TOUR VIBE – American Idol Summer Tour 2009 – Dallas, TX












Courtesy of Angie R.

Courtesy of Angie R.


On Thursday, July 23rd, the bus will be rocking into the American Airlines Center in Dallas, TX. Our own Glambs Fan Club Leader Dana will be attending, and she has sent us this pre-concert report…

It is finally here! I haven’t had to wait for the Dallas concert nearly as long as others are waiting for the tour to arrive to their city, but it seems like I’ve been waiting forever. F.O.R.E.V.E.R. Then, it will be over too soon and I will have “after concert blues,” I’m sure. When will Adam be on tour again…on his own this time? It won’t come soon enough for me.

But in the meantime, I’m totally psyched to have the opportunity to watch Adam perform, even if his set is a too-small segment of the entire concert. My husband and I head out Tuesday evening (with some stops along the way) so the 6 hour, one-way road trip from south Texas doesn’t seem so long. There is really no advantage to having all this land in one state, especially when it comes to traveling. I still can’t figure out why there was only one concert here.

Anyway, as far as concert preparation goes, I’m really not a fashionista, or a poster-waving fan girl. I’m an early-forty-something fan who is usually happy with clothes that don’t make me overheated, comfortable shoes, minimal makeup, and easy hair. Do you know what the Texas Gulf coast heat and oppressive humidity can do to a middle-aged woman with too many clothes, heels, thick make-up, and hairspray? It’s not a pretty sight. So you have to understand that what I have done is truly “over the top” for me!
So here goes:
• Tour blue shirt with symbolic butterflies
• Rock goddess jeans, distressed with stretch (woo hoo!)
• Starlight glitter nail polish
• Jewelry: Silver rings, earrings, & chainmaille bracelet
• Fansite cards, camera, & binoculars
• …and more shades of blue eyeshadow than I’ve worn since the year Adam (and dreamsound) were born!
Please come introduce yourself if you happen to recognize me. I’ll be back with all the after-concert details, too.
Dana {CatEyes}

As always, if any of you are planning on attending the Dallas concert, please comment with your thoughts, either on your preparations for the concert, going to the venue early for the autograph session, the concert itself, or the aftermath.

For us to post your photos, please email then to If you have the photos in PhotoBucket or on another photo-sharing site, just email us the links to your photos. Otherwise, just attach your jpg photo files to your email. Please remember to include in the email which concert the photos were taken at.


  1. MaShaLa says:

    I hope you have a ball I am flying to Little Rock , decked out in Adam ware and cannot wate I even bought a $300 Cannon camera to take good pics

  2. Have to post cuz I got here first!!! No ticket to the Dallas concert, but I’m 1st on this site!!! Thank you!
    Thank you, very much!!!!…………………………………..peace

  3. Since I’m still the 1st, let me ask the question I asked on the other site, don’t remember which one tho.
    Are GLAMBS AND GLAMBERTS THE SAME??? I thought they were the same, but, I notice on the jacket
    the word “Glamb”, so now I’m skerd!!! I AM GLAM#334, but I thought they were the same, and I think
    others do too!?……………………………… Glamb in peril………………………………………………..peace

    • Jeanette says:

      Glambs and Glamberts are different. Glambs are fans of only this site.

      • JEANETTE, Got it! Oh, darn! I had heard someone refer to ‘Glamberts’ to Adam in an interview, and I thought that that was us! Oh, well, we’ll have to be sure he (Adam) knows we’re here and that we are Glambs!! That’s all. That will work! But it is going to require some work on our part and the sooner the better! Any ideas, Jeanette? We need to show our stuff and let Adam know The Glambs are here for him!!!
        Come on Jeanette, come up w/something!! Maybe at the Dallas concert you could ‘make some kind of

        Theresa, think of something, too! We need to distinguish ourselves as the ‘best of the best’ for Adam!
        There should be no wondering which fansite is superior! Afterall we are dealing with the most superior
        entertainer in the world now!! He deserves ‘superior’ fans, agree??!!! Yeah, babe!!

        • I noticed we were not mentioned in that interview. However, just before we knew his twitter account was hacked I sent him a note telling him about us. I said we were “intelligent and positive” hoping that would attract him to read a few posts.

          • THERESA, WAY TO BE ASSERTIVE!!!!! Now that’s what I’m talking about!!! Yeah, too bad his site had been HACKED!!!! Those dumb-asses who did that were probably some of the anti gay idiots!! They should all be sent to PRISON for a few months to learn real humiliation!!! dummies!!! jerks!!!! buttheads!! rednecks!!! Man! That burns me up!

        • cmhagey says:

          cmhagey, author here: Please the article on this web site about the Birthday Present for Adam. That will make us GLAMBS stand out! The article can be found using the Categories tab up top. Look for the San Diego Tour article. The description for everything is there. But basically, for the project, we need a picture of you with a poster you’ve made, that says Happy GLAMBirthday Adam!

          You can sign it with your name and Glamb # if you have one. And if you don’t, what are you waiting for? They’re free!!!

          But please read the article for directions on where to send it.

        • Cheryl, you know we love you to bits but I am asking you with tears in my eyes, PLEASE DON’T ASK THE GLAMB/ERTS QUESTION OR THE CAR QUESTION AAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGGGAIN, please Cheryl! Not on this thread, not on any thread, because if you didn’t get by now, ma cherie, you will NEVER GET IT! Got it! Love ya back! so give us the next question we can get stuck on for a few days (if we you lucky enough and you let us).

          • INGRID, OK, I understand, I’m not even sure that I could ask it again, if I tried!!! I have laughed so much at
            all of our ‘chatter’, that I don’t even care how many cars they each got any more!!! I’m just going to accept
            Theresa’s knowledge that it eventually was goin to be only one each!!! I hope you have survived that
            question and answer session better than I did! Hahaha! Focused! We’ve got to stay focused!!!

      • thenks agan to yu too for clearing up name deffarance..Al this time I thout we here were glamberts..;argh am embarasse as I av tolde frends aboute this..So glambs we are an j’espere that Adam can take notice an visite here sometime as I av espressed..A lovli an frendly place where all Adam’s fans/frends glambs gathre to share their affectiones,stories,sentimentes,latest news/videos/eventes an now superbe AI concertes..Im sad for missing while he was so very ner to s.west An due to health unable to attend.C’est lavie but know I will always adore an support yu monamie tresbeau Adam an watch yu become thes beautiful legendary internationale artiste/vocaliste as I av thout yu’d be from first time I hearde yu singe..even before AI auditiones/an judges..knew he was destine for grandeur! Many blessings an angels to garde over an protecte now more then ever ontour.An beliv my parentes can here yu from heaven too!.Luv to yu monbeau amie /an all.. J’adore always Lisettexoxo

    • adamtastic1877 says:

      what does “skerd” mean? adam said it b4 right? im not sure

      • adamtastic1877, in the Official Slang Dictionary online the definition of the word ‘skerd’ is:

        skerd means ‘scared’ – “Don’t be skerd”

        Our Adam is not ‘skerd’. Hope that helps!

        • AdamAddict says:

          The audition you seen on tv where Adam came in to see the 4 judges & sing “Bohemian Rapsody”.
          Randy: Don’t be skerd!
          Adam : I’m not skerd!
          Adam is kawai(cute in japanese) 😀

          • AdamAdmirer says:

            Yes AdamAddict, that was the first time we saw him walk on to the Idol audition “stage” and the first thing he said when he walked out in response to Randy – it was so cute or “kawai”, the way he picked that up from Randy so quick! I didn’t know it was in the Adam dictionary though, thanks for that info Lorrin.
            Best to all.

            • Hi AdamAdmirer, I just wanted to clarify for you that the word ‘skerd’ was in the Official Online Slang Dictionary, not the Adam Dictionary. Of course, it also may be in the Adam Dictionary, but I actually found it in the other one. Hope that’s helpful!

        • SHLOM LORRIN




          • Shalom Ofra!

            Yes, I did get your excellent post about the possible venues for an Adam Lambert concert in Israel. Your city of Tel Aviv being the second largest in Israel, and such a cultural hub of the country, would be such an obvious choice. Plus, I’m sure Adam would love the beautiful ocean views and night life of your city. I saw pictures of the exceptional, fully-restored ampitheater at Caesarea quite a ways north of you there, also. I could see a more intimate evening there, perhaps with Adam doing many of his slower numbers and maybe even some songs in Hebrew. With the blue Mediterranean as a backdrop, how special that would be. Caesarea is an ancient town I would love to visit, and see the sunken harbor and all the beautiful old stones of the past. Ofra, if I were extremely wealthy, I would gather up all you dear Glamb friends, and we would visit each of our cities in turn, and then we would all head out to Adam’s solo concert in the U.S., and you would all stay with me! Perhaps someday we can all meet, I know Ingrid from South Africa is definintely hoping to make that a reality.

            Now, let’s see, what shall I ask you? I know, how many of your friends know about and love Adam, or are you the only one you know? Have you seen any magazines or papers featuring Adam over there? And how did you first find out about him? And your English is so good, are you using the English you had in high school, or are you a bit more advanced? You are probably heading out for your work place this Friday morning in Israel, so I will let you go —

            B’Ahavah, Lorrin

            • Lorrin, I WILL, oh yes, I will!

              • Oh yes, I have NO doubt you will, Ingrid….if anyone can mount a campaign to get to the United States and get to an Adam Lambert concert despite all odds, YOU will!

            • DEAR LORRIN

              HAVE A GRATE WEEKEND

        • LORRIN I have a feeling, about ‘skerd”s origin. In the south, where I was born and have many relatives, saying ‘scared’ w/a southern accent would sound like ‘skerd’! Or did you already know that??My parents were both from Ky. When my mother would say ‘oil’, it would sound like ‘all’! So, that’s my little English lesson for today!

          ADAM,,,,WE LOVE YOU!

          • You are probably right, Cheryl. I lived in the Heart of Dixie for 10 years (Central Alabama) when I was married, and there were many similar pronuciations. There was ‘yew’ for ‘you’, ‘pull the do-ah to’ for ‘shut the door’, ‘carry me to town’ for ‘give me a ride downtown’, ‘slahse o bray-ud’ for ‘slice of bread’, and ‘skay-erd’, as in ‘don’t be scared’.`
            ‘Skerd’ is probably from the Ozarks. I enjoyed listening to Southerners immensely, and by the time I left Alabama for my home state of California, I had a complete Southern accent. Thinking about the South now makes me very nostalgic. The South pulls on the heart-strings.

            • LORRIN, Yeah, know what you mean about the south! Remember when I mentioned living much of my
              life w/my grandpartents? Well, it was in Corbin,KY. Up till I was about 16, we had no indoor plumbing,
              had to ‘draw’ water from the wee. Use the ‘outhouse’, etc.! Then across the state on the other side of
              my family, my aunt & uncle had a house for their ‘servants’! We had to ‘dress’ for dinner, etc.! I lived in
              2 completely different worlds while growing up! One of Ky’s governors was my uncle and had a cousin
              who was Miss Ky.1 Ha!

  4. I don’t think we are the same, Cheryl. Glamberts, Globerts (overseas), Glambrit (UK) and us the Glambs…maybe more groups.

    The more I scan the sites the more sites I find that are either Adam-themed or Adam-dominated, (Hey, that sounds like an idea, YUM!) Doing my “Cheryl” thing. ha ha

    Be thinkin’ of ya, Dana, do tell!! We want the glorious details!!

    • Hello Theresa/Canada..ops Lisette post for yu seeme to have slip far below..not sure why?I did place just below.Well plz read yes?!An for all who have thout they were glamberts by joining thes lovli Adam tribute page do appreciate yu clearing up now.So we’re glambs then..Well Adam if yu by some miracle an free time visite thes beautiful page thenks to Dreamsounde,Jeanette an all teamgals leaders,an other glambs,we all adore yu so much..An one can see with so many heartwarming stories,notes,news,linqs,videos an now for al those bless to av seen AI concerts with yu monamie,can see “Whole lot of amour,amour,amour an admiratione” on thes page..So please bienvenue to reading lot of gals/an fellows touching sentimentes..Sure yu’ll smile as my grammar isnon always perfecte..nevertheless I adore yur gifte to touche heartes thru yur beautiful gifte as a vocaliste,danseur,actor,artististe par excellance an like nonone else..As originale as was once Elvis,Michel Jackson an now yu Adam..Many blessings an as always may angels garde over yu an keep craze paparazzi away.An perhaps future may neede bodyguardes as once Princess Di an othre public figures av.I do hope to see concerte despite missing when was close to s.west,due to health unable.So hope yu’ll have solo concertes,thout I know it will be downe road after Idol tour..Look forward to yur beautiful cd sure to blende all genres as only yu can Adam! Take care,j’adore an bisous Luv,Lisettexoxo

      • Bonjour, Lisette, comment ca va??? Oui, when we hit “reply” for the post we have just read, we sometimes must get “in line’ as others might reply as well. They seem to go in order of who replied first. Comprenez ma cherie???


        • merci for reading despite ma being here day after now..Ci va bien et vous?I enjoie reading yur postes an so many of the other glamb/angels whoever I still wishe ther was place to commence Angels as I av always espress thinq Adam is an angel one of musique .An having loss parentes he has given me lot of joie an happiness whenever Im missing them..Both passe to cancer although several yer passed away.But Im spiritual an beliv there’s afterlife an in heaven they can here beau Adam’s beautiful voix.They adored many musique genres..An mama I know would adore him as well.She rest her soul was very modern an adored artistes as Michel Jackson,David Bowie an Elvis..An as I av mentione as others thet Adam not only resemble Elvis but in some ballads has same ethereal an velvetones..One being Ring of Fire.. an from Brigadoon on utube.His gentle vocal inflections are similar.Sorry to go on.Well take care an I’ll see yu an othre lovli gals who adore Adam an never tire to singe his praises..Blessings an luv Lisettexoxo

  5. Cheryl, for shame…..Glamberts are ANOTHER group on another website…..we are GLAMBS, Global Fans Of Adam Lambert….it’s like the difference between the birds and the bees…..we are the bees (with the honey, oh yeah), and they are for the birds……excuse me, I mean they are the birds, yes, ha ha.


    • LORRIN, Well, my dear, you cleared that up as good as fog!! No, no! I got it!! How could I have been so
      gulible? There’s no excuse for my behavior, on this! I’m a Glamb and thought that I was a Glambert?? What? What? Sometimes I wonder what the hell was I thinking!!!! ,,,,,, well, I’ve got it straight now thanks
      to Jeanette, Theresa (Cindy) and you, Lorrin!! I’m cool now! Phew! that was close!! I hope I didn’t embarrass myself too much. What a dummie I can be!!

      thanks, Y’all! Ego amo tu!!!

      • JEANETTE, THERESA,AND LORRIN, please don’t tell anyone that I asked such a stupid question! Let’s
        just keep this between us. OK?! Thanks, thank you very much…………..sorry!…….I had a ‘dumb’ moment.

        • We will never tell, our lips are sealed, but of course, your long furry blue tail with pink polka dots will still be sticking out in the middle of this thread, but not to worry, no one will see it…

          • Sure, we won’t tell! Ha, ha, ha!

            • The latest addition to ‘Cheryl-speak’ … You cleared it up as good as fog! Priceless!

              • AdamAddict says:

                THE GLOBAL LAMBS. Glambs for short! 😀

                I saw this shirt on this I think,there’s a cute cartoon lamb & written something like “We love BAAAAd boy” There’s a lot shirts that look really cute.Another 1 I like “Get in line,Adam is mine!”lol I must buy that one!lol

                • Yess, AA aren’t they great? I like the ones with his lovely EYES and also the light rainbow ones with his name fancy and his Eye of Horus tattoo.

                  I might just make my own from photos and then take it in here to a place where they can convert it and put in on a Tee or tanktop.

              • AdamRocks! says:

                I won’t tell anyone either! 😉

                Cindy in MS

                • AdamRocks
                  Okay girls, you’ve had your fun for today!!!! I’m seeing how it goes!!! Had to jump right
                  on this, huh? Well……didn’t ya?!!!
                  Are you all real proud of yourselves?? Huh? Huh? Are Ya?!
                  Well, I can take it! You all dish it out, I’ll take it!!

                  W O M E N~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~YOU~~~~~~NEED~~~~~~~~~~~~~a life!!!!

                  Are we having FUN YET!!! You all are r e a l l y too much!
                  Hahahahahahaha!!!…………….peace-love dudettes!

                  • Cheryl, that’s what I love about you. You can dish it out but you SURE can take it! Love Baby Cakes, I mean Fingrid, actually INGRID

                    • Oh and by the way, in all this fog, nothing has become clear yet for ME either, ha ha ha!

              • INGRID (babycakes) You like that ‘fog’ comment, huh?? Cute babycakes, real cute!!!


      • Lisette here..bonjour all! I am now alonge same fans here who belived I too was call glambert…So contente Theresa/Canada mentione in above note.An aftre listening to interview agree Adam an gal interviewer has non mentione us here call “Glams”?! An well I have also joine page..So then are they call glambert?Noone replie to me..Perhap as I usuale am late in arriving to latest post on thes lovli site..Whech I beliv is most informative an has very lovli people who share their esperiences an news/concertes,webadresses..Plus ma grammar is non best,but have hed no trouble on older site as utube,myspace an such.I do very much enjoie everyone’s postes here..An as well do hope Adam can av time inbetweene concerte an visite thes wonderful tributepage dedicated soley for mutual adoration an admirationes of thes beau l’homme(lovli man) with estraordinaire talentes to singe,danse and a voice like nonone else,sensual,smooth,gentle,passionate an distinctively Adam’s..neede I go on now gals/an gentlemen too(for those who av joine here)! Many blessings for Adam an to all “Glambs” yes?!I also had notice on other pages mentiones of group call Adamangels..well I just see Adam as as an angelique presence one of musique,compassion,wit,charm,gracieus always an hearte d’or(golden).Be well an keep enjoying Adam’s superbe gifte to singe any genre..always magnificente an oui so very sensual..He can’t helpe sont naturale..Look at his azure eyes an sweet smile thet melte away any bleus need for wine or meds..agree?!
        luv an bisous Lisettexoxox

        • Lisette, you are the most charming contributor imaginable to this website. Your combination of French and English is delightful. Do not worry in the least about your grammar, it is what makes your posts such a joy to read. I just marvel at all the interesting personalities that have been attracted to this site and all the sharing we do, with so much rich content to feast on. We have a smorgasbord here of unending fascination, a melange of of diverse people and cultures all meeting together! Canada, South Africa, Israel, Malaysia, Japan, New Zealand, Spain, the United Kingdom, and the United States (and I know there’s so many others from all over the world!), all flying across continents together to land on this one little roof with Adam’s name emblazoned on the top. So, thank you, too, Lisette, for bringing the lovely music of your posts here to us………avec l’affection Glamb #102

  6. Candace Turner says:

    My best friend and I are going to Dallas tommorrow. We live a couple hours away and we are too excited!! Neither of us are sweet young things either, but man oh man have we got it bad. Texas is like Adam ” one of a kind and proud of it.” and we will do our best to let him see that his Texas fans are kick-ass. Any info on the autograph session?

    Dana have you ever been to Dallas in the summertime?

  7. I’m gonna be in DALLAS also! I have a 5 hour drive with my husband as well. We are leaving in the morning. We hope to check into our hotel and rest prior to the concert. I am also in my 40s, and the heat gets to me as well. I originally was in all black, and quickly realized that it would not work due to the heat, besides, I looked insane in all black! So I have:
    white pants with little silver zippers up the back by the ankle (as ‘rocker’ as I can go and not look crazy)
    a black tank with silver sequins
    a red satin bolera jacket with 1/2 length sleeves
    shiny silver sandals with a snake looking pattern on them
    jewelry–silver hoops, silver chain necklace, and silver and black bracelet that looks like a snake
    BLACK nail polic
    BLUEeye shadow
    BLACK eye liner!!!
    Maybe I’ll see you there, Dana!!

    • Marlis, I envy you! Please come back and give us a blow-by-blow account of our Adam!


      YOU ARE SO COOL,GOOD GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



      • Hey Ofra! How are you doing?

        • shalom ingrid

          im fine just came from the gym for belly dance class,i kove it ,very popular in isarel….maybe i should take adam with me to the class omg he knows how to move his hips so sexy……………………..
          very very hot and huimed in here…..waiting to here the news from the concert in texas…..

          how are you???


          • Speaking of belly dancing…..I was just watching a snippet of a documentary on the TVGuide channel, called ‘Elvis and…’, which compares the life and career of Elvis Presley with that of Michael Jackson. Line for line, they were compared for every aspect of the revolution they made in popular culture and music. Each time a point was made, a picture of each man was shown on the screen, side by side. I had the strangest feeling that the documentary was incomplete, because the third part of the story has yet to be written. Physically, no one could be more like Elvis Presley than Adam Lambert, musically, Adam has a voice that equals theirs and more, as a showman, Adam stops the show in the same heart-clenching way. We know Adam’s power because we saw who he was as soon as he got on that stage. But the rest of the world seems to be playing on the beach in the warm summer sun, completely unaware of the tidal wave about to hit in the person of Adam Lambert. If ever there could be another truly global superstar, it is Adam. His fanbase is already in place around the world, waiting for his arrival. I look forward to the day when he will take his place as the third face on the TV screen along with Elvis and Michael, having revolutionized the world of music and popular culture. My only wish that runs contrary to this dream is that Adam will pass by the sorrowful early end of these megastars, to go on to burn brightly for many years to come. The bright blue wave there on the horizon is just about to roll in and rush over the beach, and one day after all the storm has cleared, Adam Lambert will take his place as the third great man in the history of rock and roll.

            • LORRIN, i watched that Elvis &Michael 2 Kings thing a few days ago and posted about it. Now I see that you probably didn’t read that!! Come-on, Lorrin! You’re falling behind! haha! I will state to anyone who
              will listen, Michael is NO ELVIS PRESLEY!!! Neverland can NEVER BE A GRACELAND! Graceland,
              a place I’ve been to 5 times was full of Elvis’ love, love of his family and friends, etc. I agree MJ was a
              great talent, but, as I’ve said before, morally not comparable to Elvis. I will say no more on the subject!
              However, ADAM, that’s a whole ‘nother thing!! I agree he will be, almost is already, the next King! I
              think he might be Elvis reincarnated!! If reincarnation is a true possibility, and I think it is, he really may
              very well be the King! Elvis always said, ‘there is only one king, and that is Jesus Christ’, but, I’m
              talking about ROCK and king of MUSIC! MJ was not a rocker per se. More of a pop phenom. Anyway,
              ‘flying glambfingers’, I’m here just trying to spread the knowledge!

            • Well said, Miss Lorrin. I am already collecting photos for a folder of Adam when he looks his most “Elvisesque”, some are uncanny!

              • Oh, I am sorry I didn’t realize that the programs we were watching were so similar, Cheryl. The one I was watching was called ‘Elvis and…..’, and it compared Elvis and Michael in as many details as possible. I did see that post of yours, but I guess I didn’t equate it with what I was saying here…….oh WELL, I guess I AM falling behind, huff puff, huff puff. I can’t think of EVERYTHING…..I too have a great photo collection of Adam and Elvis. Each set of photos of the two men shows them in very similar poses, settings, and clothing. It really is quite uncanny. I just posted three separate video posts of Adam, and one of those videos is a comparison study of Adam and Elvis. Hopefully, you will be able to see those in the next couple of days when they are released from the ‘awaiting moderation mode’. Thanks for your thoughts on the ‘three kings of rock and roll’!

                • Oh neat, Cheryl, the video I was just talking about with the Adam and Elvis comparison has just been released on to this page. It’s the second post down from this one. See what you think!

                  • As always, I love your posts. Let’s hope that Adam is blessed with longevity. About to watch the Adam/Elvis comparison. Love to you all!

                  • LORRIN, I have seen all of these before. I’m getting confused!! Oh, dear, I feel another
                    problem coming!!!! NO! NO! The TV Guide, I posted about, did you say that that is the
                    same as you were talking about?
                    These pics comparing Adam and Elvis in photos, I saw a while back. – ??
                    Am I missing something????
                    The TV Guide on Elvis and Michael – 2 Kings, I thought I saw that last Sun. nite. They
                    usually lrun those a week, so you are a bit BEHIND me!!!! And since I’ve already seen
                    the Elvis/Adam comp. pics, are we sure now that you are not keeping up!!???
                    Come on Flying Glambfingers!!!! Get flying!!!! You are going to fall waaaayyyy back if
                    you don’t do something soon!!! Hahaha!!!!

                • LORRIN , So, the Elvis/Michael – are you saying they are ‘similar’ or the same??? I’m saying
                  they are the same. I’ll just not do any mor on this subject till you ‘reply’, cuz as I said I’m
                  getting a little ‘confused’, and we don’t want THAT, now do we??!!! Hahaha!
                  Lord knows, between you, INGRID, THERESA, ADAMADDICT, ADAMTASTIC, ADAMROCKS
                  and others, YOU ALL CAN CONFUSE ME!!!!! …..remember the cars and glambs questions?


                  • Cheryl dear, I love you very much, but I am a bit out of wind from flying all over these pages the last two days. I promise I will be back as soon as possible to sort out all these perceptions about Adam and Elvis. I have errands to do tomorrow, so may not post until Sunday, but I will be back, that’s for sure. Love you tonight in California!

            • Evelize says:

              About all these things involving ELVIS, MJ and ADAM, I have a felling that I want to share with you guys:
              In his time (50’s / 60’s and 70’s) ELVIS was the greatest – THE KING OF ROCK, then at the same time he unfortunately was going out music scenery another great one was coming and he was MJ who became THE KING OF POP.
              Is this not strange and wonderful that at the same time when the world lost the great MJ, WE ARE JUST WELCOMING ADAM??? Isn’t it???

    • adamtastic1877 says:

      wow that sounds like a great outfit! i like it! 😀

  8. Glambs, here is an excellent little comparison video of Adam and Elvis from YouTube. I too have made a large collection of still photos of the two men in very similar poses, but this video maker got some inspired shots together of both of them. The last two photos, one of Adam and one of Elvis are uncanny. Here is that link:

    And here is a very nice meet and sign autographs after the Ontario, CA show video that is very nice, and shows that there is hope that if I make a huge painting of Adam, he may take it and keep it for his private collection. I can but hope. Adam looks especially good in this one. Here is that link:

    Hope you enjoy them!

  9. What are fansite cards?

    • Jeanette says:

      Fansite cards are business card for Glambs that some of the club leaders made up to pass out at concerts. Hey, we’re trying to spread the word!

  10. AdoringAdam says:

    It’s great how Adam’s fans are dressing him for him. On the night of the finals, I wore an Adam Lambert tee shirt that my granddaughter designed, streaked my hair blue, painted my nails starlight blue/black, voted for a long time, and then nearly passed out the next night when Adam didn’t win. I guess we all know now who the real winner was.
    I can’t wait to see him. Go Adam

  11. ADAMaddict says:

    Hi – I am Glamb#139 and Glambert#3114. After that, I decided not to bother joining every fansite out there. I get plenty of info from these two fan clubs. I get updates from this one and also updates from Glambert Rock. And that is enough. I can barely keep up. The videos, the pictures, the interviews, the crazy Adam fans……Every day my inbox is full of updates from all of the threads I am watching.

    BUT IT ALL COMES DOWN TO TONIGHT BABY!!!! He is in Dallas and I am gonna be there!!!!! I won’t be all bedazzled, but just an Adam tshirt (sleeveless – black ) and shorts. It is too hot and ADAM is too hot for my over 50 menopausal body. But my inner 14 yr old self will be coming out in true form I am sure. Everyone else see this video from the AZ concert. oh boy,,,,oh boy…………

    After watching this, I am going to need to be near a defribalator if he does this at a concert………………

    • WOWEEEWOW WOW! The boy has improved 200% As if it was even possible after concert #3 which I saw.

      He struts, slinks, sasheys, screams, shouts at the audience, takes command and is much more self-assured as he progresses through the Tour… Imagine the last concert in the series!!!!!


    • adamtastic1877 says:


      omg omg omg! now THAT was the best bowie medley i’ve seen! and i thought tacoma’s was the only good one! wow!

    • Oh AdamAddict, I hope you had a rockin time at the Texas show. Did you get an autograph? or pic of Adam? Know what you mean about keeping up with all the info about Adam. He is soo scrumptious.
      But boy doesnt it just make your day to be able to indulge all of this. Geez years ago, this wouldnt
      have been possible. I can be @ work and then flip on a video and it just puts the positive good
      feeling in me that he so much puts out there.
      Rock on Adam, you’re the man. Ok now I’m going to click on this Az. video.

    • Woowee, Adam, is he the best or what??? Each show he gets loooser and loooser.
      So hot! Cant wait till Ohio show. Come on baby!

      • AdamAddict says:

        How I wish I’m in your 50 menopausal body! As long I can be there and see our hot Adam!How I wish!! But of course just for a day,no longer than that! 😀
        Emili ,Malaysia

      • MARY C , hey! Check out the Dallas concert!!! WLL isn’t the best quality, but it shows Adam changing it
        up just a bit MORE!!!! When I left that site there were only 3 vids, but all are incredible!!!!

  12. Kelly Craig says:

    I live in Dallas and will be there of course. They flew in Wednesday and hung out downtown.
    Rumors of no early autographs.. not sure… still checking..will be there early to see when they get there but probably hard to find out since they are staying right near the venue…
    If anyone wants my number for info I find out, email me. GLAMBS should meet at the House of Blues right by the AAC..I have friends that work there.

  13. Yes, Dana…Totally understand. I am a late 40 something and made myself a fanshirt out of sequins. (so not me…) But Adam brought the Glam out of me! LOL. I think the Greensboro NC humidity and heat is going to do damage, so I’m keeping it simple. Cant wait!

    Looking forward to the Concert News. Thank you.

  14. Deemoonpie says:

    As another Texan, I understand completely about the heat and humidity but anything for Adam, right? ! And I’m with Dana as to why there is only ONE concert here in this HUGE state! What about San Antonio? Houston? Austin which is truly a music center in it’s own right! Can’t wait to read reviews about this concert and hopefully see loads of pictures and even videos since I won’t be able to be at the concert. Right now, I’m just counting the days to Adam’s appearance on the Today Show as that’s the closest I’ll get to see him for a while…BTW, I’ve previously posted as Deb but then found there was another Deb so I’m “changing” my name to Deemoonpie…Bright lights and warm fuzzies to all of Adam’s GLAMBS!

  15. HI fellow GLAMBS !!!…

    You women are GREAT. LOL I love reading your comments and following along with your beautifully written words.. I am in Utah and saw our Adam last week.. You are in for such a treat when you see him in person !!! I am 50 something and having the time of my life in this ADAM following.. During the concert, I had to keep hitting my sister’s arm and telling her, ” ADAM is right there !!! ” I just couldn’t believe he was so close to us.. He is even better in person.
    Love you ladies on here. Keep up the high quality comments and feelings from the heart… Love you all.. sherry

    • Sherry (a.k.a. Admfan 1), welcome, welcome and yet another warm welcome! I am delighted that you are having such fun with these posts. I am too – have to get my daily fix! It seems like most of us are 50 something and some a tad more.

      Wish I could see Adam in person although I will go into a frenzy and die a ‘happy woman’. I am in South Africa but we (global Glambs) would like to meet at one of Adam’s concerts in future. Looking forward to seeing regular posts from you, Sister Glamb! Love ya back !

      • By the way the under-fifties are awesome as well! We all just share a whoooooooooole lotta love, i.e. Adam love and Glamb love!

  16. AdamRocks! says:

    LOVE this clip! The judges were so mean keeping Adam in suspense like that. LOVE his hair!

    Cindy in MS

  17. Evelize says:

    Dana & Marlis,

    I’m so proud of you guys! You are really preparing yourselves to meet ADAM (like a date you know?)
    But I’m jealous too because I’m not so lucky and I’ll not attend any Concert but I’m praying ADAM come to Brazil one day and then I’ll be read to go wherever he’ll be in my very large country.
    Please come back “asap” to tell and show us everything about ADAM and if you have a chance don’t forget to scream our name “GLAMBS” as high as possible in order to ADAM can hear we are near him, supporting and loving him always.
    Good Concert to all and enjoy.

    Evelize – GLAMBS#80

  18. Sunshine says:

    Hi! I’m a Glambenior. Glamb Senior. I’m over 55. But when I watch Adam, the numbers disappear.
    Age holds no water. Well maybe around the ankles,LOL. See yaaaaaaaaaa!

    • Hi Sunshine, welcome, and Adamfan (Sherry) too, nice to see new ‘faces” LOL

      Senior, heck some of us are pushin’ 70 and do we care???? heck no!

      A few years ago I designated a whole new age group, the JUNIOR SENIORS, and I figure we can be that till 80 at least, right???

      I see on another site the “GRAMBERTS” a small group but what a cute name for us wrinklies as they say in the UK! ha ha

      • Hi Sunshine, greetings to you from Northern California! I am part of the over-55 group, too, and have also experienced the wonderful benefits of that neat tonic water that gets rid of the years called ‘Eau de Lam-bear’ (French pronunciation) for ‘Lambert Water’. It works every time you take it. We have a great time here, and have lots of great writers. Many welcomes to you, and to all these new people we seem to be seeing since the AI tour rolled into Arizona and Texas!

  19. ianaleah says:

    Have fun Adam is a revelation of whiat joy a great entertainer brings to people.He is pure delight.

  20. I’ll be there tonight! Any word on what hotel they are staying at?

  21. I am so excited…I am about to start getting glammed up for tonights concert!! I have some cute silver flip flops, distressed jeans, a black leather studded belt, a zebra top with zippers all over, some great bracelets and earings and of course my black nail polish!! Im hoping to get pics at the show and I will post them if I do!! Wish me luck in meeting the rock god himself!!

    • dear christa

      have a good time think about all adams fan rhat cant go and see him because the distance,cant wait to hear everything from the concert,promise to tell us all


  22. G’day, my mates! Just for fun I googled GLOBERTS and went to their homepage… they are over 700 already and some people have actually ‘reserved’ future numbers in the thousands,,, crazy!

    We Canadians are eligible if we want to join. Think I might, just to glean info and bring it over here. ha ha

    I guess Dana and the Dallas group are still resting from their wild night!

  23. buffy522 says:


    Sounds like y’all have great husbands to endulge your fantasies (they must be fans too). I live in San Antonio and did not get it together fast enought to get a good seat and to make the trip. I have been complaining that Texas has three of the largest (population) cities in the country San Antonio, Houston and Dallas and a music capital in Austin, and we get one concert. In fact the south is pretty much shut out!! But look at California. They can literally drive to two or three concerts. Not to mention the northeast. I think it’s just bias. But have fun and represent Texas well. Scream like the teeny boppers you once were!!!

  24. HI Buffy, you live in a gorgeous city! I lived in Austin for a bit in the seventies, loved it, and Texas!

    FYI folks, Adam has almost 116 000 followers on twitter, without posting a single thing for a couple of weeks… Kris is over 65 000

  25. Cathie Bair says:

    Hey guys..I am 65 and I love Adam..I have all the songs he has recorded on a cd in my car and I play it non stop…My daughter is 40 something and she loves him too…the last time she felt like this about an artist was with Bruce Springstein..and my granddaughters are 18-to 26 and they love him…so good taste is in the GENES.. Go are a super star..

  26. TheFeyNan(Nancy) says:

    Hi…Nancy here, so excited for the Dallas Clan…everyone keep their fingers crossed for me, I was off yesterday and spent the day surfing e-thing Adam as usual…I live right outside of Memphis, they will be here saturday…my oldest daughter works on Beale St. so she knows some of the scalpers, they still have a few seats left they are selling thru Ticket Master…but they are way in the nosebleed section…the scalper price for floor seats are going from $200 hundred & up….but I got on Craigs List and may have found some good seats on the first tier…the lady has replied thru e-mail…so I am sitting in front of my computer now in anticaption of her call…she has 4 tickets & I only wanted 2, but she said she would go for that…I kinda feel like she may be holding out to see if someone responds wanting all 4…..and if I don’t hear something soon…I may respond and take all and take my grandaughters….the nineteen yr old was for Gokey, I told her she had to saty home:)….joking…

    p.s. When I was so despondent over not being able to see Adam each week is when I joined, but I don’t think I was ever issued a number for the Glamb’s…what to do???

    • Hi Nancy, I saw your other post awhile back and just loved it. I wanted you to know that there is sometimes a short delay in getting a Glamb #. Some people have had to wait a bit to see their number appear. If you still haven’t seen your number appear after a day or two, write Dreamsound, Jeanette, or the Glamb leaders right on the same page on which you signed up, and ask for help. I’m sure you’ll get an answer soon after that. I DO hope your ticket deal comes through. I love your ‘FeyNan’ name, that’s great. Love to you in Tennessee!

    • TheFeyNan(Nancy) says:

      UPDATE: She has responded !!! We revendous on the morrow, for me to pick up the tickets….Joy…Joy…Joy….

  27. renogirl says:

    I am a glam but I donot know my number. How do I find that out.

    • renogirl, read the post just above yours, and hopefully, it will answer your question. Love to you Glambs in Reno, that was one of my summer hang-outs as a kid!

      • Actually, renogirl, the post for you to read is now 4 posts up from yours, but I hope you will find it. It will be from me, Lorrin, and it is written to Nancy. It talks about what to do if you haven’t gotten your Glamb # yet.

  28. renogirl says:

    my husband is a fan too. So is my 18 year old son and a bunch of his friends. We all loved the Sacramento Show. I want to go again. Now I watch all the you tube new performances. A bit obsessive. ooops.

  29. People, I just have to post this one last unbelievable performance of Adam singing ‘Whole Lotta Love’ from San Jose. The video is taken from the center floor section, and opens with an incredible shot of that swirling silver mass rotating behind Adam, with that buzzing black hole silhouetting his glorious body. Even though the video is somewhat out of focus, it is the single most awe-inspiring display of drop-dead rock and roll I have ever seen. Adam shakes that body, throws back that black pompadour, stamps those feet, and powers himself up with tremendous force out of his crouching stagger into the flaming stance of the God of rock and roll. Adam Lambert is the incarnation of all that a star could ever be. I don’t think I will ever see anything like it again in my lifetime. So, here for all of you is that video. The remarks under the video are also mine, I am 0seraph on YouTube:

    Now, hopefully, I can go on to write that description of ‘A Change Is Gonna’ Come’ after I have come down from the flaming clouds overhead. Love to all you Glambs..

    • Lorrin, thank you! He is so flaming hot, hot! Can’t wait to read your description of ‘A Change is gonna come’. That video, whew, have to go and take a COLD shower again!

      • AdamRocks! says:

        Thanks for the link, and for your wonderful (as always) description of Adam Lorrin. . . I’m really digging the San Jose videos with his hair swept back. . . SO SEXY!!! I’m hoping he wears his hair like that in Memphis. . . the home of Elvis! Two more days!!!

        Cindy in MS

        • Oh what a thought, AdamRocks! The HOME OF ELVIS……I wonder what mystical things will happen there when he takes the stage…..oooh, makes me shiver. He’s almost there, have the time of your life!

  30. Peaches says:

    Oh my goodness. I just returned home from the American Idol concert in Dallas, and I’m still breathless. I sat through the eight contestant’s sets anxiously and was jumping up and down in my chair when it was FINALLY Adam’s turn. As usual, he was AMAZING through Whole Lotta Love, the David Bowie Medley, Mad World, and his duet with Allison. I couldn’t have been more pleased. Everyone was fantastic, but it was Adam’s show, and he nailed it.
    Something interesting I found out…Adam recieved a full minute standing O before the applause had died down enough for him to thank his fans for the support. Kris merely recieved a smattering of applause after the end of his performances. Before the concert started and during the twenty-minute intermission, they showed some of the Ford Music Videos and pictures of the contestants, usually in order of elimination. When Adam’s picture would show up the screaming was ear-splitting. As soon as it faded to Kris’s picture the volume died down quite a bit. Dallas is definetly a pro-Adam state. 🙂 Kris was great too, love that guy. But Adam was clearly the climax of the concert. He’s absolutely amazing live. It’s breath-taking.
    I’ve been looking forward to this concert for so long, and now that it’s over I’m not sure what to do with myself. 🙂 I guess I’ll just wait for his solo album along with all you Glambs!





      That’s kinda like a sticky ball rolling along and picking up stuff as it rolls till it’s 10X the size it started out as. Well Adam worship has hit the ‘critical mass’ stage. Superstardom is arriving already! There is no lookiing back for our lad.

      I watched yet another video of the Bowie medley, and boy oh boy, is he ever upping the ante with each performance, he gyrates, struts, commands the audience to stand and dance,, can you imagine a rock concert with him nowj??

      • O-h-h-h-h-h YES, Theresa, – ‘critical mass’ is defined as: the minimum amount of fissile (capable of being split or divided) material that can sustain a nuclear chain reaction under a given set of conditions…… of my close friends here in California mentioned yesterday that she didn’t see how anyone could possibly physically be able to bear up under the ever-growing intensity of Adam’s stage perfomances. She didn’t think it was possible! But I KNOW it is possible, oh yes. Adam is getting us used to what he is about to unleash on the world, bit by bit. He is stretching the bow string as far as possible before the full flight of his shivering arrow, the arrow that once it finds its mark, will bring us all under his enchantment forever. He is taking us as far as the limits of the AI stage will allow, showing us just a glimpse of what he is about to be and do. Once those final bonds are loosed and he is free from all restraint, the promised nuclear reaction will result, and the white light from its fission will slay everyone in his path.

        Yes, Adam Lambert has crossed the threshold of superstardom by the sheer power of his towering stage perfomances, vocal prowess, and stunning personal beauty. He isn’t even singing his own music. He hasn’t yet made his first hit record. And still, he strides right across that stage knowing full well who he is, what he is about to do, and what the end result will be. The captivity of millions to his enchanted realm. A new era in music. The joy of watching this beautiful man delight us in every way imaginable.

        A full minute standing ovation is only the beginning. The end result will be a deafening world-wide roar that will continue as long as Adam lives. We are so privileged to be here at the beginning of the future which is being written under his feet as he goes. Long may his glittering banner flow over the world!

        • HA HA HA HA HA, Lorrin, funny how we each perceive things. You are using critical mass as a physics issue, and I am using it as a sociological issue… I mean masses and masses of PEOPLE!

          Remember drinking and driving, and smoking indoors? Not long ago they were totally acceptable by all… now it’s not COOL anymore, when critical mass happened among the population of most areas of N America, the laws changed…

          And so with Adam’s following……. it has reached critical mass, I do believe!

          • Oh dear, yes, I thought you meant things were getting to the point where there was going to be a nuclear event, and that’s what I was commenting on, and you were saying that Adam was picking up so many people as he went that he was going to be thrown into superstardom by the momentum and mass everyone is generating! I’m sure I see Adam as an exploding supernova, sending starlight at massive speeds through space, and moving planets from their orbits. Only the laws of physics (which he seems to break at will) and the language of extraterrestrial science seem to work for me, where Adam is concerned. Oh well, I will try to be more discerning before I take my flights… 🙁

      • Theresa!! A full minute standing ‘O’???!!!!! OMG!! That makes me soooo happy!!! I want him to keep
        getting longer and longer standing ‘Os”!!! I want the world to understand Adam IS HERE and he ‘ain’t’
        goin’ nowhere but UPPP!!!! Check out the 3 Dallas videos on youtube so far!! He really ‘spiced’ up each
        performance!!! L O V E HIM!!!

  31. Omg…am I really the first person to post after being at the concert???

    Well it was as expected…ADAMAZING!! You could tell with no doubt that Adams fans were the biggest group there…loads of black nail polish and glamtastic outfits! All the idols did a great job, my faves were Allison (who Adam introduces as his little sis when they sang their duet…super cute) Kris, and most of all of course Adam! Sexy as hell that one is. Especially durring Fame! The crowd loved him and the vibe when he was on stage was awesome. The only sad part was that everyone elses sets seemed to take forever, and then his went so quick. When he left the stage my sister and I couldn’t help but scream “come back!!”

    After the show we waited for an hour in the area that they were supposed to come out of, but then the people I was with (not die hard fans like myself) basically dragged me away… very sad. But I know that when Adam has his own show I will get front row seats (no matter the cost) and wait for as many hours as it takes to see him up close!

    To all of you waiting to go to your show…its worth the wait. For those who aren’t gonna make it to a show…I am super sorry…but there are some great youtube videos out there.

    I will be sending in my pics for the birthday project as soon as I get them loaded on my computer!

    • AdamAddict says:

      “Come back,come back” Was it the line where Rose(Titanic) decided to live? “Come back”lol
      There’s still no vid that I can find in youtube.Adam made the Elvis look again in Dallas,superhot!When he has bangs,he looks sexy,when he has Elvis hairdo,he looks sexy.What’s up with that?What is it that can make he doesn’t look sexy!
      There’s only short vid in Dallas where someone threw him a black panty.Again!lol.I think someone threw 1 at Kris too.1st time for Kris,I guess! I hope someone can post it in youtube as fast as they can because although I watched many times in different place but I still want more!.ADAMORE,ADAMORE!here the vid:

      • AdamAddict, Thanks so much for posting that link!!! I did see some vids of Dallas, but didn’t see where Adam stood on that floor opening for the end of the Bowie song! I think that is the first time that they had
        him do it like that! – ?? That was def. cool!!! The way that vid was shot, you could see him dash under and run off to change his clothes, I guess! Bu, I liked it!!!

  32. Angie Reneau says:

    Just getting in from the Dallas concert…Adam signed my shirt and he is so gorgeous! I submitted some video and pictures, hopefully they will make it up!

    • Jeanette says:

      Hi Angie, you lucky girl! Give us a few days to get your pics posted…we will have to wait for Dana to return home from her road trip. Please give us a post-concert review also if you can!

      • AdamAddict says:

        No kidding,Adam sign your shirt?WTH,I’m freaking jealous!!!!NOOOOOO!!!BTW,it’s better be like Lambert shirt not like shirt with cartoon on it because it will a waste!Again,Adam sign your shirt?NOOOOO!!

  33. AdamRocks! says:

    ~screams like a schoolgirl~ I just saw a video from Dallas, and he’s wearing his hair swept back!!! ~fanning myself~

    Cindy in MS







  35. DALLAS: Lets Dance Short but very very sweet:

    • Oh no, theresa/canada, you and I posted the same video, only I did one of my full-blown arias over mine on the ‘Tulsa’ page ahead of this one. I’m sorry, didn’t mean to overlap! My comment and link aren’t out of moderation mode yet, either. This IS a beautiful video clip of a beautiful man.

  36. Adam is simply breath-taking and delicious in the pics above. To the Glambs who attended and posted feedback on this thread. Thank you sooooooooooo much!

  37. Okay, I’M BACK! I’m still breathless and on Cloud 9 after seeing adam LIVE! Here are a few of the highlights:
    My outfit ROCKED! I felt like I belonged there, and it was so worth dressing up.
    The venue was 6 hours from home, so I had never been there before, and the best seats I could get were up a bit high on stage right, so I was concerned about that, but they turned out perfect–the venue was a basketball stadium, so not too huge!
    I met some Adam fans before it started who had t-shirts on that said ‘I ‘heart’ Adam”, with great posters they had made. We took our pics together–waht fun!
    My husband was so supportive of the love I have for Adam, when he used their camera, he said, “Say ‘Adam’!” and we all laughed.
    I bought a head shot photo of adam for $5, and a middle aged man, there supporting his wife, wanted to have his picture taken with the photo so he could show his boss, because his boss was making fun of him and told him to say hi to Adam for him…
    Basically, it was a whole Adam love fest, and this is before the concert even started!
    The Idols each sign in countdown order, with Michael Sarver first. Since he is from Texas, he had a bunch of fans there, so he was a great one for the Texas concert to start it of–he got the house rockin’ by yelling things like ‘Hello, Texas!’
    I had read that the sound was not so good–sometimes the band was too loud to hear the singers–they ahve fixed that, and the sound was great–I could hear and understand all the words of most of them.
    They ALL sang better than they did on the show. I think they all like the live, big audience thing.
    An itneresting thing I notied was that the place was sold out, and NO ONE left their seats. The aisles were empty! The place was full and everyone hung on every word, politely listening to all their songs and waiting patiently for ADAM!
    OH–I bought binoculars on the way there at Walmart and that was the best $35 investment. I got a close look at all their clothing. Megan Joy even had rhinestones glued on her big arm tatoo. She is beautiful. She is the only one, though, that does not seem too comfortable on teh big stage. Maybe the heels on her shoes were too high–she walked kind of stiff when she did try to move away from the mic stand.
    I was very impressed with Matt’s singing and his jammin’ piano playing! He sang a song from when my husband and I were dating–Hard to Handle–and I was rockin’ to that one!
    Then came the 20 minute intermission, and all the ladies room lines were a mile long. My husband asked a security gaurd lady if there were any ladies rooms we did not know about. Shh said we can shut down a men’s room if he would go in there and see if any men were in there, and turn it into a ladies room. So we did that! How nice! There were WAY more women there than men. I would say 10% men and boys, 50% women over 40 like myself, 20% our little girls (I left mine at home) with their over 40 moms, and 20% girls in their teens to thier 30s. so Glamb moms, you will feel right at home!
    Then came Gokey, who really bothered me with his dancing. So that you are prepared and don’t feel like puking as I did, he imitates Adam again and takes his jacket off in a ‘trying to be sexy’ way. Everyone just looked at each other like oh, no, poor gokey…he is sooo…not cool…His singing was actually okay. I just stopped looking.
    Allison rocked the house with her high energy, constant running around on the stage, and tight, shiny clothing.
    Then–ADAM! His intro was just like what we all see on the YouTube videos. He sang with such power, it seemed like the floor was shaking! Between the women screaming and him singing, I did think the lights were shaking. They used too much smoke at times and from my seat I could not see him through the fog, but it disappated quickly. I prefer to see every second of Adam that I can, and not the fog. I was surprised to see his hair up in the high bouffant style he does once in a while. He sang BABY, not woman. Darn. I love his ‘wooomaaan’. His dancing was just like on the YouTube videos, but he added a few more grapevine-like steps in Let’s Dance, and some heel jabs (yes, I am making up these dance step names), and some Adam-slinky moves that were awesome. His big rhinestoney belt buckle he is now wearing is sooo big, it looks like it is the size of his foot from where I was sitting. He puts his thumb behind it quite a bit while dancing, forcing your eyes to look at his Adambulge. since I was on stage right, I never really saw him from the front much, so I did not see the Adambulge through my binoculars. Something for me to work toward in his solo concert someday–seeing the Adambulge live with my own eyes! He did look really tall and thin, and his legs looked long. His feet looked bigger than I remember them looking in those black boots (you know what they say, big feet, big…bulge!) And finally, on his last note, I am certain that the building SHOOK! I have never been in an earthquake, but this must be what one feels like! It was SOOO worth it to see him live! My husband says it was my heart shaking me, and the building did not shake. Be still my heart!!

    • WOW, Marlis, WHAT a description, thank you! However, you were right your husband was wrong, the building WAS shaking! Adam has a seismic effect on anything and everyone around him, and I have no doubt he could TRULY bring the house down!

      • Marlis, thank you for your vivid account. I could actually feel your excitement – wonderful!I particularly enjoyed the meeting and sharing of Adam fans. The Adam-bulge bit was very interesting.

    • Lorrin & Theresa – Enjoyed the way the two of you passed each other like ships in the night! As always, I loved both your posts! Adam is so humble – he never takes anything for granted. Even now, after being called the success of the tour, Adam still comes up with surprises (hair, choreography, etc). I am so glad that I have the priviledge to witness Adam’s greatness – too mildly put, help me out Theresa, Lorrin, … Glambs!

      • Oh Ingrid, I’m so glad to see you here. I seem to be passing everyone today in like fashion, by missing the boat entirely! I still have to go back and untangle that whole thing about Elvis and Adam with Cheryl!. Surely, we must have both seen the same show. Ha ha, oh well, obviously, I get everything a couple of days or so behind the East Coast. But I do feel like I’m running a marathon trying to read and comment every day, and I thought I WAS keeping up with everyone! I guess I missed a few cues here and there. It’s just so much fun to stay in here with all of you. I probably will have to take a ‘time out’, at least on Saturday, – I have to make a dash for the store sometime! I just want you to know I love all of you very much, and think about all our great posts and hilarious moments together online all the time. If anyone asks, and I miss anything, just tell ’em I had to step out for a few minutes, and I’ll be right back. Love to all the Glambs!

        • And your comments were not too mildly put, they were very nicely put, and were exactly to the point. I love your observations of our Adam.

          • LORRIN, hey! I wanted you to know that I went beck to site that you mentioned, ‘questions,,,,more things
            etc.’ where you left that link! I don’t know how I managed to miss that! I left you a message on the ‘reply’.
            That is what you were directing me to, right?? Oh, that vid was excellent!!! I was so glad I got to see it, and afterward, stayed around to view a lot more vids on that site! After seeing the vids of Dallas, I just soooo need to SEE Adam in person!!! The Grand Rapids DeVos Center had asked nearly $1,000.00 for front row 1st floor seats! I’ve checked back and now there are few seats left. So, I sure wish I could score some seats by the scalpers!!! I read that Adam’s album is going to be called “Synergy”, and that he has done a tune for the movie 2012 that will be on the soundtrack!! There is just so much info out there about Adam, I’m finding it hard to stop searching for more!!! I am startilng to worry myself!! Hahaha!!! What are we all going to do in the future??? Thank god for the internet! Got to go and get some fuel for the body!!! Haven’t had dinnere yet, and it’s 10pm!!! Hey, FINGRID!! How was the party??
            PEACE-LOVE-JOY-LIGHT-4 ADAM ……and his fans!

            • Cheryl, I am about to start having hysterics, I’m not quite sure what site you meant that I directed you to, but I will definitely go back to find it. I DID see where you had seen a couple of my videos, and that you had commented, that was nice. I think I have gotten a bit overtired lately (trying to stay in here with everybody, I’m sure), and I picked up some kind of bug, and I was lying on the couch all day. I’ll get some rest, and then come back soon and tackle that Adam/Elvis question you had, THAT is in a tangle! I did comment on the ‘Adam’s Jewelry’ thread, have you seen that? I am also very interested in hearing Adam sing on the 2012 soundtrack, it’s subject matter is one of my life interests. Well, I will go….

              Love tonight from NorCal!

              • LORRIN, Hey! I was looking for our ‘conversation’ on the Adam/Elvis, and the Elvis/Michael site but
                ran into these 2 posts from you!!! Yeah!!! I was going to ask you if you messaged me back, cuz
                I couldn’t find your complete and total response!! haha!!
                So you’re not feeling well???!!! I have a feeling it might be the stress and frustration of wanting to
                SEE Adam, so much and you can’t, and your body is trying to tell you to ‘be still’, get ‘calmed’ down
                and STOP DROOLING!!! YOU’RE GETTILNG DEHYDRATED!!!!! ya think??! Well, I’ve noticed, too
                that Ingrid, our Baby Cakes has been ‘lost’ also! She went to a party Sat. nite and hasn’t posted
                much since then – ?? I, myself, went thru some depression b/c I want to SEE Adam so much and
                as yet do not have a ticket! I hope this ailment isn’t ‘going around’ on this site!! We need to take
                ‘caution’ not to expose our fellow Glambs to the Adam Ails!!! This could be serious!! So, you’re lying
                on the couch? That may be good. But, maybe you should lay in bed and get a good nap!!! We’ve
                been on the run here going from site to sitse and it may be just getting a little hard to keep the pace
                up!!! Think of Adam!!! Did you read where he made a ‘flub’ on a couple words, and wasn’t out as
                much as the other 9?! But, then,., again, Adam is sooo hot for his career that has barely begun!
                Not one bit surprising that he could get over worked w/the concert and album and interviews and
                lord knows what else we don’t even know about!!
                Well, FlamingGlamfingers, you be c o o l and get restsed up, we’ve got a long journey ahead of
                us, nd we’ll have to ‘pace’ ourselves more!!!!!
                peace & love, Lorrin! Feel better!

                • OK LORRIN, I forgot to mention the site! You told me you left 2 messages on the site ‘more
                  things,,,’. So that’s where I went and found the 2 links, and replied.? Was that the wrong post?
                  I’m not sure, now! Uh-Oh! I know, this is getting a little tangled up! Oh, well, I’ll be checking
                  out the older sites again to make sure I didn’t miss more!!
                  peace-out,,,,4 now!

                  • Chery, thanks so much for your get-well thoughts and wishes, I needed them! Don’t worry, I didn’t need to get into bed, I just spent the day on the couch. I still am not quite up to par, but I don’t want to get too far behind, these other young whippersnappers will get in there and I’ll be left back at the ranch. But hey, about that mysterious ‘missing’ post, ha ha, it’s actually hiding right at the top of this very page! It’s the one where you ask me about the Elvis/Michael comparison TVGuide show we both saw. I can hardly open my eyes to take a ‘peep’ at those posts we made (just above us here on this page), because I’m not sure what we were talking about! Oh laws, anyway, all I was saying was that I saw that documentary on Elvis and Michael and I was waiting for that third man, Adam, to be included in that documentary some day (I fervently hope). Other than that, I’m not sure of anything! Ha ha ha. I did post on the page where you talked about your son and YouTube, and I gave you one of my smaller tutorials on how to use the old Tube. I tell you what, since this site is becoming larger and larger, maybe we should all try to say as much as possible on say, the first 4 newest threads? It’s getting to where I can hardly read it all or take it all in on one day! Let me know what you think. Love from the hot West! (103 degrees!)

        • Dear Lorrin, I read that you are not feeling too well! I am not surprised with all the demands we have been placing on you with regard to your magic tongue. I am probably more guilty than anyone else.

          Please rest up and take care! Always know that you are PRECIOUS CARGO!

          PS. I have an idea (an Adam idea naturally) that I would like to share with you, but it can wait for now.

          • Dear Ingrid, thank you SO much for your kind words. I was really knocked out there for awhile. As you can read in my post to Cheryl above, I spent the day sleeping on the couch, and I’m still not quite up to par. But nothing can keep me away for TOO long, I’ve got to get back in here with alll y’all, or they’ll lay the rails right over me! You know, I’m wondering if some of my little ‘fainting spell’ there might not be due to doing all this computer work! Cheryl seems to think it must be because I want to SEE Adam so much, but can’t! She calls it the ‘Adam Ails’. Ha ha, maybe so, but I really think it’s because I am stressing too much trying to keep up with everybody. That, and the ‘bug’ I caught. I was telling Cheryl maybe we should all try as much as possible to stay on the first four newest threads as they come up, so we don’t lose each other. There’s such an avalanche of new subject matter coming up almost daily now, I feel like I get bowled over under the snow at the ski clubhouse and can’t dig my way out. So tell me your solution, and I will try to follow the prescription. I’ve been watching Adam’s slower ballad vids, and am just open-mouthed at his unbelievable vocal ability and incredible beauty. Adam singing ‘Starlight’ in Dallas in super close-up on YouTube was a revelation. So, I will take in all his other music, and give you a ‘Change Is Gonna Come’ description one of these days. Like you gals, I really do think Adam and some of the more sultry blues numbers go hand-in-hand. If you’re around tonight (your morning), post somewhere. Love from my hot, hot valley!

            • LORRIN AND INGRID, Lorrin, you are so right about all rhese sites!!!After this, I will post any comments
              on one of the first 4 pages. By the by, are these pages called ‘threads’???? Just so I know and don’t
              use a wrong term and get more skrewed up!! You didn’t say you had ‘faintine spells’! That doesn’t
              sound good!! But 103o?! Wow! We’ve been having 70-80o temps!!! This has really been a cooler
              summer for this God forsaken state! I like it!! With it so hot where you’re at, you best stay cool, calm
              and collected, FOR SURE!!! I left a post earlier today on the newest page for you both and anyone else
              who might be helpful. So, I had thought about putting anything new where you could find it even if it was
              off-topic. I’ll be catching up, hopefully, very soon! Lorrin, just forget any posts pre 7-25, and go from
              there. How does that sound?! We need our strength for Adam’s next years, afterall!!! Okay? Okay.
              peace-love-comfort-joy 2 Uboth!

              • Yes, dear Cheryl, we WILL need our strength as Adam goes along. And don’t worry, I don’t really have fainting spells, I just meant that as a figure of speech. But I do have an ear/balance problem which is affected by heat, so I really have to watch it. Unfortunatley, my ears are also highly effected by strobe lights and loud noise, but oh well, I will endure it all the best I can for Adam’s sake! Thanks for saying you would post on the first 4 ‘threads’ (yes, those ARE the pages on which a new topic is started), that will be very helpful, but if we are still answering things from way back, we can also direct each other back to those former pages, as long as we give good directions. I don’t want to go off-topic, either. Let’s just do our best, and hang in there the best we can.

  38. Sharon Davis says:

    Just got home (Amarillo) from Dallas!!!! Oh Adam’s set was too short! I could listen to him and watch him ALL NIGHT!! Adam – You look like you are working out! Adam was so incerdibly mesmerizing as ALWAYS!!! And when he threw that coat off??????? OMG!! I went to autograph spot before show ended, deliriously hoping to get a pic with Adam and get my Rolling Stone signed. Well…being out of the rock scene for way too many years, much to my surprise, I was not the only Adam fan getting there early!!! I did get what I thought was a good spot though, second off the rail. AN HOUR & A HALF later, I have to admit to all that I succumbed to the hundreds of people on top of me and the good ol Texas heat. My daughters stuck it out and were rewarded with all the autographs they wanted including Kris & Adam siging on her Converse shoes! We got a great video of the pandomonium when Adam came outside. His days of being able to go anywhere in peace are over – hope he was ready for that sacrifice. You just can’t get enough of him. I decided I didn’t want my autograph that way – so I will write him a note and send a copy of magazine and see if that works better.

  39. Marlis, what a sooper dooper “report’ on the concert, felt like I was right there… again!

    I think his shoes are the stylish ones worn by some men, like women’s dress shoes, very long and pointy, much more than when we wore them in the sixties.

    Have you seen one of the youtube videos, Bowie medley I think, where the camera was on a great “angle” and seemed to focus on one main part of Adam’s anatomy???? It was a link on one of these threads.

    So 50% were over 40? Hmmm, we saw more younger girls at ours and a fair number of faithful “husbands” or partners too… wonder where the gay men are? Maybe he doesn’t appeal to them as much? Interesting concept!

    • Peaches & Marlis – I agree with Theresa. Thank you for your vivid account of the consert. I can actually feel your excitement! I particularly liked the fact that you met so many Adam fans. The Adam-bulge is very interesting – must make a note of that and watch carefully. Thanks Marlis!

      Peaches, the standing ‘O’ once again bears witness to Adam’s greatness! Thank you!

      • INGRID, hey Baby Cakes, here you are!!! I just told Lorrin that I haven’t seen many posts from you in a
        while! And then I see this! Well, good! I’m glad you’re here! Lorrin seems to be feeling a little sick! I’m
        thinking she needs some rest! With Adam getting our hearts pumping harder than they have in a long time,
        we’ve got to look out for each other! He doesn’t do it on purpose, of course, but man! He can sure DO IT!!
        I only wish he’d ‘do it’ w/MEEEEEEEE!!!!!! OOOooohhhhhh,,,,,,,Adam! What are we all supposed to do
        w/these naughty feelings!!!
        peace 2 U, Rocker Chick!

        • Cheryl, we have so many birthdays in our family (both immediate and extended). It was my husband birthday yesterday and I had a few friends around for dinner and drinks … went on until late, but I’M BACK!

          What to do with these naughty feelings???? and “I only wish he’d ‘do it’ with me! Cheryl, really, will your heart be able to handle … whatever? Me thinks not! I left a post on the “More things … thread.

          ADAM has liberated me and I am now a FREEEE SPIRIT!

          Will be more active with posts from tomorrow! Love, peace, good health and fulfillment to all Glambs.

          • Ladies, I have at times figured out what to do with my ‘naughty’ thoughts! My husband supports my love for Adam for a reason! heehee Adam gets me thinking about subjects that had not really been on my mind for some time…and my husband enjoys that very much! heehee

            • Yeh Marlis, I know, our husbands are indirect beneficiaries of our ‘Adam thang’. I am sure that they are also secretly saying heehee, this guy is doing us a favour as well! So …, these naughty thoughts must come to a continuation …. hmmmmmm!

  40. Finally learned how to find an embedded code and thus provide a link. This is a cute backstage interview with Adam in LA on July 22, he talks about the bras, the fans responses, his album and how they may release the cd INTERNATIONALLY etc…

    • Theresa, Lorrin and Cheryl! I am sitting hear in sheer agony! Lorrin, I was watching the ‘Let’s Dance” video clip you posted on one of the threads. I was actually on my way to store a laundry basket in the laundry when I decided to ‘check in’ and see some of the more recent posts. Well, I decided to dance along with ‘Let’s Dance’ and was giving it real stick. In one of my over-zealous moves, I tripped (not too gracefully, I might add) and fell heavily with my posterior in the laundry basket. To add insult to injury, the laundry basket came with me when I tried to get up. Will post again but I need to sort my sore everything first.

      • should be sitting ‘here’ but was literally and figuratively nursing the pain in my butt.

      • Oh my GOSH, Ingrid, I do hope you are allright! Please do tell us if you recover without too much pain or difficulty. I’m so sorry it was because of one of my posts, how awful. But honestly, landing in the laundry basket after dancing to Adam, I mean, it IS quite a picture, I must say! Let us know how you are. I know you’re probably about to go to bed in lovely SA, but let us know when you can….feel better soon!

  41. Apart from a deflated ego, I feel much better thank you! I am, however, coming down with flu. Will check in with you later.