Tour Vibe – American Idol Summer Tour 2009 – Bridgeport, Ct

ATTENTION CONNECTICUT… Tonight is YOUR night!!! The American Idols are in YOUR house!!!
On a happy note, Adam’s only tweet yesterday was to express his excitement over one of his favorite bands, Muse…
~Adam-SOO excited for the new MUSE album coming out next week. !!!! Just previewed tracks on itunes and pre-ordered my copy~
Isn’t it funny that we will be doing that when HIS album is coming out?? It’s amusing to see him get excited over a band that HE loves. Does anyone else get the warm fuzzies when he twitters? Kinda like he’s talking just to you? Maybe it’s just me…
From the sounds of it though, some of them are feeling a little under the weather. Here are some twitters that have been floating around…
~Matt-I’m siiiiiiiiiick today… Booooo. I’m craving some good tea with honey and some Reese’s Puffs. Ha Gotta pull it together for tonight!!
~Michael-What up Twitter wooooorld! I hope ur all doing well. I feel like crap today. Boooooo! But we are still bringing it tonight.
~Kris-sorry I havent been on here lately guys. Ive been pretty sick the past couple of days.
~Anoop-imustnotgetsickimustnotgetsickimustnotgetsick…i blame @immattgiraud
~Matt-Well…I made it through the night and people said they couldn’t even tell I was sick out there on stage! perfect! It was rough though.

We will all keep our fingers crossed that they get better soon AND most importantly they keep the germs away from Adam. To any of you that are going to this show… You are in for a treat. Keep in mind to send us those pics/videos to
XO…Sue…Glamb #10


  1. Thanks for the update, Sue. It’s hard to believe that there are still a few more stops on the AI tour – a bit of an anti-climax after the thrilling excitement of Grand Rapids!!! LOL! (Although those people in the remaining cities have been waiting for their day for what must seem like forever!)

    I’m amazed that no one has gotten sick before now. It’s a pretty rough schedule they have all been under. I agree that I hope everyone keeps their germs away from our Adam. It sounds, however, as if he has been under good care since the tour began and is into wellness and taking care of himself in any event. He needs to stay healthy so he can get back into the studio and make beautiful music for us. I can’t wait!

    By the way, I was in HMV the other day when I overheard a young woman ask if she could put a hold on Adam Lambert’s new CD when it comes out on November 24th. The sales guy said, “Don’t worry, we will be placing a very large order for that one as we anticipate a huge demand.” Ya think?

    Glamb #20

    • Yes JANE, WE THINK!!!!!

    • Lisette here, bonmatin all glambs .an Jane agree thet given so many citie tour onroad,little repose an slepe,confine in bus,hotels an espose to varius changes in climates from arid,to humid,cool to hot,even if one is physical fit an younge,immune systemes can be lowered. Aw an thenks Sue for posting above tweets..I av non been on there in while aving companie..So must visite now even if wee heures with pain,just besoin comforte an returne to slepe apres visite to Adam’s best tributepage an lovli glambs frends.So agree j’espere Adam will reman physical strong an non catch othre fellow Idol’s cold au mal shame for him given tour is nerly ending.An reading above of Muse cd knowing is one of Adam’s best luv groups,imagaine why he tweet of.An he has made one of thers into his gentle an ethereal ballad”Starlit” .Now await for Adam’s magnifique CD sure with blendes o musique genres mention in his interviews! Take care all glambs an Sue..An of course May angels garde an protect our beau Adam keeping him in bonhealth too J’adore quest l’homme of many talentes,humanitarian,an beau d’couer an soul! J’etaime Lisettexoxox

      • Lisette what is your twitter name?

        • Lisette here..bonmatin agan slepless in l’desert..windstorms now.Aw thenks Theresa hope yu’re fine?Thinq I av yu on m’twitter page,notice al lorrin’s..alrite plz see lisetteangel ..been ther while thenked yu for yur assistance some thread back(on thes site).Sure yu’ll always trasure thet evening with glambs al AIconcert an seeing Adam’s tresbeau face an voix!
          Take care hugs an luv for yu..Lisettexox

    • YES I DO

    • Guess you girls have seen twitter by now and know that Adam has the bug. I’m sure he’s better equipped, thanks to his previous experience, to go onstage and tough it out. I watched the video from Reading the other night and wondered why Kris was so unresponsive to Adam’s smile and pat on the back st the end of HEY JUDE……………. now I know, he just trying to get off stage and lie down. Poor guy. Hope Adam fares better. Those of you in attendance, send him lots of love and support

      • I am just giving a shout out to one of Adam’s favorite bands. MUSE. Muse will be apppearing on the VMA Awards show this sunday. Check it out. Next year we all know Adam will be there.

        GAMB #451

      • Lisette here..nice seeing yu here I avnon seen thes video yet read on twittre of all being poor Adam now ..J’espere they’ll recovre an imagaine was difficile for him to singe undre conditione..thinq being tres jeune an fit all helps in thes situatione..for I’d av been booed for voix cracking.Know Adam still manage to singe in all his glorius velvetsmooth notes an angelique tones..tresbeau always Luv Lisettexoxo

      • Iyleneidol09 says:

        Hi everyone I have not been visiting the site I have a flu too. Not swine thank god. Since Im home sick i was listening to the local radio station 99.9FM and a caller reported that last night concert was a big disappointment he stated ” it could have been better” then he ended it with a big sigh. He also said that Kris did not sing (was that true) and almost every one has cold and the arena was not packed and tickets are not all sold out. This kids are pushed to their limits and their body will just feel the impact and get sick. Too much! Thank God they’re almost done, for their own welfare.

        • Iylene, thanks for the news. I hope they all get on their way to feeling better. With only 4 shows
          left, you know they want to go out with a bang. I’m so sure they will.
          I did hear Kris did not sing.
          Get better yourself.

          • Mary C (aka The FAMOUS Mary C, aka MaryMom, won’t be surprised if you soon call yourself Queen Mother), I have left posts for you on some of the older threads. Go back and read them when you have time … AFTER VOTING!! Love ya! Ingrid

            • Oh Ingrid love, I will check those out. Do you remember which threads? Like how far back??
              I’ll read after voting , before voting , etc.
              Queen MaryMom Ha,

              • I think on each of the three threads preceding this one! Me thinks, we wonders, me thinks, me wanders too far!!! Love ya, Mmmwah

          • Iyleneidol09 says:

            Thanks for your kind word, Mary. I have a lot of catching up to do..I felt like I was out from work ( meaning away from this site) that I have to make up for it… I’m sure there’s a lot that I’ve missed!!

        • Iyleneidol09, please take care, this flu really knocks one out. We have missed you. Your partner in crime, AA, has had to misbehave all by herself!

          I hope AI learns from this – they expect too much from these kids. Love from the Hoods!

        • Helen/Canada says:

          Hi Iylene
          Hope you are feeling better soon. Actually, if you read the post in the Recap Bridgeport from someone at the show (can’t remember who right now), the show was sold out, the performances especially Adam’s were excellent!. Kris did come out at intermission to say dr. advised him not to perform tonight.
          Take care of yourself. MWAH!

    • Helen/Canada says:

      Hi Jane
      Adam twittered this morning that he’s sick too!!! I’m sure he’ll suck it up though and still give an amazing performance.
      That’s great news about the CD being ordered in “bulk”. Hope they have a truckload!!!! LOL!

      • Helen/Canada says:

        Kris just came out on stage at Bridgeport show tonight and announced he is NOT singing tonight! Dr. advised him not to sing. CAN YOU IMAGINE IF THAT WAS ADAM!!!!!! I would die if I was at a show and Adam couldn’t perform! Let’s keep our fingers crossed that he gets better and is able to finish the tour–OMG!!! Lots of prayers for Adam tonight!!!

        • Geez Helen, that would be awful. I do feel bad for Kris and his fans.
          Oh Adam , take care honey.

        • Helen/Canada/ Thanks for the update. Kris must be awful sick to do that and he sleeps below Adam, so of course Adam would be close enough to catch the bug. Can’t imagine how bad it must be to be sick and in a bus away from home. Maybe where they are going the Glambs can make them some chicken soup, although they might not want food from strangers, See, Mary C, we should have kept him in Columbus, !!!!!!

        • Lisette reade Adam twitter latre last evening seein all were just pray thet Adam wil reman strong to go on.Etes such a strain on one’s vocal chords as j’compris having hed vocal surgery for cystes.Whenevre I av throat infection ther’s pain an discomfort.Take care too beau Adam lot of tea an honey..argh sure he’ll non be visiting here..Just reste is best medicine just imagaine is difficile being onroad an non in l’comfort of home..Blessings always Lisettexox..Thenks for sharing too Helen!

      • Oh my!! D’ya think I got my bug from Adam, or vice versa??? Now I dont mind being sick.

        • Terry, funny girl. you to passing the bug.

          • Iyleneidol09 says:

            Ok, ok, hoodsters, I am confessing here… I have slept with Adam dearest and that’s how he got the flu bug and spread it to the other idols… I told him, no kissy,kissy bec. of my colds, but he insisted, sooo , who am I to refused????

            • Helen/Canada says:

              Obviously, you had no choice!

            • Iyleneidol09, you make your appearance after how long (too long!)???? You definitely had a bad case of flu because it has affected your brain and now you are hallucinating and imagining all kinds of weird things. My dear, please have your temperature taken as fever does that to one! Hugs, Ingrid

        • Lisette Theresa do feele bettre too ..ah pardon cherie just to smile av yu manage to av a private bisous with Adam? now cheramie! If only thet was case yes?!hugs LisettexoxoTake care,some tea an honey too..(see above info yu requested ..xoxoLisette!

    • Thanks for the update Sue. I do get the warm fuzzies over his twitters and everything else of

      • Mary… You are very welcome. You’re not kidding about the “everything else” part. Ha ha.(evil laugh).

        xo…Sue…Glamb #10

        • Lisette here..alrite gals do agree with both of yu an let’s hope Adam remans in bonhealth so he can continue to singe an keep l’joie an warmth going here(he-he).Know althout nevre seeing in person just feel blesse to see his videos from al passe concertes an wil be difficile to thinq tour is ending soon.And yet imagaine for all of yu glambs who av seen memoires of thos special concertes will reman in toi heartes for always! J’espere Adam has rest for remans of thes tour..angeli au garde over him always! hugs Lisettexoxo

    • Wow Jane, thanks for that news. Oh that makes me so happy. Anticipating a HUGE demand.
      Way to go Adammmmm.

      • Hi Mary, haven’t talked to you since Adam’s nite in Cols, did you survie GR, sounds like you guys had a ball, been reading your posts, sure wished that I was there… I am going to be in Texas when Adam’s CD comes out so you won’t have my grabbing Adam’s CDs out of your hands,,,I’ll be doing that in Dallas to anyone that gets in my way !!!! Ha Ha !!!!
        God, I hope that Adam is alright, I feel so bad for him, well, got to go back to the voting site, the last there was only 597 ahead of “”GGRRRRR””,,,,

        • Hey Lee, yeh I thinking about you too (see above). GR was a blast. We missed you.
          Oh good one less Adam fan in Cols. when CD is released!
          Its so unreal that whats his face, is so close on those votes coming in.
          Come on Adam fans, lets get the gap larger………………..

          • I think I might know what the other guy is doing, when you put the pointer in the bottom right corner, don’t touch the cross or on the picture, just on the white border, right corner, then you keep hitting steadly till that little thing shows up , all that I can think is sand timer (?), hit a few more times, this can give you 2-15 votes. keep trying it on the lower people, down on the list they aren’t a threat to Adam. I was doing this and I was surprised, hope it works !!!! Please let it work, we need help……….

    • Well duh, who wouldn’t think?? Right? I am counting the days…
      xo…Sue…Glamb #10


      • Lisette here..bonmatin thet’s non too bon..we’ll all try plese to keep beauhearte Adam to win l’world Idol..but know he’s already thet for l’glambs on thes lovli tribute page an stil belive can be official page too.Thenks for info here Perl! hugs Lisettexox

  2. FYI the album by Muse that Adam has preordered can be heard in 30 second exerpts on itunes.. sounds excellent, very much like Queen!

    Also his new 2012 song will be Time for Miracles and seems to be featured on the advertising poster. It will be played at the end and roll with the credits, so we all must stay and listen… of course!!

    • Just read that the expected release date for Time for Miracles is mid to late October.

    • Dianne Hill says:

      Here is a link to download Muse’s latest album. This internet thing is crazy, that you can download a whole album before it is even released. And I will download it, but also it won’t stop me going out to buy it next week either. I want the whole deal.

      enjoy, see what Adam is so excited about. Muse are a fantastic band, one of my absolute favourites.

      • hi guys would love to chat about adam. this is a practice run

      • hi jan again i am anovice at this. but enjoy adam and his music so much thru uu guys ans all the vids etc i am a young 63yr old grandmother of 5 lovely boys whos parents are afraid they will come home one day to the kids with black dyed hair. adam has awakened my inner youth and love of music etc. have spent a lot of time watching everything i can find about him. i live in hamilton nz and would love to know how many fans he has here. to jeanette and co thanks heaps for all the imfo in the last few month not much to be found here. this will all change after cd ans 2012 sound trac i am sure. hi to dianne in chch
        . sorry for errors hope to improve

        • Welcome Jan, we have other Kiwis on this site too!

          • Hi theresa, thank you for your welcome. So exciting to be part of this, my kids are quite amused.I am really loving adam and feel he has that something special as a person and a performer. came to watch idol quite late in season much to my disappointment however have made up for it since
            hope we get his cd over here also theme from 2012. would love to hear from any other kiwis..
            did you get to see adam in concert.

            • Dianne Hill says:

              Me again, I posted further down as well to you Jan.

              I have actually written to Adam’s record company asking them to release his album worldwide, don’t know if it will do any good but have to try. Next step is pestering the record shops into contacting the record company themselves and see if they can do anything for us.

        • Helen/Canada says:

          Welcome Jan. I live in Hamilton, ON (Canada)! Adam has awakened the young girl in all of us!

          • helen great to hear from you. Hamilton must be a great place both in NZ and Canada.Have you seen Adam in concert. We feel so far away here.We have a great local music scene tho. Would love to recommend some local music to you, or is that not on the subject. Our wonderful Adam.

            • Welcome, Jan….This a great site everyone is so nice, they even tolerate me and I’m 72. My son finds my interest in Adam strange, if he says too much, he;s out of the Will, Haha, he said he wears black eye liner and I told him, Yeah, and it looks great, that I loved it !!! I haven’t told him yet that I went to Adam’s concert but, he’ll find out when I rush him to the store in Texas to get Adam’s CD and then I plan on playing it all day long !!!! ( AT LEAST ) Welcome Aboard, JAN
              Time to vote, we’re down to only 135 votes ahead, terrible booohoooo !!

              • Lee M: I thought I might be one of Adam’s oldest fans but you’re a few years older than I am. Love it!! The family wonders what’s happened to me but I assure you it’s all good. I’ve never felt so alive and all the words (and I mean all the words!!) that Adam has used to describe himself apply to how I feel, also. Those of you who follow Adam will know what descriptive words I mean.
                I’m also from Columbus, OH. We should start a Columbus fan club. I went to the Indianapolis show without a ticket and left Columbus at 2:30 PM that day after making my decision to go at about 2:15 – arrived in Indi at 5:50 PM.
                I’ve got plane tickets for the Manchester show but no ticket. Hope I can find a ticket because buying on the street is no fun. I’d love to get a floor ticket but none of the brokers sell single tickets. Praying for something to come through before I leave next Tuesday.

                • WOW, aren’t you brave!!! You might just luck out and run into someone like Mary C who had 2 tickets to sell the night of Columbus Concert and she did it !!! You might try it like this, if the tickets are cheap enough you might be well off to buy 2 tickets, someone mentioned that she found tickets really cheap the day of concert, Mary C, was that you, you have all the experience, your better than I to give adviced, you know the ropes and how to get to ADAM !!!!! Haha GOOD LUCK !!!!!

                  • Lee, yes the day of the Cols show, I was browsing thru Ticketmaster and lucked out with First row
                    seats (2) Thats why we sold the originals.
                    So keep trying Shirlee, u are lucky to get to go to 2nd to last of the shows!
                    Rock on girl.

                • Shirlee and Lee M, we are all from Cols. I’m in for any club! We should go out to dinner sometime!
                  Shirlee, best of luck in Manchester. Check out the broker tickets that sell more than 4 seats, u can
                  find single seats there at times.
                  Lee, the will?? Hilarious!

                • I use to think I was in the oldest age group of loving Adam. I am 41, but then I come to this site, and low and behold I feel like a “youngin”. I think it is fantastic the age difference Adam’s fans are. Loving it!

                  Gamb #451

              • Hi All, Im also a 60 yr old lady , I love Adam too he gets the old girl running again if you no what i mean . I saw him live in Ft lauderdale he was just awsom .I do hope they all feel better . Just cant wait for album to come out , and him singing for the 2012 movie is a bonus. I also heard him do a short backround verse of mad world in a tv ad for the series Flash Forward although i dont know too much about that. Im ready to buy another ticket for his solo show . cant wait for that either.

                • YOU GO FOR IT,,,Girl,,, I’m debateing on putting my Condo on the market so I can afford another show.. ( OH, be quiet my kiddies, I was only kidding !!!) Although I’m listening o Adam sing right now,,,and,,I still get goosebumps when I hear him,,,It’s been a long time since a man gave me goosebumps,,I just might have to try to find a man to listen to Adam with me,,knowing my age,,I’ll let you young ones fight over Adam,,but I’ll still be watching those moves of Adam !!!!!!

                • Helen/Canada says:

                  Hi Deborah
                  Adam gets all our juices flowing!!! You mentioned that you saw him in Ft. Lauderdale. Are you from there! I go to Ft. Lauderdale every year for the month of Feb. Maybe we could hook up, go out for dinner and talk about Adam!!!! Or better still, wouldn’t it be awesome if he was on his solo tour then and playing in Lauderdale while I was there!!!

                • Iyleneidol09 says:

                  Hahaha! With all the age group above, Ladies, we should contact AARP, maybe they can add ADAM BENEFIT PACKAGE IN THEIR package deal, or triple AAA can also add a special benefit pakage: A.A.A. (ADAM’s ALL AGES package) will offer discounts to all hotels, trips and ticket concert for anything related to ADAM!!!

              • Helen/Canada says:

                Lee M.
                You made me laugh! Funny what you said about your son making the comment about Adam’s eyeliner and not knowing that you went to the concert. That is so funny! You go girl!

              • thanks for your message lee. my kids are indulgent of my adam mania. you are lucky to see him in person. maybe one day he will come here or maybe australia i would try and make it ther off to vote now.

            • Helen/Canada says:

              Hi Helen
              Our town is about 500,000 pop. We’re very close to Toronto (big city, you may have heard of it) and also close to the US border, New York state. I did see Adam in concert here in Hamilton. He was so amazing. Also, am going to the concert on Mon. night in Syracuse, NY, it’s about a 4 hour drive. Very excited!!!
              Looking forward to sharing more posts with you.

        • Jan,
          Welcome to our site! We are thrilled to have you here!! Pass us along to all of your friends… the more the merrier. Looking forward to hearing more from you…

          xo…Sue…Glamb #10

        • Dianne Hill says:

          Hi Jan, lovely to meet you to. It is great to meet fellow Kiwis on this site. There is another who is just as crazy about Adam as I am and she lives here in Christchurch, we have got together quite a few times now and it is so lovely to talk to someone who understands exactly how I feel about this absolute gorgeous man. I am 56 and have got over the fact that I am old enough to be his mum, doesn’t matter in the slightest. This is a fabulous site, they are all fantastic and we are like one family, doesn’t matter that we are on the other side of the world. The best thing is they UNDERSTAND me and exactly what I am going through. Hope to see your name here more often. Lisa (other Glamb from ChCh) and I would also love to know how many Kiwi fans there are of Adam.

          • Hi dianne, it was your comments from nz that got me motivated to learn how to sort this messaging thing. have it sussed now. great to hear from you, and all the others on this site. how will we manage once tour is over i will keep listening to my ipod and watching vids. have a really helpful cd shop and real helpful young guy in hamilton just happens tto be called adam to, so will get on to him about adams cd.

        • Hey Jan, welcome to our family here. So glad you have your inner youth awakened.

          • hi mary c thanks for your message. you are all doing a great job. looks like you all had great times at concerts have seen your photos cheers fron downunder xxxx

      • Dianne Hill / Thanks for posting this, I am listening to them between voting, ( while the SHIP is sinking) I wonder if Adam’s CD will be anything like this, being he was so thrilled w/ it???
        Haven’t heard all of it still working on it. I would never have found it on my own…thanks!

        • Dianne Hill says:

          You are most welcome, it wasn’t found by me, another Adam fan who comes on this site regularly sent it to me.

          I have a feeling that as Adam loves Muse so much he will definitely take on board their style. They are fantastic and were voted the best live act in the world in the UK. I haven’t seen them live but I have a few of their DVD’s of concerts and they are amazing. Muse always surprise, I just love the symphony they have going on, most surprising in a rock band, but it works.

          And the voting has been turned around Adam is in the lead and all is right with the world, thank god for that.

          Dianne Glamb 356

    • Helen/Canada says:

      Hi Theresa
      Welcome back. You girls had an amazing experience. So happy you have such great memories now.
      I went to the movies last week and they showed the trailer for 2012. It actually looked pretty good. I was thinking to myself, OMG, can you imagine Adam’s voice in surround sound!!!! Can’t wait!!!

    • Mother Thereeeesa! Thanks for that but will be able to view it???? Missed your posts and glad to have you back! Hugs, Ingrid

    • Terry, Of course we will. Thanks for the news

    • Sadly, I would go just to hear that song, forget the movie… lol.
      Xo…Sue…Glamb #10

    • Lisette thenks Theresa an to Lorrin for let me know apres seeing on twitter being always late in info was glad to know thes is his new songe.Look forwarde to hering an sureli will be magnifique as all of his songes! hugs Lisettexoxo

  3. So, some of the idols are ‘not well”! Hmmmm d’ya think I caught my head cold from Adam?? I wasnt near any other idol. Woke up the morning after GR with a sore throat and am all stuffed up . It was worth it though, but the plane trip back was ear piercing painful with the pressure changes. However, I wouldnt trade the experience for the world!!

    • Everyone following Adam on twitter, PLEASE VOTE ! We need a huge chunk of votes, coz “he should not be named” is not letting up and you guys are 170,000 strong ! I know Adam is too humble to campaign for himself and will not post the link on his account. Can someone post the link so everyone can see it ?

      • ALL DEAR GLAMBS, FANS AND FRIENDS DOWN UNDER AND IN SUNLIGHT RIGHT NOW, please VOTE for Adam, that ‘other person’ is again closing the gap, and is once again only 1,728 votes behind….thank you for your flashing fingers. Love to all of you from California in the wee hours!

        • Cher Lorrin once agan sharing l’sentimente too an on last thread plese see post re: thes too to send out SoS for Adam(too longe just to smile an how in haste leaving out words can take on diffarante meaning..blushes ovre what I av lefte blame on film I av seen an thinqin of Adam al same time..wel nevre mind..Yu can read it if yu like..hugs Lisettexoxo
          p.s. am going ther now to try an rescue along with all us glambs..just take few momentes an vote! blessings Lorrin an pour l’ange d’musique reman in bonhealth away from all those germs!xoxo mmwoi bisous!

        • Helen/Canada says:

          Still voting like crazy!!!! I’ll be so glad when this is over, maybe I can get some other things done around here! LOL! MWAH Lorrin!

          • The gap only 1,400 now.Getting closer again.Yesterday was much better.The gap like 2,000! Don’t get lazy,let’s vote until the end.The rest of the Glambs,come on now!! “ULTIMATE WORLD IDOL” That’s sound so Adam!! 🙂

            • Iyleneidol09 says:

              Hi AA, how’s your finger??? That’s ok, everyone will have a carpal tunnel syndrome related to prolonged repetitive movement from voting for ADAM. It’s well worth it. Will not allow that freak to win over Adam..

          • Helen, check out the coast to coast tickets (ticket broker) He has 2 tickets for 79$ ea.
            Floor 1 section, row E. Looks like there are 3 Floor 1’s , so not sure which seats these are
            for. but good luck with that. Hope you can go, sending my Karma your way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

            • Helen/Canada says:

              Thanks Mary
              I took a close look at the seating chart for that venue. They make it very complicated. The floors are divided into 3 sections and each section has 3 sections. The first section right in front of the stage has 6 rows, so the section where row E is, I think would be 11 rows from the stage. How close do you think that actually is? Would I be able to see Adam’s face. And would I be able to see over people? I’m short, 5′ 2″. I don’t know!!!

              • Hi Helen,
                It’s Vera/Canada. I’ve just bought two tickets through Ticketmaster. Section 3 CC Row This is the Section closest to the stage on the right. It’s much better then Row 11 or 13 on the floor. It is elevated and close to the stage. I am very happy. Going with another friend of mine. Trying to turn her into Adamlover too…
                Good luck with tickets! Hope to see you there…

                • Helen/Canada says:

                  Hi Vera
                  You lucky girl! How the hell did you get those tickets. I have been checking ticketmaster constantly and that section never came up!

                  • Helen/Canada says:

                    Also, where are you staying? Is there a hotel close to the venue?


                    • We are leaving actually around 12 from Burlington??? My friend cannot do it earlier… Do you think we might be late?? And we are leaving after signing session. I need to be home next morning…Tough, but I want to see a
                      Adam again and again and again!

                      Helen!!! I’ve just checked Ticketmaster they still have Section 3 and the ROW BB It is even better seats I bought CC!!! When you are in the order page instead of best seat choose Mezzonine

                  • Helen, you have to keep searching with ticketmaster. When tickets
                    come up you arent happy with, do another search.

              • Hey Helen, 11th row would be a ways back, I dont know , if I had the chance
                to go and that was available I would be buying that ticket. What if its in the first
                section 5th row, that would be great. Good luck with that and especially
                out at the barricades.

                • Helen/Canada says:

                  Well, I didn’t know what to do, so I bought the frickin” ticket! If it’s too far back, I’ll just stand on my chair, or pull a “Cheryl” and catapult my way to the stage!!! I wasn’t even going to the concert, just to the barricades! But then I thought what if Adam doesn’t come out and I’ve missed him totally!
                  He’s been coming out every night, but I don’t think he did last night at Wilkes-Barre. It will be interesting to see if he comes out tonight since he announced this morning that he’s sick!!!

                  I have no luck whatsoever! Mary, for his solo tour, I am glueing myself to your side–you’re not going anywhere without me!!!!

                  • Hey Helen,
                    So what seats did you finish buying? on the Floor? What row?

                    • Helen/Canada says:

                      Ya, I bought the floor ones, Row G, Centre section. If it’s too far back I’ll try to sneak my way up to the front! Also, it’s a small arena, only 6600 seats, so I’m hoping it won’t be that far back! Who knows, maybe I’ll get a chance to get a closer ticket when I’m there and then try to sell mine. Anyway, don’t know if you saw my other post (didn’t check yet) but I’ll look for you around the arena, maybe out the front doors. I think I’ll recognize you from your picture.

                    • OH , so you have row G? not E? R U still in Floor 1?
                      OH well dont worry, it’ll all be good for you. You will be there live!!

                  • Oh Helen, I’m so glad you bought the frickin ticket!!!!!!!!!! I just cant stand it, you will have it going
                    on , down there on the floor. Oh sooo happyy for you. Now you dance your little heart out!
                    I was thinking about u last night being in the 11th row, if that is the correct Floor 1 and
                    I thought to myself, Oh yeh that will be great for you.
                    I’ll be pulling my Karma for you, 2nd to last show , he’ll be out for you.
                    We have a date for his solo tour! Now think positive Helen.

                    • Helen/Canada says:

                      Thanks Mary
                      I’m hoping the seat will be good. I’m in the centre section, so that’s good. And as I said, the arena is on the small side, only 6600 seats (most nowadays are 15 to 17 k’s) so I’m hoping it will be closer to the stage than in other larger venues. I am getting excited again. Hope they all get better quick and start coming out after the show.

            • Yeah, it was YOU, with the news about cheap tickets, good….

        • Hi Lorrin! I am clicking away or as you put it ‘flashing my fingers’! Love to you! Get some sleep – I can still click away for a while!

      • Glamasia, the link for the vote IS posted on Twitter in a number of different ‘Adam fan’ places, I have voted from Twitter quite a few times…also, here is the actual Tweet from Adam as to how he is feeling:

        “Yuck. Everyones sick. Including me. 🙁 singing’s no fun when u feel crappy, but imma do my best tonight Bridgeport.”

        Poor Adam. I sure hope they all get to feeling better, and that goes for you, too, Terry, since you probably caught your bug from ADAM!

        • Lisette here..grande hugs Lorrin merci for tweets(thinq we sonde like deux birds now as long as ther’s no feathres ruffled..wel mabe over beau Adam thenks for info regarde all ontour feling ill ..As othre glambs av mentione on passe threade thet Matt an now our angel d’musique am crying now..Adam may angeli garde vous an keep yu strong..Plese take care an have some repose if all medicine,lot of herbal tea,echinacia,fresh ginger,vit.c,oh an know people call ‘jewish penicillin”.An ma grandmere’s recipe Chicken fricasee an some tlc will keep l’doctor away(he-he)..if one evre reads.Adam we all send bonwishes an take extra care!For thet beau voix of yurs plese give reste to vocal chords monbeau amie! et angel d’chansons ..Adam!xox Luv to all an Lorrin feele bettre ma belleamie too! hugs an bisous Lisettexoxo

        • Lorrin, in that case I ‘love’ my bug!!!

        • Lisette here..Lorrin merci beaucoup ma belleamie for l’note ..j’espere yu too feel bettre an know fibro wares at one physical being..know am here for yu an othre glambs who suffre with thes illness..recall Cheryl too..Hope she’s feling well miss seeing le femme with peacock hat(cute)!! An hope she got l’interpedationes from last thread..Hugs an luv to all!..Ah an of course l’angel d’musique ..Adam plese take care lot of tea n honey,vit.c echinacea,pepperminte an lot of r an r if sont possible!.An always to here toi voix celestial gentle in ballads an also thos estraordinaire high notes an vocal ranges thet noone can duplicate..Benediction a vous monbeau! Luv Lisettexoxo

          • Dear Lisette, thank YOU so much for all of YOUR lovely posts and Tweets, they are so wonderful to read…yes, the fatigue and other symptoms, pain, etc., are very hard to deal with, but I have managed to keep my head above water, thank you for your excellent advice on the various remedies…speaking of Adam’s ‘high notes’, please go see my post out on the ‘Portland ME’ page at the bottom, it should be out of moderation tomorrow…I posted a reply to Gala about Adam’s position on the all-time greatest vocalists list, and the videos I posted in reply to that should be out of moderation tomorrow. They are amazing comparisons between Adam and other singers and one of his amazing vocal range…thought you would enjoy seeing them. Love to you tonight from California!

        • Iyleneidol09 says:

          Hi Lorrin, it broke my heart and tortured me all night knowing Adam is at the Bridgeport concert, it was only half an hour away from me but I was sooo sicked. The weather that evening was so horrible, cloudy,dark and gloomy, low 60’s and wind blowing about 50 miles an hour. I kept looking outside the window that evening and thought of the people waiting outside for the meet and greet (did it ever occur?)and the Idols doing the signing, oh it was horrible… and now we heard that most of them were sick, that did not help the situation… Did I here you were sick too? Hope you feel better too!!!

          • Oh, Iyleneidol, thanks for your kind thoughts of sympathy for me and for everyone over at the Bridgeport concert….I heard it was blowing and raining over on the East Coast…it will not be much longer, and the tour will be over, and all of them will be able to rest, especially our dear Adam. They will probably all be in need of a good, long vacation after this…but, Adam has ‘big doings’ coming right up. We have SO much to look forward to in just a few short weeks. Take heart, and if you want, send a WHOLE lot of that rain and wind out our way in sun-sun-sunny California, we NEED it! Love to you tonight from the Valley..

  4. Hi, just a question. Do you know for sure if his new song will run through the credits. I hope people stay to hear it other than Adam fans of course.

  5. Personally, I ALWAYS stay for the closing credits of any movie I see. I figure it’s the least I can do to say thanks and express my admiration for all the hard work that goes on behind the scenes – not just the actors, but the director, technicians, sound and lighting people, hair, makeup, special effects, stand-ins, producers, those who do the stunts, drivers, cooks, runners, associates, editing, etc. etc. And of course, the MUSIC. I am often amazed when I see people leaving the theatre as the final song is playing – to me that locks in the experience I have just seen and allows me to appreciate all the work that has gone into the making of the film.

    All this leads to this: You won’t hear much of anything from me over the next several days. I am, in a couple of hours, off to the movies. Each year I take part of my vacation from work to attend the Toronto International Film Festival – I will be seeing 30 movies over the next 10 days – it’s an amazing event – the best in the world we are told. Lots of stars will be in attendance but I go for the films themsellves.

    So, although you all here on this sire and Adam will still be very much in my thoughts, (and I will certainly try to read some of the posts and comments here when and if I can), I will be enjoying other adventures, sights, sounds, languages, cultures and film genres. Joining you again on September 20th. Those who are yet to see Adam, I send you good vibes for a wonderful time! Those who have already “met” Adam, I hope you continue to bask in the memories. To those (including myself) who have not and will not experience Adam this time around, rest assured that our time is coming. Much excitement awaits us this Fall – Adam’s CD, his song in a movie, his music featured on a new TV show, and, of course, his solo tour!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t wait!!!

    Hugs to all!!!

    Glamb #20

    • Helen/Canada says:

      Hi Jane
      I’m like you, I stay for the credits too! Some of the best songs are at the end. Have fun at the Film Festival—maybe you’ll see some stars! (none like our Adam though). Keep voting!

    • Dearesy Jane travel safely and have a ball! We look forward to seeing back here (at home) on 20th September. Yes, we have so much to look forward to, not least of all Adam’s solo tour! Lotsaluv – Ingrid

      • Lisette safe journee to Jane an just enjoie l’estraordinaire trip an soundes like fun to see foreign filmes of many genres too!I av always enjoie even if ther’s subtitles an av on ma local cable couple of networks thet broadcast such type films!Aw an what a lovli poste here..agree for all glambs who av been blesse to see Adam they’ll trasure per une vie(lifetime) for us who av yet to see know thes jour will be soon ..let’s hope! An til then we have thes wondeful place to share,celebrate an finde frenships all for one special beau l’homme..thet being Adam Lambert..For withoute his musique an seeing his spectacular performance thruout American Idol show,ther’d be non Glambs site agan thenks too to dreamsounde for he was l’one who originated this fanpage..So wherevre he is today..bless him too! J’espere agan Jane a bonvoyeage,blessings an will chat avec toi on twittre too! Luv Lisette an for all glambs gals n oui beau Adam nous ange always! J’etaime feel bettre too!

  6. NH Glambert says:

    I don’t want to be off-topic here but it looks like the Claymates have been hard at work last night. They narrowed the Ultimate World Idol gap on the Tweeterwall from 3000 to under 2000! Time to get back to voting kids!

    • I already paste the link in every thread including this one. It will appear soon,still in mederation!This will never be out of topic,NH! Great to know lots here still voting like crazy for Adam! Happy to know! 🙂

    • NH Glambert – you so not off-topic. The voting is all important! Thanks for the heads-up! Mwah Ingrid


    • AA, I am with you ALL THE WAY!

    • Where are all those other fellows voters coming from ? Don’t they work or sleep? I just don’t believe he’s that popular.


    • Iyleneidol09 says:

      AA and all the Glams team, got my strength back, so I will be on the front line too voting for the King of all kings!!! We will make that happen…Our power is strong and we will beat the Aikins ugly fans, Ok, say this mantra, all at the same time, now, here is goes … NEVER SAY DIE!!! Hurrah!!! Ok, now go back to the site and vote !!!!!

  8. OMG Im going to the one today im so excited i cant believe im going to see adam live omg can you imagine what he looks like in person DAME HOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT

    • I am sooo excited for you!! I went to the show in Chicago and loved it so much we ended up buying tix for the Madison show 2 nights later! YOU WILL LOVE IT. Make sure and take it all in…
      XO…Sue…Glamb #10

    • Helen/Canada says:

      Hi AdamAddict
      Still voting with you AdamAddict! Thanks for the links, you are so wonderful to post these for us all the time. Did you find any at the barricades–wondering if Adam came out last night?

      Anyone at the Wilkes-Barre show last night? Do you know if Adam came out after the show?

      • I don’t know if Adam came out last night and I can’t find any vid that show he signing autograph! Maybe not yet? I dunno! I hope Adam and the rest getting better soon! Awww,poor Adam!

        • Bonsoir Lisette ar yu cheramie..left yu thet info regarde twittre ples luv to be along tweeting with yu too..An I av alway enjoie reading yur posts here..bring smiles even when feling bleu ..Along with so many lovli gals here Lorrin,Cheryl,Ingrid,Maryc/d,Sue,Jeanette,Toni,Cyndi,Helen,Theresa,Alen,many more to mention!! Plese reading below Lorrin’s post lets all vote I’l be a campaign assistante we can nevre let Clay win…If yu read my comment scroll down re:Clay’s appearance al David Foster show,sans bare applauses So now thinq votes fixed. Adam’s heartes even thout I av voted infinite temes,all heures an tweete to frends ,and on youtube Plese vote for our Adam, estraordinaire vocaliste,humanitiarian, world Idol by far ..Clay is like le diffarance between fine champagne au sparkling water or thet of a trip to Riviera in Europe au Riveria hotel in US!Anyway pardon for comparison..Just thes has ruffle my feathres grande time on l’tweet espress perhaps lose feathres an go nude!oh non!..anyone to fly thes way with me..silly now! hugs an serieux thout continue to vote day n nite!!! bisous Adam ..forget nude parte..just imagaine yur own fantasie fellow au gal!xoxoLuv Lisettexxo

          • Oh thank you, Lisette, I am so happy to have a campaign assistant! Together we will ‘Rock The Vote’ over on Twitter and we can ‘talk it up’ here with the Glambs, too…our Campaign Colors will be black, blue, and silver!

    • Hi AdamAddict / This Kit Kat you referred to above, who is that, I ask because I have a site name close to that but w/ numbers/ Just curious ???

      • Kit Kat is a wafer bar,Lee M!! LOL!! In the CM, they shows people working hard and then someone said “Have a break with Kit Kat” LOL!! I’m sorry,I’ve confused you! LOL!! But Kit Kat is delicious!!Yummy!!

        • Thanks! AdamAddict, for the reply !!! LOL, I should of thought about that, I’ve eaten enough of them!!!! My screen name was choose from the fact that I have Kats (2) and are not always sweet, they are Maine Coons cats and are very demanding in the attention department. The one couldn’t understand why I was not in bed last night………But, I had to vote for Adam,,,was a losing battle….there was about 100 of us still voting…what a pleasant surprise when I did get some sleep and when I woke up..there it was,…
          Adam, ahead again !!!!! Yeah !!!!!! At 5:30 am he was 103 v behind !!!!! Talk about being siiiccckkkk. Oh, so happy this morning !!!!!!!!!! *****575****** votes, yeah !!!!!
          Gotta go & VOTE, can’t lose the ground you all made this morning …………………………

          • To further confuse the KitKat issue my brother owns the KitCat clock company. The clock where the eyes and the tail go back and forth. He’s originally from Columbus but now lives in Orange County in California.
            On the issue of voting for the World Idol – why when I vote does this site not remove the + sign. When I have previously voted for Adam on other contests on this site, the + sign left indicating I had voted. I have been on this site for World Idol and it’s not worked the same as the other times. Can anybody tell me their experience. There is no way that Adam should be behind you know who if everything is working right.

            • Shirlee,
              Sometimes it happened to me too, I bet lots have the same experience! Try again, because after few times, It works again! I dunno know why.And I’m glad I clear that up…about Kit Kat wafer bar! LOL!!

            • It is doing the same to me today, I just keep hitting it until the “hour glass” shows up and then move away with the pointer, just a bit and then my votes show up. My CP is so tired today from working so much the last week, i did a cleaner but it doesn’t seem to help that much..Hope this works for you !!!!

              • About that Clock, yes I know of it, how great ! What a small world and it was made here in Columbus, how about that!!!

                • AdamAddict / Bet you didn’t think that those 2 little words would bring on all this conversion…Haha ( KIT Kat )

                  • I know!! LOL! Phew!! Have a break,have a Kit Kat!! hahaha!! (IT’S A WAFER BAAAAAR!!) Suddenly, I feel like I want to eat it but it’s 2 am! Oh man!! Why we keep talking about it? 🙁

    • bonmatin AdamAddict..hope yu’re fine an thenks for sharing linqs with all toi amies here on glambs! p.s. are yu on twittre by way?Be nice to see yu there too hugs always Lisette..Enjoie reading yur postes here too! Luv Lisette!

      • Yes Lisette,I have twitter account. My user name is Emili0603 if you want to follow me. But I need to know your username too because I only allow my friends to follow me. By saying my friends,I mean Adam’s fans are all welcome.LOL!! If not I block them. I’m not like some people who are desperate to have hundres of followers but don’t know any of them. I rather have 10 or 20 but I can concetrate on them! I love to follow you too,Lisette! 🙂

        • Lisette here bonjour all once agan al normal heure am off today,brothre with frends thenkful for petit favors..Anothre 2 weeks feel like an eternitie alredy!!Sos! Adam Addict thenks cheramie heres my nom on twitter LisetteAngel agree I limite an prefer thet way..non just to av 100 plus frends.Lovli to av frends from glambs as we av beene frends who share an celebrate Adam an his superbe gifte in musique!Plus is lovli to read yur posts..always bring smiles when Im feling bleu..Hugs Lisettexoxo!

  9. Check this out!
    The tour is almost finish? really?When?

    • AdamAddict, thanks for the video, good interview but I wish the camera man was better positioned, infront of Adam rather then on the side. Poor Adam, he can’t even take a vacation after such a long tiring tour, hopefully he can rest after he finishes recording his CD but I doupt it, he will have to promote the CD.

      • Lisette here..bonmatin Toni in London! Plasur to see yur postes an just look forwarde to his future solotour as I av not yet seen..but am thenkful for al lovli videos people av shared from AItour..An agree Adam surli needes repose an seeing now he’s tweet of many falling ill(fellow idols) just hope he’ll av reste even given being onroad)..For sure is non like comforte of home,an plese AItour hope ther’s a residente doctor too there! blessings an Luv Lisettexoxo!

        • Hello Lisette, I am back at work now and it makes it more difficult to access this site, but I do in between classes. Unfortunately Adam is also not feeling well, I wonder what is the problem, I hope is not the nasty new flue virus, but if Adam needs to take time off then he must do so, he has to look after himself, we want him to get healthy. I am looking forward to his tour.

          Best wishes to you

          • Lisette here!..lovli to here from yu Toni! So agree Adam may be susceptible ontour an flu is remerging,saw on news!..dangereuse)An being ther’s still more concerte gets repose even if to cancel any othre engagemente/interviews!Poor beauhearte seem he’s worn out from endless press an media,even thout we adore latest..take care monbeau Adam!Angel blessings for him! Aw yes Toni we’ll av to be patiente for thos solotours!
            bonwishes an luv Lisette!xox

    • Iyleneidol09 says:

      AA, I think this is the last week. I wonder if Adam is invited to the big VMA awards on the 13th. But, I guest not, that’s right, he still have a concert until the 15th. Did you noticed, his outfit, his leather pants is ready to retire soon 🙂 I bet that leather outfit and the microphone stand will be donated to the Smithsonian Museum !!! just like Elvis’s white outfit.

  10. To JANE416…I am with you 100% on staying for the final credits…have been doing that since I was a kid for the same reason that you stated. All those people made the movie… not just the stars. Had to break my husband in on this…he always had rushed out as soon as the movie was over…now after several years he gets it and reads the credits too. We are always sitting there alone, except for the guy cleaning the popcorn off the floor. It is amazing how many people work on a movie and we appreciate everyone of them for their contribution!

  11. KO's smiling says:

    His twitter says he’s sick! Oh no!! “Yuck. Everyones sick. Including me. 🙁 singing’s no fun when u feel crappy, but imma do my best tonight Bridgeport.” Poor Adam!

    • Poor poor Adam! Feel better!!! Tomorrow is the day off! Take your time, Adam and other guys too! Feel better!
      (I am being egoistic a little bit, cause I am going on my concert #3 on Monday in Syracuse…. Want to see Adam again!…)
      To all my sisiglambs who is going to the last 5 concerts- enjoy Adam! We won’t be able to see him in person for a while!… :((((((

    • Sorry to interupt but “The OTHER ONE” is making a move on us!!! We can’t let this happen again today !!!!! This stupid CP is acting up so bad,,Gggrrrrr !!!!

  12. Send positive energy, girls.

    • YES, Carrie, this is the one component that MUST be on OUR side, positive energy! Why it’s the very same ‘sign’ of that danged ‘+’ we all are now so familiar with! We know for CERTAIN that the other side does NOT have positive energy, but we have it in abundance, for our leader is the very essence of positivity! So yes, let’s all send POSITIVE ENERGY to the vote, to each other, and to Adam as we continue on with the voting! Thanks for that, Carrie!

  13. Hi, we are losing ground on the voting, that other person is catching up and don’t want that to happen , with Adam not feeling too good, we got to pick up his spirits..
    By the way I have him at home with me, I’m taking very good care of him~~~~~~~~

  14. Bridgeport, give Adam all your love, he says he’s not feelin to good. You know he’ll do his best
    for ya. Have a great time and Rock ON.
    Feel better Adam!!!!!!!!!!!


    • Only 1,200 gap between them! How’s that possible? Yesterday was a lot of different! Seriously?? Clay can catch up that fast?pretty soon he’ll beat Adam if we stop voting now! WTH??!! Adam’s fans, come on,please vote!! Don’t assume he will win because seriously, I’m worried that he might not! Skerd?? Good, join the club!! VOTE!! The link in every thread,you won’t miss it!

      • The gap has increased to 1, 157 but we need to carry on voting no matter the cost.

        • Only 1,000 gap now! Are you serious??!! What the hell is going on? Where Adam’s fans? Why suddenly become this close? It’s 6am now, I wanna go to sleep! Please vote, I hope tomorrow, when I’m gonna vote again, the gap already far and I mean Adam far ahead!! Oh god, I’m skerd again! I’m gonna be worry for the whole 6 days! Please,please vote and please I wanna be happy next week. Make all of our work hard worth it! Oh gosh, once Adam behind Clay, it’s hard to catch up because I don’t know how Clay doing it, but it works! How he do that?? My GOD!!

  16. Calling Sue Glamb#10!!!! Sue, it’s been a week since you took over as Glamb Leader. Report #1 – You are doing an EXCELLENT JOB!!!!

    • Ingrid,
      You made my night! I really appreciate that you took the time to let me know that. I’m glad you are enjoying my posts…
      XOXO…Sue…Glamb #10
      p/s i’ll be sad when the shows are done 🙁

      • Me too, Sue, but at least we’ll be able to meet here and plan our big MEET at one of Adam’s solo concerts.

        I have to share this with you – I am so used to Adam being ahead with votes that I went to vote and was just about to do my usual clicking when I saw Clay’s pic in front and not Adam’s. This is just a conspiracy theory : Could the fans of the other idols be voting for Clay just so that Adam doesn’t win since their idols are completely out of contention???? Well Sue, I am sick to my stomach but will keep on clicking and thanks for all the help from your side. My thanks to Dana as well!

        Lotsaluv and Mmmmmmmmwah, Ingrid

        • mwaaahhh back at ya… i’ll put the link in my tour vibe review… xo

        • Bonjour Lisette here..Ingrid Itoo av felt thes way an let’s hope is non repeat of what occur in voting of American Idol show..Let’s keep up voting evry chanse we can til our petit fingres are we all adore him an nevre ever can Clay hold a candle to his estraordinaire also his beaucouer,voix an face d’angeli! Hugs an luv Lisettexoxo

      • Lisette here..pardon Ingrid to interupt agree Sue yu’re doing a lovli job as a team glams leadre an plasur to see all yur seeing photo a very lovli smile there (on granderapides thread) can see such joie in seein beau Adam..ah gathre I’ll av to await solotour.Yet stil fele blesse to av founde such a lovli group of frends too here as we’ve come alonge his musiqual journey from l’commence on Amer.Idol seemes like yestreday on thet first auditione in front of Simon,sweet Paula,Randy an now Adam has become an internationale vocaliste/artiste may neede bodyguardes apres AItour endes.Recall video of chase monthes ago in stairwell to his limousine thru strets of LA. An like legendes before.. Elvis,Michel Jackson,Princess Diana gave up ther privacy..Pray Adam reman safe,surounde himself with trusted managres,an securitie in short while..toCalifornia ..where he calls home! Blessings monamie Adam Luv Lisettexoo

  17. ADAM’S SICK………….:(***

    His Latest tweet (9/10/09 @ 12:30pm)

    adamlambert Yuck. Everyones sick. Including me. 🙁 singing’s no fun when u feel crappy, but imma do my best tonight Bridgeport

  18. Silvana/Argentina says:

    Hi everyone,

    I don’t know what’s wrong, we’ve been voting all day long and now we are less than 1.000 apart. THIS IS NOT POSSIBLE. SOMETHING IS WRONG, VERY WRONG.


      • Dianne Hill says:

        They are obviously cheating. They are a pack of cheaters. We can’t let them beat us though, we will have to do some cheating of our own… if only I knew how!!!! LOL. Vote, vote, vote, vote, vote a million times.

        • Folks, I have been actually trying to find out what is going on with this vote, but so far, haven’t uncovered a thing. I’ve looked all over the internet, but so far, no information. To me, this furious voting for Clay Aiken of all people (who does NOT like Adam, and whose fans probably do not like Adam either) seems just a tad malicious, and I would LOVE to know what’s really up, or if anything really IS happening with the vote. Surely there is a way to find out!


    • It takes forever for the plus sign to come back! I’m not able to sit in front of the computer all evening, so I only get a couple votes in. It’s been nearly a half hour–shouldn’t it have come back by now?

    • Iyleneidol09 says:

      I don’t know what’s going on, everytime I go back to the site the “+” sign is not reappearimg!!!!

  20. Thought all of you might enjoy seeing Adam at his best once again during the Bowie medley..he looks terrific, and he’s added some extra little ultra-sexy moves and shakes in his dancing, plus there is a snazzy moment with a pink and black bra. His face in close-up at the beginning is extremely beautiful, and he sounds great throughout even though he is probably not feeling the greatest…the fog only enhances the excitement as he appears and disappears in it, and his face at the end as he descends through the stage door is sparkling with pleasure and joy. Here’s the Bowie medley from the Reading show:

    • Lorrin, thanks for the vid. Dont u just love to watch him dance? Do you like to dance?
      I love to dance! Wouldnt you just loveeeee to dance with Adam???????

      • Yes, Mary C., wouldn’t it be fun to dance with Adam! You know, I often think when I’m in my room watching him start ‘Let’s Dance’ that Adam Lambert is the world’s best dance and exercise leader, and he doesn’t even know it! ‘Allright everybody, 1 – 2 – 3 – 4!, I want to see EVERYBODY GET UP AND DANCE!’ I’m sure he’s got half the world humming to themselves, inexplicably singing out loud in the strangest places, dancing and jumping around in their living rooms, and staring into space completely lost to the world at work with dreams of Adam…there HAS been some ‘Serious Moonlight’ at work here, that’s for sure..

        • Lorrin, 1 2 3 4 fo sure gets the ball rolling! OK, I just thought of a dream, “At our Glambvention
          and Adam is there, and we all get the chance to Dance with him and he’ll set us free.”
          Oh I can just see his hips swiveling!!!!!!!!!!

          • Hush, Mary C, how are we suppose to concetrate on voting when we have these thoughts in out minds?????? Too late, now you have done it,,,,I have to go to sleep for this dream !!!!!

          • Helen/Canada says:

            Hi Mary
            This just brought to mind a quote I have to repeat again “If more men could move their hips like Adam then fewer women would list The Rabbit as their BFF….just saying!”

          • Lisette here..bonjour all glambs..Lorrin thenks for linq to reading aw agree with both yu an Mary C. it woulde be a perfete reve for sure to danse with Adam as he has l’grace an superbe footwork of best choregrapher’s an so can see him too on Dansing with Stars..I av written thes before! So perhaps he’ll entertaine thes notion in future..An can imagaine all those professional danseurs learning few thinges abote danse from beau Adam..I thinq he’s just as talented as danseur as legendes of Michel Jackson in his originalitie,sultry hips an perfete synchronizatione to every beat an tempo of every songe! Wel thinq we’d all vote for Adam to in future do thes!Til then we can all imagaine him being our best danse partner alonge with his voix to stop anyone’s hearte..may neede CPR if thes ever occur..ah but I know surli wolde be a nevre wishe to awaken from!!! Hugs an luv Lisette…Oui Let’s danse,Lets’ danse..under l’ to l’etoile..alrite I must stop..I here le creuset pot boiling over with cassoulet..argh perhaps now dining cat will have it!! hugs Lisettexoxo

          • Iyleneidol09 says:

            Hahaha!! Mary thought of hip swivelling, I dream of hips humping!!!!whohoo!!!

      • Oooooooooooooooooh, yeah baby! I would love to do the lambada or ramba with Adam or the foxtrot (thigh to thigh, i.e. inner thigh) Lorrin help! I am losing it!

        • Oh Ingrid, thigh to thigh. I’m losing it with you. How about when he and Allison do the back
          bends during Slow Ride and he will feel her outer leg, oh babyyyyyyyyyyyy

          • Hmm, what I have in mind is a tad more intimate, if you follow my thinking …

            • Oh yeh, I’m following allright, right down theeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

              • every inch of his love!

                • Helen/Canada says:

                  OK ladies, now I’m hot!!

                  • Lisette here..ah mama mia before tending pot just notice Ingrid post..wel an I’d av to say I’d adore to slow danse like thet on Dansing with Stars one of those rhumbas,sambas or eleganse of viennese prince charmant…cinderella’s stepsistres will av her heade as she just burne ther dinnre..but was worth ..Nella,la lla now am thinqing of Sara Brightman go ! aurevoir..keep dreming gals!! hugs Lisettexoxo

    • Thanks Lorrin! He’s lively and looks happy, must have gotten sick after that….

    • Ahhh Lorrin… can you imagine what he sees on OUR faces when he’s going down below the stage? LOL.
      xo…Sue…Glamb #10

      • Oh yes, lovemyadam, ecstasy, sheer joy, sorrow to see him leave so soon, extreme happiness, complete fulfillment, all these and more….no wonder that dazzling smile lights his face…

  21. Hello everyone, I’ve been over on Twitter and have been following an Adam Lambert news site which calls itself _Adam_Lambert_. Their updates post on my Twitter page every day. Almost the ONLY thing they Tweet is the news from THIS site! They link to all of our threads here and make a little Tweet along with the link. I’ve sent numerous Tweets to this site, asking them if they are fellow Glambs, but I’ve gotten no answer. A very interesting little mystery there..

    • Hey Lorrin, I’m going to check that out. I’m not to familiar with twitter. How do u get them to
      update you twitter page? Just by following them??

      • Hi Mary, – go to your Twitter home page and click on ‘Find People’ up at the top right of the page. When the box comes up, type in _Adam_Lambert_. You should be taken right to their address with their logo, which should have a red background with a picture of Adam’s face in black. You can also get there by typing in the words ‘adam lambert’ after you click on ‘Find People’ and you will be given a long list of people all having ‘adam lambert’ somewhere in their Twitter names. One of these, the first one of course, IS Adam. All the rest are his fans….you will find _Adam_Lambert_ in that line-up as well. Click on it, and you will see that almost all the news they carry is from our site. If you want to follow them, click on the little box next to their name which says ‘Follow’, and you will automatically receive all their updates each day. It’s just so intriguing that they would carry only our news, I wonder who it IS?

  22. Evette #419 says:

    869…………….this is devastating !!!!


    • ~~~~~~~~~~SEE ADAM’S TWIT BELOW~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

      WE ARE ONLY 513 VOTES AHEAD NOW,,,,,,,,,,,,,UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. NH Glambert says:

    Oh sad day, we’re only 400+ ahead. These Claymates must have proxy voting software. I heard they enlisted the help of Michael Buble fans! VOTEVOTEVOTE! I can’t stand the thought of that smarmy looking person bypassing Adam….and him being sick and all!! C’mon ladies and gents TWITTER VOTE BLOG anyway you know how!

  25. Hi everyone! I’m voting, are you??? It’s at about 700. Not feeling so good today, maybe I should stay home from work tomorrow and vote all day! Thanks Lorrin for that Bowie video again. It keeps getting better and better!! Wish I could go back in time a few days and be back at the show again (and still have my “moment” to look forward to!) Hope Adam is feeling better, I hate the thought of him being sick!!



  28. Only 685 votes , please keep voting

    • Dianne Hill says:

      Come on everyone please, don’t let that try hard get ahead of our Adam. He is behind adam less than 700 votes. I have voted a few times from work – I’ll get caught before long, we have a spy round the office who watches what people are getting up to – we can’t be trusted – and where Adam is concerned she is quite right. Will have to wait till I get home to do more voting though, but in the meantime all you people that are up – wherever you are, please get voting. Honestly, if Clay Aiken passes Adam you will here me screaming all the way from Christchurch, New Zealand and I am sure that Emili will be just as loud as me.

      • Silvana/Argentina says:

        I’ve been voting all day, even from work and I’m sure something’s wrong. That one can’t add so many votes so rapidly…it’s impossible.

        There HAS to be another way to go faster…….There’s no one who would know better?????????…..some tech wizard?????? SOMEONE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • I agree something is going on. If AT&T could show people how to multiply their votes for Kris, there must be a way of doing it here. Anyone know someone they could ask?

      • I vote I hope during the night international fans will keep voting for Adam and north america will be sleeping and Clay’s fan are from North america

  29. I’ve been trying and cannot get into the site!!

  30. Less than 600 as of this moment, just got into twitterwall.

  31. !!!!!!!~~~Adam’s last Twit~~~~~~~Thanks Bridgeport. Fun show tonight. Fever started after I got off -stage. ( I guess I got over-heated. Haha 2m is get better day ) 42 mins ago…( around 11:30 pm)
    I sure hope that he is better tomorrow and the rest of them, just so the bug doesn’t start going around again !!!!!!

  32. Just FYI here is an 8 minute compilation video of Celebrities singing Adam’s Praises, some old some new…

  33. Been voting..bedtime midnight…start in the morning….Glamb#543

    • THANK YOU, Peggy, for all you are doing for the VOTE….sweet dreams, and I’ll be voting and pushing the vote again with you tomorrow…love tonight from California!

  34. Sorry turned numbers around it is #453…

    • Dianne Hill says:

      Well, its even worse now, 342. I am devestated. The only thing to do is to spend the night voting (for me) can’t let that other creep get the better of us.

  35. Another little known song with Adam from 2005, listen for him as he cuts in later on with a female partner… someone says at the end “who is he???”

    You’ve Got a Friend….

    • Oh Mother Theresa, this is soooooooooo beautiful! This is the first time that I hear their rendition. I can’t find words to describe it – THANK YOU!

      • I watched it loooong time ago! I also heard the girl said, “Who is he,where he comes from?” At that time I so agree with her, now I listened again, still 100% agree with her. Adam sounds so beautiful.Too bad no video just the audio. And if you watch “Dust in A wind” vid in youtube, you also can hear the girl said “Ain’t he pretty?” And yes,who can disagree with that? My brownies!! 🙂

      • Iyleneidol09 says:

        Yes, it is sooo beautiful!!!! I got goosebumps all throughout the time I am listeningto it. Adam had left so many tracks along the way during his long, bumby ride to the highway to the galaxy!!!

  36. I read in a comment under one of his recent you-tube videos that you can POWER VOTE by opening 9 tabs (don’t know why that number was suggested) and vote in each tab. I don’t know how to do this. I have a Mac. Anyone know how?

  37. GLAMBS EXTREME RED ALERT: Adam is only 162 votes ahead….now listen, Glambs, how could this happen, truly? All of us in North America are basically voting just a few hours behind each other…so WHO is doing this, WHERE are they, and HOW are they doing it? I want to KNOW if I have to write Twitter!

    • Dianne Hill says:

      Hi Lorrin, I have just voted again and now there are only 130 votes between them. I searched the site and could find nothing that would indicate how votes were getting through at the rate they seem to be for that other person. So I decided to contact them and have sent off an email asking for an explanation on the way some people seem to be voting. I will post an answer to my query as soon as it comes through.

      Dianne, Glamb #356.

    • Lorrin, I don’t know how it is happening but I just saw this happening and felt absolutely ill! Any ideas (from you to Dianne) – maybe Sue and Dana can think of something.

      Well, while we trying to figure it out, let’s just keep voting but something is amiss here! DAMN!

      • Hello Diane, Ingrid, Terry, Lisette, AdamAddict, Mary C., Silvana, lovemyadam, Helen/Canada, Lee M, ksodak, peggy, Jane416, Valery, Gala, Susan, Evette, NH (all Glambs on this page), and all fellow Glambs, I have been around the world and back over the last hour trying to find out more about how voting on the Twitter Wall works, and if it can be ‘influenced’ or hacked. There is almost no information whatsoever on the subject using a normal Google search. I did see one article about how techies and computer wizards can use their superior knowledge to ‘enhance’ a vote, and they were mentioning it in relation to Steve Wozniak being on ‘Dancing With The Stars’ and how they could vote him in even if he wasn’t a good dancer, of all things! Otherwise, zilch on how WE could use Twitter Wall to help our candidate, and do it properly. I then went over to Twitter and read the ‘MrLambertNews’ and that person said that Clay desperately needed a headline somewhere, so his fans were feverishly trying to vote him ahead. So, I decided to do a little ‘rocking of the vote’ myself. First, I Tweeted massively, box after box saying things like, ‘All Worldwide Glambs, Glamberts, Adam Addicts, Lambshanks, and Adam Fans, Vote for Adam Lambert, do not let Clay win!’ or ‘RED ALERT: VOTE FOR ADAM LAMBERT ON TWITTER WALL NOW!!!’, or ‘DO NOT LET ADAM LAMBERT FALL BEHIND ON TWITTER WALL VOTE, – VOTE NOW FOR ADAM!!!, and then I posted the link (which I lifted from MrLambertPress) with each message. I am hoping by doing this that I will Trend the Topic of voting for Adam, or at least cause a flurry of attention to my site. I noticed that just today I got 3 more followers. I also went down my entire list of followers, including this site, and Tweeted each one with the same ‘GET OUT AND VOTE’ message, so somebody is going to see it! I am hoping to make a big enough noise in the next few days to get people up and out there voting. Other than this, dear Glambs, I do not know what to do, but I shall continue on to the very end trying to get Adam to the top. I STILL can’t understand HOW these people are doing this, because their votes have gone up by the hundreds, not just a few like we are getting. My next stop is Twitter itself, I am also going to write them and see what might be happening with this ridiculous situation. (Thank you, too, Diane, for writing Twitter today.) Thank you also to everyone for your huge efforts, we can’t let up now, we must keep going! Take a deep breath, rest for a little bit, and get back in and VOTE! Love to all of you tonight!

        • Oh, and by the way, I also went into ‘enemy territory’ and read anything and everything by Clay Aiken fans to see if I could find what they were up to….THAT was an exercise in futility! However, I couldn’t find the SOURCE of this wildly improbably vote, or even any hint of what they were doing or how they were doing it, but I’m still going back in there to try again tomorrow…a little ‘espionage’ for the cause..

          • ….that’s ‘wildly improbable vote’ not ‘wildly improbably vote’, sheesh, must be all that mucking about in the Aiken camp…

            • Hi Lorrin, you are moving mountains with your investigations. Just google your name and you’ll see quite a few posts from you. I am with you – Clay is ahead but we are catching up again. Thanks my dear friend! I am cancelling everything for today so that I can VOTE!

            • Lorrin, thx for all the research. I’m voting away too!

              • Allright ladies, Mary C., Lee M, and Ingrid, thank YOU TOO, you are the ones putting Adam over the top! Oh, and hey, Ingrid, I was shocked to think that I could Google my own name….leave it to you to figure that out….so I did it, too, and wow, quite a LOT comes up, oh my gosh, I’m beginning to sound like the ‘Adam authority’ on the internet, ha ha ha, I better watch what I SAY!

          • Helen/Canada says:

            Oh Lorrin, dearheart, how very very wonderful of you to be doing all that hard work! I, myself wouldn’t have a clue as to how to do any of that stuff. Thank you so much for your efforts.
            When I awoke this morning I was horrified to see that Clay was ahead of Adam-only by 44 votes at that time, but still ahead!!!!. Before I left for work (I voted as many times as I could before I left) Adam was again in first place. Even though I was so busy at work, I voted any spare second I had! I have been voting every 15 -20 minutes since I’ve been home. I not only want Adam to beat Aiken, I want him to beat him by a LANDSLIDE!! I wouln’t be surprised if his management company etc. was behind some of this. As someone said, Aiken needs headlines, some publicity and what better way than to announce that he beat Adam!! We cannot let that happen! So, I sit here at my computer, exhausted, but still voting!. Love to all of you.

            • Lisette here..Aw seeing yur going to all vote I’m forgetting l’cassoulet..most can mange just pot is cooke to crisp.Av to continue on thes thred for apres reading of votes..An now Lorrin oh non Clay beat Adam..sont impossible..He as been out of limelight thinq for dont actual recall last teme I’ve hearde him on radio..Mattre of fact in early yer m’amie saw David Foster an frends here intown an say when Clay came on as one of l’vocalistes David was promoting,he bareli reciv applause from audience..An rathre a local Nevada entertaineur with similar voix to mode of Michel Buble got perhaps thes is fixed just as I av thout Amer.Idol still somthing fishy there.I av voted many temes an ma votes av non all showne up..despite increasing thru paymente..Is thes actual a scam?Im goin to see when ma visa bill comes..If so feele like writing somone here as to who tabulating here on twitter.. for Adam to have votes..Is like a shopping spree al Macy’s..Beau Adam is worth it yet only if heartes av been adde lot in diamond category av non shown!!Let’s keep in toche an take notes if suspect yu’ve too vested an only half of heartes are showing..Luv to all glambs! Blessings know yu’re always our best vocaliste/artiste an worlde Idol non mattre what..An is apparante thet most applause seeme to be for Adam ontour an even on American Idol..somthing’s going on!!

              • Lisette dear, see below, I have left a little post about the vote for you and Iyleneidol, do not despair, all is not lost, the vote is going well right now!

            • Helen/Canada, thank YOU for all you are doing high above us there in fair Canada! Never fear, we are on to victory, Adam leads right now by a more than 2,000 vote margin, but I want a 3,000 vote margin before I will feel more comfortable…I have been ‘stumping the vote’ all day, and I will continue to report as things proceed. Rest tonight and we’ll continue on tomorrow here in our part of the world. Love to you tonight from California!


  39. Dianne Hill says:

    Well its even worse now my fellow Glambs. That creepy, creepy person is ahead of Adam. It makes me feel sick to see his smarmy face in Adam’s place. UGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! I want to scream.

  40. Just wondering …most of you still have to wait 10-15 mins before voting again? Noticed recently, within 2 mins, that person got at least 20 votes while adam got less & sometimes only 5.

  41. I wonder what would happen if we demanded that Twitter examine the vote? Something is definitely WRONG..

    • Twitter was contacted about a previous contest with Adam (Ultimate World Twitter or something like that) and corrected the matter after being threatened that we would broadcast that their site is a fraud. There definitely is something amiss. Hope you can uncover the problem.


  43. I am clicking that + sign as rapidly as I can and still get only 2 to 3 votes in. I see the other guy’s number going up fast. How is that possible ? For every 50 additional votes we add, the ‘ runt ‘ gets 100. But I will keep voting no matter what. It’s not over till its over ! If they are cheating, then that’s bad karma. They’ll be sorry. What goes around comes around.

  44. Just a thought – could the moderators be in on this to raise the excitement levels. Whatever is happening, something is amiss. Please lets be steadfast in our voting over the weekend. Love ya all!


  46. Less than 100 now! I will vote like super crazy,crazier than before! Yesterday,before I went to bed (6am),I have bad feelings.I never saw less then 1000 gap before,I read someone freaking out said only 700 votes seperated them but when I checked Adam already got more than that. I’m glad I don’t have to feel that feeling until last night,before I go bed it like 900+!When I was in bed, I feel like I want to get up and vote again!!But if my mom saw me busy voting Adam until I don’t get my sleep, I’m afraid she will mad at me. She already said that I’m too obssessed with Adam and asked me to slow down. ( I sleep at 6am,maybe I’m obsessed)I don’t want to slow down but I’m afraid she will cut this internet!!~gulp~ I better get some sleep and then vote again then can’t vote at all!! I tweet Adam telling him to get well,and I know he won’t get it but that purpose actually to Adam’s fans who really like to read Adam’s twats! I post the link there,so hoping they click to vote when they saw it. In FB, a lot of people alredy doing that!Good to know. I’m going to paste in Adam other sites now.LET’S FIGHT BACK!!

    • Dianne Hill says:

      Yay, Adam is back in the lead, not by a huge margin, but he is in his rightful place, way to go people, keep it up now.


    • Dianne Hill says:

      Adam is 91 ahead now, I’ve just voted again. Funny though there was no cross on Allison’s. I voted for her last time too, I always vote for Adam and Allison, sometimes even Kris.


    • Dianne Hill says:

      Now the site is down. Just says “error on page”, “thanks for understanding” – Hah, don’t bloody understand at all. Get it back up and running you b******ds. God this is frustrating.

      • Dianne Hill says:

        Its back up and running again. I got four votes in this time and Adam is 177 in front. Whooppeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.
        Okay, I am off to bed now, have to get up early tomorrow. Please fellow Glambs vote like your life depends on it. I can’t wait to see how much Adam is in the lead tomorrow. Love you all.

        Dianne Glamb #356.

        • Dianne,
          You are so funny! LOL! “error on page”, “thanks for understanding” Yeah, who said that we will understand? Who said we gonna? Just fix it,B****!! LOL!! And that “whopie”, wow, I never see any word that long!! Impressive!! Calm down, think of Adam’s tongue!! I’m still voting,take a rest then we vote like crazy again. 5 days 10 hours left! I’m not leaving this chair!! 🙂

  49. Dianne & AA, yes Adam’s back where he belongs and do you know why?????? … cause WE’RE A FAMILY, WE PUT OUR ADAM WHERE WE KNOW HE SHOULD BE, DA, DA DA! Wow, this is an awesome effort and you are all ADAMAZING!!!! Wait for it ….Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmwah!

    • Dianne Hill says:

      Cheers Ingrid. I got a bit carried away with my whooppee, it went right off the page. Oh well, I was super excited, what can I say. Big Mwah to you too and everyone else on this site. I am so happy now, even though we have along way to go, I got so down when I saw that other piece of S**t in front. But now, our boy is ahead, just where he should be. Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!

      • Dianne, you get some shut-eye, I am on this shift with quite a few other Glambs – got it covered! Sweet dreams – mmmmwah, Ingrid

  50. Most of the voting for Clay is done in the evenings, lets vote non stop to keep Adam on top, I am voting from work, I will be voting every 15 minutes, I want Adam to win.

    • That’s true! Usually at morning like 3-4am (M’sia) Clay gonna vote like crazy.So,now it’s my time to make Adam far far far far far ahead,hoping it’s too late for him to chase Adam by then!! Unbelievable!! Seriously,how the hell he did that?? I think he’s in 4th or 5th place when I started voted. Adam was so far ahead of him.Suddenly, he was like super speed cutting everybody off. Ok, if Archie’s fans or Taylor’s fans stop voting already but Clay was really fast! No matter how many fans of him, I don’t think Adam’s fans are much less than his. How hardworking his fans voting, so did we! How many hours they spent, so did we!! So,please tell me how he can catch up from 5th place to 1st place?? How is that possible. Adam was really far far ahead on Sept 2nd,really faaaaar!! I just can’t believe this fair fight or something fishy going on here??

      • AdamAddict, I managed to lock in 96 votes from 10.16 – 10.31pm (my time) and as much as 134 votes from 10.40 – 10.50pm. I used the connect – disconnect method. I don’t know any other. If u haven’t got to vote as much why not try. I’m trying for another 10 mins now.

        • Gotcha lia09!! 🙂

        • What is the connect-disconnect method? Twitter plays games with these contests. To get advertisers they have to show so much action so I think they generate these situations.

          • I thought it’s on and off your computer? It’s not? LOL! I plan tu use my old computer next to new one,so if it’s broken,I can tell my dad, it’s old,not my fault.LOL! But when I open the link,there’s no “+” because I just click in my new computer.It’s connected!! So,there’s a method?? How??!!

            • it’s not on and off the computer. it’s on and off the internet connection. [dont terminate the connection just disconnect] . after you vote, disconnect the internet connection and then wait 1 or 2 sec reconnect the internet connection, go back to the website youwill see the + sign appear – wait until message below says done or no other downloading , press to vote. it;s really easy.

  51. I’ll be voting until I have to leave for work…just got 4 votes in! Adam is ahead by 240! Keep voting ladies. I’ll vote at work if I can! Love you all! Love Adam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  52. I heard Kris wasn’t perform in Bridgeport! Awww, he must really sick! He must feel really bad,he missed one show. Wow, so that can happen! If Adam didn’t perform,what will happen to the concert??!! If I flew to see Adam and Adam was sick and didn’t perform….urgh, that’s something that I don’t want imagine!! For Kris fans, I feel sorry for them!They must really disappointed,although it’s not Kris fault but can you imagine how they felt??Of course they want Kris feel better but still you know,pay to see Kris but …wow!! Thank goodness Adam still performing. It will become huge story if it’s Adam who wasn’t perform. You know they really like to pick on our Adam!! I hope they all feeling better already.Poor them! I hope Adam won’t get sick although I know he already super sick after he saw Clay beat him once, I know I’m sick!! Uweek!!

  53. Hi Toni, why wait 15 mins? Try this – after voting, disconnect the internet. Then reconnect after abt 2 sec, go back to the website and vote again – this might takes abt 1- 2 mins. Repeat the process. u can vote at least 7 times in 15 mins. if 1 time = 3 votes then 7 times = 21 votes in 15 mins. If there are 10 others that do the same = 210 votes in 15 mins! Just try.

    • Upon waking up this morning, I clicked as rapidly as humanly possible. From 73, 750 the vote jumped to 73,779! I think we are getting beter at this! It’s fun!

  54. YES YES YES WE ARE AHEAD AGAIH!!!!!!!!!!!!
    KEEP voting!!!!!!!!!!

  55. WE are voting here in the UK too, guys …. As soon as the new day starts – we start voting!!!! I was shocked today morning to see Adam behind some guy who I haven’t even heard about … This is not good at all!! VOTTTTTTTEEEEEE

    • Thank you, Ninok!!! Thank you UK!!!
      Ninok… Is your name Nina?

    • Thanks Ninok! We shall overcome!

      • that happened the time when america is sleeping i was watching the scores. clay votes was rapid while adam’s was very slow i just don’t know which part of the world they are voting as far as i know the other guy is not international. or are there people that really follow during that time of the day? so connect disconnect technique? ok i will try it i am voting to death till morning here in hongkong!!!!!!


    Here is a link found on Adam’s Myspace where he talks about the tour and his ME time, how he feels about performing almost daily and whether it is worth it to him to give up some of himself for his career.

  57. GOOD NEWS AGAIN FELLOW GLAMBS: Adam is once again out in the LEAD with 1,598 votes more than Clay. THANKS TO ALL of you – to those of you voting on this side of the world, and especially to all of you in the other time zones for this monumental feat of getting Adam out of the doldrums. I am still in the midst of my ‘researches’ and will report back anything I might find for the cause. Love to all you Glambs!

    • Lorrin, you have been in the front row, using your height so that you can look out onto the enemy lines. You have contributed in no small way! Thank you, my dear friend!

      I hope Cheryl is okay and just resting! After all she has been through she needs the rest! I know that you are probably also thinking about her! Well, that’s what friends are for! Keep shining and lotsaluv, Ingrid

      • cheryl norman says:

        INGRID , hello, my friend, hello! Just called to say ‘hello’ ! (neil diamond)

        My first time on this thread. Sorry!!! Am nursing what has turne out to be my first migraine in 7 yrs.

        I have gone to twittermall and cannot get on to vote!!!! No matter what I do I am not me and my password is not my password!!! I even have a regular twitter acct, and can get on that but not the ‘mall’ thing. I think Clay has done something to my acct. That NERD!! tHAT girly-man!! He is so disgusting!!! I almost think he had a sex change to have that baby. Anyway, I’ve put in much time to vote but still cannot. As far as Clay is concerned he has obviously ‘paid’ people to vote for him ans he has been wearing his little bitty girly hands to the bone. Jerk-Off! I’m mad now!!! He’s a cow! Just thought of that! Anyway, will continue to try to do my very best for our prescious, prescious Adam. Poor RAFA!!! He has a sstomach tear inside or
        something!!! I have been on 3 stations trying to follow the US OPEN. Roger, as usual, made a complete fool of himself in his last match. I mean, BLACK SOCKS!!!! I hate black socks without long pants.
        Luv, Mwaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh! Cheryl (right? huh????)

      • Oh thank you dear Ingrid, I love you so much! Yes, I have been peering intently over the enemy barricades, sneaking behind trees and skulking around walls in order to find any crumbs of information I can find to help us in our glorious CAUSE! So far, things are looking up, as of 11:53 pm PST, Adam is 2,061 votes ahead of the pretender, and that makes me VERY happy. Now, I want to see a margin of at least 3,000 votes, and I will breathe a little easier. I have been stumping the vote for ages today on Twitter, you should see my Twitter page, they probably will kick me off for being so ferocious. I just wanted to let you know that I have posted a li-ttle ‘shot across the bow’ at Cheryl whom I love dearly, as you know, on the ‘INTERVIEW PART 4’ page, and I want you to get over there as soon as possible and see what you think, and make a comment if necessary, and it WILL be necessary….I’m sure when Cheryl reads it tomorrow, I will get an earful and probably something else…and I can’t wait for that to happen…and oh yes, I AM thinking about her all the time, wondering when she will come back down from the realms of glory to be with us all again….not soon, I bet, oh well…love you, Ingrid tonight from the West!

        • Oh Lorrin, yes I saw your posts – start ducking!!! Ha, ha, I am laughing so much! Well, I have left a few posts for her that will surely put me in the firing line! Love to you, Ingrid

          • Thank God you are with me, Ingrid, we must cover for each other and sling right and left. Grab some mangoes and let ‘er rip! Love you back!

    • Lisette here..ah Lorrin an Ingrid I av poste way above regarde l’voting situation an am upset abote last nite..if yu read yu’ll see why..too longe.Apres sending estra money in regarde to increase heartes to go to Adam ..seeing stil they were non increasing..only in ones for minimum amounte as kiss(bisous) non diamonde class.I stil thinq somthing is fishy..So lets keep voting..I av now decide l’cassoulet(above poste)is non fit even for Cinderella stepsistres (oh non was thet on othre page re: Lorrin comment of Adam dansing..Lisette is truly losing it today!Wel Im blaming brothre on thes,he was supose to be dining with voila invite them..Now l’cassoulet is thinq they’ll av to go to local cafe hotel insted..Sure he can handle being local tour director now.
      I’m going to mange cassoulet with cat.An vote for Adam agan..hope thet site isnon downe..had thes occurr also! Take care Im worne out seein all l’poste on thes page..An enjoie yur evening all! Luv Lisettexoxoxo

      • Lisette and Iyleneidol, DO NOT DESPAIR, ladies, the vote is going MUCH BETTER as of this moment (11:53 pm PST). Adam is 2,061 votes ahead of that other person, and he has more Tweet hearts than Clay, also. Don’t worry about the time differences or anything else, just vote when you can, and all will be well. The vote is counted no matter where you’re voting from. All I can say as a tip is to hit the + button as fast as you can (if you are able to), and you will be able to log in more than 1 vote at a time. Things are looking better, so don’t feel too upset, just keep voting, and we will get to the end in victory soon! Love you both tonight!

    • it’s good today at this time unlike last night, i just worried that people from other parts of the world are not so aware of this ongoing contest.

      • perllee, now don’t despair, if I have anything to say about it, and I have been, believe me, the WHOLE other side of the world is going to hear about this contest! We’ve already got New Zealand, South Africa, Israel, parts of Asia, the UK, parts of South America, Canada, all of North America, and I’m sure many others involved…I spent most of my time yesterday yakking up the vote to strangers in far off lands and unusual places…as of right now, at 3:50 pm PST, Adam is for the first time, 3,018 votes ahead of the ‘competition’. We are voting like CRAZY, and we are GETTING SOMEWHERE! So never fear, we are going on to victory, hold your flag up high! ALL FOR ADAM!

        • perllee, are you on Twitter? You could be a BIG help to the Asian Adam fan community if you were on that site. I could help you get on there, if you are ever interested…

  58. Iyleneidol09 says:

    I am just soo confused with all the time differences between all of us all over the world and I am having a heart attack and trying to log on and off the internet and go straight to my favorites to go straight to the link and vote, vote vote, as of my time here, Adam is 1,550 votes ahead of the creature.