too! Lotsaluv and mmmmmmmmwah

    • cheryl norman says:

      INGRID, Hello baby cupcake!!! Well, although you called out for me, Lorrin AA ADAAfan1, AdamRocs, Mary C, and Toni, looks like helen wnts to be sure you know she is here, somewhere. I think you can usually find her posting right below my post to someone else.

      Lorrin is below, and so am I. Having a big discussion about this voting shit.

      I have been voting aince yesterday when some of you, you, Ingrid, and Emili, printed the link that got me on to where I needed to be. But for some reason, lately, I get that “this page cannot be found”, and have to maneuver around to trick the ol’ MadBert himself!

      • Cheryl, yes something is amiss but we just have to click away! MadBert, now you behave yourself – no more of your nonsense!!!! There’s our boy, good boy!

    • AdamRocks! reporting for service!!! 🙂

      Been a little busy lately, but I’ve been able to skim through the posts. . .

      Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! I CANNOT BELIEVE the revelations from Lorrin and Pat/Canada about the fraudulent voting going on over at TwitterWall!!! It takes me back to the AI voting. . . >:(

      Love to all my fellow Glambs!

      Cindy in MS

      • Do not click the link In Providence that Sue gave,that can’t open,I dunno know why! Click in Portland or I will put it again in latest thread. That one always work!! Keep voting,don’t give up even though there’s 10 second left!! p^o^q Ganbatte ne!!

      • AdamRocks, just registered you as being present!! Cool bananas, now we have another Glamb voting away! Mmwah, Ingrid

    • Ingrid incase yu didnon notice..I too was missing due to not reciving thes til day late!An so perhaps they were not seeing it ..Yu know I usual poste unless am very ill,companie etc..An finde solace an joie knowing we can all share an celebrate Adam lambert l’angel d’musique,an beau l’homme of kindness,compassion,a voix celestial an face tresbeau..nevre be less an for all here on Adam’s best tributesite..blessings to all Lisette!xoxo

      • Ah my honey! Yes, I noticed you were noticed, in fact, there were a few Glambs missing. Glad that you’re back! Blessings to you too, my sweet friend. Mmmmmmwah

  19. Dianne Hill,
    I know U R obsessed with Adam’s tongue,U type “Adam Lambert tongue photos”, U will C a lot!! There’s when he sing, when he kissed,when he took photos with friends,and U will see Gokey stick his tongue out, so click next quickly, then U see his tongue everywhere and then U C Adam’s photo and next the photo is Clay Aiken so close your eyes quick,quick press next button!! I did warn u!! LOL!!I like the tongue photos when he sang “A Change is gonna come” and “Born 2 b wild” but the photos where he took with his beautiful guys friends is also sexy as hell. Lot of his boyfriends are good looking!No wonder he can turn gay!LOL!!When he kissed a guy,urgh sexy and hot! I saw that photos before, U probably have 2 but after U said Adam’s tongue, I just checked it out again and I was right, I never and will never get tired 2 c Adam beautiful face!! Nite,nite!! 3 days 6 hours 2 go.I’m trying 2 put positive mind although I know something fishy going on!! Let keep voting and keep hoping Adam will win!! 🙂

    • AdamAddict, Those photos with Adams sexy guy friends. Oh I picture myself there with his
      tongue instead of sexy guy friends.

      • Dianne Hill says:

        Yes well Mary C, you have to get in line, I’m the one that said about the tongue first, I get all warm and fuzzy inside just thinking about it.

        And AdamAddict I know the pictures you are talking about, I have some of them up on my wall, not the one with his boyfriend though as that would make me just too kinky and we can’t have that now can we.

        I’ve just voted again and will vote like mad when I get home from work.

        • MaryMom and Dianne, just quit fighting about the tongue, afterall WHO IS THE OWNER OF ALL ADAM’S BODY PARTS AND MORE RECENTLY, HIS HEART!!!!!! Ha, ha, hee, hee!

          • Ah – ah – ah, not so fast my dear Ingrid….I can’t leave you alone on these pages for a minute! WHO did you say OWNED Adam’s ‘body parts’ and ‘heart’? YOU? Oh no, no, no…remember who owns at least HALF of those parts you are mentioning? Oh yes, yes, yes, ME…and since Cheryl isn’t here right now, I’ll take her share, too. Now, there’s your half, and here’s my half and a half, heh heh, all the rest of you people will have to wait a few weeks…except perhaps for Diane and Mary C., you may each have the ‘Tongue’ every other day, and AdamAddict, you may gaze upon his face as much as you like, there’s plenty of good photos all over the place here at the house….I think that’s settled that..

            • Lorrin, sharing with you is one thing, giving away part of the booty without consultation is pushing it. Ah Lorrin, you have done so much investigative work on the voting that you are now Chief Voting Investigative Journalist!!!!!! I have left the same posts for you on this and other threads and I hope you have seen it. Love to you, my dear friend.

              • Oh of course, yes, I forgot, we must consult….OK, what have we decided? One for you, one for me, one for you, two for me, oops, oh, I’m sorry,….two for you, I think that’s about it, don’t you, Ingrid?

                • Oh, and I forgot to say that I would love to be Chief Voting Investigative Journalist…but of course, many other top-notch CIJ’s are reporting in every day right along with me to the news room of the ‘Adam Daily’, a division of Lambertarian News International…

                • LORRIN, DON’T RUIN THE FRIENDSHIP!!! Remember, I am sharing with you! I am contemplating letting those others have a bit of Adam but the difficulty is that when one gives them the finger, they grab the whole hand. So, let me think!

                  • Whoa, Ingrid, them is some STRONG words there…ha ha ha, oh, so the ‘difficulty is that when one gives them the FINGER, they grab the whole hand’! My girl, you might want to be high-tailing it to the old barn here with me where I’m chucking mangoes at Cheryl and blasting away with my laser gun, I think you might need some serious SHELTER before long…oh, and don’t worry, I won’t ruin the friendship, we will always have good diplomatic relations between the Fingrids and the Fingers…

                    • Yes, indeed! As for shelter, you are my dear six-footer friend and I know you will shield me. Oh geez, that means you will be in the firing line – not good so I need to think about this one. Love to you, my precious friend! Now where is that Cheryl????

            • Pardon how abote Lisette too feling bleu as is thes has non shown in my email til day late..soo Lorrin know Adam too I av to claime even if day late(he-he)oh an in having some famille upsetmente..thes made me soo sad to see I ad misse out last nite too on Adam’s twitter party..did anyone get to tweet from all lovli glambs in our petit famille for Adam’s best fans!!? Thinq now Adam was with me(ah if only a reve we can all let our minds an heartes fancy yes?!! Take care just nevre forget Lisette in l’desert I’m not across l’mers(seas) aftre all! Hugs an Luv oh an grande bisous for Adam too mmmmwoie!xoxxoxoxo

            • Thank you my dear Lorrin for his tongue every othr day………
              Then how did miss Ingrid get Mr. Adams heart??

              • Because she is Miss Smarty Pants, that’s why, and she is so brazen and bold, she just gets right in there, takes what she wants, and gets out again before anyone can stop her….I’ve lost so many parts of Adam that way…

        • Oh Diane, yes u were the one about the tongue first, Ok I was first one about the
          lip licking!!!! You the tongue and I get him licking my lips !!!!!!
          I’m afraid you are already to kinky to talk about. Ha

    • Dianne Hill says:

      Thanks for that Emili, I had a proper read of your post now that I am at home and have been to have a look. I can’t help myself, seeing that picture of Adam kissing that guy, is a complete turn on – never ever thought I would say something like that. I managed to get past Gokey (that would have been a scary nightmare) and the other piece of garbage. Adam is just the most beautiful person in the whole world, I just love him and I too will never get tired of looking at his pictures (tongue out or not). Thanks again Emili you are just brilliant at finding these things out aren’t you.

      • You know, Diane, I was just looking at some BEAUTiful photos of Adam and darling little Allison, and all their very sassy-hot moves doing ‘Slow Ride’, and the obvious, obvious love they have for each other as she rests her head on his shoulder and he smiles down at her. (Allison must be in heaven when she’s under that huge chest looking up at him, it’s so adorable)…..and then, there’s Adam with Kris, with Kris looking up at Adam with the sweetest, most wistful, almost heart-breaking expression of heartfelt love, and I think, “This guy Adam is so overpoweringly sexy, so attractive, and so overwhelmingly beautiful that he gets BOTH the girl AND the guy’….there are very few people in history that can say that, I’m sure…and what’s more, it is a beautiful thing that he can do this…..because of his powerful dual sexuality and his enormously loving personality, we are ALL able to love him, and to find a place with him..

        • Lorrin, Thats is Adams Universal love isnt it?? Oh I wish I was Allison during those
          moments. “Huge Chest” geez Lorrin you can really get a girl all fired up here.

  20. who is “coconutghosts1” (youtube comment) Whole Lotta Love—Grand Rapids
    could it be Adam himself? sounds like something he’d say

    seems like I heard this name mentioned in an interview, but can’t remember where

    • Coconutghosts was the questions on Twitter Party with Adam last time…

      RT @KissMySassFace: @adamlambert PLEASE TELL ME WHAT A COCONUT GHOST IS. Whaaaaat? You tell ME. Never heard of that.

      and the day after:

      RT @UlrikaE: @adamlambert – Coconut ghosts = The hallucinations you get after too many Pina Coladas? 😛 hahaha clever girl

      • ah-ha! yes! that was it! thanks!

        so someone else has picked up on this…interesting

        well, if he says he never heard of it, I guess it’s not him on youtube but some other gentle soul
        (read comment under Grand Rapids—WLL)

        made the connection because he has had tropical islands on the mind lately, tee-hee

        • I don’t think its him, Sherry… He is so busy now. Being sick, still doing great job every show, interviews in every city, photo shoots, staying in touch with his fans, friend, family….
          But you are right. It sounds so so Adam!

  21. HELLO TO ALL FELLOW GLAMBS AND FAITHFUL VOTERS AROUND THE WORLD: I stayed up so late last night I haven’t been able to get back to our site until now, but I have received some very revealing news from Pat/Canada that we MUST all read. She gave me the web address of an excellent person who has written a mini-expose of possible Twitter Wall voting improprieties. I am going to post that link just below this post of mine here, so that you can at least read this post first, and then go to the link and read the whole article as soon as it comes out of moderation. Just know this, everybody, that there IS a way to add hundreds, if not thousands of votes at a time on to the Wall, and Twitter apparently HAS been told about it. However it seems, so far, that nothing has been done about this outrageous situation. Here are some comments from the article by the person who wrote the blog:

    “For months, voters have been reporting Twitter candidate names to the Wall about candidates that have attached vote bots or hacked into Twitter accounts with vote bots simply to either win themselves or to get a candidate to withdraw out of frustration because they know the votes are fraudulent. Seen it happen over and over again and Tweeter Wall does not do anything about it. So, while you are honestly voting for your candidate of choice, some bozos with vote bots are racking up fradulent votes that were never meant to be cast.”

    Glambs, we have been faithfully and honestly tearing our hair out trying to vote for Adam as fast and as hard as we can, and all the time, someone is probably using a vote bot to oppose our efforts and give Clay the win if possible. I think of all of you around the world staying up late to vote, missing sleep, hiding out at work and still getting the vote in, of all our sufferings over this situation, and now I learn the truth, or at least, what seems to be the answer to these sudden peaks in the vote for the other side. I am so sorry we didn’t all know this sooner, it is maddening, and it is certainly mighty poor management on Twitter’s part if they have indeed done nothing about it. Well, whatever the truth of the matter is, the link to this blog site explaining the vote bots, and voter hacking is attached to this post, directly below, and will probably be out of moderation soon. Thanks SO much Pat/Canada, for coming up with this information!

    Also, some of the Glambs have asked me also to post the remarks I made late last night after I had been wending my way through all the Aiken fansites, both on Twitter and on the web. I truly was very dismayed at the things I found, and I do want everyone to read this post also. AdamAddict, this will answer your question as to where this ‘important’ post of mine has been all this time! I just haven’t had a chance to post until now. The other Glambs back on the ‘Portland ME’ page suggested I bring it forward to this thread so that it would not be missed, so here it is:

    “Fellow Glambs, I decided to infiltrate ‘enemy lines’ again tonight, and I have to say that it is almost too much to dive into the Clay Aiken fan world. I wandered all over Twitter and saw that his fan base is very poorly organized, and no one has the intelligence and saavy among his fans that are found in the Adam Lambert fan groups. I found one site on Twitter that is supposedly the ‘official’ Twitter site of Clay Aiken. Oddly enough, the photo avatar they use for Clay is the very same one used on the Twitterwall World Idol site we see every day, which I thought was unusual. Also, the Twitter site for Clay is not run by him personally, but by his ‘team’. I wondered greatly about this ‘team’, but they are nowhere to be found, they are hiding behind that Clay Aiken website which you cannot enter unless you are a paid member. I then went over to another link I found from Twitter and found a virulent, anti-Adam website, which was spewing ridiculous things about Adam….you do not want to know about it, believe me. I just wanted you to know that whenever I see these dreadful comments against our beloved Adam, I write for all I’m worth an answer and place it right on their site with the others. I want you to read what I just wrote on that site…hearing what they had to say about Adam is too awful to talk about, and I am NOT going to talk about it, and I don’t want any of their words brought over here EVER. But here is what I said to them, and I wasn’t the only one speaking for Adam, thank goodness:

    “Adam Lambert is the New King of Rock and Roll, and the greatest Voice of the New Millenium. Nothing you can say or do will change the fact that he has the greatest vocal range and control of any living popular singer. He will be THE new superstar of this generation, and will set the bar so high, no one will be able to overtake him. Not only is he a superb singer, he is a beautiful man, and the countless videos of Adam meeting the public in endless stressful meet and greet lines, as well as being accosted all across the country by eager fans will attest to his humility, humanity, kindness, gentleness, and loving nature. Ever since Adam Lambert flashed like a supernova on the music and cultural scene, jealous fans of other singers have sought to malign Adam’s character and beautiful gifts. As the member of a worldwide Adam Lambert fan club, I am here to tell you that the one and ONLY person who will cast his huge shadow across this new millenium in music will be Adam Lambert. There is and never has been, ANY comparison to his greatness throughout music history.”

    So, dear Glambs, I am certain there is someone devoted enough and technically able enough to bedevil this voting contest between Adam and Aiken, but finding out about it is more than I know how to do. But I just wanted you to know I tried very hard to find out, and I will never stop trying to learn more about what is happening, and to ‘get out the vote’ for Adam Lambert!…love to all you Glambs tonight!”

    Unfortunately, I was right….there IS someone technically able enough and devoted enough to push this voting thing to the edge. Perhaps once we get through with this particular ‘vote’, we can all elect not to do this again. If any of you wants to write and ask Twitter if the vote could possibly have been ‘influenced’ in any way, I believe there is a ‘Contact Us’ sign at the bottom of the Twitter Wall page which you can click on and then write your inquiry. However, judging from what Diane Hill has said, they don’t seem to be in any hurry to answer our questions.

    So now let me say, thanks so much for all the wonderful comments from everyone, all the ardent voting from all Glambs and Adam fans everywhere, and all the love shown to the TRUE Twitter Wall World Idol, Adam Lambert, who is the ‘Hands-Down’ Winner no matter what, no matter when, no matter where anyone should day or do to the contrary!

    • ALL GLAMBS PLEASE READ THIS: Here is the link to the article discussing the use of ‘voter bots’ and hacking in the possible misuse of the Twitter Wall vote. I have no idea if this is really happening or not, but it seems a very plausible explanation after seeing the vote climb 2,000 votes in one night, an impossible feat for those of us voting click by click. Here is the link:

      • ….And that should read “no matter what, no matter when, no matter where anyone should SAY or do to the contrary!”, on the last line of my post above.



          • Thank you, LOVE you, Adamfan1!

            • lisette here..once agan Im soo sad an now upset for non reciving thes thred as yu know Lorrin i’d never av ignored such eloquant postes specailmente in regarde to Adam’s votes on tweeterwall.An despite having fibromyalgia I am up here once agan in wee heure to catch up..Plese do hope yu reade ma petit commentes to yu here..Merci for posting in regarde to tweeterwall an faux pas in tallies of votes..An I too had posted on last thred seeme fishy ..aftre knowing I kept adding more heartes an later chequing my bankcard acconte saying how much I hed increase!! An yet no heartes were increase for beau Adam.Thes made it seeme like site was eithre a now see perhaps hackers blocking our glambs an othre fans in posting ther votes,etc..Let’s hope an ill keep sending thos angels to garde over Adam be it ontour,onroad,in interviews of media,aganst illness an everyday of life an now in thes “World Idol” vote..thet no harm au mal intente comes his way..One thinge is certaine Adam has estraordinaire talente thet now l’monde has seen from days on American Idol,an in his AIsummer tour, interviews,tv appearances,charitie for an future cd to come out soon!!He’s our meiux artiste/vocaliste,legende of l’millenium,prince of heartes,keeps us mesmerize,glamborize,swept away an under his spell into l’starlit an beyond to etoile..Adam will always be adored aronde l’monde an here in USA! many blessings,benedictiones always pour nous angel d’musique! An for yu ma cheramie Lorrin!Luv always Lisettexoxoxo

    • cheryl norman says:

      LORRIN, Man, you are magnificent! Adam is such a classy man that of course he would not even give a damned about Aiken, the Ass. He is so jealous of Adam that it’s making him reveal th person he truly is and always has been. He and his undesireables can do what the fu-k they want until hell freezes over. They will never come close to doing Adam any harm. I truly believe that. Adam is the Good Guy. Aiken is the Evil Doer. I despise that ‘fag’ for lack of another word that is printable. Adam is a manly-man. Aiken is a sissy-boy. Big difference. If someone is so hell-bent on ‘winning’ something by ‘cheating’, then there’s nothing to angst about it. Best thing to do was to have never put Adam in the place where such an ignorant hatefilled evil jealous pussy erver was. Aiken can only hurt himself in the long run. Anyone who would believe the bad things written about Adam, was not an Adam fan or lover to begin with and we and Adam certainly do not need them in our love filled world. There are always going to be ‘haters’ of this one or that one, we cannot fight that kind of thinking. So we should not waste our time trying. It is definately a hopeless cause. The gay haters, the extreme conservatives, even heads of countries, remember what Iran’s pres. said? He said Iran doesn’t have homosexuals, and the audiance roared with laughter. So, fill the world with Adam love, make it known loud and clelar. Help his albums soar. Watch the world gather around him eventually, not being able to deny his superiority in music and personality and love. We and he can’t do it all in just a few months, it will take time. We can do what we can, and let the future show his truth.

      Love to you, Lorrin for all you do! Yor heart and all glambs are in the right place. But hatred will kill itself. We need to be strong for Adam, do all we can to promote him and show him our love and watch the decline and decay of the likes of Clay Aiken and all that align themselves with him. For we did not look for a fight. Adam did not look for a fight. There’s plenty of everything to go around. Aiken’s hateful soul will put him where he is already headed at his own bequests. Shame on him……………………….lotsaluv, Cheryl

      • Lorrin, I left this post further up for you but I am posting it here as I WANT YOU TO SEE IT!

        Lorrin has been out there, sword flying (using all six foot, lots of inches), beheading those poor excuses for human beings. Go for the knock out punch! Which is mightier, the pen or the sword???? Lorrin, my dear, you have both COVERED! Lotsaluv and mmmwah, Ingrid

      • Cheryl, this is beautiful, thank you so much…I am with you all the way on your sentiments….one thing is for sure, Adam IS the GOOD GUY, and he will prove it over and over again in the days to come….love you from way out West tonight, and one more little thing…Ross is my SON, hee hee.

        • Oh Lorrin, sounds like Cheryl has her knickers in a twist AGAIN!

        • Lorrin, where are you out west?? Seems you will be the closest to Adams heart when
          he gets home……….. California???

        • cheryl norman says:

          lorrin, what do you mean ross is your son?

          • … oh, here we go again, sigh!

            Hey ma cherie, ” I just called to say I love …. and I mean it from the bottom of my heart, of … my … heart, of my heart, da, da, da!

            • Oh for heaven’s sake, Cheryl, remember you asked me about ‘Who was this Ross guy, does Adam know about him?’ Ha ha, well, Ross is the son I’m always talking about! And yes, Mary C., I AM closest to Adam’s heart and physical person, seeing as I’m from California, BUT I share that with Songwriter4adam and I think a couple of other fellow Glambs, who are from Southern California…I am from Northern California, right near Sacramento.

      • Lisette here..av no fear Lisette too is here(Im upset pardon Cheryl as yu too mentione of being..Just recive thes thread a day late)An hope yu’re fine too cheramie..Left yu some amour to an comforte re: toi famille loss..j’compris an have ma sincere condolence..How’s fibromyalgia pain?Take care an know we’re al united here in regarde to beau Adam an now thes very contraversial situation in tweeterwall votes..Now am off to do some ungodly heure votes..but all so very worth thes crusade d’angeli pour nous very beau l’angel d’musique no othre then monsieur Adam feele blesse to av founde him in teme of sadness, personal loss an illness ..sont m’rai de lit on any jour …Adam liftes me up an addes such joie,peace an his musique an celestial voix takes us all to anothre place no mattre what seemes to be trobling eventes of jour..Just one visite here to best Adam tributepage is best remedie for what ailes ..nevre neede any medicatione..can fall to sleep agan..merci beacoup m’angel avec une couer d’or,face an hearte tresbeau…J’etaime tojours Lisettexoxo Luv to Cheryl an all glambs herexoxoxo!!!

        • cheryl norman says:

          LISETTE,,Thank you little Angel!!! Adam and all the glambs help me out of the crazy people who are my family!! You all bring me bsck to a much calmer love-filled Adam world!!!!

          I now NEED this site with my whole glamb family on it!!! We must protect each other.

          Doesn’t ANY OTHER GLAMB have crazy stuff going on in their life??? Am I the only one, or the only one with a big mouth??? Don’t be too hasty if anyone answers that! I’m fragile right now, you know. hahahahahahaha!!!! no! i’ve gone crazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzy, finally!!!

  22. Helen/Canada says:

    Mary C


    Anybody want to buy one seat in centre section, floor , row G?

    • Congratulations you lucky girl!!!!
      Is it the second row from the stage???? I cant believe it! OMG !!!!! I AM SO JEALOUS!!!!!

      • Helen/Canada says:

        Ya Gala, it’s the second row from the front, the very front section! Can you believe it! I still can’t, I’m not gonna sleep all night now!


    • helen you are so lucky we over here nz havr to live our adam experiences thru you guys over there. nz has a few fans i know of would love others to get in touch with this site and help us with our votes
      adam is such a sweety he comes across as so genuine, as for that voice i dont have the words to describe it. he is yummy around

      • Helen/Canada says:

        Jan, don’t despair. I know you will get to see Adam. He’s been to Australia and really liked it and NZ is just a hop, skip and jump away! I’m sure he would come there. You’ll get your chance. He is going to be a world wide star and will be travelling all over the world with his solo tour. Meanwhile, let’s keep voting ladies. I won’t be able to vote tomorrow, so you guys have to pick up the slack!



        • It is 9pm here, the post says 6pm. I get so mixed up on these post times.
          The post times are Pacific time I believe.
          Jesus Helen, I just want to call you……………

          • Helen, you are in for the time of your life, QMG, up that close, I wasn’t that close and believe me it was still the best show that I have ever seen (on tv, boring) it was my first concert ever, boy have I ever missed life. But, the 2nd row, oh you are not ever going to regret making this happen. When Adam does his own tour, I’ll be in the 1st or 2nd row, nothing else will do……POST,, AS SOON AS YOU CAN. HOPE ADAM COMES OUT FOR M&G, THAT I EXPERIENCED AND THOSE EYES, YOU NEVER GET OVER, WHEN YOU CLOSE YOUR EYES YOU’LL SEE ADAM’S, SOMETIMES, EVEN WHEN YOUR EYES ARE OPPEN……YEAH, FOR YOU !!!!!!

            • Helen/Canada says:

              Oh I know Lee. I saw him in Hamilton. Our seats were decent, but they weren’t 2nd frickin’ row, hee, hee! That is my wish in life, to see Adam’s beautiful eyes up close, but honestly I’m so happy with this seat, that I’ll be more than satisfied if that’s all I get. But I’m still sending positive thoughts that he will come out!

          • Helen/Canada says:

            Me too Mary. I was so excited, I thought, I want to call Mary! So, I called my sister and screamed at her! She was laughing her head off!

            Ya, Adam shaking those hips up close, I think I’m going to die! Please God, not until I see Adam from 2nd frickin’ row!!!!! And that’s the very front section too!

            • Helen/Canada says:

              Do you think I should leave the concert early? I don’t want to miss one minute of Adam on stage, but I’d like to get a good spot at the barricades. Don’t know what to do. I’m going to the arena in the afternoon to see what’s going on, so maybe that may give me a feel of where they might set up the barricades, then maybe I’ll just run like hell when the concert is over. Hope they have the barricades. I was reading on another blog that a few of the venues wouldn’t let them set up for a meet and greet.

              • Okay Helen, since you’ve already been to another show. Yes go out after
                Adam’s Bowie medley and get yourself a good spot at the barricades.
                Once you have a good spot, you are there. Oh I can feel for ya.
                Lets see just Monday and Tuesday (2 shows left) I can almost feel if he’s
                feelin good , he’ll do meet and greets.
                Good Luck and enjoy!!!

                • Helen, according to MJs blog tonite, the barricades were crowded.
                  so go with that and hope he comes out in NY…………

                • Helen/Canada says:

                  Ya, I think I might do that. You’re right about the time that is posted. It gets me confused too! I think it is Pacific time.

                  So, I’m going to keep voting for a bit, then I’m off to bed. I have a BIG day tomorrow!

                  Talk to you when I get back!

              • Helen,
                You surprises me!!!! Definitely you should leave earlier!!! I am going to leave after Adam’s set! Last time in GR by the time I got out after Adam’s set with a couple of minutes delay almost all first row at the barricades was full….
                Don’t you want to see Adam close close?!!

                • Helen/Canada says:

                  Yes, I do! I will definitely go out after Adam’s set. Hope to see you there too!

                  • Helen, I am SO thrilled for you! Have a thrilling second evening of your dreams with that beautiful man, and give us all the low down when you get home! I will be hoping you will be seeing those lovely eyes up close.. Love you, and I’ll be thinking about you and your grand adventure on the concert floor!

            • Please God, help Helen………….

              • Helen,
                Good for you.Second row? Wow, that really close! So happy for you,Helen!So did U sell your old ones yet? Suddenly I remembered the Glambs that have to choose between 4th row ticket or cruise ship! I wonder what happen to her?If she went to cruise,did she get to see Adam in next show,close??!!

  23. Thanks so much, Lorrin, for letting us know what is happening. No matter what happens with the vote, we all know who is best and first! And it will all come out shortly when Adam’s CD goes number one, and then everyone will know what we already do! And then we can tell “I told you so!” to all those who didn’t believe us (I will start with some family members!). Love you all, and LOVE ADAM!!!!!!

  24. Hi beauty people, back again, I go to visit my parents and obviusly catch my notebook for voting, but certanly…I dont believe in the tweeter thing, insist, remember me AI finale…anyway, keep voting.
    Besos (kisses) argentinos.

  25. LORRIN:
    outstanding work/research

    So what do we do? If Adam were not so busy (not to mention SICK) we could ask him to withdraw his name from a suspected fraudulent vote. But, seriously, we can’t bother him with this.

    I fear the other side is keeping the count close to us with the intention of by-passing on the last day.

    At least, from here on out, we know what we’re dealing with. If we loose this time WE WILL NOT CRY!!!

    Take heart, my friends. His future greatness will be proven by record sales and next February we will all be proud when he sings “Time for Miracles” at the Academy Awards (how can that not happen? Hollywood loves him!).

    And to make us all feel better, here is the new version of the 2012 poster with you know who’s credit at the extreme bottom, center:

    • Wahhoo! Tech skills improving.
      (Did it my own way—dragged it onto my desk top, then onto this page!)


      • Sherry, thanks for the poster and movie update.

        Lorrin, you go girl, you so did your research and what a lovely job at expressing what you
        found in your own words!

    • Did you know folks, that someone has photoshopped Adam onto that movie poster, in place of the guy? He is from the back and in his blue tails etc. I will look for it.

      • Oh yes, Terry, please DO find it, I would love to see that….

        • I saw it but how can I put it here? Oh, I sent that picture and others that fans do (graphic picture) to I asked them to share with U all but I guess they can’t to that!! Bummer,I sent 5 pictures,it’s beautiful!

  26. Dianne Hill says:

    I just voted again and I don’t know how I did it but I only clicked twice and got 24 votes in. Yay!!!!!!!! Maybe it is because I am voting from work and the server here is faster than mine at home. We are going to beat this girls, we can’t let those suckers get the better of us.

    I still have a picture of being in bed with Adam all warm and fuzzy like and I’m sorry but none of you are there with me, the picture in my head – there is only room for two. Oh my, I really am losing the plot you know. I’m going searching after work, for more pictures of you know where, no not down there – well maybe, but the tongue girls, the tongue.

    Glamb #356.

    • I got that too sometimes, but I think it’s not all our votes. When that many, I think maybe we click at the same time with someone,so maybe that votes comes from 2 or maybe 3 people??!!Just assume, because that many votes in 1 time seems impossible! But let’s keep voting 🙂

  27. Good work Lorrin ! Come to think of it, after reading that report, I don’t feel the pressure anymore. Now, I’m having fun with the voting. My perception has changed. From now on, every time I get my votes up, it will be a reflection of my admiration for Adam and not for the benefit of that Tweeter Wall / World-Idol whatever. So if I get 100 votes up, that’s MY 100 Love Votes For Adam. Therefore, the more I vote, the more LOVE votes for Adam. It really feels so much better. By the way, I’m at work and I’m still voting. It’s 9:41 am, Sept. 14.

    • i think that report should be recognized. everybody should know and tweeterwall should do something about it. I WILL KEEP ON VOTING AND PRAY FOR THE CHEATERS CONSCIENCE BE CLEARED BEFORE IT FINISHES!

    • Helen/Canada says:

      What a wonderful way to put it all into perspective. That makes me feel good too, Thank you. You’re right, from now on, I’m voting my love for Adam!

  28. I am not a mathematician—faaaaaar from it. But I’ve just been looking at the voting board without all the emotional agitation I’ve been feeling the last couple days.

    And it looks very odd.
    (I think it’s been in the back of my mind that something wasn’t quite right, but I never analyzed it.)

    Look at the percentages of difference between the other candidates—2000 between Allison and Kris, 4000 between Kris and the next guy, when they have low totals between 16,000 and 25,000. Yet, between Adam and the beast, there are only hundreds with an approximate 115,000 vote tally.

    And Danny has like 3000 votes. Wouldn’t his fans be voting for him instead of the C-man?—or at least for BOTH at the same time? (If just half the C votes came from Danny lovers, Danny would have 50,000 or more now!)

    Further, it just occurred to me, what if the C-man is equally (hard to choke this one out, guys) innocent?
    What if this whole thing is a intentional manipulation by THE TWITTER COMPANY to rouse excitement in their site!!!

    Geez. I’m sounding like I’m from CSI or something and I don’t even like those shows. I prefer romances like Grey’s Anatomy.

    • You could very well be oh-so-right, sherry s., in fact, I think that idea was mentioned by one of us before…..the idea of ‘intentional manipulation’, that is. And I don’t think those seemingly ‘off-the-wall’ ideas are too far-fetched at all. I could believe anything, at this point. What could be hotter than Adam Lambert in a fight to the death duel with his arch-rival? It would make a wonderful trumped-up little news story for someone. And it would be such a great put-down (at least for awhile, until the next one they could contrive) of all Adam Lambert fans. And may I say that all of you have been so wonderful with your comments and support, and with your outpouring of love for Adam…..I too, feel much less ‘burdened’ about the whole thing (of course, that doesn’t mean I’m giving UP, though), and I too, will send votes of ‘love’ to Adam and not be so anxious about the outcome from now on…..Let us take a deep breath, think of each other and smile, watch a little bit of our Adam doing, saying or singing something lovely, and then return to our task with lighter hearts. Adam has already proved that ‘losing’ is ‘winning’ for him, so we should follow his courageous example! Much love to all you Worldwide Glambs tonight!

      • Glad to note that the Glambs are breathing easier now. Now it’s time to get back to having real fun. As mentioned, let every vote be our vote of love for Adam! Then after this is over, our celebration is genuinely a celebration of love for him. Let the other party celebrate their empty victory which they could only win by cheating.
        Thank you Lorrin for keeping the spirit of oneness and love among the Glambs. Thank you for taking action in behalf of us. Bless your heart!

        • Thank YOU dear Pat/Canada for your interest and work in finding that site, and for providing us with the ‘missing link’ to this whole Twitter voting scene…I will be with you there at the celebration for Adam, and I will most certainly take that good blessing you sent me….blessings to you also!

          • Lorrin, this is the third time I am reposting this message but I WANT YOU TO SEE IT!!

            Lorrin has been out there, sword flying (using all six foot, lots of inches), beheading those poor excuses for human beings. Go for the knock out punch! Which is mightier, the pen or the sword???? Lorrin, my dear, you have both COVERED! Lotsaluv and mmmwah, Ingrid

            • Ingrid, you are a DEAR, I love you so much! Thank you for posting this great encouraging message! And I must say that SWORD of mine you’ve got described there sounds like a mi-ghty formidable weapon….hmm, perhaps I should take ADAM with me on my forays, and let HIM wield some SWORDS, that’d get ’em, I’m sure! Well, I’ve got pen (and some computer keys) in hand, a knife clenched in my teeth, two swords under each arm, other miscellaneous hardware hanging off my belt, my skivvies and me timbers, and plenty of thick rope….I’m headin’ out to whomp some of the opposition! Love and Mwah to YOU, Ingrid!

  29. Adam just twittered he was watching VMA’s backstage tonight. “Katy Perry lookes like a goddess”
    I tell ya, there’s somethin special with those 2

    • mary c the vma”s aew on tv here nz tonite mon 14th are they already over there, this time thing has me really confused. what time is it there now, it is 3.10pm here.

      • Yay, I like to see Adam and Katy as couple! Maybe Adam can turn straight for Katy!What a beautiful couple. If he get married with Katy,then KRADAM’s wives are Katy!! LOL!! I’m happy for nothing,I am nuts!!LOL! Drake, if you reading this somehow, I like you too!Just saying,u know! I like Katy and I love her “Thinking of you” Check this out if U haven’t heard of it. And the hot guy,the soldier(dark hair,blue eyes) That’s Matt Dallas,the one I said looks good with Adam!! LOL!! Again happy for nothing! Drake,I’m so sorry dude!!
        BTW, the cape “Adam Lambert”, what happened to it. She should put it in auction for charity. I bet it’s sells!! 🙂

        • AA, Thats so funny, Both dudes would have a Katy?????? You are a real funny and
          quick thinker. Matt Dallas is so hot too. But not as HOT as Adam.

          Per twitter, Adams girl crush: Megan Fox. She was just interviewed on the Today
          Show this morning. I can see his crush totally with her. She is beautiful, Black hair
          blue eyes. Just like him. It was commented she is ever so Honest with her words.
          Sounds like someone else we know???????????
          Oh Adam is there is ever going to be a lucky girl, Who will it Be?????????

      • Hey Jan, yeh at the time I posted about VMA’s it was almost 11pm here. the times are confusing.

  30. Yes, sherry s., I truly believe there is a massaging of votes here so they can drum up interest. Remember the AI final 5 when Adam was at the bottom 2 (sooo ridiculous) ? Someone saw a blog showing the real results. It was Danny, Adam, Kris, Allison and Matt. The following week votes went from 25 M to 40 M. Knowing our passion for Adam, these jokers are creating a fan war or Adam’s fans versus voting machine. The good thing is, we are still up but with a very small margin of around 500 votes. We must focus our attention and clicking fingers to Adam. Don’t even think of the others so the energy is concentrated on Adam.

  31. AdamAddict, sorry for posting here. I saw you post Adam’s tired soldier and thought it was so sweet! You take care and rest my weary solder friend. I on duty now and I know that when this soldier gets tired, I have a whole troop of Glambs who will cover for me.

    Love ya lots! We are still slightly behind but it is not over until the fat lady sings and ‘I have not sung”. I am probably 1,5 kls overweight, but every bit counts. Love ya all!

  32. Thanks Lorrin for your hard work and research. I’ll keep voting but much less stressful now. You rock girl!!


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