TOUR VIBE – American Idol Summer Tour 2009 – Portland, Me

*****UPDATED WITH VIDEO*****For the sake of being assured, please take a look at Adams entrance last night in Maine. He was outstanding as far as i’m concerned. He may not have hit all of his usual high notes, but to me that’s ok. The fact that he’s dancing around gives me a warm, fuzzy feeling. He is the ultimate professional and noone can EVER take that away from him. This entrance NEVER gets old…enjoy… Saturday, September 12, 2009, the American Idol Tour hits Portland Maine at the Cumberland County Civic Center. It will be interesting to see how the gang is doing after such a sad turn of events in Connecticut. For those of you just joining us, Kris was unable to perform due to the doctors orders to rest. It was a sad day for Kris’ fans but also a bonus for Adam’s fans as he went on to sing his regular set and then was also in charge of singing Kris’ part of the duet that they normally sing together. Unfortunately for ALL fans the night ended without a meet and greet so as to hopefully give them all a headstart at feeling better. Friday was a day off for them and i’m sure there was a good amount of rest to be had by all. Seems like Scott was the next unfortunate one…
~IdolScott~~Sorry for the lack of tweets..i’m flat on my back sick in the hotel room 🙁 feel pretty horrible.. That’s a shame.
Well, here’s to the FINAL FOUR shows of the tour. I am looking forward to these as I am sure there will be great things in store for us up ahead. To those of you that have tickets and have waited patiently (or impatiently), your time has come… so enjoy Adam for ALL of us Glambs. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that your dreams of Adam will be fullfilled. Here’s to Adam and the FINAL FOUR…
XO…Sue…Glamb#10… I remember and will never forget.

P/S Keep in mind to take the time and vote for Adam in the TWITTER WORLDWIDE ULTIMATE WORLD IDOL VOTE at…


  1. Wow…I can’t believe only four tours left! If i were the idols I’d be devestated…from what it sounds like they’re nearly family…although they’re ALL looking forward to break, I’d like to bet.
    Poor Kris…I’d be so bummed out if it were me.
    It’s terrible that they’re all so sick…as soon as the first person tweeted it, I predicted all the others would follow soon, being in such close proximity on that tour bus…I’m rambling again. 😀
    To all going to the next concert…have a blast! Bring water and dress in clothes that’ll keep you cool…’cause Adam’s gonna heat things up!

    • Helen/Canada says:

      Hi Peaches
      I’m going to the show in Syracuse on Mon. night. I’m so excited I can hardly wait. This will be my second show. I’d gladly catch the bug from Adam!!!!

      • Actually, I would too. 😀

        • Marie/Toronto says:

          Hey guys,

          A little off topic here, but I am looking for a specific video clip. Sometime in the last week I saw an interview with Adam where he starts off by talking about liking his name. I only saw the beginning of the clip and would like to see the rest. Does anyone know which interview I’m taking about? Could you link it or tell me where to find it?

          Did such and interview even take place, or did I dream it (haha)? I think they were discussing crazy stage names and that prompted Adam to say that he was happy with his name……

          Please and Thanks!

          • Actually, I think I know exactly which interview you’re talking about. Let me go find it and I’ll post the link, even though moderation takes awhile.

            • I think I’ve found it. Here’s the link. It takes a bit to be moderated, so It might be awhile.

              Let me know if this was what you’re looking for!

              • Thanks Peaches, many of us haven’t seen this one.. I love the quote from a fanmade sign “Adam, bite my apple!!” Like, yeah!!

                • Marie/Toronto says:

                  Thanks Peaches!

                  That was an awesome clip, never seen it before. And while he talks about his name, it’s still not the clip. The one I mean is new, a backstage interview from the tour. I’m beginning to think it was just one of my weird, abstract, celebrity dreams…seriously!

                  Thanks for responding,

              • Helen/Canada says:

                Thanks Peaches, hadn’t seen that one yet!

              • Iyleneidol09 says:

                WoW, Peaches, thanks, mwah!!!! this is such a cute vid of Adam, I have not seen this one too. I love looking back to the early idol time. That will be classic. Love it!! Thanks again.

              • Thank you Peaches for that, I have not seen some of that so ty. It made my day.

              • Peaches, thanks to you for this video. Wow learned some new things here.
                See people, Adam is on the internet looking at fansites!! Oh yeh, I just
                know he comes here now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
                His dream has come true, Oh Adam you’re so loved.

          • He said he liked the name AdamBomb

      • Helen, you r so funny. I can just see you, at the M&G’s ” Oh Adam I’ll take that bug away
        from you, give it to me honey as you pull him close”……….. Helen ur time is getting closer
        soo excited for you. Rememba dont be shy!!!

      • Helen/Canada, Enjoy the show on Monday! Your second show, you lucky woman. We’ll be thinking of you and waiting to hear about it. I am so happy for you. Hugs, Ingrid

        • Helen/Canada says:

          Thanks Ingrid. My wish is that all the GLAMBS will one day be able to see Adam LIVE! And even better if we could all go together!!! I’ll let you know how I made out–if I’m able to speak, write, or think afterwards! hee, hee!

      • Looks like I did catch this bug already. I’ve been to Grand Rapids show last Saturday… Had Adam autograph and he touched my hand!!!! And now I am sick sick sick……. I f it is from Adam I don’t mind. But I am going to Syracuse on Monday for the show (#3) and hopefully I will feel better… I would enjoy Adam anyway even with fever but it’s a long drive…
        (Wanted to make a joke that if Adam comes out, I will give him the bug back, but decided not to… I would be dead in a minute because my sisglambs would kill me even for saying that… Right? LOL)

        • Helen/Canada says:

          RIGHT! Hey Vera, don’t know what time you’ll be arriving. I’m leaving Monday morning, probably around 9:00. That should take me to the arena around 1:00 – 1:30. Thought I’d check out if anything was going on around there, then go back to my hotel, then head back to the arena for 5:30 – 6:00. I have to pick up my ticket at the Will Call. So, maybe I’ll see you there around the front door area, I’ll look for you. Hope you’re feeling better by then, especially since you’re driving home after the show. I didn’t want to do that, too long a drive and I’d be exhausted by then. I drive to Florida every year by myself and I know what it’s like to drive when you’re tired–not good. Good luck, feel better!

          • Hi Helen,
            We are leaving around 12 afternoon cause my friend has to work. I think we should be at Will Call (our tickets are there too) around 5:30 So I might be there at the same time. I hope to see you there, if not I know I’ll wait at the entrance at 6-615pm for you to say hi. Because during the intermission the people from the mezzonine and balcony are not allowed to go to the Floor area. You know mine is section 3 from the right side of the arena (if you are looking at the stage) row CC its the third row and seats 11-12 as far as I remember..
            See you there and drive safely…

            • Helen/Canada says:

              Good Vera, we may see each other at the Will Call. If not, I’ll see about intermission. Do you know what you’re wearing yet? Also, do you remember which tour vibe your picture was on. I’ll look at it again to refresh my memory. I hope you’re feeling better. Get lots of sleep before then. I can hardly wait, I’m getting soooooooo excited! Gonna see Adam soon!!!

        • Oh Vera, you too??? There must have been a GR bug going around then, wonder if Jeanette caught it too? My first symptoms were in the car in the afternoon of Sept 8 when Jeanette and I were driving back to Milwaukee. It was very painful (ears) on the planes returning west. I am still kind of dragged, so imagine you are too. I do hope you can rally enough to make it to another concert. Best wishes and luv to you and Nadia. Terry

          • Thank you, Terry! I hope you feel better too. I felt sick may be two days after the show… and last three days were soooo bad but now it’s evening Saturday and I feel better already… Tomorrow is another day and then MONDAY – the day I see Adam again!!!!
            So excited!!! hope Idols will feel better on Monday and will come out after the show!!! I’ll keep my fingers and toes LOL crossed!

        • Gala, u get yourself well now, no more fever going on unless you’re just over heated
          from Adams vibes!!!!!!!!!! Have a great time in Syracuse , cant wait to hear about your
          time there and here’s hoping you and Helen can meet up.
          share the pics!!

      • He is soooo goood. You will love him even more. Saw him in Albany-he was sobeautiful and sound system was great.Wish I was there with you. Hve a blast!

    • Lisette here..bonmatin glambs..Peaches hope yu’re fine?Aw true being in confine quartres,dining an performing togethre Idolmates made them susceptible to catch flu?..J’espere Adam will reman strong an non be in same situatione as Kris.An sad to know thet AItour is nering end,an even if I av non seen in person..visite thes lovli tribute page is second best to being there merci for all videos/photos an articles in every citie can imagaine I’ve been ther in spirite!Hugs an luv Lisettexoxo!
      P.s merci beaucoup Sue for being our lovli glambs gal leadre..special warm hugs!Know yu’re dedication is much apreciate by all an me! xoxoLuv Lisettexoxo

  2. It’s a weekend and I have more time to VOTE. Getting better at clicking that damn + sign. Thank you Lorrin for posting links everywhere. And to AddamAddict, thank you for complimenting my screen name. Checked the Urban Dictionary, and anything glam is related to Adam.

    • hey guys DON’T STOP VOTING. 1,727 votes ahead as of this time 12:25 pm hongkong. i am saner now………’hope you too…..

      • is there anything such as a voting machine? where can we buy that?

        • Did you check Arkansas ? I believe they have one on sale, slightly used tho…lol !



          • Oh my God, Adamfan1, I think you have found THE SECRET TO THE VOTING! Aaack, I am going to see if I can achieve this same result….by using the ‘refresh’ button, you say? And all this time we have been struggling, I will see if this works and get back to everybody!

              NICE WEEKEND “CHAVERA”


              • Thank you for the post, it was really interesting, Adam is always so at ease w/ these interviews and I think that he takes him time to answer a question therefore “NO” regretable stories out there to haunt him. And being so trueful makes it easier for him, TOO !!!!!

            • I am sorrowful to report that the ‘refresh button’ idea did not work for me, sigh. Well, I will still keep searching for the ‘Magic Key’, but in the meantime, I will continue on slogging along with all of you on the VOTE…remember the link is posted at the top of the page here..

              • Lisette here..bonmatin ma cher j’sende tweet hope yu’re feling bettre,how’s fibro?Im up now l’cat if non me has here am I on best Adam tribute page!Aw dont feel mal,I too av seen glitches in voting an despite increase as I mentione on othre threds in buying,only show half of what I had intende for Adam..unsure what causes this.Wel nevre give up an keep voting..know it’s helping seeing Adam leads now!!Ange blessings pour vous et l’angel d’musique…Adam,feel bettre too! hugs an luv Lisettexoxoxo oh et many bisous (intende for thet tweetrewall even if they donte add up here!!)

              • Lorrin, it must depend on the server and computer speed. I’m thinking anyway. Had to buy a new one and get a better broadband connection when I realized I couldn’t watch Adam Videos or download music fast enough.. Our Wonderful Adam has cost me a bundle in Computers, broadband, DVR’s, Cable service, Ipods. Pendents, mousepads, 8by10 photos, fridge magnets, books, donations…….. (looking around room right now to see what else…lol lol ) I think that’s it.. BUT WORTH EVERY DAMN PENNY . anywayyyyyy I am wondering why some people can vote more than others.. o’well , on my way to vote more, then get my morning coffee and get my butt to work.. Have a great day !

                • Helen/Canada says:

                  What else do you have to spend your money on anyway! LOL, sounds worth it to me too! I think that’s my next move, buying a new computer. This one has gotten soooooooooo slow. I wonder if it’s because I’ve downloaded so much Adam stuff! Don’t know much about computers!

                  • Helen, your right , it is all soooo worth it.. I was in need of a new computer anyway and I am so happy that I bought a new one. I have tons of room for adam pic and videos now.. my last one was 7 yrs old. Adam has inspired me to keep up with tech. And yes your right about having tons of downloads can really slow down an older computer.

              • Lorrin, I’m next to you, clicking away!

            • Helen/Canada says:

              Doesn’t work for me Lorrin. I’ve always used the Refresh button and still have to wait 15 to 20 minutes. I wonder if that is how Aiken caught up. At one point early in the process, Adam was 5,000 votes ahead. I’d like to see that number again and more!!!

          • I am on AOL and I have to wait, sometimes up to 22 mins, which seems like a long time while trying to beat Aikens, now it is not so stressing… Thanks for the good voting during the night, I gave up around 2:00 and hit the bed and was nicely awaken to Adam still ahead…Yeah !!!!

            • Helen/Canada says:

              Me too Lee M. I’ve waited up to 30 minutes sometimes. But it was nice to wake up this morning and see the good lead Adam had. All you guys are doing a great job–keep it up!!

          • Lisette here..bonmatin yes depende on Isp internet connectione thinq..I av local network whenevre ther’s storm seeme slower then normal,plus if yu av windows vista,au xp software..finde window vista is non always best..An thinq mabe still l’altre opponent (Clay camp?) as on American Idol recall texting on cell plus using landline on sistre phone..still busy signal..thet Arkansas situation j’espere is non case agan! Just keep trying even if refreshing page,etc. Bonwishes (are yu Sherry thet commented further down on thes page? If so merci for lovli complemente! Take care cher amie! Lisettexoxo

    • Hi Glamasia, how many votes can you get in 10 mins? Today I could only get around 45 – 60 votes. If you can get more pls tell how.

      • That’s quite a number in 10 mins ! I have to wait 10 to 15 mins in between voting . At least my numbers have gone up. From 2 to 3 yesterday, I’m now getting 8 to 10. Getting the hang of it. I just use a MacBook laptap and click the + sign really fast. Yesterday, I was using a mouse, much slower. At the end of this contest, I may need a new laptap.

        • Before, i waited 25 mins and no + sign is seen. i tried the refresh button still not working. Then i tried this – perhaps you could too. After voting , click the X button to close the internet, then disconnect the internet (not the computer) like when you want to stop using the internet BUT dont have to terminate it . The minute it shows the ‘connect’ or ‘enabled ‘ sign, press it and open the internet. Go to the website, the + sign is there wait until the message below says Done no more downloading and press to vote. It takes abt a minute to do this. repeat the process. u could have 10 votes within 15 mins. I really hope you try this if other methods failed. Thanks.

          • tried it, still no + sign. I know I will find it.

            • you sure you pressed the X button – cos it won’t work if you didn’t. But if you did, then, well … perhaps someone else could if they read and tried it – thanks for listening. Let’s both keep on voting .

          • Helen/Canada says:

            If I press the X sign, my computer takes me right out of the internet. I don’t get a “connect” or “enabled” sign. I have to click on internet on my desktop and start over again????

        • oops, I mean laptop, What a bummer.

        • yeah laptop is better. amazing why sometimes i can get 12-15 votes i wonder how.

    • And thank YOU, glamasia and all you fellow Glambs and fans in Asia and the other side of the world for ALL your are doing for the VOTE! Here is my little news blurb from the other thread updated to now:

      “Hello dear Glambs, just want to keep you up to date on the VOTE. Adam is now 1,979 votes ahead of Clay, but I still believe something is very, very strange about the way the voting is processed. I’m not through with my ‘research’ yet. I’ve spent most of the day Tweeting Adam fans on Twitter and drumming up the vote on my own site. If you would like to see my Twitter page and all the ‘GET OUT AND VOTE FOR ADAM’ Tweets, or see what a Twitter home page looks like, do this – go to Google and type in ‘AdamssAngel twitter’, and then click ’search’. The first entry that comes up at the top of the GoogleSearch will show my ‘AdamssAngel on Twitter’ name. Click on that, and it will take you to my Twitter home page. You can then read all the stuff I’m reading every day about Adam and see all the Tweets I stuffed in there for our guy. (I have Ingrid to thank for that, she Googled my name the other day, and found my posts from our site, what a shock! I better watch out what I’m saying from now on, hoo hoo!) Aside from all that, please remember to KEEP ON VOTING! Thanks to all of you have sat on that + button all day and all night around the world! Hopefully, full victory is not too far ahead!”

      Love to ALL OF YOU who are on intimate terms with that danged + button, thanks for all that you do!

      • BLUE NEWS FLASH: As of 11:53 pm PST, Adam is 2,061 votes ahead of that imposter. Excellent work, Glambs!

        • ….AND AS OF 1:08 am PST on Saturday morning, Adam is 2,148 votes ahead of the pretender to the throne. KEEP VOTING GLAMBS ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE WORLD AND LOVE TO YOU FROM OUT WEST!

        • Lisette here..ah cher Lorrin always plasur to read yur post yes is lovli news..Wel I av mentione above tweetrewall glitches but manage upon revisite to see thet my numbe petit fingres actual tally up more heartes then othre days..An p.s. just send tweet comment on pigeonpoll re:Adam’s new CD,thereaftre Nancy O’dell is following me(if it’s authentique unsure)>>So am going to send her tweet re: Adam being she as interviewed sevral temes.Do yu thinq if mentioning of thes competition on her page is alrite?Let me know..before I send..Hugs an luv Lisettexoxo P.s. Lorrin I av visite yur page agree being yu’ve campaigne tirelessly for beau Adam mabe paying off.Let’s all pray Clay’s fans are non cheating somhow.Know Adam is in leade now!!Benedictione a vous Lorrin an all glambs! Luv Lisettexoxo

    • Lisette here..bonmatin an welcom glamasia seeing yur poste ..lovli to see yur from Asia in our famille of international glambs who adore Adam..Keep voting an nevre give up..hugs for yu Lisettexox!

  3. Dianne Hill says:

    Yes please Peaches, do find that interview for us. I love watching Adam’s interviews. I am actually trying to find as many as I can and download them so I can make a Adam’s Interview DVD. Lovely, lovely man that he is, I could watch him 24/7 – what am I talking about, I pretty much do. I used to be a TV addict, I hardly watch anymore, I am too busy voting and watching anything Adam and reading every post on this site. I love this site, it is the best. I love all you Glambs and I especially love Adam, adore him in fact, love his tongue – I have a thing about his tongue (and the rest of him for that matter).

    • Dianne Hill says:

      That really sounds pathetic, right! Can’t help myself though, its no use trying to recover from Lambertitis. I have it really bad.

      Dianne Glamb 356

    • Diane, so true, I used to be a TV addict as well. Now an AdamAddict. Never have been on
      the computer so much in my life, except at work.

    • Helen/Canada says:

      Me too Dianne, I use to watch TV a lot. Now I don’t even know what’s on anymore! And like you Mary, I had never been on the computer so much. I couldn’t stand sitting in front of it for more than 15 – 20 minutes–now I’m on it for hours!!! Had to get a more comfortable chair!, my butt was aching! and I don’t really know why, there’s enough padding there!!!!

      • Helen/Canada says:

        And oh PS, Dianne, enough of the tongue already!!!! Just kidding!!! He does have a great tongue. I wonder what he could do with it……………OK, had to slap myself there!

        • Dianne Hill says:

          Its what he could do with it that keeps me thinking and dreaming and adamgazming about it. Thanks for that, now I can’t get it out of my mind.

        • Helennnnnnnnn, ur sounding like me now. Wonder what Adam does with his tongue?
          I can only imagine. OK, I am imaginging and adamgasaming. OMG
          Thanks Helen.

    • I have voted over 300 times in 4 days so I am trying to do what I can. While I am not new to this site as a reader I am as a poster. Love being a part of history: Adam’s history.

  4. “The most famous contact in your phone right now?”
    “Elton John” — Adam on the Ralphie Show in Wilkes Barre (he declined to comment further)

    At first I thought…duet? I’m not sure how their voices would blend.
    But can you imagine if Elton wrote one of his so beautiful songs for Adam? My god.

    I think the future holds may thrilling surprises for us.

    I am sherry #2. (in Michigan) New as of about 24 hours ago. You guys are a riot! I’m lovin’ it!

    • SHERRY !!!! Hi ! Didn’t mean to make a claim on my name here.. lol but I swear everytime I saw your name as I was scrolling down the page, I had to stop and see if it was something I had written or something that was said to me.. So big smile and hug for you ……………………… from Sherry #1 …and Glamb # 435 .. and Admfan #1 and so on and so on.. love ya allll

      • Thanks for the welcome. Love and hugs back…to you and everyone!

        • Welcome Sherry S! You’ll love this site. Too bad we didn’t meet you before our Grand Rapids get together, or were you there???

          • I seriously considered responding to Jeanette’s invitation, even though I had never yet commented on this sight. I WAS at the Grand Rapids show! (section 108—used binoculars, haha)

            But here’s the thing. My son, daughter, and son-in-law, came up from Chicago for the Labor Day week-end, and I felt terrible I had to leave them at all. So I didn’t feel right about leaving home early (for the lunch get-together).

            All for the best—my son brought me his cold/flu from Chicago, which I came down with on the morning after the concert! (I was not at the meet and greet so don’t blame me for the Idol epidemic!!! LOL) The idol kids definitely picked up their bug when they were in the Illinois/Indiana/Michigan triangle.

            I’m sure there will be a next time. 🙂

        • sherry s. welcome and mmmmmmmmmmmmmwah!

        • Lisette here..welcome anothre Sherry,are there 3 now?! Wel just enjoie thes lovli site of internationale an US fans an amies who celebrate Adam’s superbe talente as vocaliste with humanitarian hearte..tresbeau in every way!bienvenue!! hugs Lisette!

    • Helen/Canada says:

      Sherry S
      Elton John writing a song for Adam would be wonderful! Welcome to the site. You’ll love it here. If you think this is a riot, you should read some of the earlier posts–it would make you blush! hee, hee. Welcome, welcome, welcome. Love to have new people join our wonderful ADAM’S FAMILY here (ha, ha – stole that one from somebody, can’t remember who!).

      • Well, thanks, again! You ladies are sharp. I’ve been reading for a while. You know the thing thats stands out the most in my mind?

        The ABC’s of Adam qualities. How that thing went around the alphabet again and again was so amazing and every characteristic was spot on! How can ANYONE have so many positive traits! No wonder we’re all so flummoxed and besotted. How often does this happen in a lifetime?

        Now I’ve seriously got to tear my rufus-tufus off this chair and go for a walk!


  5. OFRA DEAR, I have some NEWS for you! I was just over on Twitter drumming up some more Twitterwall votes for Adam, and I found THE Twitter site for Adam in Israel, called adamlambert_il . I wrote to them, invited them to this site to visit, told them we had a great gal from Tel Aviv writing with us, and for them to PLEASE vote on their side of the world en masse for Adam on the Wall! So if there’s any messages you want me to pass on to the fans in Israel, let me know, I’ll send them for you! Love to you tonight from California!

    • All I want to say to them is Vote For Adam but you already did that! Yeah, remind them to click many2 times! 🙂

    • oh my this is great lorrin israel would surely love adam. i also found video of adam’s fans in brazil. hope they all could join us in the voting for the remaining 4 this time which was crucial last night ,( i live in hong kong) thanks adam is still leading by 2,095 votes. KEEP ON VOTING!!!!!!!!!!!

      • BLUE NEWS FLASH: Adam is still 2100+ votes ahead of Clay. Just wanted to let you know that ALL of my Tweets have appeared on the ‘Vote For Adam’ Twitter topic site, and it looks like we are starting to trend. Added to that, I have invited numerous nice Adam fans to join us here at the Glambs and also to VOTE for Adam. And then, I want all of you Glambs to listen to what one Clay Aiken fan on Twitter is saying as a taunt to us:

        “Pretty sad that it takes 3 fan bases to vote for adam lambert and it only takes just Clay Aiken fans to vote for him.”

        Can you BELIEVE THAT? I would no more go on Twitter and put down Clay Aiken than I would walk down the street with my fanny painted red…doesn’t that just make you BOIL? Well, anyway, the GOOD NEWS IS that Adam is still ahead, and we’re going to WIN! Everybody over on the sunlit side, love to you this morning and keep on voting!

        • Lisette here..Lorrin yes ma cheramie with yur assistance many glambs,glamberts,othre fans now Adam is taking lead..An as I beliv in angels an some devine interventione too av helpe us here!So will continue to say benedictione au vous et l’angel d’musique Adam ..ples know we all adore vous an are l’best vocaliste an world Idol toujours!! Luv et grande bisous Lisettexoxox Pray for his bonhealth an more magnificente concertes too!!

          • LISETTE:
            I want you to know I noticed your comments on youtube before I found them here. More than anyone else’s, they have touched my heart. I consider you the poet of the group. I studied French many years ago, so I’ve always been able to read your comments quite easily.

            I also want you to know that even after years of pain, it is possible to get better. It has happened to me actually several times (sometimes after surgery, sometimes on its own). I completely understand how Adam, as well as the gals here can be a tremendously powerful source for all that is positive and good.
            Best Wishes from sherry s. (Michigan)

            • Lisette here..bonjour all lovli Glambs on Adam’s best tribute page.Just petit hello before busy jour with visitors..Merci beaucoup Sherry yur note toched toches m’couer..bless! I belive musique heals an soothes l’soul..use to be on myspace page,along with an ange wallpaper many artistes ma photos,an apres adding Adam’s myspace,hacked..domage,stil unable to retrieve).So by accidente searche Adam sites j’trove Glambs early on..Ever since finde tranquilitie in belle companie des amies qui adore monsieur Lambert nous ange d’musique..An sure for yu as well. If yu like joine twittre LisetteAngel,if yu av accounte..Benedictions m’amie enjoie un bon-weekend! hugs, Lisettexoxo

              • Lisette haste pardon for a much rush poste as phone is ringing..meant toches (one time) see above..ooops l’faux pas d’moi! Belle jour a tout mes amiesoxoxo et Adam monbeau amie vocaliste et pour l’monde now!!!xoxoo

          • Amen, Lisette, I am with you on that 100%, I too will send (have sent) angels his way for all the days ahead…thank you for your help on Twitter, also, it’s getting rather exciting, perhaps a bit too exciting over there and with the vote here, too! It’s been too much of a nail-biter for me. Love to you from headquarters tonight!

        • Lorrin, WHAT???? … with my fanny painted red – I am speechless! Seems like I have to make a trip to California! Where’s that Cheryl???? Cherrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrryl!!

          • Ingrid, it’s OK, I only meant that I would never THINK to go over to THEIR fansite and say something hateful or disrespectful to Clay Aiken…who in their right mind would do something like that? It reminds me of when I was playing basketball with a college group one day, and the other team had a bunch of women who played for ‘blood’. They weren’t happy unless they were slamming and shoving us, and making baskets as if their lives depended on it…it’s rather horrifying to think Aiken’s fans are the same way, but envy and jealousy can inspire some very bad behaviors..

            • Lisette here..belleamie always tres cher a a femme of class…but am with yu here..To stoop to ther ingorance au simple jeolousy woulde be damaging actual to us Glambs an as Helen says Adam is a fellow of integritie,compassion,class an humanitie..bless him..Even with his adversaries he tweets positive notes of peace,hope an amour..As his chanson goes from Brigadoon I Just Luv You….very appropro for sentimentes we all feele for Adam! hugs an luv Lisettexoxo

            • We play fair and we will win fairly!

        • Helen/Canada says:

          Lorrin, that just goes to show you what kind of people they are. They have to put someone down! They should take a lesson from Adam on how to be a decent human being. They would learn a lot. Put that on Twitter and shove it. (Sorry, I’m mad now)

          • Helen/Canada says:

            P.S., Also, just goes to show how many people love Adam that he has so many fan bases!! ha, ha, ha! (Boy, I’m still mad, have to take one of my chill pills Adam Addict).

        • Lorrin that is terrible what that Clay fan said. But does she realize what she said is stupid? It doesn’t matter if it is 4 or 1000 fan bases to vote for Adam, THEY ARE ALL FANS OF ADAM, so where she stated that it only takes just Clay Aiken fans to vote for him, well heck, what does she think all those fan bases of Adam’s are? YEPPERS ADAM’S FANS, SO SHE JUST PUT HER FOOT IN HER MOUTH, DIDNT SHE?

          • That’s right, Trish, what I think I will say to that person, once we are ahead by a wide margin, is that, ‘hey gee, we have HUNDREDS of Adam Lambert fan groups, and hundreds of thousands of Adam fans in those groups, and I guess you (meaning her, the Aiken fan) have only ONE group of Aiken fans with a piddly little number of Aiken fans in it, how sad for you.’ Can’t wait to do that..

            • You must consider— fans of Clay (the ultimate foot in the mouth person) are probably not that bright.

            • Lisette here..bonmatin..missing all lovli frends for Adam busy with companie.Now in ma boudoir by candlelit,everyone sleping having rendezvous in private.. abit eery harvest moon..usual in Octobre? An only a petit cat nitelit along with scent of pumpkin thing missing is l’mysterieux bleu eyed chanteur…Adam coming out of darken room.. miste with his longe black coat,sparkling bleu eyes,an now is playing here “MadWorld”..Belle reve always. Back to voting oui Lorrin,Ingrid an othre gals aftre reading of gal from Clay’s page..vraie she’ll av both pied dans le bouche after seeing Adam has infinite fan groups aronde l’monde..Clay has non been in limelight for longe aftre seein him intown(al David Foster concerte,only half audience of thousands applauding..hitting few sour note..p.s. he fille in for Michel Buble who actual been schedule to perform..but had flubug! ther! Benedictiones always for l’angel of musique avec couer,face an voix tresbeau..Luv to glambs,Lorrin for being our Joan of Arc..anothre angel for ADam!! Luv Lisettexoxo

            • I can’t wait till you can say that too Lorrin. I don’t understand Clay’s fans. Why must they be so hateful? So Clay is not as popular as Adam is right now, but Clay had his day, now it is ADAM’S turn. Don’t hate, appreciate………




      • Lisette here..Shalom et bonmatin Ofra plese follow on twittre my nom is LisetteAngel plasur to be toi amie..Always luv to meet people from aronde l’monde thet adore our Adam Lambert an angel de l’ciel..Glambs unite to see he’s world idol an no mattre of finale..will be in all our heartes!J’adore Lisettexoxox Sweet dreames until doman!

      • THANK YOU, OFRA, and I will continue to post on Twitter and rev up the world vote from there, hopefully…love from the West Coast!

  6. I’m not sure if somebody already post this but this one is Radio interview with Adam in 9/9/09(Ralpie Radio)

    • HI DEAR


    • Thanks AdamAddict/; Always a pleasure to hear Adam speak !!!!

      • Ofra,
        I saw it and I’ve read it! Thank you for posting it but when I found this in youtube, my thought same like Lee M, I want to hear his beautiful voice!! But the article is great, they write it the way Adam said it! If Adam said jokingly, then they write Adam said jokingly! They didn’t twist it around! 🙂 I like it!!

    • Helen/Canada says:

      Thanks AdamAddict, I loved it. You find such good stuff for us all the time, you sweet thing. Love ya!

  7. Has anyone gone over to visited ( that other guys) fan sight to see what else they are saying.. Maybe we should look it up on twitter search also.. I really don’t like fan rage or any unpleasant fighting back and forth between fans, but we all know who deserves this WORLD TITLE !! I want to know if they are rallying as we are or is it just (THE OTHER GUY) staying up 24 hr a day voting for his self.. Sherry # 1 😉
    P.S. Just kidding Sherry # 2 .. You can have the name. I think I can figure out who I am most of the time..

    • I don’t want to go to the other dude sites! They probably talking about how Clay is “gorgeous” and dream to make out with him!! Urgh,UWEEEEK!! I don’t want to make my cloth dirty! And worse, what if they talking bad about our Adam?? I can’t be quiet,I might fight back,then they all will bash me, then I will so busy argue with them, I don’t have time to vote. I rather sit here and vote for Adam.This is more meaningful!! 🙂 Somebody else need to spy on them!

      • I think that Clay has a closed site, meaning if your not a member you can’t get in to it, there is mem. fee of 19.99 or a better one at 29.99 ???? Closed Society ??? I was going to spy and this is what I found ((haha)) and it wasn’t worth 5 cents to me to get in, just went back to vote for Adam………….

        • Oh yeah that right! I think I read about it somewhere! He asked for money??!! LOL,low class!! Now, I understand, he took that money to buy voting machine!! LOL! He bought it from Arkansas like Glamasia said! Probably had good deal too! LOL!!Adam has high class, he wants our money to go to charity!! That’s the guy that we love!! 🙂
          Not worth a penny,right Lee M? LOL!!!!

          • Helen/Canada says:

            Good comments AdamAddict.!!! You are so right, who’s the classy one here. Adam says give your money to charity, the other one says, give your money to me, ha!

            • LOL!!!!! You gals are so funny, perhapes you should take you show on the road, you can be Adam’s opening show and ” THE GLAMBS” can have private meetings with Adam, of course you will see that happens, right ???


    • Yes, I have gone over to look at the Aiken fan messages, and so far have not been able to find out what is going on or who is doing it, but the ARE aware of the vote..

      • Lorrin
        Maybe answers to our querries may be related to the article on the site below:

        I just do not know how to make it as a link.

        • Pat/Canada, thank you SO much for posting this web address. This is the answer we have been looking for….I am going to post the link for this website out on the most current thread page…I appreciate you getting this to me so much!

  8. Hello,,,, the “Clay mates” have awaken, they gained 100 votes in last 20 mins. this voting still has me wondering how it done….. HELP! HELP!!!HELP!!

    • Leaving my computer on and planning to vote frequently today. It looks like it’s possible to vote for more than one person at a time. I want to stick some votes in for David Cook too; I don’t understand how Taylor Hicks is ahead of him. David C. is the one with all the hits!

      • Vote whoever you like except Clay! You’re not Clay’s fan are you?Who is here that a fan of Adam and a fan of Clay at the same time? Not that I mind, you can like whoever you want but I did talk bad things about Clay because…well duh,you know why!! HE HAS NO RESPECT TO ADAM!! Well, again you know why!! LOL!! But make sure the person that you vote won’t beat Adam!! No can’t do!! nah ah!! I like Cook and Archie too but never accure to me to vote them??!! Hmmm, should I start?? Hmmm, well maybe when the voting almost done,just to make sure Adam win! LOL!! We are the Adam’s family, Adam will be our priority!! BTW, Is The Addams Family a good movie?Never watched it before!!

        • No, I’m not a Clay fan, not after the horrible things he said about Adam. I lost all respect for him. He does not have a good heart.

        • AA, don’t worry about it, i.e. the Addams Family, I have’nt watched it either! Hee, hee!

          • Ingrid,
            I went back to Grand Rapids thread and saw U left a post about that V matters!Well,just to let U know that I watched TV that some people don’t mind loose their V on their 1st date, not that I am!! Just saying!! Not that type! Just saying,U know! Unless if it’s Adam who is my ….well you know what I’m saying,right? LOL!! 🙂

            • No AA, you started the v conversation so don’t dismiss it. Soooooooooooooo, you could only wait for your first date to go and give it away!!! You are so not the right type for Adam. Shame on you, girl! Shy my foot! To think I , agh, too disgusted – first date, whew!

              Love her AA, mmmmmmmmmmmmwah!

      • Dianne Hill says:

        Once I have voted for Adam (and last time I started clicking way before the page was loaded and got in 17 votes in one hit – amazing) I always vote for Allison, Kris and David Cook, I would love David to pass Taylor Hicks – ewwwwwww country singer yuk!!! I always vote for Adam first though as I never get in as many votes for the others. Adam ALWAYS comes first in everything.

    • dont worry lee – not sure where in the world you are but this UK fan is definitely awake and is doing some serious tapping action on that damn plus sign..

      • Helen/Canada says:

        Sorry, Tracy, just want to correct you, it’s not the damn sign, it’s the dang sign. (Adam language) LOL

  9. Everyone going to the Portland, ME concert tonight, have a rockin good time and show Adam your love
    by gettin on your feet and dancinnnnnn the night away.
    Thoughts are with you all, I’ll be thinking about you at show time, wishing I was there instead
    of here as the OSU v’s USC college football game is on.

  10. The idols must be relieved! The final four! They must be exhausted. It will be a much deserved rest for the idols. They’re not used to rigorous schedules and all of a sudden, a gigantic tour.

    Will miss the postings but I am looking forward to Adam’s CD in November… is it still November the release date?

  11. I’ve always clicked just once, and yet I usually see multiples added to the count immediately afterward (2, 3, maybe 4). I’m thinking that probably someone else is voting at the same moment.

    I’ve read suggestions to POWER VOTE by:
    1. opening multiple tabs (or)
    2. using a refresh button (would that be F5? – how about a Mac?)
    (as I’ve said, I wish were more tech savy)

    So far, no one has seconded these suggestions with a definitive affirmative that they work.
    I’m wondering if the program is fraud-proof. Actually, I would prefer that, then the other side can’t get around the system either, and the vote would reflect an accurate representation for once. Wouldn’t THAT be a kicker???!!!

    • Helen/Canada says:

      Sherry S
      None of the above you mentioned worked for me either. But I must say I do click really fast and multiple votes show. But again, as you said, it may be others voting at the same time. I agree with you, I wish there was a fraud proof system, so we could see that Adam would truly win based on his fans.

      • Lisette here..bonmatin Helen an Sherry I poste above an also thinq has somthing to do if yu av a fast connection on l’computer au laptop..but do try refresh..apres several temes it shold add heartes.An sometemes I know I requeste more with purchase,yet had glitch non seeing increase(2 day ago).Wish ther was a troubleshoot au place one can write email to complain of such things.Plese all reman positive an keep voting no mattre what..beliv Adam will be l’world Idol..for he’s been thes sans l’ evidente by so many fans from aronde l’ can see him in ranqs of Elvis,Michel Jackson,Beatles an Sinatra ..legende of l’millenium,an ange d’chansons! Luv Lisettexoxo

  12. I have the first recorded case of adamobsessism in the UK
    it is a chronic illnes and symptoms are:
    intermittent high temp
    constanf finger movements( website, that damned + sign)
    constant euphoric feelings( just imagining that man)

    Ooh well I can live with these.
    just checking are there any more sufferers?

    • Tracy, I recognise those symptoms all too well! We actually have a pandemic on our hands, you only have to look at the posts on this site! Once affected, there is NO return. Hugs, Ingrid

    • Dianne Hill says:

      Are there any more sufferers. Are you kidding, this site is loaded with them. I have been suffering from this terminal illness of Lambertitis since seeing him audition for Idol, didn’t know what I had way back then, there is no cure you know and it is a terminal condition, but never fatal. OMG isn’t he the most beautiful man you have ever seen in your life. Love, love, love him. One of the other symptoms of this “illness” is that it causes you to ramble on and on and on about anything to do with Adam.

    • Lisette here..bonmatin Tracy in UK bienvenue m’amie! ah yes all here yu too Ingrid m’South Africa cheramie..thinq we’re all addicted,have l’fever,been mesmerize,swept away,insomnia..oui even sans l’fibromyalgia..gatthre will be til I am blesse to see him in now a soloconcert despite reside in US..nevre feel yu gals are alone..Perhaps we can meet here in U.S as so many wishe can be.If we keepe wishing it shall be! hugs an luv Lisettexoxo..p.s. oui “Slepless in l’desert avec harvest moon,lightning yet no rain,now thunder so am here in candlelit apres lits flickering j’espere power dosnon go out.An feling as if l’Phantom is abote to appear here..Adam..An meante as complemente always..recall reading is one of his favorite plays(from his childhood).No more dreming for now..Luv to all glambs here in US,SouthAfrica,UK,South America,Asia,recall Scotland too..bienvenue,benevenuto some Italianos(Silvana know yu say yu’re famille is from Northern I av cousines ther.Lugano(Switzerland..anyone from ther is welcome too! Swet dremes all!
      Luv Lisettexoxo

  13. Evette #419 says:

    I can’t believe the tour is coming to an end. I’m kinda glad. I know all the idols need their rest and can now move onto their own projects, but I’m also kinda sad. I’m excited for the future and all the great stuff ADAM is going to do, but what if I don’t get an ADAM post every day?!?!?!? I need my daily dose of ADAM!! As for voting…I’m growing a callous on my voting finger. At least the margin between ADAM and the “other” idol is widening again!!!

  14. What the heck,man? I’ve been waiting for “+” to show up but till now,still no!! What??!!missing in actiion? COME ON!!!! Grrrr,Gosh, I’m surprise with myself,I never become like this when it comes to voting especially in election! My mom kinda have to drag me to vote, but here I am, too excited to vote?? There’s seriously something wrong with me!! Where’s “+” ?? SHOW UP ALREADY,CLAYYYYYY,DID YOU STAEL IT??

    • me too adam addict it is almost 40 minutes the +sign is not appearing.i want to vote before i sleep. still awake talked to my bestfriend. ha ha ha! is it possible somebody is doing the cheating? upset…………

    • Yeah! I’m pretty sure it’s been over 20 minutes! What’s happening???

      • OK— one minute later than above post— It is back!

        • Try restart your computer. I just did that and the sign is back!! I should try that long time ago!! Grrr, what was I thinking!! I’m too pissed, I didn’t think clearly!!

          • ~sigh~ I click many2 times and not a single vote that was in!!! Something is wrong today!! I’m too fed up to talk!!

  15. Sue, Glamb#10. Your commitment to the Glambs is unquestionnable. On your back and still keeping us posted (excuse the pun)! You have and are still interacting with us all the way, which is great! You are leading but one still get’s the feeling that you are one of ‘US’. For that you have earned a … MEGA MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMWAH!

  16. HELLO AGAIN GLAMBS: Just a little note to let you all know that Adam is 2,890 votes ahead of the competition as of 2:43 pm PST…that is more to my liking, but boy, aren’t they the most persistent little buggers? We’ve gotta SQUASH ’em!

    • It’s 6:12am, I’ve been working really hard today.I’m so proud of myself.LOL!!Although twitter have problem just now, but I didn’t give up! Hee hee,I’m the ultimate world voter!! LOL!! Well,you guys too! Nite,nite!! I’ll vote again tomorrow and keep voting guys!! Mwah!!

  17. The Idols must all be feeling much better, according to their tweets. Kris is going to sing tonight, and Matt said he was a lot better. Wonder if Adam is feeling better too. Hope so, even though he gives it is all regardless of how he feels. Can you imagine what would happen if an announcement was made that he wasn’t going to sing????

  18. OMG I just got home from work and YOU GIRLS ROCK !!!!!!!! Adam is more than 3000 votes ahead of that other guy.. GREAT JOB GLAMBS !!! Now that I am home I will help with the voting again.. WE ROCK… ADAM SHOULD BE SO PROUD OF HIS ADAM FAMILY.. GREAT JOB GALS.

  19. Hi Guys,

    I just wanted you to know I am a fan of Clay AND of Adam, and there are a lot of us out there. The fan wars are a stupid waste of time, so don’t get caught up in them. The main thing is that they are both great singers and great musicians. And PLEASE don’t believe everything you read by so called Clay fans, OR Adam fans for that matter. There are plenty of people out there who will claim to be something just to stir the pot, then sit back and laugh while the fan bases go to war. I don’t let them get to me anymore.

    I am also a fan of Elton John, and would love to have him write a song for Adam, but I’d be kind of surprised. He rarely writes songs for anyone else. Of course, he’s been writing a lot more things that aren’t for himself with all of his shows, so you never know!

    About the fan sites you pay for, they are the official fan clubs. Almost all artists have them, and Adam probably will eventually too. I belong to both Elton’s and Clay’s, and will join Adam’s when his gets going. You get perks like presale tickets, gifts you can’t buy anywhere, special blogs or Q&A with them, chances for meet and greets, (I’ve been lucky enough to win a M&G from BOTH Elton and Clay!), and so on. Elton used to do video blogs, and I loved it! I wish he would start again.

    Sorry to jump in out of nowhere, but I go to quite a few Adam sites to keep up with what’s going on, and saw this one and started reading. It hurts my heart to see the fans of two of my favorite guys going at each other. We are really more alike than different, with a love for great music and great guys with big hearts.

    BTW, I was upset with Clay too initially about his comments, but they were made in what was supposed to be his private fan club site in response to a direct question about Adam. He had only seen ROF, and just as most of the country, didn’t like it very much. But it was stolen from his site and published to stir the fan bases, and that’s exactly what happened. To his credit, he did apologize and said he really didn’t think Adam would care what he said anyhow. But that part didn’t get spread around so much. Gee, go figure.

    Also, I was lucky enough to see the AI Tour in Greensboro last month, and thought Adam stole the show! But of course you know that. LOL!



    • Lily, I used to be an ardent fan of Clay’s (hurts me to say the name) but I am so totally an Adam fan. Yes, he kind-of apologised. I have difficulty with grey areas. Either you apologise or you don’t. He has a good voice but for me, Adam wins hands-down in all departments. Lily, I respect your opinion completely and you ARE entitled to an opinion. Whether he said it to his fans, my take on it is that it is NOT cool. This is one of the reasons why Adam stands head and shoulders above the rest. He acknowledges other artists and idols. … but, as I said, to each his own.

      We’re still cool, Glamb friend! Mmmmmmmwah

  20. Hi all, just back from the Twitter trenches, and hey, AdamAddict, I found a group from Brazil and one from Switzerland and numerous others from North America, and I heartily introduced myself, told them about us, and asked them all to vote every 15 minutes for Adam…there were a couple of sites I visited on Twitter that were super good ones, they also are totally up on things about Adam and are pushing the vote, too. Oh, and as of 5:58 pm PST, Adam is 3,024 votes ahead…onward fellow Glambs!

    (I know everyone’s going to be glad when this is over, but I must admit it IS quite a lot of fun talking to all these amazing new people, in fact one of the most amazing ones was actually called ‘amazing pig’, isn’t that something? She was a HUGE Adam fan, and had a great Twitter site for him.)

    • Adam is doing Tweeter Party!Ask him questions!!!

      • Thank you, gala, for your note, but I just missed the party by one hour, rats! But I did manage to drum up some more votes, and people have been answering me on Twitter and telling me they’ve been voting! I’ve also picked up 6 new followers. I just have to say, folks that it looks like there will be another hard battle tonight (our night in the Western Hemisphere), Adam has dropped by about 300 votes since 6 pm PST, but he still leads by 1,791 votes. The vote count is now Adam at 98,992 and Clay Aiken at 97,201. Whoever is doing the Aiken vote is either voting furiously in the wee hours on our side of the world, or is on the other side of the world somewhere, where I don’t know. Well, we’ll just have to do what we can do….”When things get tough, the tough vote for Adam Lambert”.. Love to you all tonight!

        • Dianne Hill says:

          Hi Lorrin, I’ve just been to vote again, here in Christchurch New Zealand it is 6.47pm on Sunday night, Adam is on 99587 and that other person is on 98135, they are closing the gap again, better not be any Clay fans over here in New Zealand, if I find any I will have to stamp them out. Only 3 more days, 17 hours and 10 minutes to go. At least the end is in sight, sort of!!! My fingers are getting tired of all this clicking, but I would do anything for Adam, absolutely anything.

          • I’m here, Diane, thank you so much for all your hard work with that stupid little voting box, don’t you hate that thing? You know, it occurs to me in the future that this ‘other person’s’ fans may try this again. After we get done with this one, maybe we ought to try some other kind of campaign…those Twitterwall contests are so all-consuming, and it is obvious someone wants to make Adam and his fans look foolish. But, as for THIS contest, I say ‘damn the torpedoes and full speed ahead!’ WE know who our Adam Lambert is, and so does EVERYBODY ELSE, and who knows, maybe one of these days, we’ll even be able to smoke that little Aiken fan-imp out of the wall and see who it was who was doing all this mean and evil voting against us!

            Love and thanks to all of you again in your beautiful New Zealand, from 12:42 pm early Sunday morning…

    • Lisette here..ah Lorrin look above I just mentioning apres seeing anothre amie from UK espressing her luv for Adam..I too av famille in Lugano Switzerlande,Abruzzi Italie an few in Provence France..I av tolde them to joine here..nevre know.What is linq for Switzerlande one..plese twitter if yu know..hugs an bisous Luv Lisettexoxo

      • Lisette, I would LOVE to know more of your personal and family story, perhaps one day…as you know, I spoke with the Swiss Adam fans tonight and asked them to vote and sent my greetings, I will invite them over here, too…love to you tonight…

      • Lisette, the Swiss speak French and a Swiss-German, mostly. Some near the Italian border know Italian.

  21. Sue and Lorrin and other Glambs

    I think someone hacked into the voting system of the Ultimate World Idol. I watched the figures closely as I refreshed the page. Even without clicking on a + sign on Adam’s icon/picture one or two votes are added to his total number of votes. But at the same time 3 or 5 votes are added to CA’s total number of votes!

    I think this is what one blogger has mentioned about the ‘scam’ that happens at the Tweeter Wall of Fame. I really could not figure out how exactly it is being done but this looks like a hoax contest to me! And we are all sweating it out as honestly as can be.

    Our very dedicated and hardworking Glambs leaders, shall we put up with this sham?

    I feel so frustrated, really!

    • Pat/Canada, I think you are right, and I am writing Twitter tomorrow…thanks for all your help up there in the fair North! See you tomorrow!

      • Lorrin..m’amie oh non now..perhaps we’re all going to be compromise even thout site says hacker safe when paying by paypal for more tweeterwall heartes..Der god non agan..I was hacked as I av written on my myspace page before Adam was famous in commence of his Amer.Idol had identitie theft,an got more spyware/virus protectione,etc.Am going to send angel prayres an benedictions to all glambs..But tis best to looke into thes thenks Pat Canada for sharing with us here!..oh lord imagaine if they av hacke into our bankcardes,etc..Now thinq Im non going to sleep apres reading thes note! Bless all here Luv Lisettexoxo

        • Oh no, Lisette, I had no idea this was happening…maybe we can discuss this more tomorrow. Sending angels to you, Adam and his gang, and all the Glambs and Adam fans tonight..

    • zingoglitter says:

      I noticed the same thing I’ve been voting so much I started to notice when I voted and hit refresh Clay’s votes went up so I started watching each idol slot and Clay’s is the only one moving at the same time This does seem strange. I looked for a way to contact twitter to look into it. Does anyone know how to contact the twitter wall?

      • they might have switched adam’s voting site to the other guy! i believe there is something devilish about this. might be a computer expert who is a fan of the other is working about it.they are playing at us’I hope we can do something to stop whatever is wrong before it is too late we have only 3 days to go.weekend might also be a factor. i LOVE DOING IT LIKE YESTERDAY TWEET IT EVERYTIME POST IT EVERYWHERE TO REALLY VOTE FOR ADAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Makes a lot of sense! Scumbags!!!!


  23. Fellow Glambs, I decided to infiltrate ‘enemy lines’ again tonight, and I have to say that it is almost too much to dive into the Clay Aiken fan world. I wandered all over Twitter and saw that his fan base is very poorly organized, and no one has the intelligence and saavy among his fans that are found in the Adam Lambert fan groups. I found one site on Twitter that is supposedly the ‘official’ Twitter site of Clay Aiken. Oddly enough, the photo avatar they use for Clay is the very same one used on the Twitterwall World Idol site we see every day, which I thought was unusual. Also, the Twitter site for Clay is not run by him personally, but by his ‘team’. I wondered greatly about this ‘team’, but they are nowhere to be found, they are hiding behind that Clay Aiken website which you cannot enter unless you are a paid member. I then went over to another link I found from Twitter and found a virulent, anti-Adam website, which was spewing ridiculous things about Adam….you do not want to know about it, believe me. I just wanted you to know that whenever I see these dreadful comments against our beloved Adam, I write for all I’m worth an answer and place it right on their site with the others. I want you to read what I just wrote on that site…hearing what they had to say about Adam is too awful to talk about, and I am NOT going to talk about it, and I don’t want any of their words brought over here EVER. But here is what I said to them, and I wasn’t the only one speaking for Adam, thank goodness:

    “Adam Lambert is the New King of Rock and Roll, and the greatest Voice of the New Millenium. Nothing you can say or do will change the fact that he has the greatest vocal range and control of any living popular singer. He will be THE new superstar of this generation, and will set the bar so high, no one will be able to overtake him. Not only is he a superb singer, he is a beautiful man, and the countless videos of Adam meeting the public in endless stressful meet and greet lines, as well as being accosted all across the country by eager fans will attest to his humility, humanity, kindness, gentleness, and loving nature. Ever since Adam Lambert flashed like a supernova on the music and cultural scene, jealous fans of other singers have sought to malign Adam’s character and beautiful gifts. As the member of a worldwide Adam Lambert fan club, I am here to tell you that the one and ONLY person who will cast his huge shadow across this new millenium in music will be Adam Lambert. There is and never has been, ANY comparison to his greatness throughout music history.”

    So, dear Glambs, I am certain there is someone devoted enough and technically able enough to bedevil this voting contest between Adam and Aiken, but finding out about it is more than I know how to do. But I just wanted you to know I tried very hard to find out, and I will never stop trying to learn more about what is happening, and to ‘get out the vote’ for Adam Lambert!…love to all you Glambs tonight!

    • Lisette here…cher Lorrin eloquance an lovli sentimentes place for Adam an absolute no comparisons in talente ..vraimente Adam has estraordinaire vocal ranges,octaves,perfete tones an resonance early on from his childhood was apparent as he commence musique theatre..his is a gifte from above,blesse avec voix celestial,face angelique an hearte d’or.An know as I av mentione infinitie times agree thet Adam is a legende of our millenium,future generations to come,adored aronde l’worlde,by all ages,from children,teens,twenties till grandparentes,both sexes, truly now am fearful reading above post thet othre glamb mentione can be a sham..An j’espere nooone will av identitie I av say too thet even when placing more heartes an using paypal..I didnon alway see increase in heartes,like a fool I bought now reviewing statement..I av actual see they tooke more in cash then I av actual requested..I do hope thes site is non hacked into as one mentioning above..All be vigilante an cheque thet yur bankcardes are non compromise alrite..blessings an angels to garde over all! Lisettexoxo

    • Dianne Hill says:

      Lorrin, I had heard about Adam haters from someone else but did not want to believe it. I don’t know how anyone can not love him as we do and if they don’t love him then at least like him as a person as a fantastic talented man. I don’t understand these people in the slightest and I never ever want to go to a site that has that sort of mentality, it is frightening beyond belief that that they would go as far as they are obviously doing. The scary thing is, where will they stop. I joined that hearts thing but found it all too confusing so never bothered with it again. I am really glad now after reading your comments and Lisette’s. How horrible. All we want to do is celebrate the beauty and talent and love of one man, but we can’t let them beat us and I don’t mean with the voting, that seems to be a waste of time now if it is all a sham and that is what they have made it look like, a complete sham. Let us hope that there is someone that can sort it all out, I am not technically competent for any of that stuff unfortunately.

    • LORRIN; This is so good, your Post to stand up for ” our boy ” . It is so hard to believe that everybody doesn’t reconize that his voice and looks are so great !! What is wrong with these people, are they tone deaf, can’t they hear that beautiful voice. I understand their fear of Adam because his sexy looks are over-powering, something we haven’t had to deal with ever!!! NONE have ever measured up to what Adam has and for some people they don’t know how to deal with their feelings for Adam, they want to hate him for bringing their feeling alive. Hey, I have a crazy idea, maybe,,just maybe,, God gave us Adam to show us what we should be wanting in a man~~~ then with God’s sense of humor~~~ he has Adam be Gay~~~ now no matter the age we are affected by Adam but, we can’t have him, females that is, just a thought, mine for a minute, subject to change at any given moment !!!!


      • Thank you dear Lee M, for your lovely comments….you know, I thought something similar about Adam…..Adam is a man many women find absolutely irresistible, but he is unavailable… thought is that Adam would not be ‘who’ he is without the difference in his sexuality…..he would not be as perceptive, as deep, as articulate, as aware, as expressive, as loving, as kind, as open-minded, as sweet, as caring, as dear, as thoughtful, as friendly, as accessible, or as sexy if he were a straight man….as I have said many times before, it is the duality of his inner nature that makes him the powerful and charismatic being that he is….what ‘men’ could be if suddenly changed into the ‘ideal’…

    • zingoglitter says:

      Lorrin -what wonderful words for our Adam ! you speak so well for us. I will not give up my voting quest however I wish someone could look into this. Adam has so many fans and from what you found out about Clay’s fan group it does not seem possible they have organized this.


    • Lorrin I am all the way behind you, what these idiots do not realise is that Adam Lambert fans are united, we love our King of Rock, no way are these indignificant few going to divert the course of the King of Rock. Lorrin my outmost RESPECT to you.

    • Helen/Canada says:

      O Lorrin, so well said. BRAVO. I wrote in a previous post to you how I felt about these haters and I won’t give them any more of my time. They are simply not worth it. But you are so right in that you said Adam is and will be a Superstar and there is nothing they can do about it. So, go ahead, spill your hate, it won’t do any good and in the long run they are now and will be the LOSERS!


  25. Lily says:
    September 12, 2009 at 6:01 pm
    Hi Guys,

    I just wanted you to know I am a fan of Clay AND of Adam, and there are a lot of us out there. The fan wars are a stupid waste of time, so don’t get caught up in them. The main thing is that they are both great singers and great musicians. And PLEASE don’t believe everything you read by so called Clay fans, OR Adam fans for that matter. There are plenty of people out there who will claim to be something just to stir the pot, then sit back and laugh while the fan bases go to war. I don’t let them get to me anymore.

    I am also a fan of Elton John, and would love to have him write a song for Adam, but I’d be kind of surprised. He rarely writes songs for anyone else. Of course, he’s been writing a lot more things that aren’t for himself with all of his shows, so you never know!

    About the fan sites you pay for, they are the official fan clubs. Almost all artists have them, and Adam probably will eventually too. I belong to both Elton’s and Clay’s, and will join Adam’s when his gets going. You get perks like presale tickets, gifts you can’t buy anywhere, special blogs or Q&A with them, chances for meet and greets, (I’ve been lucky enough to win a M&G from BOTH Elton and Clay!), and so on. Elton used to do video blogs, and I loved it! I wish he would start again.

    Sorry to jump in out of nowhere, but I go to quite a few Adam sites to keep up with what’s going on, and saw this one and started reading. It hurts my heart to see the fans of two of my favorite guys going at each other. We are really more alike than different, with a love for great music and great guys with big hearts.

    BTW, I was upset with Clay too initially about his comments, but they were made in what was supposed to be his private fan club site in response to a direct question about Adam. He had only seen ROF, and just as most of the country, didn’t like it very much. But it was stolen from his site and published to stir the fan bases, and that’s exactly what happened. To his credit, he did apologize and said he really didn’t think Adam would care what he said anyhow. But that part didn’t get spread around so much. Gee, go figure.

    Also, I was lucky enough to see the AI Tour in Greensboro last month, and thought Adam stole the show! But of course you know that. LOL!



    Ingrid says:
    September 13, 2009 at 11:12 am
    Lily, I used to be an ardent fan of Clay’s (hurts me to say the name) but I am so totally an Adam fan. Yes, he kind-of apologised. I have difficulty with grey areas. Either you apologise or you don’t. He has a good voice but for me, Adam wins hands-down in all departments. Lily, I respect your opinion completely and you ARE entitled to an opinion. Whether he said it to his fans, my take on it is that it is NOT cool. This is one of the reasons why Adam stands head and shoulders above the rest. He acknowledges other artists and idols. … but, as I said, to each his own.

    We’re still cool, Glamb friend! Mmmmmmmwah


    Hi Ingrid,

    Thanks for taking the time to read and answer me. I was afraid I had wasted my time because it took a while to get posted. I may be sorry I asked, but what on earth could take you from an “ardent fan” who would subsequently know all the good things he has done and props he has given to so many performers, to one who can’t stand to say the name? I know some fans were upset when Clay came out, but that couldn’t be the problem if you love Adam. Just curious.

    I have found several people on AI that I love and follow, and I hate the way they try to make you turn on one of their old idols to love a new one. It totally plays into their game while they make millions and the kids get stuck with a draconian contract that steals most of their money until they can get away from it. Some people feel Adam was lucky to come in second place, but I really don’t think his contract is any better than the winner’s. They lock them all in until they decide if they want to use them or throw them to the wolves. Luckily, the industry in general is more open to AI contestants now than they were the first few seasons. But true talent will shine through no matter what, and I expect Adam to have a great career.

    Thanks for letting me be a part and state my opinions here, even though I support both of them. There is room for them both in the music industry, just not in the world of AI I guess. I just wish it didn’t spawn so much hate for such good people, on all sides. Sigh.


  26. Lily, I never said I hate ‘Clay’ and yes you did not imply that I did. If you saw some of my previous posts, and my not saying ‘Clay’s’ name in the context of those discussions, it would make sense (post in reference to my son, Clayton). Clay Aiken has a beautiful voice, but beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Clay’s beautiful voice does not define who he is because there is much more to one than just a face or a voice. It was not just what he said but HOW he said it. I am always intrigued by what sits behind what people say and the maliciousness of it all, unfortunately does not sit well with me. Clay’s comment also smacked of arrogance and this I found disappointing. Do I still think he has a beautiful voice???? Yes, but not nearly as good a voice as Adam’s.

    Lily, to me Adam is not just a talented AI contestant, but the most talented contestant by far. He is beautiful, has a beautiful voice (putting it mildly), has a beautiful free spirit and brings with him a beautiful message which he communicates to the World at a time when all is not so beautiful. In fact, to me Adam is the most talented singer I have ever experienced – just my humble opinion.

    From my side, it is all good! Hugs, Ingrid

    • … and Lily, I look forward to your future posts! Mmwah, Ingrid

      • Oh! forget to respond to the bit about Clay coming out! Lily, that is SO not an issue with me.

        • I said it before, I don’t mind anyone here like Clay.It’s their choice! But you know, it’s Adam’s sites so of course we defending our guy! And I dislikes Clay after what he said. And the way he apologized??!! But but but,too many but so whatever!! I just wonder in Clay’s sites,are they really never talk about Adam? I bet there’s few said something bad also and defending their guy especially now! Just saying you know! This Clay talk will end in few days,sorry but just too hard not to talk about it. Really pissed me off!! I want Adam to win badly,I voted too long now, I wish for a happy ending! I’m not mad or hate at Clay’s fans unless they’re bashing Adam,that’s a different story!!

  27. Ingrid,

    I’m so glad you didn’t think I was saying all that to you, or that you hated Clay. The first paragraph was to you, but then I was sort of addressing the things I have seen around the boards. I was just saying in general how sad it is that so many idol fans end up hating the other idols because of the fan wars.

    Thanks for explaining what you thought about Clay’s comment on ROF. I have an interesting story I’ll tell you. My mom also watches AI, and kept asking me about the “boy with the black hair”. LOL! She couldn’t remember his name, but she could remember his voice. I kept telling her his name was Adam, and he was still in it. Well, after ROF, she called me and said “That was awful, I guess he’ll be going home.” This from someone who knows music as a singer, and who LIKED him! I told her no, I’m sure he would stay, and that I thought he sang it great, but it was just very different. As I talked to a lot of people the next day, I found that same sentiment. Now, knowing that was the ONLY song Clay saw Adam sing, I’m not surprised he thought it was contrived and scary. Clay is a southern Baptist just like my mom, and Adam admittedly was pushing the envelope that night. I LOVED it, and it’s one of my most listened to performances, but I understand where people were coming from who didn’t like it, and try not to let that form my opinion of their tastes.

    I’m certainly not going to debate with you who has the most beautiful voice, because as you said, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I think they both have gorgeous voices, with different strengths, but both can sing almost anything. I think Adam’s “Bend To Me” is one of the most beautiful things I have ever heard, but I also loved it when he sang “Feelin’ Good” and “Black or White”. They are just different. I also think Clay’s live version of “I Can’t Make You Love Me” is breathtaking, but love “When Doves Cry” and “Where The Streets Have No Name” too. I like a wide variety of music and singers, so I guess that’s why I like to watch AI and discover talent you might not find if they didn’t have that chance.

    You’re right, I didn’t read enough to know your son’s name! I bet that has been interesting sometimes.


    • so he is a christian? why his choice of words are so disgusting??????????

    • Lily, as I said, it is all good! Hugs, Ingrid

      • Lots here not a fan of Clay.You are his fan, I’m fine with it. But your statement “I also think Clay’s live version of “I Can’t Make You Love Me” is breathtaking, but love “When Doves Cry” and “Where The Streets Have No Name” too. ” I don’t want to know that, I don’t care!! But Lily, you are Adam’s fan, you said nothing bad about him, you said nothing bad about us, so we’re so cool! 🙂 But please don’t compliment Clay here, I can’t hear it! Here’s the deal, I will try not to bash Clay! Although it’s hard because now Clay leading again,WTH??!! You vote ADAM,right? Don’t split votes,alright!Hee hee, can’t do that to our Adam! Let’s continue voting Adam and only talk about him! Good? ~nodding~
        Emili ~peace to all~

  28. Hey AdamAddict,

    Your post went up while I was writing mine. I totally agree that people should not be hating on other idols. That’s what I was talking about. I feel caught in the middle sometimes on Clay and Adam boards because I like them both. But I haven’t seen anyone bashing Adam on my boards, but there are other boards out there I don’t belong to where it might be happening. Open forums with no moderation get brutal toward just about everybody. Lots of people just love to stir trouble and watch it boil. I’m not one of them, that’s for sure. 🙂


    • i watched it to prove. gorgeous but doesn’t hve the phenominal gravity as adam. i also saw him play in are you smarter than a 5th grader, also gorgeous’ only his facial expression is gayer tha any gays.we all have the right who we like. i haven’t watch his season but i know he is better than the winner i just hope he will be able to bring his sparkle back.

      • i know you understand that we love and protect adam here. there is full of love and fun here’ just fun……..

        • Perlee,
          I watched Clay in “Smarter than 5th grader” too! At that time, he hasn’t made that statement yet. I watched it, I think he’s kinda funny. I watched him performing in A.I (not as contestant, I didn’t watch A.I at the beginning) When he performed, I also think he has good voice. I don’t hate him but I also not a fan.
          But after he said something awful about Adam,I’m pissed because he had no respect to Adam. Doesn’t he know that Adam is newcomer,he’s a senior,whatever he said,people heard!Not cool!! I know people don’t care what he said but he said it and Adam can hear it!! He’s not some like us, we hate it, we express it, and the celebrity won’t care!Because we are nobody!But Clay is a celebrity,it’s not appropriate to bash another celebrity especially to a newcomer!That can kill him but thank goodness,Adam is not ordinary newcomer!Adam is different,so nothing can take him down! Phew!! And, Lily, I hope you understand,like Perlee said here, we love Adam and we are just trying to defend our guy here.You can defend Clay too but please not here.If you want to say anything good about him, please go to his sites! I just can’t stand it! Let’s all of us just have fun talking about Adam! 🙂 Keep voting guys!!

  29. THere are only 500 plus votes separating Adam Lambert and Clay Aiken on the World Idol Vote. These Claymates must stay up all night or are doing power voting. Please vote every 20 mins. for Adam–can’t let clay take over and win.


  30. This is ” CRAZY ‘! CLAY IS JUST JEALOUS OF ADAM. ADAM WILL BE KNOW WORLD WIDE AS SIMONE SAYS! Adam is hot! Talented. gorgeous!



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