TOUR VIBE – American Idol Summer Tour 2009 – Indianapolis, In

****UPDATED WITH VIDEO****Here’s a really entertaining video from the show of Adam and Allison. He starts with a very heartfelt thank you to US, the fans. I’m not going to lie, I replayed that kiss once or twice, MWAH! I realized that the really playful side of Adam makes me want to jump up on that stage and take that whip and….oh sorry I guess i’d better keep that thought to myself HA-HA(insert evil laugh here). They really seem to be loving this whole experience don’t they? I know I would. Take a peek and enjoy. . First of all, let me say a HUGE hello to everyone. I am the “Sue” you ‘ve all been hearing about. I am taking the reins from Jeanette for this last chunk of the tour. I can tell you up front that although I will not be as amazing as Jeanette, I will do my best to try and fill her shoes. She has done a tremendous job. If there are things that I am forgetting to do feel free to let me know. .
Secondly, I followed those busses out of Madison and I can officially say they are on their way to Indianapolis, Indiana. They will be playing this concert at the Conseco Fieldhouse on September 5th. Anyone that happens to be going, please remember to share your pictures/photos with us by sending them to I know I always look forward to seeing that beautiful face.
Lastly, I am just getting home from another of the greatest nights of my life. I am completely exhausted but completely satisfied as well. Not only was I able to meet up with Jeanette, I was also able to share a second night of Adam’s amazingness with my daughter. We had such a great time… Thanks, most importantly, to Adam for giving us these wonderful gifts each and every night. . I am looking forward to talking with you guys… after I get a little bit of sleep! zzzzzz…….

Sue…XO…Glamb #10


  1. Sue, a thousand million welcomes…we look forward to seeing a lot of you and writing with you here on these pages, and sharing all our love for Adam and each other. Jeanette is indeed a great Glamb leader, and we loved having her here with us very much, and we look forward to hearing from her again after she returns from her time of rest and recuperation. I’m thrilled to hear that you and your daughter got to see Adam, and that you got to see him twice…I look forward to hearing your recap of those events in the morning. You also are one of those ‘mythical’ Glambs who has a very ‘small’ Glamb #, which is so amazing….I know that we will all have a great time together with you leading us in the days to come, as we all share our love for our beloved Adam and each other. We will definitely be glad to help in any way we can, we are all full of information, as you know! Welcome again, and we look forward to your leadership and to many more good times together during these last days of the tour!

    • lovemyadam says:

      Hey Lorrin… well a thousand million thank you’s to you! That’s awesome. I don’t know about “mythical” but I AM one of the Top Ten Glambs and VERY proud of it. I will put together a little recap for everyone after I see what Jeanette has for us. Even though Adam did not come out, my daughter and I weren’t sad because we realized how blessed we were to be able to see him twice in three days. Plus, he at least let’s you know he won’t be coming and then he throws a twitter party unlike the others that just keep their fans waiting. Thank you again for all of your support…. here’s to much more Adam in our future!

      XO…Sue…Glamb #10

  2. I was just over on Twitter, and what do I see? Here, in Adam’s own words: ” Not coming out tonight.. gonna rest my throat 🙂 Madison: you guys were amazin! Had me wailin! But I WILL do a Twitter party!!!!” I guess that means that Jeanette didn’t get a chance to see Adam after the Madison show, and I missed another Twitter Party, I am shocked…both times Adam called a party, and I missed them both…imagine my surprise as I saw strings of questions all over my Twitter home page, of dozens of people asking Adam all kinds of questions, mostly about what kind of music he liked. Well, I will have to keep a closer watch next time..

    • Lisette bienvenue Sue!..plasur to read yur post..An so agree cheramie Lorrin thet Jeanette has done a magnifique job as glambs leadre an infinite articles,interviews,photos,linqs,video uploads of AItour with beau Adam,an sharing her trasure evenings seeing 4 concertes.Truly devoted to Adam an all his glambs international fans,amies,both femmes an l’hommes to celebrate Adam’s artistry par escellance! So do reste now Sue sure sounde like yu’ll too trasur seeing thes concerte for yers to come with yur daughter an meeting Jeanette..Sorry too she didnon meet up with Adam ther..but seein last photos she took Adam appear tresbeau in closups..ah if only to see Adam’s eyes l’azure bleu,his face an voix angelique..know one day it wil be so! An yes Lorrin re: twittre I too learne too late of thes lovli twitter pary..once agan to ball afrad l’prince has now gone to monbeau do plese hold anothre party soon..An wolde be nice to know here ahead of teme..’C’est lavie where Adam’s concerne sure to be more to follow..Im forever l’eternal optomiste anyway! Many hugs an luv to all Lorrin,Jeanette reste an enjoie time away..miss yu! Sue plasur agan an perhaps can help somhow!
      Luv always Lisettexoox

      • lovemyadam says:

        Bon jour Lisette… You are always so sweet. Thank you for your kind words and we will be enjoying many Adam moments together soon!! As far as that twitter party goes, I am thankful once again to our Adam as his tweets where what kept me focused on our 2 hour drive home! Gotta love him… XO…Sue

        • Lisette here..avec plasur cheramie Sue an look forwarde to seeing more of yur articles an yes we celebrate beau Adam’s artistry an musique par escellance..Ah imagaine l’tweeter pary was lot of fun..J’espere he’ll av I soo wish to be ontime ..if only I hed clairvoyance an can channel when Adam was holding next must try an develop being an into astrology,spiritualistic readin books on “Sylvia Browne” But til then just tune into thes channel of Adam’s best tribute page with kindhearted gals/fellows share ther jubilation,adoration an amour for Adam always! many hugs an luv Lisettexoxo



  3. AdamAddict says:


    • AdamAddict says:

      I’m sorry I have to post this in the latest thread.I got worried every single day.Now only about 3,000 votes that separate them apart! When is the close date? Just close it all-ready! Aargh, guys vote Adam,come on!! Anyone can beat Adam except Clay!! NOOOO!!

      P/S: Guys, check out on your right,COUNTDOWN TIMER-ADAM’S DEBUT CD RELEASE DATE!! I can’t stop looking at the seconds! LOL!! But in Malaysia, I probably have to wait a bit longer! And again, WELCOME SUE! You will be just fine 🙂

      • Please don’t apologize. I need those reminders. Every time you post it here or I see it in the chat I run to the site and vote. I have discovered that if you hit the plus sign twice (really fast) you can sometimes get 2 votes. I agree ANYONE BUT CLAY.


      • Hey AdamAddict, I just went over to the Twitterwall to vote (I voted many times for Adam), and the voting boxes on all of the contestants are disabled, they’re gone. So, does this mean the voting is over, or what? It looks like Adam is about 3000 votes ahead of that ‘Clay’ person, and that is too close for comfort, in my opinion..

        • Scratch that, the boxes are up and running again (that was weird, now why did that happen?), so everyone be sure to VOTE, again and again….oh, and I also couldn’t find a closing date, when is the voting over?

      • What does that little heart with numbers next to it mean under the pix?

      • AdamAddict, I’m on it!

        Glaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaambs, listen up, AdamAddict (aka our official tweeter competition watch dog) is telling us that Clay is breathing down Adam’s neck. Please, just remember how this guy attacked Adam, so please vote. We don’t want a repeat of the AI finale! She has even left link so there is no excuse.

        • Ingrid,
          LMAO!! “our official tweeter competition watch dog” Hahaha!!What the…??!! Hee hee!!Whatever!!LOL!! But guys,Clay is not only breathing down Adam’s neck,he is so close!!! Clay’s cock almost touching Adam cute,firm butt! WE HAVE TO KEEP CLAY AWAY AS FAR AS WE CAN FROM OUR ADAM!! MUST!! VOTEEEEE!!! Grrr,woof,woof!!Gosh,that’s sound like a poodle!How the sound of the most fierce dog?…WHO CARES,NO TIME TO DISCUSS HOW THE DOG SOUNDS,VOTEEEE MY FRIEND GLAMBS!!

    • lovemyadam says:

      Thank you very much…XO…Sue

  4. Nice to meet you Sue! 🙂

  5. AdamAddict says:

    Have you read this article? I just love the part ” “But don’t you want to get in the picture?” He is such sweetheart!!
    And someone post the whole tweeter party before but I can’t remember who!! Can someone post it here because I don’t know how! Not for me, for those who doesn’t have tweeter account!This time Adam reply with question that was asked so we don’t have to guess what the question were! This tweeter Q&A are really good!! Have to check that out! 🙂

    • AdamAddict thanks for posting the article, Adam is the centre of attraction on the AI tour, who can deny that he is extraordinary.

  6. Evette #419 says:

    Just wanted to welcome you, Sue! Can’t wait to read your posts!!

    • lovemyadam says:

      Evette, you are awesome for taking the time to welcome me. I really appreciate it. I hope I can give you all what you need for your Adam fix everyday! In my power, that is ha ha. Here’s to Adam! XO…Sue

  7. AdamAddict says:

    You guys already know about Adamfarted,right? They all said Adam farted but in tweeter party yesterday,someone asked him if he really farted and he said NO! So this become favourite tweet of the week!I can’t believe it! Poor Adam! LOL! Watch this Tweet Beat! It’s not that long because Adam’s was the first so you guys don’t have to watch the rest of it!

  8. Welcome Sue! Jeanette spoke so highly of you, looking forward to your posts!

    • lovemyadam says:

      Aww Thank You Peaches! I was thrilled to be able to meet Jeanette last night. We had a nice little chat. Looking forward to keeping you guys up on your Adam info. Hope I do o.k. Keeping my fingers crossed…XO…Sue

      • I’m sure you’ll be fabulous, and we totally appreciate the effort you’re putting into keeping the site up!

  9. AdamAddict says:

    I just paste Adam tweeter party here for you guys! Sue,don’t get mad,I know it’s out of topic but this is really good topic! Hee hee!!
    RT @Kradison4life: @adamlambert What’s your favorite Paula Abdul song? Cold Hearted.

    RT @JennieSez: @adamlambert Do you like trip hop, like Portishead? Favorite song? More of a Massive Attack kinda guy

    (interesting…Cheeks once said he “took one” to Massive Attack: GoCheeksGo RT @orosiefactor I lost my virginity to “Life in the Fast Lane”. – I took one to Massive Attack’s “Angel.” )

    RT @asouthernthing1: @adamlambert Burning Man: did you go just once or more? and would you go again? Went three years in a row. I loved it!!

    RT @burningSunset: @adamlambert FAVORITE SONG BY PINK? love I Dont Believe You off recent album. Also She’s Waiting for Love

    RT @Crystalownsyou: @Adamlambert favorite nine inch nails song? Closer. Siick video too

    RT @BOpeep__: @adamlambert hottest FEMALE celebrity? i have a girlcrush on megan fox lol. Evan Rachel Wood is gorgeous.

    RT @lovexgrace: @adamlambert FAVORITE GOLDFRAPP SONG? Utopia. Crystaline Green. Hairy Trees. Ooh La La. I love them all

    RT @83kat: @adamlambert fav Prince song ? Luvvv u Kiss

    RT @cherylagogo: RT @youlackcolor @ADAMLAMBERT SO, DID YOU FART OR NOT? Nope. Haha I was actually sleeping in my bunk. They were punking me

    RT @parfoomgirl: @adamlambert Favorite Madonna song? Frozen.

    RT @tkttjcccpgflu: @ADAMLAMBERT FAVORITE JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE SONG? Rock your body is hot. I also love My Love is siiick too. Future sex too

    RT @Renae_Hale: @adamlambert DO YOU LIKE MUSIC ON WHILE MAKING LOOOVE??? Yup

    RT @SheaGlambert: @adamlambert Does the Kradam thing bother Katy and Drake? Naw. They’ve hung out before too! Kradam calls them KAKE.

    RT @zacjones13: @adamlambert What’s your favorite Beatles song? Lucy in the sky and come together

    RT @iHeatherSliman: @adamlambert Funniest person on the bus?? Matt is hilarious.

    (LOL – That sound? Matt coming in his pants!)

    RT @bleh05: @adamlambert What’s your favorite food? I really like vegan food. It tastes really good.

    (awww Bleh got a question in!!!!)

    RT @RamaDimas: @adamlambert do you like Beyoncè? If so, whats ur favorite song?I loove her! Halo is gorgeous.

    RT @joshuastardust: @adamlambert old rumor about you eventually having a makeup line: true or BS? I just might…. unisex

    RT @katydid1994: @adamlambert what do you think of Mika’s new single, we are golden? It’s really different- I like!! The video is infectious

    RT @Cassadyranford: @adamlambert What’s your favorite musical? Mine right now is Spring Awakening! Jesus Christ Superstar and Hair

    RT @julzftw: @adamlambert How much do you love Ferras?!? I LOVE HIM SO MUCH. He’s so talented and hilarious too. @ohferras

    RT @adamlambert78: @adamlambert who is your favorite past american idol winner? Fantasia was so wild. She has the most flavor in my opinion

    RT @_morgans: @adamlambert Do you think you will have a clothing line? That would be fun. One thing at a time though…

    RT @Jerica_Png: @adamlambert IS THERE A POSSIBILITY FOR YOU TO DO A TOUR ON ASIA??? I’d looove to! If the album is successful, I prob will!

    RT @AVRILHAAY: @adamlambert favourite michael jackson song? Thriller.

    RT @stephfalco: @adamlambert What is your favourite Katy Perry song? I kissed a girl was in my head for months.

    RT @fayeblanco: @adamlambert what do u think of collaborating with christina aguilera and lady gaga? I would loooove to. They’re both badass

    RT @Melissa4Adam: @adamlambert Brian May is raving about your song for 2012. What kind of sound is it? Classic rock ballad.Earthy and catchy

    RT @ReturnofMars: @adamlambert Adam, have you seen the Automatic video? Yes it’s fresh!

    RT @ItzDaSara: @adamlambert Are you on Team Edward or Team Jacob?! I’m also a big Twilight fan! I have to say, Jacob! He was so good to her

    RT @AnnieWT: @adamlambert – how many tracks will be on your new album? Prob 12 ish.

    RT @i_hEaRtSkiTtLEz: @adamlambert have you heard the new muse song called uprising? cause its AMAZING!!!! It’s siiick

    RT @hasan657: @adamlambert have you ever been to australia? Yes. Sydney was Very cool. The poeple there are frendly and so down to earth

    RT @JUST_PIXELS: @adamlambert DO YOU LIKE GUNS N’ ROSES? IF SO, WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE SONG OF THEIRS? Umm yes! Sweet Child O mine for sure

    RT @KissMySassFace: @adamlambert PLEASE TELL ME WHAT A COCONUT GHOST IS. Whaaaaat? You tell ME. Never heard of that.

    RT @AwesomeGal1967: @adamlambert what are you MOST looking forward to after the tour? the album! moving into my new place, seein friends!

    RT @LaurenKay1994: @adamlambert adam, will you buying tokio hotel’s new album?? (which comes out october 6th!!) hell yeah I will.

    RT @laurenholleyy: @ADAMLAMBERT WHO’S BETTER MUSE OR BOWIE? Mmm no comparing. Apples and Oranges. Lov them both…

    RT @dizzy_eyes: @adamlambert BRITNEY SPEARS. FAVORITE SONG OF HERS? Slave for You

    Not coming out tonight.. gonna rest my throat Madison: you guys were amazin! Had me wailin! But I WILL do a Twitter party!!!!

    • lovemyadam says:

      How can I get mad over that? You are awesome. Thanks for the post XO…Sue

      • lovemyadam is your screen name,huh,Sue? MY ADAM??!! ~pouts~

        • AdamAddict: Thanks for posting all that, I was out of town and missed all this, you are so neat to think of us….

        • Lisette merci Adam Addict for poste Adam’s lovli twitter party can smile anyway just to see fans tweet questions an his sweet tweets back to al his fans/amies/angels/glambs/glamberts an whatevre othre fansite nom there is now!We’re still thinq best tribute page having fans from arounde l’monde! Blessings an luv to all! An of course Adam l’angel d’musique,legende of millenium an prince of heartes..tresbeau in all aspects Benedictions ..Luv Lisettexoxo

    • EMili ! your so good at finding all this info for us.. I tried twice to go over just now for the voting and it won’t let me.. I love that you keep finding all this info for us.. Keep up the good work my friend.. Glamb #435 🙂

    • Thank you, AdamAddict . Enjoyed it so much – Adam’s personality still comes through even on twitter.


    • Yes, He said on Regis and Kelly that he was born in Indianapolis, Indiana. Indiana has at least two greats. The great late Michael Jackson and the upcoming world icon, Adam Lambert!!!!!!!!!!!11


    • Iyleneidol09 says:

      Hi Sue, welcome and just a word of caution: be prepared to be de-virginized by all these crazy, wild women here..and I’m sure you had your debriefing before you embark on this serious and dangerous role..( the men are still very refined and “holy”) 🙂

  12. AdamRocks! says:

    Welcome Sue!!! And thank you for your part in running this FABULOUS, AMAZING, WONDERFUL Adam fansite! 🙂

    Cindy in MS

  13. linlivalex says:

    Sue–I was standing (with my crazy son ) next to you at the signing barracades at the Rosemont concert. I wish I would have known that was you — now you too are famous (and awesome!) for continuing Jeanette’s previously awesome website/adventure job! I wish I could say I would be seeing you again at one of the last concerts, but alas, I will not….. I guess I’ll just have to be sustained by that one glorious night. I’m not sure where you live but if it’s near Chicago, maybe we could meet and share our love of Adam sometime!

    • lovemyadam says:

      I know exactly who you are!!! I was the one that let that cute girl with the fishnet gloves onto the fence next to me! I am in Palatine… how’s about you?

  14. lovemyadam, welcome! We are delighted to have you and know that you will very ably lead us. Jeanette was a fantastic leader and I have no doubt that you are equally great. So for your stint as Glamb Leader, allow me to baptise you TOPHOOD! I think Chief Butt Kicker would approve!

  15. Just got back from the concert at Indy and it was fantastic. We had floor seating and it was amazing as was Adam. I had watched all of the videos on utube and knew all of the songs but Adam did do his tweeking so they were not all exactly the same. On slow ride with Allison, a stick with a pink feather on the end was thrown on stage and Adam immediately went and picked it up, twirled it around and ‘spanked” Allison with it in a very playful, and non sexual way. They were laughing and it was so cute. I took everyone’s advise and asked the floor attendant where the meet and greet would be and she said they had just told her so she let me know. I left right when Kris came on and in hindsite probably could have stayed for 1 song but didn’t want to take any chances. I knew that Adam didn’t come out in Madison, Wi , so I was a little nervous but I tried to stay positive! I got out there and got a great spot about halfway down the barriers! About an hour later Scott came out and a girl led him down the line. He took his time and signed for everyone. He was very polite. Megan was next and she is a beauty! She signed for a long time also. Kris was very quiet, asked us how we were doing and is not very tall but he is very, very cute and had his hair all spikey! Matt was funny and asked us if we would come out to see him if he comes back to Indy and we said yes! Danny was nice and smiled at the camera so we could get a good pic! Allison was great and her hair color is awesome! It had purple in it! Now here comes the best part!! Here comes Adam and people go nuts!! He had the most security and had a guy with him handing him alot of the stuff to sign! I kept trying to think of something to say before got to me but I couldn’t really think of anything so I thought I would just say what came out when he got there. “When he was in front of me, I felt like I was in a dream! Kind of the feeling I felt when I watched him on Idol. It was almost trancelike!!! Well he signed my daughters poster before me and actually signed it twice because there was so much stuff in his face so I guess he forgot he had already signed it! Well, then he got to me and I have to say he is the most beautiful man I have ever seen. I said ‘Adam, thanks for coming out here tonight” . He looked me right in the eye and I swear they sparkled and he touched my hand and said “awe, you’re welcome”. I really just thought I was gonna die! My daughter said he was just so sincere and genuine! It was one of the best nights of my life! He stayed out a long time and signed everything people put in front of him! He is beautiful inside and out! He has my heart! What a great night!


      • AdamRocks! says:

        Holly, I’m so happy for you! I’m sure this experience will stay with you forever!

        Cindy in MS

      • Holly, I am soo happy for you. You’ll never foget his beautiful eyes looking at you.
        Sooo glad you thanked him for coming out, It paid offfffff!!!!!!!!!!

    • Iyleneidol09 says:

      Oh Holly, you can call it your “HOLLY DAY” . What a wonderful experience. Thanks for dharing.. any pictures???

      • Holly Day – Iyleneidol09, you are so sharp.

        Holly, thank you for your lovely posts – what an awesome Adam experience to hold on to. Mwah Ingrid

    • You bring tears to my eyes, Holly, this is wonderful…I am so happy for you..

    • Helen/Canada says:

      Thank you Holly for that wonderful account. I have tears in my eyes. I’m so happy for you and your daughter. We all wonder what we would say to him and I myself would like to think of something profound to say to him, but your simple “thank you for coming out here” probably means so much to him. It shows we appreciate how much of himself he gives to his fans. And what a wonderful experience for your young daughter to see that he is such a loving and caring person.

  16. This is my first post although I read all your comments everyday. I love the enthusiasm and commitment that surrounds our ‘idol’ and just want to thank you all for brightening my day each morning. However, I am writing for a reason – today has marked yet another important day in the history of Adam. You may all think I am nuts but I was ecsatic as I sat down, having my coffee and spent my Sunday morning doing the crossword puzzles in the Seattle Times… Finishing the Seattle puzzle, I started the New York Times crossword – one of the hardest. I must preface this by saying that, to me, when you are the answer to a clue, you are a “true star.” Wouldn’t you know – the first clue (one across) was ‘Singer Lambert!” I didn’t have to read the rest of the clue…. I immediately called my sister in Connecticut to share this important news…. I know this may not seem important but it is yet another sign of how Adam is really making his mark!!!

    • AdamRocks! says:

      Welcome Jans! Wow! That is one of the coolest things I’ve read all day! 🙂

      Cindy in MS

      • Wonderful Jans, THANK you for sharing this with us….I too, agree with you that this is a SURE sign of having ‘made it’ on the cultural scene. This is one of those great little tidbits of news that is so much fun to hear about our beloved Adam…he’s already loomed 12 stories high at Times Square, he’s the ‘answer’ to a New York Times crossword puzzle clue, he’s graced the cover of Rolling Stone without even having made an album…..the whole world will soon be his and the sky’s the limit as to what’s next!

        • Lorrin,

          Thank you for expressing Adam’s success (thus far) so eloquently! I think it is amazing that he has created such a name (and as you pointed out) even before cutting his first album. No doubt, his album will be sold out before it even hits the stores. My sister has already put our names on the Amazon list… no guarantee, but they will let us know when it’s available..

          I guess what I wonder, is where will he go from here? Music awards of all kinds? No doubt. Broadway show successes? If he so chooses, no doubt… Number one hits and all awards that go with them? No doubt….

          WhatI am trying to say is that Adam has already hit a MAJOR peak and he hasn’t even reached his own goal… So – question to you and all the Glamberts out there – where do you see Adam going? Worldwide music tours? Broadway? Or whatever……. I myself, am so looking forward to his one-man-show across the states and ending up in Vegas….

          I realize the AI tour (aka Adam Lambert Show) is not over yet but I wonder what will happen now. There is no doubt in my mind that he will take over the world. When I heard the news about Michael Jackson’s ( who I absolutely love and am still grieving over), I thought – timing… we now have Adam to take over…

          Sorry for rambling on, but am curious…

          • Jans, I see Adam as being a mult-media star, with his main emphasis being music, but music with his unbelievably unique brilliance and genius added in, which will change the face of music as we know it. I truly think that Adam will be involved in revolutionizing music for this new era, particularly in the field of video and performance art…I think he will push the technical limits of the audio/visual world. I would not even be surprised if Adam one day did holographic performances, or something equally as radical…but for now, the visual and sonic aspects of his music videos and stage performances will be outrageously exciting, never-before-seen, and cutting-edge. I also believe that Adam will explore music in all its depth and expressive possibilities, and include influences that expand the boundaries of what is known, while still always satisfying his enormous listening audience. He will do mind-blowing concerts which will inspire intense hysteria, and he will build a massive fanbase in Europe and Asia, until he truly is THE world-wide superstar of the age. I think he will continue to impress the true musicians and writers in the music world, and will collaborate as he gets older with a number of the greatest of the legendary artists. He will also write, or help to write many new songs which will become enormously popular in the next few years, and which will remain music standards and favorites. He will also become known as ‘the Voice’ of the new millenium.

            Aside from music, I believe Adam will become an actor, on stage and on the screen. He may not act as his first profession, but I think he will find a niche, or rather, a niche will be created for him which he will fill perfectly. Adam is first and foremost a beautiful man, and his glorious looks and disarmingly charming personality will cause a sensation in some form of the cinematic arts. At this point, I believe Broadway would be worlds too confining for him, but movies most certainly would not be, and I do think he will do something in film. I believe if he were ever to do a television series, the ratings would go through the roof…people would watch any show just to see Adam. Beyond acting, Adam will create and/or inspire a house of fashion and design, and will definitely be THE style icon of the age. There is simply no one out there dressing with such saavy and stylish beauty as Adam, and his style choices will influence the way the world dresses for years to come, he will always be on the edge of intelligent fashion and the world of style and image creation.

            No matter what he does, Adam Lambert will be a phenomenal success. The world has been waiting for someone who is truly inspirational, exciting, and interesting once again, and Adam IS that person: he was born to be the star of the age. Along with all his fame which I fervently hope will not change his fundamental goodness and boyish charm, I also see Adam as becoming the most important celebrity voice for change in the world, in the area of humanitarian and cultural concerns…although he did not set out to be a role-model or ‘example’ to the world, he most certainly already is, and most assuredly always will be a model for all of us of human grace, compassion, and dignity, and a strong voice and support for all the aspiring people of the world in their personal endeavors.

            So that is how I see Adam in the days and years to come, when he grows into the role he has been given as the ‘greatest new star of the millenium’, a singer/actor/writer/designer/and role model for the whole world.

            • Silvana/Argentina says:

              I’ve just started a folder where I can copy your comments, starting with this one.

              In years to come when all of this comes true, I will show proudly how someone had expressed beautifully what all the people at this site believe and are eager to see.

              I’m sure Adam will succeed enormously in anythig he sets his mind at and will bring a change in many aspects of our lives. So many, he can’t even imagine.


            • Silvana/Argentina says:

              I signed as Lorrin…I’m starting to loose it…


              • Silvana, that is so sweet, you are signing as me….I may have you really do that one day when I need to go somewhere for a few days, ha ha, but I do thank you for your kind words and for your setting up a ‘file’ of some of the things I write (I may ‘raid’ your file some day in the future, too, if I lose any of my posts!)…but seriously, I do indeed hope that day will come when we will all be able to say ‘we loved him when he FIRST began his career, we were there at the beginning of his rise to stardom, and we knew THEN who he was going to be, and just LOOK who he is NOW……yes!

                • Silvana/Argentina says:

                  YES, indeed.

                  I’m sorry for all my grammar mistakes,,,,I’m out of practice.

                  • I do not even SEE your grammar mistakes, I marvel that you are fluent in at least three languages, your English is beautiful..

    • Jans, thanks, I get you 100%.

    • Helen/Canada says:

      Welcome Jans and thank you for sharing that wonderful news. Our Adam is truly an ICON already!

    • Jans, thanks for the news, that is awesome!!!!!

  17. Hola a todos, cuando voten en tweeter NO CLICKEEN UNA SOLA VEZ EN LA +, opriman compulsiva y rapidamente el simbolo hasta que la + desaparezca y obtendrán de 3 , 4 o hasta 5 votos juntos. Espero que ésto no esté arreglado y se parezca a la final de AI !!, quién diablos es ese tal clay ayken?, en mi pais no se conoce!!, y la única referencia que tengo de él es que habló mal de nuestro ADAM…
    Disculpen el español, se que hay otra argentina por aquí (silvana),tal vez esté leyendo ésto…
    Besos argentinos.

    • Silvana/Argentina says:

      recién leo tu post en este thread. Ya te contesté en el otro que dejaste, y lo traduje. Todas te agradecieron y están votando así.
      un poco más abajo Ingrid me pidió que tradujera tu post y te dijera: bienvenida.
      Volveré al otro post para ver si me contestaste allí.


    • Ingrid,
      I voted once, tried again but it wouldn’t take – can you vote more than once? How?

      • Jans, when you vote, click a few times quickly. You have to wait for 15 minutes to vote again. Keep the link under favourites, that way you can get to it quickly. Hope this helps and it is great having you join us! Mwah Ingrid

  19. Silvana, please translate Marisa’s post so that we can respond. I think it is wonderful that so many people, irrespective of their home-language, is visiting this site. Let’s not allow language be a barrier in celebrating Adam together. Silvana, please let Marisa know that we welcome her and she must keep her posts coming.

    • … the grammar has gone, meant to say are visiting.

      SILVANA – PS. can you ask her to please vote for Adam. I am leaving the link here for her:

      • Silvana/Argentina says:

        she is voting already thats why she knows that clicking repeatedly and quickly you can add more votes each time, not jus one.
        And I told her she was welcome here.
        Thank you for your warmth,

    • Silvana/Argentina says:

      i have already translated what Marisa said, because she posted in some other thread too. Emili got it and started pushing everybody to vote several times, quickly in a row, as Marisa suggested.

  20. Sue, have I in any way trespassed against you????? I have a few posts awaiting moderation – all of them asking Glambs to vote. I know that I am repeating myself but a girl has to do what a girl has to do and a girl has to make sure Clay Aitken does NOT get past Adam. Hugs, Ingrid

  21. Peggy Glamb @453 says:

    Been voting every 15 minutes and it is going up, can’t let Clay get it….Adam is the best of all…

  22. Ingrid, I have been voting every 15 minutes till midnight last night so I am doing my part…and I also wondered what the red heart is under Adam…


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